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Anyone digging up any HF concept art or unfinished stuff?

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Hi, guys! What the topic title says here. Has anyone dig up any concept art for HF or unfinished models or prototypes in any HF media, like TV shows and online games? Like you know: 

1. Concept art for the sets and TV show, like the show’s backgrounds and side characters, like Zib, Quadal, and Makuro. Suppose there were concept art for Bulk 2.0, Stringer 2.0, Breez 3.0, Surge 3.0, Evo 3.0, the Brain Attack and Invasion From Below forms for Stringer and Nex, their own Brain monsters and Battle Machines, and the Brain Attack villain who created the Brains. 

2. Unfinished models or prototypes for characters in the TV show or online games. Suppose there were models for Vapor, Bulk’s, Breez’s, and Nex’s Breakout forms, Core Hunter, Thornraxx, and XT4 that were never used in the TV show. XT4’s model and his home planet that were never in the Breakout online game, too. It’s like Bionicle’s The Legend of Mata Nui game (it’s cancelled) and Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui (the Lohrak model never appeared in there). 

You ever wondering that, too?

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Not to my knowledge. The finished product of HF never held my attention enough for me to be interested in seeing what got us there.

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