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The Duchess

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 Hey friends,

So, as far as simple games go, this is one of them. I picked up RPG Maker MV in a recent Steam sale because I was looking for a new hobby, and voila, I have a short game here for anyone who's interested!

Estimated play time: less than 3 hours.
Premise: You're a spoiled cat of a rich family who, despite herself, finds herself on an adventure to help out a surprise visitor.


Zip files available for both Windows and Mac OS X


Definitely let me know if you can't get it to work, or feel free to shoot me a PM!

Here are some screenshots :)





I'm actually really looking for feedback, since I've not made anything like this before.

Specifically, pace of the story, enemy strength progression, stat distribution (over or underpowered players), inconsistencies, suggestions/criticisms, etc. 

I've played through a few times to try and weed out any bugs and inconsistencies, but am always looking to improve! 

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

Some hints: 

  Reveal hidden contents

If stuck, look for footprints. 

Antlers are a weapon that exist and are helpful. 

Beta play throughs completed in about 2.5h, at average level of 23. 

BUTT TON of items in trees and bushes. Like, too many. 



Edited by Aderia


Those pesky firespitters
(disclaimer: none of this banner art is original, I just smooshed it together in gimp. Torchic, Matau, turtleduck)
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