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Your opinion about Lego’s use of digital stuff.

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From 2011 to now as much as I recall, Lego has been using digital stuff, like apps in our phones. Here’s what I know: 

In 2011 and 2012, there is two similar Ninjago app games, and this one uses barcodes from sets. 
In 2012, we have a puny version of Hero Factory’s Breakout game. 
In 2013-2014, we have some Legends of Chima apps and two HF apps that are versions of online games, Brain Attack and Invasion From Below (IFB app saves progress). 
In 2013-2016, we got more Ninjago game apps, but they’re very different. 
Star Wars got some apps. 
In 2014 and 2015, we have two apps. They’re glitchy (the first one is the most glitchy). 
In 2015 and 2016, we have two Bionicle apps, Mask of Creation and Mask of Control. 
In 2016-2018, there is Nexo Knights’ Merlok 2.0, which scans Nexo Powers and Combo Powers (the TV show acts like it advertises it). 
In 2017, there are some DC Comics and Marvel stuff in general. 
We have a lot of Star Wars apps, and one of them is where you can “Force build”. 
There is an app for Lego Dimensions, Monster Fighters, and Galaxy Squad. 
Right now, there is an app for Hidden Side and Lego Super Mario is utilizing digital stuff rather than actual minifigures (like having a Mario minifigure or a Bowser big fig). 

So, let’s talk about them. Do you think that Lego is handling well of this stuff? For me, 40% good at it because they’re cheap and not perfect, so the apps aren’t used in advertisements well. Lego should have given Bionicle, Hero Factory, Ninjago, Legends of Chima, Nexo Knights, and Mixels their own console video games in my opinion (It’s because that I play this kind of video games).

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I don't think its true potential has yet been realized, certainly not with Mario. Mindstorms makes good use of it by letting you program your own robots, and HS is the potential start of more complex and interesting things; but the Mario theme just feels too restricted in scope to really capitalize on its digital component, or even to lead to things that can. I think that digital Lego needs to run with the same principles of System: something whose value lies in what you can figure out how to do with it than in what prepackaged functionality it comes with.

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As most new things I'm personally intimidated and therefore offended by it. LEGO should obviously cater its design to me, a 24-year-old man, instead of those pesky children I used to be.

HS looks pretty interesting, though.

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I always thought the browser versions of the games were better, but I didn’t really have any mobile devices at all back then, so, wrong audience. There was also that Lego app that you could post your creations to that had random names - Lego At Home or something. It was supposed to replace Rebrick, I think, and be more kid-friendly/COPPA compliant. 

I remember getting an Android Emulator to play Mask of Creation and Mask of Control, and thought both of those games were pretty cool.

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