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kanohi of jello

Several G1 Sets/Throwbot for sale (NEW SETS ADDED)

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Hello all! Just selling a few extra sets. Nothing too rare or collectible unfortunately. I've included notes on some due to missing parts. I do have pieces on their way to complete most of these, which will raise the price. I am also interested in bulk parts as a trade/ partial trade. More info/pictures are available upon request, feel free to make an offer, etc etc. Buyer pays shipping (from USA); discount on purchase of more than 2 sets. (Sorry, no kraata included with the Rahkshi)


8587 Panrahk (missing 1 staff tip) -$3

8592 Turahk -$5


8616 Vorzakh $3 (missing eye stalk)

8617 Zadakh -$4

8619 Keerakh -$4


8741 Hordika Nuju - $6

8737 Hordika Nokama - $6

8739 Hordika Onewa - $6

8743 Boggarak $6 (Includes like-new rubber band, no spinner)

8762 Toa Iruini $10


8733 Axonn - $40

5800-1 Throwbot/Slizer Torch (no case, only one disk) -$8

NEW ADDITIONS: I have not had the time yet to check exact parts counts for most of these yet, but will update as I do

8566 Onua Nuva (2002) - appears complete, will double check -$6

8732 Toa Matoro - appears complete aside from no ammunition - $12

8764 Vezon and Fenrakk - complete aside from two parts (cape & 1 long axle) - $65

8976 Metus - complete - $4

8686 Toa Lewa (2008) - about 2/3 complete (mostly missing limbs and armor) - $10 as is

8689 Toa Tahu (2008) - nearly complete, will double check - $12 as is

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updates to available sets

move along.

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