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Hello. Recently  I got my hands on new sealed Copper Komau. I don't need it (I would be scared that I might accidentally break it etc.) so I decided to sell it. Mask is new sealed in bag. Starting bid will be 60£. The starting price is 60£ because Copper Komau packaged like on the photo was ony available in Poland (bag was never opened). Also this is version of komau that is a little transparent.

  • This sale will be in auction format.
  • The auction begins at the time of this posting, and will end after approximately 72 hours have passed since the previous bid was made, i.e. after 72 hours of inactivity
  • Please bid by leaving a comment with your bid amount on this thread. Bids by PM will not be accepted.
  • The starting bid will be 60£.
  • Please make bids in USD, and do not bid up by any less than 1.00£.
  • You may bid as many times as you like.
  • I will post the winning bid and bidder in the comments after the auction ends. Bidding remains open until I post this comment, even if 72 hours have passed. I will try to post the winner as soon after the 72-hour window as possible.
  • I can end auction at any time I want for any reason.


  • Payment only in PayPal.DSC03640.thumb.JPG.ff480efd4bf71bb96dd1b8cc1c3ee2d6.JPG
  • Item will be shipped from Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland.
  • Buyer will be obligated to pay for shippment.DSC03641.thumb.JPG.34092a66b96c8f8fa1831ac7394994b9.JPG

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Auction cancelled. i think that I will find some warm palce for this mask in home at some point and there is no interest, so I will gather more information about it.

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