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How would Hero Factory be re-continued and ended?

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Hi, guys. As you know, Hero Factory ended with a cliffhanger, and that happened six years ago. The story hasn’t continued. It’s sad, and I wonder if it will be continued (I hope that Lego would do something for HF’s 10th anniversary this year with the story, like making a short story similar to Bionicle’s short stories, and it shouldn’t be paused forever. Please don’t respond to this sentence with negative or doubtful things because this is not what the topic is about). Of course, we all want it to be re-continued and ended, and we want the same for Bionicle G1’s story (don’t talk about it, either, unless you support my idea). Now, my topic is this: If or when the story is re-continued, how would you re-continue and end it? 

I can talk about my idea, but first, here are what we are left off: 

1. The Hero Factory FM hasn’t been updated, and we don’t know what are those guys are doing nowadays. 
2. Nex seems to love Breez. He said it in Savage Planet, even though that it is a dire situation say of falling to his doom. Lol. However, he does seem to like Breez in Ordeal of Fire, even though that Breez is not focusing on love interests. 
3. The criminals who escaped from Hero Factory’s prison are still running around. 
4. Core Hunter disappeared, and his fate is unknown. 
5. Voltix is still on the loose, I heard. 
6. The Black Hole Orb Staff is destroyed, and we don’t know what happened to Von Nebula after that. 
7. Stringer and Nex disappeared after the Breakout. They may have appeared in Secret Missions number 4, but their fates are still unknown. 
8. There is a villain whose arm looks like Von Nebula’s (probably he is Von Nebula) getting the Hero Factory plans stolen by Black Phantom. 
9. There is a villain who created the Brains. 
10. There are Brains in the giant hole in the Hero Factory building. 
11. There is a Jumper cocoon in the Heroes’ Drop Ship. 
12. There is the conspiracy from the Secret Missions books going on. 

I wish Greg Farshtey, who wrote the Secret Missions books, would answer these questions. If I were to construct an ending, here’s how I would do it (I’m not writing a complete story, though): 

1. The Brains and the Jumper being contained in stasis. There would be a mention about Brain-controlled workers attacking Hero Factory, but that is averted. Plus, the Heroes noticed the Jumper, but contained it to make sure it won’t cause any more trouble and then plan to return it back to Antropolis. 
2. Von Nebula has the plans. He must’ve told the Brain creator about it, so that’s how the events of Brain Attack happened. 
3. Von Nebula must’ve found a way to get out of the staff before the orb part was destroyed. He may have a place where the stuff that the staff absorb go to, so he’s probably in a lair where he has a laptop that has the plans. He then must’ve told Black Phantom and Voltix about his new plan before the Breakout happened. 
4. While Brain Attack and Invasion From Below were around, Von Nebula was building a factory that can create evil versions of heroes who have Anti-Quaza as their power source. 
5. The heroes would interrogate Black Phantom about the evil plan, but he isn’t saying anything. 
6. Core Hunter may have teleported to a place where he meets Von Nebula. 
7. Von Nebula contacts Voltix to help him. 
8. Corroder, Meltdown, Thunder, Vapor, Rotor, and the Fire Villains would unite and try to come up with a way to defeat Hero Factory. XPlode and Witch Doctor would not be joining because they are already imprisoned. Von Nebula would recruit these guys as well. 
9. Von Nebula starts a war with Hero Factory with his Villain Factory after heroes in general captured all of their villains finally. The new rookie from Breakout would finish capturing the four-legged shark villain as well. Hero Factory FM would recount the Alpha 1 Team’s adventures from 2010 to 2014 and then talk about the invasion. 
10. The Alpha 1 Team, along with Stringer and Nex returning, got new upgrades. While all other heroes, including Thresher, Lucas Valor, and the Hero Recon Team, along with the Quatros’ and Brain-freed animals being trained by them to help them, go to repel the invasion, the Alpha 1 Team would go to fight their villainous counterparts, and then find Von Nebula and his henchmen, including the Brain creator and the galactic conspiracy. Von Nebula would get XPlode, Witch Doctor, Black Phantom, and the rest of the Legion of Darkness to help by having his creations get them out, too. All of these guys would get upgrades for themselves as well. There would be a huge showdown. The Heroes would win against the villains once and for all. Now that would be a happy ending. 
11. Stuff getting resolved. 
12. Rocka, Evo, and Nex would be promoted as veteran members of the Alpha 1 Team. 

There. You see, you can’t like Lego models go unfinished. I believe that you would need a four-episode special or short story to end the story with these things. I believe that fans would need it. I need it. For an optional bonus (lol), I would like to think that Makuro would reflect on his history, which would be where the Great Beings from Hero Factory may have created Mr. Makuro after Spherus Magna was destroyed because they have a hobby of creating stuff. The Great Beings would first visit the planet Earth and learn English before they created Mr. Makuro. The Heroes would be based off of Glatorian (the Great Beings are from the Glatorian species, you know) because of their faces and Toa because of their heroic ideals, as the Great Beings would be supplying Makuro with stuff. The Great Beings would help the Heroes out with their fight against Von Nebula a little bit by supplying new upgrades. The Great Beings would return to Spherus Magna when it was restored while Makuro would miss them, but they promise that they will come back. Perhaps in the epilogue, the Heroes and Makuro would have a surprise visit by the Great Beings and their people. Of course, Greg Farshtey said in the TTV message boards in 2017 that Hero Factory is not a part of Bionicle G1’s universe because Bionicle sets didn’t sell well (I would like to think if the Bionicle sets would sell well again, vice versa). I believe that it’s best to say it because people wouldn’t be confused by the similarities of the two themes. People are into shared universes these days, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Please understand that, and don’t criticize this thing. It’s just optional, like I said. 

So, yes. I said these things because I believe that HF is worthy. I mean, it’s a good theme for many reasons, and it held up constraction pretty well before Bionicle came back in 2015. Unlike Slizers/Throwbots and RoboRiders, Hero Factory has a heart, like Bionicle, as it has a decent story, and there are a lot of good sets in its time. It’s known for introducing the CCBS, too.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Posted (edited)

honestly, judging by how abruptly it ended, i would advise against bringing it back! Hero Factory was basically just a "filler line" as a way to buy time to experiment with different designs and what not! the story was... mediocre, at best! when 2011's, set's came out people were divided on the use ov the CCBS building style! CCBS was created with the intention to abandon the old "Bionicle-y" style and replace it with something a little more simple yet advanced at the same time! the CCBS style was a success and so they did sets for Chima and Lego DC/Marvel Superheroes! Chima was alright but the DC/Marvel sets looked kinda corny! then in (i think as far back as) 2013 they formed a team to use this new style to create Bionicle G2 sets without dividing the fan-base! well G2 came out in 2015 and long behold there was division in the fan-base! G2 prematurely ended in 2016 but Star Wars sets were still being made to tie in with the movies and stuff! finally the Star Wars sets were discontinued (CCBS wise) and people blamed G2 for the sudden death ov constraction/CCBS! it's sad when you think about it! i don't want HF to come back just so it can get cancelled again prematurely like Bionicle G2! it's best to just cut our losses and avoid bringing Hero Factory back for the greater good (and for our sanity's sake! lol)! 

and no, i do not have any ideas on how to approach a re-launch ov this series because ov the paragraph above! now, don't get me wrong! i actually enjoyed collecting what HF sets i did collect! Witch Doctor is the best in my opinion and i'm proud to still have it! lol 

anyway, there's my two cents! :P 

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