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"Takua, No!!"

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Been branching out in this recent quarantine. Branches include Clone Wars and drawing, thus I give you: 



(rough translation of Matoran and Galactic Basic ;))

Eheh, I forgot how Ussal crabs worked, so now we have puny Pewkew. 

As always, totally open to suggestions, would love to improve! 

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Those pesky firespitters
(disclaimer: none of this banner art is original, I just smooshed it together in gimp. Torchic, Matau, turtleduck)
The Sculptors and the SmeltersThe Ternion | Review Topic  | Library | Game: The Duchess | Settlers of Mata Nui

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hmm... interesting! i like it! could be adapted into a scene for a potential Bionicle Star Wars crossover (if anyone is willing to take on such a project! lol)! good job! :) 

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So charming, especially the little crab! The shading and details are very impressive. The characters’ natural poses bring the drawing to life, I applaud your skillful use of implied motion and depth! Wonderful comic! :spinsmile:


:spinsmile:  :spinsmile:  :spinsmile:  :spinsmile:  :spinsmile:  :spinsmile:  :spinsmile:

^Random mush fam^

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