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Bionicle Style Guides/Press kits/Retail Kits and CD/DVD Roms

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Hey Guys, 

Im always on the lookout for these types of items for my collection. I am just making this topic so if you have anything that would fit this category I am more than likely interested in sorting some sort of deal out! :D

Things on the lookout for:

Press Kits (usually a folder and or CD rom containing press information for that year of sets

Retail Kits (distributed to retailers to sell store owners on the new line of toys to stock)

Style Guides (usually a book and CDs containing raw assets and image files to be used in Bionicle merchandise and media)

Rare CD/DVD Roms

Promo CDs/DVDs

Comics in different languages/countries (Now mainly looking for German, Canadian, French Canadian, French and possibly others that im not aware of)

Promo Posters/sell sheets/retail info sheets


Thanks for taking a glance and please let me know if there is anything you have willing to part with. Sadly i didnt win this recent raffle so if you did win hit me up haha

Edited by Slumber

Looking for rare Bionicle Promo Materials!

  • Press Kits/Press Packs
  • Promo CD/DVDs
  • Style Guides
  • Promo posters/leaflets etc
  • Anything Unique or one of a kind!

Please message if you have anything of interest

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