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Legends of the Bionicle: Time Heist

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All right, here’s the fourth entry in my series of stories. Nothing too much to say before this one, just give your honest feedback as usual. Anyways, here’s the story.

Legends of the Bionicle: Time Heist

1,006 AGC

“The Coliseum welcomes six teams!” said the announcer into a microphone. “From the Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru, the translator of Nuju and the silent ice carver, Matoro and Kopeke! From the desert city of Po-Metru, Copper Mask winners and undisputed kolhii champions, Hewkii and Hafu! From the subterranean tunnels of Onu-Metru, the Ussalry captain and adventurous miner, Onepu and Taipu! From the shining seas of Ga-Metru, returning kolhii champions, Hahli and Macku! From the dizzying heights of Le-Metru, Commander of the Gukko Force and deep-wood way-finder, Kongu and Tamaru! And last but not least, from the furnaces of Ta-Metru, the Captain of the Guard and the former Chronicler himself, Jaller and Takua!”

The twelve Matoran made their way onto the Coliseum’s field, waving to the cheering crowd of thousands. The Turaga and Rahaga sat in the box, overlooking the field. The Toa Nuva plus Takanuva sat together near the elders. Vakama got to his feet and walked to the railing. He tapped the microphone and cleared his throat. The microphone was a small box about a quarter of a bio square and a little bit more than that tall. It worked by having a dial on the side of the box that turned a wheel inside that carried shrunken amplify sound Kanoka disks of different power levels on it. The sound waves of the user’s voice would activate the disk in the front and the amplified sound was projected out of the other side of the box.

“Welcome, everyone, to our opening exhibition kolhii match,” said Vakama. “Six years ago, when we had our last kolhii tournament, we intended for it to be an annual event. But with the discovery of the Mask of Light and the rediscovery of Metru Nui and its subsequent rebuilding, we have had larger concerns. But now that we have reached a new level of stability, we decided now was a good time to revisit that. So I hope you will all enjoy the start to this kolhii season.” The crowd cheered as Vakama took his seat again.

In the stands, Lhikan, Nidhiki, Vamkoda, and Malohi sat together applauding with the rest of the crowd. “I can’t wait for this,” said Vamkoda. “It’s not going to be like six years ago, this time the Ta-Matoran will win!”

“What was the outcome six years ago?” asked Lhikan.

“Ga-Koro crushed Po-Koro and Ta-Koro with Ta-Koro not even getting one goal,” said Malohi.

“But today will be different,” Vamkoda quickly added.

“Yes it will,” Malohi agreed. “Today Le-Metru will win. Just like we would have done in the final match six years ago if I had been on the team.”

“Give me a break, kid,” said Nidhiki. “I’ve seen you try to run in a straight line, you couldn’t run across the field if you tried.”

Malohi gasped theatrically. “Nidhiki, that’s rude!”

The Toa of Air shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “Sue me.”

“I have to say I am impressed with this game Vakama and the others created,” said Lhikan. “It’s action-packed and easy to follow.”

“It’s certainly more exciting than Akilini,” Nidhiki agreed.

Vamkoda smiled. About a year ago, a time anomaly struck the island, bringing several people back to life, including a split version of Takanuva as a Matoran. Due to its nature, it was called the Resurrection. Nidhiki and Lhikan had been among those returned, in Toa form as well. The traitorous Toa of Air had been remorseful of his past actions and began the long road to redemption. He had made a lot of headway on coming back to the light and most Matoran had accepted him rather easily relatively speaking, no doubt made easier since they didn’t actually remember his crimes. The two Toa had become good friends of Vamkoda and Malohi and the four often hung out together.

At that moment, the six forwards of the teams got into position around a hole in the center of the field. They crossed kolhii sticks and soon after, the first ball was launched into the air. Kongu made the first move. He jumped up, using Onepu and Hewkii as springboards and scooped the ball out of the air. He somersaulted to the ground and looked back to see Takua and Hahli right behind him. The Le-Matoran laughed and ran straight for the nearest goal: Po-Metru’s.

“Yes!” Malohi said as he stood up. “For Le-Metru, Kongu!”

Hahli made a move toward Kongu but the Le-Matoran jumped and threw the ball as hard as he could at Po-Metru’s goal. But Hafu was ready and easily smacked it away with his shield. Malohi growled in frustration. Kongu went for the ball again but Takua batted his stick out of the way and claimed the ball for himself. He then flung it to the far end of the field, straight at Taipu. Faced with the choice of blocking the ball or having his head taken off, Taipu decided to live to play another day and ducked under the ball, giving Ta-Metru the first goal of the game.

“All right!” Vamkoda cheered. He looked over at Malohi. “It’s already different than last time, now watch as Takua and Jaller bring home the glory.”

“The first goal goes to Ta-Metru!” said the announcer.

“Taipu!” yelled Onepu. “You were supposed to stop it!”

“It was that or I lose my head!” complained Taipu.

“That’s what the shield is for!” Onepu suddenly turned as he heard the next kolhii ball being launched into play and Hewkii and Hahli were already going for it.

Hahli smashed her kolhii stick into the ball, sending it flying toward Tamaru. It hit the ground and rolled for several yards before Tamaru scooped it up and flung it to Kongu. The Gukko Force Commander caught it in his stick and ran the field toward Macku. “Not today, wind-flyer!” said Hewkii as he intercepted Kongu. Thinking quickly, the Le-Matoran threw it over the other Matoran’s head at the Ga-Metru goal.

Matoro leaped up, snatched the ball out of the air, and spun, completing the throw toward Macku. The Ga-Matoran leaped for the ball and skimmed it with her shield, but it ultimately wasn’t enough and the ball entered the goal. “Yes!” said Matoro.

“What?” Malohi cried. “Those Ko-Matoran jerks!” Vamkoda couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at his friend’s annoyance.

The kolhii match went on for another thirty minutes with Ga-Metru, Po-Metru, and Ko-Metru all having two goals, and Ta-Metru, Le-Metru, and Onu-Metru all having one. Hahli was running down the field straight at Jaller, dead set on winning the game. Takua, Hewkii, and Kongu were right on her heels, constantly trying to steal the ball. She blocked every attempt successfully. Just then Onepu stepped out in front, ready to stop the Ga-Matoran. “End of the road, Hahli,” he said with a smile.

She returned the smile. “I don’t think so,” she said before jumping over him and throwing the ball at Ta-Metru’s goal.

“Block it, Jaller!” cried Takua.

Jaller dove to his right and smashed the ball out of the way with his shield. It rolled away from the other five players and came to a stop at Matoro’s feet. The Ko-Matoran wasted no time in picking up the ball and running for Onu-Metru’s goal. “Not again!” said Onepu as he ran after Matoro. Hewkii and Kongu pushed past him, almost knocking the Onu-Matoran over.

The two came up behind Matoro fast, pushing at each other to try to be the one to take the ball from the Ko-Matoran. The interpreter focused on his target, not looking back at the others. Taipu got ready to block any ball that came at him. Hewkii came up right behind Matoro, trying to knock the ball out of the Ko-Matoran’s grip. There was no more time, Matoro had to make his move now. He brought his stick back, preparing to throw the ball when Kongu tried to smack it. Suddenly finding nothing to stop his strike, Kongu accidentally tripped Matoro, causing him and Hewkii to fall as well.

Just before Matoro fell in a heap with the other two Matoran, he let the ball fly. The three watched it soar through the air toward Taipu. Takua made a futile attempt to try to stop the ball while Onepu just held his head in dismay. Hahli simply watched to see what would happen. Taipu leaped for the ball but came up short and watched it sail over his head into the goal.

“Ko-Metru wins!” cried the announcer. “An amazing victory from Matoro and Kopeke!”

Vamkoda and Malohi growled in frustration as Lhikan chuckled. The Toa Nuva all clapped, albeit Tahu reluctantly. The Turaga congratulated Nuju as Vakama got up to speak again. “Congratulations to Ko-Metru and well played by all,” said Vakama into the microphone. “I hope you all enjoyed this exhibition match and we will see you all soon at the new kolhii stadiums being built in all the Metru. I assure you, this kolhii season will be quite the spectacle.”

Vamkoda groaned as he got to his feet. “That sucked.”

“I know,” Malohi agreed. “Le-Metru was robbed once again. Were you disappointed, Nidhiki?”

“Not really, I didn’t have an Ussal in the race.” Nidhiki and the others joined the throngs of people slowly making their way out of the Coliseum.

“But where’s your Le-Matoran pride?”

“Must have lost it with my Chutespeak.”

“I thought it was pretty exciting,” said a Ta-Matoran with a black Kaukau as he joined them.

“Oh hey, Nuhrii,” said Vamkoda. “Nidhiki, this is my friend Nuhrii. He’s one of our best guards.”

“Although I’ve recently gotten back into trying mask making since Turaga Vakama said I used to be pretty good at it,” added Nuhrii.

“Although not as good as Turaga Vakama,” put in Malohi.

“Yeah, I know who Nuhrii is,” said Nidhiki. “Although I only knew of him through, uh… reputation.”

“Oh right,” said Vamkoda, remembering Vakama’s stories.

“You want me to make a mask for you?” Nuhrii asked Nidhiki. “I’ve been practicing a lot recently.”

“Why would I want that? My mask is perfectly fine,” said the Toa of Air indignantly.

“Because maybe you want an upgrade.”

“Well I don’t, and even if I need one, I would get it from a better mask maker than you.”

Lhikan smiled as the two argued. “All right, guys, enough fighting. Let’s get out of here.”

“Hey, I found my old house the other day,” Nidhiki mentioned.

“Oh yeah?” asked Vamkoda. “Is it in good shape?”

“No, it’s complete ruins. But I’m going to get it fixed back up. Orkahm has been helping me with it.”

“I would help if you wanted me to,” offered Malohi.

“Okay, kid. If I need someone to break their hand with a hammer, I’ll give you a shout.”

“You just can’t help being rude to me today can you?”


Up in the box, the Turaga, Toa, and Rahaga all started to get up and go their separate ways. “That was a good competition-match,” said Lewa.

“Yes, it makes me excited for the rest of the season,” agreed Pohatu. He glanced at Tahu. “And Takua and Jaller did much better than last time.”

“Ta-Metru will do better in the coming matches, don’t you worry,” said the Toa of Fire.

Vakama smiled. Tahu was still very competitive, whether it was about himself or his Metru. His mind wandered to Jaller and Takua, specifically Takua. The adventurous Matoran and former Chronicler had been quickly accepted back into the Matoran, which made Takanuva very relieved. He had been very concerned over his counterpart ever since the Resurrection, no doubt partially because of guilt. He was after all the one who had caused the Resurrection, although that was a complete secret to all but a select few. Takanuva had made it his duty to keep tabs on all of the Resurrected as they had been called.

The Turaga’s mind returned to Takua once again. Hahli had offered to give Takua back the role of Chronicler but Takua refused. He liked this newfound freedom, being able to adventure wherever he wanted without any responsibilities. Vakama was sure he and the other Turaga would be able to find something to keep Takua— “Ah!” Vakama cried as he fell to his knees, gripping his head. His mind was sent to somewhere else as a vision took over his mind.

“Vakama?” said Whenua.

“Are you all right?” asked Norik.

Tahu knelt down next to his Turaga. “Turaga, is it another vision?” Vakama nodded absently.

“They’re becoming more common again,” said Onewa anxiously.

Vakama breathed heavily for several seconds before he looked up at everyone else. “He is here.”

“Who?” Dume asked.

“The beast.”


Out in the halls of the Coliseum, one of the Po-Metru Guards, Piatra, was patrolling with his squad when he heard the telltale sound of a wall crumbling. Working with structures for over a millennium, Piatra knew all the sounds they made. He turned to see a wall ten bio down the hallway decaying rapidly as if that section was thousands of years older than the rest of the wall. It then suddenly crumbled and a giant monster walked through the newly created hole. It was red and black and stood over two bio tall. The creature had four arms, the upper two carrying a bladed weapon each. One of the lower arms carried a strange device that Piatra thought resembled the Rhotuka launchers that were built into the Rahaga’s backs.

Piatra grabbed the horn off his back and put it to his mouth. “Attention, intruder! You are trespassing in a restricted area! Leave immediately or prepare to be taken down!”

The creature noticed them for the first time and started to walk in the Matoran’s direction. With each step, the ground around its foot seemed to decay.

“S-Strop, that’s an order!” Piatra stammered. There was something very alien about this beast. When it did not comply, Piatra brought up his disk launcher, weaken Kanoka loaded. “First line, open fire!” The first half of the squad launched their Kanoka and watched in horror as they all crumbled to dust before they ever reached the titan. “What?” Piatra said, completely shocked. “Second line, fire!” The other half of the squad fired, only to be met with the same results. The beast kept walking, completely unfazed. “Everyone fire at will!” Piatra cried as he reloaded his launcher and fired. “Take that son of a Kavinika down!”

Dozens of disks rained down on the monster but none touched it as it continued its methodical advance. When it got closer, it began to spin its weapons at an incredible speed and Piatra watched helplessly as it brought them down on the assembled Po-Matoran.


Further up in the Coliseum, Takanuva, Pohatu, Gali, and Kopaka raced through the halls with the help of the Toa of Stone’s Kakama Nuva. Vakama’s vision told him that their enemy was on the first floor on the southeast side. Tahu, Onua, and Lewa went to the vault to go and guard it while the rest went to confront this new threat.


That name was burned into Takanuva’s mind. It represented the danger that existed as a result of his foolish actions. His mind flashed back to one year ago, right after he caused the Resurrection.


Vakama sat down, having just finished telling his story to the other Turaga, the Toa Nuva, and the Rahaga. The twenty beings currently sitting in a circle were the only ones that knew the full version of what had happened the day before; that Takanuva had foolishly played with the Vahi and ripped open a hole in time that brought several beings that were dead back to life, including a version of himself as a Matoran that had memories only up to when he was about to become a Toa.

And no one else would ever know that version. Takanuva selfishly requested that everyone be told it was some kind of a temporal attack by an unknown enemy. It was only a short-term solution, of course; the Matoran would wish to find this enemy and if necessary, stop them from attacking again. And inevitably once no enemy was found, the truth was bound to come out. But that was a future problem for Takanuva.

Vakama had just told his own secret he had kept for over a thousand years: the true story of how he recovered the Vahi from the Silver Sea. He mentioned how he was gripped in a powerful illusion, how he inadvertently started the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War, how he made a truce with Makuta, and mostly about the monstrous titan, Voporak. Takanuva took particular interest in this, especially Voporak’s ability to track the use of the Mask of Time.

As the others discussed how best to prepare for this inevitably, all Takanuva could think was that this was all his fault.


Takanuva and the others ran past the hole in the wall and came to a stop in front of the Po-Matoran squad. Of the few that were standing, they were stumbling around, completely disoriented. The others were down for the count. Pohatu knelt down beside Piatra. “What happened, little brother?”

“A monster,” Piatra croaked. “It tore through us then opened that hole and went down it.” The Toa looked to indeed see a hole in the floor a little farther up the hallway. “We didn’t stand a chance. I’m so sorry.”

“You have nothing to apologize for,” said Gali.

“But I do,” said Takanuva before he made a break for the hole.

“Takanuva, wait!” Kopaka called. “Don’t rush headlong into danger!” Takanuva didn’t reply as he created a hard light slide down the hole and began to descend it rapidly. Kopaka growled in frustration. “Tahu has worn off on him.” He looked at Gali and Pohatu. “You two stay here with the Matoran, I’m going after him.” Kopaka ran to the hole and jumped onto the slide, splitting his ice blade in two and using them in their skate formation.

“Please be careful,” Gali said quietly.


Takanuva landed on the ground in a crouched position and looked around. The hall was sparsely lit, with only a few lightstones hanging on the walls. Matoran did not often come down here so there was no need for more. He was probably almost two hundred fifty bio below the Coliseum, even farther beneath where the Matoran spheres had been held, where the only point of interest was a great vault that held items considered too valuable or dangerous to ever fall into the hands of evil.

The Kanohi Vahi was among them.

Takanuva created a ball of light in his hand and began walking in the direction of the vault. Voporak was down here hunting for the Vahi and the only thing standing between him and his prize was Tahu, Lewa, and Onua. He picked up the pace a little. He had to go and back them up. If anything happened to them… He couldn’t think about that.

A sound behind him made him stop. He turned around and tried to peer into the darkness but saw nothing. Back before the Great Cataclysm, Vahki used to patrol down here, their night vision allowing them to see clearly in the dark. Since the Matoran’s return to Metru Nui, it was now up to them to walk these darkened halls. However, they were so busy rebuilding the city that Matoran could only be spared to come down every so often. The ones who had reported seeing strange creatures lurking in the shadows, just out of sight. Some even claimed to see Vahki, still patrolling the halls as they had been tasked for millennia.

Takanuva decided to take it a little slower. If he went around a corner and right into the jaws of some beast, that would be of no help to Tahu and the others. He had just restarted his advance when his feet stuck fast and he felt a sudden sensation of cold. He looked down to find his feet encased in ice. “Oh no,” said the Toa of Light before he looked back to see Kopaka approaching.

“You’ve still got a lot to learn in being a Toa,” said the Toa Nuva of Ice as he got closer. “You’re not the Chronicler anymore, running from Wahi to Wahi recording stories. You have a duty as one of the nine Toa on this island to protect the Matoran, and that means you can’t run into the darkness and think you’re going to come out unscathed. You got real lucky against Makuta, but remember what I told you, it’s not luck, it’s what you do that makes you a hero. And going and getting yourself killed sure as Karzahni won’t help anybody.”

Takanuva broke the ice around his feet with his staff. “All right, so what do you suggest?”

Kopaka put his hand on his brother’s shoulder. “We remember the first of the three virtues, unity. We go together to help our brothers. Carefully.”


Onua was the first one to hear something approaching. “He’s coming.” He stood up and readied his quake breakers.

Lewa swung his air katanas anxiously. He was uncomfortable this far below ground. “Well, I hope he quick-hurries up. I’m getting ever-tired of long-waiting.”

Tahu lit up his magma swords. “Tell us as soon as you see him, Onua.” They stood in front of the vault door, a giant protosteel monstrosity that was over a bio thick. It had never been penetrated in a hundred millennia and required six keys that were locked away in different sections of the Coliseum to open it. The three Toa shifted their weight as Voporak’s footsteps came ever closer. They had heard Vakama’s stories and read everything Whenua had found on this monster. They had been waiting for this day, dreading it. And now… they only hoped to survive it.

Suddenly the footsteps stopped and the Toa tensed up. What was Voporak doing? Tahu was about to ask Onua if he saw anything when a weapon came flying out of the darkness and smashed into Tahu, knocking him off his feet. “I see him,” said Onua.

“Thanks for that,” Tahu growled as he struggled under the weapon. It had embedded itself deep in the floor, pinning him under it. He tried to push it off of him to no avail. “A little help here?” Onua activated his Pakari Nuva as Voporak stepped out of the darkness. Tahu used the mask’s power-sharing ability to easily free himself. He hefted the weapon and threw it back at Voporak who easily snatched it out of the air. The titan simply growled at them.

“What? No taunts?” asked Lewa. “I was expecting something to quick-shut you up about.”

Voporak made no moves to attack, apparently waiting to see if the Toa made the first move. They didn’t, but they also refused to get out of the way. Obviously seeing no other way further, Voporak charged forward, stabbing at Onua with his weapons. The Toa of Earth tried to parry with his quake breakers but they were knocked out of his hands when Voporak changed tactics and suddenly swiped at his tools. Then he went in for the kill and stabbed once more. Onua caught the weapon and pushed back against it with all of his enhanced strength. He was pushed backward, creating ruts in the floor with his feet.

Onua suddenly came to a stop as Tahu and Lewa stood behind him, bracing him. “We’re with you, Onua, take him down!” said Tahu.

Onua nodded and grabbed hold of the weapon, ripping it out of Voporak’s hand. Before the titan could react, Onua turned the weapon on Voporak and stabbed it into his armor. Using the tool, Onua hefted the beast into the air. Then the Toa of Earth drove Voporak into the ground with a loud roar, the monster disappearing from sight. The Toa dared not breathe as they waited to see if that was the end.

Unfortunately, it was not, as first one, then two, then three, and four arms came out of the hole and pulled their owner back up into the fight. Lewa unleashed a hurricane-force wind at Voporak, but it died into a stiff breeze by the time it reached him. Tahu and Onua combined their powers to send a lava flow at the beast, but it too was ineffective as it hardened into rock and then crumbled to dust. Voporak began to advance forward, tearing out a chunk of the floor and casually tossing it at Lewa.

The Toa of Air was ready and used his mask to levitate up and over the object. He hovered up near the ceiling and prepared to go into a screaming power-dive. Voporak tracked him and aimed his Rhotuka launcher at the Toa. He fired and hit the Toa before he had a chance to dodge. Lewa dove at Voporak as the beast continued his advance. Lewa smashed into the ground where Voporak had been standing a second ago and got up, only to throw a punch at empty air. “What’s going on? Why can’t I smash-hit him?”

“Voporak’s power,” Onua said. “Lewa’s perception of time is out of whack.”

Tahu shot a blast of fire at Voporak but it was quickly extinguished by the titan’s time bubble. “Blast,” said Tahu. “How are we gonna stop this guy?”

Voporak suddenly shot his weapon forward, seizing Onua in its grasp and threw him back into Lewa. He then retrieved his weapon Onua had stolen and turned his gaze back to Tahu. The Toa of Fire threw up his protective shielding and took a step back. Voporak followed him and reached out to touch the shield but found his power ineffective against Tahu’s mask power. He waited to see what Tahu would do but when the Toa remained where he was, Voporak apparently realized that Tahu could not attack him while using his mask power so he decided to change tactics. He simply walked past Tahu toward the door.

Tahu watched with horror as Voporak reached out for the vault door and touched it, causing it to age rapidly. “No!” Tahu cried as he dropped his shield and jumped for Voporak. The titan shot his hand out and snatched Tahu by the throat in his weapon. As Tahu struggled, he heard Voporak make a sound for the first time.

He began to laugh.


Takanuva and Kopaka arrived at the vault to find their brothers scattered around like ragdolls. The vault door was completely disintegrated. Takanuva rushed inside as Kopaka checked on the others. “We couldn’t stop him,” Tahu wheezed. “He got away.”

Inside the vault were dozens of pedestals with various artifacts on top, perfectly untouched. Takanuva reached the one he was looking for and dropped to his knees when he found it empty.

The Vahi was gone. And it was all his fault. He punched the ground in anger and cried out in despair.


Lhikan and the others had almost made it out of the Coliseum when the intruder alarm was raised. Not ones to run away from a fight, the five Matoran and Toa began patrolling the Coliseum for the trespasser. They were walking through the halls of the northeast side of the building when they heard a rumbling sound. “Heads up!” said Nidhiki as he turned to face the noise. The wall caved in and a four-armed beast walked through, only sparing the group of defenders a moment’s glance. He was heading for the wall directly across from him.

“No you don’t!” said Vamkoda as he launched a disk, with Malohi and Nuhrii following suit. The disks crumbled to dust before they ever reached the titan. “What happened to our Kanoka?”

“How about this?” Nidhiki said as he launched a cyclone at the monster. The beast gazed at it disinterested before stepping toward it, completely dissolving it as he did so. “Let’s see him stop this!” Nidhiki cried as he leaped forward.

“No, Nidhiki, wait!” Lhikan shouted.

The monster backhanded Nidhiki and sent him flying into the wall, the impact splitting his mask in half. The Toa of Air tried to get to his feet but fell back to the ground. The three Matoran ran forward, Vamkoda and Nuhrii pulling out bidents and Malohi a homemade axe. They gave a loud roar as they charged and the titan responded by firing three Rhotuka at each of them. The spinners hit their marks and the three Matoran started to stumble around, completely dazed. The titan slammed his foot on the ground, knocking the three Matoran off their feet.

“No!” Lhikan cried as he ran forward. He dropped a rain of fire bolts onto the monster but it was completely useless as they disappeared before they could touch the beast. It was then that he noticed what was in the titan’s grasp. “The Mask of Time? You will not be taking that today, monster!” The titan ripped out a piece of the floor and threw it at Lhikan. The Toa ground to a halt and activated his mask, blocking the debris. The titan fired several Rhotuka at Lhikan, forcing him to keep his shield up. At the same time, he tore another chunk of the floor out and threw it at the ceiling. Lhikan was so focused on keeping his shield up that he never noticed the rubble as it hit the chandelier of lightstones above him and send it crashing down to the ground until it hit him and his vision went to black.


Vakama and Norik came around the corner just as the chandelier landed on Lhikan, breaking through his shield and sending him to the ground. “Lhikan!” Vakama shouted as he and Norik ran to the Toa’s side. The two moved the chandelier off Lhikan as the Rahaga checked his vitals.

“He’s still alive, just unconscious.”

Vakama nodded, relieved, and turned to see Voporak staring back at him, Vahi in hand. He could see recognition in the titan’s eyes and what he thought looked like contempt. For a long second, Vakama thought Voporak would attack, but the monster just shrugged and walked toward the wall, intent on leaving. “Oh no you don’t, beast,” said the Turaga as he followed after him. “You don’t get off that easy.”

Vakama suddenly came to a stop and looked to see his limbs ensnared by ropes of energy. He looked back over his shoulder to see Norik pulling him back, no doubt the ropes being created by the Rahaga. “Norik, what the Karzahni are you doing? He’s getting away with the Vahi!”

“And what will you do?” Norik demanded as he held Vakama back with all his might. “We’re not Toa anymore and I don’t know if that would make a difference!”

“But if he gives the mask back to his master, the world as we know it will end!”

“Perhaps, but you’ll still have a chance to make things right! But not if you go and get yourself killed!”

Vakama still struggled in vain against Norik but the Rahaga was much stronger than him. The Turaga finally slumped to the floor and hung his head in defeat. “We lost,” he groaned.

“Today we did, but there’s always tomorrow,” said Norik as he put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Now, we must tend to the wounded and damage.”


The injured Matoran and Toa sat on the Akilini field of the Coliseum, being tended to by others. Luckily no one had been killed by Voporak’s attack, but many had been badly injured. The Matoran were all scared and angry and Takanuva couldn’t blame them. He sat on a raised pillar, slumped over and holding his head in his hands. He knew Vakama blamed him for this and he wanted nothing more than to just slink away to some unknown island and never be heard from again. Maybe he wouldn’t cause any more trouble there.

The Toa of Light looked over to see Lhikan rubbing his head in pain. Nidhiki sat next to him, weak and maskless. Vamkoda was trying to hold Malohi still as the Le-Matoran struggled like a child in the healer’s grip. Just then, Nuhrii walked up to Nidhiki holding a mask. “Here, I made you a replacement Kanohi. I hope you like it.”

Nidhiki took it and made a quizzical expression. The mask looked nothing like his old one. It had two long points coming off its sides and swept back to cover the top of the head. “Why does it look like a Kualsi? It doesn’t look remotely close to a Volitak.”

Nuhrii twisted his foot in the ground nervously as he looked down. “I don’t know, I thought it looked cool. Plus, I may have screwed up in the execution a little bit.”

“Oh, I’d say so.”

“But it’s still a Volitak in power,” Nuhrii added.

“Oh come on, Nidhiki,” said Lhikan before the Toa of Air could say anything else. “Nuhrii put a lot of work into it, especially in such a short time. Besides, maybe it’ll help you start a new chapter. Maybe a new mask is just the thing the healer ordered.”

“You don’t like it?” said Nuhrii sadly.

“Uh, no, it’s fine,” said Nidhiki as he put the mask on, changing from gray to green. Strength immediately returned to him. “Thank you, Nuhrii. It’s nice to have someone looking out for you. I haven’t had that in… a long time.”

The Ta-Matoran suddenly brightened up and hurried off to see if anyone else needed help. Takanuva got up and started to make his way for the Coliseum gate. He stopped by Lhikan and Nidhiki. “I’m sorry for everything, guys.”

“What are you talking about, Takanuva?” asked Lhikan. “You have nothing to be sorry about.”

“Yeah, it’s not like you sent Voporak here,” added Nidhiki.

“You have no idea,” the Toa of Light whispered before resuming his sad march. At that moment, the Po-Matoran Ahkmou was standing on a column, speaking to a group of gathered Matoran.

“Voporak is attracted to disturbances in time,” he was explaining. “And we had one not too long ago when all these people came back to life. If you ask me, these Resurrected are more trouble than they’re worth.”

Several Matoran agreed as Takanuva sighed. He had a feeling Metru Nui was heading for some pretty big changes.


Far to the southeast, on the Dark Hunter island of Odina, Voporak entered a darkened chamber, greeted only by a pair of orange eyes. “Come in, come in, Voporak,” said the titan’s master. “I assume you were successful in your task.”

Voporak nodded and stepped forward, kneeling and presenting the Kanohi Vahi to the being known only as the Shadowed One.

The Dark Hunter leader took the mask and examined it like it was the largest amount of treasure he had ever seen at one time. “Yessssss. The Mask of Time…” he breathed in awe. “You couldn’t stop me this time, ‘great’ Makuta.” He directed his attention to Voporak. “I assume you went easy on the Toa stationed there to test them as I instructed?”

Voporak nodded.

“Excellent, I expect a full report. Go find the Recorder and relay it to him. I have much to think about. Like how I will use this mask to bring the Brotherhood of Makuta and Toa to their knees.”

The End

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Edited by VakamaMetruNui


Library Topic ^ Credit to Llortor for the custom Nuva Symbols

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