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Most Overrated/Underrated Toa Mata

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hello there, boys and girls! 

well i had this idea for the past 24 hours now for a topic about the Toa Mata, but with a twist! so, this time around i think we should discuss who the most Overrated and Underrated Toa Mata is! now this is all just pure opinion and does not intend to trigger folks! this is meant for fun and it acts as a way for folks on here to get to know each other based on their opinions on their favorite/not favorite Toa Mata! so let's try and keep this as civil as possible without trying to trigger people and making them rage-quit like an angry Kane-Ra bull! lol 

so the way it goes down is this; a user says who he/she thinks is the most Overrated Toa Mata and explain why! same goes for the Underrated Toa Mata, say who it is then explain why! then add your "Ratings" for the two Toa Mata you've selected at the end ov your post! the next user then gives their Overrated/Underrated Toa Mata + eplanations + ratings, and so on! you may disagree with a user's choices/explanations but please be nice about it! as the old saying goes; "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!" this is not meant to be a game, but if one is so inclined to treat it as a game (such as life itself, am i right? lol) this may have to be moved to the Games & Trivia (i think that's what it's called...) section! 

this will be interesting! 

so here we go! i'll start (ov course); 

Overrated Toa Mata: Tahu 

Reason: he's just everywhere! it seems to me that EVERYONE ranks Tahu as their favorite Toa Mata! his Kanohi Hau is like the "poster-boy" ov the six Great Kanohi, while Tau himself is the "poster-boy" for the entirety ov Bionicle's existence! sure the original Mata design is iconic and the Nuva design was good too, but when the Mistika were revealed oh boy people were ticked off! and finally the Stars Tahu came out and that sealed his fate right there! his personality i'm not the biggest fan ov but it suits him being the hot-headed leader ov the Toa Mata! it also seems as if Tahu's demeanor changed over time, which is weird! it just seems like everybody worships Tahu as the most beloved Toa ov fire in Bionicle's existence! he's a great leader, sure, but seeing him as the "poster-boy" ov Bionicle really kinda degrades his purpose as the iconic leader ov the Toa Mata! 

Underrated Toa Mata: Gali 

Reason: it seems to me Gali doesn't get as much love as she should! yes, i know, there are plenty ov Gali fans out there, BUT, i'm not seeing a lot ov them! being the only female Toa in the team she tries to keep the team together as best as she could without resorting to washing them down with her water powers! she is a kind and wise character, but if you get on her bad side you better make sure you know how to swim before she flushes you away (lol)! her Mata design is iconic although some folks don't appreciate her hook weapons! they're useful! her Nuva form is also awesome with her having actual hands! the Mistika variant was shunned by folks but i liked it! i mean, it's not her best form but it certainly isn't awful! she is caring and a good soul! she may have flaws (like her 'jokes') but they're minor! bottom line is; Gali has a special place in my heart and i just wish i knew any Gali fans out there! cuz' honestly, i don't remember seeing anyone anywhere who is a major fan ov Gali besides myself! and that's sad! :( 

Ratings: Tahu, 3/10! Gali, 9/10! 

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