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Mythos: Lego World Builder Project

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As some of you know, Lego has recently launched a new website called Lego World Builder. Like Lego Ideas, this website is meant to be a route for fan created media to become official Lego products. Unlike Ideas, World Builder is meant not to pitch individual sets but instead entire themes and their stories. Something I have wanted to see in Lego that has yet to happen is a Greek/Roman myth based theme. Taking inspiration from these classic myths, and Lego's own internal themes like Ninjago and Bionicle; I have started the Lego Mythos project as a "pitch" for a suggestion for a Lego theme. 

Maybe I am just having fun with it because it is my own chance to mimic Christian Faber, Alastair Swinterton and Bob Thompson? I dunno. :P

Mythos is a classical mythology inspired setting, where six heroes and their three headed dog travel the seas island hoping while following the Path of Monsters to face the evil Medusa, who wants to turn the whole world to stone! Like other classic Lego themes it is centered on a core team of heroes, who are in a shared quest to triumph over evil. Lego has never had any classic myth inspired themes before, although Greek and Roman inspired figures have shown up in the Collectible Minifigure range. 

Mythos is an early stage where I am sketching it out on paper and pen. This is where your help can come in! A unique part of Lego World Builder is the ability for other fans to contribute to projects, producing art to supplement the original vision. I know with the great talent in the Lego community we can have a shot at creating something truly special. 

The official project page is here with character bios and location information I will be updating as the project goes on, liking the project will help improve its visibility on the Lego World Builder site: https://worldbuilder.tongal.com/world/73f1bbbe-fdb6-4921-adfa-c2be46f79d6f

I have also started a Facebook page for public updates here: https://www.facebook.com/Lego-Mythos-112304443930641/?notif_id=1598571397019963&notif_t=page_fan&ref=notif 

Now for some of the rough sketch work I have done today:

Early cover photo sketch:


Medusa's lair: *spot the hidden "petrified" Pohatu easter egg* ;)


Vassillios the Bard:


Zoe the Siren Sorceress: 


Phaedra the Amazonian-esque warrior:


Vigilius the Centaur archer: 


Edit, I just did the first cleaned up in-color sketch for the project; one of Archeon the team's self appointed leader:


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