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Creeps from the Deep: Kalmah

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"We shared our victories, and our punishment... so we will share the power of this mask as well."

This was a collab made with several other builder's. Check out their creations here:





If you guys enjoy what I make, visit my flickr and instagram pages!

Flickr Page: awesomenessborn

Instagram: awesomenessborn

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Very impressive! I like the little rifle-very fitting addition (and the light is a nice touch!) 

The tentacle leg with the peg leg is a bit of a hard sell conceptually, but it's so flawlessly pulled off I didn't even bat an eye! 

Sweet build!!!


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This really hones the idea of Kalmah pre-mutation in The Pit to me. A sea dog like Blackbeard always seemed like a good fit for him. Now being turned into Davey Jones does, too. Really cool!

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