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G2 sets for sale (almost the entire 2015 lineup, plus Umaraks)

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Hey BZP, I'm selling off my G2 collection. All sets are 100% complete with box and instructions. Not looking to trade for anything, just selling. Prices are negotiable if you're looking to get multiple items and all prices include shipping. Only shipping to the continental US. Buyer covers the PayPal Goods and Services fee.

I conduct most of my business on another forum, if you have any interest in Transformers or Marvel Legends here is a link to the total list of items I'm selling. I have positive feedback there as well. Now for the items:


70778 Protector of Jungle -$20
70779 Protector of Stone - $20
70780 Protector of Water - $20
70781 Protector of Earth - $20
70785 Pohatu Master of Stone - $30
70786 Gali Master of Water - $30
70787 Tahu Master of Fire - $30
70789 Onua Master of Earth - $30
70790 Lord of Skull Spiders - $25
70791 Skull Warrior - $20
70792 Skull Slicer - $20
70793 Skull Basher - $20
70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder - $45
5002941 Hero Pack - $5 or free with any two items


71310 Umarak the Hunter - $45
71316 Umarak the Destroyer - $50

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