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Cheap Sets and Kanohi for Sale/Trade!

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Hi all, I have a bunch of sets and masks up for sale/trade. These sets contain all correct pieces as listed on BrickLink unless otherwise noted. All pieces are in good condition unless otherwise noted. I also have a small assortment of extra pieces, so if you need any extra parts I can also include whatever you may need; I’ll let you know if I have it. I accept Paypal and ship internationally from Canada. Trades will take priority over selling for money. Feel free to negotiate pricing, especially if you’re making a large order or including a trade.





1389 Onepu (missing disk, polybag and instructions) x 1

8560 Pahrak (Krana Bo, canister and instructions included, 5 of 6 black sockets are broken) x 1

8574 Tahnok-Kal (missing Krana; instructions included, canister missing rear label, front label is haphazardly taped on) x 1

8575 Kohrak-Kal (missing Krana, green elastic and instructions; canister missing labels) x 1

8591 Vorahk (Level 6 Kraata, instructions included but in bad shape, rear label on canister is peeling) x 1

4870 Rahaga Kualus (missing ripcord, spinner and instructions, box included in great condition) x 1
8756 Sidorak (set only; no box or instructions) x 1

8722 Kazi (set only; no box or instructions) x 1

8723 Piruk (set only; no box or instructions, Kanohi Mahiki is very worn) x 1
8724 Garan (set only; no box or instructions) x 1

40220 Lego Mini London Bus (MISB) x 1



Blue Pakari x 1

Brown Hau x 1

Brown Miru x 1

Brown Akaku x 1

Black Akaku x 1

Black Ruru x 1

Trans-Blue Ruru x 1

Silver Miru x 1

Gold Kakama x 1

Blue Akaku Nuva x 1

Green Kakama Nuva x 1

Black Kakama Nuva x 1

Black Akaku Nuva x 1

Misprint Green Ruru x 1

Misprint Brown Ruru x 1

Misprint Brown Matatu x 1


Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/eXij8yz

I also have a stack of instructions, let me know if you’re looking for any in particular.



Complete sets (boxes and instructions aren’t necessary but would be awesome):
10023 BIONICLE Master Builder Set

Any Slizers/Throwbots Sets


Orange Komau

Blue Matatu

Lime Matatu

Beige Rau

Dark Grey Huna

Light Grey Ruru

Infected Hau

Red Miru Nuva

Red Akaku Nuva

Blue Hau Nuva

Blue Miru Nuva

Blue Pakari Nuva

Green Hau Nuva

Green Pakari Nuva

Brown Hau Nuva

Brown Kaukau Nuva

Brown Miru Nuva

Black Hau Nuva

Black Kaukau Nuva

Black Miru Nuva

White Kakama Nuva

White Pakari Nuva

UK Copper Huna

UK Copper Komau

Gold Vahi

Protodermic Silver Hau Nuva

Protodermic Silver Kaukau Nuva

Protodermic Silver Kakama Nuva

Protodermic Silver Pakari Nuva

Protodermic Silver Akaku Nuva

Black 4-Hole Kraahkan



Black/Silver Marbled Rhotuka Spinner

Bley Rhotuka Spinner


Misc. Pieces:

Rahaga Norik’s dark red spinner with code

Toa Norik’s dark red spinner without code

Matoran Kongu’s dark turquoise foot

Toa Whenua’s black Toa Metru feet x 2



Pahrak-Kal Canister (no set or instructions)


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interested in some of the kanohi...also, would you happen to have the poster that came with Mata Tahu? I have the set but not the poster :confused:

:exclamation:currently searching for ANY Gray Plastic Krana Kal (GPKK):exclamation: If you were a member of Proto-squad, or know someone who was, please feel free to get in contact with me


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am definitely interested in several of the kanohi, 12 in fact (or 13 if the White Kaukau Nuva in the photos is also available?)! I looked through my spares and collection and unfortunately couldn't find any of the masks or collectables you're looking for. I might still have a Pahrak-Kal canister, in fact it's probably the most likely bohrok canister for me to still have, but I'd have to look. If you're interested in selling those masks, feel free to message me and we can talk about price! Nice thing is shipping wouldn't be as bad cause I'm in Canada too lol.

I discovered the Transblue G2 KauKau!

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Send me a PM with an offer! I unfortunately do not have the Tahu Mata poster :(


@toa trisabelle

I’m afraid the white Kaukau Nuva has been sold! As for the other kanohi, I’d prefer to trade them rather than straight-up sell them. Send me a PM and let me know if you find that canister :)

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