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What movie company would you want to own constraction?

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Hi, guys. You know, there is a thing about superheroes movies, and that is that movie companies fight over the rights of the superheroes or sell or buy them. For instance, Marvel Studios is planning to get all of its lost character rights back and have complete control on them again. It was all started when it sold them away in the 1990s, but when the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is working on doing its mission. It may have all of the rights, but the Hulk and Namor rights are shared with Universal (no solo movies), and Spider-Man is shared with Sony (Sony is making terrible movies from Venom in 2018 onwards). People are trying to help Marvel get complete control over these rights. Plus, there are rumors about Apple or Amazon buying Sony, so Sony will give the Spider-Man rights back to MS completely, and there are rumors about MS getting the Hulk and Namor rights from Universal completely. Disney is also buying stuff, as it bought Lucasfilm and Fox. 

Yep. Chaotic. Well, you see, Bionicle has a good 9 years in 2001-2010, with three direct-to-video movies made by Miramax (owned by Disney) and one made by Tinseltown Toons (the movie is distributed by Universal), but Bionicle got cancelled a little brutally. Then, we have Hero Factory’s TV show (made by TT and distributed by Warner Bros). Plus, it is reported by The Hollywood Report in May 2012 that Universal plans to get the rights for a live-action HF movie. HF had a good run, but got sort of brutally cancelled. Bionicle G2 happened and had a Netflix show, but it got very brutally cancelled. Last decade is quite tragic while you would wish that Bionicle and Hero Factory could have had the opportunity to have theatrical movies or cinematic universe (I always believe Bionicle G1 and HF share the same universe), but I heard that Lego is planning to have Universal make movies for it, so there could be some hope. 

Anyway, my question is this: If you want constraction to be owned by a movie company, so constraction can rise again after time since 2016, what movie company do you want? Well, here’s what I think: 

1. Disney - Disney made a lot of awesome movies lately, including Marvel and Star Wars ones, so I could trust Disney on this. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 
2. Marvel Studios - perhaps. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 
3. DC Entertainment - perhaps. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 
4. Pixar - maybe. 
5. DreamWorks Animation - maybe. 
6. Paramount - could work. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 
7. New Line Cinemas - could work. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 
8. Universal - could work, but when Universal sort of has the Hulk and Namor rights, I don’t completely trust it. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 
9. Sony - It may be the worst thing because with makes lousy movies and is greedy nowadays, but if Sony would have Bionicle and Hero Factory, they could replace the Spider-Man rights in my opinion. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 
10. Warner Bros. - could work, but not completely trustworthy because the DCEU having some terrible films. Live-action with humans and Earth on the present day. 

So, yeah. I would recommend Disney the most. Universal would come second. I would also hope Disney could somehow re-continue  the Bionicle G1 story, HF story, and say that both of them share the same universe. I know that Lego wouldn’t usually do that, but yes. Paramount may make Transformers movies, but they never done other Hasbro stuff much.

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Forgot some things.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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