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Vahki Army Iii - Viral Infection

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Posted Jan 27 2012 - 10:56 PM

The Vahki Army and Vahki Army II - Memories Never Fade are available on the old forums via the links in the signature.

Vahki Army III - Viral Infection returns from its four year hiatus.

New chapters to be posted shortly.

Vahki Army III - Viral Infection



[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]A Brief Summary[/color][color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]It has been months since Heraynocon discovered and tainted the Triverse, a mystical artifact of unknown origin, and took control of the planet of Nu-Nui. In conquering the world, Heraynocon has scattered the once strong freelance peacekeeping force known as the Vahki Army, and sent their leader Newmega into hiding. Two of the Army's soldiers, Saito and Neo have already fallen to Heraynocon's forces, and the new allies Dayarcocon and Kwick have been presumed lost to the earth itself. Now Heraynocon stands on the verge of conquering universes far beyond his own, backed by the vengeful Flare, the trigger-happy Melee, and a veritable swath of mindless drones bent on conquest. The only thing standing in his way may be the hero of worlds he helped create, and now seeks to destroy. The epic tale of Newmega's journey from servant to savior culminates with the final installment of the Vahki Army Trilogy.[/color]

Chapter OneA young man, about the age of fifteen or sixteen ran up the stairs of his home towards his bedroom. He was an average child, average grades, average activities, average life. However, his life was about to drastically change.The boy slammed the door to his bedroom open, and walked towards his computer. He grabbed the strap of his backpack, and threw it on his bed. He pulled the chair away from his desk and slumped down into it. He then rolled himself over to the computer, and shook the mouse to get the monitor out of sleep mode.The boy opened an internet browser, then opened his email. “Let’s just see what we have today,” he said to himself. He scanned his inbox, and said the e-mail’s subject under his breath. “Junk, junk, new personal message from BZPower, new personal message, junk, and-“ he stopped, reading a very unusual subject. The subject read “Better the world.” The boy had no idea what it was, but opened it anyway. Inside the email was a simple link. The boy clicked the link, which opened a website in the internet browser he had opened earlier.The website was just a black background, with a white screen in the middle of the page, and two buttons under it labeled “Yes” and “No.” A little black figure appeared on the white screen, jumping up and down. Blue text appeared beneath him as he jumped.‘Would you like to play a game?’ the text read. The boy looked puzzled, but pressed the ‘Yes’ button. The figure laughed, and continued jumping.‘Would you like to better the world and your life?’ the text read again. Again, the boy pressed ‘Yes.’ The figure laughed again.‘Type in the following on your keyboard,’ the figure said. A sequence of keys appeared beneath the figure. The boy tilted his head.“What is this? Some kind of joke?” To his surprise, the figure answered his question.‘This is no joke. Do it, and a grand, new world will be revealed to you. Type in the following sequence, then press Yes.’ The sequence was displayed again, and the boy looked at his keyboard.One by one, he pressed the given keys as displayed below the figure. After he finished, he moved his mouse over the ‘Yes’ button, but didn’t click it. He looked outside his bedroom door to see if anyone was around. His dog was asleep on his parent’s bed down the hallway. Other than that, the boy was home alone. He left clicked on ‘Yes,’ and waited.The small figure laughed again, then stopped jumping. The text beneath him was no longer blue, but red. The figure’s smile was no longer a cute smile, but a dark one. The text erased itself, and began to write itself again.‘Thank you, foolish meatbag. You have helped me open a portal to your world, so I can rule it. When I rule, your end shall be quick and painless.’ The boy stared at the computer screen, mouth open. Since it worked the first time, it might work a second time. The boy held the computer screen, and spoke into it.“Is this some kind of joke?” he asked. The black figure disappeared from the white screen, and the text dissolved. The white screen then expanded to the entire span of the computer screen. The white then began to swirl into a blue vortex dotted with black spots. The boy let go of the computer screen, and examined the new screensaver he had been given.At that instant, an enormous black claw shot from the computer screen, sending the boy backwards out of his chair. The boy crawled to the wall opposite the computer, and covered the enormous scar on his face. The claw had a black base, with a large silver drill protruding from it.The boy stood up, and inched his way towards the claw. He looked at how large the claw was, and how thin his monitor was. He stared at the claw, but jumped back as two small fingers slid from the drill, creating a three-fingered claw.The claw reached down and imbedded itself into the boy’s desk, and began to pull. As the claw pivoted outwards, its arm began to exit the computer screen. The claw moved sideways, as another claw began to emerge from the screen. The claws both pulled themselves and their arms from the screen, as a small bulge appeared between them.The bulge got bigger and bigger, until it ripped open and revealed a silver, metal face. It was a simple face, a long face, wide at the top, thin at the bottom, with two large, piercing eyes, red as blood at the top. A small mouth at the bottom of the face opened, filled with dozens of tiny, sharp teeth. The mouth spoke, in a raspy, somewhat high-pitched voice.“Tyran! Tyran! Tyran! Tyran! Tyran!” The figure stuck in the computer screen kept shouting, and kept trying to pull itself from the screen. “Tyran! Tyran! Tyran! Tyran! Tyran!” The figure pulled itself from the screen, and landed on the floor of the boy’s room. It’s back was arched forward, its head low on its chest, with short, armored legs. The creature walked over to the boy, and stared at him with its read eyes.“Thank you,” it said. “The world belongs to Lord Heraynocon!” As it said those last two words, the word Tyran was shouted from the computer by hundreds of voices. The first drone stepped towards the boy’s window, as another drone crawled out of the computer screen. It crawled towards the other one, and waited for others. More and more drones crawled out of the computer, and turned to the first one. “Forward!” it shouted.The drones jumped out of the boy’s window, shattering it, and landing on the street in front of the boy’s house. More and more drones kept crawling from the computer and jumping out of the home. Eventually, there were over one hundred drones out in the street, lined up in rows. The first Tyran to crawl from the computer stood in front of the other drones, and raised its left arm into the air, and shouted “Tyran!” The other drones raised their left arms into the air, and shouted in unison.The first drone arched its head back, and closed its eyes. Its body surged, and lightning shot from its eyes. The drone stood upright, and opened its eyes.“My drones!” it said, with Heraynocon’s voice. “The time has come! This world is ours to rule! We shall take it!” The drones all chanted as their master spoke to them through one of their own. “Leave no building standing, destroy any opposition, let no one stand in your way! It is our world now, and no one can stop us!” The head drone surged again, then slumped back to his normal stance.“Forward!” it shouted in its own voice. The other drones all shouted Tyran!, then began to march towards the streets of the suburbs, towards the city ahead.------------------------------------------------------------Two members of BZPower walked down the sidewalk of the forum, looking into the topic windows to find the one they wanted. One by one, they looked into the windows, and read the names of the topics. They both sighed.“Man, I hate having to do this,” the first one said. “Every time we want to find an old topic, we have to go topic-by-topic, page-by-page.”“You know, you could just look in history and find the topic,” the second one said.“Too much work,” the first one said. “I’m just saying, they should bring the search engine back online. That would save us so much time.” They opened the door to a topic, poked their heads in, then left. They were about to check another topic, when a small ringing filled their ears.The first member reached into his pocket, and pulled out a vid-screen. Display on the screen was ‘New Personal Message.’“A new PM?” the first one asked.“Check it,” the second one said. The first member pressed to open the message, and read it. The message was a link to a website, and nothing else. The two members looked at each other and shrugged, as the first member opened the link. A doorway appeared in front of them, and sucked them in.They stopped at a website, a black screen with a smaller white screen in the middle, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons directly beneath the screen. In the screen was a small black figure. The figure was jumping up and down as blue text appeared beneath him.‘Would you like to play a game?’ the text read. The members looked at each other, and pressed the ‘Yes’ button. The figure laughed and jumped up and down as the text rewrote itself.‘Would you like to better the world and your life?’ the text read again. The first member pressed ‘Yes’ again. The figure laughed, and the text changed yet again.‘Type in the following on your keyboard,’ the figure said. A sequence of keys appeared beneath the figure, and a digital keyboard appeared in front of the member. The second member turned towards the first one.“What kind of twisted survey is this?” he asked. The first member began to type in the sequence on the keyboard, and held his finger over the ‘Enter’ key. The second member looked scared. “Don’t do it,” he said. “This has to be some kind of virus spreader or something.” The first member laughed.“Don’t worry so much. It’s unbecoming.” The member pressed the ‘Enter’ key, and the sequence disappeared. The figure jumped up and down, and began to laugh maniacally. Red text now began to appear beneath the figure.‘Thank you, foolish meatbag. You have helped me open a portal to your world, so I can rule it. When I rule, your end shall be quick and painless,’ it read. The members looked at each other, then at the text. They backed away from the screen, shocked. The figure and text dissolved, as the white screen enlarged itself, and began to change to a blue color. The screen started to swirl, and emit static.The two members could here chanting coming from the swirling screen. Hundreds of figures were chanting “Tyran! Tyran! Tyran!”Exactly as had happened in the human world, a large, three-fingered claw appeared from the portal, which was much larger than that of a computer screen. Another claw came out, followed by arms, and the same, silver head of the Tyran drone. The drone crawled out of the portal, and raised its left arm, chanting “Tyran! Tyran! Tyran!” The chanting coming from the portal grew louder and louder, as more drones came out one by one, chanting their name.After only a few minutes, well over one hundred drones stood in the empty black room, all in rows. The first drone to emerge surged like the one in the human world, then stood up, and spoke, or, was spoken through, by Heraynocon.“My drones! This is our second conquest. This world shall be ours! The defenses of BZPower are nothing! And after we take BZPower, we can expand to other forums, other sites, other networks!” The drones all cheered. “We will take this world, and no one will stop us! Leave no building standing, and destroy anyone who opposes your duty! You are a unified force, with a duty to serve, and a destiny to rule!” The drones chanted Mata Nui’s gifts: Unity, Duty, Destiny. “We have taken the world of the MOCs, we are taking the world of the humans, and we shall take the world of the members!” The drone surged again, and hunched over. It raised its right arm, and turned to the open doorway to BZPower.“Forward!” it shouted. The drones raised their left arms and chanted their names, then began to march, single file, through the doorway, and onto their new world.------------------------------------------------------------Chapter TwoA gust of wind blew through what was left of BZ-Koro. It picked up some dirt from the ground, and carried it over the city. The wind blew over a destroyed kanoka emporium, and blew through the destroyed sign of a kanohi shop.The wind blew over various destroyed shops, and blew through a cruiser, crashed through the wall of a familiar hotel. The wind blew over the footsteps of a bohwalker, and blew through the windshield of a bohwalker, its legs ripped off. The wind, still carrying the bit of dirt, dropped it on a small flower. The flower was the last living thing in this area, and welcomed the soil, right before being crushed beneath the solid leg piece of a Tyran.Four Tyran Drones marched through the ruined city, their feet leaving prints in the decayed dirt. Each drone only used one claw to support himself while walking; the other claw was used to hold up a handle. These handles were attached to a mobile throne, ornately decorated with red fabric and gold lining. Sitting on the throne, was Flare.It had been months since Heraynocon had conquered Nu-Nui. Only recently had he begun his attacks on the world of the Humans and the Members. He had sent waves of drones to those worlds through the Triverse portals, and had more than fifty percent of his entire army patrolling Nu-Nui, making sure that it remained under his controlFlare looked around at the destroyed city square, and rested his head on his fist. It was boring now. Of course, the world was under Heraynocon’s control, and Flare had been granted complete rule over the Ta-Koran district of the planet. Flare had also been given a new body.His body was built off his last one, heavy modifications made. He wore heavy shoulder armor, had heavily modified legs with hidden abilities, and had been granted new weapons. He no longer wielded his wrist-staff and his flare daggers. Rather, he now wielded two flare cannons, one attached to each wrist, capable of elongating themselves into swords. He also wore on his back two smaller swords. None of this could fill the void inside him though.He held up his right hand, and stared at it, remembering how he had killed Gakama in G.R.A.V.E., and how Newmega had killed Tremsa. He remembered seeing Tremsa being pierced by his weapon, and staying erect, lifeless. Heraynocon had promised that she would be brought back if Flare swore his undying allegiance, which he did in an instant.He now regretted it.Heraynocon, even with all his power, couldn’t bring back the dead. Only Nui could, and he was just a myth. Flare had sold his soul for an empty shell of a world…------------------------------------------------------------The drones continued their march, patrolling the area for anyone, or anything. It was a futile trek however. Any MOC that was smart fled the planet the second Heraynocon took over. Some, who left when he raised the TransforMOC army, might very well have made it to some distant world, or to Mata Nui for safety. Anyone who stayed on the planet was either dead, or reformatted into a Tyran Drone.Flare scanned the horizon of the city. The city was black, barren, a battlefield. Buildings lay in ruin, cruisers were crashed into each other, bohwalkers lay scattered across the road. A streetlight flickered, its light stone almost extinguished. The sparking sound it produced caused Flare to turn around in his throne, battle ready. The light flickered again, sending a small fikou spider scurrying away. Flare sighed. The world was nothing now, especially without Newmega.Newmega was last seen in Heraynocon’s palace after the reformatting occurred. Heraynocon said that Newmega had escaped somehow, despite being challenged by Derail and Archive. The drones had searched for him, but found nothing. Newmega, and the primary members of the Guard Force, had vanished. The outlying special areas were scanned, but no cruisers were found. Flare had thought Newmega dead, starved or killed by some rouge rahi. He knew deep down however, that Newmega couldn’t die; not as long as he wore the mask of clarity, the clear kanohi Avohkii, the kanohi Ceartil. The Ceartil and Flare’s mask, the kanohi Akeru, were linked together.The drones stopped their march, and scanned the surrounding area. Flare growled.“What is the meaning of this?” he asked. “Drones! Why have you stopped?”“Enemy unit, General Flare,” the drone to his front right said.”Then go investigate,” Flare said. The drone nodded, and let go of the throne handle. The throne shifted slightly. The drone walked out of the road, and into an area ridden with trash and broken MOC parts; a junkyard. He scanned the area, searching for enemy units. He took a few more steps forward until he was in the middle of piles of junk. He scanned the area again, finding nothing.The drone heard a rustling behind him, and turned around completely. Unfortunately for him, his design was flawed. He hadn’t even completely spun around, as an arrow shot from behind a mountain of junk, piercing him in the forehead. The drone stood still for a moment, then fell forward, dead. Flare heard the drone’s body fall, and looked at the remaining drones.“Go!” he said. The three looked up at him, then at each other. They all lowered the throne to the ground, and walked into the area where the first drone had been killed. They stared at his body, then at the surrounding area. One drone heard something, a string being pulled. It spun around in the direction of the sound. The drone activated the binocular settings on its eyes and scanned the area. It heard a whiz, an object shooting through the air.The drone fell to the ground, an arrow through its neck. The remaining two drones stared at their fallen comrade, and then in the direction the arrow had come from. Another arrow shot from a pile of parts, piercing another drone in the eye, sending him to the ground.The last drone stood still, his three allies fallen, dead. He looked at their sprawled bodies, then at the masses of parts around him. His eyes widened, his teeth began to chatter, and his body began to quake. Fear was coursing through him.------------------------------------------------------------Flare sat on his throne, chin resting on his closed fist. The drones had been gone longer than they should have been, just for quick recon. He had heard three bodies fall to the ground, which he had assumed had been the drones. However, the fourth hadn’t fallen, so he was still expecting at least one mangled rebel body.Flare heard a fourth body fall, and peered in the direction the drones had gone. He hoped that the fourth body was that of whatever made the initial sound. He heard crawling, a body being dragged. His smile perked.The final drone was dragging itself along the ground by one hand, three arrows strategically piercing his body, immobilizing him. He crawled closer to Flare, and looked up at him.“Help… me…” the drone said, its voice hoarse. Its eyes widened as a final arrow pierced its skull, shutting it down. Flare’s eyes widened. He stood up and jumped off of the throne.Flare stepped over the fallen drone, and moved in towards the other drones. He came upon them quickly, their bodies limp and spread out on the ground, pierced with arrows. Flare grimaced slightly. He looked around the area, trying to find who, or what, took down his drones. Flare heard, just barely, a bow being pulled. It was being loaded, an arrow about to be fired. Flare heard the arrow come loose from the bow, and shoot towards him.Flare cartwheeled to the left, dodging the incoming arrow. He landed his maneuver, only to have another arrow pierce his right shoulder. He knelt on the ground, holding his shoulder, gritting his teeth in a vain attempt to subdue the pain. He looked up as two more arrows came shooting in his direction.Flare threw himself completely onto the ground as the arrows whizzed above him. He slowly stood up, smiling.“My, my. If I’m not mistaken, this is the work of Arkera, the greatest marksman in the Matoran Guard Force,” he said. “I’m kind of surprised that you and the Guard Force didn’t leave the planet when you had the chance.” The junkyard was silent. Flare chuckled. “Scared? Why not come out and face me?”At those words, Flare heard an energy weapon fire from behind him. He spun around, drawing a flame saber with his left hand, and deflected the blast. Another energy blast fired, and shot him in the back. Flare fell forward onto the ground. He tried to push himself up, but fell back to the ground as it shook.Vibrations flew through the ground, causing a minor earthquake. What in the name of Mata Nui was going on? Flare looked up and saw the origin of the quake: a bohwalker was standing right in front of him, a white matoran piloting it. From behind the bohwalker walked three matoran, one brown, an arrow strung on a bow, one green, twin pistol drawn, and one red, revolver pointed directly at Flare’s head. They were the Matoran Guard Force.“Well look what we have here,” the green one, Packe said. “Looks like we’ve got a general of Heraynocon, ey Arkera?” he said towards the brown matoran.“Looks like it Packe,” Arkera said. “What should we do with him Nuuparu?” he asked the red one. Nuuparu cocked his revolver.“Let’s show Heraynocon that we mean business,” Nuuparu said. He aimed the revolver at Flare’s head, finger on the trigger. Flare chuckled.“Before you fire, take a look behind you,” Flare said. The four matoran lowered their weapons, and turned to look behind them. At least forty Tyran-drones were positioned in the junkyard, weapons armed. The mouths of the matoran dropped almost in unison. Flare smiled, and began to stand up. “My, my. Funny how fast you’re relieved of your bravado.” Flare laughed. “Now, just surrender, and this will all go smoothly.” Mokaro, the white matoran in the bohwalker, let out a chuckle.“You think we’re gonna go without a fight?” Mokaro asked.“If you think that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you,” Packe added.“Go!” Nuuparu shouted. Arkera, Nuuparu and Packe turned towards the tyrans, and began to fire on all of them. Mokaro resumed control of the bohwalker, and aimed its guns directly at Flare.“Smile,” Mokaro said. But before he could fire the mech’s guns, three tyrans jumped from the battle and landed on the bohwalker, digging their claws into the hull. Mokaro struggled with the controls, trying to shake the drones. Flare smiled as the tyrans began to dismantle the weapons of the bohwalker. At that moment, three discs shot from the air, and landed on the arms of the tyrans. They halted their onslaught, and stared at the discs. The projectiles began to beep quickly, before detonating, blowing the drones from the bohwalker. Flare stood, awestruck, as a black figure fell from the sky, landing next to the bohwalker. The figure turned towards Mokaro, and spoke.“Quickly, get the others out of here. I’ll handle them,” he said.“But, New-“ Mokaro said, protesting.“Go!” the figure yelled. Mokaro nodded, then turned to the other matoran.“Amscray gents, he’s got it covered!” The other matoran nodded, then ran towards the bohwalker. The four matoran and mech left the battlefield, losing any opposition following them in the maze of damaged goods. The figure turned towards Flare slowly, scanning his form.The figure had a body similar to Flare’s, strong shoulders, enhanced legs and a large blade on his left wrist. Flare knew in an instant who the figure was.“But…how…” Flare asked, stunned. The figure chuckled.“Did you think that a hostile takeover could stop me?” he asked. The figure turned towards the twenty-some tyrans closing in on him. The figure opened two hatches, one on each leg, and pulled out a gear-shaped bomb from each. He armed them, and tossed them into the oncoming forces. The tyrans stopped, and stared at the bombs. In an instant the gears detonated, sending the drones flying backwards. The figure covered his face with his arm, shielding himself from the shrapnel. Flare slowly stood up, clutching his wounds.“You…you should be dead…” he said. The figure smiled.“So should you.” Flare clenched his teeth, drew his flame saber, and ran at the figure. The figure blocked the saber with his wrist blade.“You’re fast Newmega,” Flare said. “I’m honestly glad you’re still alive… it means that I can have the honor of extinguishing your heart light, like you did to Tremsa.” Newmega smiled.“And as you did to Gakama.” Newmega broke away from Flare, and pulled a junk sack from under a pile of rubble. “I just came for this, and I’ll be on my way. Keep in touch.” Newmega pulled another bomb from his leg, and threw it at Flare. Flare energized his saber, and shot a burst of flame at the bomb. The flames hit the bomb, and detonated it, sending hundreds of sharp pieces of shrapnel directly at Flare.Flare felt each piece go through his body, pinning him to the ground. He lay there, on the cold, dead ground, dozens of drones lying dead around him. One of the drone’s intercoms was still active, and picked up a signal.“This is Command Drone 5 here. What is your situation drone? Drone?” The commander on the other end waited for a response. “Drone? General Flare? Are you there?” Flare lay there, aware of the drone but not paying him any attention. Newmega was alive, some how, and still as strong as ever.At that moment, Flare knew that a wrench had been thrown into the system that was Heraynocon’s conquest.------------------------------------------------------------Chapter ThreeVakama’s voice rang out as Newmega left the disabled Flare and Tyran Drones. He spoke to no one in particular, but more importantly, no one could hear him.“Ah, it seems as though we’ve gotten into the thick of things, haven’t we? My my, this story does have many twists and turns. Hmm? What? Oh! Why yes, some clarification would be good at this point, wouldn’t it. Very well. I suppose there are some loose ends that need tying up. Well, let’s start from the beginning…Newmega, or should I say, Omegaro, was created long before the Great Cataclysm, like many of the other Toa. He was created on Artahka, and was trained by Hydraxon himself, just like the Toa Mata (at the request of Mata Nui, for some reason).Omegaro was a strong fighter, well learned in physical combat. He was an oddity, however, due to his lack of an element. Despite his coloring, he was no Toa of stone. But, this was for a reason. Omegaro was designed to operate the Nui Satellite, a great and powerful ornament above our fair planet, which was said to keep watch over the entire sphere.Omegaro was launched to the Nui Satellite in a Toa Canister, to relieve the Matoran working there of their post. At least, a few of them. For years, Omegaro successfully operated the satellite, keeping watch over the islands below at the request of his superiors. However, the Brotherhood had their sights set on the Satellite.One day, a group of special Makuta attacked the station, hoping to take it for themselves, believing in the stories that the satellite could rebuild bodies and summon Mata Nui himself. Omegaro quickly evacuated all of the Matoran, and fought off the Makuta. However, sometime during the fight, the station was badly damaged. Set to explode, it threatened the lives of the Makuta and the Toa.Dispatching the Makuta, Omegaro made it to the very canister he was launched in. He quickly sealed himself in, and hoped to survive the explosion. He did, unlike the Makuta, and was shot down from the sky, to our very own Mata Nui. However, this was not when we found him. Another organization made the initial discovery.A being from another universe entirely, Heraynocon, sent emissaries to capture Omegaro. They succeeded, and took him back to their home. To their surprise, however, Omegaro has sealed himself in to such a degree that Heraynocon and his men could not free him from his tomb. Frustrated, Heraynocon infused Omegaro with other-worldly energies, changing him, ravaging him from the inside, and sent him – still in the canister – back to Mata Nui, where we, the Turaga found him.It should be noted that the energies that were infused into Omegaro would later grant him the ability to change his shape into a dragon rahi.The Turaga found Omegaro’s canister and took it back to Kini-Nui. There, Omegaro was awakened and rebuilt. The dark energies had shaped Omegaro into a hunched, savage beast. The Turaga tried to help him, especially Nokama. But even her Rau could not get through to the deranged Toa.Omegaro eventually broke free from Kini-Nui, and rampaged across Mata Nui. After coming across the Toa Mata, Heraynocon’s energies reformatted Omegaro, rebuilding him into a form nearly identical to his original one, not without a few modifications. His Talon Claws had changed into Sniper Claws, and his legs were now fitted with what were essentially small rahi that could spy for him.It was at this point that another being had taken an interest in Omegaro. And is name, was Heraynocon.No, no, this wasn’t the same Heraynocon as the one who found Omegaro; this one was actually a Makuta. He was an interdimensional Makuta who existed within a pocket dimension right next to ours. It was said that he actually possessed a kanohi that allowed for passing between dimensions, but we all believe that he used otherworldly technology.But, I digress. This Heraynocon, this, Makuta, had idolized the real Heraynocon, and hoped that he could somehow join Heraynocon, or at least match his power through Omegaro. So, Omegaro was simultaneously recruited by two different yet identical organizations.The Makuta-Heraynocon surrounded himself with special beings, special Rahkshi that moved and acted like real people, real beings. They welcomed Omegaro into their ranks, and the disoriented toa joined them, not realizing that they were not the original Tricidicon.Omegaro served the Makuta-Heraynocon, and subsequently unofficially joined the ranks of the Brotherhood. Omegaro continued the fight the toa, as was his instinct, even after they had transformed into the Toa Nuva. Following his own programming, the toa without an element upgraded himself into an unofficial Toa Nuva.Although the newly christened Omegaro Nuva followed the orders of the Makuta, he in all honestly served the true Heraynocon. Omegaro blindly followed his orders and always did as he was told. That’s why he always got into scuffles with the Nuva, sometimes threatening their lives, sometimes seemingly helping them. At times he’d be ordered to attack them, and other times he would be ordered to obtain ‘data’ on the various villains and rahi.At any rate, that’s not what’s really important.After the defeat of the Makuta of Metru Nui, as you all know, there was a brief period in time where Mata Nui was at piece. Omegaro took advantage of this calm and struck.He had been ordered to kill Takanuva, the Toa of Light, the one toa who could truly throw a wrench into either Heraynocon’s plans for world domination. Yes, yes, you remember it vividly. Be quiet and listen for a moment.Omegaro cornered Takanuva in a cave after destroying the rebuilt Ussanui. Eventually, the two ended up on a cliff overlooking a chasm littered with the parts of what Omegaro called Toa and Matoran. In truth, these were neither Toa nor Matoran. They were beings known as MOCs: creations from another planet that could look like any Toa, rahi, Makuta or Matoran.These beings had been sent from a planet known as Nu-Nui to stop Omegaro, but, unfortunately, failed in their attempts. You see, Omegaro Nuva had gained some attention, especially since he wore the Tricidiconian insignia. Omegaro had dispatched all of these nuisances, and hoped to finish the job with the death of Takanuva. However, the Great Spirit himself would not let such an act occur.The Great Beings of the past had fashioned a mask in the likeness of the Avohkii and another mask, and locked it away until a hero shrouded in darkness would arise and achieve what he was destined to. That day had come.The Kanohi Ceartil, the Mask of Clarity rose up from the ashes of the fallen beings in the chasm, and disabled the dark toa. It revealed to him what he was destined to do, what he needed to do to find himself.You see, up until this point, Omegaro had secretly struggled with himself about where he stood. He blindly followed orders but he constantly questioned them. The Ceartil cleared away the shadows and revealed to him the clear, true path.From that point on, Omegaro walked the path of light, and resigned from both of the Tricidicon, much to the chagrin of both Heraynocons. He shed the name Omegaro and adopted the name you all know him by now: Newmega. However, the Makuta-Heraynocon would not stand for Newmega’s betrayal, and vowed to kill him.Newmega went on to collect the data of various Toa and beings, despite no longer being a Tricidiconian general. He acquired the ability to travel through time, whether it was through a mixture of Kanohi masks or the otherworldly technology. Newmega went back in time to the time of the Toa Metru to continue his collection work, not knowing that he would encounter the Makuta-Heraynocon, who from this point on will be referred to simply as Heraynocon.You see, years before the Toa Metru, during the time of the Toa Hagah, there existed two toa alongside the Hagah: Toa Rayno, and Toa Arco. The two were in love and fought valiantly, protecting two of the lost Metru: Noche Metru and Luna Metru. However, Toa Rayno fell from his pedestal as a toa due to his own lust for power. He tried to wage war on the Dark Hunters, the Makuta and the Hagah, but ultimately ended up fighting Toa Arco.Now, sometime after his fall from grace, Rayno adopted the name Heraynocon, and enslaved the citizens of Noche and Luna Metru. He attacked Arco, who had adopted the name Dayarcocon.To make a long story short, Heraynocon defeated Dayarcocon, but ended up falling at the hands of the Great Beings. After the destruction of Luna and Noche Metru, the Great Beings all but erased the memories of the Metru, which explains why none of you remember them.Anyway, after his defeat, Heraynocon fell into seclusion. He hid from all sides, and would wait for centuries until Omegaro’s eventual arrival on Mata Nui.Anyway, the present day Heraynocon had vowed to kill Newmega by any means necessary. He created dark copies of the Dark Hunters Krekka and Nidhiki to hunt Newmega in the past. They attacked him sometime after the wipe of Luna and Noche Metru, and relentlessly pursued him.At one point, Newmega came close to defeating the Giga Hunters, but in the process ended up killing a Matoran and mortally wounding another. The wounded matoran, Ssenkrad, sought the Giga Hunters to try and find some way to obtain revenge against Newmega.In all honesty, the secluded Heraynocon in the past had orchestrated Newmega’s destruction of the Le-Matoran ship that Ssenkrad was on, and tainted the young Matoran, turning him into a Giga copy of Turaga Dume, renaming him Doom. Somehow, the three Gigas and the myriad of Giga Vahki existed within plain sight of the real Dume and company, but stayed out of sight and out of mind.Sometime during this struggle, Newmega had ventured to Nu-Nui. He somehow gained the trust and admiration of the citizens, setting up a lucrative company on the planet, and allying himself with a former parallel Tricidiconian General.He came back to Metru Nui in the past to try and destroy the Gigas and put an end to Heraynocon. He called six Matoran to the ruins of Sky Nui, which in all actuality were the forgotten remains of Luna Metru. Newmega took these Matoran back to Nu-Nui, knowing Dume and his men would follow him.And, well, you all know what happens next. Doom rose to power quickly, and almost vanquished Newmega, but was defeated by Neo. The present day Heraynocon then rose to power and conquered Nu-Nui. Yes, yes, I believe that that’s where we left off.Oh! What happened to Doom, you ask? Well, I suppose you just have to wait and find out, won’t you? Haha, yes. Let’s return to our story, shall we?”------------------------------------------------------------Chapter FourTwo Tyran Drones skulked across the desolate remains of the Po-District. They had been the units chosen to survey the area for the day. They were looking for something; moreover, someone.Ever since Heraynocon had conquered Nu-Nui, he had sent at least two Tyrans every day to patrol this sector of the Po-District. He was paranoid, and wanted to ensure that whoever they were looking for was either dead, or never rising from their hiding spot.Months had passed, and no one had arisen. The Tyrans found this trek a futile one, but a necessary one; for if they were to question their mission or stray from their course, they would surely have their heart lights extinguished.The Drones marched forward, checking under every rock – no matter how small – and behind every rock face. They were planning to return to base to report nothing of importance, when the first Drone looked forward into the distance. It saw something; a crevice? The first Drone pointed into the horizon, and the second Drone focused on the spot. It was true what the first one saw: a large crevice, hundreds of bio long, easily 5 bio across, and who knows how deep.The Drones ceased dragging their claws and moved towards the crevice ahead of them. It took them but a few minutes to reach their destination, despite their hunched stature.The first Drone peered into the crevice, surveying its immense depth. The second one’s claw knocked loose some rubble that tumbled to the bottom. The Drones listened for the rubble hitting the bottom, trying to judge the depth of the chasm. They waited, and after a minute or so, the gravel hit the hard, clay bottom of the crevice. The two Tyrans looked at each other, then back at the opening.Drone 2 leaned over the crevice again, scanning its entirety with its scope vision. It turned back to the first Drone.“Prepare to return to base,” it said. “We’ve found nothing of significance to re--!”The Drone was stopped mid-sentence as an enormous katana sprang from the chasm, spearing it through the skull. The Drone stood still for a moment, then fell over with a loud thud that rang out through the abandoned city of stone. The second Drone’s eyes widened.It poked its partner cautiously. No response. The Drone peered over the edge of the chasm, trying to discern what had killed its ally. At hadn’t scanned a quarter of the chasm before a thin, white sword shot from the depths and speared the Drone in a manner similar to its partner. Number 2 fell backward onto the ground, arms spread.“Mata Nui, took them a while to come looking over here, didn’t it?” a feminine voice from the chasm asked.“Took us a while to reach the top, too,” another feminine voice replied. A white hand rose from the chasm and grasped the edge. Another one rose after it, digging its fingers into the rock. Dayarcocon pulled herself up from the darkness, Kwick a few feet from her. The two MOCs crawled onto the ground, stood up, and dusted themselves off.“Mata Nui…” Kwick said, astonished. She looked around at the Po-District. “What happened here?”“Heraynocon,” Dayarcocon replied matter-of-factly. “Come on, we have to find Newmega.”“You think he’s even here? He could of high-tailed it out of here before this devastation happened.”“Not likely. Come on.” The two pulled their respective swords from the Tyran bodies, and took off at a brisk run towards BZ-Koro.---------------------------------------------------------Newmega landed in the outskirts of BZ-Koro, his heel extensions cushioning his impact. He looked behind him, scanning to see if any Drones had followed him. Unlikely. The Drones were surprisingly slow at times, and even if they could keep up in terms of speed, they couldn’t keep up with him; his heel extensions allowed him to jump and maneuver like no other.Newmega turned back around and faced a small rock formation. It wasn’t unique or anything; rather, it was quite common for this area outside the BZ-Koro limits. He felt around the edges of the formation until his hand felt a small indentation. He pressed in on the indent and stood back.A small click, barely audible, was emitted from the rock face. Newmega braced himself and grabbed the edges of the rock. He began to turn the rock, moving it to the side. After he had moved it enough that a small opening was revealed, he slid through the opening and pressed a small button on the back of the rock. It shifted back into place and locked.Newmega walked down a long stairway, one that would seem as long as the 777 stairs on Voya Nui to the normal Matoran or MOC. After a few minutes of trekking, Newmega reached the bottom of the staircase and stared at a large, metal door. He turned a large wheel on the door, having to use both his hands to do so. After a series of clicks, Newmega pulled the door open, revealing a large, dark room. He walked inside and shut the door behind him, the same clicks running again.Newmega walked over to the wall to his right and flipped a switch. A few light stones flickered on, revealing a workshop of sorts, of course, without many of the amenities that once resided in Newmega’s original workshop.Newmega pulled the satchel out of his storage compartment and set it down on a table, throwing himself into an adjacent chair. He swiveled and looked at the computer monitor in front of him. He typed in a series of key commands, then turned his attention to the satchel.Inside were various interior parts for MOCs, and additionally, a few pieces of protosteel. Newmega held a small piece in his hand and examined it. Protosteel could cut through almost anything, and would prove useful in taking down Heraynocon. He took a small saw and chipped off pieces of the steel, and placed it in a loose casing. He set a charge in the middle of the protosteel shards and closed the casing. Now, he had a protosteel shrapnel bomb.As he marveled at his work, Newmega felt a somber cloud float above him. He set the bomb down on the table and rested his head on his hands. How long had it been? How long had he been hiding, trying to raise a resistance force? How could he hope to take down the Tyran army? It all seemed so daunting, so hopeless…Newmega’s pity was broken by a series of clicks coming from the barricade door. He stood up, gripping his staff. Had the Tyrans broken through? Had they discovered his hideaway? Well, if they were coming in, they were going to find the fight of their lives. Newmega shut off the lights and waited. The door slowly swung open, its hinges creaking.Newmega drew his staff, and sprang forward. “Fall Tyran, fall!” he yelled. He held his staff like a javelin, hoping to spear the intruders.“Wait, stop, stop!” a feminine voice yelled.“Newmega, wait!” another voice yelled. In the darkness, neither MOC could tell what was going on. Newmega knew he had reached a standstill with one of the intruders, their weapons connected. He struggled to break free.“Reveal yourself!” he shouted. Suddenly, the lights flickered on. Newmega blinked as his eyes adjusted. “Kwick?” Kwick’s katana was interlocked with Newmega’s staff, Kwick herself trying to break free. Newmega looked to his left. A badly damaged, dirty Dayarcocon stood against the wall, her finger on the light switch. Newmega dislodged his weapon from Kwick’s and stepped back. “What… what’s going on?” he asked. Kwick stowed her weapon.“Good to see you, Newmega,” she said.“Indeed,” Dayarcocon added. “How long has it been?”“Months,” Newmega replied shortly. “What’s going… what happened to you two?”“Yes, let me explain,” Dayarcocon said. “But first, is there any place we could clean up? As you can see, we’re both filthy.” Newmega pointed behind him.“There’s a spigot behind that wall. Sorry it’s not a deluxe sweet, but it’s all I have right now.” Dayarcocon looked to Kwick.“You go first, Ninjair.” Dayarcocon said. Kwick smiled and walked behind the wall and turned on the water.“Ninjair?” Newmega asked.“Let me explain,” Dayarcocon repeated. She sat down in a chair and leaned against its back. She closed her eyes and tilted head back, relaxing for once in what seemed like a very long time. “After we left GRAVE, we were able to catch up to Heraynocon and Derail. Unfortunately, they were more than prepared for use. They destroyed our cruiser, and then Derail, he… it was like he had elemental energies.”“What?” Newmega asked.“He used his weapon to open a chasm in the earth beneath us. We fell to the bottom and nearly died.”“I’m not sure that that’s so much elemental energy as strength and strategy.”“At any rate,” Dayarcocon continued, “We fell. We eventually hit the bottom, dear Kwick taking more damage than I did. We had no way out. But we got lucky. After Heraynocon created the Tyrans, he would send some every so often to patrol the chasm to make sure we were dead. Once or twice, a few would fall in due to their own stupidity. We destroyed them, and since they were presumed dead already, we didn’t draw attention to ourselves. We were able to jerry-rig a few repairs out of the Tyran parts. Originally, Kwick wasn’t for the idea, but Tyrans weren’t a step too far from Vahki, were they?”“I suppose not.”“We were able to repair ourselves to some extent, but waited for months before anymore Tyran showed up. Two more came over to the chasm recently, yesterday actually, and peered in. We had been climbing up the chasm, trying to get out, and were about to be found out anyway. It was a risky move. We killed the Tyrans and made it out of the chasm., and came here.”“How’d you know where I was?” Dayarcocon put her hand on Newmega’s chest plate.“Even though you don’t wear the insignia anymore, Toa, I can track you by similar means.” Dayarcocon pulled her hand back. Newmega felt his chest plate.“Good to know. And what about Kwi… Ninjair’s armor?”“Pieces from the cruiser. Surprisingly, it hadn’t been cleared away.”“Probably in memoriam,” Newmega said somberly. Dayarcocon placed her hand on Newmega’s shoulder.“We were able to figure out what happened from the Tyran memory banks. I, I’m truly sorry Newmega.”“Me too…” Newmega replied. The water stopped running behind the rock wall. Ninjair walked out into the main room, ringing out the water from her long braid of hair.“All yours, Dayarcocon,” she said. “It’s really cold, so I’d suggest just running some off your armor.”“Noted,” Dayarcocon replied. She got up and walked behind the rock wall. The faucet turned on once again. Ninjair strode over to Dayarcocon’s chair and sat down, crossing her legs.“So, how are you?” she asked. Newmega looked up at her. “Ok, stupid question. My bad.” She paused. “I’m, I’m sorry about what happened… to Gakama and Neo…”“No point crying over the past,” Newmega said abruptly. “You can’t change it… as much as I’d like to…” A tear rolled down his cheek.“Newmega…” The faucet shut off behind the rocks. Dayarcocon stepped out, leaning her sabers against the wall. “That was quick.”“I didn’t take as much damage as you did,” Dayarcocon replied. She walked over and pulled over another chair. “So, what’s our status?”“In terms of what?” Newmega asked.“The resistance,” Dayarcocon replied. “What’s the status?”“Scared and weak. Right now, it’s just me and the Guard Force. Oh, and Proto. We’ve go him too.”“Proto! My my, I haven’t seen him in a while, how is he?”“Doing a fine job in all honesty. He can take down a few Tyrans pretty quickly. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s not much.”“So, what you’re saying is, we need some reinforcements?” Ninjair asked.“We need an entire army!” Newmega exclaimed. “We can’t win with the numbers we have, even with you two coming in! It’s hopeless!”“Nothing is hopeless, Newmega,” Dayarcocon said sternly. “We just need to play our hand very carefully.”“What do you mean?” Dayarcocon stood up and cracked her fingers.“Just wait,” Ninjair said. Dayarcocon tied the braids of her hair together and closed her eyes.“White Star Program: activate,” she muttered under her breath. “Seek Program: Pinpoint Unit IRU-H. Portal: activate.” Dayarcocon held her hands in front of her chest as if she were holding an invisible ball. A glimmer of yellow energy appeared between her hands and began to build in size. “Stand back,” she said. Ninjair and Newmega jumped up and stood directly beside her.Dayarcocon pushed the ball of energy forward and let it hover in mid air. “Portal!” she yelled. The light exploded in a flash of blue light, temporarily blinding Ninjair and Newmega. Energy pulsated from the explosion, knocking instruments off of tables and shattering one or two light stones.As the energy died down and the light dimmed, the three MOCs looked at where the explosion originated. A figure stood there, his gold, polished feet contrasting the hard, dirty stone floor. He lifted his staff and hit the ground with the hilt. The three looked upon his golden Kanohi mask.“Happy-greetings to you all, my brothers and sisters!” Iruini Hagah said brightly.

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Chapter Five


Heraynocon sat on his cold, protodermic throne, marveling at his handiwork. In only a few short months, he had conquered Nu-Nui in its entirety, and had transformed the inhabitants into mindless Tyran Drones. He chuckled to himself. In all honesty, it was easier than conquering Noche and Luna Metru.


Heraynocon remembered Noche Metru, its protodermis rivers, its beautiful darkness that made Onu-Metru look bright. But the darkness did not make Noche Metru any less of a wonderful place. It intensified any light in the city, and together they would create wonderful projections upon the walls.


How he enjoyed destroying the Metru and its people.


Heraynocon let out a hearty, demonic laugh as a knock at the door of his throne room interrupted him. “Enter,” he said firmly. The doors slid on their hinges and opened slightly as a single Tyran entered in on all four limbs. This Tyran possessed a darker hue than the others, and yellow shoulder joints, along with a com link on the side of its head; this Drone was a Command Drone, a Drone with higher intelligence that stayed in Heraynocon’s palace and relayed information to other drones on the battlefield.


Command Drone 5 passed through the doorway and scurried forward as the doors closed behind it. The Drone made its way to Heraynocon’s throne and bowed.

“Yes, unit?” Heraynocon asked.


“My Lord,” 5 began, “I have unfortunate news to report. The team of Drones that left with General Flare for reconnaissance is not responding to any messages I send out. The General is not responding either. I fear that the team may have come under fire, and that they have been… well… defeated.” Heraynocon put a hand to his chin.


“No, I do not believe so. Flare would not be taken down so easily.” 

“Even if it was the Matoran Guard Force?”


“The Guard Force is nothing, Drone. No, I believe that this is the work of Newmega.”


“But, my Lord, Newmega is dead. He fell to his doom after you rose to power.”


“Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear, Drone.” The Drone tilted its head in confusion. Heraynocon sighed. “Send out R-Chive to retrieve Flare and have him report back immediately.”


“At once, my Lord,” the Drone replied, bowing. At that moment, the doors to the throne room slid open as another Command Drone burst in.


“My Lord, my Lord! We’ve lost Drones at the Chasm! And they didn’t fall in this time! They were killed by enemy weaponry!” Heraynocon stood up.


“Enemies? At the Chasm?” He was quickly becoming flustered. He closed his eyes and regained his composure. “Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before she showed up.” Heraynocon laughed.


“My Lord?” the new Drone asked.


“Quickly, send out twelve Drones to the chasm, and have them spread out from there. I want whatever killed those Drones to be found, now!” The second Drone bowed, and left the room. “As well,” Heraynocon said, turning to the first Drone, “Find Melee, and get him back here, wherever he is. I want him here as soon as possible.”


“At once, my Lord.”


“Oh, and Drone?”


“Yes, my Lord?”


“Find Doom.” Heraynocon said coldly.


“At once, my Lord,” the Drone repeated, exiting the room. Heraynocon strode from his throne to an open window on the far side of the room. He looked out and surveyed the lands around him; desolate, barren, just like Noche and Luna Metru. However, Nu-Nui would differ from the fallen Metru in one respect: he would not be defeated by those accursed Great Beings after his ultimate victory. No…


Newmega and Ninjair stared in awe as the smoke cleared from Dayarcocon’s portal. Standing in the smoke, looking cheerful as any being from Le-Metru would be, was Iruini Hagah, clad in his golden armor and rhotuka shield. Iruini looked around the room, surveying his surroundings. His eyes finally reached the MOCs, and his smile grew even larger.


“Arco!” he said loudly. Dayarcocon smiled. Iruini walked quickly over to Dayarcocon and held her tightly in an ash bear hug. Dayarcocon chuckled.


“Why hello, Iruini. How are you?”


“Ah, better than I can think-say for you Arco,” he said, glancing at Dayarcocon’s armor. “What has happened? Is this our beautiful Metru Nui? And what has happened to you? I thought you were long-gone out of this world!”


“Whoa, whoa, what’s going on here?” Ninjair asked. “What’s a Toa Hagah doing here?” Iruini’s eyes widened.


“Wait, I’m a Toa-hero again? What a great happy-day!” he exclaimed. Newmega stared on in confusion.


“Dayarcocon… what’s going on?” he asked.


“Let me explain,” Dayarcocon said, as Iruini marveled at his returned armor. “Centuries ago, before the fall of Sky Nui, I was a Toa Hagah alongside Iruini, Norik and the others. I had been given a vision of terrible destruction, and was told to give Iruini a signaling beacon for a later time.” Iruini heard his name and chimed in.


“Yes, and I tight-kept that beacon for a long time, even after Toa Arco’s death at the hands of Ray-“ Iruini stopped. “Where is he! Where is the traitor to our Toa-cause!” Dayarcocon lowered her head.


“He’s gone, Iruini. Toa Rayno is gone,” she said somberly. Iruini’s temper lowered.


“Well, it’s a great-good thing that he’s not now-here, because I would have to kick-punch him from here to the Moto Hub if I were to eye-see him.” Iruini paused., his smile returning. “At any rate, I kept the beacon even after I had been transformed into a Rahaga. One day, after the Toa Metru had left for Mata Nui, the beacon activated, and I was here-summoned.”


“I summoned Iruini here and returned his powers to him in order to help us,” Dayarcocon said. “I took him after the Toa Metru had left Metru Nui to avoid distorting the time stream. Otherwise, the entire fabric of time could be skewed.”


“And we’re all about up-keeping the time threads, aren’t we, sister?” Iruini asked. Dayarcocon chuckled.


“Indeed we are,” she replied.


“So, wait,” Newmega interjected. “You pulled Toa Iruini out of the past to help us fight Heraynocon? Why not just bring all of the Hagah? Heck, why not bring Lihkan’s army? Then we’d have three hundred Toa at our disposal!” 

“Because I don’t have the ability to, Newmega. Time displacement is a tricky business, and I’m risking a lot by just bringing Iruini here. Due to the constraints of this body on top of that, I could only bring one Toa here, and I chose one of the trickiest members of my Toa Team.” Iruini smiled.


“That’s what you meant by playing our hand carefully?” Newmega asked.


“Indeed,” Dayarcocon replied. “We need to use our abilities to their greatest potential if we hope to defeat Heraynocon.”


“So, why don’t you quick-fill me in?” Iruini asked. “I’d like to know what I’m getting myself into before I go hop-bounding into battle.”


“Indeed,” Dayarcocon replied. “Newmega, care to fill us in?” Newmega sighed.


“Pull up a chair, brother. It’s a long story.”


Heraynocon stepped off of his transport onto the mossy ground of the Le-District. At one point, the Le-District was Nu-Nui’s Le-Metru, keeping the transportation flowing, putting out new vehicles for the rest of the districts and BZ-Koro.


Now, the District was nothing more than a breeding ground for the few rahi that were left on the planet. Any creatures left were either insects or parasites, scurrying around, running from the light, searching for any food they could find.


Any vehicles left in the district were damaged, battered, broken. Half-built cycles and sleds were tossed into piles; new hover boards hung in the broken windows of shops, collecting dust.


Heraynocon walked through a portion of the District, peering into windows to see if there was anything worth salvaging. He scoffed at the thought. These MOCs couldn’t build anything that he would find even remotely useful. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, was it. The MOCs had, after all, provided raw material for the Tyran Drones. They couldn’t build much, but they could be built into so very much. Heraynocon laughed.


Heraynocon finally stopped in front of a small hut, decorated and built in a similar fashion to the huts in Le-Koro. He looked around the outside. Giga Krekka wasn’t there. That would make the job much easier.


Doom lay in his bed, half-asleep. Mahria sat by his side, rubbing a special ointment onto his battered frame. He hadn’t recovered fully from Neo’s attack. Whatever those cannons were powered by, they had an adverse affect on him.


Why… Why did Ssen have to do this? Why did he have to attack Newmega. Mahria couldn’t understand it, but her primary concern was Ssen’s condition. She heard a knock at the door. Ssen stirred.


“Run…” he muttered. The door broke off its hinges, shattering to pieces. A dark, malevolent figure stood in the doorway.


Heraynocon stood in the doorway of the small hut, having just blown off the door. He looked around the small abode, seeing that it was built almost identically to a Le-Metru home.


“My my,” he said, “An exterior from Mata Nui, and an interior from Metru Nui. You just can’t seem to make up your mind, can you?” Ssen sat up slowly in his bed, gripping his side.


“What kept you…” he muttered between coughs. Mahria leaned over on him, her hands on his shoulders. She turned and stared at Heraynocon, both fear and anger racing through her.


“I had other business to take care of,” Heraynocon replied. “I see you haven’t recovered.” Ssen coughed again.


“Neo gave me quite a shot. I’d love to get back at him.” Heraynocon was silent. “But I won’t get another chance, will I?” Heraynocon shook his head.


“No. No you won’t.”


“Unfortunate,” Ssen said. He stood up shakily, and leaned on a wooden crutch next to his bed. “So, I assume that you’re here to erase me, like you did my army.”


“That wasn’t an army, it was a rag-tag group of felons who had nothing better to do. But they were able to give me what I wanted.”


“And that is?” Doom asked.


“None of your concern.” Heraynocon replied.


“No, I guess it isn’t,” Doom said. He hung his head. “Goodbye, Heraynocon.”


“Goodbye, Doom.” Doom thrust a tentacle from his side, right at Heraynocon. The dark lord jumped to the right, dodging it. He quickly drew his sword and decapitated the monstrous limb. Doom fell to the ground, writhing in pain.


Heraynocon walked forward, prepared to finish Doom. Mahria jumped in between the two, her arms outstretched.


“You’ll have to go through me, monster!” she yelled.


“Fine by me.” Heraynocon raised his arm and thrust Mahria across the room, simultaneously slashing her across the chest. She hit the wall with a loud thud, cracks running through the walls. She gasped for air, as her heart light began its final pulses. “My,” Heraynocon said, “I guess this will be the second time I’ve killed you.” Ssen sat up on the ground, holding the tentacle.


“New… Newmega killed Mahria the first time,” he coughed.


“And who sent the Gigas to fight Newmega right beneath your transport?” Heraynocon asked. Ssen’s eyes widened.


“You… You made them jump in front of the transport! You knew Newmega’s energy would destroy it! You made me hear his voice!” Tears were running down Ssen’s face.


“My my, you are observant, aren’t you? I guess you’re not as dumb as you look.” Ssen jumped up, and thrust himself forward. Doom formed swords out of his limbs, and began slashing at Heraynocon. Heraynocon effortlessly dodged the attacks, acting as if they were nothing.


At the last moment, he speared Doom through the stomach, his Dark Destroyer ripping at internal systems and organs. Ssen coughed and fell limp. Heraynocon pushed Ssen off of his blade, and examined its razor edge.


“This is what I get for leaving you with emotions,” he said. “This always happens. GM, Newmega, you. Why do I insist on leaving you with these troublesome feelings? They always get in the way!” Heraynocon slammed his fist against the wall, cracking it. Ssen lay on the ground, gasping for air.


“You failed me one too many times, Ssenkrad. I had hoped that by transforming you into Doom, and building your hatred, you’d be able to kill Newmega. I see I was wrong. I suppose I shouldn’t be so ungrateful, though. You did after all give me Flare, Tremsa, Melee, and the Mask. Although you failed in your initial task, Doom, you did help me in other ways.” Heraynocon leaned down to the dying Matoran. “Thank you Ssenkrad of Le-Metru. Thank you for dooming the universe.” Heraynocon stood up to his full height, and let out a maniacal laugh. He began to walk out of the hut, leaving the two Matoran to their fate.


“Goodbye… Heraynocon.”


“Goodbye, Doom.”


“My name, is Ssenkrad.”


“Spell that backwards.” There was a short pause.


“I am Doom no more.”


“No, no you’re not.”


And with that, Heraynocon left. Ssen looked to his left, and saw Mahria. Their eyes locked, both sets welling with tears. Ssen mouthed ‘I love you,’ and Mahria mouthed it back. And for the first time in centuries, Ssen and Mahria were together at last, for all eternity.



Chapter Six


“Well, that’s quite the tale, Toa Newmega,” Iruini said. Newmega sighed, his story finished. He had just ended his story, and had brought Iruini Hagah up to speed. Iruini sat back in his chair, and let his head fall back. “Mata Nui… to think that one being could do all of this…”


“Just like Luna and Noche Metru,” Dayarcocon said morbidly. Iruini sighed.


“Mata Nui,” he repeated, “Help us all.”


“Mata Nui can’t do anything about this,” Newmega said. “No one can.”


“It sounds like you’ve given up hope,” Ninjair said.


“Thinking about it,” Newmega replied. Dayarcocon stood up.


“You can’t give up Newmega, you’re our only help. We can’t do this without you.”


“What can we do?” Newmega shouted. “What can any of us do? It’s four against, against, four million! It’s a miracle we’re even alive at this point!” Dayarcocon stopped him.


“Say that again.” Newmega was silent. “Exactly,” she continued. “By all accounts, we should be dead. We should have been destroyed long ago. But we’re not. We’ve stayed out of sight and stayed alive for far longer than we should have. What do you think that means?” 

“We’re lucky,” Newmega said. Iruini smiled.


“Exactly! No matter which way you spin it, we’re doing far better than we should be!” The Hagah jumped up from his chair. “Obviously, we’ve got someone or something on our side.” Newmega walked away from the group and over to a battered, wooden case. He opened it and removed a long, blue staff, topped with a pair of large, Bordahk blades. He turned to the trio.


“Do you see this?” The group looked at the staff, then at each other. “Do you see this?” Newmega repeated loudly. The group was silent. “This was Gakama’s! She’s dead, she’s dead! And she’s not coming back! I failed to save her, I couldn’t save her, I couldn’t save Neo, I couldn’t save any of them! We have nothing going for us, there’s no one helping us!” The group lowered their heads.


“Newmega…” Ninjair began.


“No!” he yelled. “Let’s face it, we can stay alive for a few more weeks at best, and then what? The Drones will hunt us down and pick us off, like they did any other survivors. It’s hopeless! It’s-“ Iruini had jumped up and struck Newmega with the back of his hand. Newmega dropped the staff and fell to the ground, a loud clang filling the empty hall.


“To think you call yourself a Toa…” Iruini said, his voice no longer cheery and bright. Newmega slowly got up, positioning himself on all fours. “You are no Toa, if you give up that easily,” Iruini continued. Newmega looked up at the Toa of Air, tears rolling down his face. “A real Toa would never give up, fight to the end, give it his all, one hundred percent of the time! Do not fall like Lessovik did!”Newmega’s eyes widened, as an image of the fallen Toa of Air flew into his mind. Newmega stared at Lessovik, remembering his story. He remembered how Lessovik gave up after his team was killed, and withdrew from the known world. He gave up. Newmega stood up slowly. Iruini’s face was hardened and cold. Newmega slowly raised his head.


“I’m… I’m sorry, Toa Iruini.” Iruini looked at Newmega.


“Don’t address me that way,” he said. “Call me brother!” The brightness returned to Iruini’s face as quickly as it had left. Newmega looked at him, astonished at his volte-face. “I am incredibly sorry for your loss, brother. We’ve all lost a friend at one time or another. But we have to remember to persevere, and rise above. We have to maintain ourselves and push forward. It we get stuck in the past, we’ll never move towards the future.” Newmega stared at the Toa.


“That… that’s a wonderful sentiment, Iruini.” Iruini smiled.


“See? We of Le-Metru aren’t just chute-speak and devilishly handsome, you know.” Iruini chuckled. Newmega joined him, wiping a tear from his cheek. Dayarcocon and Ninjair smiled.

“I’m sorry, everyone,” Newmega said. “I’ve been dwelling for so long now, that,”


“It’s ok,” Dayarcocon said. “We understand. But now, we have to figure out what we’re going to do about Heraynocon.” Newmega walked over to a table, and pulled a large scroll out from under a stack of papers. He brought it to the trio and spread it out in between them.


“This is a rough map I’ve been able to create of Heraynocon’s grounds. Every so often I would patrol the perimeter, scoping out the surroundings.” The four beings looked at the map. “From what I can tell, he has about six or seven outposts situated around the perimeter. We’d only have to worry about one or two of them, depending on our attack pattern.”


“Depending on the pattern?” Ninjair asked. “I assume that you’ve given this some thought.” Newmega smiled.


“I’ve had a lot of free time. I’ve done quite a bit of work.” The three smiled.


Giga Nidhiki flew through the skies of BZ-Koro, gliding to the left, the right, up, down, corkscrewing every so often to switch things up. On his back, piloting the mindless shell, was Stoan. But now, he didn’t go by Stoan. He was Melee.


After Heraynocon had taken over, Stoan had gone on sort of a spending spree, or in all honesty, a looting spree. He scoured the entire planet, searching every weapons depot and factory, picking through every weapon he could find. The best ones he kept for himself. Eventually, he modified his form using Tyran armor and the weapons he has stolen. He had even integrated some weapons into his armor entirely. He was a walking weapon. After all was said and done, he chose the name Melee for his new form.


Melee looked beneath him at the newly created junk fields of the Koro. He dipped down and began his descent. He landed just outside the entrance to the junk fields. Around him were dozens of battered, speared Tyran Drones. He scanned the surroundings until he found what he was looking for.


Flare was leaning up against a wall, his body riddled with shrapnel needles. His eyes were closed, his heart light pulsing brightly. Melee smirked and walked towards the fallen General. He knelt down in front of the Toa and smiled.


“My, my, my. Look at what we have here,” he began. Flare grimaced. “How the mighty have fallen.”


“Shut your trap,” Flare muttered.


“What’s that?” Melee asked, enjoying Flare’s pain. “Oh, what happened? Get your armor handed to you by the big bag Guard Force?” He let out a loud laugh.


“Newmega… showed up,” Flare coughed. Melee stopped laughing.


“You’re joking,” he said. Flare shook his said. “Well, look’s like we’re going to have some fun after all.” Flare looked up at Melee.


“Where’s… R-Chive?”


“I was closer. Since I was summoned anyway, it seemed logical that I should come and pick you up.” He picked up Flare and supported him. “Up-we-go.” Flare coughed. Melee walked over to his transport and lay Flare down on the back. “Just hold on, we’ll be there in a bit.” He started up the empty Giga shell and lifted off the ground. Flare was still on Nidhiki’s back, any movement brining with it immense pain. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.


“I’m gonna kill Newmega when I see him next…” he said quietly. Melee looked over his shoulder and the wounded MOC.


“Not if Rayno kills him first.” Melee increased his speed, leaving behind the ruins of the once glorious city of BZ-Koro.


Melee slowly landed outside Heraynocon’s grand palace. Five Drones were outside waiting to greet him. Nidhiki’s legs hit the ground, his hover nodes blowing dust along the ground. Melee dismounted, as three Drones began inspecting the craft. The two remaining Drones stared at Flare’s limp form, then at Melee.


“Take him to get repaired,” Melee ordered. The Drones stared at him absent-mindedly. “Now!” The Drones scurried over to Flare and hoisted him onto their backs. Melee watched as the two carried him off into the base. Melee turned to the three Drones inspecting Nidhiki. “Make sure he’s ready to fly immediately. I plan to be leaving in a few.” The Drones nodded, and began dragging Nidhiki into the hangar. Melee turned to a door to his left and marched in.


Melee entered a long hallway, made of cold, black stone. He marched to the end of the hallway, and entered a wide, deep elevator. The door closed behind him, and shot him up dozens of stories. After a short ride, he exited the shaft and walked down another long hallway. After a few minutes of trekking, he reached the end. Before him was a large, opulent black door. He put a hand to it and pushed. With little force, the door swung open.


He stepped through the doorway that towered multiple bio high, into a large, open and deep throne room. Inside, was Heraynocon’s throne, standing atop a black crystal pedestal. The very room could intimidate the boldest MOC. Melee looked around. Heraynocon was nowhere to be seen. He would never get another opportunity like this.


Melee dashed across the length of the throne room and sprinted up the stairs in front of the throne. He reached the top and stared at the opulent seat. He turned around and slowly sat down upon the seat. It was an incredible feeling, to sit on the seat of the being that conquered an entire planet. Melee smiled at the feeling of power. He pointed to imaginary Drones, sending them off to do mindless tasks. He laughed again. At that moment the door to the throne room slowly opened. Melee’s face lost all color as Heraynocon stood in the doorway.


“You’re like a Matoran, you know that?” he said. Melee stood up quickly.


“My Lord, I’m, I, I was just, I,”


“It’s fine, Toa.” Heraynocon began to walk towards the throne. Melee was frozen. “Just make sure I’m not here if you do it again,” Heraynocon said. He let out a demonic laugh, despite its casual placement. Melee felt a chill run up his spine at the sound of the cold laugh. “So,” Heraynocon continued, “What do you have to report?”



Chapter Seven


“I see,” Heraynocon said pensively. “So,” he began. He paced the throne room, his claw-like toes clicking as he stepped. He let out a low rumble from his throat, thinking. Melee stood just at the base of the steps leading to the throne. He was as stiff as the element he was associated with. Heraynocon looked at him. “The Guard Force,”


“Is alive, my Lord,” Melee finished.


“And Newmega as well. I should have assumed as much. He’s always been resilient. Sometimes too much for his own darn good.”


“What shall I do, my Lord?” Melee asked, eager to leave the throne room. Heraynocon was scary under normal circumstances, but he had a strange air about him whenever he was thinking; an air that made him seem like a rahi subtly waiting to strike at its unsuspecting prey. Heraynocon looked at him.


“I have been planning for this for some time, you know,” he began. Melee nodded.


“As I had assumed.”


“Tell me,” Heraynocon began.


“Yes?” Melee replied inquisitively. Although Melee normally held himself with an incredible level of bravado, he could feel a shiver forming in the pit of his stomach.


“Tell me, about you and the green Matoran.”


“Kwick? Well, there’s not that much about her. She’s just an MOC. Why?”


“Tell me about her; about your relationship with her,” Heraynocon continued, ignoring his question. Melee lowered his head to think. He perked up as a stone chair rose from the floor. Melee looked behind him, startled. “Please, have a seat.” Melee sat down in the chair.


Ninjair leaned back in her seat. The four beings had moved around a table and had begun examining Newmega’s maps of Heraynocon’s grounds. Newmega had spent quite a bit of time scouting, and not just Heraynocon’s lair; rather, he had scouted every stronghold within the major districts. The Drones had occupied all the districts – the major six at least – and were evidently constantly patrolling. Not as often as the main palace, of course.


This was insane. Ninjair knew they had to take down Heraynocon, but the more the group looked at Newmega’s plans, the more she began to understand his thinking before being slapped straight by Iruini.


Heraynocon had spared no expense in terms of defense. Every drone was positioned around the base in such a way that there were no weak spots or openings. Any attempt to get inside was practically suicide. And on top of that, if one were to get inside, past the exterior defenses, who knew what awaited them inside? Ninjair knew that she would have to give Newmega’s plan her all, but wished, just wished that it could all be simpler. She wished… she wished that she could go back… back to when…


“Ninjair?” Ninjair whipped around, her thoughts interrupted by Dayarcocon.


“What?” she replied.


“Dear, we think we have something. Or rather, Newmega thinks he has something.” Dayarcocon was turned around in her chair, motioning for Ninjair to join her and the Toa. Ninjair nodded, and proceeded to the table. She sat down as Newmega spread out yet another map in front of everyone.


“Alright, so we’ve been looking at the Drone positions, and they’re pretty tight, and…” Newmega’s voice faded in Ninjair’s mind. Her thoughts were drifting, back to an earlier time, before any of this, this war. “Ninjair?” Newmega’s voice was short and loud, pulling Ninjair back to the present. She looked around, as if coming out of a daze.


“Yes?” she asked.


“Ninjair, is everything alright?” Newmega asked.


“Hmm? Oh, yes. I’m fine, just a little tired.” Dayarcocon chuckled.


“My dear,” she began. “I’ve been around the Metru enough to know when someone’s lying.” 

“Really, I’m fine,” Ninjair protested.


“Ninjair, please. Tell us what’s bothering you.” Ninjair was silent for a moment.


“I was thinking about Stoan,” she began.


“Who?” Iruini asked.


“He’s, he’s a friend… was a friend…” Her voice became somber. Newmega looked at her.


“Is, is he dead?” he asked hesitantly.


“I don’t know,” she said. “I haven’t seen him in ages.”


“Would you care to tell us about him?” Dayarcocon asked. Ninjair sighed.


“I suppose I need to get it off of my chest at some point,” she said. “Might as well be now.”


“I was brought into this world as a worker, standard Po-Matoran, nothing special,” Melee began. “I was immediately sent to the Po-district to obtain a job. I became a delivery Matoran. You know, most would assume that a job like that was pointless, a dead-end one too. But me, I loved it. I got to travel from the Ko-district to the Onu-district and everywhere in-between. I even travelled to the smaller districts. Now there, there were some interesting MOCs. But travelling was how I met Kwick.”


“I was created as a Le-Matoran, an aide in a small shop in the Le-district. I was content. I didn’t have much, but I didn’t have much to look forward to or live for. But don’t let that mislead you; I was happy. A little bored mind you, but happy. But, that all changed when I met Stoan,” Ninjair said, her voice trailing into her memories.


“I had been sent to the Le-district on a standard delivery. Nothing big you know, just a few disks that they needed for vehicles and what not. Anyway, I rode into the district carrying these disks. It wasn’t my first time in the district, but any time I went I was just in awe of all the machines and MOCs running about, all of the work they accomplished, all of the creations they brought forward. I was somehow able to overcome by awe and deliver my package.”


“I was working one day, and in walked a brown Matoran MOC, carrying a thick box. He wasn’t too out of the ordinary, but very good looking. I was in the back when he walked in.”


“I walked into the shop, and no one was around. I rang the bell in the front.”


“The bell rang, and I was about to answer it, when my co-worker dropped what she was doing and sprinted to the front.”


“Some random Le-Matoran ran up and answered. She really wasn’t thinking. At least, it didn’t appear that she was. We forced a little small talk, and I handed her the package. She said thanks and I headed for the door.”


“I heard her say goodbye and footsteps heading for the door. I just wanted to see who had come in, so I peered out into the front of the shop, and saw him.”


“I looked back and saw another Matoran in the back, peering out. I smiled at her as I walked out.”


“He was walking out. I smiled at him briefly. He caught it. He paused in mid-step, our eyes locked. My co-worker then pushed me back into the back room with the box, telling me to stock it immediately.”


“The other Matoran forced her into the back and muttered something. I looked through the doorway, but the two were out of sight, and I had other deliveries. So, I left.”


“I forced myself past my co-worker and looked outside. He was gone. It was a shame, I hadn’t even gotten his name, or to speak with him. The day dragged on after that, and I kept thinking about him, about that Po-Matoran who I never got to meet.”


“I had finished my deliveries for that day, but they had taken longer than I had thought. It was really late, and I didn’t want to have to drive all the way back to the Po-district that night, so I decided to rent a room and stay the night in the Le-district. I was walking the streets that night after eating, trying to work my way through the crowds back to my room. I kept bumping into my people, not for my lack of trying, but there were just so many of them. I bumped into one Matoran at one point, and we both said we were sorry. But the Matoran’s voice, it was sweet. I turned around, and saw the girl from the shop.”


“I was walking home after work, talking the streets since the chutes and subways were always clogged at night. I was pushing past people, and bumped into one. He said he was sorry, and I recognized his voice. It was the Matoran from the shop that day!”


“Our eyes locked again,”


“And I know we both felt something.”


“I had to meet her.”


“I tried to fight the crowds and get to him,”


“But there were just too many MOCs. I couldn’t get to her. But, I had to meet her. There was something about her.”


“I couldn’t sleep that night; I kept thinking about him.”


“I decided to stay a little while longer in the district, you know, told my boss some crock about some troubled customer who wouldn’t accept a package that needed to be delivered, or something like that.”


“The next day, I went back to work, still thinking about him. I knew he was from the Po-district, and wouldn’t be in the Le for long. I tried to put him out of my mind, but couldn’t. Luckily, I didn’t have to.”


“I went back to the shop the next day to see her,”


“I was really happy when he showed up the next day at the shop. I don’t know why exactly. I ditched my co-worker and walked around with him for a while.”


“We talked for hours. It was a really good day. Unfortunately, I had to make it back to the Po-district. My boss didn’t buy my story for long.”


“So he went back to the Po-district. But he would always come back, if only for a day or two. But it was frequent. We saw each other quite often.”


“Eventually, I thought about leaving the Po-district to live with her in the Le-district,”


“But we both thought it was better if we both moved to the capital: BZ-Koro.”


“It was a good move. We both loved it there, and we were beginning to love each other.”


“He still delivered packages, and I still worked in a shop, but we were together, and that’s what mattered. But then,”


“Conflict arose. This was a couple of years ago, before the civil conflict. Members of the smaller districts began an uprising against BZ-Koro.”


“They felt like they were second-class citizens since they weren’t one of the Major Seven cities. It was understandable. They were smaller cities, had fewer benefits and opportunities, and were occasionally looked down upon by the Major Seven. They began to mount small military offensives against the Seven, which more often than not ended with the citizens of the smaller cities being harmed. I felt that peace should be extended towards the smaller cities,”---

“And I felt that the Seven should have squashed any offensives launched by the Lower cities. They attacked us, we should have struck back, full force.”


“At one point, citizens of the Lower cities made it deep within BZ-Koro’s limits. They moved into the city, burning whatever they could. Stoan and I were in the city that day,”


“And were caught in the middle of the conflict. Buildings were being burned around us, MOCs were being hurt, a few were even killed. I picked up a stray weapon and ran in, defending the Koro.”


“I tried to stop him,”


“But I wouldn’t let her. I felt it needed to be done, and she felt the opposite. I ran into battle,”


“And I followed.”


“I took out my fair share of Lower MOCs. It wasn’t that hard, but Kwick kept protesting. She eventually caught up to me in the midst of the struggle.”


“I tried to convince him to stop, but he wouldn’t.”


“The Koro needed to be defended, and the Lowers needed to be taught a lesson.”


“I struggled, even grabbed onto him to stop him. But then…”


“It was an accident, I swear…”


“He struck me with the weapon…”


“At least, I kept telling myself it was an accident…”


“I ran as far as I could, away from him, away from the battle.”


“I couldn’t find her. After I made it out of the battle, and after the police had let me go – they had arrested a few of the more… radical members of the Koro and myself, and held us for the night – I went back to our home. Her things were gone, and so was she.”


“I left him nothing. No note, no memento, nothing. We had grown so far apart, and I hadn’t even realized it.”


“It was over. I suppose I had seen it for a time, and never realized it. She was gone, and I was alone.”


“I stayed in the Koro, but in the outer circle. I kept a low profile, and for years, I never saw him.”


“The last time I saw her, or thought I saw her was right after Doom had been defeated by Newmega and his crew. That’s when I joined you, Heraynocon. I felt that a strong order was needed to keep the Koro, the Seven, and the Lowers safe.”


“Really?” Heraynocon asked. “That’s why you joined my ranks?” Melee was silent.


“I…” Heraynocon laughed and walked over to Melee.


“Well, that was quite the interesting story, Melee, I must admit. But, I do feel a little bad in having to tell you this…”


“What?” Melee asked.


“The one you call Kwick, is with Newmega.” Melee’s eyes widened.


“What?” he asked softly, astonished.


“She and Dayarcocon have sided with Newmega. At least, that’s what the reports have said.” Melee was silent. “You may have to fight her at some point.” Melee was still stone cold, face frozen, staring into nothingness. Heraynocon looked at his immobilized general. ‘Emotions are quite troublesome,’ he thought. ‘Unless-‘ Melee slowly got up from the chair.


“You’re saying, that, we’ll be enemies…” he began slowly.


“Yes,” Heraynocon replied. “If you see her on the battlefield, you will be instructed to kill her.” Melee was still frozen in place. “I realize that this is hard but,”


“No,” Melee interjected. “This is exactly what I need. When do you think she’ll arrive?” Heraynocon turned to him.


“I assume that Newmega and his little band will mount an attack within the week.”


“That soon?” Heraynocon nodded. “Well then, not much time to train then.” He walked across the room to the door, opened it, stepped halfway through it, and stopped. “Will you promise that I’ll get the chance to fight her?”




“Not Flare?”




“Not your TransforMOCs, not the Tyrans, not the Gigas, not-“


“You will be the first to meet her in combat.” Heraynocon replied, ending the volley. Melee nodded, and walked out of the throne room, closing the door.


“Unless,” Heraynocon continued, talking to himself, “You can manipulate them into working for you.” He laughed to himself. “Makuta, you aren’t the only person who can manipulate others.”


Newmega, Dayarcocon and Iruini stared at Ninjair, her story finished. The three exchanged sympathetic looks with each other, then turned their attention back to Ninjair.


“I’m, I’m sorry,” was all Newmega could say.


“I had no idea,” Dayarcocon added.


“Coming from a hard working Po-Matoran… Inconceivable,” Iruini said, his priorities not entirely in place. Ninjair closed her eyes and lowered her head.


“And to make matters worse, I think I saw him before Heraynocon took over,” she said.


“And?” Dayarcocon asked.


“I think he’s sided with Heraynocon and his men.” The four beings were silent, mulling all of the information they had just acquired in their heads. Newmega stood up and erected himself to his full height.


“Well then,” he began. “I suppose we’ll just have to watch out for him on the battlefield, won’t we?” Ninjair looked up at him.


“You think we’ll see him in battle?” she asked, a shred of hope in her eyes.


“If he has sided with Heraynocon, and told him the same story you told us, I can almost guarantee that we’ll meet him; that you’ll meet him.”


Chapter Eight


Downtown Anaheim bustled about in the midmorning sun, people strolling the sidewalks, cars whizzing through the streets. A young woman stepped off of a bus and into the blazing sun. She put on her sunglasses and shielded her eyes with her hand. She turned to her right, the bus driving off behind her.


Dozens of cars driving away from her were stopping in the middle of the streets, horns honking, people screaming. The woman looked into the distance, past the mob of cars. A large mass was crossing the horizon, entering the city. What was it? Was it one thing? Was it multiple things? The woman’s eyes widened as the mass came into view.


Hundreds of black and red hunched figures were marching into the city, their silver claws leaving cracks in the road as they passed. People who were screaming at each other for the traffic jam fell silent as the army came into view.


Suddenly, it was as if every single person in the street, in the buildings around it, in the entire city itself were hit by a burst of fortitude and insight. Everyone in a car jumped out, people in buildings ran from the windows for the elevators. An inundation of people filled the streets, running from the incoming wave of metallic soldiers.


A being at the front of the army stopped, the hundreds of others behind him following suit. The unit in front had blue shoulders signifying his commanding role. He scanned the surrounding area for something in particular: a screen.


“Drones!” the commander shouted. The army of mindless drones behind the commander perked up. “We have our mission! It is time that we do as our Lord has asked us!” The drones were more attentive now, their Lord Heraynocon being mentioned. “Units LL552, 553, 554, 555 and 556, find the nearest data port and retrieve the data we require.” The five drones that were mentioned moved forward out of line and towards the commander. They nodded, and moved into the city ahead of the others, tossing cars aside to clear their path. The commander watched as the five assigned units tore apart the surrounding area, hacking into any telephone or Internet cable they could find, scanning every piece of information that flew through their processors. The one called LL553 turned around to his commander, pulling his hand and its internal cables from a cable imbedded deep within the sidewalk.


“Commander,” it called out. The commander turned to him.


“What is it?”


“I believe I’ve found what we’re looking for.” LL553 walked over to his commander. The two stared at each other, their faces a foot apart. Text ran across LL553’s eyes, all in the Matoran language. A moment later, the same text flashed across the commander’s eyes. After a few moments, the text stopped in LL553’s eyes, then his commander’s. The commander shook his head and turned to his following.


“Drones!” he shouted again. “We have found what our Lord has requested of us!” The army stood attentive now, their task about to be delivered. “We are to march to the following location and acquire the screen for Lord Heraynocon!” The drones cheered as their master was mentioned yet again. “With it, we shall open another portal to our world, and bring forth a wave of drones which will take this world, and every other world!” The drones cheered yet again.


“Tyran! Tyran! Tyran!” The drone’s chant rang through the streets. The commander waved his arms to calm the army.


“Do not forget why we are here! We are not here merely to open a portal for our Lord and master; we are here for a greater cause. We are here to spread Lord Heraynocon’s command to the multiverse! It is our job to act as heralds for Heraynocon’s will.” The drones cheered yet again. The commander continued. “Do not let anyone stop you in your quest! Venture forth into this new world, and seek out the screen!”




“Level any building in your path!”




“Exterminate anyone who opposes Lord Heraynocon’s will!”




“Let your unwavering will be the force that will drive Heraynocon’s command into the next world!”


“Tyran!” The cheers were so loud the commander could barely calm his troops.


“On multiple fronts we will strike. We will take this world for our Lord! Now, forward!” The commander turned around and began to march, his drones following close behind. The parade marched forward, throwing cars aside as they went, a few resorting to mindless destruction. One drone went so far as to throw a mailbox through a shop window. He felt a quick surge of satisfaction, seeing the glass splinter on the ground. He smiled – as best he could. The drones weren’t exactly built for emotional expression – and continued walking.


Inside the shop, a small security camera watched as the drone walked on, his comrades continuing through the streets. Little did any of the drones know, or stop to think who was viewing the feed being sent from that camera.


“Calls in from Anaheim, Sir.” A middle-aged man sat at a computer console in a large room. Around him, nearly half a dozen other men were sitting at similar consoles.


“What seems to be the problem?” Another man in a military uniform walked up behind the man at the console bending over to look at the man’s screen.


“I’m… I’m not entirely sure,” the console operator replied. The uniformed man cocked an eyebrow. The operator continued. “Perhaps you should have a look.” The operator brought up a video feed on his console. The military officer looked at the console, trying to discern what exactly he was looking at.


The video feed was that of the inside of what looked like a local shop; a small door was on the front of the store, to the right of a very large single pain window. A large mass began to approach the window rather quickly, until it broke through the pane, splintering the glass. But, what was it? A mailbox. Who, or what, would have the strength to throw a mailbox through a window? It was then that the officer saw it: a black, clawed figure, no more than five feet tall, standing in front of the window. And behind it were, dozens, no – hundreds more figures just like the one in the window. The officer stood up, bewildered.


“What… what are those things?” the officer asked. The operator turned to him.


“I, I have no idea, sir.”


The officer closed his eyes and placed his fingers on his temple. “Has anyone been hurt?”


The operator punched a few keys on his keyboard. The video disappeared and was replaced by rows of text. The operator scanned them, then turned to his superior. “Not yet sir, but extensive damage has already been done to the city.”


“Any idea where they’re headed?” the officer asked. The operator turned back to the console.


“From what we can tell, a few of them were able to hack into the city’s main information network, as well as access the web. They kept searching for ‘screens,’ for some reason.”




“Yes, like the one we’re looking at now.”


“Any idea if they found what they’re looking for?”


“Every search they preformed pertained to very large screens.”




“No idea, but every search they made ended up coming back to a technology show taking place in Las Vegas.”


“What’s in Vegas?” the officer asked, somewhat intrigued.


“Currently, the largest television screen to be built,” the console operator replied. The officer closed his eyes again, then spoke, eyes still shut.


“You’re sure no one’s been hurt?”


“Positive. No reports have come in, but they’ve caused extensive damage, as I said before.”


“Well then,” the officer continued. “Even though no one has been injured, we cannot risk letting these, these… things getting to so many people.”




“Deploy our forces to the border between California and Nevada. Keep them from crossing it at all costs. Am I clear?”


The operator stood up immediately. “Yes, sir!”


“Quickly, run, run!” Members darted through the streets of the forums, knocking over trash bins, running out of topics, trying to find some safe haven. Behind them, hordes of Tyran Drones marched through the streets.


One Member at the back of the group running through the streets slipped in the chaos, and fell flat on his face. He pushed himself up, and looked behind him. He would soon wish that he hadn’t. Behind him, the Drones were still marching strong: hundreds of them. As they passed a topic, they would destroy it, launching bombs inside to burn the topics to the ground. As they burned to ashes, the topics released their data, leaving nothing but crisp, burnt bytes.


The Drones quickly approached the fallen member. The member tried to get up, managing only to turn himself on his back. He tried to crawl away, but the Drones came up on him far quicker than he could scurry. In an instant, he was staring up into the cold, heartless eyes of a Tyran. The Drone raised its arm and extended its claws. If the member weren’t scared out of his mind, he could have sworn that the Drone was smiling. He closed his eyes, waiting for the end to come.


To his surprise, it didn’t.


The member opened one eye to see why he wasn’t erased on the spot. What he saw filled him with the smallest shred of joy. Standing over him, holding a shield against the Tyran’s claw, was a Moderator. The Member began to speak, but the Moderator held up his hand.


“Don’t speak. We don’t have time,” he said quickly. He pushed the shield forward, throwing the Tyran on its back. The Moderator turned to the Member. “Take this,” he said, handing the Member a small key card. “This will get you onto the Search Engine. Take the Engine to the Forum Archives, and find Hapori Tohu.” The Member stared at the Moderator, awestruck. “Go!”


The Member jumped up, and ran past the Moderator, away from the Drones, towards the Engine Station. The Moderator turned back to the Tyrans, all of whom had stopped dead in their tracks. The Tyran on his back stood up, and stared at the Moderator.


“Stand down, Unit,” it said, “Or we will be forced to destroy you.” The Moderator let out a small laugh. “What seems to be so funny?” the Drone asked.


“You think I’m just going to stand aside, and let you destroy this Forum, which I’ve sworn to protect?”


“It would be within your best interest,” the Drone replied. “We are here to conquer your land. If you stand down, you may just live to serve under the glorious Lord Heraynocon.” Again, the Moderator laughed.


“This Heraynocon sounds like quite the character. But, I think I’ll pass on your generous offer.”


“You will not live to regret that choice, Unit,” the Drone said, irritated.


“We’ll see,” the Moderator retorted. “Staff! Stand ready!” The Drones looked skyward, as dozens of figures leapt from the tops of the topics onto the street below. They were all dressed like the Moderator, in matching uniforms with small mask badges on their chests. Each of them pulled a weapon from their back and held it ready. The Drones took a step backwards.


“Kill them,” was all the Drone said. And for the army behind him, it was all he needed to say. The Drones all activated their energy shots and revealed their claws. In front of them, the Moderators smiled.


“This’ll be more fun than changing the Forum for April Fool’s,” the first Moderator said. “Let’s enjoy it.”


Back on Earth, the Drones had marched from Anaheim, and were making their way to Nevada. The troop had made excellent time, marching straight through the state. It had been just over half a day, but they were soon within a few yards of the border. Without a moment’s notice, the Drone at the front of the brigade raised his arm into the air, stopping the soldiers. A Drone behind moved to his side.


“Sir?” it asked. “Why have we stopped?”


The Drone lowered his arm. “We have company,” he said simply. The Drones all looked past their commander and onto the horizon. Before them stood a blockade of soldiers, all clad in green combat fatigues, each with a blaster-like weapon slung over their shoulder. Behind them were dozens of large vehicles, what looked like enormous armored Ussal Crabs, or even heavily armored Manas, each of which possessed a large barrel on its front. A soldier stepped away from the line on the horizon and held up a large cone to its mouth.


“Attention,” it began. The Drones listened intently. “You have orders to cease and desist your march. You are to surrender now.”


“And if we refuse?” the Commander Drone asked.


“Then you will be destroyed,” the soldier finished. The Drone turned to his own soldiers.


“It seems as though the local defense forces have come to stop us, men,” he began. The Tyrans all growled. “What do we do to those who oppose our mission or Lord Heraynocon’s will?” The Commander heard a small click from the middle of his troops. “Fire on my command,” he said. He turned around to the soldier, and amplified his voice. “You are to stand down or face extermination, Unit.”


“We will stop your rampage, and destroy you if you do not desist,” the soldier repeated. The Commander raised his arm.


“Very well.” In an instant, a large missile flew out from the middle of the Tyran horde. It arced over the no-man’s land between the two forces, and landed behind the large, armored vehicles. The projectile exploded on impact, sending nearly half a dozen men flying into the air. The soldier looked back at his line, astounded.


“Men: attack!” he yelled. The troops brought out their weapons, and began to run towards the Tyran drones, firing. The Commander Drone lowered his arm.


“Kill them,” he said.


“Tyran!” the Drones yelled. The army of biomechanical canon-fodder rushed forward, claws extended, energy blasts firing. The Commander smiled.


“Leave none standing,” he said calmly.


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---"Oh, and is Mata Nui going to wind-fly us over all of these Drones so we don't have to get our hands dirty?"-Toa Iruini Hagah

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Chapter Nine


Ninjair sat in her chair, hunched over, arms crossed over her knees. She had been silent for nearly an hour. After Newmega had told her that Stoan would probably end up fighting them in battle, she had felt a shred of hope, a small, insignificant shred. However, that shred had vanished as quickly as it had come. She was now filled with grief over her shattered relationship, and the prospect of seeing, nay, fighting the one whom she had loved what seemed like an eternity ago. Dayarcocon walked over to her.


“Dear?” Dayarcocon asked compassionately. Ninjair’s head stayed down. “Dear,” Dayarcocon repeated, “I realize that this is troubling for you, a little bit of a shock. This entire ordeal is, for all of us.” She motioned towards Newmega and Iruini. “But, we have to focus on our main goal: defeating Heraynocon.” Ninjair raised her head.


“Of course,” she said.


“And if it helps,” Dayarcocon continued, “One of us could handle him on the battlefield for you, if you want, that is.”


Ninjair was silent, her head hung again. Iruini walked over to her, and knelt down in front of her.


“Come on,” he said, coaxingly. “Show us that famous Le-Matoran smile.”


Ninjair looked into his eyes and smiled.


“Kind of hard not to smile when in your presence, Iruini,” she said cheerfully.


“That’s the spirit!” said Iruini.


“Glad to have you back,” Newmega said. “Now, if we could get back to the task at hand.”


Dayarcocon and Iruini nodded. “Right,” said Iruini. “Breaking into Heraynocon’s palace.”


“Precisely,” Newmega said. He walked over to the table and leaned over the maps. He waved his arm, motioning the other three over to him. They got up and circled the desk, looking at the maps.


“Alright,” said Iruini, “What are we looking at?”


“Well, the compound itself is pretty straightforward: the central palace surrounded by two defensive rings. The inner ring spans about four or five kio; I’m not entirely sure the exact length. It’s comprised primarily of drones. Mostly Tyran, but a few Giga Visorak are spread out amongst the line. This isn’t our main priority though.”


“It isn’t?” Iruini asked. “What, we shouldn’t deal with hundreds of deadly, mindless drones?”


“No,” Newmega said, smiling. “That’s going to be the easy part.” Iruini cocked an eyebrow.




“You heard me,” Newmega continued. “The inner ring is easy. All we have to do is blast our way through a few hundred drones at worst. It was a careful move on Heraynocon’s part. The inner ring is strong; I’m not saying that. However, it’s weak solely by comparison.”


The two MOCs and one Hagah stared at Newmega.


“Look at this from the perspective of a Matoran, or basic MOC: Hundreds of Drones, each of whom possess powers rivaling average MOCs. It’s easily a great challenge. Now, look at it from the perspective of a Toa: a few Drones, each a little higher in power than a Bohrok. It’s a challenge, but it’s not a Makuta.”


“I think I understand,” Dayarcocon said. “But, you said that this is the inner ring,” she pointed to the map. “And you said that it’s the easy part. That leads me to assume that the outer ring is the hard part?”




“So, what should we be expecting?” Ninjair asked.


“Everything,” Newmega said flatly. The three look at him, then at the map.


“Like what?” Iruini asked cautiously.


Heraynocon stepped from the elevator into a brightly lit hallway. Well, bright was purely perceptive. Dozens of lightstones shone at a low light, but provided enough illumination to brighten the hallway such that one could recognize doors and signs. However, the hallway was still dark. It would take a Matoran minutes to adjust from the gaseous, smoggy hue outside to the confined, musty atmosphere within. For Heraynocon, it took a split second.


The Dark Lord marched down the hallway, his hands clasped behind his back. Passing Drones darted out of the way, clinging to the walls as their Lord and master graced their presence.


Heraynocon walked to the end of the hallway, and stood in front of a wide door, composed of onyx-black protodermis, much like the palace itself. He waved his hand half-heartedly, as if swatting away a pestering fire-flyer. The door swung open, pistons pumping to move the immense weight.


The Dark Lord stepped through, hands clasped behind his back. He now stood within a vast chamber, red lightstones illuminating the space. In the center of the room was a large, stone chair, supporting one battered, broken Flare.


The faux-Toa lifted his head wearily, a clear sac around his mouth, supplying him with oxygen. His body was riddled with scars dealt by Newmega, all of which were being treated with a makeshift ointment. He was without armor, as it had been stripped to get to his organic components. His eyes weakly focused on his master.


“My… Lord…” he whispered, his voice hoarse, almost inaudible.


Heraynocon got down on one knee, his cold, blazing eyes meeting the empty ones of his damaged General.


“Flare,” he began quietly. “The damage is far worse than initial scans had reported.”


Flare’s blank expression remained the same.


“The needles pierced very deep, into your organs. And given their questionable sanitation, your body has become infected with an array of viruses.”


Again, Flare was unaffected.


“We can eradicate most of them, but a few are unknown. The Medical Drones are working with samples to find some way to destroy them, but so far, we have had no luck.”


Flare’s face was expressionless. He let out a heavy breath, and drew in another.


“Your armor was heavily damaged as well. Continued battle would render it useless after a while, and could even destroy it.”


Flare let out another breath.


“So, I have taken the liberty of designing you some new armor.” The harbinger of destruction stood up, and grabbed the back of Flare’s chair. He spun the Toa around so he was facing the opposite wall. The wall sprang open, sliding apart on rusty cogs and gears. Within the new opening stood a faceless statue of a Toa, adorned in a gleaming red suit of armor.


The suit was reminiscent of Flare’s previous armor, equipped with two sets of sabers. Curved Rahkshi backs crossed over the shoulders with mechanical extensions jutting from the thighs. It was menacing and glorious, all at once. Heraynocon bent over to speak in Flare’s audio receiver.


“The culmination of Tyran technology,” he said, his voice at its normal level. “Designed from your old armor, and the schematics of Giga Vahki and the Giga Hunters. Save that amalgamation of weapons you call Melee, this could very well be the greatest weapon to ever be constructed.”


The powerless Toa of Fire sat still, his face unchanged. Heraynocon stood to his full height.


“I realize that this was never where you wanted to be, Flare. Not long ago you were a Giga Vahki that stowed away on Doom’s ship and came here, begging me to fight Newmega.”


Flare’s eyes flashed. Heraynocon smiled.


“Yes, Newmega. Don’t forget: this is all about him… and you.”


Flare’s eyes flashed again.


“He stood in your way, and took away what you loved. He killed Tremsa! He killed her in cold blood, without mercy! He broke the Code of the Toa! He is an abomination, and must be destroyed!” Heraynocon’s voice had grown in volume, to the point where he was now shouting, his rant echoing throughout the cavern. He bent down to Flare again, and lowered his voice to just below a whisper.


“Kill him, Flare. Take this armor, and your burning fury, and kill him. Destroy him. Erase him from this world. She’ll be back, if you do. I will bring her back. You just need to kill him… and make it… slow. Enjoy yourself. Exact revenge on the one who wronged you.”


The Dark Lord stood up and began to walk towards the door. He stopped and placed his hand on the doorframe. He listened intently, waiting. Still, he heard only the heavy breaths of Flare’s damaged organs. And then, a name:




Heraynocon smiled, and left the room, the door shutting behind him.


Flare stood up from his chair, removing the sac from his mask. He took a deep breath and smiled. He took a step towards the armor, and then stopped.


It was Newmega who had done this… all of it. Newmega had taken the life of his one true love, and had sentenced him to fight for this, this desolate wasteland. Newmega had ruined him. Flare continued forward to the armor, and placed his hand on a shoulder pad.


“You will pay,” he said to himself. “Oh yes, you will pay. You and your army.”


Newmega looked around at his three comrades, all of whom were sitting still, almost in shock. He had just given them the low-down on what made up the outer ring of Heraynocon’s compound.


In between each of the guard towers were modified Visorak Battle Rams, drawn by Heraynocon’s ‘mutated’ Giga Visorak. The Battle Rams were slow, but one was said to have destroyed an entire Lower City in one foul swoop.


Once past those, one was in the center of the outer ring. The ring was outfitted with nearly every defense one could think of: automatic gun turrets, battle drones Heraynocon had stolen from an Island of reptilian creatures on the Bionicle Planet, and was laden with pressure-sensitive land mines. And yet, despite these ‘setbacks,’ as Newmega called them, there was one last part: Vahki.


After taking over Nu-Nui, Heraynocon had stolen the rebuilding technology from GRAVE, and set up his own small GRAVE within his palace. From there, Heraynocon got back to basics, so to speak. He began pumping out his original instruments of terror: Giga Vahki. Stronger, faster, more powerful Vahki had wreaked havoc during moments on Metru Nui, and were now the second line of defense. Each one was said to be stronger that a Rahkshi with the highest-level Kraata, and had given Newmega a run for his widgets years ago.


“But once we’re past that, we just have to get over a high, stone ledge, bust our way through a couple hundred Tyrans, and we’re home free,” Newmega said optimistically.


“Oh, and is Mata Nui going to wind-fly us over all of these Drones so we don’t have to get our hands dirty?” Iruini asked, sarcasm hanging from every word he said.


“Comparatively,” Newmega said, sighing. “Comparatively, the inner ring is much easier to get through than the outer ring.”


“You sure?” Iruini persisted. “Because last time I checked, Vahki were easy. And from what you’ve told me, the Tyrans are a challenge within themselves.”


“Yes, yes they are,” Newmega affirmed, “But that’s why we have you.” He smiled.


Iruini looked slightly puzzled, and turned to Dayarcocon. 

“Arco, what does he mean, ‘that’s why you have me?’”


Dayarcocon smiled.


“Come now, Iruini. You were made for this mission. That’s why I chose you instead of the others.”


Iruini looked around, puzzled.


“What do you-“ he paused. A wide, shining smile crept across the Toa of Air’s face. “Oh, now I see.”


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Latest: Vahki Army 3 Chapter 9 Posted
---"Oh, and is Mata Nui going to wind-fly us over all of these Drones so we don't have to get our hands dirty?"-Toa Iruini Hagah

Short Stories:[Clear Displacement][Order's Call][Falling Stars]

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