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How many lego sets do you have

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My current count is 1973. It is likely a little bit short of what I actually have, as I do tend to miss putting some sets on my list. This DOES include each separate CMf, but does NOT include all my doubled up CMFs. It also does not take into account any duplicate Bionicle sets I could easily make if I took apart all my MOCs.

of the 1973 sets, 293 of them are Bionicle. That does include all my actual mask sets I have acquired. I obviously could say I have a lot more mask sets, based on all the loose heads and masks and Krana and such I have acquired, but that's going down a rabbit hole that I shouldn't


Someday, I will figure out the ranking system here.

My Flickr. Old Bionicles on Brickshelf


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Not counting CMFs or gear... currently sixty-seven. I used to have significantly more - three hundred and some, at the height of my collection - but I sold a lot of them off when I entered my 'dark age' in the early 10s, because I wanted the extra storage space and thought that they would better serve by being enjoyed by other people than just languishing in my boxes. There are a few that I have minor regret over letting go of, but on the whole I'm satisfied with that decision.

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"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
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good gravy

you must be existing on a whole other level of Lego fan to

actually count your sets

but i probably have 50-60

and a lot of them in pieces


we're so sorry skeletons, you're

so misunderstood.

you only want to socialize-

-But i don't think we should!


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