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Rock Lion

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Based on a canon Rahi that appeared in the Rahi encyclopedia, but had no set appearance. These vicious and dangerous Rahi were named for their natural habitat much more than for any link with the power of Stone. Rather, their power lay in their raw physical strength and tenacity, as well as their ability to pour heat into their manes, turning the tips into flaming-hot whips. One injured individual was able to fight off Toa Lesovikk for three entire days- and won.




rock lion shorter limbs.png

rock lion shorter limbs_2.png

rock lion shorter limbs_3.png

Lumune and Lion.png

Lumune and Lion_2.png

Lumune and Lion_3.png

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i can see this as the

thing that lesovikk was trying to

kill to be kind but didn't manage

because lesovikk is incompetent


we're so sorry skeletons, you're

so misunderstood.

you only want to socialize-

-But i don't think we should!


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Incredible, the use of Bohrok torsos as legs is a great idea. The Rock Lion looks powerful and muscular, and the mane’s fiery tendrils break up the silver color scheme to great effect. Thank you so much for sharing.

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