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The Great And Noble History Of The Hero Factory

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#1 Offline Jovan2

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Posted Feb 04 2012 - 03:55 PM

Review topic is here.The Origin of Mr. MakuroThe last organic creature in the universe sat alone, next to a metal coffin and a lifeless automaton. An automaton that was almost finished. All organic life(besides immobile things, such as plants, but without living things to pollinate them, they too, would die) and civilization had mysteriously come to a halt. Even buildings and bodies had disappeared, and no one knew why. But this last creature wasn't about to let all life disappear, or its legacy. He was building a robot that would begin a new era. An era of new, robotic life. He had already built the body of this new being, now all he had to do was make the mind. The creature decided to give his creation a wise, fatherly mentality, perfect for the progenitor of a race. He also encoded the ability to learn, to understand, to judge and make decisions, to create new things, to have emotions, to have a "gender", and to name. The robot was given the knowledge of all the stars, their names, and their planet's names.It also came to grasp the organic's mode of speech and catalog of names. It learned all the sciences and schools of ideation, and the innate desire to test, push, and redefine their limits. It also learned the different forms of creatures and their names. And, most importantly, it learned how to make them. The only thing left to do was to give it a directive and a name. The first part was easy: "To create life and to repopulate the universe". The second part took some thinking. Then, the Man gave a small smile. He recalled that the people of a certain archipelago had made many advances in the field of robotics. He didn't know their language, but he knew what he thought it sounded like. The Man was partially glad that there was no one else alive to watch him. He decided to name it: Mr. Akiyama Makuro. The robot was now finished. The Man had no idea of how long it took, hours or days. It didn't matter. Time no longer mattered for the last member of an extinct group. He sealed the first member of a new group into a rocket, and shot him to the planet called "Makuhero". The man sealed himself and all of his tools and equipment into the metal coffin, which was set to explode, blowing itself and all of its contents to atoms. Akiyama Makuro is going to start new life. They don't need to think and worry about where they came from, he thought...

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#2 Offline Jovan2

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Posted Feb 07 2012 - 04:01 PM

On the Psychology of Robots The computers that our characters have for brains still work like them. That is, at its core, they still follow a simple trainof thought(ie. yes/no/if, on/off). However, while they still recieve commands and have a specific function, like a normal machine, they also have a personality and choice. These can lead to mistakes. When humans make mistakes, we call it sin. When a sentient computer makes mistakes, it considers it simply bad. Like humans, our "living" robots can continue making bad choices and mistakes, and, with their own mind and free will, they may even begin to like the break from their regimen of do-gooderness. Now, normally, a computer will only make a mistake when the user does or when there is a broken or missing link in its code. But since the HFU(Hero Factory Universe)'s computers have no users, and free will, they can actively make mistakes. Now, going "bad" is the computer equivalent of insanity, and when people go crazy, they can perform things that others would call "evil". A "good" robot will perform the "good" function directed by its thought processes, which feed its mode of thought. When a robot goes "bad", it will get "bad" thought processes, which will give it a "bad" function, and will perform that function to feed its mode of thought, much like a drug. Take for example, our "villain"(we'll call him "Bad Dude"). He worked as a construction and deconstruction robot. Now, Bad Dude's favorite part of the job was demolition. His "good" thought processes would rationalize this as being glad that the old, decrepit building was gone so a new building could be built in its place. But nope, Dude had been watching those explosions a little too long, and a little too intently. He decided that demolition was all he wanted to do, but the company that he worked at wouldn't allow him to do that. So, he stole some explosives, went to the nearest building, and KABOOM! His thought was altered by the awe and beuty of the explosion, and his life of crime began.
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