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Epics Contest History

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Posted Feb 13 2012 - 06:58 PM



Welcome to the new Epics Contest Collection topic! Since old forum links no longer work, please be warned that these are basic records only. Most of the contest data from the old forum has been permanently lost since the time this topic was first created.


Please DO NOT ask when the next library contest is going to be. Many contests require brand new epics, so the staff do not wish to share contest dates and details until the topic is posted.




Epics Contest #1


This contest took place on the Kanohi Power boards, before they were merged with Bionicle Zone, so very little info could be recovered



Kirilin Toa of Trees

Tahu 003

Kanohi Akaku

The Unforgiven (Makuta Master at the time)


Solitude of Ice




2nd Official Serious Story Contest (Epics Contest #2)


May 1 - June 1 -- December 14th, 2002


Hosts: I. M. Wright and Galigee


Theme/requirements: to enter your (completed?) serious story (epic) and "wait for the contest to end".


Prizes: none listed




1. Firewood by Kaita Arbuckle

2. Infusion by The Eighth Horse

3. Te Mutunga by T-Hybrid

4. Coming of the Bohrok by Kaiapu

5. Rebirth of the Toa by Lewa eat WORLD!!!

6. Paradox by Kirilin Toa of Trees










3rd Official Serious Story Contest (Epics Contest #3)


December 19 - February 9, 2002


Hosts: I. M. Wright and Galigee


Theme/Requirements: Enter your complete epic


Prizes: Bragging Rights


Total Entries: 19


First Place: Seekers of the Vahi, by Kaiapu


Second Place: The Chroniclasts, by Xavier


Third Place: (Three-way Tie)

Paradise Lost, by FallenTurtles

The Destruction of Mata Nui, by Radagast

Roots of the Ancient, by Schizo Kaita



Kopaka Toa of Ice


Mask of Darkness





Serious Story Contest 4 (Epics Contest #4)


December 3 - December 29,2003


Host: Schizo Kaita


Theme/Requirements: Enter your completed serious story (epic)




- Schizo donated his Nestlé promo CD (the EU version with the game).

"Contents of the CD: audiotrack by the Barcode Brothers (creators of the Powerpack), screenshots, digital animation (as seen in commercials and on Bionicle.com), interactive bios of Turaga and Toa, interactive description of tools and Kanohi, and the sought-after platform game. In short, it contains lots of marvellous graphical goodies."

- Tahran offered to donate one Metruan of choice to the winner as well

- Therahkshioflight offered to donate a M.E.K.


Total qualified entries: 43


First Place: The Chronicles of Light: Rebirth of the Toa, by KopakaX


Second place: Exosphere: Backlash, by HauNuva


Third Place: The Balanced Toa: an Epic Journey, by Aqua Gali and Zyrael Engle of Taratoa


Judges: 3 Moderators, 3 Support Team members, 1 Outstanding BZP Citizen, and 2 normal members. All remained anonymous.






June 1 - June 30, 2005


Host: Hahli Husky


Theme: To write a Bionicle Short Story that goes along with a writer’s already-posted epic or epic series.


Notes: Stories could be submitted to EpicFest without being entered into the competition.The Short Stories submitted were not judged alone, and neither were the Epics they correlated to judged alone. The two were judged together, as a whole.




- First: Nestle Bionicle Promotional CD-ROM (provided by Janus), and Le-Metruan Great Disc (provided by Arch-Angel!)

- Second: Unsigned Comic Con version of the first Bionicle comic (provided by Schizo Kaita)

- Third: Golden Vahi (provided by Roodaka)


Total Qualified entries: 65


First Place: Stolen Virtues: Dark forces, and it’s epic Stolen Virtues, by Roodaka


Second Place: The Silent Shadow, and it’s epics The Chronicles of Light Book I (as well as Books II and III), by The Shadowed One


Third Place: The Toa of Destiny, and it’s epic The Saga of Lhikan, by SPIRIT


Semi-finalists: Caesar Borealis, ToM Dracone, SylverWind, Smeagol4, Trissy, Celestial Dragon, Motago




Epics Contest # 5


July 23 - August 14, 2006


Host: Hahli Husky


Theme/Requirements: To write a new chapter to you have already begun posting (or finished posting), including "a confrontation and fight between your main character(s) and a new villainess: Sunari."




- First: Comic-con special edition signed by GregF and a $7 gift card to Borders or Barnes n' Noble (winner's choice)

- Second: 2001 Toa-olda CD-ROM (originally came in the Toa-olda canisters)

- Third: 8761 Roodaka set


Total qualified entries: 39


First Place: Te Mutunga, by T-Hybrid

Second Place: Echoes: Trials of the Creator, by Dr. Bionicle

Third Place: Elements Unleashed*, by Rood






Hahli Husky




Epics Contest #6


January 16 - February 10, 2007


Host: Hahli Husky


Theme/Requirements: To enter your own finished epic. The final, ending post for entrants' epics must have been posted before the posting of this contest.


Prizes: Not publicly determined


Total qualified entries: 31


First Place: Red Sun, by Beisbeis

Second Place: Kulagi's Kanoka, by xccj

Third Place: Prison of Escape, by munkeymunkey



ToM Dracone





King Kobra (stand-in)

Libertogue (stand-in)




Epics Contest 7: Murder Mysteries


June 1, 2008 - July 12, 2008


Hosts: munkeymunkey, Takuta-Nui, and Smeagol4


Theme: To write a brand-new, never-before written murder mystery epic that includes 5 W’s and an H: Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How. A 'news headline' prompt is given.




- First: Bionicle Adventures 1 through 10 and the Metru Nui City Guide

- Second: Bionicle Chronicles 1 through 4 and the original Bionicle Encyclopedia

- Third: Bionicle Legends 1 through 5 (Books provided by munkeymunkey)


Total POLL entries: 6


Total Entries: 24


First Place: Bionicle Paracosmos: Mindfire, by bonesiii

Second Place: In the Hands of a Makuta, by Jedi Gali

Third Place: CSI: Metru-Nui, by SPIRIT


Other Finalists: 

My Hands Are Clean, by Exo Fat

Mystery On Keli-Nui, by xccj

Unknowledge, by Tolkien




Epics Contest 8: A New Perspective


June 10, 2009 - Sept 18, 2009


Host: munkeymunkey


Theme/Requirements: "For this contest, you have to take a chapter from one of your epics and rewrite it from the first-person perspective of one your characters (if your epic is already in first-person, choose a different character to follow). See? You’re changing the perspective. I know; I’m clever."




- First: $30 Barnes and Noble gift certificate

- Second: $20 Barnes and Noble gift certificate

- Third: $10 Barnes and Noble gift certificate


Total entries (as listed in entry topic only): 12


First Place: We Are The Matoran ~ Exo-Fat

Second Place: Gone Fishing ~ SPIRIT

Third Place: The Sniper ~ Tifosi 92


Judges: Not revealed


Other contest Staff: Takuta-Nui, Nikira




Library Summer Olympics 2010


July 1, 2010 - September 24th, 2010


Host: Hahli Husky


Theme/Requirements: This contest is comprised of a series of 'events' - that is, specific contests, one for each Library forum: Epics, Short Stories, and Comedies.


Contest Minions:

ToM Dracone







The Events and Results: (In order of execution)


1. Short Stories: 700wd Fest Pursuit - July 1st - July 23rd - Event info can still be found here.

2. Comedies: Triple Insanity Pole Vault - July 26th - August 12th - Event info can still be found here.

3. Epics: Unlimited Relay - August 14th - September 4th - Full event info can be found in the Olympics topic's first post (info is now lost.)


In this contest, teams of members worked together to create their own collaborated epics. Said epics had to be focused on a minor BIONICLE character (or characters) who did not have a for-sale set. The only exceptions were Toa Helryx, Miserix, and Trem Krom.


First Place: Entry 1: The Nynrah Deception*, by Team Kurz

Second Place: Entry 3: Reave*, by Team Writing Squadron Gamma Hyper Force

Third Place: Entry 4: Shattered Obsidian*, by Team 4


Epics Judges:










Due to several database rollbacks and erasures, more recent contest information (LSO 2012, etc) has not been recorded in this topic. Please be patient; an Epics staff member will try to fix this when they get the chance. Thank you!

Edited by Hahli Husky, Apr 04 2014 - 02:52 PM.

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