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The Official Comedies Library

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#1 Offline Hahli Husky

Hahli Husky
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Posted Feb 15 2012 - 08:00 PM

The Official Comedies Library
Welcome! :D Here, we'll keeping a collection of comedies. I'll only be accepting stories posted on this version of the forums, sorry. If you'd still like people to look at your stories on the old forum, feel free to link them in your own story collection topic or your signature. Thank you!
Post the information in this topic. Remember that after your comedy has been added, your post will be deleted. Of course, if your post was deleted and your comedy wasn't added, feel free to repost the link.
When logging your story into this topic, use this format (you'll be replacing all of the words in all caps with your own information):


Rating Guidelines: LIST ONLY ONE RATING!! If you try to list several, I'll just pick the highest one. Give the highest rating you plan for the comedy to ever have.
NR: (Stories that just began and don't have any action yet)
G: (Stories with no blood except maybe a cut, standard action, and/or little cartoony violence)
PG: (Stories with little blood, more violence and/or cartoony violence)
PG-13: (Stories with medium violence and/or some blood)
(R and X-rated stories are not allowed since they would require breaking BZP rules)
40 Million Foot Tall Writer's Block Solution, The (G) by fishers64
About Potatoes and Mr Redeyes (PG) by Dual Matrix
Adventurer's Guide to Mata Nui, The (PG-13) by Toa Kaithas
Adventures of Sumiki's Dad, The (PG) by Sumiki
Adventures of Sumiki's Dad 2: Vakama Eats Spam, The (PG) by Sumiki
Adventures of Sumiki's Dad 3: Yo Yo Piraka, The (PG) by Sumiki
Adventures of Sumiki's Dad: The Final Chapter, The (PG) by Sumiki

Sumiki's Dad Christmas, A Very (G) by Sumiki
Another Metru Nui Thanksgiving (G) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Ask Matau! (PG) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Brotherhood of the Time-Travelling Warlords - (PG) by ibrow
Bionicle: Mission Space (PG) by Toarobot18
Bionicle Entrepreneur, The (PG) by Toarobot18
BIONICLE: The Legend Exploded (PG) by TNTOS
Bohrok-Kal's Ramblings, The (Mixed Up - The Return of) (PG) by Phovos the Raptor
Bionicle: Unsolved Mysteries (PG) by ShadowBionics
BZ-Nui Hack Wars, The (PG) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Coconuts (PG-13) by ibrow
Comedy of Comics, A (PG) by Toarobot18
Day at the Piraka Stronghold, A (G) by Tehurye
Dark Unto Days (PG) by ibrow
Diary of a diseased Ussal (G) by Ghidora131
Happy Birthday 2 Me- (PG) by ibrow
How to Be a Hero - (PG-13) by ibrow
How to Be a Villain - (PG-13) by ibrow
How To Live An Exciting Life (PG-13) by JL
It's a Mad House! (PG-13) by PurpleBouncy
Jl's Story (PG-13) by JL
The Kanohi Force (PG) by The~1st~Shadow, Ghidora131, Dallior: Rahkshi Lord, and many, many others
Lait to ze partie (G) by Ghidora131 and based off of the works of fishers64
Lost and Found and Lost Again (G) by PeabodySam
Maku's Diary (G) by Master Inika
Mary Sue of Spherus Magna, The (PG-13) by Xodar
Mata Nova (PG-13) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Mata Nui High School (G) by Jordboy1
Misadventures of Nobody (and X-Ray), The (PG) by X-Ray
My Crazy Bionicle Adventure (PG) by Toa of Space and Fire
Night Before Naming Day, The (G) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Nuva Inn, The (PG) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Nuva Join the Navy (PG) by Toarobot18
Reign of Stupidity (PG) by Lewa0111 Nuva
ROBOTS! (PG) by ibrow
Scene 24: Johnny Thunder Blows This Taco Stand (G) by PeabodySam
Search for the Mask of Light, The (PG) by PeabodySam
Spontaneous 2 - (PG) by ibrow
Spinning Doctor Drake (PG) by fishers64
(Supposed) quest for the Mask of Hype, The (PG) by Ghidora131 and Jakura Nuva
Tahu The Burger Burglar Burglarizes a Burger (PG) by Parazan
Tahu vs. Tahu - (PG-13) by ibrow
Tahu vs. Tahu: Vultraz's Diner - (PG) by ibrow
Terry's Horrendous Misadventures(PG) By Dude w/ a Hat
TEXTERMINATION: lives at steak (G) by Ghidora13
Thanksmatau Day Feast (Thanksgiving 2014 Special), A (G) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Toa Randomness! Remastered (G) by Fastcar800
Toa Santa and the Web of Not-Shadows (Christmas 2014 Special) (G) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Toy Wars (PG) by Toarobot18
Transonicle Re-Mastered Edition (PG-13) by ManiacToaLaco
Transonicle 3: The Ultimate Doom (PG-13) by ManiacToaLaco
Tyranny of Black Six and the Staff, The- (G) by ibrow
Undivine Comedy (PG) by TradTheMentalist
Vahi Nuva (G) by Sumiki
Visorak and the Matoran: A Tale of Obsessions, The (G) by Lewa0111 Nuva

Vultraz's Journey Returns - (PG-13) by ibrow
Vultraz & Company (PG) by ~The 1st Shadow~
Why Toa Shouldn't Trick-Or-Treat (Halloween 2014 Special) (G) by Lewa0111 Nuva
Yet Another Comedy I Will Probably Forget About (YACIWPFA) (PG-13) by Phovos the Raptor
Zaktan's Tale - (G) by ibrow
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#2 Offline Lucina

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Posted Jan 27 2017 - 06:02 PM

What is the Potoo?! (PG13) by Voltex




What is the Potoo?! 2 (PG13) by Voltex

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