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The Fusion Chronicles

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#1 Offline Po Koro Productions

Po Koro Productions
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Posted Feb 15 2012 - 08:03 PM

Chapter 1:A small Po-Matoran with a powerless mask of rebounding was running through the desert with a strange contraption on his back. “It’s getting closer, I can hear it! Must go faster” he muttered to himself.He was already running as fast as he could, and just as all hope seemed to be gone, on the horizon and great rock-like structure appeared. Safety. He put on a burst of extra speed when he saw this, but his intentions were foiled when beneath him the chasing rahi emerged from the sand. The matoran was flung into the air and landed with a thud. The contraption on his back landed several meters away from him, but the rahi wasn’t interested in that. It was hungry. And the matoran seemed like a good meal. All hope seemed to be gone for the little matoran, when over the sand tarakava’s head jumped a kikinalo, with a ta-matoran riding on it.“Need a ride?” He asked. “Do I ever” replied the po-matoran, as he was pulled up, grabbing the strange contraption, as he was whisked away towards safety.“Couldn’t have arrived any earlier could you Aiefe?” asked the matoran.“Oh stop complaining Pekai, you should be thankful that I arrived when I did, otherwise you would be Tarakava dinner!”“Ok, ok, sorry for asking, anyway I found this rather strange buried monument-like cave, I wasn’t sure what it was so I decided to come back, that’s when I ran into the Tarakava”“It’s always you Pekai” Sighed Aiefe.“Hey! It’s not my fault that I’m adventurous!” replied Pekai.“I suppose not, anyway, we’re nearly back, so get your contraption ready, this better be good”. **With the Kikinalo grazing safely on the bottom floor, the two matoran made their way up a rough set of stairs to the top floor of their hideout. Looking out they could see where the Tarakava had attacked, and its trails leading away.“So where’s this temple you were talking about” asked Aiefe.“See between those two mountains over there?” Pekai said pointing to the horizon“Yes”“Well there’s a smaller hill located there, it’s there... I kind of fell through the front door” Pekai replied.“Well I can’t argue, you have style”“Anyway, I think we should go investigate it tomorrow.” said Pekai.“Are you serious, you know how much more active the Tarakava have become recently, it would be a suicide trip!” Replied Aiefe clearly concerned.“I have to find out what’s in that temple, you can come if you want, but I'm not forcing you, this is my destiny. You can’t stop me from that!” exclaimed Pekai.“Well...I guess someone will have to save you from getting into trouble, and you will get into trouble. You always do” Replied Aiefe.“Well, let’s get some rest and set out early tomorrow morning, it’s going to be a long day!” exclaimed Pekai, with emphasis on the long. *****The two companions set out the next morning with all the kit they would need. Pekai carried his stone sword, a bag of rocks and his catapult, whilst Aiefe took his crossbow and arrows. Together riding the kikinalo the journey was shorter than Pekai’s journey was the previous day. Their conversations varied from topic to topic.“The way the shortage of food is going, we might even have to enter the great forest” Aiefe pointed out.“Let’s focus on the positives for once can we Aiefe? And anyway, we need a plan for this temple” Replied Pekai.“So what does it look like?”“I didn’t get time to see it clearly; I kind of had a Tarakava problem. All I can remember is that it was big with pillars, a statue and an alter-like object in the centre” Exclaimed Pekai.“Hmm, well it’s defiantly a temple then, maybe to the great spirit?”“Maybe, but I’m not too sure...”Pekai started to reply, but never finished his answer. **“It’s...unbelievable” Stuttered Aiefe.“I know right?” Said Pekai sniggering.The two matoran were stood just inside of the door to the temple. The bright, harsh sunlight light a path to the main attraction in the room... the Alter. At a closer look two strange looking stones lay on the Alter, but from where Pekai and Aiefe were standing they didn’t notice them. They were too occupied by the statues either side of the Alter. They were two different Toa, each with a mask that looked strangely familiar to the two matoran.“Well shall we?” Pekai said, indicating to the illuminated path leading to the Alter. The pair walked, briskly, towards the Alter stopping a few feet away. The stones were clearly visible now. One a brownish colour, the other red, both rectangular with rounded edges and two different, yet similar symbols carved into the centre.“What are they?” Asked Pekai whilst he reached out to grab the stone on the right.“Wait, don’t touch it!” Aiefe said, warning Pekai.It was too late though, and once the first stone was removed, Pekai started glowing, getting brighter and brighter. Had the adventurous matoran not been so impulsive and read the inscription on the altar. It would have read ‘Here two stones lie, waiting for the destined. Only the destined matoran can take the stone. Only the destined matoran can make the transformation’, but since Pekai picked up the stone, without reading the inscription, he didn’t know this. The light filled the whole temple, and Aiefe even had to avert his eyes till the brightness disappeared. And then there was silence.
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PM me to give me your ideas for my story or email them to me at awsomejack118@yahoo.co.uk!!!

#2 Offline Hahli Husky

Hahli Husky
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Posted Feb 20 2012 - 07:24 PM

Hi, PKP! Will you be posting more chapters for this story in the future? If so, it will need to be moved to Epics, where chapter stories go. :) Let me know soon, please. Thanks! Other members, please feel free to review regardless.

Edited by Hahli Husky, Feb 20 2012 - 07:24 PM.

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