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Simple Things

Lewa Pohatu Human Silly

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Posted Feb 16 2012 - 03:11 PM

The auburn-haired male sighed as he walked in his front door,shuffling around in the dark before lifting one of his hands up,burdened and slowed by the mass of groceries he held in his appendage,turning on the light and frowning as he surveyed the scene before him."Lewa!" he yelled, grunting as he navigated the near-absolute mass ofmess on the floor, shifting, twisting, turning, and leaping asnecessary to avoid stepping on- or in- something unpleasant. Hefinally succeeded in making it to the kitchen table, depositing thebags of food and other essentials on the surface before standing up(the weight had hunched him over) and cracking his neck. "You areunbelievable..." the man muttered, taking slight pleasure in notingthat the cool dude hadn't messed up his kitchen. "Aye, can't I get a little bit of rest without you barging in anddisturbing my beauty sleep?" Lewa asked, a grin on his face as herushed into the kitchen, ruffling the brown hair of the other male. "Iswear, man, ye've got to calm down, relax, take a chill pill" hecontinued, still grinning. "Besides, what could have gotten yourknickers in such a twist?" Pohatu grunted, shooting a sideways glare at the face of theapartment's other resident. "I leave for work for five hours, get homeafter six and a half, and the entire living room is a nightmare.That's why my knickers are so twisted" he growled out, ignoring Lewa'ssnickers. "Besides, I thought you were sick. What in the world couldyou have been doing that made such a terrific mess of the place?" heasked, raising an eyebrow in expectation. "I swear, if you had a partyinstead of coming to work..." Lewa laughed and smiled sheepishly. "Well, funny story. I had a nicegirl over, we were just hanging out. We were cuddlin on the couch,cuddling a lil' bit, and out of nowhere the lass just slaps me coldacross the face!" He widened his eyes in mock surprise, obviouslyenjoying his act. "I don't have any idea, not the slightest norfoggiest of notions why such a fine young lady would feel that she hadto resort to violence- especially with such a sensitive beast asmeself" he finished, grinning madly. Pohatu groaned and rolled his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Right. What did I say about having people over? And what did I say about having girls over, especially when you are supposed to be working" he scolded, sighing and reaching into his jacket pocket for a small red-and-white carton. "And before you say anything, I'm going to do it outside, and yes, I know it'll kill me early on, but you're already doing it" he said as Lewa opened his mouth. He walked over to the sliding door that separated the balcony from the apartment, opening it and stepping out into the foggy night. Lewa watched with a frown as his brown-haired friend lit another dreadful cancer stick; yes he knew Pohatu was under lots of stress, but there had to be a better way to deal with it than smoking. After a few moments of smoking, the older male sighed and stepped back into the house, smiling at Lewa as he flicked the butt out into the street below before closing and locking the sliding door. "So," he started, smiling at his friend, "up for Chinese?-------------------Might make it into a series of short stories or an epic if there's enough interest.
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I could just end my suffering. But it would be too cowardly. They'll just come and laugh on my grave. I've got to survive. To see their undoing and to win this chess game with heaven.

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