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One-Stop S & T Rules Topic

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#1 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Jun 21 2011 - 10:51 PM

Welcome to the one-stop topic for S&T Rules, Official Topics, Contest History, and more. :)


The Storyline and Theories forum is where all discussion of the Bionicle storyline belongs, and where evidence-based theories about the storyline go. Also allowed here are question topics about the story.



S&T Rules & Policies

Useful Story Resources

Contest History


Official Topics

These topics are always revivable (see end of rules post for details).


Official Greg Compendium

Official Red Star Guide

Official Velika Guide


NEW! Bionicle Generation 1 Misconceptions

And: Discussion Topic


Expanded Multiverse Discussion Topic

Official Expanded Multiverse Reference Topic

Story Submission Topic



[NOTE: This topic is still a work-in-progress from the old version. Please bear with me, and remember that Rule #1, the reference to BZP-wide rules (with link) is always in effect. Most S&T rules are simply a restatement of those rules.]

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#2 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Jun 22 2011 - 01:15 AM

Storyline and Theories Rules
1. Obey all general BZPower rules, as found in the Reference Desk.
2. No flaming. This essentially means insulting people. Before you submit your post, ask yourself if you have let slip an insult, and edit it out. And in general, calm down and remember this is all about entertainment. Chill and stuff.   :) Note: Posting in all caps is considered yelling which can be seen as flaming, so is also not allowed.
3. No trolling. This is a murky issue that basically means being stubbornly antagonistic or hostile -- failing to be cordial and polite even while disagreeing, for example -- without actually clearly flaming. This sparks others to flame, making them look like the culprit when really the troller is. In other words, to quote the main BZPower rules, it is "trying to force someone into an argument".
Note: Please do not confuse trolling with disagreement. This is a discussion site and so we do want you to speak your mind, but to do so politely and remember that we are a community.   :) By the same token, please do not act offended if someone expressed disagreement with you, and do not claim that they have no right to do so.
4. No spam. Posts must add to the discussion's subject. Stay on topic, and avoid "repetition & agreement spam", which basically means posting the same thing others have already posted or just quoting them and saying "I agree". (Note: Some topics ask for individual opinions on a subjective subject, and simple agreement posts in those are not necessarily spam. But in for example a topic asking for a canon answer to a storyline question, they would be spam. Many members seem to have trouble judging the difference -- basically, if there is a single objective answer that can't be logically debated, there's no need to add agreement.)
5. No confusing titles. The title must tell everybody what the topic is about -- any that don't should be edited by staff to clarify things. 
6. No topic revival past 60 days since the latest post. The official topics are exempt from this and may be revived at any time.
7. Do not make "dupe" topics, which means a topic about the same specific subject as an existing active topic (meaning a topic that hasn't "died" by going past the revival limit). Before posting a new topic you should skim the current topic titles in S&T and if you find one about what you wanted to talk about, simply post in it. 
8. Do not post your topic more than once. If you get a Mail error, or "Page cannot be displayed" when posting a topic, do NOT click "Back." Close the window, and bring BZP up in a new one, so that you can get back to this forum, and check to see if your topic really did go through. Most times it has.
Note: The exception to both of the above rules is if the previous topic (either by you or someone else) has died, but you think there is still room for discussion. In such cases you may repost the old topic, but please include a note about it as you do.
9. No offensive/inappropriate language or content, and avoid controversial subjects. Note: Occasional comparisons of Bionicle storyline aspects to controversial real-world subjects may be acceptable if they are done very carefully, but are best avoided because they tend to get out of line too, and Bionicle isn't the real world anyways. (But comments about such subjects posted only for their own sakes will be removed; find other sites to discuss them.) Above all, remember this is a family-friendly site.
10. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, please PM me and I'll try to answer in a timely fashion.   :)
Allowed Topics 
*Theories on the official storyline, based on evidence. (See "theory definition" section below for more.)

Questions about the official storyline (sometimes answered and closed, but left open if remaining questions have no definite answer, etc.).

Comments/observations/praise/criticisms about the storyline. 
Asking for "like or dislike" opinions/reactions about story-only subjects.

* "What I/you would do differently" topics about the storyline

* "What if" (alternate events and theorizing on their results) topics -- used to be banned due to too many, but now allowed again to encourage more discussion. Although we should still try to stick relatively close to what we can reasonably extrapolate; in-depth storytelling about alternate scenarios are usually better made into a fanfic story in the Library.
Prohibited Topics 
No speculation topics. (See "theory definition" section below for more. Basically these try to guess at what is canon -- however, within reason they may be okay if they're simply rephrased as a "what I'd do differently" topic) 
No coincidence topics, such as "Makuta reminds me of the LOST Smoke Monster! Discuss!". 
No "little mistakes" topics, such as about comic artwork flubs (although there's a gray line here with criticism topics). 
No "post-it-here" topics, which means a topic trying to act like an official "only post about this subject here" topic, or a topic providing no content and asking repliers to make the content. (A topic that asks a specific question does not count as this, although there's some gray areas.)
Theory Definition
S&T uses a very precise set of definitions of words related to theories, which are often confused for varying definitions in common parlance and jargon, so this little guide will clearly define them to avoid future confusion. There isn't any new canon story anymore, but there are still various unanswered questions about old story we can still theorize about, and Greg Farshtey, Christian Faber, and a few others have still recently revealed tidbits of relevant information. By the way, these are essentially the definitions used in proper science and in standard English in general, with the exception that "speculation" is usually more informal than we use it here.
"Theory" -- A theory is an idea that hopes to predict future story revelations, or present a reasonable explanation or occurance or the like, based on "evidence." You may post topics about your story theories, or post similar related theories to someone else's in their topic for sake of conversation there. 
Note: Theories may be disproven sometimes and closed; this doesn't mean that you broke any rules by posting it, but merely that once it's disproven, there is nothing left to discuss. So such topics are treated like question topics and closed because they are answered, more or less. [This almost never comes up nowadays, except for topic-starter closure requests.]
"Evidence" -- This means some canon fact that is already known, which could be used to support a theory, but doesn't absolutely prove it to definately be true. Evidence can be interpreted in many different ways based on your "presuppositions" or starting assumptions, and often what will seem like good evidence for one theory to one member will to another member seem the exact opposite. Please do not be surprised or alarmed at this -- it's normal. And please remember not to tear down others for having a theory you disagree with; rather try to congratulate them for being creative and thinking, even as you disagree, because we want as much story discussion as we can get.   :)
"Proof" -- This refers to things that are known absolutely to be true, with no room for logical debate against them, in the canon storyline. A lot of members get confused about this, thinking that a theory is illegitimate if it isn't proven, but that would miss the point of theories to begin with. Also, we do not use the term "proof" to refer to evidence for theories to keep things clear. In other words, if an idea is proven, it's already canon fact and not a theory.
As a rule, you should treat even your own theories with granules of salt, and not invest yourself emotionally in "demanding" it must be true. Just see your theories as one possibility, and be prepared for the strong possibility, no matter how good your evidence, that it isn't the case. 
Note: Be careful when assuming something is proven. Sometimes people think something is a fact when it is actually only strongly inferred or implied.
"Speculation" -- This isn't allowed as only content of a topic startpost. Speculation is exactly the same as theories in one way -- it's cool story ideas that often could very well turn out to be true. We do not wish to put a damper on the imagination -- quite the opposite. But speculation is very different in an important way -- it has no evidence; it's just something that "MIGHT" be true. There IS, however, a gray area where speculation can be okay in replies to a theory; in response to one person's theory about a well-known mystery, you could simply say "I tend to feel this other idea is the answer, though I don't really have good evidence, so I applaud your evidenced-theory." And such an aside comment can even be okay in a topic's startpost content, as long as your main theory is not dependent on it (for example, a brief comment speculating on how your basic theory could be expanded on in the story). Also, of course, non-canon storyline ideas are greatly encouraged to be turned into fan fiction stories and posted in BZPower's Library forum divisions.  :)
Spoiler Policy

The standard spoiler policy is two weeks of tagging for new media.  In other words, when referring to plot events from a new book, web episode, etc, you should use spoiler tags for at least two weeks after wide release.  After that, you can discuss plot points freely.
Official Topics Policy

There are only a few current official topics. Unfortunately since BZP's archives were almost completely lost, a wide variety of the old official topics, which had detailed factlists, are also gone. On the upside, almost every relevant factoid can be found at BIONICLEsector01. The policy details are:


1) There are two kinds of official topics, both of which are revivable at any time as long as the topic is open.


2) For a normal Official topic (that lacks the word "Guide" in its title), all discussion on the subject it is about belongs in that topic. Other topics on the same subject may only be made with permission from staff. [The only current, canon-related topic that this applies to is the Greg Compendium, and that is not even absolute, as guide style topics about certain subjects not (yet) covered by Official Guides are usually okay. It does apply to the Multiverse fanon Official Topics as well, but only for S&T, as fanfics based on it belong of course in the Library.]


3) For an Official Guide topic, other topics on that subject may, yes, may be made without permission. These topics serve as one optional, always-revivable place where members can post about the subject if they so choose, and to have their factlists for easy reference to common questions related to that subject.

Edited by GSR, Jul 08 2016 - 11:36 PM.
Updating spoiler policy.

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#3 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Jun 22 2011 - 06:05 PM

Useful Story Resources
Besides the above resources, there are several other places you can go to find information, images, and the like about the Bionicle story. The following are the top recommended such places:
BIONICLEsector01 Wiki
With in-depth references pages on a plethora of Bionicle storyline subjects, editable by all site members and checked carefully by a diligent staff, this is the top resource for Bionicle story on the internet.

Biomedia Project

Much Bionicle content such as comics and games are archived here.
Online Serials
The later additions to the Bionicle storyline by Greg Farshtey are compiled in a BZPower topic here. They are also on Biosector01 and Biomedia.
The official website focusing exclusively on the Bionicle storyline [as archived on Biomedia]. After the end of the main storyline and the sets, this is the main place the story is continued through, with updated story serials. There are also reference pages and more.


Greg Farshtey Q&A at the LEGO.com Message Boards

This is the place where fans can still ask Greg questions and occasionally get a tidbit of new info about the story. The above link is where you can see just Greg's posts (he goes by ScribeGT6817), as pointed out by TheSkeletonMan939. See the Official Greg Compendium for records of some of the most interesting of these from JAG18, extensive Q&A archives from when Greg used to answer questions here on BZP, provided by fishers64, and recent major updates thanks to Erebus. To ask questions of Greg at the LMB topic, you'll have to be logged in to a LEGO.com account.


The Faber Files

Christian Faber was one of the people who worked behind the scenes on concept art and development; he has a popular blog where, among other things, he reveals concept art and planning-stage ideas behind Bionicle, often relevant to the canon story. Above link is to his Bionicle category of entries; you can see entries related to other things he has worked on via the menu at the top.


Useful S&T Topics:


fishers64 has compiled a list of Greg answers to major questions and misconceptions about the story near the end: What Greg Farshtey Has To Say About Recent Storyline.

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#4 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Jun 22 2011 - 06:07 PM

Contest HistoryThere are three main kinds of contests in S&T:S&T denotes official Storyline and Theories contests, which often add something to the story canon with Greg's permission.KJ/TC denotes contests advertised in pinned S&T topics, run by the KanohiJournal, usually in tandem with The Chronicler (previously called IDBM; the Unofficial German Bionicle Magazine).EM denotes noncanon Expanded Multiverse contests (previously called EU; Expanded Universe), with the theme of contributing to a "fanon" collection of characters, items, and more that are freely available for any fan to use in your own fanfics, roleplaying, games, whatever.Voting for all three of these contest series previously occured in the Story Voting forum; it will now belong in voting forums on the new forum as needed.Also:GF denotes special contests run by Greg Farshtey himself, also often to add something to the story canon.Italics denotes an archive forum link, thus an automatic logout. Non-italics and bolded links go to this forum and will not log you out.S&T Contest #1: Treespeak in Metru Nui? Name It! | Grand Final Poll | Results TopicGF Contest #1: Bohrok in the Maze of Shadows Game | Results TopicS&T Contest #2: A Thousand Years Untold | Leftover Judging | Voting Schedule | Results TopicGF Contest #2: Great Beings Contest | Winners & Answers PostGF Contest #3: The Next Chronicler | Results TopicGF Contest #4: Toa Mahri Masks | News Article with ResultsGF Contest #5: Bionicle Trivia ContestS&T Contest #3: What If? | Final Poll | Results TopicS&T Contest #4 / EM#1: Xian Weapons! | Results Topic | BRC Fanon Collection TopicS&T Contest #5: Bionicle Time Capsule | Results Topic | BRC Topic (coming soon)EM Contest #2: Name the Expanded Multiverse! | Results Topic | BRC Fanon Collection TopicEM Contest #3: Denizens | Results TopicEM Contest #3.5 / Bones Blog Contest #7: Multiverse Guide Art! | Results EntryIDBM Contest #3: Desert Birdwatching | Results TopicEM Contest #4: Tyrants | Results TopicKJ Contest #3: Call of the Wild | Results Topic (for both #3 & #4)S&T Contest #6: A Thousand Years Untold 2 | ResultsEM Contest #5: Vehicles! | ResultsKJ/TC Contest #4: Nikila Artwork | Results Topic (for both #3 & #4)KJ/TC Contest #5: Lesovikk's Hiatus (Probably will now never be finished)EM Contest #6: Wildlife | Results TopicGF Contest #6: Name that GB | Who It Isn't (Might now never be revealed)EM Contest #7: Shard Moons [original topic; this contest will be restarted since the archiving]EM Contest #7 RESTARTED: Shard MoonsS&T Contest #7: Memoirs of the Dead

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#5 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Feb 11 2012 - 10:38 AM

key_to_nongu_th.pngClick thumbnail to see award fullsizeThis is the list of winners of the [color=#A05200;]bonesiii Gold Key to Nongu Award[/color]. It has been moved from my blog (prone-to-disappearing) sidebar (thanks to fishers64 for putting together the corrected code after I messed it up lol).[color=#FF0000;]NOMINATE A THEORY HERE![/color]Congrats to you many members who won. The theories weren't always right, but the members used thought to try to unravel the secrets of Bionicle (amidst the incredibly complex backdrop of Bionicle factoids, even a very-wrong theory can display incredible thought and research put into it). [color=#0000ff;]Normal links open to the old forum and will log you out;[/color] [color=#008000;]green links go to the new forum[/color].Makuta 2 -- 2008 Villain?by: TakunaThe Puzzle Comes Togetherby: Toa of KennThe Second Makutaby: Axinian the ChroniclerThe Return Of The Toa Nuvaby: AdventurerStaff Of Artahkaby: Great Being #1The Truth Of Karzahni's Visionby: Bioran23Mata Nui's Awakening And The End Of A Storyby: AdventurerThe Toa Nuva's New Armorby: BionusThe Four Horseman Theoryby: Dirk2008 Location(s) Theoriesby: -Keoni-Surface Dwellers?by: TransairionThe Soul-Beaker Hypothesisby: SPIRITHow Kanohi Masks Of Power Work...by: Takuma NuvaWhy The Makuta Have Adaptive Weaponsby: Takua the WandererThe Mutagen Gets Revealed.... And You Might Be Surprisedby: Toa of KennThe Science Behind The Rahi Virusesby: SPIRITThe Brotherhood's Master Planby: Bioran23Why The Makuta Mistika Are Weakerby: Danska: Shadow MasterThe Big Pictureby: PlanetpersonHow The Matoran Universe Works – A Theoretical Guideby: Nuhrii the MetruanColor And Heatby: Baron Von NebulaAs For Who I Amby: PaleoOrigin Of The Makutaby: Primis[color=#008000;]The Ackar Theorum Of Elemental Powers[/color]by: tent163phantoka[color=#008000;]Those Bothersome Blade Burrowers - A Theory[/color]by: fishers64[color=#008000;]On Making A Toa[/color]by: Chuck the Toa of crazyness[color=#008000;]Theory: Purpose of Antidermis?[/color]by: Podu[color=#008000;]A Minor Theory about Toa Seals and the Nuva Cube[/color]by: XyzTheDay!



[color=#008000;]Conjecture on Matoran (Language) Morphology[/color]by: QuestionMark


[color=#008000;]Protodermis[/color]by: Dual Matrix


A Slice of Matoran Etymology by: Tolkien

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