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RPG Forum Contest 23 Submissions

RPG Contest RPGC23

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Posted Feb 29 2012 - 10:52 PM

RPG Forum Text-Based RPG Contest 23 SubmissionsAll RPG Contest 22 Entries should be posted here. They will be added to the list as we get around to it; don't fret if your entry isn't on the list immediately after you post it.You have until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, March 24th to submit entries.NOTICE: If there is a note by your entry saying that it does not meet the requirements, reread the Contest Rules and then send Black Six a PM if you are still not sure of what is wrong with your entry. You have until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, March 24th to edit your post and fix your entry.Also, please be sure to check out the RPG Contest Topic for important updates and announcements.You can review others' entries in the Review Topic.
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#2 Offline Toa Kovolta

Toa Kovolta
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Posted Mar 01 2012 - 09:38 PM

Posted ImageTrapped in a Map

The Carver looked out his window at the crowd milling about in the market below. He carefully scanned the throng, checking out each Matoran, deciding which one he should choose. Finally, he settled on an Onu-Matoran with decorative gold shoulder armour.His choice made, the Carver activated his mask power. His eyes briefly glowed red as dozens upon dozens of names started to float above the heads of the Matoran in the crowd, visible only to the Carver. Silently, he sought out the Onu-Matoran’s among all the others. Finding it, he memorized it and bent down to write it down on the map carved into the tablet in front of him. The name flashed three times then dissolved into the stone.The Carver straightened and looked once more out the window. The Onu-Matoran, and his distinctive golden armour, was gone!


You are a citizen of the Matoran Universe, or, at least, you were. Now you are the victim of someone known only as the Carver, a sinister Toa who likes to “play” with beings like you. Your new home is simply called the Map, because it is a map, carved into a tablet by the Carver, and you are trapped inside. Now you must find a way to escape, or forever live with your destiny carved out by the Carver…


The WorshippersMostly made up of those who have been trapped in the Map the longest, they are the rulers of the City. They are so called, because they have given up on escape and believe that by worshipping the Carver, he will grant them an easier life in the Map. Many disagree with their way of thinking but must live under their rule because of their large sphere of influence. They control all distribution of food and water through the use of the City Law Enforcers.City Law EnforcersA sub-faction of the Worshippers, they are a large group of citizens, mostly big, tough ones, who keep order in the City according to the Worshippers’ rule. They either firmly believe in or have been convinced of the Worshippers’ ideology. Their two main tasks are to control the distribution of food and water throughout the city, and to subdue anyone who speaks out against the Worshippers’ Rule and the Carver, lest the Carver get angry.Other FactionsFactions may be created by players. This is highly encouraged, it will increase the fun in the game. They do not need to be approved, but if I don’t like the direction one is going, I will ask it to disband.All The RestAll those characters who do not agree with the Worshippers, or just don’t care about what goes on in the City, and are not part of a player made faction.

LocationsPosted Image

The CityA big city that occupies the most of the Map. It is completely enclosed by a tall, sturdy wall. There is only one gate in this wall, and it has been sealed due to the outlying land being called unsafe. The City houses (almost) all the inhabitants of the Map, and is therefore very busy and crowded. It was partly built carved out by the carver, but as more and more people arrived in the map, the inhabitants started to build it up more to accommodate the influx in population.The PalaceThe most prominent building in the City. It is the headquarters of the Worshippers. It is a large hexagonal building that is mazelike inside, and it rises high up over the surrounding buildings to look out over the whole city. It is surrounded by a low wall and is heavily guarded by the City Law Enforcers.The TempleThe second largest building in the city. It is a temple that has been dedicated to worshipping the Carver. It is a circular building consisting of one main floor and one turret. From above it looks a bit like the first letter of the Matoran alphabet, symbolizing that the Carver comes first above all else. Services are constantly being held in dedication to the Carver.The BarracksThe headquarters of the City Law Enforcers. A rectangular building located in the northeast corner of the city, this place crawls with the menacing figures. The basement consists of statis canisters where unlawful citizens are placed for certain amounts of time.The Royal GardensThe only gardens in the Map, as well as the only source of food. Workers cultivate this food and the Worshippers distribute it.The WellThe only source of water in the the City. Water is brought up from underground into the city via this well. Water can be gathered from here, but it is also distributed by the worshippers. Long lines can often be seen.The MarketThe busiest part of the City. Food and water is distributed from here. Venders gather from all over the City, trying to sell their goods, whatever they may be.The TunnelsA maze of tunnels under the surface of the Map, the entrance of which is just west of the Palace. Precious materials are mined from these tunnels, but many other beings and creatures roam these tunnels, and the entrance is not the only exit… However, it is important to note that at a certain point below ground the "earth/rock" becomes a mysterious substance which is immune to the elemental powers of Toa.The Outlying LandThe territory surrounding the city is flat and barren, inhabited mostly by Rahi. However, some beings who disagree with the ways of the Worshippers have found ways out of the city, in hopes of finding escape. It is deemed unsafe because the map is cracking and breaking around the edges.The Lake of LifeThe source of all water in the Map. It is a large lake in the northwestern corner of the Map. It’s water comes from underground and then flows off the edge of the Map through the two rivers: the River of Death and the River of Life.The Outcast TowersA group of tall structures in the southwest corner of the Map. They rise high above all other buildings in the Map, including the Palace and the Temple. They used to be the headquarters of the Worshippers, but were abandoned when the outlying land was deemed unsafe. Now they are mostly deserted, home only to rahi and rogue citizens.

Character Profiles

Who are you? Have you given up on escape and now worship the Carver? Or do you still resent the Carver for trapping you in the Map? Or perhaps you’ve just arrived in the Map and still don’t quite know what happened?Whoever you are, you must submit a profile of your character in the profile topic. Be sure to include a detailed description of your character. All profiles must be submitted in the following format:
[b]Name:[/b] [Bionicle sounding][b]Gender:[/b] [male / female][b]Species:[/b] [any species is acceptable (including your own) within reason. if you are a toa or matoran or etc. please indicate your element][b]Affiliation:[/b] [Worshippers / City Law Enforcers / Other / None][b]Trapped:[/b] [have you been trapped long, or have you just arrived][b]Weapons/Tools:[/b] [be reasonable][b]Powers:[/b] [any other powers, again be reasonable][b]Appearance:[/b] [brief description or picture][b]Bio:[/b] [anything of importance of your character’s personality, goals, life, etc.]
Profiles must be reviewed and approved by myself or another staff member, if a profile is incomplete or does not follow the rules, you will be asked to fix the problems before you can start playing. As well, players are only allowed to have three characters to start.


The following are profiles of the Non-Player Character, which will be controlled by myself throughout the game to help the plot move forward, and add challenges for your characters to face.Name: The CarverGender: MaleSpecies: Toa (Element unknown, assumed to be stone)Affiliation: NoneTrapped: Not Trapped, but the Trapper.Weapons/Tools: Carving tools.Powers: (Elemental Power of Stone?) Mask of Shinigamieyes Namevision, allows him to see a being’s name above their head.Appearance: Unknown.Bio: He was once betrayed by one of his fellow Toa and ever since has had a rotten view of the universe. He traps people in his map and has fun “playing” with them like dolls in a dollhouse.Name: CarmeraGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxAffiliation: Leader of the WorshippersTrapped: One of the first ever trapped.Weapons/Tools: A laser pulse pistol that she keeps at her hip at all times.Powers: Manipulative and quick witted. A silver tongue.Appearance: Tall, with spiky black armour with blood red highlights.Bio: Carmera was once a black market businesswoman. She is the one who sold the Carver the special stone tablet that the Map is carved out of, but she got greedy when she found out just how powerful the tablet was and asked for more money, confronting and threatning the Carver. When the Carver refused, she shot him with her laser pistol. Before it hit its target however, the Carver had speedily carved her name into the Map, transferring her and the laser pulse to the mysterious world.At fisrt she was determined to escape, but through the powers of the tablet the Carver attacked her every time she strayed out of line, once almost bringing her to death. With her newfound fear in the Carver, she turned to worship him so he wouldn’t bring his powerful wrath down on her again. Using her manipulative ways, she convinced many of the others, and there were now many, who were trapped to do the same.Now the edges of the Map are cracked and unstable, and the damage is moving closer to the city. She fears it’s some new form of the Carver’s anger, because there are so many newcomers who do not agree with the Worshippers’ ways. So she is cracking down harder than ever in her rule, which is causing even more conflict.


Recently more and more beings are being trapped, causing many disturbances in the City. Most of those recently trapped aren’t quick to submit to the rule and ideology of the Worshippers. Conflicts are breaking out and the City Law Enforcers can’t handle them all. The City is on the verge of breaking up.Write about your characters’ struggle to survive in this rugged world and the challenges they face as they try to achieve their goals.


Rules and guidelines to be followed at all times during the game:- BZP standard rules and guidelines.- Respect the staff and the other players.- Use IC (In character) and OOC (Out of character) when posting in the game topic.---> A good habit for when using IC, would be to also state the character’s name, where they are, what they are doing, and other character that may be nearby.---> ie. IC / the Carver / in his hut / carving into the Map:- When fighting other players be reasonable and take a hit once in a while.- Do not GodMod.- Do not kill other players.- Be reasonable when creating characters and in your IC posts.---> ie. No giving yourself super powerful Kanohi.---> ie. Don’t say you're at the Palace and then a second later you're at the Outcast Towers.---> ie. Don’t all of a sudden kill twenty NPC's.---> ie. etc.- Have fun! (Failure to comply with this rule is punishable by immediate banning! :P )Punishments:Please follow the rules so I do not have to use these.1. A warning.2. An injury or loss of a weapon or something. For example, loss of an arm.3. One character dies.4. All characters die, and player is banned for a week.5. Permanent Banning.Awards: I may give out extras throughout the game depending on how it goes. These would be things like extra characters and special items falling out of the sky.


Concerning the mechanics of the Map:- When the Carver traps someone in the Map:----> The person's name is carved into the Map, this can be seen happenning in the sky above the Map.----> The name flashes three times, both on the tablet and in the sky.----> The being then has a gut wrenching feeling as the world starts to spin and the start to disappear from where they are in the Matoran Universe.----> Their body slowly fades away and then slowly appears in the Map below where their name was carved.- Time in the map is slower than that outside of it.----> Because of this, it takes several posts for a name to be carved into the map.----> Also because of this, when the name flashes in the sky, it creates a bright light that lasts several minutes for each flash, making it really hard to look at the sky. If you're out in the open for too long when this happens, you will be temporarily blinded.- The Carver can trap any living creature in the Map, this includes Rahi.- In the world of the Map:----> The "ground" beneath it continues to infinity. There is no other side of the Map.----> The sky continues infinitely up. Just as the space around the Map and its infinite cliff does in each direction.----> Gravity pulls down perpendicular to the Map everywhere.----> There is a sun that creates night and day, by rotating around the Map at an angular axis.--------> It rises over the eastern cliffs and sets over the western cliffs.--------> It is night when the this sun is below the horizon of northern cliffs.Regarding Time:- This RPG takes place approximately 2000 years before the Great Cataclysm.- It has been a little over 1000 years since the Carver started trapping people in the Map in real time.----> Thats about 60,000 in the time of the Map.


- MyselfIf by sheer luck this RPG does win, I will request extra staff. Other staff members have all approving and punishment powers, etc. As well, I would like for these persons to create a characters to serve as the head of the City Law Enforcers and the like that they would rp as.


Thanks to all those who have supported, voted for, reviewed and provided suggestion for this RPG. Your help is much appreciated!

Edited by Toa Kovolta, Mar 24 2012 - 05:35 PM.

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Posted Mar 03 2012 - 02:20 PM

Knives in the Dark

Welcome, you pitiful, worthless speck of a being, to the land of darkness. What is going on here, you ask? This is a reality created of the nightmares of matoran. This is a reality where Teridax won. This is a reality where he killed Mata nui, and didn’t simply put him in a mask. This is a reality of death, pain, and hunger. This is a land of darkness, and a land of shadow. This is a land based solely on the rule of Knives in the Dark. Take what you want, and don't show mercy. Doing so is often fatal.The Toa Mata have died in the Karda-Nui energy storm, no one is left to save you. The Toa Mahri and The Toa Hagah have been destroyed by the new great spirit. The Shadowed one’s pitiful army has been conquered. The Order of Mata-nui, with all their power, fell before the might of Teridax. Welcome to your worst possible nightmare.In this RPG, the matoran universe has become a war zone, with warlords fighting and killing each other every minute of the day. Teridax has been mysteriously quiet since taking over, and his shadows seem to be elsewhere, focusing on something else. Toa are small in number, and most matoran slave for Teridax, or attempt to hide from his ever watching gaze.There are six warlords that rule the islands of the Matoran Universe. Lord Darkon, Toa Decrax, Siren, Ajax, Anubis, and Sinmear. These six warriors, mages, and rouges all want the southern continent for themselves. There seems to be something hidden there, considering every other factor and resource of the island. Many speculations have arose, but we still do not know what is there. Until the plot advances, players are banned from going there. (unless said otherwise)There are seven Factions you can be. Neutral, or a warrior / agent / enforcer of one of the six warlords. Your character may not physically interact with their warlord (If they have one) But they can speak to them and be in their presence. Before you go and chose Neutral, remember, you will be under the protection of a mighty ruler. Who knows. Maybe they will even give you tools for a mission once and awhile.Lord DarkonName: Lord DarkonGender: UnknownSpecies: UnknownAppearance: Extremely tall, (8 foot 4) with large, spiky, and bulky gunmetal armor that hides shape of body and face. Never takes off his/her spiked helmet that resembles Sauron's.Powers: UnknownFavorite War Weapons: UnknownLord Darkon is ruler over the great city of Metru-Nui. He/She is a very mysterious and quiet ruler, going to war when He/She must, and settling riots quickly and efficiently. His/Her motives are unknown. Not many files of information exist about Lord Darkon, but from what is known, She/He should be feared. Are you looking for a place to lie low for awhile? Avoid too many questions? Come and go as you please? Metru-Nui sounds like the right place for you. Just beware, when there's a war, Darkon's going to draft you.Toa DecraxName: Toa DecraxGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of PlasmaAppearance: Decked out in full battle armor, skin a vibrant orange with strokes of maroon. Face is constantly contorted in a scowlPowers: Plasma control, Mask powers.Favorite War Weapons: Kanohi Pakari, Kanohi Jutlin, and Kanohi Crast. Uses a hybrid between a broadsword and a great sword for most battles.Toa Decrax. A name that makes every one of his citizens shudder. Ruler over Stelt and Odina, Decrax had wealth, property, power, everything a normal ruler could want. He wants more. Decrax's motives are simple. Take over every land mass in the Matoran Universe. Toa Decrax is hungry for the happiness he gains by conquering, and is always in war. His recent take over of stelt makes him a bigger threat to both Ajax and Siren. War is expected. Does a pillage sound like fun to you? How about a full battle field? Like axes, Maces, Great-swords, and the such? Sounds like Toa Decrax's empire is the place for you.SirenName: SirenGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxAppearance: A Dark grey and teal body, with silver highlights. Very slender, very tall, considered extremely beautiful by most species (The exception is Zyglak, of course). Constantly dressed in expensive armor and clothes that she uses to show off her wealth. Eyes are light blue, with white pupils.Powers: Elemental Control over Sonics. Seems to have a hypnotizing effect on those who look at her.Favorite War Weapons: A bow and arrow created out the strongest wood around that she can channel her powers through. A necklace composed out of power discs that grants her the powers of three Kanohi that she can use separately. The Kanohi in question are Mask Of Quick Travel, Mask of Stealth, and Mask of Conjuring.Siren. Enticing. Lovely. Beautiful. These are words used to describe her. Perhaps deadly would be a better description. Siren is the sadistic and by many standards, evil ruler of Xia and Karzahni. Her motives are thought to consist of gathering as much land mass as possible, and having all her enemies as slaves. She loves toying with her enemies, spreading false rumors, leaving them false tips by “accident” And the such. If you wish to confront her, do so with extreme caution. Siren's lands are filled with Merchants, Black smiths, Mercenaries, and People who use others for their gain. Sound like your guy/girl? Well then, Siren welcomes you to her kingdom with open arms. Watch out for that hidden palm blade.AjaxName: AjaxGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAppearance: Black, with a face resembling Avak's mixed with Rediak's. Gunmetal secondary color/armor. Has strange white eyes that seem to glow. As buff as a normal Skakdi, but slightly taller, with a more snake-like spine that has only a single line of spikes going down it. (like a xenomorph's back) Normally dressed in spiked and demonic looking armor, with a long flowing cape.Powers: - Elemental Control over Gravity. (when used with another Skakdi, of course) A unique vision power of chain lighting (His eyes‘ glow intensifies, and a large burst of chain lighting shoots out) that has to recharge after every use. The special power of creating, absorbing and controlling bony extension that come out of his body. (Ever heard of Marrow from X-Men? Like that, except they don't fall out, but stay in.)Favorite War Weapons: A Japanese Yari, two Sap Gloves, and a Xian weapon that fires beams of pure electricity.Ajax is a dark, brooding warlord that strives to leave his current position of power for a higher, more Omni-potent one. Ajax is never happy with where he is, and will step over your body to reach a higher position. He is currently in possession of Zakaz and the Northern Continent, and rules them with a iron fist, a very large tyrannical and corrupt police force, and a network of spies. Warning to any rebels on those islands; Death is your most probable future. Are you a evil, shadow-y , or a plain-out-corrupted-power-hungry-scum-bag? Yes? Well, Ajax's army of spies and enforcers working for self-gain is probably the only place were you'll be accepted.AnubisName: AnubisGender: MaleSpecies: Hybrid created by energized protodermisAppearance: Body is humanoid, but has four arms, Two upper larger ones, and two lower smaller and thinner ones. His face resembles a jackal, (I wonder why?) complete with ears, a sensitive nose, and animal like eyes. Rest of body is covered in plated armor, and back is covered in heavy armor. Is black, with gold highlights and such.Powers: Elemental control over shadow, increased speed, strength, resistance, and intelligence. Thought to posses Psionics as well.Favorite War Weapons: Twin large sickles that shatter what ever they touch with a tremendous amount of force.Anubis is a very different story. Often called “The Wizard of the West” And “The Dark Mage”, it is quite obvious that he is the only one of the warlords to use luck and the shadows to win his battles. He is constantly telling his citizens that they must strive to please Teridax, and the only way to do this is to take control of the southern continent. He is the Ruler of Artakha and the Artakha islands below it. While the other warlords are all fighting with firepower, brute strength, and numbers, Anubis’s forces are sneaking in the shadows that he has created, unseen and deadly. If your character is a rouge, shadow user, scout, or Assassin describes your character, I’d go with Anubis.SinmearName: SinmearGender: MaleSpecies: Unknown. (Undiscovered)Appearance: Is extremely skinny and lean, with large, white eyes, and a Skakdi like grin. Wears very large shoulder armor, preferring to leave the rest of him unprotected.Powers: Elemental Control over Plant life and Air. If a being is stupid enough to try to telepathically talk to him, they are confronted by a wall of white, pure noise. The ability to control Rahi and InsectsFavorite War Weapons: A double bladed sword that can split into two separate long swords.Sinmear is… different, to say the least. Insane would fit better. Completely, uncomprehendablely, utterly maddened would be the best. His motives consist of "Make the great spirit proud, and bring my rivals to their knees." Sinmear is the ruler of the numerous southern islands, sitting on a throne of trash, and controlling a army of misfits. He has not attempted peaceful contact with any other warlord. As you can tell, not much is known about him, and not many want to know anymore. If Insane, crazy, misfit, and strange best describes your character, this is your guy.Locations

Posted Image

You have 10 possible lands your character(s) can be . These are listed and described in their current state below.Metru-Nui: Metru-Nui still consists of six sections, though they have been changed greatly. Ta-Metru is now one gigantic factory, Ga-Metru a naval base, armed to the teeth, Le-Metru uses it’s chutes to send weapons and military supplies all over the city. Po-Metru is a training grounds and weapon testing facility, Onu-Metru filled with scientists studying nature so that they may use it’s danger for war. And Ko-Metru is one gigantic fortress and military intelligence base. The coliseum has been transformed into one gigantic palace, with the mysterious Lord Darkon living there.Zakaz: Zakaz is very different then it was before the takeover. The citizens of Ajax’s empire have all moved to the Northern continent, leaving Zakaz empty. That is, except for the military. The whole island is swarming with every type of danger, from foot soldiers to airships. Ajax himself normally is present there, overseeing the busy work-force. The west part of it contains mostly Naval and Airship workshops and harbors, while the east is mostly the footsoilders' barracks and training grounds, with a few small castle-like structures for commanders.Northern Continent: All of the citizen’s of Ajax’s empire reside in the Northern Continent, where they work hard and efficiently to build weapons and armor. They larger amount of N.C. citizens, the skakdi, are not as efficient as their Matoran co-workers, or as quick with their minds or hands like Vortixx, but they are excellent fighters, and perhaps the most loyal. Ajax is very proud of them, and often makes boasts and bets on how powerful and brave they are. Insulting their leader or their country will probably result in a serious beating, or stoning. If you were ignorant enough, maybe even death.Xia: Ah, Xia. Smoke bellowing from factories, and Vortixx run from here to there carrying weapons that could destroy a small squad of soliders when fired. Relaxing sounding, isn’t it? Well, It is if you’re a war-monger, who are the main focus of Xia’s factories. The only thing different from when the last ruler lived is a missing landmark. The mountain. Siren, to show her power, destroyed it when she was appointed. Xia’s workers normally live inside the factory, thus there are no huts or the such. Watch out for gangs. For some reason, they have been allowed to live un-challenged in the complex maze of factories. to the far east of theKarzahni: The north of Karzahni is currently being used to test weapons, unauthorized access normally results in imminent death, if you are lucky. The southern part of it, however is full of cities and villages, where many citizens live, performing all the other tasks required to keep Siren’s empire alive. Siren enjoys residing in a gigantic stone castle she has there. Watch out for the villagers' "Tools". They’re normally dangerous weapons.Artakha: Anubis’s personal kingdom, Artakha is filled with futuristic cites and clean skies on the inside, but on the outside, dangerous Rahi hunt for prey. Artakha himself disappeared when Teridax took over, and Anubis took full advantage of that. Anubis has made sure that classic smiths made all the weapons and tools required for keeping the city functioning, thus keeping the air clean, and the visibility maximum. Some consider Artakha to be one the happiest places to live. Others consider it unnerving. After all, a ruler that can watch you when you sleep isn't very reassuring.Artakha islands: Anubis’s idea of clean air, however, does not extend to the Isles directly below were his gleaming palace lay. The Artakha Islands each have respective hives of Factories making products of only one genre. For example, the top island produces only weapons. The second one produces ships. So on and so forth. Another Island below it is now occupied by a military intelligence base, complete with a full-blown security force. Anubis is said to personally work there, though this might be a rumor.Stelt: Stelt is occupied by a large military base named “Ground Zero” by it’s crew, referencing to how they think it’s the worst of the worse. If only they knew how wrong they were. The coast is occupied by three naval bases, each filled with ships of different kinds. Almost no workmen live on stelt, instead, all building is made by the army technicians.Odina: Odina is now one gigantic city, not that different from Metru-Nui. There’s even a gigantic coliseum in the center. Though, it’s used for… darker entertainment. Gladiator fights. The entire workforce of Decrax’s empire rests in the city, which is constantly patrolled by heavily armed guards, preferring to shoot first and ask questions later. Toa Decrax holds a tournament in his honor at random intervals, and occasionally, residents of the local prisons and dungeons are used in it. He also picks worthy-looking strangers off the street. Keep on your feet here, word of advice.The Two Southern Island Chains : These islands are Sinmear's lands, most of them are in terrible condition, their buildings trashy, and filled with dangerous Rahi. Most of the Islands are jungles with small villages, but there are a few that are only jungle, as well as mostly urbanized. Sinmear lives on either the very bottom left or right one, alternating between his "castles". The Southern Continent : This mysterious land is currently unavailable to players, and thus it shall not be visited. Also why it isn’t listed in the 12 possible lands for your character to occupy.How to Play:This game is like any other Text-based RPG.Never played a RPG before? Well, to explain it as simply as possible, you create a story with other players.Still confused? Here's a example of a post:

OOC: Hey, Randomguy1234, want to help? My character is swamped.IC: Cazr slashed wildly in front of him, activating his Kakama to allow him to reduce the arrow to wood shavings with a iron tip. He didn't see the kick coming however, and considering it was from the back, how could he? The foot connected with him, sending him sprawling, unhurt but stunned.

See? Good. IC Stands for In Character, and OOC Stands for Out Of Character, by the way.When you create a character, choose a alliance carefully. If you follow a Warlord, make sure you create a character that would be in his army. For instance, a hiding-in-the-shadows Rouge would most likely go under neath Anubis's banner. A fully-clad-in-armor-brute that enjoys battle would most likely be a follower of Decrax.Understand? Read the Warlord character pages carefully.This is the character form, use the space you have wisely.Name: (Please keep it bionicle-y. No ‘Billy bob’)Gender: (Male/Female. Unknown is a option too, but only if you make sure the Char has one, just he/she is not revealing it. Be inappropriate, and you get a strike.)Species: (No Makuta. Custom are fine)Appearance: (What does your character look like? What does he/she wear? What is his/her normal expression?)Powers: (I shall be looking at this, so overpoweredness Is not allowed. Looking at the warlords for a level power isn't a good Idea. They are supreme rulers, not citizens and army men.)Alliance: (Which warlord do you follow? None? Then put Neutral)Equipment: (You know, what does he/she have? This isn’t just weapons. Masks and stuff go here too)Bio: (please keep it short, I don‘t wish to spend a hour per character reading) Five characters a player. No more, no less.As for rules, the usual. -No godmodding. Godmodding is the act of being unfair, such as saying "My character launches a fireball, turning you to ashes, only to start victory dancing on your ashes", which states your attack hit, and that they can't do anything about it.-If you godmod, or at all act annoying, you shall meet the wrath of The Strike System. I'm sure you all know hwo baseball works, right? Strike one, strike two, strike three, you're out. Just that simple. But this time, each strike comes with a punish ment.-Strike 1 : Injury of your offending character.-Strike 2 : Death of your offending character. (You're allowed to make a new one)-Strike 3 : Banning from RPG. Oh, and later on, when the RPG really gets going, we shall have some interesting events. I’ll give you a teaser, just to be nice (Or is it mean?). Barraki, The Turaga and A surviving Makuta. Sound intriguing, doesn’t it?

Edited by Lord Darkon, Mar 08 2012 - 07:26 PM.

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Beating drums create a deafening roar through the jungles of Le-Wahi. Shrill, melodious flutes meet them. The two instruments intertwine into a beautiful rush of music. And yet, if you could see the field they are played on, you would not think so. The destruction being caused by the playing of those is easy to see on the bloody plain. Onu-Koro and Le-Koro are at war...War, I say? Indeed, though unlike war that most beings would immediately call to mind. Swords and axes are of no use here. Shields and armor of the conventional sort are useless. The weapons of choice are instruments. Massive earthen drums blasting deafening booms over the field. Long flutes of wind screeching death...Death is the art accomplished by this. You are no doubt wondering as you read this warning how music could be so vile, so bloody, so deadly. It is no simple music. The Matoran use their inner elemental strength combined together, with the help of any available Toa, to create these tools of war, these instruments of evil. The battle fields are more than just fields. They are three-dimensional plains filled with hills and cliffs and platforms and rivers and rahi of music...Music is our bane. The once sweet melodies played to soothe nerves now tear them to pieces, the sounds of joy used to brighten spirits now cut through souls. Everything involving a rhythm is filled with fear...Fear is the only emotion that I can display. I try to stop the madness. I try to stop the needless bloodshed. My entire rag-tag faction is trying to stop this madness. But the ones who realize this insanity are few, and the number rises and falls like a song itself. We will not fight by their methods. We won't fight using physical weapons if we can avoid doing so...So, this is my warning: Enter this cursed land at your own risk. Mata-Nui shall never be the same with or without you, but help would be welcome. The sheer fear of this apocalyptic noise is enough to stop a heart's beating...Beat and Rhythm"Our death is just a note away. We must stop this terrible devilry, or face the end of civilization."The antonym of all that is noble, good, just?Music.For time out of mind it has been used for many different purposes. A soft melody could soothe the nerves or lull a crying child to sleep. A joyful tune could lift one’s spirits or signify a victory. A mournful song could bring the hardiest of warriors to tears.Indeed, the wonder of music has amazed generation after generation. The art of playing instruments has been a well-kept and greatly-loved tradition. It has captivated the old and the young since it came into existence. Yet in despite, many things good become terrible tools of evil.It is a sad happening if that is the case. The formerly loved can become a taboo so great that even those that use it fear to speak openly of it. Music fell into this unfortunate position. How could anything so wonderful become so vile? The answer is painfully simple.A harmless spore of mold grows into a foul poison over food, destroying its worth. Thus was the case of this. A great toa musician of Le-Koro known as Sargune experimented with using music combined with elements to create living music you can see, touch, and still hear. He succeeded to a degree, becoming the most accredited artist of the time.Sargune’s elemental music took much practice to even begin to use properly, and even the toa himself had to concentrate ridiculously hard and was always tired after playing. Yet he kept using it, and the entirety of Mata-Nui became enthralled by the astounding phenomenon. Still, he never was able to figure out how to better control it, and he could produce no more than simple shapes.That was the spore, making way for the infection. Matoran - and indeed even toa - of black hearts experimented further, seeing the extent of which this wonder could be used. They found out the deathly power of what is now known as War Music.War Music takes Sargune’s principal of element-music combination and enhances it to the point where it can be easily controlled and formed into practically anything. As long as a toa is present, it is extremely easy even for matoran to use. And even if there are no toa to help, War Music can still be used effectively.But they didn't stop at just making it. They spread the mold over the continent, infecting the minds of the villagers. The villagers didn’t like how their neighboring Koro did this or that. And now they were super powerful and could kill the others. The tempers rose as each Wahi and the Koro within was threatened by their neighbors.It was obvious that war would soon break. Thus, five of the six Koros prepared for war. Each soldier learned how to use War Music. The villagers of both air and stone took a liking to instruments of wind-like sounds, the higher pitched for the former and lower for the latter. Earth matoran and toa chose massive instruments of concussion. Ga-Koro took to hydrophones and Ta-Koro to instruments of keys or chimes.A small fraction of these Koros were against War Music entirely. They fled and took refuge in Ko-Koro and Kini-Nui. These named themselves the Dissonance. Being lovers of peace, uninterrupted by most noise, the Ko-Matoran readily joined this blooming faction. They devised ways to fight against the Tribes of Rhythm, using weapons and armor such as vacuums, sound-absorption padding, and elemental disruptors.The war went well for a period of time. The Dissonance took great advantage of the fighting Koros, devastating armies already locked in combat. Ground was steadily gained, until they had roughly a fourth of each Wahi. Discord, the leader and creator of the flourishing faction, was leaving no room for the Tribes of Rhythm to survive.Eventually a weak attempt for peace was created, known as the Toa Council. Though it was originally created to end the war, it quickly turned into a meeting ground for alliances to be created and broken, along with possibly trading plots of land or other things such as that. The Toa Council is one of the main reasons that the Tribes of Rhythm finally began focusing upon their main threat, the Dissonance, instead of pulverizing each-other.Many of the Tribes of Rhythm were on the verge of defeat when this great blow was struck upon the Dissonance. The Toa Council created shaky alliances that, in essence, amounted to, "If we fight amongst only ourselves, we're dead." The Dissonance was mostly pushed back to Ko-Wahi and Kini-Nui. Thus the war was turned.And now it rages on, unlike any war ever fought. The Dissonance and the Tribes of Rhythm, all pitched in the War of Beat.In Short/Ice BreakerA guy found a way to combine elements and music to make something tangible and yet still able to be heard. Some guys took this and turned it into a weapon, calling it War Music. War broke, some guys from each Koro and the entirety of Ko-Koro created a faction called the Dissonance with a leader named Discord. The Tribes of Rhythm were hurt badly seeing as they were fighting both each-other and the Dissonance. But then the Tribes of Rhythm began to focus the war against the Dissonance instead of each-other, dealing a heavy blow.Mata-NuiPosted ImageMata-Nui, the island paradise. It isn’t an island covering a giant robot’s face. Just a beautiful, luscious, tropical island. All that, and pitched in a massive war. The War of Beat. Mata-Nui is split into six massive sections, called Wahi, each containing a village, or Koro. There is one Wahi for each of the basic six elements. Then, at the heart of the island, taking up a part of the great volcano Mangai, is the former temple of Kini-Nui.Each of the six Wahi is controlled by one of the Tribes of Rhythm. Le-Koro is the main village in Le-Wahi, more like a towering city built of wood and vine. The massive village stretches through almost the entirety of Le-Wahi itself. Shrill tones of trumpets and flutes ring through the woods almost ceaselessly as its strangely merry inhabitants constantly war.War is their life. Without it, the Le-matoran would feel useless, empty, with no joy. They find happiness, enjoyment, and fulfillment from murder. Still, not all are evil, murderous maniacs. But Le-Wahi is one of the deadliest, most unreserved areas of Mata-Nui. If someone isn’t allied with them and he is in their border, he had better hope that he isn’t discovered.Ta-Wahi consists of a large part of Mangai itself. Ta-Koro sits around the mouth of the volcano and even inside the massive rock formation. From massive bells to organs to simple wind chimes, you can find a variety of instruments. The matoran are a generally easily tempered and quick-to-action group, yet they are quite strategic and relatively rational.Despite their tempers, the Ta-matoran really are quite amiable and fun. That is, if whoever they meet isn’t against them. In that case, unless they find an especially merciful villager, that unfortunate matoran should be prepared to meet a cacophonous, fiery death.Ga-Wahi, containing Ga-Koro, is mostly grassland and water. The toa and matorans’ huts mostly sit atop massive lily pads in the water. Only a select few of their buildings are built on the land. The Ga-Koronans have a massively large advantage at their home due to their genre of War Music, hydraylophones, using great amounts of water. Though they can carry water with them and draw it from the earth and vegetation, they usually only fight on the coasts of other Koros.The Ga-matoran have quickly become hardened warriors, losing much of their former peace, happiness, and comfort. However, compared to the other Tribes of Rhythm, they are still likely the easiest to meet without being killed.The largest section of the island, Onu-Wahi, is not on the surface itself, but is completely subterranean. Indeed, saying Onu-Wahi and Onu-Koro is synonymous, for they consist of a huge network of populated caves and tunnels. To anyone that doesn’t live there, the endless paths and caverns would quickly become a twisting, winding prison. The citizens generally use slow, deliberate patterns in warfare, their great earthen drums pounding in deadly strategies. It is almost impossible to prepare for and invasion by them, seeing as they can break out of the earth right under a village.The Onu-matoran have changed little during the war, due to taking the smallest part in the War of Beat. In fact, if a matoran from the outside were to enter with no seeming threat, he could mingle just as easily as ever. While in their cities, the citizens show no sign of a war happening. They seem neutral to the world, defending themselves and attacking only when they must.Taking the northern section of the island is the desert of Po-Wahi, containing the small village of Po-Koro. The sands and stones constantly move with the tune of a deep, rich trombone or tuba. Any low-pitched brass instrument imaginable can be found in this place. The Po-Koronans are quick and near-reckless in most of their strategies.Second only to Le-Wahi in brutality, Po-Wahi’s inhabitants are extremely destructive in all their battles. If a wall stands before them, they blow a hole through it. If an army of matoran stands in front of them, they blow a hole through that army. They stop for nothing, having only a care for themselves.The first and larger territory of the Dissonance is Ko-Wahi, with the lofty city of Ko-Koro. The village sits on the slopes of the towering mountain by the name of Ihu. The bone-chilling cold of the sheer mountains makes an amazing natural defense. The Ko-matoran strive to keep the delicate slopes from the influence of the War Music, as one powerful blast could trigger a massive avalache. This does, however, provide another natural defense, as invaders risk getting themselves buried in the cruel ice.Kini-Nui, in a valley near Mangai, has been turned into a massive fortress by the Dissonance. It is shaped like a castle with smooth, towering, black walls and seemingly no entrance. The faction keeps watchful guard. Never a song is sung, never a tune struck. Despite this, the Matoran and Toa alike are not all gloomy. They find other ways to entertain themselves. A strange fact is that Onu-Koro is unable to attack from below due to some type of impervious stone.The Dissonance is the resistance force. They are the antithesis of the Tribes of Rhythm. These are the matoran that recognize the evils of their former brethren and have shunned them. The Dissonance aims to destroy the evil of War Music. However, there are those that, of course, have joined for the sake of being on the side that they believe will win.Character CreationHere’s where you finally get to the part you’ve (hopefully) been waiting for. Where you come in! Copy the blank profile, paste it into a post in the profiles topic, and you’re on your way!

Name: (Be creative. No Tahu, thetoa3, Bob, etc.)Gender: (Male, Female)Faction: (Dissonance, Neutral, Tribes of Rhythm [specify which])Species: (I'd like to keep it to matoran, toa, turaga, and possibly differing species of rahi.)Element: (One of the main six.)Preferred Weapons/Tools: (No Epic Sax [of Doooom], please. Kanohi go here.)Appearance: (Pic and/or description.)Bio: (A decent-sized paragraph or two describing your character.)

Here’s the blank profile:

Name:Gender:Faction:Species:Element:Preferred Weapons/Tools:Appearance:Bio:

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Name: DiscordGender: MaleFaction: DissonanceSpecies: ToaElement: AirPreferred Tools/Weapons: An object that looks like a shofar (ram’s horn) but sucks in War Music and converts it into elemental blasts.Appearance: Discord always wears a cloak, though strangely it seems not by choice. It seems melded with his body, yet still flows and moves like any other cloak.Bio: The solemn leader of the Dissonance. Discord is, unlike your typical mysterious being, actually a great guy with which to have a conversation. But much like the stereotype, little is known of his background.Name: Toa CouncilGender: Letrin, Onuraf, Taxuth, and Pokare are male. Gawea and Kora are female.Faction: Tribes of RhythmSpecies: ToaElement: Each of them wields one of the six main elements.Preferred Tools/Weapons: Each uses a weapon of his or her own Koro.Appearance: All wear elaborate armor, corresponding with their elements and genres of War Music (or resistance of said music, in Kora's case).Bio: A loose attempt at keeping the War of Beat from turning into a bloody massacre, the Toa Council consists of the leader of each village. Letrin is the jolly leader of Le-Koro. Gawea is the cool, calm leader of Ga-Koro. Onuraf is the solemn, rarely outspoken leader of Onu-Koro. Kora is the cold, calculating leader of Ko-Koro; she takes part in the council to try and bring peace . Taxuth is the hot-tempered leader of Ta-Koro. Pokare is the quick-witted leader of Po-Koro.

Important Things• All BZP rules apply.• Use IC and OOC while posting. Example in Reference section.• Please, do not God-Mode. Things that fall in this category include making yourself defeat a giant army single-handed, murdering a single enemy in one simple blow, never getting hurt in a battle, landing a severe auto-hit, and many other instances like these. This includes the "Stormtrooper syndrome" which basically implies that enemies are pushovers. They arent. Your enemies are as good as you are. You can mow them with your symphonies of fire or assassinate them with your notes of rock, but always keep in mind to have common sense.• Alright, seeing as everyone either can use powers fit for gods or use things that can destroy these powers, god-modding is hard to avoid. But it will highly depend on how you RP. For example, I say, "Toa Onuraf charged his earthen powers and shaped them into a massive bass drum. Then, using the powerful beat from it, he threw Letrin across the field into a massive tree," cool. But, if I say, "earth toa guy uses earth to hit air toa guy and slam him again and again against the ground breaking his back and knocking him out," then no. Just no. Again, use common sense.• Bunnying/bullying is wrong. Don’t do either.• Don’t make your character “high and mighty” above everyone else.• Kanohi that are not allowed in this RPG include but may not be limited to: Kraahkan, Avohkii, Vahi, Ignika, Olmak, Mask of Possibilities, and the Mask of Creation. Limited masks include the Tryna, Mohtrek, Olisi, and the Mask of Clairvoyance.• Feel free to be creative with instruments and masks. If you have a reasonable idea for a new type of whatever then heck, go ahead and try it.• Only the original six elements are allowed. This may change, but for now it's this.• Feel free to have as many characters as you want, as long as an army made by you doesn't flood the profile topic.• It is highly suggested that you keep your grammar and spelling in check. srsly bro ;/ no un wntz two red tis,GM: 1) Game Master. 2) God-Mode.War Music: The elemental music used by the Tribes of Rhythm. It can be formed into anything imaginable by the user.Tribes of Rhythm: The Koros using War Music.NPC: Non-Player Character.PC: Player Character.Bunnying/bunny: 1) Controlling people’s chars. Just a simple stare or something mild like that could be overlooked. Maybe even making them block. But making them attack someone (or something such as that) without permission is simply too much. Don’t do this. 2) A small rodent/lagomorph, usually gray, black, white, or brown in color. Quite cute, has long ears and large feet, is especially fond of carrots.IC and OOC: 1) In Character and Out Of Character. 2) For example:Onuraf/Fighting Letrin in the Outskirts of Le-WahiIC:Bringing a shield of sound over his head to block the arrows of sonic air, Onuraf charged his earthen powers and shaped them into a massive bass drum. Then, using the powerful beat from it, he threw Letrin across the field toward a massive tree. To follow up, he flew toward his opponent upon a powerful burst of sound, ready to slam into the toa of air at full force.OOC: Hey Zippidy-doo-dah, want to join me?Toa of Dancing - GMCo-GMs will be added as neededThe Co-GMs (if any are enlisted) have the ability to punish and reward you, as long as the action is approved by the GM. If it’s something that needs to be addressed immediately, however, they can yell as loud as they wish and punish you. The GM himself (me, ToD) can dish out anything he believes he sees fit. Immediately. If not sooner. So behave and get rewards. =)ThanksThank you to anyone who has helped me with this RPG or with becoming a part of the RPG Forum. Without you guys, Beat and Rhythm would never have come around. Though I’d like to specifically thank a few of you here. I’d like to thank The Power that Is and Exo-Fat. TPtI has most likely scolded me the most of anyone I’ve ever RPed with. Both have helped by previewing my RPGs in the past, with Exo-Fat doing so to BaR. He’s also been a great friend. Thank you Koname, Xeriak/Soylent GreenWhatever, TPtI (again), etc. for creating or helping run the first RPG I played in, A Midnight Grey. I thank the players of City of Steam. I thank the Indie game developers who made games such as Audiosurf, Beat Hazard, etc. I again thank all of the RPers that have interacted with me throughout these more than three years on BZP.

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The Horde out of Limbo

Posted Image

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."

--H.P. Lovecraft

It has been five hundred days since the last outpost ceased communication. I could see them fighting, in the north. We can see everything from the watchtower atop the Bastion, its spire reaching up almost to the cloud level. I was one of the watch-Matoran that night, when the lone mechanical Colossus that we had sent to defend the outpost fought against the untold Outer Hordes. That’s the name that’s caught on—they gave themselves no name that we know, and those few who know how they came here say that the Makuta delved too deep into their foul sciences, called up things they could not put down, and died for their arrogance. They say that these abominations come from the space between dimensions, that ether that the legendary Olmak reaches into to bridge its travelers to ever stranger realities.But here, and now, the origins of these creatures matters little. They are a furious horde, overrunning every safe-hold of Matoran-kind in vengeance for the hubris of the Makuta. Their shapes are twisted, and seem not to conform to the laws of biology as we know them. Some scholars have said that they resemble the legendary Tren Krom, whom Mata Nui threw down before assuming his place as the guardian of the universe, but if Tren Krom is of our world, then he cannot be half as hideous as these gibbous creatures. Some are massively armoured, their squamous hides like the strongest of protosteel to our weapons. Others are characterized by writhing masses of organic, rugose tentacles, the ever-shifting mass of flesh nauseous to look upon. The greatest of the Outer Hordes, those named the Elder Leviathans, are truly mountainous, seeming to change the landscape merely by their presence. As I write, two now sleep upon the deserted plains of Po-Metru, seeming to transform it into a mountain range to rival the Knowledge Towers. I know more lurk beyond the Gates, where the rest of the Matoran Universe lies in ruin, all civilization abolished before the enraged Outer Hordes.One of our Colossi fell in the defense of the outpost that night, leaving precious few to stave off the invaders. The massive mechanical constructs are inspired by the Exo-Toa which escort them, massive war machines the size of buildings. Their pilots are safely ensconced within shells of tempered protosteel, commanding these walking fortresses against the strongest footsoldiers of the Outer Hordes, those we have named the Leviathans. The Leviathans come in every shape, many beyond the imagination of any sane Matoran (indeed, they have drove many mad simply by looking upon them—several are known to me whose sheer impossibility is something I choose not to address), and have crushed every stronghold that resisted the lesser horde creatures. The Colossi, both those fallen and the few that remain, were built by master artificers, shaming even the Nynrah in their skill, to battle these Leviathans. Whoever built the Colossi, their secret refuse is now fallen and they can supply us nothing to fight the oldest and most powerful dreadnaughts of the Outer Hordes, the Elder Leviathans.Those I fear the most, however, are the Abd Al-Azrad. An Onu-Matoran friend of mine served as a premier catalogist of ancient writings, and one he remembered in particular. It was made of a curious material, seeming to be written on the dried and treated skin of some unknown animal. It called itself the Pnakotic Manuscript, and was on some tongue foreign to me. But my friend knew a few fragments of it, and was able to decrypt this one phrase. He told me that it meant “Servants of the Great Devourer,” and I have seen them with my own eyes and killed them with my bare hands. They walk among us.The Abd Al-Azrad cannot be identified by themselves, but only by the fruit of their actions. They seize ahold of Toa and Matoran, infest them, and influence their thoughts and actions in the way that the Abd Al-Azrad desire. They lurk in the Bastion, attempting sabotage and treachery. If those who are their unwitting hosts are found out, their only fate is often death…or worse. It is they I fear more than those writhing hordes before our walls.Summary:The Makuta reached into a realm they neither understood nor had power over. The denizens of that space between realities took offense at their home being invaded, and exterminated the Makuta, ensuring that no intrusion would come from this quarter again by annihilating the entirety of the Matoran Universe. The Bastion, converted into the last redoubt of Matoran-kind from the Coliseum of old, is the last stronghold against these horrors, and it is guarded by an army of Toa, Exo-Toa, and Colossi, massive war machines designed to crush anything that stands against them. However, agents of the Outer Hordes have infiltrated the Bastion and now use their hosts to blend in and sabotage the defenses. You are a defender of the Bastion, and your job is to fight off the army that waits outside your door for as long as you can. However, there is one alternative. A player who wishes to play on the side of the Outer Hordes may PM me as to which character he would like to have be possessed, and I will add his name and character to a list. I will select an unspecified number of names from that list, and those players will be PMed that their character is being influenced by an Abd Al-Azrad. They will attempt to sabotage the Bastion war effort in any way possible, while avoiding discovery. If they are caught, the players who discovered them have permission to do anything they need to do to remove the parasite. Considering that the only known way to remove said parasite at the moment is death, this is entirely permissible.Factions:
    [*]The Bastion: We are the last stand of everything that once was. Most of us within these nigh-impregnable walls are Toa and Matoran, but a sparse sprinkling of refugees, half-mad with their memories, are among us.. Every being is a trained and experienced soldier, and not a single one doubts that if we fail even slightly, the Bastion will fall and the last light of Matoran-kind will be extinguished. The majority of us fight on foot, supported by numerous Exo-Toa when we need armored support. When a Leviathan shows its face or the sheer numbers of the Outer Hordes threaten to overwhelm our efforts, a Colossus will be deployed. These walking fortresses are given to only the best and most reliable pilots, whose dedication is absolutely unquestionable. A character who is an Abd Al-Azrad cannot pilot a Colossus.[*]The Outer Hordes: The monstrosities from beyond the edges of space and time, hiding in the cracks between realities. They fight for nothing less than the simple extermination of every living thing in the Matoran Universe. They come in every shape and size, with their destructive power being relatively equal to their size. The most dangerous, however, are arguably the Abd Al-Azrad, small invisible saboteurs who are hunted inside the Bastion.[/list]Locations:
      [*]The Bastion: The Bastion is our last stronghold, our last hope against the Outer Hordes. Converted from the Coliseum into something more fitting the last stand of Matoran-kind, it is an enormous, heavily-armed fortress, filled from top to bottom with everything an army could need: barracks, training grounds, mess halls, armories, command rooms, and more. Between this martial motherlode and the Outer Hordes stand the strongest walls ever conceived by a Matoran’s mind. Incredibly thick, the four gates of this place (one at each compass point) are as strong as the wall itself, and to see the forces arrayed within is to feel some tiny glimmer of hope that we might one day survive.[*]Outside: Everything beyond the walls of the Bastion has been utterly devastated, to the point that almost nothing remains recognizable. Ruins of buildings clutter the once-bustling streets and eldritch horrors sleep or prowl where they may, unimpeded by landmarks that once stood. There is nowhere for an intrepid Toa to venture to, for everything is the same mural of desolation. The only safety is within the walls of the Bastion, or to join the armies of the Matoran that do battle before its walls.[/list]Madness MeterNo Matoran was ever meant to look upon the horrific monstrosities that we battle before the walls of the Bastion. Many have fallen to madness and even those who have clung to sanity until now are slowly losing their tenuous grip. Each sally against their forces threatens my mind, and I shudder merely to look upon them. Some may recover, but others have spent too much time staring these creatures in the face to ever return to normality. Our commanders have designed a graph for each soldier's sanity, to keep track of who is about to snap and who might yet recover. They have found the most common 'points of no return" and marked them at the quarter marks (25%, 50%, and 75%). Should one go mad beyond this point, they cannot return to normal, but they can be treated in some ways: most psychological therapy, including psionics, allowing them to indulge in creative exploits like art and music, and other methods have proven useful in returning some measure of normality to those afflicted. However, these take time, and that is a valuable commodity on the battlefield. Very few psionics Toa have the training to heal a shattered mind on the field, and so most therapy happens within the safety of the Bastion.The commanders have created a baseline for how different kinds of Horde creatures affect a warrior's sanity. This is measured in percentage of Madness inflicted per minute (post). The list is posted publicly, and I have reproduced it below.
        [*]Outer Hordelings are the least detrimental, with about a 2% effect on sanity.[*]Leviathans are more severe, effecting about 10% per minute.[*]Elder Leviathans are utterly devastating to a warrior's sanity, stripping Toa of their minds at a rate of about 24% per minute.[/list]Naturally, these can change on the situation (strength of the soldier's mind, how good a look they got, and other factors) but that's the general guideline.Important NPCs:Without a commander, an army is no more than a mob, and the army of the Bastion needs the best commander that we can get. Thankfully, he has taken up the standard and proven eminently capable at taking command.Name: BryantGender: MaleSpecies: Ta-ToaDescription: Compared to other Toa, Bryant is notably tall, and his armor is a bright firey red. His Hau, shoulder, and chest armor is a gleaming gold.Powers: Fire, SheldingWeapons: He wields a pair of perfectly-balanced protosteel sabers which he uses with lethal efficiency.Personality: Whatever loves, hates, dreams, or fears Bryant may have had before the Outer Hordes arrived, they are long since subsumed by the character of the hero-commander which he has been made to take up. His goal is the deliverance of Matoran-kind from the Outer Hordes (which he loathes) and the rebuilding of the Matoran Universe. He seems to view Matoran victory as certain, merely a matter of time.Background: Bryant’s village was destroyed by a horde of Makuta-infected Rahi, and his Toa Team was wiped out in their ensuing retaliation. He fought the Makuta responsible one-on-one and killed him, destroying him down to the last wisp of antidermis. Left with nothing to safeguard, he moved to Metru Nui, which he served faithfully. It is rumoured that he often vanished to infiltrate Destral on occasion, but so far these rumours have not been substantiated. When the Outer Hordes invaded, he was always in the theatre of the fiercest fighting, whether fighting on the front lines as a footsoldier or, later, commanding his men into battle and exploiting anything he thought could be a weakness. He is the last surviving commander of the Bastion.Profiles:Each and every soldier of the Bastion has a dossier on them, hidden below the surface where no infiltrator can get to them, sealed off and only for the eyes of the commanders of the Bastion.Name:Gender:Species:Description:Powers:Weapons:Personality:Background:An example:Name: Ravel WeaverGender: FemaleSpecies: Lightning ToaDescription: Ravel’s armor is a bright yellow, accentuated with silver. Her eyes are a bright, icy blue, seeming to stare into one’s soul from behind her yellow mask.Powers: Lightning, TelekinesisWeapons: Ravel always carries a metal quarterstaff, pointed on both ends. She is capable of using it with devastating efficiency.Personality: Ravel seems slightly mad, but whether she always was or if her experiences in the war made her that way, no one is certain. Her behaviour is erratic, but with one underlying current of consistency: ultimate loyalty to Bryant.Background: Ravel’s background prior to the war is a mystery, but what is known is that she showed up during a draft of one of the southern islands, which was under the command and protection of Bryant at that time. Apparently, his dedication and focus impressed her so much that she will follow him to the ends of the universe and beyond. She has followed him since that time and has gone on what have seemed to be suicide missions for him. Thanks to her dedication, she has become the pilot of the Colosssus Thunder Child.Rules:
          [*]All BZP rules apply (this should be a given by now).[*]No Godmoding. This includes[*]No controlling other players’ characters without their permission.[*]No defeating enemies with ease. These are eldritch abominations from between the seams of time and space, the weakest of whom can kill a Matoran by squeezing. You’re lucky you haven’t gone gibbering mad yet.[*]No overpowering your characters. If there is a Leviathan around, either leave it to the players who have Colossi, or coordinate with your compatriots and develop a strategy to take it down. This also includes stamina—you cannot fight forever. If you don’t slip up once in a while, I will make you.[*]No Colossi without permission. You MUST request permission to have a Colossus before using one. I will give permission on a case-to-case basis. If you do no initially have one, your character can earn one (unless you are an Abd Al-Azrad, which would be significantly unfair to other players).[/list]
            [*]Exceedingly few masks and elements are banned, but those that are include the Avohkii, the Kraahkan, the Vahi, the Komau, the Mohtrek, Olmak, Golden Masks, Nuva masks, and Shadow powers.[*]Please use good grammar and spelling in your posts. This will help people pay more attention to you, instead of skimming your post because it is painful to read.[*]Use IC and OOC markings, please. Posts should look something like this:[/list]

            OOC: Blah blah blah.IC: He attacked the horrid-looking beast with a blast of fire, hoping to melt through its squamous armor and into the vulnerable flesh beneath.

            I did not make the banner nor the components thereof. Credit to Google Image Search. :w:

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I write these words down for the sole purpose of clearing my mind. Do I believe that somebody will find these in the far future? No. I believe that it is all over.

When the Makutas’ takeover was thwarted, we believed that Metru Nui would once again become a grand city, the center of civilization. For several thousand years, it was. But then, one day, a worker noticed a bit of rust on the outside of his workplace. Thinking nothing of it, he continued on his day. That rust was still there the next day, and the day after that. It was spreading across the building. To other buildings.

And the building it had begun on was the Colosium.

Metru Nui was in panic. Efforts to combat this unnatural rust were met with failure, as each morning, more would be discovered, and at an increasing rate. In every Metru of the city, the rust grew, and buildings began to crumble. So good at hiding were they, that is not until a month after the Rust began that people discovered what was causing it.

The kraata.

The kraata were always completely organic, and it seems that the Makuta drew some inspiration from similarly organic creatures that had inhabited the Endless Ocean. The kraata had changed since the defeat of the Brotherhood. They could survive on their own. No more need for a Makuta to create them. No more suits of Rahkshi armor.

Preparations were made to find and destroy the kraata hive. But each attempt failed. Each attack was repelled by more and more breeds of the worm like creatures. They got bigger, stronger. More intelligent.

More hungry.

That was all five months ago. Metru Nui has been sealed off from the rest of the world. The city is falling apart. The sea rushing in, flooding the streets. The chutes are collapsing. The kraata now slither, swim, crawl, glide and burrow throughout the entire city. They take our own alive and dead, and turn them against us. We are trapped in here, fragmented, each person caring only for himself.

They are too strong. We can’t beat them alone.

The Story

So Unite.

Rust takes place several thousand years after the failed assault on Karda Nui by the Brotherhood. Teridax never got control of Mata Nui’s body, though at the cost of the Toa Nuva’s lives, and the Great Spirit left the ocean that would have been his grave.

But now, the kraata have returned. They were individuals that were experimented on by Makuta Antroz. He made them as a weapon, and as a means to create Kraata without draining a Makuta’s energy. And these kraata have laid dormant in Metru Nui for thousands of years, until something woke them up.

Turaga Dume himself has vanished, presumably dead. The other Turaga are either in other parts of the Universe, or missing themselves. The people of Metru Nui are being converted to the side of the kraata, either by direct control from the despicable Headjockies, or being manipulated by the Corruptors.

So, society is on the brink. But if the people of Metru Nui can pull themselves together, then they stand a chance.

Make friends, fight you enemies. Pull yourselves together. Get weapons, materials. Restart the city’s power. Find a way to kill off the kraata.

Fight for the Future.


Metru Nui- The City of Legends has begun to crumble to the ground, a matrix of rust and flesh replacing it. As building crumble and are consumed by the kraata, they use their saliva and any other material they can find to make their hives. The city grows humid as the weather changes...Ga-Metru: Experiments in the labs involving Energized Protodermis have been ruined, and now from that substance has erupted a vast forest of mangroves. The entire metru is covered in the plants, as they absorb liquid protodermis from the sea. They have begun to affect the weather around the region. It rains almost every day, as the mangroves expel their excess moisture into the atmosphere. It grows damper and damper each day, as the waters that flood the Metru begin to flow into the rest of the city. It is likely that this unnatural weather is being fueled by kraata with the Weather Control power.The kraata thrive here, in their greatest numbers.Ta-Metru: The dry heat of Ta-Metru has for the most part kept the kraata at bay. But with no power, and nobody to tend to the forges, that heat is dissipating, and the kraata slowly are making progress. Heat Resistance kraata are a common sight here, as they prepare the factories for the rest of their kin to harvest.Le-Metru: The devastation to the chute system is most obvious here. Many streets of lower elevation are flooded by the liquid protodermis. Mosses and fungus have begun to grow, turning the areas that are not flooded into green, damp islands, shaded by the canopy of wires. Kraata have taken a liking to this area, and are often seen finishing off the support towers for the chutes.Ko-Metru: The Knowledge Towers have proved themselves unpalatable to the kraata. However, the flooding of Ga-Metru and Le-Metru has spread to this district as well, leaving the Knowledge Towers the only safe spot. The air is moist, and while it is still cold, ice has grown on every surface, making safe footing almost impossible to find here. All normal building have been devoured.Kraata in this District risk the moisture in their bodies freezing and killing them. Ice Resistance kraata are very common here, and at the climate changes, Ko-Metru slowly is warming up, a fate that will doom the Knowledge Towers, which need the cold to remain intact...Onu-Metru: The sewers have begun to flood the Archives. While most of the exhibits remain in stasis, there is still the possibility of a massive breakout. It is as worth noting that a feral Rahkshi that had escaped attacked the kraata of sight, meaning that if they can somehow be controlled, the Children of the Makuta could be used as a weapon...Po-Metru: One would expect the desert of Metru Nui to be mostly devoid of the kraata, when in fact it is the opposite. The open sands are deserted, but in the shady canyons, the kraata are eating away at the rocks and minerals. At night, the Assembler’s Villages are literally covered in kraata. And each day, the floods of Ga-Metru spread a little farther into Po-Metru, turning sand to mud...The Epicenter: The Colosium is no more. In its place is a ruined, flooded marsh of scrap metal. A single hive pokes out of the ground, but it is nothing special. The invaders did not take the grand building as their own. The place is of no significance to them.Still, beneath the ruins is the power plant of Metru Nui. If the place can be secured, then perhaps the power can be restored, and the forges of Ta-Metru relit... Then perhaps, industry can begin, and better weapons and armor can be made.The Chutes: The chutes are for the most part done for. The kraata have begun to weaken the supports, sending the chutes crashing to the ground. Streets throughout the city are damp, and the sewers are being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of liquid.The kraata Hives: The hives are fleshy structures that rise out of the ground, made from organic matter sewn together by the Sower caste of kraata. These are made from the dead, both deceased citizens of Metru Nui and the kraata's own dead. Hives are constantly being expanded as the kraata burrow deeper into the ground. Attacking a hive at this point in time is a very foolish thing to do. If such an attack is to be successful, a significant group needs to be pulled together. Even then, once inside the Hive, they will need to keep their heads, or loose them.

Kraata Biology

The kraata are at first glance mollusks, like slugs or squids. However, they also possess a cartilage “skeleton”, in most castes nothing more than cartilage rods that support the kraata’s shape. Larger breeds have more complex skeletons, apart from the Leeches, which have only a primitive spinal cord, and Broods, which are mostly comprised of reproductive organ. Reapers have the most complex skeleton, with an actual skull, arms, and ribcage. All kraata (except for the Broods) are mostly muscle. Most castes can cling to walls and ceilings.Kraata biology varies from type to type and stage to stage, but for the most part they are dependent on moisture and shade to survive. They can survive in Po-Metru, through only in the shade, and usually at night. Ice Resistance and Fire Resistance kraata, of course, can survive very easily in extreme environments.Almost every caste of kraata goes through molts as they grow, each one signifying an increase in its Stage. Headjockies are the exception, as they simply gorge themselves once they have found a head to latch onto. Once a Gatherer has begun to change into Stage 7, those few, lucky individuals undergo countless molts in quick succession. Their metabolism is quickened immensely as they literally eat the ground beneath them, only digging back up to the surface once they have reached their full size.Different castes can all be born from the same Brood and set of Bachelors. How the caste of the kraata that will hatch from an egg is determined is currently unknown.

Kraata Castes

The kraata have evolved into geophagic organisms, consuming metals and stone. In a world made from Protodermis, these creatures thrive. They still are vulnerable to the light, and need dampness to keep themselves from drying out.The first, basic three castes of kraata are...Gatherers: To all effects, a normal kraata, a mere two feet long. Gatherers secrete enzymes that break down inorganic materials, which they then consume over time. Often they will spray an area, then return several days later to consume the rusted materials. Once a Gatherer has consumes its fill, it will return to the hive and regurgitate the metals, feeding them to other kraata. Gatherers have the powers that the original kraata had, and like the first kind, they progress through stages as they age, growing more powerful and intelligent. As they grow older, they also grow more aggressive, and kraata of around Stage 3 and above often attack with little provocation.Sowers: The mouths of the Sowers are lined with a variety of appendages, which are used to shape the thick, organic pastes that the Sowers secrete. Unlike most kraata, they feed on organic material, which is usually brought to them. Sowers also have the original kraata powers, but they rarely progress as far as Stage 3 and are only a foot longer than a Gatherer.Broods: Broods are large, swollen creatures, forever trapped on the spot they were born. They are the queens of the kraata hives, laying countless eggs throughout their lives. These kraata are defenseless, but are guarded by the entire hive. Broods never progress past Stage 1.Over the past few months, several new castes of kraata have appeared...Headjockeys: The first kind of kraata that directly posed a threat to the inhabitants of Metru Nui. Headjockeys are much flatter than a normal kraata, though the same length, and covered in powerful muscles. How they get to a person varies: dropping from above, bursting from rubble, stalking, creeping up to a sleeping victim... regardless, once a Headjockey affixes itself to the skull of a person, they are there to stay.Headjockeys meld themselves to their victims, sending tendrils throughout their body. Metals are broken down and used to fuel the kraata’s growth, almost always resulting in a Headjockey reaching Stage 4 or above. They then take complete control over the body, and use it to to hunt, and guard the hives from outside. People who are fused to a Headjockey will have their anatomy mutated, gaining long, sharp talons, and fast reflexes and movement, among other things. While easily wounded without their armor, they have very little concept of pain. Any powers the host had are lost, but a Stage 4 or higher kraata is nothing to scoff at. After a few weeks, Headjockeys will die on their own, and their bodies are fed to the Sowers, who in turn use them to make the nests of the kraata.Bachelors: The guardians of the Broods. A hive will usually have two to four Bachelors inside it. They protect the queen, and fertilize her eggs. Bachelors are almost always at Stage 6, and have the appearance of a large, muscular snake, a good twenty feet long. Their backs are covered in razor sharp spines.Leeches: These aquatic kraata are names solely for their appearance, as they have no vampiric abilities. Leeches patrol the waters of kraata territory, and leap from the water, biting down on trespassers, and dragging them into the water to drown them. They usually are at Stage 3. A Leech is usually about seven feet long, and flattened out.Skyrays: The Skyray are able to glide over long distances by unfurling their wide, ray-like bodies. This is usually used to attack intruders, though they have been know to transport Gatherers. A Skyray is often at Stage 3, and is a good 30 feet long, and 50 feet wide, making them to largest of the know castes of kraata by far.Extremophiles: Extremophiles have the appearance of a large kraata, ten feet long, with a swollen, spongy back, filled with holes. In these holes Gatherers will rest, as the Extremophile transports them through environments too hot or cold, and too dry. The Extremophile itself is mostly filled with water, which it uses to prevent itself and its passengers from drying out in areas such as Ta and Po-Metru. In colder regions, in this case Ko-Metru, it will expel most of this water to prevent it from freezing, making itself much smaller. Their spongy bodies also make them resistant to blunt force trauma, assuming they are not too full of water, in which case they risk rupturing. They can forcibly expel the water from their mouths when distressed as a means of attack. Extremophiles are usually at Stage 3.Reapers: Few see the Reapers, as they are silent and precise, clinging to the shadows. Those that have encountered them describe them as large beasts with the head of a kraata, the torso of a man, the arms of a mantis, and a lower body like a centipede, and all parts are covered in armor. Reapers are usually at Stage 4 or above, and rarely appear in groups. They prefer to live a solitary life, silently dragging people into the darkness, and finishing them with lightning fast strikes of their talons before a scream can be uttered...Stage 7: A very rare breed, the Stage 7 resembles a massive, engorged gatherer, with a purple hide. Stage 7 kraata are able to spray their corrosive enzymes over a long distance, and also secrete massive amounts of the substance from their skin. Constantly hungry, they will eat anything they come across, using a mouth that has evolved into a huge beak. Stage 7s move by burrowing through the ground, dissolving the rock in front of them with their enzymes. Covered in cilia, they them pull themselves through the earth at an alarming speed. A good twenty feet long, and often almost half as wide, they retain their powers from being a Stage 6 gatherer.For all of their power, they loose their intelligence, which makes it much easier to lure them into traps.Incubators & Corruptors: Even as the Headjockies burrowed their way into people’s skulls, a much more subtle approach to turning the citizens of Metru Nui against themselves was gestating within the hives...The Incubators are sessile organisms, barnacle-like kraata that affix themselves to surfaces. Using a long tentacle, they inject passers-by with a paralyzing neurotoxin. While the toxin isn’t fatal, once a person has been incapacitated, the Incubator the incubator then uses a separate proboscis to inject them with microscopic eggs. These are the eggs of the Corruptors, microscopic kraata that inhabit the brain of their host. Unlike the Headjockies, which seize control by force, the Corruptors subtly change the chemistry of the brain. Hosts will find their perception altered, and will truly believe that the kraata are doing what is best for the Matoran Universe. There is no resistance to this process. They are the Rusted.Incubators are always at Stage 1. Corruptors appear to have no powers themselves, but still influence their host's powers.Rusted: Those who are hosts of the Corruptors will change, not just mentally, but overtime physically. The first and almost immediate symptom is the black masses floating in the eyes of the host, swirling around, breaking apart and joining, though they don’t seem to obstruct the host’s vision. After about a week, the mature Corruptors will lay their eggs, then migrate to other parts of the body. The armor of the host will slowly deteriorate as the Corruptors feed. As the Corruptors die in their bodies, the host will slowly begin to assimilate them into his or her own flesh... To what end is unknown, but some of the earliest Rusted have begun to change, growing into something... else...The Rusted are a playable caste. They can have a kraata power of about Stage 4, though another power (or Powers) may have to go depending on their species, such as Toa or Skakdi. The power lost is up to the player. Please state that the character is Rusted in the Species slot of the Profile.


So, you want to join? Fill out this here paperwork, then. All profiles must be posted in the Discussion Topic first for approval, before posting in the Profile Topic. You are to post once in the Profile topic, and new Characters should be edited into the original post, so the Topic isn’t cluttered. No limit on the number of characters you can have, though I think it would be best to stay reasonable. I doubt most of us here could handle twenty characters running around.Name- (Self-explanatory. Please, keep names Bionicle sounding. Also, no names from existing characters.)Gender- (Self-explanatory. Male, female, none...)Species- (Matoran, Toa, Skakdi, Vortixx... Original species are allowed. All characters must be from the Matoran Universe. Makuta and species native to Bara Magna and Bota Magna are not allowed. Please note if Rusted.)Description- (What your Character looks like. A written description, MOC, or drawing will do.)Mask- (Optional, only one. Original masks must be approved. The following masks are banned- Avhokii, Komau, Mohtrek, Mask of Clairvoyance, Kraahkan, Rua, Aki, Olmak, Mask of Charisma, Olisi, Mask of Possibilities, Mask of Mutation, Vahi, Ignika, Mask of Creation. If the character has an Element, Kanohi such as the Gaari are not allowed on them.)Weapons-Powers- (What powers your character possesses. Control over an Element, Vision based powers, etc.)Abilities- (Natural abilities, such as enhanced speed, strength, endurance, etc.) History- (A short biography of your Characters past, personalities... who they are, in short. Stuff that is to outlandish, related to every major Bionicle character, and such is not allowed.)


Like it or not, rules are needed, and that applies here also.1.) All your typical BZP rules apply here as well.2.) No God-Modding. Controlling other peoples characters, spamming, flaming, and such is also frowned upon. As much fun going Super Saiyan, unfolding an A.T Field, or using your Bankai is, it has no place in RPGs.3.) Good grammar and spelling are encouraged. I know that this isn’t a strong spot for some people, but please, try your best. Besides, only good can come from trying to improve.4.) Killing off other peoples characters is forbidden, except when you have been given permission to. Random NPCs may be dealt with as you feel fit, though I ask that you be realistic about it. Also, if you wish to kill off one or more of your characters, please, inform me ahead of time.5.) Use IC and OOC in your posts. For Example;

IC: Person1 whipped around, sword draw, looking for the source of the sudden noise.OOC: If anyone would like their character to be the source of the noise, feel free to introduce them.

6.) The winner of a battle is determined by you, the players. Strategy, foresight, good RPing, all of this helps. If you and your opponent(s) are unable to decide a winner, one of the staff will decide.7.) As a RPG, you have freedom. But that doesn’t mean you can change the plot. You’re not going to go on a quest for the Vahi.And...8.) Enjoy yourselves! I spent a lot of time on this RPG, and I hope that everyone here can enjoy it.I’m not kidding. Have fun.Now.


Trust me, I don’t want to have to do this. But should the need arise, there will be discipline.1.) A warning.2.) The offending character(s) will be injured in-game.3.) The offending character(s) will be killed. Taking the time to think things over is recommended, before making a new character.4.) Temporary ban from the RPG. Offending characters(s) will be killed. Now would be the time to decide whether this is really worth it.5.) Permanent Ban from the RPG. All remaining characters will be dealt with as the staff sees fit.

Staff and Credits

Game Master - Crogenitor EvexThe banner is not mine per-say, but a modified version of the Rahkshi-Kraata logo from 2003.Certain elements are inspired by the Half-Life series.

Edited by Crogenitor Evex, Mar 16 2012 - 03:51 PM.

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They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.
The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you. 
Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.
Come Tenno, you must join the war.

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Day Run: The Garden“Greed? Greed drives us all – I can assure you of that. It can be observed anywhere you look – a merchant’s greed drives him to sell useless items to passerby; a congressman sells his ideas in an attempt to gain power over his nation; and in this case, a gambler threatens civilians to try and expand his empire as much as he can. Fortunately, he does not hear the bells that toll in the distance…”~Unknown

The Barrens tended to be a quiet place. With little to no active life, they had always stood resolute, frozen monuments to the Ko-Matoran virtues of silence and peace. Not today. Today, the land was swarming with action, hundreds of people nervously and fearfully wandering about, looking on at the new blight that had appeared on the landscape. Kerid was among them–and she could hardly believe her eyes.The tranquil gray and white background of mountains and sky was blotted out against the gigantic, bulbous form of a gelatinous substance. Metal gleaming in the light of the sun, fluid seemed to shift lazily inside of the massive creature. Thousands of thin tentacles splayed out on all sides, like cords in a machine. Within, bobbing in the center of the jellyfish-like abomination was a deformed, Toa-like being. His form was twisted, all three pairs of arms mutated into tentacles that connected three massive, blood-red orbs to his body.Twisted as he was, Kerid recognized Khazra–No; Chabri…–all too easily.She hardly noticed the approach of the Pha-Matoran Ehjoras as he came to stand next to her, a fascinated look on his face. It was hard to believe that only an hour ago, this thing had caused such massive damage to the City directly south of their position. Buildings had been toppled; lives had been lost; dozens of beings had been driven insane just by touching the thing. Yet here it was, so peaceful…“So this is the Seventh Construct,” Ehjoras said quietly. Kerid didn’t answer. The engineer sighed, shaking his head. “This is getting out of hand, Kerid.”The Tournament Organizer was still silent, though she knew he was right. This was the latest in a series of attacks by the Ring. Before the Searcher, there had been six others: the Collector, the Undone, the Darkside, the Beast, the Virus, and the Golem. All had done more damage than the last, each causing immeasurable chaos and fear. What’s more, the KNPD had done little to stop it, instead choosing to pursue their power play.Sacrificing civilians so that you can find your artifacts and rule the land, Director… The Steltian clenched her fist. No more.“What should we do?” Ehjoras asked.Kerid looked at him. “We’re going to start fighting back,” she answered. “Alan, Kairan, Elithes and everyone else may be out now, but we aren’t. It’s time to bring down the KNPD and the Ring.” She smiled. “And believe me, the Director and Lyxek will fall. This ends now.”The world was silent. The land was dark. The wind was blowing; the land was still. Rolling fields, shifting hills lay undisturbed. Large trees dotted the shadowed landscape, reaching upward, toward the vast maw of nothingness above. Save for the land, seeming to span on forever and ever, nothing lived. There were no animals, no people, nothing. The earth shifted in several places. The wind rustled the healthy branches, the low-hanging vines, the swaying flowers. A stream ran somewhere, unseen as it flowed on. Life was still; only plants resided within the garden...A cloud of green floated through the air, just above the grass. The tiny blades of life rustled as it passed. Whispers sounded from the thing, a multitude of voices never-ending. Yet it did not live. It brushed against trees. It whispered to the vegetation around it, searching, seeking something. It passed above an upraised patch of earth; a pair of sunken eyes followed it. The cloud ignored the watcher. It was approaching what it sought. A soft thumping, growing ever louder... the beat of a newborn, steady and quick... the drumbeat of life, a sound known to all... the cloud was drawing closer...A faint glow appeared in the distance, a white light that pierced the darkness. The beat grew louder, stronger with each passing centimeter. The cloud approached it slowly, entranced. The trees began to whisper in response, returning the cloud's chatter. The beating came from within one of these trees; the front was slowly opening, the light growing stronger. Webs of matter crisscrossed against the opening, doing little to hide the light. The cloud felt... warmth... as it approached... that was unusual. Pleasure it had felt... the joy of death... the thirst for blood... but warmth... true happiness... this feeling was new...The beat grew louder. The cloud stopped, just outside of the circle of light that the heart was emanating; for that was what had been revealed to it. A heart was planted within the tree, totally organic, supply energy, blood, and circulation to its host. And it emanated warmth, happiness...The trees continued to whisper. The cloud whispered back. Nothing else mattered to it as it gazed upon the heart....The world grew silent...The Yin-Yang Gauntlets. The Sword of Ybrus. The Eyes of Apheer. The Mask of Aru. The Necklace of Amerdal. The Rose.These seven objects floated around the Ringmaster, gold, silver, purple, green, black, red, gray and blue all mixing with one another, a whirlwind of color that engulfed the entire room. It was almost too much for him to take in; the surge in power, the deepening of his knowledge, the memories that flooded his mind, all threatening to overflow his senses. For a lesser being, it would be too much. They would break under the weight of the world; they would crumble beneath this increase in ability, this enflaming of the soul. Not the Ringmaster. He hung on.He could just imagine the world outside. A cascade of confusion and fear as the world crashed and burned around those on Kai-Nam, screams intermixing with gasps as the land seemed to twist and warp before righting itself once more. Cries and shouts of sadness and despair as the outlands cracked and groaned beneath their own weight; he could virtually hear them over the whirlwind of energy around himself as the walls, the ceiling, the floor disintegrated, revealing the Toa to the world outside, a gigantic sphere of darkness that rose into the air.A smiled crossed his face as he looked down through the darkness. The island was indeed in turmoil. Faint blue energy floated upward in large clouds as the inhabitants of the island perished, their soul energy released, free for him to take, only adding to his mental and physical abilities. With this kind of power at his disposal, the rest of the universe would soon follow, become his own personal dimension... and then... then...He couldn't finish the thought. The Ringmaster faltered. Miles and miles of land below had transformed into a perfect circle of darkness, threatening to spread further. In the center two large, red objects glowed -- a pair of eyes, red as blood, glaring up at him. The sea twisted and churned, whirlwinds whipping at the Toa's face. His hand slipped; he began to descend.No... I wrote these terms... I must accept them...No. He couldn't do it. The thing below was getting closer and closer, an abomination, unnatural. For the first time in a long time, the Ringmaster felt something... something more... it started in his chest, spreading out from there... but... why? He had the universe at his fingertips... he could become all powerful...But was that... regret... that gnawing at the back of his mind... was it worth it...?A mouth appeared in the mass of darkness below, crooked, jagged teeth jeering at the Toa, slowly opening, threatening to devour him... the terms of eternal, unending, immortal power...The Ringmaster screamed. Life froze around him...

Playing the GameStory in Brief

It has been a year since the Night Run’s sixth tournament. In that time, the Pha-Matoran, Matoran of Ectoplasm who inhabited Gynel, have found a new home, having been rescued from that nightmarish place by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Using her own wealth and Ehjoras’s negotiation skills, Kerid has secured a deal with the authorities on Kai-Nam, getting permission to establish a new tournament on their land: the Day Run, a much more relaxed version of the Night Run, which was shut down following Daeja's attempt to conquer the universe using a race of parasitic monsters called Feranaki, servants of the now-destroyed God of Death Ruaki. At the same time, the Ring – a gang that has infested the underworld of Kai-Nam for the last decade – has gained an interest in the tournament, and their leader, Lyxek, recently began to try to buy the game off of Kerid. She refused, and now finds herself caught trying to run the tournament whilst simultaneously dealing with the Kai-Nam Police Department and both of their conflicts with the Ring.Meanwhile, other problems appear to be brewing. Monsters of various kinds have surfaced in City, mainly in the South District -- the Collector, a being made of green mist that seems to appear and reappear at will, killing beings in groups of seven when it does; dozens of twisted, Matoran-like beings; and a gigantic Toa made of shadow have all been seen and fought. The KNPD has determined that these creatures are composed of the same nanobots that form the Day Run's arena terrains, though Kerid has confirmed that they are not responsible for them. As well as this, Lyxek has recently secured a deal with the Dark Hunters, and has assigned ten Hunters the task of traveling to Gynel to retrieve some sort of flower located there, though for what purpose is not known. Further, he recently revealed a strange, mechanical heart to Vailian, called the Coeur d'Ombre, apparently capable of infusing immense power into beings, following the robberies of three companies on the island, in which several nanobots, AI and power cores were stolen. Their purpose in the Ring's plans has yet to be revealed.Now, things had taken a final turn. The stage has been set for the last confrontation. The Director, revealed to be an AI created for the sole purpose of defeating Lyxek and the Ring, is amassing his army for a full-scale invasion of the Garden, seeking the other half of the Coeur d’Ombre.Lyxek and the Ring, so close to fulfilling the Ringmaster's as-yet unclear plans of total domination, have begun to collect the activation keys for the Coeur and its brethren. By reuniting the two halves of the Coeur d’Ombre, the Vue d’Ombre, and the Noyau d’Ombre, Lyxek seeks to recreate the Higher Being called Rhashahk – and judging from the words of the Director, a Turaga named Lyccir and Lyxek himself, that goal is within reach. Assisting in this plan, though currently playing an unknown purpose, are a number of nanobot-made creations called Constructs. While four of the six that have appeared have been subdued or destroyed, more are on the way – and when they appear, they will mark the beginning of the end.Little time remains. Desperately, the Day Run and a large number of civilians plan to band together and stand against the evils of both the Ring and KNPD. With a bit of luck, they may succeed – though with the recent incapacitation of Alan, Kairan and a number of other conspirators via the Seventh Construct, the tides are uncertain.

Your Job

As the players in the game, your job is to – surprise! – play the game! I know, shocking, right? In all seriousness, though, your job is to do as you see fit – play in the Day Run’s tournament if you want; try to discover the secrets of the island; cause mayhem in the city; anything that will advance the plot. Obviously, don’t go crazy with it, but enjoy yourself – it’s a game for a reason. There are many different backgrounds you can choose from, from a KNPD officer fighting the Ring to a civilian participating in the tournament – so choose wisely, but make it interesting.Simply put, you play the game.

My Job

My biggest job in this RPG is to act as the Game Master. For those not in the “know,” this means that I will be responsible for doing a bunch of moderating duties – approving new players, keeping an eye out for unfair play and advancing my own major plot points, for instance. Luckily, I also have the privilege of playing alongside you guys – if all goes well, you will mostly see me using my own characters alongside your own, participating in the Day Run and Ring/KNPD affairs and whatnot.So… yeah. ^--^


For years Kai-Nam was a place of peace, where one could go to enjoy the quiet, to work on projects set to make the universe a better place. For years, the citizens of Kai-Nam were left alone, welcoming newcomers with open arms as long as they did not cause trouble or disturb other residents. That all changed a century ago, when the island experienced a series of unfortunate and unlucky events – the invasion of the Skakdi; the arrival of Toa Lyxek and the subsequent formation of the Ring; not to mention several attempted pillages by pirates. Now, the island is split – the Kai-Nam Police Department rages an ongoing battle against the Ring, a fight that does not seem like it will end any time soon, and the Ring, in turn, has set their attention on the Day Run ever since the tournament started, hoping to use it as a way to make money.In terms of game play, all of these factions are open for players, and there are few restrictions on what you can be – each group is composed of completely unique individuals, without focusing primarily on one species or another. The only guide that you must use to choose your group is your character’s moral standpoint, and even then, you have options.

The Kai-Nam Police Department“Our orders are simple: Detain any who would attempt to cause chaos on Kai-Nam, be they Day Run contestants, simple citizens, lowlife scum from the Ring or even our own officers. You’ve been warned.”~Officer Lurinost

The Kai-Nam Police Department (also called the KNPD for short) had been relatively inactive up until the Skakdi invasion and the formation of the Ring, so much so that it had barely a dozen members before the first disaster struck the island. Now, however, the KNPD has grown and thrives on the land. Where once several Ko-Matoran joined together in a laughable fighting force now stands a respectable crime-fighting group consisting of many, many powerful fighters, many augmented by equipment issued to them by the dozens of labs on the island. The rulers of the land, they are very strict, punishing crimes committed by any – even their own officers, in some cases – whilst also providing relatively benevolent rule over the city.Public approval of the KNPD is uncertain; while many approve of the group’s efforts to defeat the Ring, others question the true intentions of several officers, specifically those of Lurinost, a high ranking member of the group, and several of her partners, all of whom have been known to abuse their powers in ways that get them what they want without getting them in trouble with the higher ups. There is also the question of their leadership – no one knows or remembers how or when they managed to replace the island’s ruling council as the leaders of the city, and some fear that they will not relinquish their rule once they are no longer needed, though this remains to be seen. The KNPD’s leader, the identity of whom is unknown to anyone, assures the residents that they have nothing to fear..The KNPD’s headquarters are located in a large, domed building in the center of the city, which is nearly impenetrable due to its heavy defenses. As a note, they are currently allied with the Day Run, so to speak, allowing them to operate in the outer ring of the island, so long as they do not cause trouble. Many officers use the tournament for entertainment in their spare time.Similar to the Night Run Guards form the previous RPG, the KNPD is a strict force, and not one that you want to fight against alone. Notable members include officers Lurinost, Sanshou and Sensha, who act as an elite team, and the Director, a mysterious entity whose identity is unknown to all but the highest ranked individuals. Their primary goal is to defeat the Ring, though how members of this group go about this is completely up to them. The Director also has several other ‘projects’ in the works, the specifics of which are unknown.

The Ring“We may just be a ‘petty gang’ right now, but soon enough this whole island’s going to be begging for mercy from me – police and Day Run chumps included.”~Ringmaster Lyxek

For all the hate that they are given, the Ring could be considered nothing more than a group of gamblers – thieving, murdering, lying scumbags, but gamblers nonetheless. The Ring’s main philosophy is that luck will see them through; as many have noted, they are correct – the majority of their operations, such as the establishment of several game corners and robberies, have succeeded, something that Lyxek has made a point of attributing to his amazing luck. Out of that virtue, Lyxek and his operatives have also managed to avoid capture by the KNPD time and time again; how is not entirely known, but bribery is suspected.Ironically, were it not for the citizens and the KNPD themselves, the Ring might never have formed on Kai-Nam. Ten years ago, Lyxek came to Kai-Nam in what could be described as little more than a torn up box. After noting how they saved his life, he was eager to help defend the island and its labs from wrongdoers; however, he was continuously turned down by what he describes as corrupt individuals, and was left on the streets with no way off of the island. With nowhere else to turn to, he resorted to stealing, first money, and then equipment. Around the same time, he had taken up residence in an abandoned hotel near the outskirts of the city, and soon after he began to recruit individuals in a similar situation to his cause. Thus, the Ring was born. In that time, he has managed to acquire a rather large amount of money, set up an underground base in the Barrens, and covertly opened several game corners and such around the city. Unfortunately, this has put the Ring at extreme odds with the KNPD, which brings us to their present conflict.While not an all-out war, the Ring and KNPD conflict has resulted in mass damage to several labs due to small skirmishes between agents of both groups. This has not been helped by the Ring’s disagreement with the Day Run – Lyxek has assigned several operatives to attempt to take out Kerid and take control of the tournament, as he sees it as a great way to bring in money, though he has been unsuccessful in accomplishing this. Nevertheless, he is determined to undermine both the tournament and the KNPD, and has made passing comments about being willing to “pull all his cards” to accomplish this.The Ring is based in the Eastern Barrens, as well as the outskirts of the city. Any species, aside from Makuta (due to a low opinion of ‘such scumbag’ on the Brotherhood’s part,) are free to join. Members tend to have a liking towards fun and games, and as such several have joined the Day Run in their spare time; several operatives are there simply to try to carry out the mission of taking over the tournament. Notable members are Lyxek, the Ringmaster, and Vailian, his right-hand man; the former is usually found either in one of the Ring’s various casinos or in the Ring’s main base, a structure built into one of the nearest mountain’s base. The Ring seeks to, first and foremost, buy out or take over the Day Run so as to bring in money; their other objectives are, essentially, causing mayhem on Kai-Nam, not to mention the individual objectives of their allies.

Civilians“Are you a visitor to the island, an unaffiliated, or just an ordinary being? ...Then you’re a civilian. Stay out of trouble, keep your mouth shut and, if you’re lucky, you’ll stay that way.”~Suya

The use of the term “Civilians” here is slightly misleading. One might think of civilians as residents of an area, or maybe even pawns in a game of chess, bystanders who do absolutely nothing. Yet others realize that this term can mean other things – in this case, the civilians of Kai-Nam are essentially the neutral group in the RPG. Some are normal Matoran who have lived on this island all their lives; some are beings who have come to participate in the Day Run and nothing more than that; still others seek to participate in and take advantage of the battle between the Ring and the KNPD, yet do not wish to officially join either group.Out of all the factions in this RPG, the civilians have the most options in terms of what they get to do, and yet at the same time they are also slightly limited. Civilians are not bound by the codes of either the Ring or the KNPD, yet this also means that they do not have access to either faction’s resources or base of operations (unless, of course, a meeting was arranged beforehand.) This group compensates for that by having access to the laboratories of Kai-Nam, and by extension access to… experimental weaponry – for a price.Because of how this group operates, there is no leader amongst them, nor is there a main base of operations. Still, they have the whole of Kai-Nam at their disposal, and if a small group of individual civilians wishes to do so, then they may band together and claim, say, a hotel complex or some other abandoned building as their own; heck, if they wanted to, they might even be able to start their own mini-faction… In short, the goals of individuals in this group are all over the place – Elithes and Illuxio, for instance, have taken to acting as vigilantes, while Zanth and Suya… no one knows what they’ve been up to, but it is thought that they are secretly investigating both the KNPD and the Ring.

The Guild of Tyis

Connected to the Civilian faction is a group of bounty hunters known as the Guild of Tyis. Led by founding member Tyis and his councilors, the guild operates from a large tower on Tyis Island in the Niakar Trinity. The Guild of Tyis is composed of members of various backgrounds; as such, it has official members in the Day Run, the Ring and the KNPD, as well as those merely operating without these affiliations on Kai-Nam. Unfortunately, getting membership to the guild is notoriously tricky; one must make themselves known as exceptional hunters and fighters and then complete a series of tests to officially be recognized by the council. Should one pass the tests, however, the perks are quite worth it.After attempting to assassinate both Lyxek and the Director, the Guild has become a target to both groups; the KNPD has even gone so far as to ostracize all officers with affiliation to the group. Non-guild officers have been granted permission to 'take care' of these outcasts.

The Feranaki

“What measure is a god? I am All. I am Eternal. I am a maelstrom, a network of beginning and end. Through my essence, this world will be united; through my essence, our graves will be forever closed. All will become One, and I am One... forever...”

If ever there was a creature designed with the seemingly sole purpose of acting as the cancer of the universe, the Feranaki would certainly fit that role to the dot. Rotting corpses controlled by small, balloon-like Infection Forms, the Feranaki are a monstrous parasite created by the broken and destroyed Ruaki, God of Death. The Feranaki almost singlemindedly seek to engulf the known universe, infecting any sapient species they come across and absorbing them into the horde. The Feranaki aim only to grow and expand; as a result, they have no sympathy for those who resist.During the final Night Run tournament, the Feranaki shifted between the control of their original creator and Makuta Jaeda, though both bore the same overall goal: To use the parasites as a medium for total domination, either through assimilation or threat of force. After Ruaki and Jaeda's deaths, as well as the destruction of a large number of Feranaki on Gynel's surface, it was assumed that their threat had been extinguished. This was not the case. A recent Dark Hunter expedition has revealed that a large number of Feranaki still remain active, trapped beneath the island of Gynel--but for how long? For the time being, they are focused only on guarding a mysterious rose within the old domain of Ruaki. Should the Dark Hunters succeed in retrieving the rose for Lyxek, there is no telling what changes would occur in their behavior.Currently, the Feranaki are isolated from Kai-Nam and the rest of the universe by a Brotherhood of Makuta blockade stationed around the island, a segregation reinforced by the KNPD-Ring conflict. Time will only tell what will become of them, however.Due to their isolation and loss of a central hive-mind, infection by the Feranaki--so long as it is not fatal, i.e. infection by spores--will result in a weakening of a being's natural abilities and a connection to the consciousness of the rest of the horde, while increasing certain abilities depending on species. While the likelihood of infection in regular characters is extremely unlikely, this could change in the future.

The Day Run“We’re entertainment for the masses – nothing more, nothing less. We’ll welcome you into the game regardless of your background, just as long as you don’t bring your pathetic disagreements against us with you.”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

The successor to the Night Run on Gynel, control has shifted from Makuta Jaeda to the Steltian named Kerid. Along with this change of hats came a remarkable shift in the Run’s operations: With Ehjoras’s help, Kerid has greatly relaxed the rules of the tournament, as they no longer have any great and terrible secrets to hide. Contestants are no longer executed for “trespassing,” players can come and go as they wish, and regulations have been modified. Instead of yearly tournaments, smaller tournaments are held once every six months, with the second official tournament starting soon. With these changes came the birth of the Day Run.In terms of game play, the Day Run is quite similar to the Night Run in that it focuses primarily on racing and gladiator combat. Players form teams to compete in it, and at the end of each race or arena match a prize is handed out to the group with the most members in the top five. Kerid has been particularly generous with her turn as the head of the tournament – her prizes usually consist of expensive upgrades to the vehicles owned by participants, and she has allowed virtually everyone who has asked to participate in the game – including members of the Ring, despite their leader’s threats against her. This stems from her experience as head security guard of the Night Run, realizing that mixing in heroes with villains will help keep both types of characters under control – currently, she is using this philosophy to keep KNPD officers and Ring operatives in check with each other. So far, it has worked.The Day Run is a unique group here, as it does not function as a full-blown faction for most characters. Instead, it acts as a sub group to all the rest. Players join the KNPD, the Ring or the civilians, and if they wish to participate in the Day Run, then they must simply add that to their profile. The leaders of the Day Run are Tournament Organizers Kerid and Ehjoras. They have set up the majority of their operations on the west half of the island, in the Barrens, with their race track zigzagging around the entire perimeter of Kai-Nam. Further, the Day Run is the easiest way to jump into the game; it offers a lot of interaction with other people through team recruitment and in the matches. If you're having trouble getting into the RPG, try having your character join the tournament.

The Day Run Code of Conduct“Rule number two, no sabotage – you signed the contract, you agreed to our rules. As punishment, I am officially barring you from the next two Day Run events. I’d celebrate if I was you – I could have done so much more...”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

The Day Run has fewer and more lenient regulations than those of the Night Run, and like the old tournament, players are required to abide by these regulations at all times whilst participating in an official Day Run event. These rules are as follows:1) By registering for the Day Run, participants take full responsibility for any injuries they may receive during their time in the tournament. While safety measures have been taken to prevent any serious damages, the risk still stands2) Participants in the Day Run are expected to play fairly; as such sabotage of an opponent’s equipment, including weapons, vehicles and other supplies, will result in punishment ranging from temporary banning from the tournament to permanent exile.3) During an arena match or race, a player will be removed once they are unable to continue battle, normally after being knocked unconscious or after having their vehicle destroyed. At this point the player may not reenter the event.4) Any player who breaks the above rules will immediately be removed from the tournament and barred from further entrance, unless pardoned by Tournament Organizer Kerid or Ehjoras.

Vehicles“Sometimes I can’t help but marvel at what these people can come up with…”~Sanshou

The first thing many associated with the Night Run when it was active was the large amounts of vehicles and pilots who participated in it. That has not changed with the Day Run; in fact, given Kai-Nam’s reputation as one of the biggest producers of new vehicle designs, more and more beings are connecting the two together.In the year since the Night Run ended, vehicles have stayed just as reliable as ever, with new designs and upgrades being made each day. It is not uncommon to see large, Rahi-like mecha traversing the lands, or to see whole blocks cleared in any city as pilots settle disputes through vehicular combat or races – something that happens even in such sophisticated places as City. While they are large and clunky, mecha and vehicles in general are becoming more and more accepted, with fewer people classing owners of such things as ruffians.The general view of the “best model” also seems to be shifting. Though once seen as mighty, powerful and never to be messed with, Rahi mecha seem to have taken a backseat to the maneuverability, speed and overall smoother wheel-based designs as of late – motorcycles and other such things, in other words; hover boards, too, have seen a recent rise in use by smaller species, and a new, bipedal group of mecha have also begun to see action. Regardless of their differences and the preferences of individuals, all continue to thrive, and the Day Run will accept any type of vehicle for use in their tournament. At the same time, both the KNPD and the Ring have realized the value in vehicles; as such, many of their members have begun to build or steal their own, and those with past experience as pilots have begun to train newcomers in their use.

Credits“Credits? Oh, they aren’t anything special… until you consider that you need the highest amount to win the tournament.”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

Credits are an important part of the Day Run, serving both as the primary prize for races and arena matches and the ranking system for the tournament. Much like in the Night Run, varying amounts of Credits are awarded to participants in the tournament, with the amount depending on where each player places. Credits are also kept track of via the Day Run’s computer system, so that contestants do not have to do the math themselves. At the end of the Day Run's tournament, the team with the most Credits is declared the victor and will receive a grand prize.The amount of Credits awarded to each place is listed below. This list generally only applies to FFAs and regular races – some variations give preset amounts to the winning teams.First place: 300 credits awarded.Second place: 260 credits awarded.Third place: 220 credits awarded.Fourth place: 180 credits awarded.Fifth place: 140 credits awarded.Sixth place: 100 credits awarded.Seventh place: 80 credits awarded.Eighth place: 60 credits awarded.Ninth place: 40 credits awarded.Tenth place: 20 credits awarded.All other racers: 10 credits awarded just for entering.

Teams“Teams were too valuable of an asset for our players to leave behind, hence why we’ve carried them over to the Day Run… even if some people get a little ‘carried away’ with them.”~Tournament Organizer Kerid

As with any game, the Day Run allows players to operate as teams, so as to allow them to increase their odds of winning the grand prize. While members of both the KNPD and the Ring tend to form small groups to accomplish their goals, the Day Run is the only organization with an official way of organizing players into teams. This is done through Team Crests.Developed by Ehjoras and his team of engineers and used in the Night Run, Team Crests are white, circular, shape-shifting devices handed out to all Day Run participants. A player’s Team Crest is affixed to their armor for the entirety of their run in the Day Run via magnetic force, and can be removed at any time. Mental activation allows the Team Crest to change its shape into one specified by its user; the extent of this is limitless, as long as it does not exceed the initial size of the Crest.To form a team, your Team Crests must be synched up with those of other Day Run contestants; this can be done via mental activation of a coding device built into them. Once the synch up is complete, all of the members of the newly formed team can communicate with each other via communication links built into the crests, and their Crests will then transform into the shape of the team’s leader’s Crest. During CtF games, a separate signal temporarily connects the Crests of two or more teams to form a larger one and changes the color of the connected Crests to either red or blue, though the shape does not change.There are a couple of limits on the Team Crests, unfortunately. For one, due to the possibility of an information overload, the maximum amount of players that can be on a team is four. Secondly, when tampered with (via hacking or disassembly) by anyone without knowledge of how they were made, Team Crests tend to explode; this is likely a safety precaution designed to stop the technology form being used by the Ring. Other than that, the abilities of the Crests are seamless, and fairly easy to figure out.

The Coliseum“Personally, I prefer the arena to the race track – you can’t rip your enemies apart while in a vehicle, can you?”~Officer Lurinost

Gigantic, imposing, exciting; these are the words that usually come to mind when one mentions the Coliseum. A huge, domed stadium, this structure is home to all of the Day Run’s non-racing events, from capture the flag to free fighting to fast-paced vehicle shoot-‘em-ups. The majority of the arena is built into the ground, separated into seven, gradually shrinking rings connected via slanting walls and tunnels, ending in a final, bowl-like bottom ring. It is designed with nanotechnology that allows it to change its terrain with the activation of several control panels, located in a small, square room above the stands.

Types of Matches

Free-For-AllFFAs are, quite simply, FFAs. They pit three to four teams at a time against one another with no alliances between them – the only alliances you will find are those within the teams that enter. Ranking follows the Day Run Standard format – the last ten warriors to fall receive a specific amount of Credits depending on what order they fell in.Capture the FlagA game played between 2-6 teams, Capture the Flag pits two even teams – one designated Blue, the other Red -- against one another, with the objective being for each team to try to capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to their base. The first team to do so will be declared the victor, and each team composing the winning team will receive 300 Credits. This is one of the few games to utilize the Team Crest’s Linking feature, connecting two separate teams together to temporarily form a larger one. As a note, members of individual teams will always be placed on the same CtF team. Vehicles are allowed to be used in this event.Team One vs. OneTOvO’s are simple one team versus one team battles; as such, only two teams participate in one of these events. Each team sends in one team member to do battle, until all of the members of one team have been defeated. This game uses the Day Run Standard ranking format – the first player to fall is treated as 8th place, the second as 7th, and so on.–Team vs. TeamAn off-shoot of the above, this is exactly the same as TOvOs; the only difference is that instead of one team member battling at a time, the whole team participates at once. It follows the same scoring system as above.Vehicle BrawlVehicle Brawl’s are similar to the above, as they are a two team event and your whole team participates at once, only they are done in vehicles – and as they are required for use in these matches, if a team member of yours does not own a vehicle, he or she can not participate. Vehicle Brawls use all seven of the Coliseum’s rings while they are happening, providing maximum space for each player’s vehicle. They follow the Day Run Standard ranking system. Purely bipedal mecha tend to shine in these battles, as their greater maneuverability and shape allow them to better navigate the field, though that is not to say that other kinds of vehicles are totally ineffective.

Races“What’s more exciting then driving on a freakishly long course at a bazillion miles per hour!?”~Officer Sensha

True to its name, the Day Run continues to host races as part of their agenda, though to an admittedly lesser extent that the Night Run; Kerid has stated this to be because she does not wish to disturb the relative silence of City, though this is ironic considering how loud the crowd in the arena usually is. Races take place on a race track spanning around the entire perimeter of the island, designed so as not to keep people form going on and off of the island while a race is taking place; it also uses the same nanotechnology that the arena uses, allowing it to change its terrain. Race variations have lagged behind arena matches, with only two race types currently established; however, Kerid and Ehjoras are both working on expanding that.

Types of Races

Regular RaceRegular races are just that – regular races. Two to four teams race through the entirety of the course and places are determined by who gets across the finish line first. Unsurprisingly, weapons are allowed to be used in this event – a lot. So go crazy. Ranking follows the Day Run Standard Format. Note that hover boards are not allowed to be used in this event, as they do not provide enough protection to their users nor do they possess the necessary energy to even keep up with the more speed-capable vehicles that most contestants use.No WeaponsNo Weapons races function exactly as the above, with the only change being that it is purely racing – no weapons are allowed to be used during them. Other than that, they follow the same rules as above.


Posted Image(Credit to Kal the Guardian for the map.)

“Vreclusive scientists… strange and unique experimental veapons… it’s ‘ome sweet ‘ome!”~Elithes

At first glance, Kai-Nam’s heavy snowfall, tall peaks and dangerous outer rim would make the island appear uninhabitable to all but the most adaptable of individuals – and, indeed, many of the first beings to attempt to colonize the island died off before a strong establishment could be made. With the introduction of several hundred Ko-Matoran thousands of years ago, however, the island has evolved into one of the universe’s leading technological advancers, specializing in vehicles and other survivability devices through the use of plentiful natural resources hidden near the center of the island, as well as recently beginning a slight heating of the island to make it more open to beings from warmer parts of the universe. This section will attempt to familiarize newcomers to Kai-Nam with the island’s most important locations – new and old.The BarrensThe outermost part of the island, the Barrens is just what the name suggests – a frozen wasteland that forms the shores of Kai-Nam. While it is possible to survive there, there are not a lot of resources, and most beings that have attempted to live in the Barrens for long periods of time have or have nearly died. Niaka, or Ice Wyverns (named after the first leader of City, Niakar) are a common sight in the Barrens, being able to survive off of cold alone.-The Roads to Salvation are a web of paths that have been established from the various docks around Kai-Nam that lead to City. They are separated from the wild parts of the Barrens and the Hills by tall fences with built-in heating technology, providing relatively safe and comfortable travel to City for newcomers to the island.-The Silent Hills are, as many have noted, misnamed, because they refer to the dozens of small mountains scattered around the Barrens and that surround City. Still, official paperwork has yet to be signed that change their names. Regardless, the Hills are, as the name suggests, silent – few noises are ever heard coming from them. Recent technology has enabled beings to travel up the mountains, usually for training purposes, and they remain a favorite spot for people to seek solitude from the business of City despite their cold temperatures. Strangely, the higher one climbs, the warmer it seems to get…-The Ring Headquarters is where Lyxek can usually be found. It is built into the base of the tallest eastern mountain, close to City, and extends throughout the whole mountain, as it has essentially been converted into a massive fortress. It is equipped with defenses capable of holding off even the strongest KNPD warriors, and if the need arises, a self destruct sequence can be initiated that is reportedly powerful enough to take out an eighth of Kai-Nam.The Day RunHaving moved from Gynel in the past year, the Day Run has been reestablished in the western Barrens of Kai-Nam, so as not to disturb the residents. From a distance, the structures give the Day Run the appearance of a small city, though these thoughts are dispelled immediately once one gets a closer look at the buildings. A path runs from the Day Run facilities to City, heated and protected by similar technology to the Roads. Due to recent events regarding the KNPD and the Ring, protection has risen – guards can now be seen patrolling the borders of the Day Run facilities and path far more often than usual, all with orders to subdue anyone who attempts to cause trouble for the tournament.-The Registration Office is relatively small in comparison to the other Day Run buildings, being only the size of a two-story house. It is a circular building with a flat roof, with four entrances. In the center is a desk with an automated registration system, which is programmed to confirm all information on contestants before entering them into the tournament. To stop potential hackers, the computer networks in the registration office are protected by dozens of Smart AI.-The Player Lounge is a small hotel-like structure. Some contestants in the Day Run have no place to stay on Kai-Nam; as such those contestants are allowed to stay in the hotel for as long as they are participating in the tournament. It is a fairly fancy place, opting to give contestants the most comfort possible so as to keep them in top condition. It is usually used as a meeting place for the more reclusive teams.-The Coliseum is a large, domed structure belonging to the Day Run in which all gladiatorial matches are fought. It consists of stands for live audiences to sit, a control room from which the terrain can be changed, and seven rings composing the actual arena part of it. The rings slop down into the ground, gradually getting smaller until they come to form a small (in comparison to the other rings) bowl at the bottom. The audiences are protected from stray blasts by an energy shield separating the stands form the ring, and Recorder 2.0s float innocently over the battling contestants at all times, broadcasting the event to the universe. Kerid’s office is also located here, built above the stands.-The Race Track is a large, zigzagging course built on the perimeter of Kai-Nam. It is designed so as not to impede travel between the docks and City in that is rises over the roads between them. Like the Coliseum, special nanobots developed by Makuta Jaeda are used to change the terrain of the race track into virtually anything imaginable. Recorders are a common sight over the entirety of the track, broadcasting the races to view screens all over the universe.-The Garage is similar to both the Coliseum and the Lounge. It is an optional housing unit for the vehicles owned by contestants who can not find a cheap enough garage in City; like the Coliseum, it is build deep into the ground, making it appear smaller on the outside than it is on the inside. This is where the Recorder 2.0s are stored when not in use, and where Ehjoras’s office is. The Matoran in question is also a common sight here. Additionally, a secret vault is located underneath the garage, accessible only by Day Run officials; Kerid has hidden the Kanohi Nox, Mask of Night, within it, in an attempt to keep it from Lyxek.CityBuilt in the center of Kai-Nam, right above where the majority of the natural resources can be found, City has become the sight of one of the most technologically advanced societies in the universe, rivaling the Brotherhood of Makuta and bypassing Xia in weapons and vehicle production. Being the only town or city on Kai-Nam, City has no “official” name, though the possibility of building new colonies has prompted several naming proposals. City is split into five smaller divisions, with each district specializing in a certain aspect of society.-North District, the science hub, is the second most heavily guarded sector of City, due to the fact that it is home to all of Kai-Nam’s labs, factories and experimental facilities, excluding the vehicle factories. Both KNPD officers and Ring operatives are a norm here, with the former guarding the labs and the latter attempting to gain intelligence on them. Scientists are a very common sight as well, hustling to and fro in an attempt to keep everything in order.-East District is the residential and recreational sector of City. It consists mainly of garages, hotels, apartments, shops, game corners and other such recreational facilities. Many contestants in the Day Run stay here during their time on Kai-Nam, as well as the residents of City; they are typically segregated from each other in terms of sleeping quarters, with Kai-Namians residing closer to Central than contestants. A now-obsolete section of East District is infamous for housing Lyxek and his original lackeys, who would later go on to form the Ring; several casinos built and owned by them are a daily reminder to the residents of this fact. The Civilians not affiliated with the Day Run all reside here.-West District deals with all of the vehicle-related production that is not covered in the North District. New vehicles are built, tested and mass-produced in West District, and then shipped out for use by other islands and the KNPD; some factories have secretly been bought out by the Ring, and as such provide vehicles to them. Several small race tracks can be found here, though unlike the Day Run’s, few can change their terrain.-South District was once the site to many observatories and planning facilities, where scholars could study the stars and improve designs for devices that would later be developed in North District. Following the Skakdi raid, South District has been transformed into a badly damaged and abandoned area of City. Though one would have expected repairs to have been finished since the raid, work has been slowed to a grinding halt after the discovery of a group of dead workers trapped in a green substance; investigations are still under way, though there have been few results. Strange creatures have also been sighted wandering around the streets at times; it is unknown who or what they are, though the Ring has claimed to be responsible for whatever is going on.-Central/KNPD Headquarters, called the “Political Division” by some, is the central section of City. It is the location of everything related to politics and the KNPD – jail houses, the mayor’s office, the town hall, and such. It is heavily guarded at all times by the KNPD. Near the middle of Central is a domed, fortress-like structure, close to the town hall. Platinum white in appearance, it is the base of all of the KNPD’s operations, and is nearly impenetrable due to the heavy defenses it is equipped with. It is designated as a fallback point for the Turaga in the event that the Ring manages to break his guard’s defenses. It is also where missions for the KNPD are handed out, and by extension, where the Director resides. A medium-sized section is dedicated to extracting resources from under the City -- with the Ko-Matoran twist of being done quietly and cleanly.Niakar’s TrinityNamed after the first leader of City, Niakar’s Trinity is a trio of three small islets off of the south coast of Kai-Nam. Though inhabited by few sapient species, a large colony of Niaka is known to inhabit all three islets. The islets are known to be used by the Guild of Tyis in their initiation tests – a bounty hunter who can successfully capture a Niaka, who are known for their slyness and strength when infuriated, is considered worthy enough to become a member of the Guild. Travel to the islets is allowed, but highly advised against.-Kia Island is the smallest, westernmost island in the trio. The Niaka on Kia are not all that aggressive, due to being more familiar with the inhabitants of Kai-Nam than others. A cavern deep underneath Kia Island, accessible by an icy tunnel, formerly housed a pair of artifacts called the Eyes of Apheer. These have been recovered by Team Zero member Vertak, and the tunnel collapsed as a result of a battle against a Ring operative named Tarius.-Tyis Island is the easternmost island of the three, and is the largest of them all. Named after the Guild of Tyis, Tyis Island is the most commonly used island when it comes to initiation tests in the guild. The Niaka here are more aggressive than those on Kia Island, though less so than those on Jial.-Jial Island is the last island, and the furthest from Kai-Nam's mainland. The Niaka on Jial are unique in that they are primarily red and black, and are all extremely aggressive; rumor has it that this is the result of... experiments performed by the Director on the local population. Travel to this island is heavily advised against, more so than travel to the other islands.GynelLocated south of Kai-Nam, Gynel was the home of the Night Run prior to Jaeda's death. As a result of the Feranaki breakout one year ago, the island has been blockaded by the Brotherhood of Makuta, rendering it inaccessible -- at least without knowledge of how to get through to it. Lyxek recently sent a group of Dark Hunters there in order to retrieve a strange, glowing rose, deep within the vast and twisting Feranaki caverns.Much of Gynel's landscape is in ruins. The entire island still bears the marks of the Feranaki-Night Run battle that was fought there a year ago: The mountains are almost completely obliterated, most of the forests have been burnt down, and thousands of bodies litter the place, bodies of Feranaki, regular beings and Recorders. The only intact structures are the buildings left there by Kerid, glossy ebony buildings that serve as gravestones for what was formerly a secretive and titanic power.The GardenThe Garden. The Place of Birth. The Origin Point. Once a myth, a place of wonder, a mystery in Kai-Namian folklore, the Garden is all too real. A vast cavern, seemingly far beneath City, it is a vast, lush land, shrouded in perpetual darkness and accessible only by teleportation at certain areas on the island, with the help of one of the even more secretive Keepers. Within it lie answers to a large number of recent questions. Within it lies an object of power, the other half of the Coeur d'Ombre, rumored to be the key to defeating Lyxek and the Director… or bringing about certain doom. Within lies terror unseen, beasts never meant to see the light of day.You seek it at your own peril.

Staff & Rules

1. First and foremost, all BZP rules apply – as usual, so no flaming and spamming and trolling and whatnot. If you haven’t read them, they can be found here.2. To emphasize two specific parts from the above, do not spam and do not flame. For the uninformed, spamming is the posting of pointless messages – in this case, posts that don’t apply to the RPG. Don’t do it. Flaming is the intentional act of OOCly attacking or provoking another member. Don’t do it. You will be punished.3. Heed the words of the staff. In the case that either you think a staff member has made an unfair call or they may have blatantly disrespected you, take it up with me and we’ll sort it out.4. Don’t majorly control another player’s character unless they have asked you to. To be specific – A. Don’t kill another player’s character without permission; B. Don’t severely injure another player’s character without permission; and C. Don’t make another player’s character do something huge without – you guessed it – their permission. If you want to do that with your own characters, by all means go for it.5. You must be approved in the profile topic before you begin playing.6. Do not God-Mode or meta-game. For those not in the “know”: meta-gaming is, essentially, making your character know something that you only know OOCly – like, for example, reading a conversation between two characters nowhere near your character and then having your character know of it. God-modding is pretty much just playing unfairly in battle, – never tiring, being impossibly strong, etc. Both are looked down upon, and neither will be tolerated, even against NPCs. As an extension of this, Nova blasts are not allowed.7. Please be realistic. BIONICLE and earth physics may not completely apply, but you can’t jump a mio into the air – it’s just not possible without help. Along with this, you may have a fast vehicle, but don’t zip off from one side of Kai-Nam and arrive at the other in one post. And make NPCs act like they should – if you’re a known KNPD officer, Ring guards aren’t going to let you into their base.8. Please use the OOC and IC systems when you post. Examples of each are as follows:IC: Toa Likil walked through the streets of City, deep in thought.OOC: Anyone want to interact?9. You are allowed to use a maximum of three (3) characters in this role-play. If you earn a reward, you may use it to create additional characters.10. Be fair – establish yourself as a trustworthy person and act on that. By this I mean don’t purposely undermine someone else’s character just to win a battle or race. It’s a game; if you have to resort to OOC cheating to win a battle, then you’ve got issues.11. Have fun! Don’t take this too seriously – it’s a game. Games are games are games. They won’t affect you.

Punishments & Rewards

The Garden follows a relatively simple five-strike system when it comes to punishments. Each time you break the rules, you will get a warning, with each warning increasing in seriousness. Once you get five strikes, you’re done – your characters are killed and you are permanently booted from the game. For specific details:1st Strike: A friendly warning over PM; no other repercussions. You are expected to stop after this.2nd Strike: A more severe warning, again over PM. A character will be injured, though nothing serious. Consider it a slap on the wrist.3rd Strike: A third warning. One character will be severely injured and his vehicle damaged. Stop now.4th Strike: One last warning. Your character will be killed, and all assets taken by his opposing faction. This is your last chance to turn around.5th Strike: No warning. All characters killed, all vehicles and equipment taken; permanent banning from the RPG. You were warned. Go away.On the other hand, if you are a good and/or helpful player, then you may receive a reward. These rewards can range from an additional character to new equipment to power upgrades and other such things. While I’ll try my best to follow through on this, I’ve been known to be on and off about using my rewards systems in the past, so excuse me if I don’t give out gifts to everyone.


Due to sheer size of my characters' profiles, NPCs can be found in the Profile Topic.

Registration“Halt! Due to recent events, all newcomers to City must fill out a registration form, so as to let us know who, exactly, we’re allo

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It has come to my attention that my previous entry, the Hunger Games, is a total flop. So, with the permission of Gephyrophobia, I am submitting this RPG instead. I thank you all for your honest opinions and hope you all like this one.

The Destiny War

The Story Thus Far…The Makuta succeeded. He destroyed the Toa Metru and awakened the Matoran on the island with his Brotherhood. This Island, which he would call Destral after his old home, was his for the taking. He ordered the Matoran to build a mighty fortress for him within the Mangai Volcano, and then to construct villages across the island, so that they would remain separate from each other. He ruled for many years with his Brotherhood, terrifying the Matoran and commanding them from his fortress Mangaia. But the Makuta didn’t take into account the possibility of resistance. The Matoran alone could never stand against him, but another threat has emerged. Toa are coming to the island, and with them they bring another organization, an order that serves his fallen brother. The so called Order of Mata Nui, led by a being far older than even he, has followed him to Destral, and they have brought with them a war that will ravage the island. His hold is strong, but so are his enemies.A new age is coming. Welcome to the Destiny War.What’ Happening?The purpose of this RPG will be to take up a faction and fight for the island. The setting is actually Mata Nui, with slightly altered locations (see map below) and a new name: New Destral. The course of this RPG will be similar to the BZPRPG. It’s an open world. You can do what you want. If you are part of the Order, you may be given objectives or requests by Helryx, or the same with the Brotherhood only from the Makuta. You don’t have to do them. They’re open objectives. Anyone can do it.The three factions will be, for the most part, separate from each other. The Brotherhood is evil. The Order is good. As for the Resistance, you can be either affiliated with the Order on a low level or completely independent as a group or solo.Let’s Get StartedChoose your side: (You MUST pick one)The Koro ResistanceYou are a warrior of the tribes. The time has come for you to rise against the vile reign of the Brotherhood of Makuta and defeat the evil rulers once and for all!The Order of Mata NuiYou have served Helryx and the Order since you can remember. Now your Destiny is at hand. Band together with your allies and the Resistance to bring down the Makuta!The Brotherhood of MakutaAs a member of the Brotherhood, you have reigned over the Island of Destral for decades. But now a Resistance and a mysterious new Order are threatening your rule. Follow the will of Makuta and eliminate these interlopers!Playable Species:ToaMatoranTuragaVortixx (Brotherhood or Order ONLY)Skakdi (Brotherhood or Order ONLY)CUSTOM SPECIES MUST BE APPROVED BY ME FIRST!Elements Allowed:FireWaterIceStoneEarthAirIronPlasmaSonicsPlantlifeMagnetismLightningShadow (Brotherhood ONLY)CUSTOM ELEMENTS MUST BE APPROVED BY ME FIRST!Gravity, Psionics and Light are NOT allowed. They are too powerful for this RPG. Please don’t ask.Kanohi Allowed:Hau, Mask of ShieldingKaukau, Mask of Water BreathingMiru, Mask of LevitationKakama, Mask of SpeedPakari, Mask of StrengthAkaku, Mask of X-Ray VisionHuna, Mask of ConcealmentRau, Mask of TranslationMahiki, Mask of IllusionRuru, Mask of Night VisionMatatu, Mask of TelekinesisCalix, Mask of FateSanok, Mask of AccuracyKadin, Mask of FlightIden, Mask of SpiritArthron, Mask of SonarFaxon, Mask of KindredVolitak, Mask of StealthPehkui, Mask of DiminishmentKualsi, Mask of Quick TravelKiril, Mask of RegenerationRode, Mask of TruthMask of GrowthMask of IntangibilityMask of AdaptationMask of BiomechanicsMask of HealingMask of ReboundingMask of Sensory AptitudeJutlin, Mask of Corruption (Brotherhood ONLY)Avsa, Mask of Hunger (Brotherhood ONLY)Shelek, Mask of Silence (Brotherhood ONLY)Felnas, Mask of Disruption (Brotherhood ONLY)Crast, Mask of Repulsion (Brotherhood ONLY)Mask of Aging (Brotherhood ONLY)Mask of Incomprehension (Brotherhood ONLY)Making Your Profile:Name: Your character’s name.Species: Pretty straightforward.Element: Again, pretty straightforward.Faction: Rebellion, Order or Brotherhood. The Order and the Rebellion are somewhat affiliated. Brotherhood is on its own.Weapon: What does your character wield, if any?History: What happened to you to make you this way?Personality: Tell me about yourself.Weakness: What’s your Achilles Heel? Your Kryptonite? Your…weakness?Appearance: Well, don’t you look…Playable Locations:Ta-WahiGa-WahiLe-WahiPo-WahiOnu-WahiKo-WahiKumu IsletsDaxia Islet (Impenetrable Order HQ on the Northern Tip. Order ONLY)Mangaia (Impenetrable Brotherhood Fortress within the volcano. Brotherhood ONLY)

Posted Image

Rules and RegulationsThis is a very open and free RPG, but there are several rules that must be adhered to. REMEMBER:
    [*]Above all else: NO GOD-MODDING! You are merely a speck on the canvas. You are not invincible, nor are you all-powerful. I’m sure I don’t have to go into great detail on this one. It’s the most important rule in every RPG.[*]The Brotherhood and Order fortresses ARE IMPENETRABLE! If you are not affiliated with them, you can’t get in without invitation. These fortresses are safe zones for the Order or the Brotherhood. When you're in here you are safe. If you're in the resistance, you're on your own.[*]It is assumed you have money. When you want to buy things, create the scenario. Buy what you want from a personally controlled NPC merchant. If you want to run your own business, so be it, but you don’t have to.[*]If you’ve got a weakness, follow it. You can’t have a weakness to heat and then magically appear in the volcano unaffected. Subsequently, you are allowed to obtain SINGLE USE items that reduce your weakness.[*]Canon NPC characters (to be controlled by Administrators) are not invincible, but they are a lot harder to affect than PCs. Also, the two leaders (The Makuta and Helryx) are, for the most part, un-killable by PCs. You can fight them, and you can fight hard, but odds are you aren't going to win outside of special circumstances.[*]An unknown being intercepted the Toa Mata. They have not arrived on Mata Nui, and will not for the course of this RPG. For that reason, PCs don’t know who they are. Keep that in mind.[*]If you are not affiliated with the Order, you don’t know much about them. All you know is that they exist. You don’t know who Helryx is, or anything about the members.[*]Similarly, even if you are affiliated with the Brotherhood, you will refer to the Makuta as that: The Makuta. You don’t know his name. Only the other Makuta do.[*]Rules and regulations may be added or altered in accordance with the running of this RPG. As such, if a rule is added to the list, it is to be followed. This is only to be done under the most necessary circumstances, and if you have an argument with an added rule, feel free to contact me and argue your point. User opinions WILL be considered. There will be a notification of the added rule in the main topic or news section. Check the main page and/or news regularily.[/list]

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BZPRPG Profiles

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The Island of PainLet us not mince words. You are a slave. You have been plucked from whatever walk of life you once came from, and are now little more than a product. Our product.We are the Shepherds of Flesh. We own you.The years have been good to us. With the Great Spirit asleep there is no-one to rein in the Brotherhood of Makuta, or the Dark Hunters, or any other of the similar but lesser organisations.Like us.We are slavers and there are always openings for slaves. Be it in the foundries of Xia, or the wars of Zakaz, slaves are always in high demand. Perhaps you were travelling. Perhaps you were cast out. Perhaps you were on the run. It matters not. Our agents took you, contained you, delivered you to us. And then it was simply a matter of what to do with you.We think the Island of Pain. Oh yes, the Island of Pain should suit you well. Where every shadow is cast by a beast trying to eat you. Where every flash of colour is an enemy tying to kill you. Where we have a team whose sole purpose is to make you die in the most agonising way they can think of.Have fun.The RPGOh dear, it appears you've been captured by an organisation of ruthless slave-traders called the Shepherds of Flesh. And rather than send you to be a menial labourer or cannon-fodder, they have posted you off to their deadly island. Perhaps you were a bit hard to break, perhaps they're making an example of you, perhaps one of your enemies paid to have you sent there. Whichever. You are now on the so-called Island of Pain. And you are going to be hunted.For the Island of Pain is a game reserve of sorts. Apart from other slaves it is full of hazardous terrain and dangerous wildlife, along with the team sponsored by the Shepherds to hunt you down.Good luck.LocationsThe Island of Pain was artificially created by the Shepherds specifically for hosting their twisted games. It is roughly circular in shape and surrounded by a dome made of some kind of metallic shell to prevent slaves just swimming or flying away. The Shepherds sought to create as many different environments as possible to provide their 'guests' with a variety of combat scenarios.Posted ImageToothy Bane: A series of mountains and valleys on the island's southern side. Jagged and unforgiving, their icy peaks stretch high into the sky, gathering snow as though they were scraping it from the clouds themselves.Haven Cove: Nestled away in Toothy Bane is the Cove. It is a perfect little beach, flat, white sands and gentle waves. There is only one path leading to the Cove, leading many to think it is also the perfect defensive spot. Their remains tell a different story…Shadowtangle: A massive forest that covers half the island, fed by meltwater from the Bane mountains. The canopy of the trees blocks the light, turning the world below into a permanent realm of twilight. This place is infested with ravenous animals solely there to eat you.The Yawning Sunder: The Sunder is a massive chasm that spans the length of the island. It severed Shadowtangle in two, and as a result the side facing the forest is one colossal waterfall as the meltwater drains into the abyss. The echoes of this waterfall are supposed to sound like the yawns of a giant, hence the name.Stony Leap: The only permanent bridge across the Yawning Sunder, in contrast to the numerous lesser and temporary wooden bridges. It is a formidable and impressive construction, made of solid stone with metal reinforcement.The Parched Wastes: When the Yawning Sunder bisected Shadowtangle half the forest was cut off from the waters that sustained it. It withered and died, turning into a dry and dusty desert. The Shepherds merely adapted this into a new environment for combatants, creating buildings that were purposefully constructed to be ruins. Watch out for these ruins, as they often conceal oases.The Shimmering Maze: At first this appears to be a lake, a flat expanse of shimmering blue. Its position in the north-west of the Parched Wastes means it is often considered a mirage. It is in fact a deposit of diamond, vast and brilliant. The Shepherds have drilled down into the crystal, creating a labyrinth of glittering catacombsAshring: A semi-circle of volcanic terrain around the Parched Wastes and the Shimmering Maze, reaching around the northern half of the island. The skies are dark with noxious clouds, the air is filled with a brimstone stench and the ground burns and boils. There are often slow-moving patches of lava bubbling from beneath the crust.Dragon's Roost: The largest volcano in Ashring, lava and sulphurous vapours constantly pour forth from its gaping crater. The Shepherds can apparently make it erupt at will should they want to provide a challenge for those in the area.The Dome: Surrounding the island, preventing escape by sky or sea. It is made of an unknown substance not quite rock, metal or shell but somewhere in between. The Shepherds project images onto the inside of the dome; snippets of action, the location of caches, and a huge map of the island. It appears to be impregnable, but supplies have to get onto the island somehow. As does air. And the waters inside are still affected by tides. It seems there is hope for escape yet…EnemiesAs if the natural pitfalls and savage beasts weren't bad enough you will also have to contend with the minions of the ShepherdsObservers: Small and oval, rather like a metallic egg. A metallic egg with a massive camara lens for an eye, a propellor on the top for flight, and two sets of spindly extendable tentacles on either side. They buzz around the island recording the action, or noting where repairs are needed. They have no means of attacking and no defence other than running away, but there is no penalty attached to destroying them. So if one is trailing you, revealing your location to all, you are free to smash it.Caretakers: Robotic enforcers for the Shepherds, they are similar to the old Vahki units, but enhanced with Rahkshi parts scavenged from battlefields. They are sent out to plant caches, deliver rewards or carry out repairs. Their adjustments give them assorted Rahkshi powers, allowing them to defend themselves if necessary, though destroying a Caretaker will earn the displeasure of the ShepherdsTeam Patronage: An elite team of six Toa sponsored by the Shepherds to hunt down slaves, receiving extra weaponry and equipment as payment of sorts. Formerly slaves themselves they banded together into an efficient killing machine, and became an official part of the games. If you kill a member of the team you take their place, so the Shepherds will often reveal their locations on the map they project in case you wish to challenge oneCachesThe Shepherds want to give you a chance that is at least half-way fair, so they have their Caretakers plant caches randomly about the island. These can contain anything from a new weapon to medical supplies, and can prove most useful if you can find them. They may be revealed through an image, a placement on the map, or sometimes a riddle.ProfilesFill this in and wait for approval. You are allowed five charactersName: The name your character chooses to go bySpecies: You can't be a Makuta. Custom species are fineGender: Speaks for itselfAppearance: What do you look likePowers: What can you do?Weapons/Equipment: Keep in mind that, as you're a slave, you won't have anything too fancyBio: What happened in your characters past? How did they come to be on the Island of Pain? What are they like? What are their goals?

[b]Character Name:[/b][b]Species:[/b][b]Gender:[/b][b]Appearance:[/b][b]Powers:[/b][b]Weapons/Equipment:[/b][b]Bio:[/b]
NPCsCharacter Name: LaeliusSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Stately-looking but actually somewhat shorter than average. His armour is more gold than red, kept perfect and shiny by his heat powers searing off grime. His mask appears to be a Pakari, the grills studded with small jewelsPowers: Fire elemental powersWeapons/Equipment: Jutlin, Great Mask of Corruption. A pair of Great Scissors, long protosteel blades affixed to each other with a hinge.Bio: The coward. Laelius was a general in a great and formidable Toa army, one renowned across the southern continent for its mighty victories against its foes. However Laelius faced a Vortixx warlord who was smarter than he was, and could see his army being routed and slaughtered. Rather than be killed or captured he fled, turning his back on his troops. He was picked up by the Shepherds while wandering a lonely road, a dusty and destitute beggar.Character Name: ArillanSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Appears as a Metru-style toa with dark green armor, mixed in some places to blend in with foliage. He also wears a black robe from a cache. Appears to have a Mask of Illusions. (Link)Powers: Has the elemental powers of air, with special training in the power of creating a vacuum.Weapons/Equipment: Mask is powered as a Kanohi Crast, the Mask of Repulsion. Wields a handmade bow from the Shadowtangle, though lack of proper tools to work with has rendered it rather ineffective as opposed to a proper one. He has a quiver that he holds 36 arrows in (keeping tally) made of wood and tipped with stone. Also has a staff, the only thing left of his former life asides from his mask, that holds a sword in it (though getting it out would require breaking the staff and pulling out the weapon). How the sword got into the wood is unknown, as it was not his. Has some antivenoms and a large skin for holding water. Claimed from Kadens corpse a Kanohi Hau, a Protosteel Tomahawk, and a Halberd.Bio: Arillan was once a woodworker, specializing in making weapons and arrows. However, as time passed, he grew bored of his job. It was then that his life took a twisted turn. The local toa had been poisoned by the Dark Hunters, and in order to defend the village, created six toa stones to create new toa. With no other way to determine the owners, the matoran chose to host a tournament for who would be the greatest warrior. Seeing the toa stones, however, he figured that there was no reason to split their power, and during the tournament he stole all six of them and took them to the suva, gaining all of the power of the former toa. By the time he was discovered, he had already left.Because of his corrupted motives, he found that his armor was darkened by shadow and his mask was of an immoral power. None of this bothered him, however. Only a year passed by the time he made his first kill - it was fun. After that, he spiraled down a path of murder, treachery, and corruption, going so far as to kill a Dark Hunter who had killed his target before he did. In retaliation, the Shadowed One called for his capture. That was when the Shepherds of Flesh got word of him, and captured him only a few hours after his final murder.He is still able to make weapons from scratch. He is also a master archer, and can still take shots superior to all but the greatest archers even with the poor weapon quality he is using. He doesn't like alliances, and plans only on killing every living being he comes across, unless he feels a battle is to hard to win. Joined Team Patronage after killed AderynCharacter Name: JaxeniaSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: The term armour really applies here. Jaxenia is covered in thick battle-armour, dull grey and heavily battle-scarred. Her mask appears to be a symbolic Hau, though it seems more like a helmet than an actual maskPowers: Water elemental powersWeapons/Equipment: Eypoxi, Great Mask of Suffocation. A long fishing rod she can use as a quarterstaff or unwind the reel to act as a barb-ended whip.Bio: The tyrant. Formerly a Chief of Police for a corrupted government on a small island. Jaxenia was personally responsible for the detainment and interrogation of those who did not show sufficient loyalty and devotion to the city-state. She grew in power and ruthlessness until finally the Matoran decided they wanted no more. There was a coup, and Jaxenia and her cohorts were driven out. Jaxenia herself was cast adrift on a raft with no supplies or way of steering. She was found half-starved by pirates and passed on to the ShepherdsCharacter Name: Blinding WhiteSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: His joints are ethereal and crystalline, coloured as they are translucent white. His armour is a shade of delicate snow-white. His mask has the semblance of a Matatu, draping over his head like mail with a lens staring darkly out at the worldPowers: Ice elemental powersWeapons/Equipment: Wocax, Great Mask of Blindness. Ice pickBio: The traitor. Blinding White never really got on with his old team. They squabbled and bickered, and never really got on with each other. Things were especially bad between Blinding White and the team leader, Blazing Red. Their conflict descended into physical blows in which Blazing Red and his fire powers came out on top. Humiliated and furious Blinding White waited until nightfall and murdered Blazing Red in his sleep. he chose to leave his village after that, no longer caring about it or seeing its as his responsibility. He was mugged on the road and found half-dead by the Shepherd's agents amidst the corpses of his assailants.Character Name: VertanSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAppearance: Vertan is clad in bright red, silver, and black armor. His head/spine is also red, and his eyes are scarlet. He has club-like hands that end in silver claws (shaped like Tyrant’s) and large feet (shaped like Gatherer’s) with three clawed toes, silver in color as well. Vertan also has this symbol tattooed on his right shoulder armor.Powers:-Fire elemental powers (in conjunction with another Skakdi)-Impact Vision-The unique ability to create and fire force bolts. He can also charge the bolts in his hands to make a bigger, stronger blast, though this process is rather slow.Weapons/Equipment:-A spiked, wooden club-Great Pigrit, Mask of Slowness (taken from Kuy'saz'ra)-clawsBio: Vertan was once a vicious warrior on Zakaz, often being one of the first combatants in battle. However, when the army he was fighting with lost, he was sold to the Shepherds by the enemy, mostly for being too destructive. They decided to put him on their island, where he could take out his aggression on other slaves. After killing the Toa Kuy'saz'ra he became a member of PatronageCharacter Name: JontanSpecies: Hybrid Demon-ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Short, brown and black, lean. He has piercing red eyes and a bright red tattoo on his mask. Has absolutely no signs of ever being scarred, bitten, or otherwise harmed. Carries a large jar filled with sand on his back.Powers: Sand, X-ray Vision via AkakuWeapons/Equipment: Large jar of sand; Akaku; sword and shield obtained from OuraBio: Jontan was genetically altered as a very young Toa. His body and mind were fused with a sand elemental, though pretty much everyone referred to it as a demon. This sand demon gave him extraordinary power, but also eventually drove him insane. Despite how fast an attacker moves, he seems to always get stopped by sand. He's even tried committing suicide before, but the sand has protected him. He has no friends, but tolerates Rastaque as a subordinate. Became a member of Team Patronage by killing TalpidRules
    [*]BZP Rules apply, obviously[*]No god-modding (e.g. controlling someone else's character, having your character do something impossible). And if someone god-modes against you, don't do it back, tell a Staffie[*]This is a Text-Based RPG, so to join in you post what is basically a miniature story for what is currently happening to your character[*]Don't bunny (meaning control extensively) other peoples characters without their permission[*]No silliness such as suddenly firing cream pies from your Midak. Believe me, it's not as funny as you think[*]Don't glory hog or continuously degrade someone else's character[*]Use IC for In-Character and OOC for Out-Of-Charactere.g:IC: The Toa leapt from ledge to ledge, escaping the enraged RahiOOC: Hey Randommember1, care to join in?[*]The Kraahkan, Avohkii, Olmak, Mohtrek, Vahi, Tryna and Ignika are not allowed.[*]You are not allowed any unreasonable elements (e.g. Life or Time) and Nova Blasts are strictly off-limits.[/list]Thanks to Cipher for creating the map

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Realm of Darkness"There are some places that shouldn't be explored. There are some mysteries that shouldn't be solved. And there are some things that we just shouldn't know."-Turaga Dume.Plot:It was fifteen years after the exile of Teridax, and the Matoran universe was in a new golden age. Metru Nui, with former populations of Karzahni and Karda Nui, as well as many new immigrants, made the island city richer then ever before.Peace came to Stelt and Zakaz, the Dark Hunters scattered, and Xia became a lush jungle. Moreover, Metru Nui colonized Artidax, the desolate volcanic isle, and the relatively unexplored southern isles.However, it was all too good to last.On a cold November day, the Av-Matoran, Metru Nui's most affluent minority, were kidnapped, along with several key figures in the government. The kidnappers only said that the words "Field of Shadows" and escaped into darkness.The Turaga Nokama, now head of Metru Nui in lieu of both Dume and Vakama, declared that they would enter the Field and rescue the Av-Matoran.After four months of speculation, the largest, richest islands started to fund and help in construction of a gargantuan walking dome. Rescue and Exploration Ship (R.E.S) Avohkii. As well as the Secondary Dome Series (S.D.S) scout domes.After five years of construction, and billions upon billions of widgets spent, the workers, warriors and engineers (Along with approximately 500 stowaways, hidden in deep tunnels within the dome the dome), set off into the unknown, willing to get the Av-Matoran back by Naming Day.However that wouldn't happen so easily. Things started going south quickly. First, contact was lost with the Metru Nui base, then, Secondary Dome Series (S.D.S) Hau, was attacked, and finally, the Avohkii was hit by a crippling siege by the beings that inhabited the Field.It seemed to many that the dome would be destroyed, but the besiegers were pushed back after a brutal, month long offensive by the Avohkii forces.The crippled Avohkii headed south. And after a couple of weeks, reached the mineral rich Mountains of Slit Throats, and slowly repaired itself.During this time, the domes organized into a single, democratic 'country'. After hotly contested elections and a highly public coup attempt, Nokama was elected Governor of the domes.***Two long decades after the Avohkii came to the mountains, the world of light is almost in crisis. Governor Nokama, who has lead the domes wisely for years, was quietly overthrown by a tight-knit group of military officers, with the brilliant tactician Rocarez leading them. Most of the residents of the domes have no clue, and believe that the aging Turaga has a cold.All in the meanwhile, the ADF is stepping up operations in the mines to clear out the Moles, while at the same time preparing for a large incursion intoIt seems that things in the Avohkii, as well as the field itself, are in for a war.Factions: In this world of shadows, oftentimes the sides of good and evil are blurred. To make your way in this world, you must choose a faction, or go on alone, in order to turn the tides on any side.The Avohkii Defense Forces: The original ADF was a special forces group, an elite council of Generals, and several small internal security forces. They were woefully under prepared for combat with the Shadowed, and suffered heavy losses during the early months of the expedition.After coming to the mines however, the ADF was aggressively rearmed and tripled in size. Now able to actively defend its homeland, the domes were fortified, massive Lightstone cannon, mounted in heavily armored turrets in a semicircle, and were built to defend the domes. Now, the ADF actively fights the Moles in the tunnels, and raids into the Field are commonplace.Equipment: Lightstone technology. Each warrior has access to a full suit of lightstone-infused protosteel armor, Lightstone firearms, and lightstone melee weapons. They also use large, lightstone-armored hovercraft, called Phoenixes, to move around (Detailed in future Discussion Topic).Leader(s): Generalissimo Rocarez, Dictator of the Avohkii (He and his tight-knit group of advisors have not revealed to public that Nokama was ousted, in fear of mass rebellion).Faction Goals:-Await the coming offense into the Field.-Find and destroy the Moles' base, which is hidden somewhere deep in the Mines.-Some in the ADF question the motives of Rocarez, and might be forming a resistance. Find out who they are.-Find out the motives of the FS.-Keep Law and Order at all cost.-A strange band of armored warriors, mounted on hover bikes, have been seen roaming the outskirts of ADF controlled land, find out who these beings are.-What is the Forever Shadow? Also, how did they get here?-Discover the mysteries of the Field of Shadows.-Find out who the Shade-Lord is.Status: The ADF preparing for a massive, expensive raid. This might determine the fate of the Avohkii. A group is also preparing to search for Mole headquarters in the mines.Government: Military Dictatorship/OligarchyPlayable Faction? YesStarting Location: R.E.S AvohkiiThe Forever Shadow: The Forever Shadow, a mysterious faction of beings that many say are 'infected' by the Field (Detailed in The Darkness section). Physically they look utterly grotesque: Matoran, Vortixx, Toa, and many other species, called Krakkan, Krakkad, and Krakkan-Warriors, are mostly disfigured and extremely strong, with a dark mist hanging around them.The Shadowed are a tight knit, extremely secretive organization. They don't speak of their history, even to one another, and most fiercely loyal to the shade lord.Equipment: Medieval-style technology and weapons, which most say is due to the sheer isolation of the Field. FA soldiers are armed with a variety of melee weapons (Ranging from Eastern style Katana, to Stone-Headed Tomahawks), and bows for ranged weapons. All weapons are poisoned using sap from the malnourished, deformed trees that dot the land. The FA also uses winged, ground, and waterborne steeds for transportation. They wear primitive armor made by layers of hides and leathers.Leader(s): The Shade-Lord, the extremely powerful overlord of the Forever Shadow, who rules the organization with an iron fist.Faction Goals:-Destroy the Avohkii at all costs, and kill any explorers foolish enough to venture out.-Find the Achilles heel of the Avohkii; it will make the destruction easier.-There might be a group among us, (rumored to be named the 'Redeemed') conspiring to overthrow the Shade-Lord. Investigate this.-The ADF seems to be preparing something, so monitor the Avohkii closely.-A group of outlaws, riding hover bikes, is attacking our patrols. Find out who they are, and kill them.-Find out who the Shade-Lord is, no one but his closest advisors have any clue what his true identity is.-There is talk of a Mole-Shadow Alliance. Is it true?-Discover the mysteries of the Field of Shadows.Government: Absolute Monarchy.Playable Faction? Yes, but you must be 'infected' by the shadow.Starting Location: Vhodre.The Moles: Though the world outside was lawful and peaceful, the criminal underworld remained in power in several parts of Metru Nui. Living off a thriving black market of Ex-Brotherhood weaponry, pirated technology, slavery, and smuggling, various gangs lived on. When the Avohkii was being built, cutting edge equipment was rapidly coming into the city. The gangs saw a potential way to line their pocket, so, naturally they started bribing guards and slipping into the domes.Some ambitious gangs, believing that they could establish another black market within the domes. So, they secretly loaded goods into maintence tunnels throughout the Avohkii, and sneaked gang members on board to scout for items to steal. After becoming stranded in the field, the gangs, christened 'Moles' by other stowaways they terrorized, banded together to hide from the early ADF.Under the leadership of a charismatic petty crook, named Hyrteb, the Moles went into the newly completed, loosely patrolled mines, where the Moles built a hidden base (It is hidden to most of the members of the Moles, as they are blindfolded anytime they go back to base). Now, the Moles make livings as highwaymen, robbers, and kidnappers. They are also a nuisance and threat to the ADF.Equipment: Mostly improvised weapons, pre-dome weaponry, and whatever they can steal.Leaders: None currently, because Hyrteb was recently killed in the village of Boxer. The Moles have since gone into a state of near anarchy.Faction Goals:-Get rich by whatever means possible. Because money is power.-The leadership job is up for grabs, but be wary, because many will slit your throat to become head.-Avoid the ADF at all costs. They either execute Moles on the spot, or, if you're caught in a group, hang you all.-Establish partnerships, gangs, and guilds while the period of anarchy lasts.-Investigate rumors of Mole-Forever Shadow alliance.-With a couple of friends, some stealth, and a cache of illegal goods, you could possibly start a Black Market inside the domes.-There might be a civil war among the Moles due to the lack of leadership: prepare.-If you are for the chaos, make sure that it stays that way.-Discover the mysteries of the Field of Shadows.Government: Anarchy (Although several people are trying to make grabs for leadership, which, by far, haven't been that successful)Playable Faction? Yes.Starting Location: New SteltUnknown: A strange group of beings, clad in armor and riding hover bikes, have been spotted near both R.E.S Avohkii, and Vhodre. Both factions have no idea who they are.Equipment: Hover bikes with mounted machine guns.Leaders: UnknownFaction Goals:-Attack the Forever ShadowGovernment: UnknownPlayable Faction? NoStarting Location: N/ALocations: The Enlightened Lands: Controlled by the explorers, the Enlightened Lands consist of the Mines, the Avohkii, and the five ADS domes.Main Locations:R.E.S Avohkii: A huge domed city. R.E.S Avohkii moves with six spider-like legs, and is the hub of trade and culture throughout the Enlightened Lands.Sub-Locations:-Command Tower Karda: Gleaming over the rest of the city, this building is the heart and soul of the ADF. Built shortly after the founding of Star Mine, CTK is made of solid, silver protosteel, and contains armories, a mess hall, and lodging for the Generals. It is a combination of a military base, city hall, and aircraft hanger.-Center of Food and Water: With the population larger then it was two decades ago, demand for food is higher. In addition, with the stocks below the city running low, the Center of Water and Food was established to grow, raise, harvest, and deliver rations to the public, it also controls the water supply. It is a large stone building near the Command Tower.-Apartment District: Tall, densely packed structures which are more like oversized barracks then true apartments. These buildings are where most of the population of the enlightened lands call home. The living spaces of these are extremely crude, one bedroom, one bathroom, and living room/kitchen, all crammed into a tiny little space.-Trading Sector: A large part of the city consists of the bazaars. Stands and carts that sell everything from jewelry to fast food, to Ussal Crabs and Books. It is heavily patrolled by ADF in order to make sure illegal goods aren't being bought or sold in this immense marketplace.-Kini Bridges: Jutting out of the dead, black ground, these bridges, enclosed in a lightstone wall, connect the domes and mines together.SDS Domes: Positioned in a semicircle behind the Avohkii. Each heavily armored SDS dome holds a village, and serves am important purpose.Sub-Locations:-SDS Pakari: The ADF training and secondary command center. SDS Pakari is where recruits train, intelligence is gathered and weapons are tested. It has a mess hall, barracks, weapons ranges, armories, and a large, dominating HQ. It also houses a massive hanger for Phoenix transport aircraft.- SDS Kakama: The dome where all production occurs. It is densely packed with factories, foundries, and workshops. Mostly staffed by Vortixx and Steltians, this serves as one of the main employers of the outlaying domes. The dome's atmosphere is thick with smog and pollutants from the factories, so a great many workers use respirators when going to work.-SDS Kaukau: The center of education. SDS Kaukau is lined with schools, libraries, book stores, research facilities, and a large university. Here, residents aged seven to twenty three are sent to be taught in a safe secure environment.-SDS Miru: Controlled by the Center of Food and Water. SDS Miru is dominated by huge greenhouses and food processing facilities. There is also a large water treatment facility that siphons the liquid from a large, deep well.-SDS Aki: The center of entertainment. This dome is where radio and television stations broadcast news, music and fictional programs to populace. It is also the entrance to the mines.-SDS Akaku: The infamous ADF prison dome. SDS Akaku is massive concrete structure, with thick 30-foot tall Protosteel walls. It is shrouded with mysteries, as no reporters are allowed inside the walls, and guards are supposedly threatened with death if they reveal any information. In recent years, a great many rumors and conspiracy theories have popped up in recent years. These say that prisoners are kept in cold, damp, pitch black cells, fed cold soup and drink dirty water. It is also said that the prison is filthy and disease ridden and that important prisoners are tortured without mercy. But the newest rumors circulating tell of Krakkan being imprisoned for research...Star Mines: Extending for miles and miles deep into the earth, the Star Mines are the lifeblood of the domes.Sub Locations:-Mines: A maze reaching deep and far into the Mountains of Slit Throats. The Mine provides a large mineral bounty, and help the domes survive in the field. Its various tunnels, caverns, and caves are full of coal, salt, protosteel, iron, gems, and obsidian.-Mining Towns: Scattered in large caverns, these villages, made mostly of low stone huts, serve as living spaces and rest stops for miners and their families. They usually don't have any ADF presence, but the citizens of these towns are almost always armed, and prepared to go into the tunnels to hunt down Moles.-ADF Mine HQ: Situated near the entrances to the mines, is a medium sized, jet black structure. It houses several Special Forces squads as well as regular ADF ground troops. They use compact Dune Buggy-like vehicle that hold up to six troops, to travel quickly in the tunnels. Mole Territory: Shortly after the Avohkii came to the mines, the Moles fled the service tunnels in the domes, and went into the then loosely patrolled caverns. What happened next is clear. A small gang stumbled upon an ancient, natural tunnel hidden away in little traveled part of the mines. While exploring it, they stumbled upon a lost world: A massive, warm freshwater sea, and islands teeming with strange Plantlife. The Moles soon made these their headquarters.Sub-Locations:-Lake Odina: Stretching throughout a huge cavern, the massive underground sea provides many things to the Moles. It has no animals living in it, only a great deal of pure white plants.-New Stelt: The capital of the Mole territory. Most of New Stelt looks like it was constructed within days. Earthen huts as well as makeshift structures made of tarps and scrap metal dominate the landscape.-Islands of Crime: Hidden in the densely forested islands dotting Lake Odina, are workshops and stores making or selling various illegal goods. Supplied by smugglers who raid scrap yards for metal, various items are made, including crude blades, and low-quality firearms. Also, there is a good deal of pubs, and shops scattered around.-The Entrance: Hidden from all but a select group of tight knit individuals, this, described as an icy cold, damp tunnel, is the only way into the Mines.The Field of Shadows: For years the Field of Shadows was a mystery. With few having inside the pocket dimension, little was known about it. So when explorers came into the dimension, they were prepared to fight what they believed to be Neo-Brotherhood radicals, instead they discovered a mysterious civilization. Disturbingly, the Field looks as though it was once full of life and happiness, and that it was all nearly wiped away in cataclysmic event millennia ago.-Vhodre: Carved out of pitch black and snow white stone, Vhodre is the sole city inhabited by the Krakkad. Its buildings are rounded and engraved with unknown runes.The only stores around this village are workshops and food stands.-Gu'Taransa: At the southern end of Vhodre, near the Ebony Sea, and carved out of thick black stone, this grim castle protects the Shade-Lord and his armies. It is utterly massive, floors serving as mess halls, armories, beast pens, barracks, and even a command center in the lower levels. Recently there has been talk of laboratories under the castle, but this is not openly discussed, as many suspect higher ranking Krakkan-Warriors don't want others to know what is going on below.-The Wall of Bones: Surrounding Gu'Taransa and Vhodre is a makeshift wall of colonist and animal bones, looming tall as a warning to those who wish to fight the Forever Shadow.-Sea of Ebony: A massive, freezing cold sea stretching west into lands unknown. It appears to be food source for the Forever Shadow, as beings have been seen pulling nets full of blind white fish onto a grey sand beach. Also, it remains relatively unexplored by the ADF, as a great many fear what might be lurking in the depths.-Mountains of Slit Throats: The mineral rich mountains to the north, which the Avohkii, SDS domes, are anchored into, and the mines are under. The FA, due to presence of the explorers, mostly avoids the mountains. But yet, a few spies roam, picking off unwary explorers, and watching the domes.-Forest of Sorrow: Covering both the southern and eastern ends of the Field, the Forest of Sorrow is avoided by both the ADF and the Forever Shadow, not only because it populated by Zivon, but because anyone who ventures in never returns.-Plains of Despair: In between the Mountains, Sea, and Forest, a flat plain, with nothing but scattered trees and poisonous, thorned shrubs living, streaches for miles. Around the south east part of Plains, lies the ruins of SDS Hau, which the colonists haven't dared to return to. The Shadow: The darkness of the Field of Shadows is not fully understood. It consumes almost any light that comes in contact; it makes wielders of light sick, and in a few cases, drives people insane. But perhaps the most disturbing effect the darkness has on beings is that it mutates those who linger in it unprotected for to long. Here is a list of the symptoms:-Three Hours into Exposure: Sneezing, fatigue, and headache.-24 Hours: Chest pain, mood swings, nausea, fever and chills.-Two Days into Exposure : Light sensitivity, colorblindness, and rash.-3 Days: Night vison develops; skin hurts when exposed to light. Sickness from previous stages starts to subside.-One Week: Body mutates, shadowy mist hangs over skin, and skin starts to burn when exposed to light for too long.Prevention: From information compiled by the ADF, thickly layered clothing helps to slow the darkness, and having even one lightstone tucked inside the innermost layer will burn away the shadow. The bodies of Av-Matoran are able to resist the effects of the field, Ta-Matoran are also able to resist the Shadow to a lesser extent. Fire also helps ward away the ill effects of the Field, for those unaffected.Character Creation:Explorers/MolesName: (No human or canon names, but titles are fine)Gender: (Male or Female)Faction: (ADF, Moles, or Neutral)Weapons & Kanohi: (See notes below)Element/Powers:Occupation: (Anything below General/Governor)Appearance: (Basic description of what your character looks like)Homeland: (MU or Domes)Personality: (How your character acts)Bio: (Your character's history)FSName:Gender:Weapons/Equipment:Element(s)/Power: (All FS characters must have control over Shadow. Also, you are allowed either a second element or one special power.)Personality:Appearance:Alignment: (Pro-Shade Lord, Neutral, or Anti-Shade Lord)Skills:Occupation: (Anything but General or King/Queen)Bio:Character Notes & Rules:-Keep biographies realistic, that means no being Matoro's reincarnation, or being the second Toa.-Elements of Life, Light (Lightstone or Lightstone-infused weaponry, along with ADF armor, are excluded), Time, Life, and Creation are banned.-The following masks are outlawed: Olmak, Ignika, Vahi, Mask of Creation, Mask of Mutation, Mask of Clairvoyance, Kanohi Avohkii, all Kanohi Nuva, Kraahkan, Mask of Light and Shadow, Olisi, and Mask of Elemental energy.-Masks that must be used with caution: Mask of Possibilities, Mothtrek, and Tryna.-Custom Kanohi are allowed, but do not go overboard.-No extremely powerful weapons (Such as Mega-Sword of Ultimate Apocalypse or A EMP Missile Launcher)-No food elements. Those are simply ridiculous.-Great Beings, Gods, Great Spirits, and members of Tren Krom's species are not allowed. Glatorian, Agori, Skrall, and all other Bara Magna Species are also not allowed, due to the fact that 2009/2010 never happened in RoD.-For Moles, you can have a gang of up to fifteen NPCs.-You may have an unlimited amount of characters.NPCs: Characters controlled by the staff, the Game Masters/Moderators, shall be classed into two different categories: Major NPCs, who lead the factions, and Minor NPCs, who interact with players on a regular basis or serve other roles.Major NPCsName: Generalissimo Rocarez CardeaGender: MaleSpecies: ToaFaction: ADF, DictatorWeapons & Kanohi:-Weapon: An ivory hilted, solid protosteel Long-sword.-Mask of Possibilities, in the shape of a teal Miru.Element/Powers:-Plant Life ControlOccupation: DictatorHomeland: Borriah, a small, protosteel rich land smack dab in the middle of one of the most warlike regions of the Southern Continent.Personality: A seemingly wise, coolheaded military genius. Rocarez's true personality is unknown to all, as he has no friends, and no close allies.Appearance: A short, lanky, and muscular Toa, wearing teal and black armor, with cold blue eyes. Rocarez wears a blue beret an olive green military uniform, adorned with a great many medals from his time in the Destiny War.Bio: Rocarez was born into a poor family of immigrants who originated from the Tren Krom Peninsula. In Borriah, his family served as lowly operators of a food stand in the capital, Vyrkra. His parents saved almost all of their money to pay for Rocarez's education, so eventually, their son ended up in military academy. In the academy, Rocarez was a model student. He excelled in every subject, and proved to be a prodigy in military strategy. He was so intelligent that it is been said that his room was plastered with reworked strategies for past battles. Therefore, it was no surprise that he became the youngest General in Borriahen military history. His ascendance to power came right in time for the greatest war the Matoran Universe had ever seen.After the Brotherhood invaded the Southern Continent, the small, warring kingdoms of the east united and joined the forces of good. He led the combined armies to hundreds of different battles across the universe. Almost all were won, including the legendary invasion of Nynrah. Eventually, he led his men to defend Metru Nui.After the war, Rocarez retired to island of Lobuta, and lived a peaceful, solitary existence. However, after the Av-Matoran disappeared, and the domes were being built, the General was chosen to lead the small Avohkii Defense Force. Now, after a quiet coup against Governor Nokama, Rocarez is in control of the domes, and no one has a clue what he is going to do.Name: The Shade-LordSpecies: UnknownGender: Thought to be male.Faction: Forever Shadow,Weapons & Kanohi: The Shade-Lord's face is covered by shadow, and the only weapon he has is huge Double-Headed Axe tinged with nerve poison.Element/Powers: Total control over Shadow, Fire, Water, Air, Ice, Earth and Stone, as well as many other powers his subjects have no clue about. Extreme persuasive powers and telepathy.Personality: Calm, ruthless, and cold. The Shade-Lord is crazed about controlling his subjects, and, if necessary, would destroy all those he suspects of mutiny.Appearance: A large, 10-foot tall being cloaked in shadow. The Shade Lord wears a long, hooded black cloak and has glowing red eyes.Alignment: He has no alignment, as he is in control of all.Skills: His mind is shielded against mental attack and intrusion.Occupation: Overlord and King of Field of Eternal Darkness and DespairBio: The Shade-Lord seized power over the organization in the hazy, relatively forgotten past. He is a mystery to even his own people, who he rules without mercy. The Shade-Lord has a strange hatred of the Avohkii and its inhabitants, and has staged a prolonged campaign of terror against them. It is rumored that he wiped the memory of the Krakkad long ago, in order to make them his servants.Non-Major NPCsName: Makron 'The Exile'Species: Krakkad TitanGender: MaleFaction: None (Formerly FS)Weapons & Kanohi: Makron carries a claymore made from what appears to be fused Takea teeth. The hilt is made of iron and black leather. He wears an Arthron.Element/Powers: Shadow, Ice and sonar. Makron also has telepathic abilities, and is one of the few able to block out the Shade-Lord's mind.Personality: A reclusive, slightly paranoid figure. Makron is one the few Krakkan-Warriors to deflect from the FS, and knows quite well that he'd be killed on sight by many of his former comrades.Makron also keeps to himself, and almost exclusively uses telepathy to communicate.Appearance: A head taller then your average Toa, Makron is thickly built and has green and teal armor. He wears clothes made of materials scavenged from the Hau.Alignment: NeutralSkills: A natural at surviving the Field. Makron can easily navigate it steathily.Occupation: Wanderer.Bio: Unknown, aside from his exile several decades ago from the FS.Name: CarvaxGender: MaleSpecies: MatoranFaction: Moles, Grand Lyderon (Old Destral-speak for leader) of the Nomads GangWeapons & Kanohi: Compact Handgun, Protosteel Dagger, and a Machine Pistol. He wears a grey Pakari.Element/Powers: Great physical fitness along with a great deal of fighting skill and cunning.Occupation: LyderonHomeland: Metru NuiPersonality: Ruthless, greedy, ambitious and opportunistic. Carvax only cares for wealth and power, and will do anything to acquire it. He also despises any authority, and is willing to fund a resistance movement.Appearance: Carvax is a short and stocky with grey and black armor. He has blue eyes ad wears a purple suit.Bio: Carvax was a homeless youth before he joined a gang. With little education, no parents, and no money, the gang life was too good to resist. He started out as a simple Street Soldier, wandering around his Metru and shooting rival members. But he soon rose in the ranks in the Wyverns gang, and soon commanded several branches across Le-Metru and Ko-Metru. But after the Ko-Metru Sanctum Guards found him, he was locked in the former Dark Hunter Prison in Po-Metru. Disgusted over the filth and hostility of the relatively uncontrolled prison, he and several other inmates banded together and escaped into Po-Metru.There, he and the other escapees disguised as crafters, and began a technology smuggling ring. In it, he and his associates were paid by governments hostile to the City of Legends to steal blueprints from military firms and send them to be replicated. On one heist, he and his entire gang bribed the guards and snuck into the domes. However, they, like many other gangs that had the same idea, were lost in the labyrinth of passages. But after meeting Hyrteb, a former low-level Wyvern with experience in the special forces, he and the Ce-Toa managed to unite the gangs, and eventually led them into the mines.After the death of Hyrteb, Carvax, who was his second in command, gathered around forty people and fled into the forests of the isles of crime. There, they formed the Nomads, and began criminal operations. Faction Creation Sheet: If you have gathered enough playersName:NPC Count: (You start with 50, and for every other player to join, the faction gains 50 NPCs)Equipment/Technology:Players: (You must have four players to start a faction)Alignment: (Good, Evil, or Neutral)Allies & Enemies:Location:History:Rules: As with every RPG, there must be rules.-Absolutely no God-modding. You may ask, "What is G-modding?" well, I'll give you an example.IC: Bob was losing a battle against Bill, he had to win. Firstly, Bob jumped up and destroyed Bill with the the Spear of Destruction. Then, he raised a one-million strong Flying Zombie Toa Army instantly with his Tryna, and charged the C.E.S Avohkii. He then destroyed the massive lightstone guns with his EPIC ENERGIZED PROTODERMIS POWERS! He then turned on the Avohkii, and sent out his zombie army, destroying the ADF forces. Then, he blew up the Field with several nova blasts, surviving and flying off into space, alive and well.First time God-modders will get a warning and asked to change their post. Any further G-modding will get you banned.-All members, whether new, or old, shall be treated with the same respect.-All BZP Rules apply.-Keep romance and humor limited. In addition, do make posts overly gory.-Do not flame or spam.-No Auto-hitting, this will get you a Level-3 punishment.-Punishments are simple, and will strictly enforced to keep RPG flowing smoothly.1: PM warning.2: Posted warning.3: I chop a character's body part off.4: I kill a character.5: All characters are killed off.6: Banned one week.7: Permanently banned from game, and your characters are put in a pink dress, and sent to the realm of Barbies for eternal suffering and tea.- Use in character (IC) and out of character (OOC) in your posts. Here is an example of how it works:IC: Bob swooped down, and dodged Bill's staff. Bob then stabbed Bill. However, Bill acted. He threw a knife at Bob, who fell, wounded.OOC: Anyone want to help Bob? He's wounded.-Don't kill any Player characters.-Don't control any player characters without permission.-If two or more players/factions cannot decide the outcome of battle, the staff will decide who wins. Staff Positions: To join staff, PM me.Game Master (GM): Arctic Zombie Armageddon (Also known as Xion, or Zombies!)Assistant GM: OpenModerator: OpenModerator: Open.Notes:-The denizens of the domes are called explorers for the sake of simplicity.-Krakkad blacksmiths use expensive, heat resistant armor to resist the light made by forges.-For smoother gameplay, earth dates (June, Saturday etc) will be used.
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My dreams have been puzzling, and they have trapped me in the same cycle for longer than I care to find out. They have haunted me one moment, and comforted me the next, only to haunt me once again. I have been tortured day and night in a constant state of unconsciousness.

But that is all about to change. I see a ghost hovering over me. Urging me to wake. I don’t understand him, but I know his intent. I don’t know how, or why, but I have broken the bonds of sleep. And now I just wait to be awakened by this ghost of mine.

I can no longer feel my friends, and for the longest time, I could not see them, but I know they still live. Yes, it is I alone who had enough strength to break free of my bonds. But one thing holds me back.

I am purposeless without my friends, all on my own. I don’t know if there even is a reason anymore for fighting against my slumber. My mind is numbed and confused. I can’t seem to remember the simplest of things. Why?


The world that’s real, I’m coming back. I remember my purpose now. This one word, muttered with supposedly no significance, has snapped me back into place. I’m ready to reenter the island I had left behind. There’s no stopping me now. And so, no friends with me, I wake.

Dreamland: Awakening

(Awesome Banner Currently Under Contruction)


Lost to time, the inhabitants of a southern island sleep. They have been that way for as long as anyone passing through can remember. No one knows why they sleep or why they won't wake. And the Makuta of the island has long gone missing. Only recently have they found out the name of the island and the name of its protector. But now no one knows why Waraxen is missing, and how he could have left Dremskep behind.For centuries the island laid alone, due to its harshly tropical climate, its ferocious breed of Rahi, and its one inaccessible bay. Only those with the ability of flight, teleportation, or the clever use of their powers have visited, and found nothing changed from the stories they had heard. And the strange howls of the night beasts now haunt the daylight, discouraging all intruders and would be thieves.Even the other Makuta left the island alone for a time, having more important things to worry about than some island stuck in slumber. Finally, after a large amount of continued myths of various hidden objects of worth that lead to threats to strip the island bare, they placed a teleportation scrambler system up around the island and left it at that. And so the island has stayed that way, secluded from the outside world, for longer than anyone cares to remember.Of course, not all are satisfied with the apathy surrounding the island. There are those who ask questions and want to find answers, no matter the consequence, because they believe it to be the right thing to do. Despite individual persuasions, they all want the same thing: Answers.Answers to questions like: Why do the Rahi of the island not devour or destroy the Matoran and the small villages they sleep in? What are the Rahi on that island, anyway? Why do the Matoran still sleep? Can they be woken up? Why has no one done anything yet? Where is their Makuta? Why did the Brotherhood really put up the teleportation scrambler and dismiss the island? And what caused all this in the first place?So, this unnamed group gathered members from far and near and grew as more questions were asked and answers demanded. They came to be known as the Insomniac Group, perhaps referring to their tireless researching of the island, which they had titled: Dreamland. They attained the help of various Scientists and Researchers and Developers and anyone else that they thought could help them in their quest to get on and explore the island and find its answers despite previous botched attempts.And, with the many new additional members, the mandatory background checks became increasingly rare, due to continued sloth, until it seemed that just about anyone could join the quest for any reason. And when the day finally came where everything was prepared for the treacherous terrain of the bay and island, they gathered their things, loaded up their boats, and headed for Dreamland.The docking was indeed treacherous. The measly remains of what was once a wooden pier that shuddered in a newly formed storm was all there was to signal the only slightly less dangerous opening up onto the island in the cliffs that surround the bay. One ship had to stay out at sea to avoid being smashed against the cliffs due to the fierce storm while the others carefully docked and unloaded with the help of the few water elemental controllers.The rest of the next three days was spent unloading and moving equipment, and searching for a suitable spot to set up the first camp. On the rise of the sun on the fourth cloudy day, all the boats, excluding the one still out at sea because of the stubbornly continuing storm, were on the bottom of the bay and all those guarding the boats were found slain. Actually, the only way to figure out that they were slain was the torn and shredded armor left behind.That was when things began to unravel.Almost as if Rahkshi were assaulting them, the Insomniac Group slowly began to fracture due to increased amounts of fear and anger among their respective members. It didn't help that the island Rahi, which the group simply began calling, "Rhaks", were nowhere to be seen, and yet still heard. The cries of the Rhaks pierced the night and invaded random times of the day, putting everyone on edge as they moved about the island and managed to set up three different camps where they found clear ground.The day the first Rhak showed itself was the day when the Insomniac Group truly split and fled to different camps for their own various, irrational reasons.It was three weeks since the first Rhak had been seen as it rampaged through the three camps, strangely only wrecking equipment and attacking those that got in its way, and the three groups have since done what they could to set up their equipment from the camps into various bases as best they could. Perhaps because of the island and its pressures, or perhaps because of some unknown power, the three smaller groups are now fiercely protective of their bases from the other groups. Not only are they now irrationally hostile towards each other, but they all have different objectives they wish to achieve. And it doesn't help when one group has equipment the other group needs.

Strangely, the groups seem completely normal when conversing with other in the group, but will erupt in anger when another being from an opposing camp is spotted. Another factor might be that the trees and shrubbery seemed to part for the Rhak, when it seems to hinder everyone else. There are many things to be asked about the island, even while apart from the other groups.But all live in fear of the Rhaks and what running into one would mean.Those three weeks passed, with the storm over the island keeping up its ferocity. All the groups spent their time patching up what they could and protecting what they couldn't from the other groups. With the pounding rain leaking through the intensely thick canopy, not much progress was made in exploring or getting off the island.And then the almost unnatural storm cleared momentarily, and the fifth ship docked and unloaded, only to find barely controlled chaos.The storm then came back in with all its ferocity.

Since then, the members of the fourth boat have broken up, going their separate ways. Joining the different groups, or in a special case, forming the Eye, a group dedicated to destroying the teleportation scramblers set up around the island. The Forfeiters have declared war on everyone. The Researchers have found a Matoran Village, along with a lone awake Matoran. And the Hunters have found another Rhak, confirming there to be at least three.

The rain continues its relentless pounding. A reddish gold mask, emerald gauntlets, and emerald shoulder armor have been found. These artifacts act strangely and the Toa’s consciousnesses that they used to belong to now inhabit them. Jirael, the awakened Matoran, has a burning sensation in her head that is keeping her from remembering anything important to help the Researchers. An icy Skakdi has created a wall of ice to block those going south. He has also begun to empower those willing to fight for him, speaking to them only in their sleep.

For everyone else who slumbers, they see the same pair of black eyes. These eyes watch them as they are tortured with nightmares.

An ancient Rahi slumbers, stuck in a seal of ice, an asset that has not been freed.

A tree has come to life, and is helping a Toa remember his forgotten past.

The cries in the night have lessened. Hope is beginning to build. But it is always darkest before the dawn.

And still it rains.


You have traversed the island for what feels like an eternity. Secrets are beginning to unfold. The dark is beginning to lessen. The Rhaks seem to grow less hostile. Now you are presented with three options.Your options are simple:You can try to leave the accursed island;You can try to discover the secrets of the island and then make an action based upon that new knowledge;Or you can die.The second option is the preferred one. After all, why else play the RPG? But remember, you must have fun. Or else.


Map currently under reconstruction.A mid-sized island with dense tropical foliage and cliffs surrounding the whole island, this is where you'll be playing the game. The terrain is treacherous and everything slopes upwards towards the apparently dormant volcano. The canopy is almost impenetrable from above or below except in certain places. And the storm above now seems not to be able to be stopped.Only Bay Passage-This is the only passageway to the Bay. It has been widened by the Insomniac Group, but is still steep and somewhat treacherous, definitely so in the rain. Water runs down the middle of it as the rain continues to poor. Footing is hard to find, and what is left of a dock appears to be the hastily built remains of others that might have come before you.The cliffs are the most gentle here. Trees from the top of these cliffs branch out far over the bay and lower down many vines that are thicker than most rope. The area around the path seems to be almost cut out on purpose due to how it cuts into the cliffs and provides a way up onto the island, but so much dirt and roots now cover it that no one is able to see if it was actually cut out of the rock of the cliffs.Camp Site A-The first camp to be up and the first camp to become more of a base, this camp is situated in a widened clearing with an open sky. One of the few spots like it on the island. It has ten trailers all with different purposes: One kitchen, two power generators, one equipment repair shop, one armor and weapons shop, one empty trailer for gathering samples, and four large housing trailers.The ground in this area is all ferns and small shrubs. Even after being cut away for the camp, they seem to be re-growing at a frightening rate. The opening above is perfectly circular and seems to attract the darkest storm clouds that are always threatening with lightning.Camp Site B-After crossing four rivers in the delta, B was set up in a small clearing on already trampled ferns. The trees are thick and the sky cannot be seen, making the area full of deep shadows from what light makes it through the canopy. It has ten buildings all with different purposes. Instead of an armor and weapons shop, they have a trailer full of scientific data gatherers and other devices.The area appears to have some trees that appear to be oldest so far found on the island. They are heavily knotted and their large gnarled branches intertwine with the younger trees around them. Large roots stick out of the ground everywhere. In some places these roots are high enough to walk under.Camp Site C-With a trek straight to the mountain not possible due to terrain and the large equipment trailers that barely made it along the path from camp B, C was set up next to the River, almost on the muddy banks. The canopy is wound shut, and almost no light gets through. It has fourteen buildings all with different purposes. The four extra trailers are secure cages for any indigenous species of Rahi.The trees here appear to be the healthiest so far with tall trunks and branches only high up. Many vines can be seen climbing up the trees, only to spread out onto the branches and hang back down to the earth. The camp is set among the trees, due to there being no clearing whatsoever, and along with the constant state of night provided by the canopy, visibility is low, even with lanterns set up that cast dark shadows everywhere. Water trickles down from above, but the rain is mostly blocked, unlike the other camps.Des-Matoran Village-Home to hundreds of sleeping Matoran of Plant Life, this village is completely surrounded by a dome of leaves that are as hard as protosteel. The undersides of these leaves glow, making this village the brightest place on Dreamland. The shield tree, which supports these branches and leaves, seems to have a sort of sentience, and can convey feelings. All of the shops and houses are made of what appears to be tree stumps, but everything is grown, not hewn.Moss covers everything except for a large building with ornate designs on the outside. This building sits just south of the shield tree and it is obviously crafted, not grown. Inside, there are five statues of awe inspiring Rahi, dozens of sleeping Matoran, and a strange bush in bloom.Le-Matoran Remembrance Stone-Calling out to others with feelings of loss and remembrance, this thin metallic slab is made of unknown materials and cannot be manipulated in any way. It appears pushed up out of the ground. If one genuinely mourns at the “stone”, a message will appear in remembrance of the loss of all the Le-Matoran on the island.Ice Wall-It is an almost invisible and paper-thin wall of ice that stands blocking the way south. Apparently, a Skakdi of ice resides inside of it. It is so cold that those who just get close to it become sluggish and their body functions start to shut down as if they were trapped atop a mountain for hours with no protective gear.So far, only one mysterious Toa of Shadow, named Shadouk, has managed to fight his way past it.Pathways-The larger pathways have been painstaking hewn from the surrounding foliage on top of what were once smaller pathways. And considering how the trees seemed to resist the blades of the vehicles/labs, new large paths are not soon to be made, especially in the continued rain and with dulled and damaged equipment. Meanwhile, the smaller pathways are badly overgrown with numerous roots and vines. And considering the thick canopy, it is hard to move around effectively.*Please note that on the map, buildings are over emphasized. And the terrain is thick and the island large, making movement slower and dangerous on foot and in flight when not on the paths.

Of Factions and Motives

The Insomniac Group members on Dreamland have officially split. They can be listed by what they hope to accomplish.Researchers-The Researchers wish to continue with their original purpose for coming to the island and find the secrets of the Matoran located sleeping in their villages. The researches set up at Camp B because they knew a Matoran Village was close because of old texts they had found in their research beforehand. Fortunately, their information proved true, and they have found a village south of Camp B. They can also account for there being a village somewhere around Camp C, but they do not know if there are any other villages besides those two.Hunters-The members of the Hunters have taken a fascination with the Rhaks of the island and wish to discover their secrets, or even another of the species, considering only one has been seen. Unfortunately, in the rain and dense foliage, they can't find any tracks or anything else to find the Rahi. They have shrugged off the others to secure their objective and have set up camp as nearest as they could get to the only source of freshwater on the island with Camp C. Despite setbacks, a Rhak has been found and captured, although it has since been released.Forfeiters-The Forfeiters just wish to take what they can from the island and leave it in one piece. Unfortunately, without any boats, they can't leave. They have been busy fixing their equipment and don't have any knowledge to effectively make a boat out of the gnarly trees around them. As of now, Sirel seems to be taking orders from Shadouk, which is very strange and highly suspicious.


BZP Rules apply, all of them.No god-modding (e.g. controlling someone else's character, having your character do something impossible). And if someone god-modes against you, don't do it back, tell the Staff.This is a Text-Based RPG, so to join in you post what is basically a miniature story for what is currently happening to your character.Please, try to use good grammar. It helps everyone out.Use IC for In-Character and OOC for Out-Of-Character.For example:

IC: The Toa glanced at his friend as he scanned the perimeter, looking for enemies.OOC: Hey Lewa34Dude, want to join us?

Don't extensively control other people's characters without their permission.Don't injure another character without permission.Comedy is accepted, but keep it realistic and to a minimum. No random pie flinging contests.Don't glory hog or continuously degrade someone else's character.All characters are incapable of performing Nova Blasts.All major discoveries or story twists must go through me first.And most important of all, HAVE FUN! And pick fights with random people, everyone loves a good fight.

Game Master

I am the Game Master of this RPG. And as such, I control the story and NPCs. I make sure fights stay fair. I approve profiles. I assign Co-GMs and the like. And I deal out punishment and hand out rewards.Punishments will be given after the rules are broken, like any good GM would do.-First, I will tell you in a PM or in the discussion topic what you did wrong and ask you to stop.-Secondly, if you continue to/or break a different rule, I will injure your character.-Third strike, and you have one of your characters killed.-Final Punishment is being banned from the RPG for as long as needed to fix behavior issues of any kind. A week at the least.Now for the good part: Rewards.Rewards will be handed out to players that are especially helpful in one way or another. These rewards include but are not limited to: More characters; a new power; a new mask; an upgraded weapon; allowed to have the artifacts on the island; misc.; etc.Hopefully there will be no punishments, but plenty of rewards.Co-GMs-Toa of DancingHe can approve profiles and deal out punishments or rewards. Warnings can also be issued (of course before any punishing happens), and I might have him control some NPCs, depending on how things go.


Finally, the part where you join in. Please fill out these forms in triplicate… (Three Characters Max)Name: (No official canon names like Tahu. It must be a Bionicle-ish name, not Bob or Toaofmuffins05)Species: (You know the drill. Custom is allowed if described in detail and I approve. No Makuta)Gender: (Male, Female, It, Non)Appearance: (A detailed description of your character or a linked picture)Weapons: (These were forged to channel one's power, kill, or destroy)Mask: (Custom is allowed. No Kraahkan, Avohkii, Vahi, or Ignika)Power: (Time and Life and any other unreasonable power is not allowed)Secondary Abilities: (Agility, a Strong Mind, Quick Thinking, Finesse with a Particular Tool/Weapon, etc…)Weakness: (Everyone has one, this is a must (But if you meta-game this information against other characters, it is punishable if not fixed (Keep in mind this is mostly for me if I need to finish a fight fairly)))Personality: (How does your character think and feel?)Biography: (Background time. Detailed biographies are welcome!)Empty Profile:Name:Species:Gender:Appearance:Weapons:Weapons:Mask:Power:Secondary Abilities:Weakness:Personality:Biography:


Name: GarettSpecies: Swervarian RahkshiGender: MaleAppearance: Garett is blue with green hands and feet. His left arm is a mixture of black, brown, blue, and green.Weapons: His staff, which is in the shape of Levrahk's.Mask: NonePower: Teleportation, and his left arm allows him power over Quick HealingSecondary Abilities: Being a Rahkshi of Teleportation, Garett is very quick to take in a situation and act. He also has trained himself to find the weak points of a being or object. He is also very skilled with his staff.Weakness: While quick thinking and fairly strong, Garett often refuses to kill anything, and as such his blows are not normally as hurtful as they could be.Personality: Almost like a fun uncle, Garett seems to speak with wisdom even other Swervarian Rahkshi don't have.Biography: Hailing from the Island of Avoidance, Garett is about his father's work in tidying up what he can while he can. He is also searching for his father. When he found out about the Insomniac Group early in its forming, he joined, and has climbed the ladder to become the official head of the expedition. But as of the moment, he leads the Researches on towards their main objective even though some members resent the fact that he is a Rahkshi.Name: JanxSpecies: Swervarian RahkshiGender: MaleAppearance: Janx is sand yellow metallic with black hands and feet. His left arm is normal, since he has not unlocked/discovered his secondary ability.Weapons: His two whips can connect to form his staff. When in staff form, the whips can elongate into ropes.Mask: NonePower: Rahi ControlSecondary Abilities: Not only does Janx control Rahi, but he knows them. He can almost tell what a Rahi will or won't do. And almost what they're thinking.Weakness: Janx has a hard time battling elements.Personality: Janx is enthusiastic about Rahi and not much else. He will converse with you, but the subject will quickly turn to RahiBiography: Created after Garett, he has been mentored by the older Rahkshi. As such, he joined Garett in the Insomniac Group when he heard of an unstudied Rahi species. Due to his expertise on the subject, he now leads the Hunters. Why he is no longer talking with Garett or Sirel is a mystery even he can't answer. Proving himself before, the other Hunters respect him as leader even though he is a Rahkshi.Name: SirelSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Sirel has a dull white body with light blue armor and is shorter than most Toa.Weapons: A Rhotuka Launcher attached to her left arm. It can fold in on itself so as to not hinder movement. Power of Rhotuka: Temporary Intangibility (The Rhotuka is intangible, allowing it to fly through solid objects, then it rapidly becomes solid and sharp enough to cut through nearly any substance). And an Ice Gun, but instead of an Ice Pick, it wields a bayonet. It is balanced and easily used as a makeshift sword or gun.Mask: Elemental EnergyPower: IceSecondary Abilities: Sirel is agile with quick reflexes, and has a cunning intelligence.Weakness: Her lack of strength does not help in a physical fight.Personality: Cold and calculating, she always gets to the point.Biography: Unfortunately for the Insomniac Group, her background check never happened and she went on to form her own small faction. Her goal being to get what she can from this island. She leads the Forfeiters and realizes a boat needs to be made, but she is more concerned with what she can get out of Dreamland.Name: SvirahkSpecies: Unknown (Nicknamed: Rhak)Gender: MaleAppearance: Standing on two legs, the only Rhak ever seen is twice the height of a Matoran. Its tail is stiff and strong for balance. It has two shorter arms compared to its back legs. The arms don’t quite reach the ground, but can lash out or handle "equipment" if needed. It is all gray with natural bone-like armor on its head, back, the outside of its legs and arms, and the top of its tail. It is definitely reptilian looking and it has piercing yellow eyes. Its tail is apparently sharp, and its teeth are almost as long as the claws on its "hands" and feet.Weapons: Its teeth, claws, and tailMask: NonePower: Limited Invulnerability, Slow, and FearSecondary Abilities: It appears they have unordinary intelligence.Weakness: Unknown (Hopefully Many)Personality: Vicious, but strangely wise, in a way.Biography: Nothing is known about where the Rhaks came from or if they were on the island before the Matoran arrived, or even their real name. They appear to be protecting the island and the Matoran. And now that the artifacts have been found, they might actually begin to help instead of hinder.

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Shama-Nui: fight for freedomPosted ImageBigger picture: http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostreamOne midsummer's day,on the shores of Le-Shama, appeared black ships, full of Skhalag, dangerous creatures from an unknown land. They took the island, and hope was almost lost. Matoran began to conspirate against these invaders. This was a hundred years ago.... *A brief introduction to the RPGShama-Nui: fight for freedom is set place 100 years after Skhalag invaded the island. Matoran have tried to stop these invaders,but with no luck. Even worse,an ancient secret lies at the heart of the island, a secret that could either mean the end of the Skhalag, or the island itself...The locations:Ta-Shama: the fire area of Shama-Nui; this is where the Ta-Matoran live. The main village is Ta-Yaha,although there are many more. A sleeping volcano called Mount Tai lies on Ta-Shama's borders. Lava Boarding is held yearly at Mount Tai. Quick-to-anger Fire dragons live in Ta-Shama.Ko-Shama: the ice area of Shama-Nui; this is where the Ko-Matoran live. The main village is Ko-Yaha,although there are many more. Ko-Yaha is the last free village due to it's altitude. Sometimes the temperature there reaches -30 celsius. Calm and shy Ice Dragons live in Ko-Shama.Le-Shama: the jungle area of Shama-Nui; this is where the Le-Matoran live. The main village is Le-Yaha,although there are many more. 75% of the jungle is unexplored and dangerous,so watch you back here! Wise Tree Dragons live in Le-Shama.Po-Shama: the desert area of Shama-Nui; this is where the Po-Matoran live. The main village is Po-Yaha,although there are many more. Competitive Stone Dragons live in Po-Shama.Onu-Shama: the underground region of Shama-Nui; this is where the Onu-Matoran live. The main village is Onu-Yaha,although there are many more. Old and Grumpy Earth Dragons live in Onu-Shama.Ga-Shama: the underwater region of Shama-Nui; this is where the Ga-Matoran live. The main village is Ga-Yaha,although there are many more. Skillful and Graceful Water Dragons live here.The Skhalrag have come from an island called Kaima-Nui. After a great war,all the natural resources disappeared. With no hope of survival, and with the island about to sink, the Skhalag swam away in longboats. But a hurricane swept them away from their destination, and took them hundreds of miles across the ocean to Shama-Nui. Since then, they have become the rulers of the island, not even giving rights to the Matoran.The main characters in the story are Matoran, specifically, the freedom fighters. It also involves the Skhalag,Dragons,Toa,Rahkshi,Makuta(only 1),Turaga & Poths(Giant Sloth-like creature). The story takes place in my own island with it's own heroes and villains.*A description on how you plan to further to storyIt takes place in my own setting.The main outline for the story is where in the end, some ancient secrets are discovered.Players can choose the way the story takes place,but not how it ends.The ultimate goal is to free the island from the Skhalag.*Requirements for those wishing to participate in your RPGMembers will be taking the role of the characters they have created in the character creation thread.No one can play as a Rahi of any sort,as a Rahkshi,Dragon,and anything in the likeness of these.Here is how a character profile is filled out:

Name:Species:(Matoran,Toa,Skhalag,Turaga,Makuta) (if you want to make your own species,you must PM me for approval)Gender:(Male Female None)Appearance:Description:Powers:Weaknesses:Weapons:Masks/Kanohi:(no powerful masks like the Vahi,Ignika,Mask of creation,etc.) (if you want to make your own mask,you must simply PM me for approval)Element:(Fire,Water,Ice,Earth,Air,Stone,Sonics,Plasma,Electricity,Magnetism,Light,Shadow) (if you want to make your own element,you must PM me for approval)Anything else deemed neccesarry

Here is an example of a filled out profile:

Name: XerganSpecies: MakutaGender: FemaleAppearance: A Makuta with a burned face,wounds,bat-like wings,talons,& a hook-arm.Description:The Makuta of Shama-Nui,Xergan is one of the few female Makuta. Unlike most of the other Makuta,she is generous and has never attacked the Matoran villages,or sent anything to attack them. The Matoran respect her,and the Skhalag fear her might.Powers: Shadow,mind confuse,invisibility.Weaknesses: Light,getting stabbed in her 5th Vertebrea-her only weak spot.Weapons: Staff of darkness,saw-shield,bladed sword.Masks/Kanohi: Kraahkan.Element:Shadow

*Rules determining how players will interact with the environment and other charactersThe winner of battles will be determined when one opponent is beaten and cannot fight anymore.In each Yaha,there is a shack that sells equipment and upgrades equipment. They are: Aquii's weapons shack,Mai's weapons shack,Fal's weapons shack,Ur's weapons shack,Bal's weapons shack,Ojjoi's weapons shack. Please ask kindly the owners what you need(be sure you have your money!)No one levels up or gains experience(this is a BIONICLE RPG,not a Pokemon one).Here's how people will interact and post:

IC: The Toa walked up to the building,wanting to look what is inside...OOC: Hey guys,what are we going to do about those Rahkshi?

The banning system:1st offence: warning.2nd offence: temporary ban,usually lasts a week or two.3d offence: permanent ban.List of moderator's(well,not moderator's,but people that will patrol the RPG):Coming soon...-CDP

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Forges burn in Ta Metru...

Weapons are sharpened in Le-Metru...

Webs wind in Ga Metru...

The city is stretched by many powers...

Amid this city of death...

Posted Image


Life is changed throughout the universe; the past like white and the present like black. For Metru Nui has fallen, great Metru Nui, and has become the abode of emptiness and wild beasts. The Brotherhood of Makuta has at last unveiled its true face, a face many have known for centuries. Their legions are everywhere, conquering what lands they can, and waging war against the Dark Hunters. Over the Northern and Southern Continents their battles rage, leaving everything behind them broken and desolate. Dozens of matoran villages have been pillaged and razed, and their inhabitants forced to flee from the battlegrounds. Brotherhood forces have conquered Stelt, forcing its inhabitants to flee by ships, wandering the seas in groups, and attempting to keep from driving each other to extinction in the process. Xia is recovering from a civil war, and three of its guilds have been exiled. Artakha's concealments failed him, and his island was conquered, with only a few matoran escaping. Artakha himself was never found. All over the world, refugees appeared in droves, and it seemed they had found one place in the universe unaffected.

Metru Nui.

Deserted since its fall several years ago, the city presented a tempting goal for the exiles, good and evil alike. Pursued by none, they moved faster than the swiftest routed soldier, entering through sea gate, chute, and any other crack they could find. They were presented by a novel site: Metru Nui, swarming with rahi, and covered in rubble and webbing, a far shot from the glorious city it once was. However, there was a consolation for the weary travelers: there were no Brotherhood or Dark Hunter forces, and that made the city more desirable than most other places one could think of. Three factions were formed, each where they landed: the Sons of the Spirit in Ga Metru, Stelt in Le Metru, and New Xia occupying Ta Metru. Species quickly managed to sort themselves into those three, and half of Metru Nui was settled, with the rahi slowly being pushed back. However, many settlers were neither Steltian, Vortixx, or Matoran, and were estranged from the three groups. At first, the Sons of the Spirits accepted those of other species, but pressure from the other factions halted this practice, and along with New Xia and Stelt, the Sons of the spirit forced all non affiliated refugees into the uninhabited Metrus: Po, Onu, and Ko Metru.

But their newfound peace was naught but a shell, for something happened that none of them had intended. Invasion. Led by the makuta Tridax, a brotherhood army moved towards Metru Nui, tasked to occupy it for as long as the makuta Teridax was gone, and to keep it from unwelcomed guests.

The first fight happened in Le Metru, when the scouts of Tridax were attacked by Steltian warriors, and butchered, with few escaping. With little knowledge of the forces of the Refugees, Tridax disembarked at the great Temple, butchering and routing the scholars there. He fortified it, and proceeded out with his forces. Although the Sons of the Spirit were caught half prepared, they fought back viciously, and Tridax was forced back to the temple, with what remained of his armies. From there, he was faced with the potential of a long and bloody siege. He sent a summon, and waited. Hardly a few weeks later, ships were spotted. Mercenaries, rahkshi, but even more deadly: visorak. Once scattered, but now somewhat regrouped, they formed an army of over seven hundred. In they swept, and the Sons of the Spirit were cut straight in half, as the visorak occupied of south-central Ga-Metru, and fanned out, now backed by the rest of the Brotherhood forces. Quickly a retreat became a route, and by the time regrouping was possible, the Sons of the Spirit were divided, one part in the absolute southern tip, and the other half in northern half, slowly retreating, and fighting a series of hit and run battles. The southern half were forced into northern Ta Metru, fast closing into the territory of New Xia.

In other parts of Metru Nui, war has not yet reached, leaving those factions with some time to prepare. In Stelt, armies are gathering for war, but in New Xia, conversations go on behind closed door, and the entire nation is split on whether to remain neutral, or to side with or against the Brotherhood.

Where the visorak killed not, they mutated, and many of those mutated persons now trickle into Po Metru, fighting through the now deserted barriers. Soon, even the Outcast Metrus will be faced with potential invasion.

Disorder and strife are the hallmark of this time, and death is as likely to see as your own brother.


Welcome to the City of the Dead, an RPG set in the post cataclysm world, on the island of Metru Nui. People of many species, and even more diverse background have populated it, forming their own nations. The archives have never been explored: due to the massive amounts of rahi, no one goes near there if they can help it, and none but the Outcasts really know what lurks in Ko, Onu, and Po Metru.The Great Temple has been invaded and made into a massive fortress by Makuta Tridax, whose visorak armies have ravaged most of Ga-Metru and are preparing to spreading out to the rest of the island. Hordika roam Ga Metru and other districts, ill tempered, often insane. The coliseum is mysteriously fortified, and guarded by strange vahki: like none ever seen, their powers range from the level of a toa's, to far above it. The building is defended from the inside and outside, and repeated attempts have failed to make entrance. Several agents were dispatched, but of the few who made it in, nothing more has been heard of.

All this is a far off tale for the Outcasts. Murderers, criminals from the three factions, but majorly the refugees who didn't fit in. Those who weren't matoran, vortixx, or steltian. Their goal is to survive. Unorganized, forming into small bands and tribes, but largely alone, they fight daily for their lives against the rahi. It was a task that was fairly easy at first, but grew harder and harder as the rahi grow unexplainably more organized and deadly. Some even think the rahi have become rational.

If you’re a Son of the Spirit, your goal is to keep alive. Short on food, supplies, and weaponry, you will be hunted by Brotherhood forces that kill or mutate on sight, and even your fellow settlers cannot be all trusted: rumor has got around that Tridax has decided to use some of his captured enemies as spies. After, that is, he’s completely wiped away their ability to rebel against him. These spies are hard to spot, as vanishing is an extremely common thing, with most forms of communication cut off, and as the visorak will kill them just as easily as settlers. Unlike the Outcasts, the Sons of the Spirit are still an organized fighting force, but are outnumbered and out-powered by their attackers. Rumor also is spreading that there is a cure for the hordika venom in the shape of a mythical beast, but most discount it as just that; a rumor.

If you are a member of new Xia, welcome to intrigue. New Xia is split between the sentiments of neutrality, siding with the Sons of the Spirit, or siding with the Brotherhood. In the meantime, weapon production is increasing, although raw supplies may well wear out without the Sons of the Spirit to supply it, an argument many use in defense of giving that faction sanction, or allying with it.

If you are a member of Stelt, you're most likely a men at arms or a serf, perhaps at best a knight. All of Stelt, united for once in their lives on something they all can fight, is gearing up for war against the brotherhood armies. Obviously, there is dissent, but few dare voice their opinions openly, for few are against war, and those few know how dangerous the scorn of other warlords is.If you are a visorak, or any other Brotherhood force, well then, your job isn’t to stay alive; there’s always more troops to get; but to destroy the settlers, and take control of the city for Tridax.

-Factions-Sons of the Spirit

By far the most diverse faction. The sons of the spirit are mostly matoran and their subspecies, refugees from all across the world. There are other species within their ranks, as they are the only faction that will accept species that are not within their culture. When Metru Nui was settled they occupied all of Ga Metru, and were split into several subsectors. Such subsectors no longer exist. The faction is split in half, one part retreating northwards, the other south into Ta Metru, while a few ragged bands are forces into other sections. Every Son of the Spirit is a warrior, no matter their species or race, and no matter how unskilled they are. A war is quickly turning into a desperate fight for survival, and a pacifist is a suicide and a burden to all. they are formed into irregular infantry and shooters, usually grouped by their element. they are not extremely organized, and most battles are fought by disjointed units, giving the more organized Brotherhood forces an edge over them.

New Xia

After a short civil war, three of Xia's guilds were banished. Having migrated to Metru Nui, they settled in Ta Metru. They have done extensive work on the forges, until at least some work just as good as they used to. Their occupation is that of the weaponsmakers, and they barter their finely crafted weaponry they make for raw materials and foodstuffs. Now two problems present themselves: the migration of the Sons of the Spirit into their land, and the brotherhood invasion. The Megas Corporation is in favor of siding against the Brotherhood, while the Windswept Flame guild favors siding with Tridax, and the Weapons guild remains relatively neutral, although it will side with the Windswept Flame guild if it came to a decisive decision.


After Stelt fell to the Brotherhood, its populace roamed the seas, at last coming to Metru Nui, and settling in Le Metru. Taking full advantage of the upheaval of defeat and settling, a powerful warlord, Eyorak, with the support of several warlords, and most of the lower class Steltians, formed a feudal system, forcing those Steltians who remained out of it to either join or be banished. Few resisted, and those that did were exiled into Onu Metru. The warlords promptly elected Eyorak as king of the newly formed land, which they named Stelt after their old home. Like on their old homeland, there is a strong class system, with lower class Steltians and gladiator Steltians serving as serfs or common soldiers, with the upper class Steltians as knights and warlords, all under the king. Of all the factions, it is the one least likely to bend to the Brotherhood, and the faction most likely to defeat them. It has a deepset hatred of the Makuta, ever since Stelt was conquered, and they were forced to flee. Their greatest danger is a civil war, as age old hatreds are contained with difficulty by the need to survive, the hatred of the invaders, and the wise ruling of the Steltian king. Their troops are composed of kikanalo riders, upper class steltian knights, and irregular infantry, usually gladiator steltians. They are armed with both regular and xian powered weapons.

The Outcasts

When factions formed, the outcasts found themselves suddenly cut off. A small number were accepted by the Sons of the Spirit, but the rest were exiled into the rahi infested Onu Metru. Later, members of the three factions send their criminals there as permanent exiles, an easy replacement for the death penalty, for few survived for long. The ruling system of this faction is anarchy, with most outcasts on their own, or in small groups.

The Brotherhood of Makuta

The strongest faction, the Brotherhood controls all of Ga Metru except the northern section, where the Sons of the Spirit are still fighting. Their forces consist of Visorak of all different kinds, rahkshi of assorted powers, and mercenaries and warriors of many species, from matoran to even a handful of zyglak. They are led by Tridax, and his generals.

-Standard Species-


The main population of the Sons of the Spirit, matoran are the most prominent species in the world, and are divided into three races.

-Matoran: Probably the largest race, matoran are about three and a half to four feet in height, they have latent within them the elemental energy of their element, and the physical abilities (endurance, night vision etc) that may come with their element. They depend on kanohi for strength, and without them their physical abilities are halved. They are typically peaceful, and lawfully good. Here however, they have been forced by necessity to fight to survive, and this has in turn made them more serious, grim, and mature than the normal matoran.

-Toa: Standing midway in the size of race, toa range from six to seven and a half feet in height. Toa are the transformed versions of matoran: their elemental energy is no longer latent, giving them control over their native element. They have the inherent abilities of their element, although some (fire/ice resistance for example) may be more powerful. They have the ability to use the powers of a kanohi, and although they usually use great masks, they can and sometimes do use noble kanohi. they normally serve as the protectors of matoran villages, and now act as the heavy troopers of the sons of the Spirit. In this fight for survival, the swelled heads and egos of many toa have been popped, and their normal lightheadedness is often nonexistent.

-Turaga: The smallest race, turaga range from four to four and a half feet in height, and are physically rather weak, although some may be as able as a standard matoran. They are the next step in the transformation process, and as such they have weak elemental control, often appearing in the ability to only use one aspect of their element. Turaga can only use the power of noble masks. Before, they served as the elders of matoran, and although they still do, they largely look to the people they once led to protect them.


Weaponsmiths and craftsmen, Vortixx are twelve to fourteen feet in height, usually slender and agile. They have no power, but instead use highly advanced and deadly weapons in combat, making them the match of a toa and more. typically, they are most concerned about wealth, making them the most likely to side with the Brotherhood forces.


Fierce and with few scruples, the Steltians are massive, deadly warriors. They are, like Matoran, divided into three races.

-Upper Class Steltians: Tall and well build, the upper class Steltians are expert warriors. They form the upper class of Steltian society, and most are skilled knights, either fighting on foot or atop Kikanalo beasts. From this class alone come the warlords and counts who form the leadership of Stelt. They are typically portrayed as cunning monsters, and a fair amount display such a character. On the whole, the hardships of life, and the complete change in ruling system have either increased or obliterated such character.

-Lower Class Steltians: Although originally the middle class of Stelt, this race has been knocked mostly down to the lowest class. They serve as laborers and many serve as rank and file troops in the case of all out war, as of now. Their intellect is typically simpler and more beastial, and they take well to the life they've always had; the simple laborer.

-Gladiator Steltians: This race once served as slaves and gladiators. Now, due to their fighting skills and build being superior to the lower class Steltians, they serve as the bulk military force of the Steltian standard armies. At first they were roped as laborers, but after a near rebellion, Eyorak and his council was forced to grant them greater rights.


Often thought of as just simple rahi, visorak are in fact as intelligent as a matoran, although usually much more bestial, with the rationality equal of a person such as Krekka. They can be partially controlled by rahi control. They have a history of servitude to the brotherhood of Makuta. Although the main horde was dispersed several years ago, quick action by the brotherhood resulted in over a thousand being regathered, with more being collected from wherever they fled to. They typically hunt in groups of ten, with a leader, a sergeant, or second in command, six regular visorak, and two watchers, or scout visorak. Their squads are normally composed of different races of visorak, and the watchers are typically Roporaks. They come in seven breeds:

-Boggorak: The heavy guns of the visorak horde. The Boggarak are quite powerful, with a tripowered Rhotuka, and are able to control outside objects or persons density via a sonic wave emitted from them.

-Vohtarak: The Vohtarak is the first visorak sent into a breached fort: their ability to become near invulnerable, and their Rhotuka power of intense burning sensations on their target makes them perfect for this.

-Kahgarak: Twice the size of the average, ands heavily armored, Kahgarak are relatively powerless, with the exception of their spinners. They are the tanks of the horde, and are fitted out with a variety of ranged weapons.

-Keelerak: The troublemakers of the horde, the Keelerak are the smallest, many having avoided the regrouping of the Brotherhood. They have a tenancy to disobey orders, and as such are being sent into Po Metru by Tridax to infest that land, and those around it. This order, they obeyed, out of sheer fear. Keelerak possess a powerful acid spinner. Their legs are bladed, unlike other visorak's and are longer. Often, they fight not only with pincers but with all four legs. A favorite tactic for a group of them is to leap into the air with a spin, turning themselves into a host of buzzsaws.

-Oohnorak: The interrogators of the horde, the Oohnarak often turn the tide of a battle by using their limited telepathic abilities to read the minds of the opposing generals. It is well known that persons with strong intellects (or training) can resist the mental powers of this visorak. As well, they have the ability to mimic voices perfectly, and to fire numbing Rhotuka.

-Roporak: The visorak 'watchers', or scouts of the horde. They possess the ability to blend their colors to fit with the background, and have a very limited illusionary power that allows them to melt their shape to the surroundings as well. they use Rhutuka that drain a target's energy, and they sometimes serve as assassins or kidnappers.

-Suukorak: The assassins of the horde, Suukorak serve as ambushers in a battle, and many have been won because of a surprise attack from behind from these visorak. They have the ability to slow their life processes to almost nothing, making them appear dead (a trick that often fails, because most Sons of the spirit will try to kill any Suukorak, alive or dead looking), and their Rhotuka has the ability to trap a target in an electric field.


Ga Metru

The city of water, once a home of learning and teaching, now a broiling battleground. Central and southern Ga Metru are covered in visorak webbing, and hordika wander here and there, as well as brotherhood patrols. In the north, fortresses and other defenses are being erected by the Sons of the Spirit there, although as of now most fighting takes place in the open ground and in half built, or half collapsed structures. Slowly however, the Settlers are being forced back, and back, until it seems that there will be only two ends: obliteration, or being forced into the sea. All connections with Po Metru were destroyed, and barriers set up to keep out rahi and outcast alike. Since the Brotherhood invasion, the barriers are poorly manned, and are slowly breaking down, making escape possible for the outcasts; if entering a district largely controlled by brotherhood forces could possibly be called ‘escape’.

The Great Temple

The home of the makuta Tridax, and the base of operations for the entire Brotherhood army. The temple itself has been turned into a massive fortress, and at the end of its bridge, barracks and further fortifications are set up.

Ta Metru

In the north, a small portion of the Sons of the Spirit are engaged in a migration, with the Brotherhood forces slowly pursuing them. In the rest of the district, an entirely different setup presides: the city, and most especially the forges, have been rebuilt and refurbished, and rahi threat is relatively low. The great furnace is silent, and has been converted into the capitol, where the heads of the three guilds live.

Po Metru

One of the three (officially) unoccupied districts of Metru Nui. It is home to a great deal of rahi, although not as many as Onu Metru. Also inhabiting it are many escapees from Onu and Ko Metru, who came out of those rahi infested lands, only to find themselves in another Metru practically as dangerous.

Ko Metru

Ko Metru was hit worse than any other district by the Cataclysm. Few of its famed knowledge towers still stand. Instead, the ruins of towers, chutes, and buildings fall together to form a massive maze. Snow perpetually falls, and rahi prowl softly through the constant twilight, always hungry. Survival rate here is almost as low as the Hole, and as a result, is unoccupied except for a small amount of outcasts and the like, desperately trying to survive.

Le Metru

Next to Ko Metru, Le Metru was hit the worst by the catacysm, and until inhabited was a wasteland of fallen chutes and deadly rahi. When Stelt settled there, they quickly began rebuilding, and as they had about two thirds of Stelt’s original population, the district was soon free of both rubble and rahi. Since then, housing has been erected, and fortresses constructed. The Metru is divided into dozens of fiefs, with castles dotting the landscape. All connections with Ko Metru were destroyed, and barriers set up to keep out rahi and outcast alike. The barriers are well built and defended, making escape in this side impossible for outcasts.

Onu Metru

The last, and most dangerous district. During the Great Cataclysm, the main entrance to the archives was opened, and the stasis tubes holding the thousands of rahi contained under Metru Nui were broken. The rahi spread across Metru Nui, but upon arriving, the settlers managed to drive them back into Po, Onu, and Ko Metru. When the settlers settled down, and factions formed, those species unlucky enough to not be one (although the Sons of the Spirit did allow a small number of non matoran to join) were forced into here. Although they were massive at the start, deaths by rahi, and division have caused them to decline. They have only two options: band together to survive against the rahi threat, flee, or die.

-The Coliseum-

Once the capitol of Metru Nui, and the home of the great arena, the coliseum is uninhabited by any refugees, and for a reason. The entire building and lands around have been fortified, and vahki make constant guard. Build unlike any vahki ever known, it is a mystery who made them, how they are powered, and why they are here. One thing however, is known; their powers vary, but all are enough to outclass even a veteran toa. Attempting to enter is suicide, with a one in a thousand chance of making it in without detection or destruction. Entering here means almost certain destruction to your character.


Name: Tridax.


Species: Makuta.

Faction: The Brotherhood of Makuta.

Kanohi: Mutation.

Element: Shadow.

Appearance: Ten feet in height, with crimson armor underlaid with deep purple, He looks not unlike a giant toa, albeit his armor is far heavier.

Powers: Standard Makuta powers.

Abilities: An able warrior, Tridax is primarily a scientist. He has good control over his powers, but usually directs rather than fights.

Weapons: A long spear, tipped with acid.

Other Equipment: None.

Personality: Tridax is as unemotional as the next makuta, and has no patience for fools. He has some semblance of honor, unlike the normal makuta.

History: Tridax has a relatively unknown history, He was created along with the other makuta as a biomechanical being, and transformed into energy along with the rest. He was appointed the makuta of Nynrah, and when Teridax took over the brotherhood, sided with him. Following the great cataclysm, he was assigned to occupy Metru Nui in Teridax’s absence. Upon finding it inhabited, he called in an army, and started an invasion.

(Optional) Notes: None.

Name: Eyorak (Ay-ohr-ahk)

Gender: Male.

Species: Upper Class Steltian.

Faction: Stelt.

Kanohi: None.

Element: None.

Appearance: Eyorak is built like all of his species: twice the height of a toa, with ornate dark red and black armor.

Powers: None.

Abilities: A skilled fighter, Eyorak often feel handicapped by his position as king, which keeps him from much fighting.

Weapons: A protosteel arming sword, ornately hilted, and wonderfully balanced.

Other Equipment: A heater shield, protosteel, with his coat of arms, three silver swords in an * formation, upon a dark red background.

Personality: Eyorak is a fierce warrior, and a stern ruler. Crime in his realm is at a minimum, and the penalty for crimes are sever enough to keep it like that.

History: Eyorak was once a warlord on Stelt, before the Cataclysm. Unlike most warlords he was neither a crimelord or a war monger. He controlled a castle and some land around it, with perhaps a few hundred tenants. His rule was outstanding in order. When the Brotherhood invaded Stelt, he fled along with the rest to Metru Nui. When the settling began, he claimed power by getting the majority of the lower class and gladiator Steltians behind him, all of whom knew full well his ruling style. Reluctantly, the rest of his tribe appointed him king. Ever since then, he has ruled justly, and unbending. Now, faced with the Makuta invasion, he has began organizing a standing army to repel their forces. However, he is hampered by eastern Stelt growing more and more sullen, even verging on rebellion.

(Optional) Notes: None.

Name: Elhast. (Ehl-hast)

Gender: Female.

Species: Turaga.

Faction: Sons of the Spirit.

Kanohi: Noble Calix.

Element: Lightning.

Appearance: Although Elhast is a turaga, she most certainly does not look like one. Full foot feet in height, she is well muscled and athletic. Her armor is designed for practical use, unlike the standard garb of a turaga, and it covers and protects well.

Powers: Limited power over lightning.

Abilities: Agile, fast and strong, Elhast could hold her own against any matoran. She is skilled with the small glaive she wields, and with what little elemental power she has left.

Weapons: A staff, four feet in height. It is made of wood with a covering of metal, and a foot long blade is affixed to the top. It is a weapon, not a ceremonial badge.

Other Equipment: None.

Personality: Elhast has not changed a lot since her days as a toa. She is impatient often, with a fiery temper, and a strong sense of loyalty: a traitor would want to stay well away from her, if he wanted to keep his head on.

History: Once a matoran from the Southern continent, Elhast became a toa quickly, and soon left her native village. She worked first as a mercenary, then as a member of a toa team. She lived on the northern continent, and after several thousand years, handed her power over to another, becoming a turaga. After the betrayal of the makuta, her village was destroyed, and she and the rest of the survivors fled towards Metru Nui. When the Sons of the Spirit formed, she was elected into the council of seven. When the brotherhood invaded, and the Sons of the Spirit were split, she and tow other members of the council fled into Ta Metru with whatever remnant left alive. The other two turaga were slain, and Elhast found herself suddenly in sole command of several hundred toa, turaga, matoran, and assorted other species.

(Optional) Notes: None.

Name: Norholk. (Nor-ohlk)

Gender: Male.

Species: Turaga.

Faction: Sons of the Spirit.

Kanohi: Noble Huna.

Element: Iron.

Appearance: Norholk is old, and looks it. His armor is scarred and faded, and the plain gray robe he wears is ragged and patched. Nonetheless, his red eyes burn with an undimmed fierceness.

Powers: Limited control over iron.

Abilities: Norholk is certainly not a warrior, and his strength and agility are on par with a normal turaga’s. However, like all his species he has marvelous endurance.

Weapons: A simple staff, untopped or ornamented. It is a simple walking stick, and Norholk uses it as such.

Other Equipment: None.

Personality: Once a fiery and fierce toa, Norholk has mellowed quite a bit, becoming far more thoughtful and wise. Not changed however, is his unbending iron stubbornness, a great asset in this period.

History: Norholk is among the oldest people on Metru Nui. He lived first as a matoran, than a toa, and finally as a turaga in a small village of Fe matoran. His village, like many other gravirty, magnetism, and iron villages were raided by Brotherhood forces. Norholk fled with the few other survivors, and upon coming to Metru Nui, was elected to the council. When the Brotherhood invaded, he was forced northward.

(Optional) Notes: None.

Name: Feynioh. (Fay-nee-oh)

Gender: Male.

Species: Turaga.

Faction: Sons of the Spirit.

Kanohi: Noble Komau.

Element: Ice.

Appearance: A little over four feet in height, Feynioh is dressed in a simple monklike black robe, with offset his white armors feet and hands, and his white Kanohi. He walks without any form of bending.

Powers: Limited control over ice. His best attack is by freezing via hand or staff touch. At this, he is deadly, and can flash freeze a foe by simply tapping him with his staff, a fate shared by several visorak and a rahkshi so far.

Abilities: Feynioh is by no means an athlete, but neither is he a frail turaga. He is about as strong, agile, and fast as an average matoran.

Weapons: A long staff, made out of pure, tempered steel. Each end is spiked, making it both a blunt and stab weapon.

Other Equipment: None.

Personality: Of all the council, Feynioh is the quietest. He speaks only when he must, and when he does, it is in clipped, short statements. He prefers observing to acting, and thinking to speaking.

History: Feynioh grew up in metru, but left after a few hundred years. He traveled halfway across the world, and in the process became a toa. At length he settled down, became a member of yet another group of toa. He handed his power on to another, and became a turaga. His village, like many others, was destroyed during the first stages of the Makuta and Dark Hunter war, and Feynioh and his matoran and toa fled to Metru Nui.

(Optional) Notes: None.

Name: Erazoth. (Ear-ah-zohth)

Gender: Male.

Species: Toa.

Faction: Sons of the Spirit.

Kanohi: Kakama.

Element: Iron.

Appearance: With the distinctive gunmetal and burnt orange of his element, and his height and broadness, Erazoth stands out in any crowd. His sole weapon is a long sword, which he wears at his side.

Powers: Erazoth is a veteran, and has great control over the element of iron.

Abilities: Strong, fast, agile, and with the marvelous endurance of his kind, Erazoth is the embodiment of the warrior. He is an expert longsword fighter.

Weapons: A protosteel longsword.

Other Equipment: Erzoth wears full plate armor, with mail protecting what areas the plates cannot cover. It is made of pure protosteel.

Personality: Erazoth is stubborn and a bit hot tempered, although over the long years of combat, he has learned all too well when to think and when to fight. Even though the three turaga are technically in charge, all of the Sons of the Spirit look to him for guidance. His front greatly conceals the loss and pain he often feels over the sudden invasion.

History: Erazoth grew up in a small village in the northern continent. The climate was harsh, and rahi were a constant threat, despite the village’s resident toa. He started out as a maker of weapons, but became a wielder of them as well, at first helping the village’s toa, and then organizing a small fighting force to better protect the village. A thousand years later, the village’s toa handed his powers to Erazoth after the death of the ruling turaga. Erazoth stayed there for many years, keeping up his tradition of forming the matoran into a self-defensive force. When word of the betrayal of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and they subsequent massacre of iron toa, Erazoth and the matoran of iron in the village fled in order to not endanger it.

(Optional) Notes: Erazoth is probably the unofficial leader of all the Sons of the Spirit in northern Ga Metru. He is a warrior and a leader, and as such only is able to assume such a position in wartime such as this. The three turaga hold varying levels of grudges against him for his position, but he always acts as if they’re the leaders, unless there’s a battle going on.

Name: AglundGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxFaction: New XiaKanohi: N/AElement: N/AAppearance: An average Vortixx. Not awfully tall or bulky for a Vortixx, actually, compared to most, pretty short, weakly built and narrow of shoulders.Powers: None.Abilities: Aglund's greatest ability is his wits. He's never been particularly quick or strong, or anything, but he's a brilliant tactician and a shrewd leader, and has a habit of being rather persuasive.Weapons: Aglund carries around a Vortixx Rhotuka Battle Axe. Never seems to part with it, too, as if he was paranoid with the fear that someone might make an attempt on his life.Other Equipment: None.Personality: Aglund is always calm, never cynical or sarcastic, and all the jokes he makes are remarkably well-natured. Under that, of course, as might be expected, he nurses a great disdain for most of the people he is the nicest to on the outside, especially for the other two Xian guild leaders. He will stop at nothing, underneath it all, to achieve power, and much more importantly, wealth and influence.History: Aglund is the "youngest" - read, the least experienced - of New Xia's triumvirate of guild leaders. Unlike the other two, who were heads of two ancient, well-respected guilds back in Xia, he usurped power in his weapon guild, the Megas Corporation, by force: a sudden coup d'etat in the guild left all of its leaders dead and Aglund as the new head. The other two guild leaders, as such, harbor a great distrust for the young Vortixx, and would like nothing more than to remove him from the political stage by any means possible.(Optional) Notes: None.Name: (His Royal Highness) Prince Irazhoon dur AeghzardocGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxFaction: New XiaKanohi: N/AElement: N/AAppearance: Tall, even for a Vortixx. By throwing one glance at the man you can see he's an experienced warrior, that written in his cold, nigh unblinking eyes. His armor is colored with intricate patterns of dark green and black, Xia's national emblem, a black mountain in a dark silver field, on his chest.Powers: None.Abilities: Irazhoon is rather strong, and easily the superior of many a Toa when it comes down to strength alone. His mind is sharp as a razor too... it's just that even a razor dulls unused.Weapons: Two Electro Chute Blades, which he usually dual wields.Other Equipment: None.Personality: Irazhoon is actually a pretty short-tempered person, always one step away from loosing his anger and wrath upon anyone who dared so much as to hint at potentially daring to be insolent in his vicinity. Some would claim he is also rather arrogant, convinced in his supremacy over the other two guild leaders and over all of New Xia.History: Irazhoon's position as head of the Windswept Flame Guild is more a matter of honor and politics than anything. Irazhoon, having spent all of his life as designated heir to the throne of Xia, was, let's say, surprised when Aliahn dur Trizhax, a prominent official in the court of the prince of Xia, claimed the throne for himself after the prince's death. Aliahn was much loved by the weapon guilds, while Irazhoon was heavily unpopular. As was expected, Irazhoon lost the war and with his three guilds of supporters was forced to flee Xia, then assuming control of the Windswept Flame Guild of weaponmakers, who were all too eager to see him as head: that way, they could gain influence in Xia should they ever return.(Optional) Notes: None.Name: DlathaGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxFaction: New XiaKanohi: N/AElement: N/AAppearance: Tall, slim and lithe, one look at her and you can be sure that by Vortixx standards she'd be a great beauty. Which doesn't mean much when you think of the fact that she's a biomechanical being, but, well, whatever works.Powers: None.Abilities: Dlatha is quite agile, and relatively well trained in the arts of war. She also has the habit of being generally more calculating and logical than her colleague Prince Irazhoon dur Aeghzardoc, although, (debatably) not more than Aglund.Weapons: A Lightstone Rifle and an Earth Claw.Other Equipment: None.Personality: Dlatha is a cold, cold woman. Some say, colder than an iceberg. Some go so far as to say she's even colder tha

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Across the island, all was peaceful. Light was just beginning to creep into the dome. Birds called to each other, announcing the arrival of a new day. Insects hummed between flowers, enjoying the balmy late spring weather. It could not last, however. The idyllic scene was about to be broken by a terrible scream.It was a scream of horror, revulsion and fear, all rolled into one blood-curdling yell. Soon, it was joined by another, and another. All across this island paradise, hundreds upon hundreds of throats let out similar cries as they woke to find gruesome, twisted monsters in their villages, their homes, and even their mirrors.The Transformation had begun.SUMMARYThis RPG is set 72,000 years before the Great Cataclysm, on the Island of Zakaz.Maukta Spiriah has infected the entire island with a series of viruses that turned the native Skakdi from a peaceful, prosperous race into grotesque, vicious warriors. Chaos has erupted as the Skakdi awoke to find themselves in varying stages of transition, and only intensified in the next three days as the changes were completed. The government is trying to keep a lid on things, but are failing miserably, as officials are dealing with similar transformations to everyone else.In the tumult of the change, some have embraced their new nature and powers in an attempt to seize power. Chief among these is the former head of the law enforcement, a Skakdi named Nektann. He has gathered a group of criminals, rogues and power-mongers to take control of the island for his own ends. He has some competition, but as of now, his army is the largest rebel group.The Makuta himself is nowhere to be found, and many believe him to have left the island. The only sign is a squadron is Visorak he left to guard his fortress and prevent anyone from coming or going to and from the island.One thing is clear, however. Zakaz is now a very different place, and will be transformed even more in the coming weeks, months and years.How it is transformed is up to you to decide. Will you join the rebels, using you newfound powers to gain wealth and influence? Will you attempt to put down the rebellions and restore peace to Zakaz? Are you going to throw you lot in with the Makuta, and submit to whatever plans he has for the island?Whichever you choose, you will alter the fate of your homeland.FACTIONSAll across the island, being are banding together for protection or in pursuit of their goals. The three most important ones are listed below.Zakaz GovernmentThe government of Zakaz exists to keep the peace and to make sure that day to day activities across the island run smoothly. Malok, the king has supreme power, but most often does not use it. He finds that most conflicts can be resolved without resorting to that, and prefers to work with his subjects to find solutions. Under Malok, there are several ministers/advisers who oversee various areas of the administration, such as trade, law enforcement, security and dealings with other islands.Goals:
    [*]Keep order on Zakaz.[*]Find a way to cope with the transformation or reverse it.[*]Investigate possible cures for the mutation. If any turn out to be useful, use it on as many Skakdi as possible.[/list]Nektann’s RebelsThis group, led by the former head of the Avan (law enforcement organisation), is composed of individuals who have given in to their darker sides and are using their newfound powers to wreak havoc in the city of Atia. As yet, their influence is weak outside the city’s walls. What began as a group of criminals hungry for power is quickly solidifying into an army.Goals:
      [*]Subvert whatever the government is doing.[*]Gain more recruits.[*]Launch an attack on Atia and attempt to seize power.[/list]Makuta’s DevoteesRight now, most of Zakaz hates Spiriah for transforming them as he did. It is well known that the Makuta was the source of the infection, but nobody knows the details of how or why he did it. This faction, however, includes many beings who are loyal to Spiriah, including his team of Toa Hagah. These beings go against strong public opinion, and believe that the Makuta of the island will provide a solution to their problems. They reason that the Makuta had a reason for mutating the Skakdi as he did, and do not know that the experiment went horribly wrong from Spiriah’s point of view, as well as everyone else’s.Goals:
        [*]Stop anyone trying to undo the Makuta’s mutation.[*]Await the Makuta’s return and maintain the faction until he does.[*]Convince everyone else not to kill Spiriah as soon as he shows his face.[*]Defend the Makuta’s fortress.[*]Exercise the Makuta’s will on Zakaz, whatever that may be.[/list]Neutral CitizensIn the days since the Transformation began, most of the factions’ activities have taken place in Atia and the surrounding lands. In other locations around Zakaz, people are responding to the situation in their own ways, most often fighting for resources or trying to find ways to undo the effects of the virus.Goals:
          [*]Survive the chaos.[*]Do whatever your character wants.[/list]Player Created FactionsIf you want to form a group with a goal and a name, go ahead! The new faction will not, however, get any NPCs or vast resources.THE STORY SO FAR:Day 0:Makuta Spiriah sends out his viruses to mutate the Skakdi race. They do not take effect immediately.Day 1:This marks the beginning of the Transformation. Overnight, the viruses have begun to take effect and the Skakdi’s bodies have started to change. After the initial attack of island-wide panic, they get together in each village as well as the capital to seek answers. It is revealed that the Makuta caused the virus, but not much more progress is made in any of the meetings. They soon break up out of fear, anger, and uncontrollable flashes of power.Day 2:By this stage, the Skakdi are looking mostly like their mutated forms. Everyone is in panic mode as more and more changes occur. There is looting and violence in the streets as everyone tries to hoard supplies or find a cure. Civilisation grinds to a screaming halt. Many buildings are damaged. There is little coordinated response from the Zakaz government because they are just as confused by the changes as everybody else.Anyone who tries to leave or enter Zakaz encounters Visorak. The island is cut off from the rest of the Matoran Universe.Day 3:The mutations are now complete. Nektann sees the way things are going and defects from the Avan to form his own faction. He releases several notorious criminals on his way out, and begins recruiting scoundrels to join him and seize power.Still reeling from the loss of one of their top men, the government begins to put together a response. Malok declares martial law, but the Avan prove too few to be clearly effective against such widespread disaster. Some quiet is achieved in the streets, but crime is still rampant, as every Skakdi fights for themselves or their small group. Most are beginning to gain some control over their powers by now.There is still no sign of the Makuta, but those loyal to him are a force to be reckoned with, as they defend his tower from all assailants and clamp down on any malicious or destructive activities in the surrounding area. They appear to be plotting something, but as yet, nobody knows what.Rumors are flying that a Skakdi of Quo-nari named Makan has (or has amost) isolated a cure for the Skakdi’s mutation. The respected, if slightly eccentric doctor was unfortunately killed in a riot in Quo-kuna, but his work still exists… somewhere. If it can be found, completed and used, there may yet be hope for Zakaz.All of the islands major factions are showing an interest in this. The Zakaz Government wants it perfected and used widely, Makuta’s Devotees want it destroyed so that the mutation is permanent, while Nektann’s rebels want to obtain it because of the power it represents and to gain more influence on the island. It could be a powerful bargaining chip, and the warlord knows it.Day 4: Beginning of the RPG. From here, events are mostly under the players’ control. :)LOCATIONSHere are two maps of Zakaz. The first shows the island and the nari borders, the other only shows landmarks.

          Map 1 Map 2

          All of the locations below are named in the language of the Skakdi, rather than Matoran. Note that the words used here are a little different, as the characters are all speaking a different tongue.Te-nariThe southern region of Zakaz is dominated by Mount Krahn. The volcano feeds numerous lava streams. It erupts so frequently that the sides of the mountain are completely bare of any life, as if even nature has given up trying to colonise the place. Further afield from the summit, however, volcanic ash provides excellent fertiliser to sustain forests and fields alike. The Skakdi of the region grow much of the island’s food. The forests are easily negotiable to travellers, because occasional forest fires keep the foliage from growing too dense.Situated between two lava streams is Te-kuna, the village of fire. The buildings here are constructed from blocks of black volcanic stone.Ona-nariThis region of Zakaz is only inhabited underground, where a network of tunnels and caves are home to many Skakdi. Most of the tunnels are concentrated just north of Te-nari, but there are also roads leading to other places of note around the island, such as the other settlements. The tunnels are lit both by torches and a series of mirrors that reflect the light from the dome into most major tunnels.Irnakk’s Maw is a giant cave entrance that opens onto Te-nari, and where many of that region’s lava flows re-enter the earth. Many of the mirrors take daylight from this opening, and it is said that the glinting lenses look like teeth in a gigantic, fiery mouth.Ona-kuna is the village of earth. The village is found within a giant cavern with two rivers running through it; one of water, the other of lava. The dwellings here are carved into massive Stalagmites, many of which reach to the cavern’s ceiling, hundreds of bio above. Ona-kuna is known for its mineral wealth and the skill of its craftsmen in making all sorts of tools, weapons and armour.Pi-nariZakaz’s region of stone is a vast canyonland along the southwestern coast. The Kona and Malana rivers flow down from Quo-nari and Lake Turano before joining at Furl Drop, a giant, multi-level waterfall that descends more than 500 bio to the floor of Mara Canyon, the largest on the island and home to Pi-kuna. After the joining, the river is known as the Karoro.Pi-kuna, the village of stone is recessed within the eastern wall of Mara Canyon. The vertical stone here has been worked into a huge collection of ramps, stairs and ladders that connect the many balconies of the stone village. Each balcony leads into a house or shop into the cliff face. The warm, orange-brown stone gives a cosy feel to the homes here, as well as a majestic view at sunset when the canyon is lit with bright lights and deep shadows.The Skakdi of Pi-kuna are adventurous and famous for their skills in combat, sports and survival. The harsh, dry landscape they inhabit provides few resources and harbours many dangerous rahi. As if those weren’t enough of a challenge, bungy jumping and hang gliding are available in the canyonlands, though notoriously dangerous for any who choose to join in the daredevils.Also to be found in Pi-nari is Spiriah’s Tower. This is the Makuta’s base on Zakaz, where he works his dangerous experiments. The tower itself is built on top of a cylindrical spire of stone, so as to only be accessible by those with the power of flight or some other way to bridge the canyon. There is a bridge to the tower, but it can disappear in an instant, controlled by some mechanism with in the tower.Quo-nariQuo-nari is the mountainous, icy region of Zakaz’s north. High in the Pili Mountains, steep cliffs and ravines dominate the landscape. Glaciers are also a common feature in many valleys. The altitude and cold prevent many plants from growing here, but the hardy shrubs and grasses that grow here often have medicinal properties. Also rumoured to exist here is the jugo tree of legend, which is said to undo any wound or mutation. It is thought that Makan's elixir was derived from this plant.Quo-kuna, the village of ice, is the most isolated on the island. It is a quiet place, with most Skakdi preferring to stay indoors to do their business. The homes here are built from cement studded with heatstones, and packed closely together in order to give the outdoor spaces some protection from the cold as well.Quo-kuna is not an industrial town – there are too few resources up in these frozen lands, but instead the people here make a living from their skills. Quo-nari boasts many doctors and healers, trained in the use of the region’s plant life, and is a haven for artists of all types. The peace and stunning views have inspired many great works, from music to sculptures and paintings.Gu-nariGu-nari is the region of water, and reaches from the north-eastern coast to Lake Turano, and the smaller Lake Roto. The region has a damp climate, and is filled with marshes, wetlands and wide fields. It is home to many of the island’s rahi, including heards of Tahtorak.The main feature of Gu-nari is the Awa River, which flows from Lake Turano in the centre of the island to the Silver Sea. The river runs clear and cool over the moist terrain, providing an easy way of travel for mariners, who both fish the river for its abundant food supply and ferry other Skakdi up and down the river.Gu-kuna, the village of water is situated in an underwater cave in the Awa River. Protected from outside attacks, the town is only accessible by swimming or airtight vessels that run on tracks along the riverbed. An air pocket allows the village to stay dry, if a little humid, and is kept fresh by a large skylight that also lights the settlement. The dwellings are built around the edges of the cave on solid ground. Most are constructed from wood, which is abundant in the swamps above.Gu-kuna is the transport hub of Zakaz. The large port outside the Gu-kuna cave holds all types of boats, from large sailing ships ready to take on the silver sea or Lake Turano, to small rafts better suited to the river canyons of Pi-nari. For overland transport, Gu-kuna is the home base for domesticated Tahtorak, which are used as steeds for the Skakdi.La-nariThis region of Zakaz is a lush rainforest, the Rata Jungle, is often covered by curtains of swirling mist. The shining droplets reduce the visibility among the dark, evergreen trees, and can give it an unearthly feel, not to mention making it easy to get lost in. Between the gargantuan trunks, there is very little undergrowth. Instead, a thick layer of moss serves as the carpet. It can conceal dead trunks and pot holes, however, so watch your step.The La-nari forest overlaps with Ona-nari, with trees on the surface and tunnels beneath. Just who owns this part of land, however, has never been a problem – neither group wants to use the other’s area.The greatest feature of this forest is undoubtedly the forest monarch, Mahana. This giant tree reaches 50 bio above the rest of the forest, its canopy extending like a dome 100 bio across on top of the rest of the forest’s roof. More than just a big tree however, Mahana is alive and sentient. Her mind watches over the forest, wherever trees grow in La-nari. What she makes of it, however, is anyone’s guess, and communication is fraught with difficulty. Her thoughts are revealed in the swirling patterns and arcane symbols that are in constant motion across her bark, and some say that the pattern of these will predict the future, while others assert that the patterns of mist move in unison.La-kuna, the village of La-nari is situated a good distance from Mahana, because nobody had the guts or gumption to build anything too close to the revered tree, or worse, it in. Instead, the wooden houses are built on the ground. They are well camouflaged, however, and unless one knows where to look, one could easily miss it in the mist.La-kuna Skakdi are known as builders and engineers. It is they who produce the great ships of Gu-nari and construct all kinds of buildings across the island.AtiaAtia is the capital city of Zakaz, and is neutral territory where beings of all elements and backgrounds meet. Almost surrounded by Lake Turano and the Awa River, Atia is a much larger city than any of the kuna. A wall surrounds the city, but the gates are always open, as the fortifications have not been needed in a long time. The city is a hodge-podge of architectural styles and cultures, allowing it to feel like home to its diverse inhabitants as well as highlighting the peaceful co-existence of so many in one place. Important places in and around the city include:Lake Turano, which is the largest body of water on Zakaz. The huge lake borders 6 of the 7 regions, and is a gateway for travellers, as well as providing water for much of the island.Mana Palace, where the King of Zakaz lives, rules and deals with the people. The current holder of that title is named Malok, a Skakdi of magnetism. The palace is the city’s largest building, a small tower built of a mixture of stone and wood. It lies in the middle of the city, surrounded by a park. Most of the palace is open to the public to deal with their king.Avan Headquarters is situated adjacent to the main gate of Atia, and serves as the fortress that Mana is not. Built from thick stone and iron, there are only two entrances. One is the main gate, the other a secret underground passageway leading into the palace. The large building towers over the small houses and businesses in other parts of the city, with several battlements equipped with projectile weapons. Inside, the place is a warren of various chambers used by Zakaz’s law enforcement, including a small jail.Traders’ Square. Just as the name suggests, this part of Atia is the commercial hub of both the city and Zakaz. Goods of all kinds are traded here, from food and water to medicines, tools, trinkets and weapons. The last is much less common than in other parts of the MU, because Zakaz doesn’t have much trouble aside from the occasional plague of rahi. Much of the trade that goes on here uses a barter system, but there is also a currency known as the grala – small gold spheres engraved with various symbols that signify their worth.Nektann's hideout is the base for this warlord and his criminal gang. The base is in what used to be one of the largest shops in the city, one selling fresh produce from Te-nari. Here, the villains are well supplied, but the design of the building and many exits make security a problem.ADDITIONAL NOTES ON ZAKAZTechnology LevelThe level of technology on Zakaz is greater than that of the Matoran on Mata Nui, but nowhere near Xia standard. The Skakdi can make some pretty cool tools and structures, but they are nowhere near modern day technology or the ‘magical’ technologies produced on Xia and Nynrah.The currency of Zakaz is the grala. These can be used like widgets to buy things in the markets of Zakaz, but most Skakdi just use a barter system. Gralas are small gold spheres engraved with various symbols that signify their worth. These are notoriously difficult to counterfeit.Mutated vs. Un-mutated Skakdi.Prior to the Transformation, the Skakdi were smaller and less powerful than they are now. They were shorter than most toa and had small spines down their backs. Their faces were more normal and their jaws were much smaller than the gruesome grins we saw on the piraka sets. They had the ability to use great kanohi, and also possessed the latent elemental traits seen in Matoran, but stronger.As a result of Spiriah’s virus, they have grown taller and stronger, their spines have enlarged and their jaws have sprouted huge teeth. They have lost the mental discipline to access the powers of kanohi, but have gained other powers.Chief among these new powers is the ability to use elemental powers to a toa level, but only when working together with another mutated Skakdi. Second is a vision power, such as X-ray vision or laser vision. These powers work by shooting beams from the Skakdi’s eyes, and whatever those beams hit is affected by the power. Finally, each mutated Skakdi gained a third power. These are highly variable between individuals, so be creative when coming up with your own unique powers. Be cautious in this, however, of over-powering. The pirakas’ abilities should be considered the upper limit here.The final and perhaps most disturbing change for the Skakdi is the transformation of their minds. While pre-mutation Skakdi were mostly calm, friendly sorts, Spiriah’s virus has given them an inclination towards high tempers and violent outbursts.This game takes place three days after the original infection, which took about that long to do its work and completely transform all the Skakdi. Most characters will still be getting used to their new powers, and will not be experts yet.GAMEPLAYIn this game, you will play as one of the inhabitants of Zakaz. This can mean that your characters can be Skakdi or other MU species that happen to be on Zakaz at the time.This is very much a sandbox RPG, so your characters’ actions will determine the course of events. Zakaz may end up much like it did in the canon universe; a war-torn desolation, or alternatively, it may turn out to be a very different place. Your actions will determine which and how. So have fun. Go visit Makan's house of take a look at his body. Pick fights over a bag of food. This world is just waiting for you to make it come to life.CHARACTERSMost characters in this game will be Skakdi. It is, after all, their island. Other species will be allowed, but bear in mind that they will be heavily outnumbered. If you can concoct a good reason for a non-Skakdi character to be on Zakaz, go ahead and play them. It is likely, however, that they may have been affected by the Makuta’s viruses in some way.The same applies to un-mutated Skakdi. These are playable if you can think of an excuse for them not to have been on Zakaz at the time of the infection, and also a way to have got them back past the Visorak guards.As with any RPG, there are some canon powers that cannot be used. These include:
            [*]The legendary masks, for obvious reasons.[*]The olmak, avohkii, krahkan and mask of elemental energy, of which are unique. There are none of these masks in existance other than the ones shown in story the canon.[*]The elements of light and shadow, because there are no naturally occurring Skakdi of light or shadow, and the shadow leech hasn’t been invented yet.[*]The mohtrek, because insta-armies are annoying.[*]The mask of undeath, because unkillable zombies are no fun.[*]The mask of mutation, because things can't be solved that easily.[*]The komau (great mask of bunnying) and the sanok (great mask of auto-hitting). While it is possible to use these responsibly in an RPG, I’d rather save everyone the trouble of sorting out how they should and shouldn’t be used within good RPing etiquette.[*]The mask of conjuring, because it it rediculously overpowered.[*]The mask of clairvoyance, because this is set in an alternate universe and we don't know how things end.[/list]You cannot play as a canon character. Make your own.Each player can control up to five characters at one time, but I might be lenient here if someone has a really great idea for a sixth character that will enhance the RPG in some way.Fill out this character profile and submit it for approval. This layout is designed for a Skakdi character, so for other species it will need a bit of altering. Feel free to change the format if you wish.Name:Species: Something from the MU, but not Makuta.Gender:Alignment: Pick one from above, make your own, or neutral.Home Region: Te-nari, Gu-nari, Atia, traveller, etcElement:Vision Power:Third Power: Be creative!Equipment:Appearance:Biography:Personality:Skills/Strengths:Weaknesses:NPCsName: MalokSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAlignment: Zakaz GovernmentHome Region: AtiaElement: MagnetismVision Power: X-ray visionThird Power: Mind reading and limited telepathyEquipment: Crown and sceptre of ZakazAppearance: Malok is a tall but thin Skakdi with mostly gunmetal grey armour. His secondary colour is royal blue, and is displayed on his torso, hands and feet. The crown he wears is made of gold and is set with six stones in a circular pattern, each the colour of one of the main six elements. In the centre of the circle is a transparent diamond. Since his transformation, it doesn’t fit on his head too well.Biography: Malok has been King of Zakaz for a few thousand years now, and has overseen the growth of the Skakdi nation. He lives in Mana Palace in Atia, which is his seat of power. Since the Transformation began, he has tried to use his influence among his race to calm the chaos, but has not met with much success.Personality: Malok is a charismatic Skakdi with good people skills and considerable wisdom. He is the closest thing to a Turaga you are likely to find among the Skakdi. He tries to rule Zakaz as fairly as possible, and genuinely wants to see his people flourish. As for the transformation, he has found the mental changes the most difficult. Anger and violence are the opposite of what he stands for, so having them become a greater part of his personality is very difficult for him.Skills/Strengths: Malok is an excellent speaker, and has a disarming style that makes other people want to agree with him. He has a quick mind and a strong will.Weaknesses: Malok is not a great warrior, though he can fight if the occasion calls for it.Name: NektannSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAlignment: Nektann’s RebelsHome Region: AtiaElement: WaterVision Power: Lightning visionThird Power: Limited Physical Invulnerability. This means that he cannot be hurt by physical attacks like whacking him with a sword. Arrows will just bounce off him, axes will only get bent. He can hit whatever he likes and fear nothing. Energy based attacks, however, will hurt him. This invulnerability also extends to any weapon he uses.Equipment: A large scythe, which he wields will deadly strength and precision. This is not the crescent scythe seen in the set, but a different weapon. He also carries a dozen knives and daggers and a mace.Appearance: Nektann is much larger than the average Skakdi, muscular and well armoured. His appearance is much like the set, but he has not yet obtained his crescent scythe at this point in history. His weapon is still a scythe; just a different one.I picture him something like this MoC by Toa Cehk. All credit to the builder.Biography: Proir to the Transformation, Nektann was head of the Avan, the law enforcement of Zakaz. He did his job ruthlessly and efficiently, and under his watch, crime was low. He held great influence among the government, and was tipped by some to become the next King of Zakaz.On finding out that the Skakdi were being mutated into super-powered monsters, Nektann’s darker side took control and he took advantage of the confusion for his own gain. He set free many criminals and began recruiting many other Skakdi in a bid to seize power and rule the island. He has been unusually quick to discover his powers and how they can be used.Personality: Nektann is a ruthless being, using whatever force is necessary to achieve his goals. This made him very effective has head of the Avan, but now it makes him a nightmare to his enemies. He has embraced the dark side of his new nature, though his mind is still cunning and sharp as a dagger.Skills/Strengths: Nektann is a deadly warrior of great strength and skill, particularly with his chosen weapons. He is a quick thinker and has a devious, shrewd mind, as well as inside knowledge of the Avan and Zakaz Government.Weaknesses: Nektann is vulnerable to energy-based attacks, and is not particularly agile.Name: SpiriahSpecies: MakutaGender: MaleAlignment: Brotherhood of MakutaElement: ShadowKanohi: JutlinPowers: Spiriah has access to all 42 kraata powers as well as telepathy, the use of a shadow hand and the ability to infect kanohi. He has the ability to create kraata and, by extension, Rahkshi. Since he has not yet evolved into gaseous antidermis at this point in history, the process of creating kraata is slow and yields weak slugs.Appearance: Spiriah is a shapeshifter, so his appearance can change at will. For the most part, he will appear as he did in the set.Biography: Spiriah was created by Mata Nui along with the other Makuta from a pool of liquid Antidermis. He then became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, working on experiments with Rahi and creating breeds of them to populate the universe, though he lacked the skill in doing so. Following the Matoran Civil War, Spiriah was assigned to supervise the islands of Zakaz and Artidax.Spiriah saw potential for the Skakdi to be used as soldiers for the Brotherhood, and came to Zakaz to experiment on them. When he thought he had the right mix of viruses, he unleashed them over the whole island through the air and water, resulting in the Transformation. He then left the island, planning to return later to check on the results.Personality: Spiriah is arrogant like all Makuta, but unable to live up to this standard; he lacks skills in Rahi creation, and is deficient in leadership traits, acting more in the role of a follower. Though he aspires to greatness, he is incapable of achieving anything of significance.Skills/Strengths: He’s a Makuta. He has power beyond anything other species can dream of. Attack him and you die.Name: BanuaSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Makuta’s DevoteesElement: GravityMask: Gold faxon in the shape of a kadin. This was presented to him by his former team mates on entering Spiriah’s service. The shape is to honour a past hero - JovanEquipment: Orbit Spear and Rhotuka Launching Shield

            The Orbit Spear has the power to change the point where the gravity that affects the target originates from. For this power to be triggered, the spear must touch the target. For example, if a foe was touched by the spear, they might find gravity pulling them towards, say, a tree, rather than the ground.

            His rhotuka have the power to cause explosions wherever they hit.

            Appearance: Banua’s primary colour is black, with gold and purple highlights in roughly equal parts. His tools, hands and feet are gold, while his upper limbs are purple. Also in this colour is the BoM insignia across his chest. He is a thin, wiry toa of about average height. His armour is made of precious metals.Biography: Banua is the leader of Spiriah’s Toa Hagah team. Before entering the Brotherhood’s service, he was one of the Toa Nynrah. He was chosen to become an elite guardian, and was assigned to Spiriah’s team, which he now leads. It is his job to deal with any threats to his Makuta’s safety.Banua has not had much to do with the Skakdi before, except for acting as a bodyguard during Spiriah’s occasional visits to Mana Palace. Generally, he has spent time in Spiriah’s tower when on Zakaz, but much more time on other islands.During the Transformation, he and his fellow Hagah were taken to a sealed-off chamber to protect them from any ill effects caused by the virus. He was left on Zakaz when Spiriah left to go back to Destral.Personality: Banua is a cautious leader, always giving situations due consideration rather than a quick, rash response that might lead to trouble later. That is not to say he cannot act quickly when the situation demands it, but it is not his preferred MO. He has a serious personality, and stays focussed on the job. He is not often jokey or jovial, but relies on others to lighten up a situation.Skills/Strengths: Banua is a good leader and a clever strategist. He is very loyal to the Makuta, and has great skill with his powers.Weaknesses: He does not have the physical strength to match most post-mutation Skakdi, so he prefers to fight at a distance. At close range, he could be beaten in physical combat.NOTE: Banua is one Toa Hagah, but the rest of Spiriah’s team are open for creation by players. If you want to play as one, make a character. The first five players who want spots will get them. The other Hagah can also get some of the few powered weapons on the island (spears and rhotuka shields).RULESIn general, don’t do anything that detracts from other peoples’ enjoyment of the game. All the usual RPG fallacies fall under this, such as god-modding, meta-gaming, bunnying, auto-hitting and the like. For more on these, see the BZPRPG, where you will find some great descriptions and more details on the subtleties of these.Use IC and OOC to separate what your character(s) do from you talking.Unlike in some other RPGs, there is no rule against wreaking huge destruction on the landscape. We know that in the canon universe, the island was turned into a barren wasteland by the wars of super-powered savages, so there is no reason not to pound a few landmarks out of existence if the situation requires it.Do not kill or injure somebody else’s character without permission. The same goes for (character) life changing events.No nova blasts or other apocalyptic, island destroying attacks. Destroy your immediate area: fine. Destroy the entire region or island: not fine.GMs have the right to do anything they see fit in the IC world. This includes punishments for rule-breaking and rewards for making positive contributions to the RPG.GLOSSARYThis is a list of all the terms I invented for this game. Most were made up on the spot, so this is to help myself and others keep track of them.Atia – the capital city of ZakazAvan – the law enforcement agency of ZakazAwa – a river in Gu-nari, flowing out of Lake TuranoFurl Drop – a waterfall at the meeting of the Malana and Kona RiversGrala – the currency of ZakazGu- – the Skakdi prefix representing waterKaroro – a river flowing through Mara CanyonKona – a river flowing from Quo-nari into Pi-nariKuna – a Skakdi word meaning ‘village’La- – the Skakdi prefix representing airMahana – a giant, sentient tree in La-nariMalana – a river flowing from Lake Turano into Pi-nariMalok – a Skakdi, the current King of ZakazMana Palace – Malok’s dwelling in AtiaMount Krahn – a volcano in Te-nariNari – a Skakdi word meaning ‘region’Ona- – the Skakdi prefix representing earthPi – the Skakdi prefix representing stonePili Mountains – mountain range of Quo-nariQuo- – the Skakdi prefix representing iceRata – the forest of La-nariMara – a large canyon in Pi-nari, the location of Pi-kunaRoto – a lake in Gu-nariTe- – the Skakdi prefix representing fireThe Transformation – the changes wrought on the Skakdi by Spiriah’s virus.Turano – a lake in the centre of Zakaz.
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Posted ImageThis RPG is focused mostly on mental challenges, and while there will be plenty of fights and tons of violence, the mental challenges will be the most prominent part as the plot unravels. So if you don't like puzzles and trying to unravel mysteries, there is still going to be plenty of fighting.How the story goes is changed by the players of the game. What happens to the city, and how... is all up to the choices made by the characters. Will everyone live? Perhaps Everyone will die? It all depends on what comes before...The HistoryAncient walls stand firm against the winds that sweep across the desert sands, baked by the heat of the sun as it rises and falls over the passing days. The wall is a shield, but it is not needed to protect, for none dare to reach the city, not even travelers. The desert around them goes on for what seems to be a never ending expanse. It forms a natural barrier against any force that dares think itself able to invade, but reverses to prove itself incapable of being crossed to escape. Trying to leave means certain death in the desert, which to some, is preferred over the current state of their home. It is protection, and a curse.Welcome to the city known as Kirse, a place where heroes die quickly and violently, and the remains are just tossed aside for the creatures of the night. You either fight, or stand aside as others do the battles for you. Violence is a part of life, and on a good day, the population won't drop by more than one person. On a bad day, the desert creatures will eat very, very well. But, it hasn't always been a worthless pit filled with violence and death, there was a time when it had been far more, but those days were a part of the past that weren't coming back.The City, once a stronghold and the last defense for an entire species, well defended with most certainty. The war was raging across the entire planet of Bara Magna, violence and fear spread like wildfire. The Great Beings knew that something was going wrong. The planet, they discovered, was going to be destroyed. They set upon a plan to save their world, but never got that far. The entire planet was shaken as chunks of it's once greatness scattered across the cosmos. Two main portions fractured off and went into orbit around what was left of the planet, now called Bara Magna.The rage of war turned to the scientists that were the Great Beings. Why hadn't they stopped the destruction? Why hadn't they done anything? It was with that mindset that the survivors waged war upon the Great beings. The Great Beings feared for their lives, and created walls, and a city within them. A city built to be self-sustaining for the small numbers of the Great Beings. But walls could only hold an enemy for so long, before they collapsed around you. They needed something more, something to help them fight back.Machines were created, many machines, each with a different purpose. Machines based upon the Agori, only more powerful, called Matoran, created to help keep the city repaired. Machines based upon the Glatorian species, and given power over the elements, built for defending the city. Large mechanical scorpions, with great strength and dangerous poison, called the Nui-Jaga. And many, many others. Only one of the robot designs built had no purpose to its design, Brakas Monkeys, created by one of the Great Beings as a test. They did not follow commands given by the Great Being, or anyone else. They were created to be as close to fully alive as possible.But the machines could not stand against the numbers the Great Beings faced, and he city was overrun. The Great Beings completely wiped out, or so it was believed. The victors in the battle took the great city for themselves, a trophy of their success. The machines were left to rust, for no one knew how they worked. But the peace that rose up with the conquest of the city, was not to last. Water and food supplies were not enough to keep the entire city alive, there had been a much smaller number of Great Beings, and the resources were more than enough for them. But now, the people faced the risks of starvation and dehydration.The city fractured apart into dozens of small groups, each one desperate to get the resources needed to survive. The best skilled and well trained groups rose to power very quickly, amassing numbers and taking many of the resources for themselves. The need for survival divides them, and only a few can even tolerate the others.Then, among a small group called Nui Jaga, one of the members found a laboratory that had been hidden, one that belonged to the great beings. Inside were machines that looked like the most horrific torture devices ever imagined, along with designs for the machines seen rusting away or still mechanically going about their tasks. Also found were instructions about how to use the twisted devices to literally merge beings with the machines, giving them great power. According to the settings of the device, it had already been used multiple times. Some of the Great Beings were still alive, and hidden throughout the city.News spread quickly, and each of the large factions either threatened or traded with the Nui Jaga for some of the devices. Then, the Nui Jaga started selling off the machine blueprints. As the number of machines available to merge with dropped, the demand for the blueprints skyrocketed, and the Nui Jaga started to rise to power. The blueprints were divided up among the factions, with each one having access to different machine designs.Now, the small areas of farmland are starting to become less fertile, as the minerals are removed by the constant growing of plants. Water supplies are starting to run dry. The city is dying, having been abused for far too long, and those inside will die with it.The Resources.Underground rivers run in small areas, and without them, there is no water anywhere for hundreds of miles. But the price for water fluctuates, rarely the same for more than a single day. It all depends on who's in control at the time... and how generous they're feeling. Dehydration though, is not as common as you'd think. Somehow, water is getting into the city that doesn't come from the wells. Rumors say that under nightfall, caravans travel into and out of the town quickly, though if they're real, and who they work for if they are, is a mystery.Small farms are patched throughout the city, certain ones under the control of certain people. Though like the water, this can change in an instant. The food itself is bland, as the crops that are grown are what can grow fastest and produce the most food, taste is not as important as survival. Crop harvest are sometimes burnt to the ground despite the value of the bland food, as for some, striking a blow at a rival is worth more than the lives of those who starve. As with water, there are rumors of food being carried in the mythical caravans.One of the most valuable items is also one of the most fought over. A simple, and unimportant item that only the rich, and the best thieves, can get their hands on. Spices, that give flavor to the tasteless food. Very few spice growers are in the city, and face fierce rivalries between them. It is one of the most profitable, but most dangerous ways to make a living.The FactionsNui-JagaA smaller organization that has taken an interest in controlling the smaller farms, which are often less defended than the larger. They have earned themselves a better name among the violence, selling food at the lowest prices of all of the other factions. Despite this, there are rumors that they are planning a takeover of at least one new water source. They are looked down upon by the larger groups as being barely worth their time and effort. The group has been slowly growing in size, as more and more people turn their support to the more reasonable dealings they are known for. Members are known for having a Nui-Jaga scorpion tattooed on them, to show their loyaltyThe FreerunnersThe Freerunners are not so much an organization intent on ruling over resources as they are intent on taking anything they want from the other groups in the city. If a farm has been robbed of its crops, or a water supply suddenly having the stored water reserves emptied faster than they can be refilled, then it was more than likely the work of The Freerunners. They do not have the largest, nor the smallest number of members. They are hated by all of the other groups, Minus the Brakas. the only problem is that finding them is a challenge. They are divided into four groups all loosely connected together. They have some of the steeper prices due to the risks they must face, but are easily able to delivers good at the expense of other groups. Freerunners are hard to catch, and rarely work in large groups. They have nothing to tell them apart from the normal citizens, and they prefer it that way.Poisoned BloodThe harshest group by far, and the most dangerous. Whenever Poisoned Blood wants something, they take it. Many water supplies and plots of farmland have been permanently ruined by the violent and treacherous techniques of the Poisoned Blood. Razing farmland and poisoning water are only a few of the tricks held by the feared members of Poisoned blood. They are the smallest group to hold power, but need to trade with no one to get what they want. They control a good portion of both water and food, and completely control the trade of spices. Anyone who does against them is likely to end up dead. The violence and bloodthirst with which they act is legendary, and is sometimes enough to cause defenders of resources to surrender without a fight. But whenever there is a fight, the Poisoned Blood are certain to leave a rather brutal battlefield behind them.The ShadesThe largest faction in the city, but not necessarily the most powerful. The have a majority of the water locations under their control. They are made up of almost anyone who can prove themselves willing to join. The Shades are known for their numbers though many of their numbers are poorly trained and not really battle worthy. The don't charge as high as the Freerunners for their water to civilians, but members of other groups will feel a nasty sting to their currency.They often have to deal with other organizations for food, which they have very little control of. They are not a very strategic group, often trying to overwhelm enemies with sheer number. The Shades all have a mark somewhere on their armor to show their alliance, a golden Iden.NightguardThis faction was formed by the former guards of the city banding together to fight against the increasing crime the city was facing. But over time, they have joined those they once opposed in the battle for needed resources. They are of a smaller number than many of the factions, but are made up of skilled battlers and those who despite their current situation, still have the interests of the people somewhere in their minds. They own parts of both the food and water locations, but have been in decline with the rise of the Nui-Jaga. They are often the best trained soldiers of any faction, but old ways die hard and many will still go out of their way to protect innocents from getting harmed in the battles that take place throughout the city. They have an intense hatred of The Brakas.The BrakasThe Brakas are made up of the low level criminals, con artists, thieves, and thugs for hire. They're the bottom of the crime totem pole, and have the least power out of all of the major groups. They have reasonably good relations with most of the other factions, except the Nightguard, with whom they have a rather poor connection. They are made up of a basic number of beings, not low as the Poisoned Blood, or high as the Shades. They have small sections of the resources, but mostly have to buy from other factions to get what they need. They are the least organized of the factions, and do not hold their people to expectations, other than joining and going through recruitment. It is not uncommon for a member of another faction to also be a member of the Brakas, minus the Nightguard. But when the Brakas leader calls his people together, it is a force to be reckoned with.The LocationsPosted ImageNui Jaga's LairThe main base of the Nui Jaga, its defenses are not overly impressive. It lacks supported or strengthened walls in most places, formed out of buildings in the area, connected together by underground tunnels hidden throughout. Taking control of it would prove challenging, considering the mazes of tunnels. Civilians are not allowed inside, or near the base, and enemies seen in the area will be killed on sight.Freerunner OutpostsThe four bases of The Freerunners, none of them are defended very well, but they are hidden magnificently. There are traps set within each one, that are not visible from outside. And there is always at least a few Freerunners at each base. The only ones who know the location of these bases are the Freerunners themselves and those they trust most.The Fortress BloodThe headquarters of the Poisoned Blood, it is reasonably well defended. Strong walls have been put into place, along with nasty spikes anywhere that a potential attacker would try to enter trough. But there are few guards, and often the guards will be away at times as well. The main defense comes from ghastly devices that give of an aura of fear to anyone near enough to them.AsphodelThe central location of the Shades, it is defended by large numbers of troops, though outside of that, its defense is rather poor. The inside of the base is mostly empty, the only furniture being the tables that the members eat at. It is also a very large base, descending deep down into the ground in order to house all the various members of the Shades.The WatchtowerThe fortification and base for the Nightguard, it is by far the best defended of the bases, having specialized military defenses. An imposing building with stained red windows and the occasional spike emerging from the building. Strong, wooden doors stand at the front, and gargoyles shaped like twisted, warped Agori strike fear into the hearts of anyone who ventures too close.BeastworksThe most impressive buildings in one of the worst parts of town. It is poorly defended by a small number of guards, but the defense greatly improves when the guardian Rahi are taken into consideration. It is not only a base, but a factory which continues to produce dangerous Rahi for use in defense and transportation.The InhabitantsWelcome to the wonderful and magnificent city of Kirse, we hope you enjoy your stay, no matter how short it is or how you end up dying. Be sure to prepare a will as soon as possible, not that the thieves will leave anything of yours left to be divided up anyway.You, are an Agori or a member of the Glatorian species... for the current time, but that can change in a moment's notice. The machines the Great Beings used to defend their city, they are the future. Through a horrific process, which no one really wishes to go too far into detail on... you can use them to make yourself far more powerful.Are you trying to make a name for yourself as part of Nui Jaga? Maybe you want to just take whatever you need after letting others do the work as a Freerunner? Perhaps you want nothing more than to kill anyone who even thinks about standing in your way like those of Poisoned Blood? Maybe you want to work together with those like you to help rule, as do The Shades? Maybe you aren't as bad as you seem, and have been pulled into this, but refuse to give up helping others, like the Nightguard? Or maybe you just want to cause a little chaos here and there, and be a not all that bad person with a checkered past, because you're a Brakas?Or you could be a Brakas and part of another group at the same time.ProfilesHere is the basic profile Format:Name: Remember, this is Bionicle... Bionicle-style names only.Gender: Simple one, male or female.Species: For now, Agori/Glatorian... but soon... this may easily change. (When/if you are merged with a machine, that machine type will become your species)Appearance: What your character looks like.Faction: For now, none... but when you join one, this will change. (Changes when/if you join a factionWeapons: With what do you arm yourself? Any new weapons have to be approved before you acquire them.Primary Power: For Glatorian and Agori, none. But soon... This is for the elemental power, or main power of a Character based on species. Keep it reasonable! (Will change if you merge)Secondary power: Same as Primary Power, only for mask powers, vision powers, or secondary abilities. Keep it reasonable! (No masks are off limits... but many will have severe power level drops)Personality: What your character is like, how they act, and how they think.Weakness: Yes, weakness. Everyone has one. And personality issues do not really count as weaknesses of this kind. Arrogance and things like that do not count as a weakness. Multiple personalities and weaknesses of that sort are indeed weaknesses.Biography: The past of your character. What has lead up to who and where they are now goes here.SpeciesThese are the basic machines people can merge painfully with. A custom design can be made, but very few know how to do so. While this is a list of many machines, it is not a list of them all.Matoran: These were the mechanical workforce of the Great Beings. They are stronger and faster than an Agori, and have a low strength secondary ability.Toa: These were the main fighting force of the Great Beings. The are more powerful than a Glatorian. They have an elemental ability and a secondary ability.Makuta: Very rare, and very powerful machines. No one has been able to replicate them, meaning the limited number is very small. They have three low level Makuta powers, and a secondary ability.Skakdi: Stronger than the Toa machines, but much weaker in elemental powers. They were used as support for the Toa machines in battle. They have use of a secondary ability.Zyglak: As strong as a Skakdi, these machines were used for defense, taking blows from elemental powered weapons and facing little harm. They are immune to elemental abilities and have the ability to produce poison for protection.Vortixx: Very strong, very fast machines. They were used for scouting, and could escape almost anything they were thrown into. They have a low strength secondary ability.Lower Class Steltian: Incredibly strong machines, built for lifting and moving heavy objects with ease. They are powerful, and very tough.Frostelus: Agile machines with great skill at traveling diverse terrain, having two legs and four arms. They can fire beams from their shoulders, with unique secondary ability effects. They are about as strong as a Toa.The LeadersNui JagaDespair's ProfileName: DeveriisGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAppearance: Tall, with emerald armor and bright green eyes. Has a black tattoo of a stylized Nui Jaga on his right arm.Faction: Leader of the Nui JagaWeapons: Simple, yet slightly elegant sword. Because it is rarely used and is well cared for, it is in excellent condition.Primary Power: Elemental control of Air.Secondary power: Kanohi Suletu (in the shape of a Mahiki), Mask of Telepathy. On almost constantly due to his habit of scanning the minds of everyone in the vicinity at all times. As such, he is extremely skilled in breaking into minds and spying on the thoughts of others without being detected.Personality: Deveriis is an enigma. At a glance he seems easy going, yet he is almost ridiculously cautious -- nearly to the point of paranoia -- due to the difficulties he has faced in keeping the members of his gang safe. He trusts very few people outside of his gang (the members of whom he considers to be akin to family), but still personally engages in the day-to-day business deals with outsiders that keep the group afloat. Despite these traits, he has gained the admiration and trust of his subordinates. He spends most of his spare time away from the head quarters, instead preferring to hang out in the nearby bar for most of the day.Weakness: Has a very difficult time trusting others, and his habit of leaving his Suletu on for extended periods of time can cause disorientation when in large crowds. Because of the time he has spent mastering the use of his mask and honing his powers, his swordsmanship has become quite rusty. Despite his cautious nature and the lengths to which he goes to protect himself (or perhaps in part because of these things), he has a difficult time accepting the fact that somebody could slip through his defenses.Biography: Originally a humble Glatorian, Deveriis was exploring the city with a small group of friends when they discovered the machine that enabled fusion with the MU inhabitants. Deveriis, who had always disliked the rampant crime amongst the city's inhabitants, immediately saw the discovery as a chance to change things for the better. After much arguing, he convinced his friends to join him and the Nui Jaga gang was formed.His friends were killed by rival gangs during the next few years, leaving him as the only remaining founder. This fact, coupled with the manner of his friends' deaths, has fueled his determination to not only survive at all costs, but bring to fruition the plan that had been the friends' dream.The FreerunnersOnarax's ProfilePoisoned BloodZoma's ProfileName: Moros, who was once called Virthee.Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaAppearance: Moros wears black armor with a bright red under-layer. He is thin, having chosen one of the least bulky Toa machine frames available. His armor has hints of purple along with the red and black. His joints are a dark purple, while in areas with multiple armor layers, the lower layers are dark red.Faction: Leader of the Poisoned Blood.Weapons: He carries no weapons, preferring to use his mask instead.Primary Power: Moros has the elemental power of fire, though he is not very skilled in it's use.Secondary power: Moros wears the Mask of Agony, which allows the user to bring intense pain upon another being through touch or direct eye contact. It requires knowledge similar to that needed by a mask of healing, which Moros is quite well versed. Prolonged use of the mask's powers can kill victims, or seriously injure them depending on the user's will.Personality: He is very loyal to those he sees as allies, going out of his way to help them when they need assistance. He is rather bossy and short tempered, and he knows it. He is sometimes known for acting without thinking, depending on the situation. He is known for his distaste of taking part in violence, preferring to avoid it himself. he is somewhat laid back, but he knows fully well the risks and responsibilities of his position. Should someone he sees as a friend get themselves in danger, he will often personally get them out of it, which often leaves quite a few bodies behind. He is willing to listen to other, but is even more willing to speak his own mind, unless the circumstances suggest differently.Weakness: He is not overly strong, and he lacks in his training with his elemental powers, to the point that he rarely uses them in fighting.Biography: Virthee was a traveling doctor caught up in the sweeping tides of war. As an Agori, he was unable to help in the fighting, which was fine with him. He devoted every minute to helping save the lives of others. While working on the battlefield, he found a group of four siblings who had been orphaned in the fighting, and all of which seemed lost and trapped as their home became a war zone. Virthee helped them along, taking them with him as he traveled to help others.That was when war started striking not only those he didn't know, but those closer to him. The oldest of the children was struck by stray fire from an elementally powered weapon, charred to ash in a few moments, with no chance to save her from dying an agonizing fate in flames.The next to die was the second youngest child, lost in a heated battle and found dead as the dust settled, trampled by warring troops. Virthee spiraled into depression, feeling miserable as he continued on his quest to save lives from the violence of the war.The second oldest reached a point where he could no longer stand the inaction of the doctor. He wanted to end the war, end the bloodshed once and for all. He left, allying himself with the armies of the Elemental Lord of Jungle. Reports say that in battle, Kirgon bravely fought a path all the way to the Elemental Lord of Sand, and took him on alone. He lasted just over a minute in the fight. News of the battle reached the already depressed doctor, pushing him farther towards the edge.Then came the turning point in his life. In one of the last battles of the war, before the planet fragmented, Virthee reached the point where he had had enough. As one of the opposing soldier charged towards the doctor and the youngest child, intent on their capture as a possible bargaining tool, Virthee struck back. He drove a medical knife into the heart of the being, and continued to stab him in a fit of rage and anger. The youngest child, in horror, fled.Misery, there were no other words for what he went through as he continued saving lives and as the battles turned against the Great Beings. He liked helping save people less and less with each passing day. Rage and anger built up in him, and he realized one small thing he had missed. With every life he saved, it would only cause more to die. All he had been doing was fueling the war which had ruined his life.That was when people he tried to save began to die, wounded soldiers who had caused so much war, so much violence. It never crossed his mind that many of them had gone through much worse than he had, and were not connected to what had happened to him in the slightest. It was not their fault.So much blood had been lost by the end of the war, so many lives ruined by the violence. Those who embraced war needed to get what was coming to them, revenge for all of the innocent blood they had cost. The deserved to die by that blood, that poisoned blood, once pure but tainted by war, by violence. They needed to die by the blood of their victims.As the violence over resources began, Virthee was one of the first to begin forming his own group. He would put a stop too war, he would kill all those who went along that violent path, only then would there be peace. He knew the path he was taking would put him among those, the ones that would have to die for peace, but he decided that it was worth it. Giving his life so that others may live in peace, was not even a choice. He took upon himself the Name Moros, and Poisoned Blood began to grow.The ShadesBioBeast's ProfileReal Name: PolúmetisKnown Name: Members of the Shades refer to him by 'Da Boss.'Gender: MaleSpecies: MakutaAppearance: Da Boss has a hulking body, similar to Ultimate Teridax's. (Picture Movie sized, and no wings - Zoma) He wears a black hat and overcoat, that covers his armor.Faction: Leader of The ShadesWeapons: Kanoka Blade (Reconstitute at Random)Primary Power: Magnetism, Plantlife, QuickhealingSecondary power: Mask of ReboundingPersonality: Da Boss's Personality is Da Boss's personality. This is none of your business. Move along.Weakness: His weapon can harm his chances in a fight along with helping them. His mask of rebounding allows him to bring back his own non-exploding projectiles, but offers no defense, His magnetism is much weaker than a Toa's, as is his control over plantlife.Biography: 'Da Boss,' was a renowned Great Being, known for his mechanical expertise. He spent most of the war tinkering with elemental weapons, figuring out how to enhance them. But then things took a turn for the worse. The planet shattered, Agori and Glatorian alike turned on the Great Beings, blaming them for the destruction of the planet, not knowing it was their fault in the first place.Da Boss was forced to hide in Kirse, and started working (Helping another Great Being) on a different kind of weapon. They were Nanotech (Not Nanotech - Zoma) programmed, Metal, machines that were made to fight. But, this did not last. He knew better than the rest of the great Beings that these Machines were not going to last, and that when they failed, the Great beings would be as good as dead.Da Boss found a way out, by building a machine that merged the biological Great Beings, with the animatronics Robots, forming a 'Bionicle.' He merged himself with the most powerful robot he could find, and started a group known as, 'The Shades.'NightguardVorex's ProfileName: Reichenbach. (Not very Bionicle-like, is it Vorex? - Zoma)Gender: MaleSpecies: SkrallAppearance: A mainly black Skrall, with not much armour and some red.Faction: Leader of the NightguardWeapons: Reichenbach carries a long, wicked sword, along with a small, sharp knife and a thornax launcher, which he conviently strapped to a sword, as well. He also carries a shield, in case his abundance of weapons fails him.Personality: Reichenbach is somewhat of an anti-hero. He has an anti-social personality, can be quite violent, and doesn't always stick to the rules of what the 'good guys' should do. He is obsessed with discovering the workings of the 'automatons', bringing down the other factions, and finding a way of creating new water.Weakness: Aw, c'mon, do staff char's really need weaknesses? (Yes Vorex, they do. Reichbeach, as a Skrall, lacks any powers, and is not as strong as most of the machine fused beings. - Zoma)Biography: Reichenbach was not the original leader of the Nightguard, and some do not approve of him now being in this posititon (rumour has it that he himself killed its original leader).He was an outcast, banished from the ranks of the Skrall for unknown reasons. He took on the name 'Reichenbach', and decided to offer his genius as a 'consulting criminal'. During the two years he was in this position, crime levels increased dramatically.However, he then joined the Nightguard, claiming he had 'seen the light'. He appears to be telling the truth, despite his often... unusual... methods.The BrakasTe3e's ProfileName: LashonGender: MaleSpecies: Lower Class SteltianAppearance: He wears large black armor that covers his whole body and he wears a black helmet. His armor and helmet have some gold designs on them.Faction: Leader of The BrakasWeapons: Primitive Electro Chute Blade prototype.Primary Power: Incredibly strongSecondary power: Remarkably toughPersonality: Some people might call him... eccentric. He has an obsession with Brakas monkeys, to the point of naming his group after those little Rahi. He is generous to those who he sees as hard workers or allies. He has a mild temper, and doesn't get angry very easily. He's open minded, and enjoys speaking with other Brakas Members and leaders of the other groups. He is friends with most of them, except the Nightguard whom he despises.Weakness: Despite his strength, he has shown no abilities of powers beyond it. He is a major target for all Nightguard members, as he has been a thorn in their side for as long as the Brakas have existed.Biography: This History is property of The Brakas, and is not allowed to be viewed by outsiders. The Security grade is: Leader only information. Have a nice day!The Rules of the GameFollow the RPG forum rules and guidelines while playing the game!Other players have feelings too, try to be respectful.IC: Means that you are posting as a character.OOC: Means that you are not posting as a character.NO OOC: ONLY POSTS! The RPG game topic is for gaming. (I know some people have trouble with this one... and no saying 'will edit later' or things like that)When fighting, remember that you aren't invincible. Avoiding every attack is not fun. (And even with a mask of speed or something similar, you are not invincible. Don't think you are)Don't try to GodMod... Vorex likes hurting people who GodMod. (And Vorex, just because you like hurting them... you are not immune to this rule)Killing other players without their approval is not allowed. And don't take blows that should be fatal and ignore them.When creating characters, be reasonable... Overpowed means out of playability.If you are going between places in the city, don't just teleport. Unless you have quicktravel. (I hate when people do this)NPCs are often just as tough, smart, and strong as your characters are. Killing a large number of NPC's is not allowed. (Yes, you are not superior to them)If something goes wrong... blame Zoma for it.Rule EnforcementFollow the rules!Breaking the rules will lead to a punishment or warning depending on the severity of the rule breaking. Breaking the same rule over and over will result in a worse punishment.Punishments range from simple warnings to being expelled from the game completely.Awards for the GoodThose who follow the rules well and help out the staff might see themselves getting rewarded.These rewards can range from getting access to better Machines, like the Makuta Machines, to getting a high ranking position inside a faction.The Evil Overlords (Staff)ZomaThe Leader. He is in charge of taking blame when things go wrong, and approving staff characters, along with the normal staff duties.Te3eThe Vanisher. He may not appear for days on end, but when he does... yeah, when he does appear, he might post.Toa OnaraxThe Roleplayer. He has past experience helping to run RPGs, a useful skill.Vorex: Paradox EaterThe Madman. He's the wildcard of the group, and Zoma has his eye on him. He's good with puzzles.Noble Knight BioBeastThe Swarm-Master. He wants to send NPCs out like pawns to die in swarms... he still has to follow NPC rules.DespairThe Writer. A writer of short stories with a skill for wording. He's excellent with descriptive details.Staff HenchmenHubert and Kal GrochiThe Backup with a taste for destruction, they help find rule-breakers and point them out to Zoma. They are likely to be sent to deal out punishment by the staff.

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Tyler Durden, Legolover-361, and KNI proudly present...Posted Image* * *

I am Toa Techna Torch. Needless to say, we're going down.Radiation interference is startingly high. I can barely keep this channel op--I can barely keep this channel open to tell you that we--To tell you that we're crash-landing on an unknown world. We don't know who lives here. We don't know if we can even survive. We may be stuck there for eternities on end. But toge--But together we can overcome any obstacle. Please, please, plea----put aside your diff----work togeth--We can do thi--This is Toa Techna Torch, signin--[static]* * *Three weeks later...This is Ryjak speaking. I am exploring this new world.Now that we have landed, progress must ensue. I have created an ideal environment on the surface, as the air is better the deeper we are.I know it's hard, but we only have a little longer before we settle. We are closer to our goal than ever before.Fight on. Good men and women, this is all we've got left.* * *Two months later...This is Toa Techna Gust, head of whatever remains of the citizens of Techna.If you're hearing this, congratulations: you're not dead yet. Consider that your silver lining, because there's not much else besides that to feel happy about.The sheer force of the Battle for Techna, coupled with my fight with Ryjak I'ended up crashing some vague system, programmed in by the Spherus Magnan designers millenia ago. As far as we know, Torch tried to steer the ship away, but to no avail: we crashed anyway, and nobody's heard from him since.I don't have time to mimic his idealism: the Hackers cut and ran as soon as they had a chance, leaving us stranded here in the downed wreckage of the ship. Whatever assistance they could have provided in bringing Techna back is gone, along with their turncoat leader, Ryjak. And he's not even the worst of our problems.Yeah, you heard me, not even close. I haven't even gotten to the Umbrae yet.Of course, there's not much I can really tell you: everyone who's seen one has either been killed or driven into catatonia by...whatever it is they wield. People have caught glimpses of things, though: long, spindly-looking creatures, unclear in the night but certainly a threat. When I sent out ADR to try and investigate, they didn't return for days. Airu went out to investigate and found the ADR destroyed, torn into shreds, not one of which was bigger than my palm.And then there's the planet we crashed on: we considered naming it the Death Star, but Airu and I decided that that name made this place sound too happy. So, for now, we just call it "Karzahni Magna". The planet appears to be entirely mechanical, with barely enough oxygen for one species, let alone multiple. From what we could tell, it's been controlled since its creation by some kind of AI. At some point, it created a scout program and sent it through the universe: we know it as Equinox, which, to the best of my knowledge, has now found its way into my system and rooted itself there permanently: it often jokes that it has some kind of crush on me. Calling on its power for the Battle of Techna had consequences for me which I never could have imagined...And then there are the nightmares.These...things...the Umbrae. They've been manipulating me, appearing in my head lately, haunting my dreams, to the point where I've been relying on Equinox to keep me awake. When we hooked up a Toa to a brain monitor while he slept, we found some kind of virus-like program had made its way into his head. When we tried to exterminate it, it exhibited a strange sort of survival mechanism like Equinox used to have and completely destroyed the Toa's brain.Do you wish you were dead yet? I know I do...* * *Thirteen weeks later...I-I'm confused. This Ryjak speaking. I developed a machine that can-The volcano, it-I've almost reached the bottom. It's a challenge to resist the heat, but I'm doing it. All I hear are strange sounds-I'm down here. I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's like-Get that away from me!What are you-AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHI'd like to inform the citizens of Techna that I'm waiting. We're waiting.It's not the best sounding message, but it's all I have.[transmission ends]* * *Incoming call from Gust. Answer? y / n> yAnswering...Yo. This is Gust.Lemme see if I can call up the proper files here...Ah. There we go. The history's a little jarbled due to the Techna Nui's systems being scrambled right before we crash-landed. If you've just woken up from your post-impact coma, consider this a mental warm-up exercise to jog your memory. If you get frustrated, don't worry -- this isn't half of what you'll be feeling soon enough.Gust has sent you a file: techna-history.doc. Open? y / n> yOpening file...<<-begin document->>File Creator: TorchCreated: 2 B.L. (Before Launch)Last Edited By: GustLast Edited: 100,005 P.L. (Post-Launch)HISTORY of TECHNAFifty years after our population of Spherus Magna, we, the Matoran, Toa, etc., finally ga thered enough technical knowhow to examine the technology within the damaged Matoran Universe. Together with the Glatorian we copied detailed designs and brainstormed how to recreate them ourselves.I [Torch] was a Matoran then, rather young compared to most. Even so I [Torch] helped construct the first working quantum computer; I was also one of the first to suggest examining Matoran and Toa themselves. In doing so we discovered how to meld organic and mechanical parts together into one body. Ten years later we began adding impla nts to Toa and Matoran. Another ten years after, we created the first synthetic, completely robotic Matoran, one of fire.A mere year after the first S-toran (as they were called) was created, all of us (the Matoran, Toa, Glatorian, Agori, etc.) happened upon a grand plan: to take the Matoran Universe and recreate it into a grand spaceship to locate other planets to colonize. Some jumped for the idea; others didn't. With what help we had, we worked for two centuries on the spaceship.One thousand years afterward, now one hundred thousand years ago, we finished the starship. We tookthe Great Spirit Mata Nui's Kanohi Ignika and installed it as our SCPU (Supervisory Central Processing Unit), called "all aboard who's going aboard," and launched the starship into space. We dubbed it the Techna Nui.In a large chamber within the spaceship TechnaNui is the city we call Techna; we all live[d] within this space-city.During our time in space we have discovered howto create synthetic elements and Kanohi, how to create customized species, and how to link us all together using Techna's SCPU, thus allowing hover-taxis to be driven automatically without crashing, and allowing the Techna Nui to fly itself through space. Now no one remembers who's a Matoran and who's an S-toran -- both have so many implants, they seem equallyrobotic.<<-end document->>Well, congratulations. You now know what happened before you got here and what happened to bring you here. Now onto what's going to happen.* * *Gust has sent you a file: karzahni-magna.doc. Open? y / n> yOpening file...<<-begin document->>File Creator: GustCreated: 100,005 P.L. (Post-Launch)Last Edited By: GustLast Edited: 100,005 P.L. (Post-Launch)LOCALERock. Metal. Cold. Thin air but strong winds. Little light, save from an orange-red globe that rises every "morning" and sets every "night". Little moisture and plantlife.In other words: This place is the epitome of mystery. And I mean that in a completely non-corny way....Aw, who am I kidding? Of course it's corny.We've set up camp approximately... five kio from our crash-landing. Settlement's name, for the time being, is New Metru Nui. Intel suggests that the Hackers have formed their own city, but as of now, nothing can be confirmed.What few scanners we have with us detect a lot of metal underground. The actual surface is mainly rock, but the smooth metal subterrain shows through some places thanks to some form of erosion. How rock can disappear sans outside forces, though, we have no clue. There's also a load of radiation interference -- nothing deadly, just annoying if you have a built-in radiation scanner. A lot of static. Some of us have picked up some garbled snippets of voices, but otherwise it only serves as noise pollution.Very little oxygen, as stated above. Water sources are almost nonexistent, and we've only been able to tap a couple sources of groundwater before we hit metal. Whatever food we have from Techna is still working out somewhat well for us, but we still need to set up processing plants: we're still sustaining too many people with too few resources. And we're getting tired of stale bread. No point in toasting it if it's already as hard as Torch's head.Speaking of Torch, military also leaves something to be desired. A lot of the remaining Techna Guard was killed in the crash, and as we speak, we have maybe five hundred well-armed ground troops. Airu's been put in command of the army: for now, it's hard to have the Toa Techna with only one Techna.As for leadership, we basically run things the same way we did on the ship. The head of the Toa Techna (that's me, for those keeping score at home) runs the place, with constant input from his advisers and regular meetings for the citizens of New Metru Nui to decide what they want to implement.Need a map? No problem. Scroll down a liiiittle further. Technan territory is blue; our current extent of knowledge is represented by the pale blue halo. Hacker presence and extent of knowledge is in red.Posted ImageNEW METRU NUI: Techna's BaseIn the last few seconds of his Titan transformation, Gust threw a vicious cyclone at his rival, creating a hole in the ground so large that it could house the science district with room to spare.Welcome to New Metru Nui.New Metru Nui was founded a couple miles southwest of the Techna Nui's crash. The ship's iron corpse still looms in the Eastern Canyon, raising towards the sky in a sort of grosteque mockery of itself. The city was founded with what technology could be smuggled out of the ship, and as of right now, it's still a rather small settlement, about as big as Ta-Koro was during the height of its existence. In the center of the city sits a giant tower called The Citadel, where most of the technology and computer systems controlling New Metru Nui have made their home. Gust's penthouse residence is on the top floor.Places of InterestThe Citadel-- As mentioned above, the lifeblood of New Metru Nui. There are coding departments, personal residences for government officials, and even some restaurants scattered across this building, and it's the singlest largest employer in the city.The Wall of History-- Although not actually a wall, this virtual reality simulator was given the name by Airu in honor of the Old Universe's landmark of the same name. When in use, any person can go anywhere in time and meet anyone, even having actual conversations with them depending on how much information the database has on them. In times of stress, Gust often uses this feature to converse with people from his past, like Torch, Matrapolix, and Jade, for advise, current event updates, or simply therapeutic relief.KRAHZIA: Hackers' BaseIn the last seconds of his Titan transformation, Ryjak punched the rocky ground so hard, it shattered and created a hole in the ground so large, it could house the entire science district.Welcome to Krahzia.Now the Hacker main base, Ryjak has used all the power he can muster to build a city for the Hackers. Even with a mask of speed and the darkest element to fuel him, he's been going for days and has still only built a few buildings. Ryjak is convinced that if he doesn't stop, he'll be ready for all the Hackers (and Technans) to reside in his city. He has stored all the resources of the Hackers here, including food, water, supplies, and supposedly Enaltai's gauntlets, which somehow survived the explosion that killed him and Matrapolix.The houses are very modern looking, but obviously he has not had time to furnish, paint, or install anything in them. The mask of speed only goes so fast. It would take him years to get all of that done, so he is only doing the basics.(Note: We don't actually know where this city is. We've received descriptions from eyewitnesses, but they've never been able to pinpoint the city's location. All they've seen is a black blur and half-finished buildings. They just might have been brainwashed; I -- we -- don't know.)NORTHERN VOLCANO: Hackers' territoryThe volcano is the most visible landmark discovered so far on the planet. Raising above even the ship in sheer height, it's not actually volcanic: at least, not in the sense that you're thinking of. It acts as a sort of defense mechanism for the surrounding area, shooting off plasma flows from all directions as soon as you get near it. Between that and whatever the creatures are that already inhabit this planet, nobody's really been able to do a lot of documentation on it.In reality, underneath the volcano resides Tarei, home city of the Umbrae, though neither of the factions know this.EASTERN CANYON: Technans' territoryThe Eastern Canyon's title is a bit of a misnomer. It was created extremely recently, having been the site of the crash of the Techna Nui. The resulting mayhem created the canyon, and in the center lies the metallic hulk that was once the ship. The ship itself remains fortified, but the area around it is of no strategic value and is a veritable no man's land.Places of InterestTechna Nui-- The wreckage of the ship remains here. There is a garrison of a couple dozen troops on guard at all times in case of a Hacker resurgence, but as of yet, they haven't been called into action.<<-end document->>* * *Gust has sent you a file: current-crisis.doc. Open? y / n> yOpening file...<<-begin document->>File Creator: GustCreated: 100,005 P.L. (Post-Launch)Last Edited By: GustLast Edited: 100,005 P.L. (Post-Launch)THE SITUATIONSimple enough. We'd like to rebuild the Techna Nui, but without the parts to do so, well, we're kind of screwed. So we need your help.Unless, of course, you're a Hacker intercepting this transmission for spying purposes, in which case, screw you.A list of rules:1. All forum rules apply.2. No more than five characters per player. This is to prevent confusion and keep players with more time from effectively "taking over" the RPG.3. No god-modding. "God-modding" is when you make your character do something ridiculously over-powered -- for example, calling an asteroid down from the heavens or releasing a power blast at the last moment to destroy all your enemies. Play fair or don't play.4. No auto-hitting. "Auto-hitting" is when you damage another character without giving the other player a chance to post saying his or her character dodged, blocked, or something else.5. Listen to the RPG staff. They are RPG staff for a reason; thus, you cannot disobey them without very, very good reason. Techna's RPG staff -- Tyler Durden, Shadow Guardian, Krayzikk, and Legolover-361 -- will be playing as different important storyline characters, which will provide an easy way to recognize them.6. Running story arcs is encouraged; making said story arcs rigid is not. This should be a rule of thumb for making and running story arcs: If you can't adjust your story arc to let other people play, too, don't run it. This is the Bionicle RPG forum, not one of the Library forums.7. Don't just fight -- contribute. Whether you're helping the Toa Techna, the Hackers, or starting your own faction, you're contributing to the TBRPG. Develop new technology, try to gain political followers, or solve mysteries! Don't make a character who only looks for street-fights or drinks all the time.8. Excessive ridiculousness is frowned upon. Sorry, but this is not the Comedies forum. Using cartoon physics is not allowed and will be viewed as god-modding. A character made only to poke fun at other people (as in, he doesn't even work at anything) will also be frowned upon.9. Do not control or replace staff NPCs. This should be common sense. The list of staff NPCs includes the Umbrae, the surviving Toa Techna, and leaders of various divisions. You can't create PCs to replace those NPCs, either, unless the staff grants you permission (and please do not ask for permission; if your character is in a certain field and he / she does well, he / she will be provided with opportunities to be promoted).10. Rule-breaking will be punished. You have four strikes. Depending on the severity of your first offense, you will either be warned and lose your first strike or be warned and lose your first and second strikes. Losing your third strike will result in something bad happening to one or all of your characters, again depending on the severity of the offense. Losing your fourth strike will get you banned from the game.11. Characters are posted for approval in the Citizen Directory, and all-OOC discussions among three or more players go in Emergency Transmissions. Please place your posts within the appropriate topics so we can keep Techna a neat, orderly RPG.12. Remember: You're playing this to have fun!CITIZEN DIRECTORYIf you haven't already registered in your city's directory, please do so using the below form:Name:Gender: (Male / Female / None)Species:Appearance: (optional unless your character differs from the norm in any way)Kanohi: (if applicable)Powers: (if applicable)Weapons:Implants: (none, robotic arm, x-ray eyepiece, arm blaster, shoulder disk launcher, etc.; preferably one or two, keep within reason)Personality:Alignment: (Hackers / Techna / Neutral)Bio: (please include an occupation if your character has one)No Makuta, Great Being, a member of Botar's species, a Baterra, or any Rahi were allowed on the Techna Nui, but there were a ton of Glatorian, Toa, Matoran, Agori, and similar species, as well as some (not over-powered) custom species. There's no Mask of Time, Mask of Life, Mask of Light, Mask of Shadow, Mask of Dimensional Gates, Mask of Creation, or Mask of Undeath anywhere to be found here. Most people have implants, but none are particularly powerful. Custom Kanohi and elements have also been noted to exist.Techna had its own custom Kanohi and elements: Crystal, Nucleons (control over protons and neutrons), and Data (ability to adjust data and data flow, and act as a sentient database). I dunno how well these'll work out on Karzahni Magna, but they're there.Special Kanohi include the Mask of Engineering (enhances engineering abilities), Mask of Logic (speeds thought processes tenfold), Mask of Hyperspace (creates a hyperspace storage pocket), Mask of Remembrance (plants memories within others' minds), and Mask of Time Perception (speeds up or slows down perception of time, including user).All characters have a brain implant that allows them to communicate with others mentally, either via audio or text (like how you’re receiving this message).<<-end document->>* * *That's all I have to say, except for one simple albeit important reiteration:Please don't die on us.Thanks.Toa GustFormer Toa TechnaCurrent Supervisor of New Metru NuiGust has disconnected from the call.

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DEEPWhat do your mind, your heart, and this planet all have in common?Secrets. They all hold secrets within them.Deep within them.But are they really secrets? Can secrets really exist? Is there a single fact in existence that no one on this vast planet knows?Oh my, I really must stop before I begin rambling.----------A message came over the loudspeaker."We can't help but notice that a shocking number of people have been shirking their duties to pursue..." The voice sounded disgusted. "Friendships. And don't bother hiding it by staying away from them today, we know who you are and you might as well just forget about working today to spend some time with them. Because come tomorrow, we're going to test just how good you've all become at deeping. Until then, I'll let you just converse and imagine what this might possibly mean."Amnor, a tall toa of fire known for his deep compassion for everyone around him was terrified by this. He had very often stopped working to comfort the poor souls around him. He made up his mind. He would run. Not up toward the ground, which was always heavily guarded, but down. Deep down. Into the unexplored regions of the cave system he and hundreds others had been working for two years. He knew just as much about down there as he did about the surface of this wretched place.Better now than later. He tossed his pickaxe to the ground and flew through the caves, slowly moving down. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a guard. He didn't stop, or even slow. He would not be caught. As he moved deeper into the tunnels, the footsteps behind him became closer and more plentiful. As Amnor burst into a cavern and began moving across a bridge, he noticed two things: He had never been here before, and a huge gap was coming up. He jumped, barely making it far enough to grab onto the edge of the other side. He could hear several guards screaming behind him. He pulled himself up. There was a pedestal in front of him, with a beautiful glass orb on top. It was beckoning to him, pulling him closer. He could hear two sets of footsteps behind him. He sprinted forward and grabbed it, nearly slapping it into the air.And then, he was in the cavern deep below this wretched cave system, but at the same time, he was not. His mind was elsewhere, and though he didn't realize at the time, it was in his own heart.He looked around. The room was empty, except for a single pedestal in the middle, nearly identical to the one in the cavern. But this one had the symbol for the element of stone on each of it's four sides, and had an indentation in the center, which looked like it would perfectly fit... The orb! He placed it on the pedestal, and a warm light enveloped him.Then Amnor was fully in the cavern again. He turned around. The two remaining guards were right there, nearing the end of the stone bridge.Stone.The bridge twisted, throwing one of the guards off. The other grabbed onto the edge, and burst into flames. He dropped dead seconds later.--------------------Hello, maggot. Don't stop working, I'll be brief. You are in the caves under a secluded island which will remain unnamed. You are going to go deep into the ground until you learn to go deep into yourself. And it won't hurt if you mine us some expensive metals and maybe a few jewels on your journey. Just think of yourself as a great contribution to science. Or a test subject. It doesn't really matter.You see, we're experimenting on how to wield multiple elements. Yes, you can do that. You're going to have to let your mind out of that box if you want to accomplish anything.--------------------SettingDeep takes place several thousand years before the Great Cataclysm. The majority of the game will take place in a vast tunnel system under an island that is yet to be named.Rules (And stuff)Alright, the rules here are pretty simple.Don't be rude to other players.No godmodding. That means that you can't be more powerful than everyone else. If you attack someone, give them a chance to dodge, block, etc. You also can't fight forever without being hurt. The longer you fight, the more mistakes you make, the more injuries you sustain.You can eventually wield multiple elements, if you wish, but not immediately.You can't just travel through several kio of tunnel in two posts.Punishments:1. A small warning.2. A severe warning and you're banned for 24 hours.3. One character is crippled and you're banned for a week.4. One character is killed, the rest are crippled, and you're banned for 30 days.5. All characters are killed and you're banned for life.Rewards:If you RP well and participate in important events, you could be rewarded with the ability to wield more elements, be given better weapons and armor, be offered a position as a helper of the RPG, etc. Also, proper spelling and grammar don't hurt.ProfilesName: AmnorSpecies: ToaElement(s): Fire, stoneAlignment: EscapeeWeapons: ShivArmor: Hard hatKanohi: KomauAppearance: Tall, thin toa of fire.Personality: Generally compassionate and forgiving, however has no tolerance for injustice.Biography: Amnor was grabbed from his home village on Voya Nui, where he was friends with almost everyone.Profile form:Name: Something BIONICLE sounding, okay?Species:Powers: If you're a toa, you start out with one element. Participate in escapes and exploration and you'll eventually get more. Other species may also get additional powers.Alignment: You can be an escapee or a guard.Weapons: You obviously had them confiscated from you if you're an escapee and can only have a shiv, a shank or maybe a slingshot or something. Guards start out with relatively good weapons. Again, participate and you'll get better stuff.Armor: If you're an escapee, you'll have only a hard hat, which most people ditch anyways. Guards are usually well-armored.Kanohi: No Legendary Kanohi. Custom Kanohi are allowed, within reason.Appearance: This is what your character looks like.Personality: I think you'll find a combination of body and mind to be best in this RPG. Of course, you can be a cripple or an imbecile if you so desire.Biography: This is where you put your character's past, among other things.
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