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Ssc #9 Entry: Travesty Of Darkness

SSC #9 Aethion Expanded Multiverse Multiverse Lord of the Rings

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Posted Mar 07 2012 - 11:21 PM

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SSC#9: In The Darkness Bind Them entry

Tirashos, Southern BZ-Koro Coastline, Year 271, Day 25, 6.45 Lunar TimeThere was only One thing that mattered, and that was his golden Kanoka.He remembered his turaga saying, "Keep it out of harm's way. It is the One Kanoka to rule them all. It cannot be damaged, but hold it close to you, Galuk.""Yes, Turaga. But should I go into hiding?""No. They will find you and take the kanoka, no matter what," The turaga paused for a second. "Stay on the move, and stay in a spot only overnight."Turaga Braap looked at the teal toa."I depart at morning," Said Galuk.---Tirashos, Day 26, 2.12 Solar Time"Galuk! Wake up," a matoran whispered forcefully."Dala? What's wrong?""Turaga Norel told me to find you. She says her scrying has found Zyglak coming to the mainland.""So I leave now?""Hang on," the matoran stated. "She said to try to evade them as much as possible. They know you're somewhere near BZ-Koro, but don't exactly know where. She suggests you go to Warzone.""Tell her I'll leave at 5.""I will."---Barawahi, Horizon Castle, Year 271, Day 26, 5.45 Solar Time"You must be Galuk. Welcome to the home of the Hand of Faith Clan, Horizon Castle.""And you are...?" Galuk asked."I am Makor, and Makor means Me!""What is your position in the Hand of Faith?""I am Lord Makor, King Xaran's secretary and chief adviser.""Has His Majesty been informed of my arrival?""Let's walk. His Majesty has been told of a visitor, but nothing more than that," explained Makor."Then I guess we should meet him, eh?""Yes. My Lord," Makor spoke into his gauntlet, "We have a visitor.""Makor!" A hearty voice exclaimed from the speaker. "Bring him in! I'd like to see him.""Yes, Your Majesty."---Horizon Castle, 6.00 Solar Time"Ho ho ho!" Laughed King Xaran mirthfully. "So you're saying that this 'magical kanoka' cannot be destroyed?""Yes! Exactly!" Exclaimed Galuk."May I see it?""Be my guest," says Galuk, handing the kanoka disk to the king."Makor, fetch me a Blue Grime grenade.""Yes, m'lord," says Makor."What! Are you crazy?""Actually, the term you're looking for is 'insane'," corrected Xaran. "And yes, I'm insane. However, I have an inkling as to what this disk actually is." Makor reappears and hands the king a blur grenade, one without a pin, and a taser-like object and walks back to the side. King Xaran then places the grenade on the kanoka and carefully, slowly, surely just barely touches it with the taser.---Horizon Castle, 6.10 Solar TimeThe effect was instantaneous: Blue exploded everywhere but quickly dissipated. The beings were a bit flustered and shaken up by this, and yet were surprised when the golden disk still remained intact."Just as I thought," said the King. "This is no ordinary kanoka. This kanoka grants the user invisibility, but its powers are not just limited to just that. Fire it, and no one can see you. Once it automatically returns to you, fire it again, and you're visible. It cannot be destroyed, unless by the fires of the Magmoor Volcano on Tyrant."All of a sudden, an alarm sounds very loudly in their ears."What's that?""Oh, just nothing. Probably another clan trying to beat us. It happens many times."Sir, come take a look at this," one of the sentries called out."What is it, Reklon?" Asked the King. "Oh, dear, this is much worse than I thought.""What is it," Galuk asked. "Heavy warriors?""Worse than that," Makor said grimly. "Zyglak."---Horizon Castle, 6.30 Solar Time"No," protested Galuk. "I'm coming with you.""Have you any weapons?""No.""Then you're not coming.""Can I at least get a launcher for my kanoka?""Sure," said the ignorant General Zaar. "It's not like you're going to be allowed anywhere near the front lines." Zaar was heading to the Armory to 'suit up,' per se. When they both got there, he gave Galuk a kanoka launcher and a few daggers, just to be safe. "My gift," Zaar said."I can't take this.""Sure you can. Now get to the battlefield and GET INTO BATTLE!!!""Okay," Galuk says while running.Once he's on the 'drawbridge,' he sees total chaos on the battlefield. King Xaran casting magic spells, Zyglak infecting warriors, artillery shells exploding at every turn, et cetera.He makes is way to the King, and hears him shouting "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!" After this, a barrier appeared and incinerated all Zyglak that even touched a mere portion of it. "So glad to see you. my friend. I was afraid that you couldn't make it. ZAAR!""Right here, sir!""Get your troops lined up.""Your Highness, that could take all day."":Well, just be glad that it's morning!""Galuk, I want you to turn invisible and kill as many Zyglak as you can. I fear they're after you. Go now!"Galuk did as he was told. He put the kanoka into the launcher and loaded it up. After a few seconds, it fired, and Galuk was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, General Zaar noticed many Zyglak randomly falling.To Be Continued...


I do not own or have any claim to ownership of the Code Lyoko XANA eye. I also claim no ownership of the Lord of the Rings series.


"...One Kanoka to rule them all..." ~ "One Ring to rule them all..." Fellowship of the Ring, Chapter Two"I am Makor, and Makor means me!" ~ "I am Gandalf, and Gandalf means me!" The Hobbit, Chapter One"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!" ~ "You shall not pass!" Fellowship of the Ring, Multiple times throughout the entire book

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