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This topic will serve to organize and present any comic series or individual comic topics that the author wishes to log here. It should be helpful to those wishing to find a new series, or to those who are unfamiliar with this forum and are looking to get started.
If you wish to log your topic here, please post in this topic using the following format:

[url=link to topic here]Series or Comic Name[/URL] (Any specifications here) [[url=link to "best of" comic here]Preview[/URL]]By Author Name(s)

Once I have added the information, I will delete the post to keep this topic free of clutter.
Here is what I mean by "Any specifications here":
Rather than go with a rating system, the rules for graphic violence being stricter here than in the library forums, I have decided to let authors list details about their series or comic to help those browsing this topic. This may be what medium the comics use, whether it is humorous or serious, if it is part of a continuity, etc. Note that this is optional, but helpful.
In addition, feel free to provide a preview, a "best of" comic link. Place it after the specifications like this: [Preview]
An example might go like this:
Pretend This is a Topic Link and Series Title (Sprite, incredibly witty humor, not even a comic) [Preview]
By -Windrider-*
Something like that: something short that gives an accurate description.
*Credit to Zerothemaster for the recolored sprite sheet, and Shadonix, Justax-Kal, Dark709, and Gerlicky for the kit.
The Official Comics Library
This is presented in alphabetical order by series or comic name, but you may use the search/find function of your browser to find a specific series, author, term, etc.

~The 1st Shadow~'s Comics (MOC/Photo-comics, humorous/serious balanced, Ask-clog, semi-plot-driven, GSes) [Preview]

By ~The 1st Shadow~
Akano's Comics (Sprite comics, Photoshop/GIMP, medium resolution, comedy, ToM Kit 2, science, math)
By Akano Toa of Electricity
Arctic's Comics (Formerly random, now plot-driven, may contain comedy, ended) 
By ArcticFreeze17
Ask LNU and Pinkie Pie (Ask clog, funny, PONIES, interactive)
Bad Images (Humor, "high art", "hand"-drawn, random)
By Zerothemaster and Exon


Bioformers: Rising Storms (Plot-driven, sequel to first series, Transformers, crossover, awesome) [Preview]

By ArcticFreeze17
BIONICLES ADVENTURS COMIXS (JPEG, satire, the best) [Preview]
By Toa of Pumpkin and Lime Paradox
Bionicle Manga (Hand-drawn, manga, humor, adventure, action) [Preview]
By P962 


Bionicle in Minecraft (Minecraft awesomeness, slow updates but worth it, plot driven, PGSs) 

By ArcticFreeze17
Bionicle Rebellion: Calm Before the Storm (Action/adventure, epic, plot-based, hand-drawn, fan series, beginning of a series, slight comedy, based off canon)
By Zacax: The Gunsmith
City in the Sky (Sprite comic, serious, plot-based, International ComicContinuity, flagship series)
By Ayel Hyland
Darcsyde's Comics Version 3.0: Revamped and Reloaded! (Humor, sprite comic, worshipped by some cultures)
By Darcsyde
Dents, Dings and Disasters (CYOA, humorous/serious based on input, adventure comic)
By Leraku
Diaries of Destral (Hand-drawn, storyline driven, focusing on Makuta (species))
By Stroxx
The Drawing Room (Humor, "intelligent", sprite, Chimoru Sigma, random, bubble pipes)
By Zerothemaster
Eljay: The Becoming (Serious story series, sprite comic)
By Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen
Foresight (High resolution, photo-realistic comic technique (PRCT), RZMIK, mini-series, serious plot-based science fiction mystery, former Comic Contest entry)
By Kahinuva
Kanohi Dragon (Hand drawn, serious, follows and expands on events taking place in official storyline, incomplete) [Preview]
By Mehul
Kazi's Comics 3.0 v2 (Comedy) [Preview]
By Kazi the Matoran
The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker 3.0 (Humorous series, sprite comic)
By Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen
The Legend of Runii (Metru-Nui-based, plot-driven mystery comic)
By The Venom


The Legends of Taladi Nui (Hand-drawn, serious, heavily story-driven) [Preview]
By Akaku: Master of Flight

Live, Learn and Lawsuits (High resolution, sprite comic, serialized comedic epic, International ComicContinuity, flagship title, achieve top five comic tier)
By Kahinuva

Maren The Chronicler (A story driven sprite comic with minor audience controlled situations, mild humor, very noisy) [Preview]
By Loganto The Bo-Matoran


Mata Nui Adventures (Humor, sprite, RZMIK, Pokemon, random, guest stars)
By Zerothemaster
Nathan8472's Banner Shop (Humor/serious, hand-drawn, ongoing plot, BZPower satire) [Preview]
By Kakaru
One Nation Under the Great Spirit (Serious, plot-driven story)
By Tenebrae Invictus
P~M's Comics! (Funny, slightly story-driven (although not anything serious)) [Preview]
By Totally Not P~M (Piraka~Mistika)


PIRAKA COMICS (Photo comics, satire, the second best to BAC, YO YO PIRAKA, featured on BZP's front page) [Preview]
By Nathan Evo (formerly Gerlicky)

RANDAMONIUM! (Adventure-Comedy, Photoshoppery, XanisKit) [Preview]
By Xanis (Watty) and Kataytu (Kristofer) 
RXC: 3.0 (Odd humor, GIMP, plotless)
By The X
Reality (Serious, plot-driven)
By Biocryptid21, Justax-Kal, LNU, Makuta of Comedy, Garda, Tavakai, Zerothemaster, WVUFan


The Road to Home (Sprite, choose your own adventure, RPG, comedy, plot-driven, featured) [Preview]

By Soran


Serendipity (Edgy humor, mediocre graphics, RZ sprites, plotless, different)
By Velge Co (Archon)

Soran's Comic Emporium (Sprite, hand drawn, comedy, saga, collection, various) [Preview]
By Soran

SpoofQuest! (Humor, sprite comic, intentionally cheap-looking)
By Gerlicky
Tahu2014's Comic of guest stars (Humor, plot driven but not majorly, guest stars, sprites) [Preview]
By TAHU2014 a.k.a Tahukan The Ta-Matoran
TCMII: Bluefire (Sprite, plot driven, humor, gore level: 5/10) [Preview]
By Tahukan the TaVo-Matoran
TavKorp (Multiple series contained in one topic, humorous, serious, sprites, vectors, International Comic Continuity, other specifications that I forgot) [Preview]
By Tavakai
Terra Nuva's Comics (Plot driven epic with some/mild humor)
By Terra Nuva
That's Messed Up: The Series Returns (Photo comics, International ComicContinuity, not sure if supposed to be serious or what, tragically neglected, don't read the old comics because they're terrible) [Preview]
By Gerlicky 
Tilted! (Hand-drawn, unwittingly random, and apparently cute) [Preview]
By Calvirick
Timely Insanity: 8th Generation (Sprite comic, plot-driven story, high resolution, humorous, and topic contains generations 6-7 as well)
By Vataki Teridax
Unity. Duty. Something...  (Sprite, humorously random, sort of plot-driven) [Preview]


Uprising (MOC/Photo comic, trilogy part 1, plot-driven, serious) [Preview]
By Vorred

Will Most Likely Fail Epicly (Humorous, sprite comic, first attempt at a comic series, not updated too frequently)
By JiMing

Edited by -Windrider-
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