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Battle Between Brothers

Battle between brothers Agori Jamar Zahun

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#1 Offline Parazan

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Posted Mar 22 2012 - 08:03 PM

Awesome banner coming soon...Review topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=4060BATTLE BETWEEN BROTHERSPrologueI am Jamar. This is my story:One peaceful day,I went hunting,never to see my home village again...This is how it happened:One hot day,I went hunting along with 3 other Agori from my Village,one of them Tarduk,an old friend of mine. We were hunting for at least 5 hours and caught nothing,until at last we killed a jur's bird. Then,we saw a fire burning not so far away,and it was close to the village. We all were shocked. We realized that no natural fire burns the way this one did;we knew we were under attack. We all ran,and then,one of the members of our company(whom was Jihli,a respected Hunter from my Village) was shot with an arrow. We quickly saw that it was a Skrall's arrow,and we knew he was dead. But he wasn't. These were his last words:"Go out...go out..and free the village. Fight back against...these attackers...fight them...protect..protect our home...." With those words,he died. Tarduk,whom was Jihli's brother,wanted revenge,so he quickly ran ahead of us. I screamed to him: "Get back here! Revenge is worth nothing!". But I guess he didn't listen,although he survived and got to the Village,but it was too late: there were dead Agori everywhere. Those that weren't killed were taken as Prisoners. Tarduk quickly began fighting the Skrall,and freeing most of the Prisoners. But the rest of the Skrall went ahead on their Rock Steeds,quickly driving with the Prisoners hanging from the sides of the saddles. In frustration,Tarduk knocked down the Skrall banners that were put up by the Skrall. Me and Fardinu(the best Female Hunter in the village) rushed up to him and calmed him down. We told him that he was brave to do this,and still be alive. We told him that most of the prisoners were freed. "Yes,but what of the rest?" was his answer. His words have lingered in my head to this day. This was 15 years ago...Chapter oneIt was good to see the Agori working;they have been rebuilding the village since the day the Skrall attacked. Already,much work was accomplished,and much more to be yet done. The Agori built small huts in the Trees;these huts were attached to the branches with long leather straps. The hut itself is very small,there is only room to fit up to three Agori. The huts are made out of leaves,but very thick leaves,and there is also 4 layers of leaves that make the wall. I have slept in one of them,and I have made it my temporary Home. It is very comforting to sleep in one,they say they give you good dreams. For me,they don't. You see,somewhere from the very edge of my mind comes a Skrall that has appeared in my worst nightmares. I have seen him before,only for seconds,but still,I have seen him. And something tells me,that I will meet him again.-CDP

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#2 Offline Parazan

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Posted Mar 30 2012 - 01:25 PM

Chapter twoI have been chosen for guard duty today,and it hasn't started out too well;already,I see black shapes gathering in the forest not too far away;possibly a meeting of the spirits that live in the Trees? No. By the looks of it,they have weapons. Lots of weapons. And they were coming closer. I then saw the unmistakable shape of a Rock Steed with a small figure riding on top of it. I knew it immediately. Skrall. I went along closer, and put my hood on;this would disguise me so that they wouldn't notice me. I got out my bow, I puled the string, and out came a yell. I've just shot one of the Rock Steed riders in the chest. His Rock Steed has ran away, leaving it's master to die. Then,the other's must've found out that I was here, but I quickly hid behind a bush before the Skrall's nocturnal eyes saw me. I then ran. I needed to ring that warning bell. i needed to. And then,right before I was about to reach it,i was knocked over by one of the Rock Steeds,and my mask hit the Bell. Hard. The villagers heard this,and they ran. The Skrall closed in on them. I had only 5 arrows left. There were 10 Skrall. Then,a plan hatched. I shot at one of the Rock Steeds and it fell on another one,killing them and the riders. I went on like that until only two were left. I only had one arrow left. I decided to shoot at one of the Rock Steeds. It's rider quickly jumped on another Rock Steed and those two Skrall quickly grabbed me,and rode away. I quickly realized: The Skrall came to kidnap me.
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