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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

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Posted Mar 31 2012 - 08:32 PM

Review topic:http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=4211THE HUNGER GAMESPosted Image"The Hunger Games: The perfect example of what can happen when Matoran want to see other Matoran die for enjoyment. Pity,I have not,though. Let them open the gates to the road of their extinction. However,these gates,are not on my road."-AxonnPrologue:I am Morbuzahk. Other Matoran say that I should go to the naming day ceremony;because they say I was named for an ancient plant that almost destroyed the city. In order to change your name,it has to be May 8th. You have to get permission from Turaga Dume himself. That,you must be at least 18 years old to do. I am 16. I live in sector 12;part of an area that used to be called Onu-Metru. Metru-Nui is divided into 13 sectors;but sector 13 was destroyed. Sector 12 is largely devoted to mining. We have also the responsibility to make Graphite,which used to be sector 13's job before they were destroyed. I live with my brother,whom is 12. We live in a hut below the surface,in a suburban city. My farther was killed during a mine explosion,and my mother died after she was infected by a Kraata,and then Vahki took her away because otherwise she might've infected the entire town.Chapter one:I am awakened by my pet light-bug. Immediately,I look at the calendar scratched into the wall,and immediately,it feels as if my brain fell out of my head,a thing that there's a 1/1,000 chance of it happening. It was reaping day. I immediately woke my brother,we ate a loaf of bread,and then we were off. We had to report to the Koro of sector 12. Your name was in there once when you were 12,then,ear by ear,your name is added on more until,when you're 18,your name's in there 6 times. A Ga-Matoran named Frida (whom has been physically altered by the capitol so that she's pink instead of her natural shade of blue) randomly picked names from a bowl. Each sector had their names written on something different. We had our names carved into Pebbles.'Welcome,welcome,to the 74th annual Hunger Games!"She placed her hand into the rock bowl and picked out one name. "Zaroo",although it's actually Zaru. Anyways,Zaru(whom was the town baker) was escorted to the stage by three Vahki. She asked for volunteers. No hand went up. Then,she put her hand back in the bowl and picked out another name."Grefujah."It left like someone had ripped my Kanohi off and put me into 100-degree weather. They had called my brother.

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