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Day Run: The Garden

Day Run Final Role-Playing

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#1281 Offline Parugi

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Posted Jul 09 2012 - 07:21 PM

IC - Lyxek - Throne Room: "Ha; 'disappointment.' That's funny, Kaytana. Really; it is."The Ringmaster's projection straightened up, waving a hand over the computers. They went completely blank, one by one, instantly clearing out their information banks. Lyxek looked at the Skakdi, a cold yet amused expression on his face."Absolutely nothing," he answered. "As for what I came here for--just a few files. Mementos, if you will, of what happened on Kai-Nam today, as wel as plans for future endeavors. As you should find for yourself... Oh, that's right." He paused, gesturing to the necklace. "You already have." Lyxek chuckled, his hologram approaching Kaytana."And for the record, Kaytana, there's nothing particularly noble about respect. They took an intricate, centuries-in-the-making plan and tore it down, defeating an actual god in the process. Even you have to admire that. What I offered them was nothing more than common courtesy--they set my field for another move, and so I cleared theirs. This game isn't over." He smiled, turning and walking back to the middle of the room. "In fact, I'd say it's just gotten started. So don't be so quick to count me out--you may believe that you've gained possession of some newfound power in light of my absense, but trust me: you're intruding on dangerous territory. Do not overstay your welcome."Lyxek turned, throwing his signature salute at Kaytana before disappearing, leaving the Skakdi alone once more.
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#1282 Offline Magnus Greel

Magnus Greel
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Posted Jul 09 2012 - 08:25 PM

IC: Throne Room - Ring HQContrary to what many would believe with Kaytana, she did not glare or curse at the hologram of Lyxek. In fact, she actually smiled; the edge of her mouth jerked to the left, quickly spreading across her face and beginning to show her teeth. She even began to chuckle a little, turning one of the jewels of the necklace between two claws as she did so."There's the Ringmaster I know," the Skakdi said, looking at where the projection had been a moment before. He had just unveiled future plans to her, possibly menacing schemes, and even threatened her to her face. That "softened" version of the Ringmaster she had seen on the platform had disappeared, dissolving away to reveal the true mischievous personality of the Toa. Before, Kaytana had believed Lyxek to be proof that even Toa heroes could be corrupt, which she thought to be lost not too long ago. Now, she could easily see that cold look in his eyes, it never having been suppressed back there. Placing the jeweled Key around her neck (which, even if it didn't have any special properties to it, was still valuble in her eyes), she rose off the throne and descended the steps. The Ring member turned, giving one last look at the chair and computers before rushing away, pulling out her transporter as she jogged towards the exit. Once she regained possession of her speeder, the Skakdi would track Lyxek with her fellow Ring agents. I joined you because of the violence and thrill of danger you caused, Lyxek, Kaytana thought. Initiating events that even I couldn't compose by myself. I trail things like that for entertainment and a life. So let's see what fun you've got planned out now. Hopefully there's a not poor fool waiting for the companionship of another to trick and a tournament to join where you're headed. I think I shall begin this story differently...
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#1283 Offline Half-Dragon

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Posted Jul 09 2012 - 09:13 PM

OOC: I can never resist these references either :PIC: Srizz | City With the mechs blasting away at the Feranaki it was remarkably easy for Srizz to just walk down a given street, find an abandoned food stall and grab something to snack on. He tossed a madu to Elithes with his tail and cracked another against a wall to get at the juice. Once he was done (and after wiping up a bit - he wasn't a barbarian, after all) he mused partly to himself, "I did not even realize how thirsty I was, y'know that? These adventures are great, very good for the body, but I'm starting to wonder if I should just quit while I'm ahead. Retire to simple mercenary work. No complex plots, no world-threatening disasters, no diabolical masterminds; just a nice, simple job on Stelt or Xia." He tossed the empty madu over his shoulder, where it pegged a passing Feranaki's head neatly. "Nah. I'd go crazy inside an hour. C'mon, let's go steal stuff while there's no one to stop us."-=H-D=-IC: Theron | CityEventually Theron was forced to stop hacking and slashing at the endless hordes of Feranaki. Oh, not because he was tired - it just turned out the hordes weren't so endless when he ran out of targets. Of course there were probably more elsewhere in the city, but he allowed himself a few moments to breathe and regain his strength. After all, there was an entire Guild (morally dubious but undeniably effective) out fighting them in addition to the enigmatic mechanical beings obliterating them by the dozens. He could afford to take a little time to rest, recuperate and prepare....There, ten seconds was more than enough. He did still have a duty. The massive Toa hefted his blade and went out in search of another 'endless' horde to end.=H-D=

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#1284 Offline Cosmic Titan

Cosmic Titan
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Posted Jul 10 2012 - 01:27 AM

IC: Searcher's ChasmToxin greeted Kairan with a hug as he helped stabilize the Toa. "Thank you so very much."The mutated Toa drank from the flask but left some so it could be synthesized if it needed to in the future.His body started to steam and twist and bend back into the shape it had once been. His exoskeleton slowly turned back into armor as did his mask.Within his own mind Toxin had found he could absorb all his other selves. With each one he felt stronger and more whole. He would end up absorbing all his other selves.Now he stood alone against the monster. With a single slash of his weapon he dispelled the monster. The monster fell apart and its power spread out. Some going into him while the rest went to parts unknown.Toxin now stood in the barrens. His spirit at last whole and his body healed.Slate listened to the others talk. He thought of the future. What he would do. Where he would go. He smiled as he thought happy thoughts in what felt like the first time in ages.Marx stood back up. He looked at the sky. He felt elated. He had helped save this island and possibly this entire world from some dangerous beings. Maybe he would take a break.Sol thought of his time on Kai Nam. How he has appeared from nowhere without any tangible memories. How he made friends and fought in the arena. He remembered how he found out what and who he really was. And he then he started to wonder what the future would hold.OOC: Thanks everyone for making Day Run so amazing. It lasted for a long time and I'm really glad I got to be part of it. :)

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#1285 Offline Conway

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Posted Jul 10 2012 - 09:59 AM

OOC: Adieu, Day Run. Adieu...IC: [Calik Raktu] - Searcher's ChasmWow.Calik, still standing in the snow of the Barrens, couldn't help but say that one word in his head over and over.Wow.It seemed so impossible, everything that had happened, and yet, so unbelievably simple at the same time. Somehow, in the course of a week, Calik had helped defeat and age-old criminal organization, not to mention a god.But those things were trivial compared to the other thing that had happened.Calik had a friend. Glancing over at Greel, the Toa wondered how this was possible. It had been years since he had a friend, a genuine friend. Ever since what happened on his home island, Calik had always been alone, as if the Universe were rejecting him.Or not. Maybe he had been rejecting the Universe, forcing himself to be torn up and isolated as penance for what he had done.Did him making a friend mean that he was finally ready to let the past go? Maybe. Eventually, he might be back to normal. Looking around at everyone, planning, cheering, celebrating, Calik could finally felt... happy. He wasn't alone. He was a part.And for the first time, in a long time, he smiled a genuine, pure-hearted smile.Turning to face Greel, he asked, "So, is this it?"-Void
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#1286 Offline Magnus Greel

Magnus Greel
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Posted Jul 10 2012 - 11:31 AM

IC: Seacher's Chasm - Northern BarrensGreel packed up his weapons, placing the blades within their sheaths and retracting the golden spear back into a rod and stowing it away. He pulled his goggles off his eyes, sliding them up onto his forehead, and pocketed his hands inside his jacket."Well," the Team Slight leader replied, looking off into the snowy distance. "With the Day Run closing, City destroyed, and the Ring defeated, I guess there's not much of a reason to stay here. I suppose it might be right to stay for a little while and help rebuild... but there's a whole universe for me to explore. Kai-Nam's been fun, and I'll be around for a few days, though I guess I should return to my travels."Grinning, Greel withdrew one of his best daggers. "Here." he said, handing it to Calik. "Keep it. It'll remind you of our times here on the island, when we raced, purchased weapons, fought for fun and our lives, and when we helped stop a god from wreaking havoc on the rest of the world." He snapped his fingers, prompting an interdimansional gateway to open behind him. "See you later, Calik." Until then, his words echoing in the Toa's mind. You know how to keep in touch with me. He tapped his temple, implying the usefulness of telepathy, before turning toward the portal, side by side with Rocky, and disappearing into its darkness.OOC: Sad to see Day Run end, and glad to have been a part of it. Thankyou, everyone, for a great time of role playing. ^_^

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#1287 Online Efandril

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Posted Jul 10 2012 - 06:19 PM

OOC: Well, it's been fun. Just wish I had joined earlier.IC: Artorre: Chasm:Artorre looked over at the tournament organizers."I, for one, hope you do reform the Day Run. I'll need something to do while a new police department is being formed."IC: Aranai: Band's Platform:Aranai looked down at the calm sea as the platform flew over it. She sat and reflected upon her life. Her mind ran over the shattered memories, desperately trying again to reassemble them into the proper order.IC: Peacemaker: West District:Peacemaker watched the mechs take off. He watched as they flew away, wondering why Lyxek would have made them...

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#1288 Offline Kal the Guardian

Kal the Guardian
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Posted Jul 11 2012 - 02:35 AM

OOC: Awesome ending, everyone! Even if I wasn't here to join in. This truly has been one of the most awesome and long running RPGs I have ever played in. Congradulations, Parugi, you finally finished it. See you all in the next Parugi Production!IC / Searcher Chasm / With everybody:Swerv looked at Draxion, who just stared, slack jawed, at the mask of night. He went over patted the Rahkshi’s shoulder, “Kovian promised you a new one.”Draxion gave him a silly lop-sided grin, “Ehjoras is safe, that’s what matters right now.”“Uh… ha,” Swerv said, stooping to pick up the two halves of the mask, “I’ll see what I can make these hunks of metal into for you.”Swerv laughed, “At least the Brotherhood isn’t kicking us off the island like last time.”Draxion’s face went slack and he stared at the ground. Then he looked up at Swerv, “Older Brother.”Swerv shook his head, “Nothing that snake can throw at us could possibly be worse than what we just went through. Besides, Vronx is here to keep him in check.”Draxion frowned, “Hopefully.” The frown quickly disappeared, how could it not? They were both alive. Everyone was alive! What more could an augmented Rahkshi ask for? “We sure do have a knack for finding un-killable friends.”Swerv nodded, looking at the large group gathered. There were so many beings here, like the Vortixx and Turaga standing off the side awfully close to Unpredictable. So many friends and helpful acquaintances. “Yes,” the robot said to Draxion, “We sure do.”IC / Citadel / With Waiter:“No, I can hear you just fine.“What?”“Yeah, interference from all the crazy energy that is just bouncing around everywhere.”Brother paced, fine tuning his communicator, “What about now? Ah, good.”“Yes, this island is ripe for the taking. Prime real estate. The whole island is basically destroyed. Now is the time to buy.”“What?”“Yes, of course I’m taking everything I can of the factions that have been dismembered.”“No, right in the center, a destroyed citadel with an excellent basement.”“Well, obviously the townsfolk would object, but they’re either dead or hiding in the hills.”Brother stopped pacing to look at what was left in the Citadel. Big, bold words had been branded onto the building. They read: Property of Endless Boundaries. In fact, several buildings around had the same brand on them.“Oh, no, all the papers are gone. We have squatter’s rights, even if it is because no one else is here at the moment.”“Yeah, but just wait; I hear there is an even deeper basement. Remember Dreamland?”“Yes, my memory did finally recover. Dumb side-effects.”“Oh, the Toa of Iron,” Brother grinned evilly and looked at the Toa’s slumped form, which he had dumped on the street at his feet, “He’s no problem. I am a scientist, and that annoyance is brain dead. I’m surprised he’s still breathing.”“The Director attacked him mentally or something. In defending, Mr. ‘Waiter’ probably did more damage than if he had just accepted the Director’s control. Stupid Toa.”“What? Yes I’m sure. He’s as far gone as that second batch out of Shifting Sands. Remember them? I was certain a few of them would have made it out with some sort of brain function. Oh well.“Are the construction crews on their way?”“Good. We have no time to waste. Talk to you once I get things rolling here.”Brother shut off his communicator and looked down the street, reaching inside his cloak and activating a homing beacon. Seconds later, heavy machinery began to appear outside what had just recently been KNPD HQ. And it continued to appear. There was a lot of opportunity in this broken land.As the machines started up, Brother grinned, hissing in delight. He gave Waiter a good kick in the ribs, just to top off this awesome moment. Lyxek was probably alive out there, and Brother hadn’t nabbed any keys, but he had gotten what his ulterior motive had been all along. Another island for Endless Boundaries to sink its teeth into.And the thing was, the masses thought they were a good company. In fact, all these machines cleaning up City would probably be welcomed by the populace. After all, Endless Boundaries was here to help. And own the entire island, but that would come in time.Brother was sure of it. Sure of it with another swift kick to Waiter’s bruised ribs. Life was sweet.
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#1289 Offline Black Six

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Posted Jul 12 2012 - 12:01 PM

It's time for the new RPGs to take over. Hope everyone had fun!Thread closed.
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