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Bionicle Chronology Topic

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#1 Offline Zestanor

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Posted Apr 01 2012 - 08:08 PM

Full Guide is on the third post

Hello everyone! I used to lurk around BZP a bit, but then tried to purge Bionicle from my thoughts after its ending. Anyway, I’m back, and I’m trying to go through the “series” in an orderly fashion. Specifically, I’m trying to lie out the entire story on its different media (books, comics, games, serials) in a manner that I can follow. Also, I want to add a human aspect to this goal, and post it on BZP for tweaking and debate purposes, and also so that you can use it for your own advantage. This first post will only focus on 2001.Now, you’d think I’d look no further than the timeline guide over in the reference section. But that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. Reasons making it difficult for me to use are:-It is laid out by event, not by medium-It puts events before the 2001 story-It mixes MNOG/flash updates with the Hapka BooksSo before I begin the ordering of 2001 Bionicle, I’m going to set up some ground rules for the chronology.About the issue of the Hapka books versus MNOG, MNOG will always win in my book. In fact, I’ll say right now that those books don’t have a place in my timeline. I don’t really care that Greg ‘canonized’ them, and here’s why: There are major issues that occur when attempting to reconcile Tale of the Toa, MNOG, and the comics. Specifically, the way the Golden Masks are received, and the Kaita versus Manas battle. A dedicated fan before Hapka’s books came out would know with certainty that the Golden Masks were received at the Suvas, and that the Toa Kaita formed before fighting a horde of Manas. I don’t understand why simple legalities allow TotT to barge in (you have to remember that Tale of the Toa was after the fact; it along with Hapka’s other books were published in 2003) and upturn story facts that were well grounded at the time. I don’t think Greg realized this when canonized it so many years ago. So, I’m ignoring her works.Now, using contradictory logic, I’m denying the existence of ‘Tohunga.’ There was an in-universe copout, but that was basically retconned come 2004. However, I’ll say that ‘Jala,’ ‘Puku,’ and ‘Huki’ were variant spellings of their names, and that they simply stopped writing them that way after a certain point.Now I know someone will bring up the issue of Hapka’s ‘only two Manas’ that slid its way into one of the 2006 novels. The quote was Matoro saying something like this, “There are Manas everywhere! But the Toa said there were only two... Could the Toa have been lying?” In answer to the question, yes, they could have been lying. My memory is really fuzzy on when this occurred in the book. Hopefully someone can quote it more exactly.Now, MNOG... I know that at first Greg de-canonized MNOG, but let’s face it. Without MNOG, 2001 has no meat! More importantly, without it, MNOG has no ending! Before Hapka’s books, MNOG was the flesh of 2001’s story. It was assumed to be true in 2001, therefore I’ll keep it true in my timeline. Also, I consider the ‘canon’ version of MNOG to mostly follow Takua’s guide. Also, I believe the canon version of MNOG starts with no backpack (so no lightstone either.)Okay, here we go!-BIONICLE GBA Game Takua rescues the Turaga, and summons the Toa, then passes out on the beach.-MNOG ‘Chapter 1: The Beach’ Takua wakes up, sees Tahu, returns to the stone face beside the canister, and passes out again.-Comics 1-3 The Toa meet up and collect masks. They learn about the Toa Kaita.-MNOG ‘Chapter 2: Ga-Wahi’ Takua helps Maku. Gali returns to Ga-Koro-MNOG ‘Chapter 3: Ta-Wahi’ Takua returns to Ta-Koro-MNOG ‘Chapter 4: Po-Wahi’ Takua foils Ahkmou’s plan, and Pohatu returns to Po-Koro.-MNOG ‘Chapter 5: Onu-Wahi’ Takua helps out around Onu-Wahi, and discovers the sundial.-MNOG ‘Chapter 6: Le-Wahi’ Onua rescues Lewa, Lewa gets his Golden mask from the Suva.-MNOG ‘Chapter 7: Ko-Wahi’ Takua receives Nuju’s note.-MNOG ‘Chapter 8: The Alliance’ Takua delivers the note, and forms his traveling company-MNOG ‘Chapter 9: Kini-Nui’ Toa go down into the Mangaia, Gali sends Takua visions. The Kaita defeat the Manas. The 6 Toa defeat the Shadow Toa (never been canonically portrayed.) Then they defeat Makuta. Takua witnesses the awakening of the Bohrok.I’d like to know what you think about the 2001 timeline. How would you lay it all out? In the meantime, I'll be thinking about 2002's chronology.)

Edited by Zestanor, Apr 09 2012 - 10:02 AM.

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Has following the story become too complex? Look no further:

How to Follow BIONICLE

A Simple, chronological checklist

UPDATE May 22 2013: Every is now color coded!

Contains every bit of content, organized by story year

#2 Offline Lewa Krom

Lewa Krom
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  • 09-January 10
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Posted Apr 01 2012 - 09:54 PM

Normally I don't post on BZPower, but no pointing in hiding what I have from another Bionicle fan. Long story short: I've been working on getting all of Bionicle in chronological order. Here's what I've got for 2001.Tale of the Toa: Chapter 1-4Comic 1 (First half - Kopaka's arrival thru meeting Nuju)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 5The Legend of Lewa comicTale of the Toa: Chapter 6 (Second half of Comic 1 as well)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 7MNOLG (Up through rescuing Ga-Koro)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 8MNOLG (Up through his entire first visit to Ta-Koro)Comic 2MNOLG (Up through the Po-Koro epidemic and Takua being named Chronicler)Comic 3 (First part where the Toa are rescued)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 9Challenge of the Rahi comicComic 3 (The rest of it)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 10 (Up to page 81)MNOLG (Onu-Koro part - BTW, you may find the cancelled side quest to be of interest. I don't have the link ATM, but if you go back through the BZPower news back in July it should be there... somewhere :P)MNOLG (Le-Koro part)MNOLG (Ko-Koro part)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 10 (up to page 84)MNOLG (Takua getting his company)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 10 (up to page 88)Tale of the Toa: Chapter 10 (rest of it)/MNOLG (Chronicler's Company arrives at Kini-Nui)Tale of the Toa: Chapters 11-16/MNOLG (Chronicler's Company defending Kini-Nui up to Takua going down for final battle)MNOLG (Makuta v Toa)This stuff is by no means all canon material nor is this an official timeline. This is what I'm using for my own personal Bionicle project. If you want more, I can post the others up later.Let's Keep Bionicle Alive,Lewa Krom

Edited by Lewa Krom, Apr 01 2012 - 09:54 PM.

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Keep in mind that if Star Trek fans had, as a group, said, "No point in talking about this anymore, it's never going to come back," it never WOULD have come back.
-- Greg Farshtey

#3 Offline Zestanor

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  • 16-August 08
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Posted Apr 02 2012 - 03:42 PM

Whoa, good job! Thanks, you kinda just inspired me to start from scratch. Okay, I'm changing my premise. Takua's Walkthrough to MNOG was written in 2006, so it doesn't represent the original intent of its storyline. But yeah, thanks Lewa Krom!My goal is to make a list of content, in the order I believe it should be viewed. This is generally chosen by release date, to avoid spoilers. Notes are at the bottom. This is a work in progress. Feel free to post before the thread is 'dead' but do not post after that and cause the thread to be locked; I still may want to edit it. 

How to Follow BIONICLE

And Not Lose Your Mind


If you are absolutely brand new to BIONICLE, you may find it difficult to locate all these sources. Ask around

on BZPower, and link them back here. Many of the items on this list must be purchased.The page format for the

comics requires that you have a hard copy. (Except for Ignition #6, of course.) Papercutz Grapic Novels are fine.



Comic 1 p1-8 + 9 first panel

BC1 Chapter 1

MNOG Initial Beach Update (launch)1

BC1 Chapters 2-5

Comic 1 p9-12 [BC1 Chapter 6]

MNOG Ta-Wahi Update

BC1 Chapter 7-8

Comic 2 p1-5

MNOG Ga-Wahi Update

MNOG Po-Wahi Update

Comic 2 p6-12

Comic 3 p1-3

BC1 Chapter 9

Comic 3 p4-14

BC1 Chapter 10 p76-852

McD Comic

MNOG Onu-Wahi Update
MNOG Le-Wahi Update
MNOG Ko-Wahi Update
MNOG Chronicler's Company Update
MNOG Kini-Nui Update
Bionicle GBA game: Tales of the Tohunga / Quest for the Toa [flashback]3


BC2 Chapters 1-2

Comic 4 [BC2 Chapters 3-4, + 7]

WOH: Victory Party Canceled!
BC2 Chapters 5-6, + 8
BOA 14

WOH: Tahnok Surround Po-Koro, Matoran lost in fray
WOH: Turaga shares knowledge of Bohrok
WOH: Hafu Saved in Daring Rescue

WOH: New Invention Saves Onu-Koro

BC2 Chapter 9-10

Comic 5
WOH: Island Wildlife on the Move

Comic 6 p1-7 [BC2 Chapters 11-12]

WOH: Le-Koro Liberated!
BC2 Chapter 13

Comic 6 p8-12 [BC2 Chapter 14]

WOH: Last-Moment Save!

Comic 7 [BC2 Chapter 15]

WOH: Disaster in Ga-Koro!

Comic 8 [BC2 Chapter 16]

WOH: After the Storm


BC3 p3-4
Comic 9 p1-8
BC3 p5-14
Comic 9 p9-12
WOH: Theft of Fire
BC3 p26-28

Comic 10 p1-3

WOH: Out of Their Elements

Comic 10 p4-12 [BC3 p38-44]
WOH: Desert Showdown

BC3 p45-62

Comic 11 [BC3 p63-77]

Comic 12 [BC3 p78-93]

WOH: Defeat of the Bohrok-Kal
WOH: Naming Day
MNOG II May-Nov Updates (To be honest, MNOG II is a drawn-out grind fest. You're not missing much if you skip it)


MOL 00:00 - 13:535 [MOLN p1-25] [MNOG II Jan Update: the match]

MOL 13:54 - 20:13 [MOLN p26-34]

MNOG II Jan Update: 5 crystals, going to Ta-Koro

MOL 20:14 - 27:27 [MOLN p35-47]

MNOG II Jan Update: final crystal, mounting the crystals

MOL 27:28 - 34:17 [MOLN p48-62]

Comic 13 p1-6

MOL 34:17 - 41:35 [MOLN p63-76]

Comic 13 p7

MOL 41:36 - 47:57 [MOLN p77-89]

Comic 13 p 8-10

MOL 47:58- 51:04 [MOLN p90-95]

Comic 13 p11-12 Comic 14 p1-86

MOL 51:05 - 58: 02 [MOLN p96-110] [Comic 14 p9-12

MOL 58:03 - end [MOLN p111-126]

MNOG II final cutscene

Comic 15


BA1  [comic 16]

BA2 p1-98  [comic 17]

BA2 p99-136  [comic 18]


[Recap:LoMN 00:00 - 16:47 [BA4 p1-30] ]

LoMN 16:48 - 25:017 [BA4 p31-43]

Comic 19
Comic 20
Comic 21

LoMN 25:02 - end [BA4 p44-133]




BA7 p1-23

BA7 p24-124 [comic 22]

BA8 p1-3

Comic 23 p1-5
BA8 p4-138
Comic 23 p6-12
Comic 24
Comic 25
Comic 26
Comic 27


[Recap: WoS 00:00 - 20:05  [BA9 p1-33] ]9

WoS 20:06 - end [BA9 p33-139]


Birth of a Dark Hunter [flashback]10



Comic 1 p1-13
Comic 2

BL3 p1-52
Comic 1 p14-2011

BL3 p53-73
BL3 p74-122 [comic 3 + comic 4 p1-6]
The Dweller Report [flashback]

Tentacles [flashback]

Hope [flashback]12


BL5 p1-65

BL5 p66-118 [comic 4 p7- 12 + comic 5, + 6 p1-3(the first glimpse of the city of Mahri Nui)]

BL5 p119-126


BL6 p1-36

Comic 6 p4-6 [recap]

Comic 7 p1-3

BL6 p37-64

DoD Chapter 1

Comic 7 p4-8

Comic 8 p1-2

BL6 p65-78

DoD Chapters 2-5

BL6 p79-87

Comic 8 p3-4

BL6 p88-117

BL6 p118-122 [comic 8 p5-8]

The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet [flashback]13

BL7 p1-112 [comic 9]

TNB entry 1

BL7 p113-122

TNB entries 2-5

ItD Chapters 1-2

TNB entry 6

BL8 p1-10 [comic 10 p1-2]

ItD Chapters 3-4

TNB entries 7-8

DoD Chapter 6

ItD Chapter 5

DoD Chapter 7

ItD Chapters 6-7

BL8 p10-18

DoD Chapters 8-10

ItD Chapter 8

BL8 p19-50 [comic 10 p3-6]

ItD Chapter 9

BL8 p50-83 [comic 10 p7-11

TNB entries 9-10

BL8 p84-110 [comic 10 p12 + comic 11]

BL8 p111-120

Hydraxon's Tale


BL9 p1-8

FoF chapters 1-3

Mutran Chronicles

BL9 p9-47 [comic 12 p1-7]

FoF chapters 4-7

BL9 p48-61 [comic 12 p 8-16]

FoF chapters 8-10

BL9 p62-125

Comic 12.5

BL10 [comic 13]

Journey of Takanuva

The Kingdom

Dark Mirror

DW chapters 1-2

BiA chapters 1-4

DiD chapters 1-2

DW chapters 3-4

BL11 p1-29 [comic 14 p1-2]

TB 1-7 July

BL11 p30-33 [comic 14 p3 panels 1-4], [TB 10-28 July]

TB 28 July - 21 Aug

DiD chapters 3-4

BiA chapter 5

DiD chapter 5-6

DW chapters 5-6

BiA chapter 6

DiD chapter 7

BL11 p34-39  [TB 25 Aug - 1 Sep]

DW chapters 7-8

BiA chapter 7

BL11 p40- 61[comic 14 p 4-13], [TB 4-11 Sep]

BL11 p62-73 [TB 15-25 Sep]

DiD chapter 8

BiA chapters 8-9

DiD chapter 9

BL11 p73-117 [comic 14 p15-16 + comic 15 p1-12], [TB 29 Sep - 30 Oct]

TB 3-10 Nov

DW chapter 9

TB 13-20 Nov

BL11 p118-124 [comic 15 p13-16]

TB 24 Nov - 22 Dec


Fall and Rise of the Skrall

The Exile's Tale

RoS chapter 1

Secret of Certavus

Comic 1

EotS chapters 1-3

RoS chapter 2

MLN BIONICLE Campaign  (Some important parts of this don't officially exist anymore. This is skippable.)

The Crossing

RoS chapter 3

EotS Chapters 4-5

RotGB chapter 1

Comic 2

RotGB chapters 2-4

RoS chapter 4

RotGB chapters 5-8

Raid on Vulcanus

RoS chapter 5

All Our Sins Remembered [flashback]

Decadence [flashback]

RoS chapter 6

Comic 3

TLR 00:00-10:56

Desert of Danger

RoS chapter 7

Comic 4 p1-4

TLR 10:57-24:47 [comic 4 p5-16]

TLR 24:48-42:20

RoS chapter 8

Challenge of Mata Nui

TLR 42:21-80:38

RoS chapter 9

Comic 5

---The Finale---

Journey's End Prologue - chapter 2

MNS chapters 1-6 

Journey's End chapter 3

MNS chapters 7-12 

RoS chapters 10-11

MNS chapters 13-15 

Journey's End chapters 4-5

MNS chapters 16-17 

Journey's End chapters 6-7 [comic 6]

MNS chapters 18-23

ST chapters 1-2

Journey's End chapters 8-10 [comic 7 p1-13]

MNS chapters 24-32

Journey's End Epilogue [comic 7 p14-16]

MNS chapters 33-34

---More Tales...---

ST chapter 3

RoS chapter 12

ST chapter 4

YQ chapter 1

TPTB chapter 1

ST chapter 5

YQ chapter 2

TPTB chapter 2

TPTB chapter 3

ST chapter 6

YQ chapter 3

TPTB chapter 4

ST chapter 7

No One Gets Left Behind [flashback]

Merciless Shadows [flashback]

Survival [flashback]

Delaying the Inevitable [flashback]

Deep Shadows [flashback]

Crystal Knowledge [flashback]

Retribution [flashback]


1 Use BS01 to know the specifics of each update.

2You will see that parts of the Bionicle Chronicles books have been omitted. In many cases, they don't line up with the rest of the story. All parts of the Adventures and Legends books are included though.

3 This game was released in October. But to avoid massive spoilers of Takua's character, I have to move it to the end of the year as a flashback.

4 Abbreviations below

5 Sorry about the time codes; have a stopwatch ready, 00:00 is the LEGO bricks falling

6 MOL doesn't mesh quite 100% with the accompanying comics. The BZP timeline (which may no longer exist?) has a different solution, but I think mine results in less problems.

7 LoMN doesn't seem to leave room for the comics. The only real way to rectify this is to split up the movie's chute scenes, and splice the comics in between.

8 This was written in 2005
9 All right, this is super confusing. The first 20 minutes are obviously a recap, but from what you would gather from the movie, almost no time passed between the Rahaga's arrival, and the defection of Vakama. The novelization gives an explanation though, and it says that Vakama eventually came back and they gathered airship parts. By its explanation, the events of BA8 and the comics and the MoL animations all occur spliced between 20:05 and 20:06.

10 This was published in the encyclopedia around the same time as BA10
11 For whatever reason, because of the timeline of BL3, comic 1 gets spliced.

12 These were written around June 2006.13 This was written June 2007.



BC: BIONICLE Chronicles
MoLN: Mask of Light Novelization

BA: BIONICLE Adventures


MNOG: Mata Nui Online Game
WOH: Wall of History

BOA: Bohrok Online Animations

BKOA: Bohrok-Kal Online Animations

MoL: Mask of Light

LoMN: Legends of Metru Nui

MoLOA: Mask of Light Online Animations

WoS: Web of Shadows

DoD: Dreams of Destruction

TNB: Toa Nuva Blog

ItD: Into the Darkness

FoF: Federation of Fear

DW: Destiny War

DiD: Dwellers in Darkness

BiA: Brothers in Arms

TB: Takanuva's Blog

RoS: Reign of Shadows

EotS: Empire of the Skrall

RotGB: Riddle of the Great Beings

TLR: The Legend Reborn

MNS: Mata Nui Saga

ST: Sahmad's Tale

TPTB: The Powers That Be

YQ: Yesterday Quest


Edited by Zestanor, Mar 17 2014 - 07:28 PM.

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Has following the story become too complex? Look no further:

How to Follow BIONICLE

A Simple, chronological checklist

UPDATE May 22 2013: Every is now color coded!

Contains every bit of content, organized by story year

#4 Offline rollabar

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Posted Jul 27 2014 - 10:45 PM

I am definitely going to use this xD thanks! I've been looking for a chronology of the different medias for a while as I'm trying to reread everything to prepare for 2015 :)

I also appreciate your comment about MNOG II as I found it boring and never finished it. 

Wow ok just read the majority of this thing. This is great. I love it. The staff and every fan of BIONICLE ever should see this. This is so impressive. 

Edited by rollabar, Jul 27 2014 - 10:38 PM.

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#5 Offline bonesiii

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Posted Jul 27 2014 - 11:00 PM

I am definitely going to use this xD thanks! I've been looking for a chronology of the different medias for a while as I'm trying to reread everything to prepare for 2015 :)

I also appreciate your comment about MNOG II as I found it boring and never finished it. 

Wow ok just read the majority of this thing. This is great. I love it. The staff and every fan of BIONICLE ever should see this. This is so impressive. 

Sigh. I wish you had read the entirety of what was posted here, like this:


Feel free to post before the thread is 'dead' but do not post after that and cause the thread to be locked; I still may want to edit it.



Way to make me feel awful for having to follow the rules and close it. :P


(But Zestanor, if you do want to make any changes, feel free to repost it. :) I would possibly approve an exemption, but it may be best to just have a new one since so much time has elapsed since this was originally posted. :shrugs: And there's the format glitch in some of it so that might be for the best anyways. For now, I'll just close it.)

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