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Pbzp T: Tahoo

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So here is my first PBZP of 2012. And my first request since around ten months, due to the Downtime, my late return, etc.This is for Tahoo. He requested a tall, black and silver dude with a cape, a sword and a mechanical arm. Hope he'll like it.http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/MCMoi/Bionicle/PBZP/Tahoo/000_0002.jpghttp://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/MCMoi/Bionicle/PBZP/Tahoo/000_0004.jpgYeeees, I used a non-Lego sword that looked cool and matched the MOC's black/heroic fantasy look. I don 't know where it's from. It may be Megablocks. Anyway, it has a hole at the handle's end that is perfectly designed for Lego pins. Look.Anyway, this sword helped Tahoo to defeat a Shieldask.http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/MCMoi/Bionicle/PBZP/Tahoo/000_0014.jpgFrontBackI fixed the cape with studed axlesLeg detailEnjoy. C&C welcomed.Do not post images larger than 100 kB in BBC. -B6

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Dude, I like all your MOCs, but this? This is beyond anything you have ever made. It is even better than that Von Nebula revamp you posted a while ago. Absolutely amazing, lets start with the top.Head: Either I am going crazy, that top photo is taken really, really wierdly or the first picture uses a different head, which is, as far as I can see, a wide Hero armour piece with one of those Savage Planet armour plates on it. Anyway, if that's the case, I think the silver Kanohi actually looks better on this guy.Torso: The use of those Mata feet is really clever, they flow nicely and serve their purpouse well. The armour in the middle of the torso looks great, too. The cape attachement works well.Arms: There is much detail in these, especially the left one holding the sword. The right one also looks great, I like them being asymetric. Whatever the sword is, it looks very good.Legs: Speaking of detail, these are just filled with it, from the bulky black Splitface armour to the Thornax launcher pieces. Although the feet do seem a bit pushed forward, the pieces were the best ones to use, as they match the rest of the MOC.Overall: As I said earlier, I think that this is your best work yet. Tahoo should be proud. 10/10, needless to say.


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