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A Makuta's Trial

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#1 Offline Toa Lapaka

Toa Lapaka
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Posted Apr 20 2012 - 10:10 AM

Life or Death. Why could it never be just life or death anymore? No, now every move the Toa made had to be an issue of morality. It was not like the Toa were strangers to fighting, just to war, and it was war that the Makuta were waging all across the universe. To Toa Tikan, the answer seemed clear enough: kill any and all Makuta you could, they deserved it for betraying the universe. But for some reason, that answer wasn’t as clear to Tikan’s team leader, Kholtane, who saw everything philosophically.And what to do with a Makuta was just the problem facing the Northern Continent Toa team. In a recent battle against one of the Makuta’s legions of Rakshi, Toa Jubar had somehow weaved through the army of Rakshi and incapacitated the leading Makuta and captured him. Now the only issue was what to do with him now that they had him. Tikan wanted to execute him for his crimes, but Kholtane wanted to give him a fair trial.“To Karzahni with him,” argued Tikan, banging his fist on the stone table, “He’s a traitor to Mata Nui himself and deserves death.”“Calm yourself Tikan,” Kholtane said, attempting to sooth Tikan, “He is an inhabitant of the Matoran Universe, and his species was created especially by Mata Nui which entitles him to a fair trial.”“But that only makes his crimes even worse,” Tikan combated, “They were created to protect, as we were, and if one of us had committed the same acts he had-““They would be given a fair trial,” Cahni butted in. She was a seasoned Toa of water who had been on the team as long as anyone else. She was like Kholtane, never accepting a black and white answer, always having to think everything out meticulously. “We should hear his reasons, and we may be able to learn more about the Brotherhood’s plans.”“You honestly think that he will give us any information?” Tikan asked. “He’s a master of deception. He won’t tell us anything.”“We have to at least give him a chance,” Cahni said.“Like the chance he gave to all the villages he’s destroyed?”“I agree,” called Hyut. He was a Toa of magnetism who had just recently joined the team after his Koro had been destroyed. “They’ve decimated almost half of the island and shown no remorse, why should we extend to them any more courtesy?”“Hyut, aren’t you a little biased in this matter?” Cahni asked.Kholtane raised his hand to quiet her. “Hyut, with your past with the Makuta, do you believe that you are truly fit to have a valid argument in this debate?”“You mean how they destroyed my Koro?” Hyut answered. “Then are we not all biased? They’ve attacked our villages, our continent, and our blasted universe! How can you even think about letting them get away with that?”“We are not talking about giving all members of the Brotherhood of Makuta instant forgiveness for their deeds when caught; we are talking about what to do with this Makuta.”“Let him rot!”“Calm down, Hyut,” Kholtane said, “there is one aspect that we have not considered in our discussion, the Toa Code.”Tikan let out a sigh. It always came to the Toa Code, that old fashioned set of laws place to govern Toa’s conduct back when the universe was at peace.“A sigh, Tikan?” Cahni raised her eye line. “Surely our governing law doesn’t mean so little to you.”“Excuse me sister for not celebrating when that old fashioned guideline for conduct is brought up.”“Old fashioned?” it was Kholtane’s turn to raise an eye line. “I assure you that the Toa Code is no more old fashioned than when the first Toa used it, or the Toa after them, or the Toa after them.”“But the Code has no instructions on how a Toa is to act when a he or she is at war, nor does it pertain to how a Toa is to treat their prisoners.”“But it’s very first point is not to murder any species of any kind,” Cahni added.“But the Toa Code also has no laws on what to do with someone who has committed as many atrocities as the Makuta have.”“The point of the Toa Code,” Kholtane pointed out, “is not to nitpick over everything it does and doesn’t cover, but to tell us how we are to act.” There was a long, intense silence between the two factions that had formed in the once unified group of Toa. “Now,” Kholtane said quietly, “we still have to put this to a vote. Cahni what is your opinion?”“We should give him a fair trial, but it may I make a suggestion?”“Go ahead.”“We should let the Turaga preform it, as we are apparently too biased to preform it ourselves,” she said, giving a glance toward Tikan and Hyut.“Considered. Now Tikan, your suggestion?"“Execute him! He has willfully preformed treachery against the entire universe!”“Please keep any opinions of the subject to yourself. Hyut?”“I agree with Tikan, execute the traitor!”“Understood. And of course my answer is to give him a fair trial. Now Jubar, you’ve been unusually quiet, and you were the one who captured him, what is your vote?”Jubar leaned forward on the stone table, resting his head on top of his folded hands. “Both the arguments do have fair points,” he started, “but I believe the final and most important point is the Toa code which states that we are not to kill, so my vote must be to give him a fair trial.”“What?” Hyut blurted out, “You of all people should know-““Hyut,” Kholtane interrupted him, “He has made his vote, and that’s three to two. Fair trial.”“Fine,” Hyut said, jumping out of his seat. “Have all the trials you want! I will have no part of it!” With that he stormed out of the room.“Hyut, Hyut!” Kholtane called after him. “Meeting dismissed,” he said, and then went after Hyut.Unfortunately, the trial was never performed, for that night another legion of Rakshi lead by Makuta Gorast raided the city, destroying everything, not sparing anyone, Matoran or Toa. It’s a shame too, because that could have changed the outcome of the war, for the captured Makuta’s name was Krika.
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What are we searching for? Are we searching for anything or just randomly surfing the internet? I did that once. I found this bionicle fan site called bzpower. Whoever made it had no decorating sense what so ever.

#2 Offline Athmos

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Posted Apr 20 2012 - 01:03 PM

This was really good until the last paragraph. You kept your reader interested, then you just dropped the story. It was good, but disappointing.
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