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Welcome to the Official Sahmad's Tale Topic. Discussion regarding this online serial podcast belongs in this topic; similar topics will be closed. This topic is approved by bonesiii and hosted by S&T Fact Team member Erebus. Suggestions may be PMed to him or posted in this topic.Sahmad's Tale is an online serial mini-podcast that conveys the history of the Iron Tribe from Sahmad's viewpoint. Chapter 1103,000 years ago, the Iron Tribe in which Sahmad belonged to is decimated by a plague which prevents them from dreaming and consequently drives them mad over time. The leader of the tribe attempts to appeal to other tribes for help, but receives none. Telluris comes up with the idea to change their armor color from dark blue and gray to orange, in the hopes of passing off as an unknown tribe.The plan unfortunately does not work and the survivors of the plague each go their separate ways in fear of one of them carrying the plague. After the Shattering, Sahmad and Telluris are left on Bara Magna to fend for themselves.Chapter 2Sahmad has a nightmare in which the woman he loves among other Iron Tribe members disappear. Sahmad wakes up with a sweat and washes himself in the Skrall River. Across the bank, he sees Telluris mourning the destruction of his Skopio vehicle. Sahmad offers Telluris to find parts in the north which Telluris agrees to. Both leave on Sahmad's chariot, heading north.There, they encounter a poisonous snake who Sahmad recognizes as the former Ice Agori Metus. Metus reveals that he has stopped dreaming and Sahmad exclaims that the plague has started again.[updates needed for later chapters.]CharactersSahmad (SAH-moderator) - BS01 PageSahmad is an Iron Tribe Agori. After the Shattering, he ended up on Bara Magna where he tamed a Spikit and a wagon, the Baranus V7. He began to capture Agori from other tribes and sell them to the Skrall. Agori fear Sahmad who in turn holds a deep resentment for them. He wields a blade with a Thornax Launcher attached to it as well as a whip.Telluris (TELL-err-ISS) - BS01 PageTelluris is an Iron Tribe Glatorian (species). After the Shattering he ended up on Bara Magna where he used his Skopio XV-1 to rob Agori and Glatorian. Agori fear Telluris not only for the plague they believe he has but also because of his madness.Metus (May-tus) - BS01 PageMetus is a former Ice Tribe Agori. He was temporarily transformed into a snake by Mata Nui as a punishment for betraying the Agori and Glatorian.External LinksTo download the podcast or read the script, visit the following links: * BIONICLEstory.com * BIONICLEsector01 Wiki * BIONICLE Reference Center

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