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Whoa, so hey.First topic on BZPower in over a year; cool.Well, a while ago, I was rejuvinated in my desire to complete my Kanohi/Krana/Kraata collections. I keep track of what I have using the checklists that were created years ago. I believe they were made by member Master of the Cube.I really liked those checklists a lot. But one thing that I came to discover is that they are quite difficult to use for virtual logging of progress. Printing them out on paper and using a pencil works fine with them, but the JPG quality makes it very hard to just use a bucket fill whenever you add a new Krana to your collection, or aquire a new Kanohi.So I took it upon myself to begin construction of newer, PNG file type checklists to share with everyone. :)And so, here is the first of many, the Wild Kraata Checklist:


Wild Kraata Checklist (1491 x 1600)

And of course, there is a Hi-Res Version (3728 x 4000) for those of you who like BIG things. :PI am a minimalist, so there isn't a terribly huge amount of story information that will be included with these. Just pure and simple charts to log your additions into.Watch this space; more checklists are to come.


Edited by Dirk Strider

zT0o5WQ.pngKohila zVZHXI3.pngKohilaice vHGufqp.pngKohi#0612



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Pretty cool. I like your idea--PNG's beat JPG's for this kind of work any day. I have copies of all the other checklists printed out, and this is a nice addition. Being the kind of person who remembers small details of the storyline, though, I've found one tiny problem: Panrahk's kraata's coloration is copper/tan, not brown/tan, and its power is called "fragmenting", not "shattering". But hey, it's close enough. =b Anywho, nice work. Looking forward to more.

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