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Bionicle's The Alliance

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Bionicle’s The Alliance

A Fan Fiction by Toa Ignacis

Inspired by Marvel’s The Avengers(Not a Parody/Mash Up/Cut and Paste, etc)

Chapter One

Rebirth of Darkness

Lesovikk sat panting on the outskirts of the Matoran civilization on Spherus Magna. He had just killed Karzahni, and barely managed to escape from the Toa Nuva. He could still recall every detail of what had happened. The crazed ruler Karzahni had come out of nowhere and attacked him. He had quickly withdrawn his sword, but the massive being had already been on top of him. He had stabbed him through the chest and then let the body fall the ground. He had retrieved his sword, but he was so shocked by what he had done, he cast it aside. Fearing what the other Toa would do if they found out, he took off running in a random direction until he was sure he was far enough away. Now, he sat wondering what was going to happen to him. He had violated the Toa Code, a crime whose punishment was not exactly set in stone. From his vantage point, he could still see Tahu peering over the body. He did not take long to examine it, and several of the Dark Hunters took the body out of the settlement, most likely to bury it.As the sun set below the horizon, Lesovikk collapsed against the canyon wall behind him. They would never believe him. Given his past with Karzahni, no one would ever fully believe he acted in self-defense, and that it was an accident. Even if they cleared him, that cloud of suspicion would always hang over him. He could run, but he was still a Toa. He still had a duty to protect the Matoran and the rest of Mata Nui population. But how could he? He couldn’t be everywhere at once, nor could he obtain enough information to be effective. In the case of large-scale conflict, he risked his fellow Toa turning on him and arresting him. And who knows what the Order would do if they got a hold of him? He was torn, between his own self-preservation and his destiny as a Toa.“You know, not all heroes fight during the day, Toa of Air.”Lesovikk turned around and let loose a cannon of air. There was a blur of movement that went left, but his eyes were not completely adjusted to the darkness around him. He readied another blast, but someone grabbed his wrist.“Stop. We mean you no harm, Lesovikk.”He turned to see two tall, black figures next to him. One was a Vortixx, and judging by her voice and weapons, it was the one known as Roodaka. The being next to her was much taller, with multiple limbs, a long face and several blades stored on his body. He recognized him as the Dark Hunter known as Darkness. It was his job to oversee the Shadowed One’s rule of the organization, and to protect him at all costs.“Roodaka. Let me guess, you two are here to get my autograph. Sorry, but I left my chisel and hammer at home.”“We are not here to make jokes Lesovikk. We are here to offer you membership into our organization. In fact, we are asking you to lead it.”“Since when did you join the Dark Hunters, Roodaka?”“Not the Hunters, Lesovikk. The G.U.A.R.D.”“What guard? What are you talking about?”“Not any guard. The G.U.A.R.D. We are secret union consisting of all the different races, species and organizations of Spherus Magna. And we want you to lead us.”“What’s the catch?”“The catch is you will be in charge of recruiting new members. We believe you have the leadership skills to do this,” said Darkness.“Who are we trying to recruit?” asked Lesovikk, smiling. The G.U.A.R.D was the perfect opportunity to still serve his role as a Toa and keep to shadows.“Hold on there, boss. We need to at least get you a weapon,” said Darkness.“And some new armor,” said Roodaka with a playful smile.“Let me guess. I can have any color I want, as long as it’s black?” said Lesovikk.“Something like that.”

* * *

It had been several months since Lesovikk had took over G.U.A.R.D. He learned that it was an acronym for “The Guardian’s Unified Alliance: Response Division.” So far, he had recruited close to fifty members for the G.U.A.R.D. Most were used as spies and intelligence gatherers inside of the various organizations. They had completely rebuilt him from the ground up, combining technology and knowledge from the Order, the Brotherhood, Artakha and even the Agori. The new armor increased his physical strength somewhat, as well as his overall size. As he guessed, the armor was mostly black, but still retained his overall green appearance. He was given a simple Zamor Sphere launcher, armed with silver spheres and empty ones filled with Madu fruit. The weapon was easy enough to use, but also very versatile. He could even channel his air powers through them.Today, he was meeting with his top operatives and commanders to discuss the newest mission they were about to embark on. As he walked into the main control room, Roodaka and Darkness rose to attention. He nodded at them and they returned to their seats. “Black looks good on you, Lesovikk. Not as good as me, but close,” came a voice to his left. Lesovikk turned to see a tall, green being wielding a pair of blades that could double as a shield. Though his armor had also been modified slightly, Lesovikk recognized Gresh, a Glatorian from the Jungle Tribe, without hesitation. He was the newest promoted member, earning the rank of sergeant, and lead a group of fellow Glatorian and Toa often on raids and stealth missions. “Gresh, good to see another air brother up here in the ranks. Congrats on your promotion,” he said, and bumped fists with him.“Well, you were the one who called it,” said Gresh.“No, you earned it.”“Commander, its time to go over our next mission.,” said Roodaka.“Of course,” he said and he took a seat at the front of the table. Gresh sat towards the back, and Darkness and Roodaka took their spots at either side of him. A Ga-Toa entered from the left doorway, carrying several tablets. She stood at attention and saluted Lesovikk.“Toa Mahri Hahli, Commander. I have the tablets you requested.”“At ease, Hahli. Let’s see what we have here then.” Lesovikk peered over one of the tablets, and placed it into a slot on the table. It created several small viewing screens around the room, one set in front of each person seated. Lesovikk picked up a control device and began to speak, using the device to cycle through the various videos and screens that were playing. “As you know, Karzahni has somehow made a return and is threatening war against our peoples. I have asked our top operatives to collect a list of our people’s greatest warriors and heroes. Now, these individuals will only be called upon should we need them, but we will get to that later. First, here is what we know.“Somehow, Karzahni has returned and allied himself with the Skakdi Fusion and is using his power to create an army, despite our recent research projects we were conducting with the Fusion. Now, what Karzahni plans to do with this army or how to stop him is still unknown. So to start, we are going to try and recruit Miserix.” Lesovikk clicked the device and a profile of Miserix began to play in front of everyone, listing his species, criminal record and other important information. “We believe his knowledge of creating life might help us to unravel the secrets behind the Fusion and how to stop him, or even destroy him if necessary. Roodaka, your job will be to track him down and bring him in. He is currently AWOL, but we know he is not with the Matoran or Agori people.”“Understood, Commander,” said Roodaka.“Gresh, we want you to run an infiltration operation against the Skakdi. We believe the Fusion has returned to its people for protect and isolation. See if you can discover any more information from them, but do it quietly. Finally, Darkness and I will round up the beings our researches have complied and bring them in to help with our operations.”“Who are these beings, Commander?” asked Darkness. “I would like to know what we are getting into before we jump into the field.”“Hahli, bring up the list,” said Lesovikk. The Toa of Water took one of the tablets and pressed it face down into the counsel to the left of the table. A projector threw up a list of names, pictures and descriptions onto the far wall. The assembled beings turned to view the list.“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me…” said Lesovikk.

-Iggy, Toa of Fire

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