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Larlak Residential Roster

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Posted Jul 03 2012 - 09:23 PM

Aloft: Castle In The Sky - Riakla: Discussion Forum - Larlak: Residental RosterWelcome to the City in the Sky. You might already be living here; but since SOMEONE destroyed all the citizen records(I'm looking at you, Arkara), we must gather them all again.However; good news! If you have already been approved already, you can simply post the profiles and go! Otherwise, you'll have to submit them to the handy guide in Riakla, aka, sector 5. It is a nuisance, yes, but is necessary for proper approval of your citizen registration form.However, luckily for everyone, some records have been retained, despite the fire.(Still think you're behind that, Arkara. Even YOU have to admit it's suspicious your records were one of the only ones retained.) Therefore, you can use those as a guideline!For everyone who hasn't already gotten their forms filled out once, we will attach a copy of it at the end of this handy letter.Cheers to everyone, and hope you have a nice time on the City in the Sky!-Council Leader TreikanPost here only after your profile's approved in the discussion topic, to save clutter.{Blank Citizen Form}Username: (Your BZP name)Character Name: (Self explanatory, what does your character call his or her self?)Gender: (Also self explanatory, is your character male or female?)Species: (Pretty much obvious, however, despite this being a Bionicle RPG, there are no MU species present. You can pick to be a Glatorian, Agori, Skrall, Bone Hunter, and possibly some other things, such as maybe a Vorox, but those might be case-by-case approvals.)Faction: (The Faithful, The Machine, The Air Pirates, neutral, or something else?)Equipment (What does your character start off with? A stick? A sword? Please note that the technology can't be too advanced, if it is, it won't be allowed. More advanced tech might possibly be found in the game.)Bio: (What's your character's past?)Appearance: (What does your character look like?){Profiles}Here are the Citizen Records we have gathered so far.Blade: Treikan, Arkara, Seiran, Sykar, Kreinan, Alvirator, StreiaBurnmad: Joskirre, Okavaung, Janaalra, Shaaltar, CriggBelthnor: CerzeiPyrrhon: DremHubert: Hubertus, Ignatius, TitusLevacius: Saphiron, SalvirosVorex: IanEmissary To The Void: Del Strata, Zed BrakarKing Snelly: Tenzan, HavonToa of Smooth Jazz: Tahnuk, Gontar, Arontak, TuakaKrayzikk: KiarvaungParagon: CandorGrochi: Aclaraung, CotaniBrow: "Endelig"Silvan Haven: KaelenCadias: Geklan, GAU 7Auron: Iruson, Nivom, AvraiThe CouncilUsername: BladeCharacter Name: Council Leader TreikanGender: MaleSpecies: Ice-Tribe GlatorianFaction: The Council(Neutral)Equipment: Treikan wields a reinforced cane, that works just as a bo-staff would for a normal person. It does not do anything special, in fact it's actually just a normal piece of wood, but it does do well to help with a limp or so.Bio: Treikan was one of the Glatorian who once fought in the now-ancient Core War. His memories may have faded, but he does still remember the beauty of the planet as it once was, prior to the war... And how much chaos there was on the surface directly after the core split.Appearance: Treikan is hunched over slightly, and a little shorter than the typical Glatorian, however, to think that would hinder his fighting abilities is a mistake, as he in fact fights as well as any Glatorian adventurer would. He wears a helmet that resembles an old wooden mask more than anything, specifically a sort of wise-looking bird found on the old planet; however, it still protects him as much as a normal helmet, since it only looks like a mask. His armour's joints are slightly rusted, but it's speculated that the rust is only for ceremonial purposes. His armour is indeed white; however, it looks more grayish now, due to age.The FaithfulUsername: BladeCharacter Name: SeiranGender: FemaleSpecies: Fire Tribe GlatorianFaction: The FaithfulEquipment: Seiran wields a normal sword, which she helped the local blacksmith create in the past, finding it better balanced to her than anything else, though it is theorized that part of the reason for that is because she helped to create it. She also has a bow handy to shoot stuff, however, she isn't as good at wielding a bow, than wielding a sword, so she doesn't bother to use it most of the time.Bio: Seiran is one who grew up on traditions. Her ancestor fought in the Core War, and talked about how the technology had been one of the reasons the planet split, though he constantly reminded her that it was one of the reasons the City still floated in the air. Since then, Seiran has helped the Faithful to try and limit the use of the ancient technology that the ruin explorers find, and try to convince the explorers to just leave the technology alone, as nothing good could come of it. However, after her ancestor was killed during a trip to the surface, in order to defend some young adventurers, she was given leadership of the Faithful, and now attempts to reason with the Machine and the Council herself, in an effort to make them listen to reason. Despite being a Fire-Tribe Glatorian, she is remarkably in touch with nature, and wishes to protect that, no matter what.Appearance: Seiran wears orange robe-like armour, and typically doesn't wear a helmet, as she tends to not get into fights intentionally. However, when she travels to the surface, she wears an orange helmet that is slightly too big, because it used to belong to her ancestor, the former leader of the Faithful. She wears the sheath for her sword on her waist, using a piece of rope to tie it as a belt of sorts.The MachineUsername: BladeCharacter Name: SykarGender: MaleSpecies: Water-Tribe GlatorianFaction: The MachineEquipment: Sykar wields a clockwork sword; a sword that can transform from a short knife to a longsword by flicking a switch on the handle of the sword. While it's not the most complex piece of machinery on the floating island, it's more complex than typical blacksmiths make on the City; and was found right at the entrance of one of the ruins.Bio: Gearhead. Mechanic. Nerd. Geek. Robot. Evil Crazy Mad Scientist. Sykar has been called many titles in his past; however, the one he holds dear most of all, is 'Leader of the Machine'. A mechanic through-and-through, Sykar is determined to find ways to bring the City in the Sky, and Bota Magna in the process, to it's former prosperity, by using machines to enhance the city, and maybe even expand the planet below more and more, until it's back to normal, and the Vorox and Biomechanical Dinosaurs are extinct. However, he heavily dislikes nature, and wishes to have the technology expand, and envelop all of the nature on the planet below, only leaving the important pieces, and a handful of natural locations.Appearance: Sykar is an odd Glatorian. Despite being a Glatorian, he seems almost like an Agori, having a stature that looks as if he hasn't grown all the way yet, which might just be the case for the moment; and his face has an almost youthful appearance, when it's not obscured by his heavily mechanized helmet, which resembled a welder's protective mask.The Sky PiratesUsername: BladeCharacter Name: KreinanGender: MaleSpecies: SkrallFaction: The Air PiratesEquipment: Kreinan prefers to fight with his fists, but if he has to, he will bring a longsword/katana hybrid, and a kinda-automatic crossbow, which has been outfitted to have a clip, and a slightly automated mechanism, where the next crossbow bolt drops down into the chamber, after the first bolt is fired, allowing the crossbow to fire again right after being reset. The recoil is horrible, however.Bio: Oh, those bumbling buffoons. Why do they always have to get on Kreinan's nerves? Kreinan dislikes the majority of the crew that typically goes with him on missions; not the crew for the entire Air Pirates, but the crew on his personal ship. They never do as he asks them to, and when he yells at them, they just apologize instantly! What kind of self respecting pirate apologizes!? He loses interest after that typically, though, since he usually sets his sights on treasure. Treasure... That is what got him to be a pirate in the first place. After hearing those two babbling factions yammer on about how technology is good, or no it's bad, Kreinan decided to settle the issue, by getting to the technology; the treasure in his eyes; first, and removing the cause for the squabbling. Oh, and netting him a profit, of course. However, although he's a pirate, he's not a barbarian. People do have to live their lives, after all. Just, not if they get in his way.Appearance: Kreinan has an... odd... appearance for a Skrall. He has forest green secondary armour, and a dark grey primary armour set. He also has a greyish-coloured helmet, which sticks up at the back slightly, due to a defect in the creation of the helmet. Kreinan typically appears confident, thinking himself to be the best pirate in the sky, and constantly tried to show that.NeutralUsername: BladeCharacter Name: ArkaraGender: MaleSpecies: Jungle-Tribe GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment: Arkara wields a rather large Claymore, and a shield. Typically at the same time, too. It's not really understood how Arkara manages to wield a Claymore in one hand, but people have learned not to ask questions. Or even go near him in the first place.Bio: Arkara is not coordinated. At all. It's a wonder he's still alive, actually, considering the amounts of times he's managed to get himself, and others, in trouble. He also does not do well with thinking up how to tell stories either, managing to massacre them every time. Everyone hates him, since he messes things up continually, an- ... What? Stop telling your story? But you can't tell it at all! Oh, fine.A long time ago, in a City, far, far in the sky, there was a Glatorian, named Arkara. This brave warrior was considered an outcast by the rest of the Glatorian and Agori he swore to protect, simply because of a few instances of things going horribly wrong. However, despite that, he vowed to make things right, and bring pride to his name once more. ... Or, for once, depending on who you ask.Appearance: Arkara looks like a typical Jungle Tribe Glatorian... Well, except for his helmet, which looks like someone welded a pair of goggles to a normal helmet. The helmet's been streamlined a bit, and sticks out slightly at the back, but Arkaradoesn't typically seem to care. His armour's colour is a medium green; not too bright, but not too dark. Perfect for jungle camoflage, though. Usually. The Bio-Mechanical Dinosaurs seem to like to sniff him out from a mile away, however.Username: BladeCharacter Name: AlviratorGender: MaleSpecies: Frost-based SohlhikanFaction: SohlhikanEquipment: None, except for his natural steel-sharp claws, his weapon-repelling 'armour' that his scales allow, and his razor-sharp teeth.Powers: Frost-based breath powers; enhanced stamina compared to mortal two-legs, who need to have objects float to be in the sky; flight capabilities; and other Sohlhikan powers.Bio: Alvirator is the great frost dragon; only taking second fiddle because he doesn't deal well with fame and pesky people wanting him to carve his name into slabs. However, he is a member of the council of Sohlhikan; though he simply misses most of the meetings, due to training himself in the wild. He has, however, recently returned, and grudgingly has started to attend the meetings once more. He doesn't trust the no-wing two-legs, however; due to their requirement to have things float in the air to stay in the sky, and such. He would rather just knock the objects in question out of the sky, and be done with it.Appearance: Alvirator is a frost dragon; yet his colouring would suggest a poison dragon more, as he has a green-style colouring to his scales, and his eyes are like emeralds in their shading. It is possible that his scales are similar to diamonds, however, since the Great Beings had taken interest in his scale when they were around, causing him to grudgingly respect them, despite them still being two-legs.Username: BladeCharacter Name: StreiaGender: FemaleSpecies: Water Tribe AgoriFaction: Neutral/working girlEquipment: Normal armour, and a shortsword made for her size, to be powerful enough when momentum is put behind it, but not too long that she cannot wield the sword.Bio: Streia is a typical Agori; she mostly just wants to find work, but can get caught up in dangerous situations at times, because of desperation for things to do. Her first and only trip to the surface, prior to recent times, was to Narcesti, during her Rite of Passage ritual. It was relatively normal, however, Streia didn't take to the danger, despite the fact that she got caught up in dangerous situations many times.Appearance: Streia wears the normal armour of the water tribe; blue and light grey armour. She typically wears a lightblue helmet that only show her golden eyes, if only because she wants to seem tougher than she really is.

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Posted Jul 03 2012 - 09:26 PM

Username: Burnmad: Toa of EmoticonsCharacter Name: JoskirreGender: MaleSpecies: Glatorian, Fire TribeFaction: NeutralEquipment A cane, which has various hidden features such as a crossbow, a hidden blade, a clock and a protosteel umbrella that also functions as a shield. Wears light protosteel armor and helmetBio: Joskirre worked as a researcher on ancient ruins for as long as he can remember, although he never got to go in them and explore them himself. He eventually got fed up with this, and quit, using his savings to purchase an airship and several weeks worth of supplies.Appearance: Joskirre is a tall, red, whimsical-looking glatorian. His light protosteel armor is colored to look like a tuxedo, and whenever he's not on the surface, he wears a top hat in place of his helmet.Username: Burnmad: Toa of EmoticonsCharacter Name: OkavaungGender: MaleSpecies: SohllikanFaction: The SohllikanEquipment: None, although he has the ability to exhale blasts of air cold enough to freeze the moisture on someone's skin, and the ability to temporarily become ethereal at will.Bio: Okavaung is the lieutenant to Aclaraung. He is completely dedicated to his fellow sohllikan and they all share a sense of honor and kinship, considering each other siblings.Appearance: Okavaung Is a light grey sohllikan, which is similar to a dragon (By similar, I mean exactly alike). he has two curved spikes on his forehead (Not like horns, but one in front of the other. The one in rear is six inches long and the one in front of it is four) His wings are a beautiful translucent light blue. He is roughly 33 feet long from his nose to the tip of his tail, and his wingspan is about 30 feet.Username: Burnmad: Toa of EmoticonsCharacter Name: JanaalraGender: FemaleSpecies: Agori, Jungle TribeFaction: The FaithfulEquipment: A large sword, shaped like an elongated oak leaf. A shield, shaped like an exotic flower. Light armor, with exotic flowers carved into the breastplate, with the roots winding down her limbs. Her helmet looks like a vine wrapped around her head.Bio: Janaalra doesn't have much past. She's very young, still having yet to kill a bio-mechanical dinosaur for her rite of passage. After she does so, she intends to go along on some expeditions into ruins to learn more about the Great Beings.Appearance: Janaalra's appearance is described pretty well in the equipment section, considering she's covered in armor. Said armor is of various vibrant colors, mostly sky blue, although her helmet is bright green. The center of her a shield is a dark purple while the petals are a bright yellow. Her sword and the roots carved into her armor are brown, although they aren't a dull brown. The flowers on her breastplate are several vibrant colors, mostly yellows, reds, oranges and blues.Username: Burnmad: Toa of EmoticonsCharacter Name: ShaaltarGender: MaleSpecies: Agori, Iron TribeFaction: The MachineEquipment: A long, slightly backwardly curving sword, a gear-shaped shield with a hole in the center, and a spear of sorts, made to fit into the shield's hole perfectly. He's completely covered in heavy armor, which has many decorative gears on it.Bio: Shaaltar is a veteran warrior. For years he's hired himself out to protect people going on expeditions, chase down and kill criminals, and any other job involving combat you can think of. He gladly accepts any challenge thrown at him, including duels. Whether they're in alleys or arenas, he shows up, wins, and leaves. He's even beaten several Glatorian in battle.Appearance: Shaaltar is a short Agori, covered at all times by a thick layer of armor. His weapons, shield and armor are all a dull gray.Username: Burnmad: Toa of EmoticonsCharacter Name: CriggGender: MaleSpecies: SkrallFaction: The Air PiratesEquipment: A large maul, which is black at the bottom and slowly turns into a dark red higher up the handle. The head is the dark-blueish black color of a horrible bruise. Wears extremely heavy armor.Bio: Crigg is an air pirate, and has always been one. He's only there in case the victims resist, though. His partners do the piloting and selling of merchandise. Especially the latter, considering Crigg can barely speak English.Appearance: Crigg is a short, bulky skrall, made even bulkier by his heavy protosteel armor, which is black with a dark red helmet.

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Posted Jul 03 2012 - 09:29 PM

Username: BelthnorCharacter Name: CerzeiGender: FemaleSpecies: SkrallFaction: The FaithfulEquipment: Barbed Steel StaffBio: Cerzei was originally apart of the Sisters of the Skrall, the all female group of Skrall with the intent of finding the Great Being, Angonce. Their obsession disturbed the more moderate Cerzei, who was more interested about the technology and culture the Great Beings ad created. As of a result, she was banished into the forests of then Spherus Magna, where she spent her time searching for traces of her creators. When the Shattering happened, Cerzei was one of the remaining female Skrall that were left on Bota Magna, unlike Bara Magna's larger SotS. Cerzei then became an archeologist for the Faithful, and has pressured her leaders to do more than their mere efforts of sending small teams to the surface.Appearance: Cerzei looks more feminine than most Skrall- even her own gender. Her face is angular in shape, and is mainly covered by the helmet that wraps around her head. She bears a maroon robe, with a sapphire that holds the clothing together. Without the robe, her body is ebony, with pearly white lines of artistry that are scattered throughout her body.
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Posted Jul 03 2012 - 09:30 PM

Username: PyrrhonCharacter Name: DremGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorionFaction: The FaithfulEquipment: Flute, Spear.Bio: Drem doesn't really speak or care much about his past, as most of it was too lacking of interest to be useful. He's taken on the role of a messenger for the city, working to deliver items and messages of importance. He doesn't really work for money, though tips are always nice. He likes the city itself, the invention of the Great Beings. He took on the job to give him a way to see all of it while still being able to support himself and earn a living.Appearance: Sleek curving silver armor, with mint green underneath. his helmet is shaped like that of a motorcycle helmet without glass.
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Posted Jul 03 2012 - 10:09 PM

Username: It's a Gundam!Name: HubertusGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment: Halberd and Thornax LauncherBiography: Hubertus, along with his two companions, was a mercenary during the Core War, selling his manpower and skills to whoever paid the highest. He did not truly enjoy his job however, preferring to explore the world. Yet it was the only way to survive on Spherus Magna, so he was forced to do so. When the Shattering occurred, he ended up on Bota Magna with many others, and quickly started up a new job as a carefree adventurer, wanting to finally grab hold of his dreams.Appearance: Hubertus' armour is a dark-brown colour, with hints of orange and maroon in it. His helmet prevents anyone from seeing much of his face, with only two sockets to show his golden eyes. Most of his armour has many scratches on it, and there are some signs of a different orange, which reveal his status as formerly part of the Iron Tribe,---Username: It's a Gundam!Name: IgnatiusGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment: Guan Dao and Thornax LauncherBiography: With Hubertus and Titus, Ignatius was formerly a mercenary, working for whichever faction in the Core War paid the highest. Despite being part of the Fire Tribe, he did not feel much connection to them, allowing him to fight against his former comrades without much fanfare. When the Shattering occurred, he was lost in his purpose, a rare thing for the normally hot-headed Glatorian. But he soon returned to normal, joining Hubertus in his friend's attempt to explore.Appearance: Like most Fire Tribe Glatorian, Ignatius is a crimson colour, which somehow has not dulled despite all his years of fighting. His eyes are a bright green, and they shine warmly behind his red helmet, which looks a lot like the head of a Zaku II Commander Type, even possessing a single red horn.---Username: It's a Gundam!Name: TitusGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment: Spatha and Thornax LauncherBiography: Titus was the voice of sanity in the mercenary group that consisted of him, Hubertus and Ignatius, or at least, the sanest of the three. He kept this role for the entirety of the Core War, and it was him who managed to get his friends to safety during the Shattering. Along with Ignatius, he joined up with Hubertus, and the three ended up adventuring around Bota Magna on their airship.Appearance: A former member of the Jungle Tribe, Titus' armour is a mixture of dark greens, light greens and blue. His upper body is mostly dark green, with some minor blue areas, while his lower body is black and light green. His helmet, which is dark-green, is similar to the helms of Roman Centurions.

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Posted Jul 04 2012 - 12:32 AM

Username: Toa Levacius ZehvorCharacter Name: SaphironGender: FemaleSpecies: Fire GlatorianFaction: The FaithfulWeapons: Saphiron’s preferred weapon is a Dai-Katana crafted of dark black-grey Exsidian with a gilding of gold. The weapons weight is greater that it is supposed to be and thus placed off balance, especially along the pommel, due to the greater weight of gold in comparison to other metals. For her, however, this is negated, as she has practiced almost solely with using this weapon, and using its increased weight to add extra power to the blows she makes. For situations where a melee weapon is no longer practical for use, she switches instead to a modified crossbow with exceptional power, using specially crafted bolts capable of piercing through the armor of all but the largest biomechanical dinosaurs that wander the surface. The crossbow is further modified for increased accuracy and the ability to be cranked back within seconds for additional speed. The weapons names are Firesplitter and Stonebreaker.Armor: Saphiron wears a set of red plate mail armor. The armor was crafted from a metal known as Fire Stone (obviously not a stone), a metal as light as leather and as durable as exsidian, and nearly immune to heat. Whilst the leather and chain portions are conceived of exceptional supplies, leather from the tanned hide of a raptor and chain links forged of exsidian, the Fire Stone is what makes the equipment unique by providing excellent protection, but adding only a couple pounds of weight covering the full body. The Fire Stone components of the armor are constantly cold as they repulse heat, and this resistance to flame is what makes it so hard to craftAuxillary Equipment: Saphiron keeps a pack with her when she travels the surface containing a compass, rope, and a couple weeks worth of rations and supplies, along with extra ammunition for her crossbow and repellants for most creatures that reside in the jungle. She also has a rolled up, ancient map that shows the locations of the major ruins, and individual maps of each one that show all areas she has been forced to land at and inspect over they years. The most bizarre contraptions she carries are a sextant and a pair of limited range binoculars. Finally, she keeps a log in which she records findings, and a number of separate bags to store anything that is discovered.Bio: Towards the early days of the Core War, Saphiron was not just one of the Glatorian who fought in the gladiatorial arena of Ohmvold, but also in line to ascend to the queen of the city once her father, the king of the city, fell to his quickly descending old age. At the time she was young, only a couple thousand years of age. Then the War began, as it would for centuries more. Her city was one of the first to fall, and all that she was to one day have lost in the destruction caused by the Skrall of the Rock Tribe. To this end, she became a sergeant serving in the armies of the Element Lord of Fire for the glory of the Fire Tribe, and participated in more battles than she could possibly hope to remember, killing dozens in each and coming close to death more times than many of her fellows had killed.That was the past. Present day, Saphiron wears the same armor that she wore during most battles in the war, and the Katana that remains the last piece of her old home in the ancient city of Ohmvold. Rather than serve in battles, however, she acts as a one of the overseers for those seeking their rite of passage, and escorts the young down to the surface. Her job is simple – to see them through the battle, and if they die, finish the job herself.Her home is rather small, containing only a few chambers, each stock piled with numerous weapons on display, all perfectly serviceable. As she spends very little in the name of finery and entertainment, she often has large amounts of money to spare in comparison to others who share a similar job to her, and occasionally attends social events of the upper class in pursuit of information.Appearance: Saphiron is of about average height for Glatorian, in excellent physical condition for getting involved in melee combat. The armor she wears is a reddish coloration and is somewhat pitted from combat, and she rarely takes it off due to a little healthy paranoia.

Username: Toa Levacius ZehvorCharacter Name: SalvirosGender: MaleSpecies: LafikoanFaction:The SohllikanEquipment: None.Powers & Abilities: Salviros possesses the full, formidable powers of a Dragon in melee combat, though less than most of his kind due to his smaller size. His abilities over his flaming breath are limited in comparison to others of his kind (he cannot maintain concentration for very long, so instead he prefers to disgorge explosive blasts when pressed to use his breath weapon); to compensate, he is a powerful psionic with advanced telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and even possesses the ability to create weak illusions or implant suggestions into the minds of those of little will that their own mind becomes convinced it wishes to do. It is of note that despite his reduced size, his scales are no less difficult to breach than those of his larger cousins, and his claws and teeth are razor sharp. He is also quite a bit faster and more agile than others. He has taken to a diet of the poisoned Bogmurder fern, and over the years has built up an immunity to it - the poison often coats his teeth for hours afterwards, and is highly toxic.Bio: Salviros is a very old and very smart Sohllikan, and possesses a very cunning mind and grasp of tactics. He is highly patient, but lashes out quickly against others when a superior is not there to keep him in check. In combat, he is highly pragmatic, unwilling to sacrifice anything to defeat his enemies unless he knows for a fact that he'll be able to take it back later, or that it would be a worthwhile investment. He is also a loner, and does not like working with other members of his species.He is known to disobey orders if he finds something better to do, though his actions have never been outright treacherous. In truth (a truth concealed in his shielded mind, beyond the reach of enemies), he has been plotting possible was to defeat Aclaraung and rise to his power for many years, and has watched members of his species for slip-ups and possible means of either turning them against their leader or getting them out of the final battle, on the day that it comes.It's no big secret at Salviros hates the Agori, Glatorian, and pretty much everything that isn't a Dragon (this including the dinosaurs down on the surface world), and believes that they should all be dominated or destroyed by their true masters, the Sohllikan species. In the event of him having power, his first act would no doubt be destroying the City in the Clouds.Appearance: Salviros is a black scaled member of the Lafikoan species. He is some twenty one feet in length, still of imposing stature to Glatorian and the like. His wingspan is also slightly greater in comparison to his body size, though not enough so to impact his movement negatively. His head is covered in vicious spikes, and some of his lower teeth, like those of a crocodile, go over his upper jaw. His eyes shine a piercing yellow light that only increases when he is employing his psionic abilities. His tail is covered in multiple spikes, and he has an additional claw on his right foot.

Username: Toa Levacius ZehvorSpecial: This character takes up two character slots – the mount and the actual character – but is for all other intents and purposes a single character. Because I don’t want to describe a character sheet for a stupid lizard – however, the lizard cannot be killed without permission.Character Name: AakhunGender: MaleSpecies: VoroxFaction: Bota Magnan Vorox (Sand Tribe)Primary Weapon (AT): Aakhun carries a very long spear, long enough that he can use it as a lance when mounted. The spear is crafted from the finest of exsidian, with its tip honed to a perfect edge, allowing it to penetrate almost any armor with enough force. At least, that’s how it appears at first. When gripped, it magnetizes to the users hand and forms a sphere of glowing orange energy that stops incoming attracts from there. The magnetic pull keeps the weapon in hand unless the user wills otherwise. The weapon holds one other function, which is that the user can choose to leave it hanging midair – no matter how much effort is put, after they activate this function, the spear will hang in midair, or stay on the ground, or whatever, until they deactivate it by making contact again.Secondary Weapons: Aakhun also carries a number of secondary weapons, though none of them possess the same bizarre powers of his Great Being created spear. The first is a couple of bola that he has trained to use while mounted upon a moving creature. The second is a long blowgun shaft he can use to fire blowdarts, often tipped with poisons, usually of the paralytic variety. Third, he carries a long knife. Finally, he has a shield designed the way one would for jousting, allowing him to use it while he’s performing mounted combat without difficulties.Armoring & Apparel: Aakhun wears a suit of a breastplate crafted from a metal frame with the scales of a biomechanical dragon incorporated into it. He also has boots, gauntlets, and the like crafted from the boiled leather of the skin underneath the dinosaurs scales, albeit without the scales still attached in this case. His helmet is crafted mostly from well tempered metal covering the entire top and back of his head and then wrapping around in the front of his face, near the jaw. On the side, rather than solid metal, are threads from the web of a Jungle Lurker – almost indestructible and incredibly light – woven together to hold extremely small dinosaur scales. The scales are placed to allow sound to better move through, thus allowing Aakhun to retain full use of his hearing abilities.Auxiliary Equipment: Aakhun carries a number of packs when him when out in the jungle hunting. One of the smaller ones contains a broken pocket watch on a gold chain, a compass, and a number of oddities he has collected across the jungle. The second contains jerked meats, berries, and the like. The third, a well sealed pack that contains lining to keep away odors, is filled with raw meat and stinking pieces of slain beasts that he uses as bait. The fourth and final is a large skin filled with a couple gallons of purified water, one of the most vital things to oens survival during jungle exploration.Mount: Aakhun is mounted upon a riding lizard, just big enough for him to ride and keep strapped with pouches for equipment and supply without difficulty. The creature appears as a somewhat smaller version of that thing that Obi-Wan Kenobi rides in the Revenge of the Sith. The back is also quite a bit lower to the ground. The creature has feet much like that of a gecko, allowing it to climb vertical surfaces and even hang upside down when without its rider. The creature is an able combatant in its own right. He never took the time to name it.Biography: Aakhun was a warrior of the Sand Tribe during the Core War, long in the ancient past, and looking carefully at scars on his form one can tell that he saw many of its battles through. Even before then he fought for the tribes honor, and held a more respected position then than he does today. After the Great Beings began experimentations on the species, he was quite unpleased with the result and often looked down upon by others for his refusal to use their gifts. Nevertheless, his skills and honor in battle kept him from falling into the lower class of Vorox society. When the Shattering occurred, his life was changed from warrior to hunter, and that hunting often involves intruders from the City in the Sky.Appearance: Aakhun, without his additional equipment as listed above, looks much like your average Vorox. His armor is more of a greenish color than is usual for the species, perhaps due to some innate tendency caused by the Great Beings experiments that has adapted him over those thousands of years. He has the clawed hands and feet and of course the hallmark stinger tail that are normally associated with the species, but unlike many he never took much time in learning those biological weapons, leaving him at a disadvantage against others of his species in unarmed combat. As can be determined from the description of his helmet, he dislikes the more barbaric look of the more commonly used ones of the Sand Tribe.

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Username: Using Less VorexCharacter Name: IanGender: N/A (prefers to be referred to as male)Species: N/A (artificial intelligence)Faction: NoneEquipment: A metal shell which he lives in, a torch built into the shell.Abilities: Ian can electrocute people or objects that he comes into contact with.Bio: No-one knows much about Ian's history, least of all Ian himself. He is made from ancient technology, but is incredibly... um... well, thick, to be honest.Appearance:

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-The Barkeep-Username: Emissary to the VoidCharacter Name: Del StrataGender: FemaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: Neutral Equipment: A Walloon sword.Bio: Del began life in the low-income sectors of Bota Magna, barely managing to scrape by as an war orphan. Both of her parents had been killed in action during the Core War, forcing her to take her life into her own hands.She worked as a thug for a long while, as well as a con-woman and arms dealer. After the creation of the City in the Sky, she even worked for the Air Pirates for a bit. Her reputation for ruthlessness and effectiveness as a warrior grew, earning her the nickname “The Blood Angel”.However, Strata managed to escape that life, opening a restaurant known as the “Floating Shadow”, a venue catering to those in the need of a cold drink or a hot meal, and are willing to put up with Del’s gruff demeanor.Appearance: A very attractive Glatorian, Del is of average height, and a lithe build, with black and dark blue armour.-The Thug-Username: Emissary to the VoidCharacter Name: Zed BrakarGender: MaleSpecies: Bone HunterFaction: Air PiratesEquipment: Two Skrall Tribal Design bladesBio: Zed, all in all, has lead a fairly uninteresting life. He’s never committed any grand plots, or schemes, or any other particularly exciting crimes. He mainly worked as a thug, and a muscle-for-hire, committing any crime for the right price.After the creation of the City in the Sky, and the formation of the Air Pirates, Zed decided to radically change his approach to business, sticking with the Air Pirates for the long-term.While not much of his time amongst the group is known, it is a fact that he spent a great deal of time working with Del Strata. He may have had some romantic feelings towards her, but it’s known for a certainty that she did not reciprocate them.Appearance: A particularly tall Bone Hunter, with black and grey armour, Zed generally wears light-tan, burlap jackets and pants.-Void

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Username: King SnellyCharacter Name: TenzanGender: MaleSpecies: Glatorian, Jungle TribeFaction: The FaithfulEquipment: A rather long steel pole, it’s rather light weight as the inside is hollowed out. It also has kite like sails that can extend out of slits inside the pole to become a simple glider.Bio: Tenzan is young Glatorian, and a self-proclaimed monk and martial artist. He was trained by an old Glatorian, who became his mentor and father figure. Though that all changed when his mentor disappeared during a trip to the surface, since then Tezan has desired to go to the surface to search for his teacher. Tenzan is a rather peaceful Glatorian, and only uses violence as a last resort, as he abhors it. He is often seen meditating in Drileiv, where his mentor trained him.Strengths and Weaknesses: Tenzan never starts a fight, always trying to solve problems peacefully, but if you force his hand, watch out; Tenzan is a trained in many forms of hand-to-hand combat and is also skilled with using his pole as a weapon. He is fast and nimble, primarily using evasion to dodge attacks while he analyzes and studies his opponents, when he finds an opening he strikes, and strikes hard and swiftly. While he is quite agile, he’s not a heavy hitter, and lacks powerful blows.Appearance: Tenzan looks like the average Jungle Tribe Glatorian. He’s primarily colored forest green, though his head, shoulders, hands, feet, knees, and elbows are black. Username: King SnellyCharacter Name: HavonGender: MaleSpecies: Glatorian, Fire TribeFaction: The Air PiratesEquipment: Broadsword that looks quite similar to Tahu's firesword, purely for looks, though it is quite sharp, as good as any other blade. He also has a flask hooked to a necklace around his neck.Bio: Havon is a happy-go-lucky and nearly always drunk Air Pirate. Of course, he typically does piratety things, stealing, causing mischief, going Arrrggh!!! He's a rather friendly guy however, and seems to have his own sense of honor. He won't kill a man unless he has to. Won't stop him from stealing your coins though. He always tends be drunk...like all the time.Appearance: Looks similar to Ackar, just with a pirate getup, you know a pirate hat, an awesome beard, and a eyepatch, despite the fact that he can see perfectly out of both eyes.

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Username: Toa of Smooth JazzCharacter Name: TahnukGender: MaleSpecies: Agori, Jungle Tribe.Faction: The MachineEquipment He carries a short sword.Bio: Before the shattering, he lived on Spherus Magna, living an uneventful life. At the time of the shattering, he was on the area that would become Bota Magna. After the shattering, he lived in the surface up ubtil the Core war. After the City in the sky was build, he lived there, glad to escape the jungle below. Being a member of the machine, he sometimes went to the surface in attempts to excavate machinery. During one of these trips, he suffered an injury in his left arm by a mechanical dinosaur, and his left arm never worked as well since. After that encounter, he went on trips to the surface more rarely, but still did them now and then.Appearance: Short for an Agori, is dark green in color. Wears no armour.Username: Toa of Smooth JazzCharacter Name: GontarGender: MaleSpecies: SohllikanFaction: SohllikanEquipment: Sharp teeth, armour like scales, wings. Firebreath.Bio: He is a member of the firebreathers, and lived near Dragon's Fie Tower most of his life. He sometimes flys around to view the island, and believes that one day the Sohllikan will rule Bota Magna. Once he got into a fight, which caused him to lose his right eye. Unlike most of his race, he is not easily angered, knowing anger causes a disadvantage in fights. He plots to one day overthrow Aclaraung, and be the leader of the dragons.Appearance: His scales are black in color. He has large spikes on his spine, red in color.. His wings are black near his body, and transition into red near the edges. His eye is yellow in color, and his head in red on the front and transitions into black near the back. Two small horns protrude from his forehead. He is 36 feet long, and has a wingspan of 39 feet.Username: Toa of Smooth JazzCharacter Name: ArontakGender: MaleSpecies: SkrallFaction: Air PiratesEquipment: He carries a cutlass, and an evil looking knife.Bio: Before the shattering, he lived on Spherus Magna. After the shattering, he ended up on Bota Magna. When the city on the sky was built, he moved to a place in it, and was later recruited by the Air Pirates. As a member of the air pirates, he attacked airships headed to the surface, until he decided to attempt to sabatouge the City in The Sky. He then disguised himself as a fire tribe Glatorian as not to attract suspicion, and attempted to find a way to sabatouge the anti gravity system.Appearance: As a skrall he is slightly smaller than most Glatorian. He is stronger than most Skrall, and carries a cutlass. In his disguise, he looks like a short, strong Fire tribe Glatorian with red armour.Username: Toa of Smooth JazzCharacter Name: TuakaGender: FemaleSpecies: Glatorian, Water TribeFaction: The FaithfulEquipment: Light gold armour, a long spear.Bio: During her early life, she lived on Spherus Magna rather uneventfully. After the shattering, she ended up on Bota Magna, where she then lived. After the city in the sky was built, she then lived in the city in the sky, originally being a member of The Machine. However, she questioned The Machine's motives, and removed herself from The Machine. Soon after, her weapons were stolen by Air Pirates, and she then lived in the city, getting new weapons ans deciding to be part of the Faithful.Appearance: Tall, lean, is somewhat agile. Could be considered attractive. Is blue in color.

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Username: KrayzikkCharacter Name: KiarvaungGender: MaleSpecies: SohllikanFaction: SohllikanEquipment: Armor-like scales, claws and teeth. Firebreath.Bio: Where Okavaung is leader of the Frostbreathers, Kiarvaung is leader of the Lafikan, the firebreathers. He acts as one of Aclaraung's lieutenants. Normally, he maintains a great calm, but he carries the potential for great rage.Appearance: Kiarvaung's scales are a dark crimson, slightly lighter on his underside. Small spikes run along his spine, ebony in color. His wings gradually transition from crimson near the bones, to a golden color along the rear of the membrane. His eyes are orange in contrast to the rest of his face. A single ebony horn protrudes from his forehead. Like most of his race, he is roughly thirty five feet from horn to tail tip, and has a wingspan of thirty seven feet.
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please delete

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Name: AclaraungSpecies: Fire Dragon of Bota Magna.Gender: MaleAppearance: A large, resplendent being, with golden-red scales, a long tail, and a mighty crest, three rows of blade-like horns along it, a long, spined frill of flesh which runs down his head to nearly the end of his tail, helping to stablize him in flight, long, clawed wing-arms with powerful muscles, powerful hind-legs as well.Powers: Being of the dragons of Bota Magna, he has a few specific abilities. First, he has latent psychic abilities-he can connect with a being's mind, to speak with them, and he can attack them mentally, though the contact is strained through distance. He also has slight telekinesis-he can pick up many objects with his mind, and use them as weapons/shields, though he can only pick one up at a time, and it strains his concentration as well.After that, he has fire-based abilities. He can breathe flame, of an almost liquid, napalm-like substance, which will stick and burn, even on the water, as well as being able to dispel heat/flame around him. He cannot, however, control the heat of the air, nor heat up a being, unless he's using his flame breath.As well as flame, he has powers over cold, frost, as well. He can breathe a gas as cold as liquid nitrogen, to freeze somebody on the spot, as well as being able to dispel any cold air around him. However, as before, he cannot manipulate something's heat/coolness except with his breath.Abilities: Aclaraung has excellent eyesight, on par with that of a hawk's, which he has used in the past when hunting. Now, he needs it little, though it is still a useful ability. He is also an excellent flier, despite his scale. He is capable of many acrobatic maneuvers in the air that could badly harm a normal being, due to his stronger build, as well as having his tail to help him steer in the air. He can also fly much longer than other dragon-like beings, natural endurance for him. He is, however, slower than most flyers, due to his heavy scale.Aside from that, Aclaraung has excellent hearing, a common trait to all of his species.Weapons: Everything natural. First, his scale is as hard as protosteel, though a well placed attack can still get through it. That, and it is rather sharp-if you run a hand along him the wrong way, trying to grab him, your hand will get cut to mincemeat. Aside from this, they are reflective, and he can slightly alter their position on his body, as to whether they are up from his body slightly, or flush against it.His flame breath is, of course, his most commonly used weapon. It is useful for burning enemy ships, when needed, and for lighting things at night/cooking his food. It is very dangerous, and burns for quite a long time.He also has his claws and his teeth, which he uses rather often as well, especially when fighting on the ground, near his friends, who he wouldn't want to burn.Finally, his tail is a weapon of its own right. Not only is it covered with sharp scales, those scales form a hard, armour-piercing tip at the end of his tail, which he can use to stab a being, as well as knocking somebody over/tripping somebody with his tail.Biography: All that is really known about Aclaraung is that he is ancient, and one of the largest dinosaur-like beings on Bota Magna, possibly their leader. He is also the only well-known example of his species.Username: Kal GrochiCharacter Name: CotanGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianTribe: JungleFaction: MachineEquipment: Book of useful medical herbs upon Bota Magna's surface, bronzen sabre, bronzen armour, made from salvaged material from some destroyed/damaged warmechs. Leather satchel.Appearance: Tall, always with his leather satchel containing herbs and books, always wearing his bronze-coloured armour, except when resting at home.Abilities: Good with medical knowledge, expert fencer with his Sabre.Bio: See, there's this thing about him-he's not a doctor, or, at least, he didn't start out as one. He was a field medic during the core wars, as well as a scientist. He's haunted due to one thing he did: He pushed another Glatorian into a pit of Energized Protodermis as a test, once.That's basically anybody knows about him now, though. And most people don't even know of that.

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Username: ibrowCharacter Name: “Endelig”Gender: MaleSpecies: Agori (Lost Gravity Tribe)Faction: NeutralEquipment: A lightweight but strong wooden staff, a sword, and a small dagger.Bio: Endelig is a member of the long-lost Gravity Tribe that once prospered on Spherus-Magna, and is possibly one of the oldest Agori still alive, clocking in at more than 300, 000 years of age. However, at the same time when the mysterious dream plague took hold of the Iron Tribe, Endelig could only watch as his own tribe fell victim to a mysterious force that caused their armor to slowly crumple into itself, crushing the Agori inside. Endelig led a group of seven other Agori from the Gravity Tribe on an expedition for a cure- it took several months, and when the remaining five Agori arrived back home, everyone else was gone. Endelig and the other four separated to go their separate ways, and Endelig himself has been living with the City in the Sky for some time, surviving on the streets. He has been looking to join either the Machines or the Faithful for a long time, in the hopes that he might make it down to the surface to explore the ruins that lay below and finally find an answer to what caused his tribe’s near extinction. Endelig’s true name is known by nobody, and it’s a question whether Endelig remembers himself. He took upon the name when he and his fellow Agori parted ways, as a way of naming himself a final surviving member of the Gravity Tribe.Appearance: Imagine THIS character, except he is an Agori with black and purple armor. He wears a helmet instead of the mask present, though it is shaped in a very similar manner. His dagger, sword and staff are hidden underneath an all black travelling cloak that includes a hood, which is often up and shrouding Endelig’s face in shadows.
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Posted Jul 05 2012 - 05:51 PM

Username: Silvan HavenCharacter Name: KaelenGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment A katana, wakizashi and an arm mounted thornax launcher.Bio: A relatively young Glatorian, Kaelen came into being during the end of the Cor War, just before the Shattering. For a long time he lived with his Sensei, learning the arts of the sword. Eventually, he died and Kaelen struck out on his own. He has bone his best to stay out of the conflicts of the people who live in the Castle in the Sky, preferring to do his best to help the city stay afloat.Appearance: As a Jungle Glatorian, his colors consist of varying shades of green. Here and there is a slight ice-like shade hinting at Ice tribe ancestry. Most of him is covered by a cloak colored in even shades of green and brown, to let him fade into the underbrush more easily. His helmet leaves his face open and sweeps out at the bottom in what look like layers.
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Username: Cadias.Character Name: Geklan.Gender: Male.Species: Glatorian.Faction: Neutral.Equipment: Geklan uses a Pata, with a short blade a little under a foot long.Bio: Geklan has been a merchant for almost as long as he can remember. He's been exploiting- that is, selling goods to people as far back as the Core Wars. Trapped on Bota Magna after the Shattering, he set up shop in the City in the Sky. He owns Geklan's Equipment, a small shop located in Yksfolt. It is there where he makes his living, selling new and used equipment. Unfortunately, some of the equipment isn't as new as he would like others to think.Geklan can be quite talkative, and usually limits himself to overpricing or 'mislabeling' his wares. He trusts few people, but values those he can.Appearance: Geklan's armor is a deep blue, with gold highlights. He's just a bit taller than most other Glatorian.GAU 7 approved by Blade.Username: Cadias.Character Name: General Assistance Unit 7. Just call him 7.Gender: Male programming.Species: None, as he is completely mechanical. However, he very closely resembles an Agori in size, strength, etc, etc.Faction: Neutral.Equipment: His power source, which can be removed. It is of the same design as the power sources on the smaller Biomechanical Dinosaurs. It attaches to his back.Bio: 7 was created to be a help in general, with programming to allow him to learn and adapt to various situations. Very little is known about his past beyond the fact that he was shoved into a closet, had his memory wiped, and his power source removed. The latter was placed at his feet, for whatever reason.7 was programmed to be willing to do any task given to him; fortunately, said programming was removed during what appears to have been an unprofessional and hasty memory wipe. As a result of the deletion, 7 has much greater control over what he does and does not do. It should also be noted that he lacks any real emotions.7 has been discovered and activated. By pirates.Appearance: 7 looks like a regular Agori (for the most part) clad in silver armor with dark grey limbs underneath. None of his inner workings are visible when all of his plating is being worn. He lacks any visible nose, ears, or mouth, and as a result lower half of his face is eerily blank. He has glowing blue eyes. When his power source is attached, it looks like he's wearing a very strange backpack.

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Username: AuRon the championCharacter Name: IrusonGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment: A very large sword.Bio: Iruson always seems to be on the wrong side of everything. During the Core War, he was assigned to a detatchment of Jungle Tribe soldiers to claim a small outpost for a later massive assault. Somehow, he winded up onto the Castle before it floated away. He currently runs a Dojo in the city.Iruson is old. So old, some wonder how he's still alive. He still remembers the Core war, as he was much younger when it happened. He's easily irritable, but often patient with those under his tutelage. Basically, your typical old man. Who can wield a massive sword.Appearance: A tall, neon-green Glatorian. He stands at least five feet taller than the normal Glatorian. Heavy armored, he wears a helmet similar to Stars Gresh's helmet.Username: AuRon the championCharacter Name: NivomGender: MaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment: A simple sword and a crossbow.Bio: Nivom has little clue of how he got where he was. Anyway, he currently has his own sky-ship (Sky-boats are in this game... right?), Gurren. Don't ask him what it means, he bought the ship, and it came with the name. He now wanders around, doing whatever occurs to him.Nivom is a wanderer. He can't stand still for long, and HAS to be traveling around. He's a good soul, and he can't stand to see others hurt, or in trouble. No matter if they've quarreled with him before or not. Unfortunately, he's been alone too long, and his very random and often considered insane.Appearance: A blue water-tribe, standard size glatorian. Wearing light armor, he forgoes a normal water-tribe helmet for a helmet similar to a skralls, minus the long spike thing.Username: AuRon the championCharacter Name: AvraiGender: FemaleSpecies: GlatorianFaction: NeutralEquipment: NoneBio: Avrai's fathers father fought in the core war. Her family winded up here, on accident. Avrai is down on her luck, after all, you know you're unlucky when you go on a expedition, and end up getting captured by Sky-Pirates.Avrai is a optimist. She looks to the bright side of everything, and she knows once she finishes her work, she can relax. Despite being very unlucky, Avrai always looks for the silver lining.Appearance: Avrai is your usual female glatorian. She wears a fur-lined jacket, and wears armored leggings. Her jacket and armor is both red-colored. She wears a helmet similar to Raanu's helmet.

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Username: light LaserCharacter Name: Skarr Gender: Male Species: leader class skrall Faction: Neutral Equipment: His basic weapons are, a Scimitar, a hunting knife and thornax launcher with holster. He has a small parachute on his back. He may cycles some weapons and bring extra on trips to the surface, and leave some at ruins to use later. Also he might be attempting to hide weapons in sections of the city (This happens in the game, but I’m not sure if this will actually happen).Bio: At an early age he got lost in the jungle of Bota Magna, but was rescued/captured by a weapon smith of the jungle tribe, (this happed at the beginning of the core war). He became the smith’s assistant, most of the weapons made went to the army. Skarr left his so-called master, and stated that if the war kept going like this, it may destroy the world, the weapon smith didn’t stop Skarr because Skarr was now bigger than him.After the shattering he started a weapons & Tools shop, often making customized equipment for clients, or upgrading old equipment. He is currently working to make a pair of wings for himself, which is not going very well. Appearance: Skarr is shorter than most leader class skall but taller than a regular glatorion. He has several scars and has scratches and cuts in his armor which makes many jagged ends, but they do not weaken his armor.
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Username: Mr. WadeName: NavuGender: MaleSpecies: Ice GlatorianFaction: Neutral GoodAppearance: Navu's built like an extremely fit runner, tall, lithe, complete with a decently muscled body, powerful legs and remarkable stamina and endurance. His chest armouring, face and joints are snow white while his limbs are pale blue, appearing very arctic in design. Both ends of his shoulder guards end in crescent fins and instead of wearing a helmet, Navu sports a mask with three symmetrical diagonal eye holes, shining brightly with the blue glow of his eyes and the sides of the lower half are concave.Equipment: As his primary weapon, he uses an elegant and masterfully crafted spear, its shaft white and its blade a transparent blue, like ice with tiny razors running along its edge, aesthetically designed like those of a Vorox. For mid to long range combat, Navu uses a Thornax Launcher, his ammunition consisting mostly of ripe thornax and scarcely of over-ripen ones. At his waist rests an icicle dagger, a small satchel and for heavier storage duty, a light single-strap backpack is slung across his shoulder.Bio: Navu's a calm and collected young man, silent in nature, leading up to being a bit of a lone wolf and is very patient. He always keeps his cool and head in the game, thinking logically without letting his emotions conflict with his decisions often, not easily influenced or emotionally affected by others and as a result of being a more serious person, he can be perceived as cold and uncaring though this bother him since his attitude's never failed him yet. Though once you get to know him well enough, you know he's a good guy with a big heart, even though he may not show it. Events of the Core Car and the Shattering are very sketching to Navu as he was too young to make much sense of it all, most of his life spent growing up in the City in the Sky as an orphan since his parents were killed in action during the war. In his spare time, he would help out with several jobs in the city to make some money, each different from the other, making him into a jack of all trades and master of nothing kind of guy. In time, the Glatorian began taking great interest in the world below when he turned the age of a young adult, leading up the honing of his skills to face its dangers and air pirates. Now, he frequently ventures to the ruins of Bota Magna to explore its ruins however when sticking around town, his time is usually spent in Sectors 2, 3 and 5.Username: Mr. WadeName: Natok 'Nat'Gender: MaleSpecies: Iron GlatorianFaction: NeutralAppearance: Nat's a handsome man with a very sculpted physique, tall in stature, broad-shouldered and strong as an ox. His face possesses a lot of charismatic charm, his mouth defaulting to a warm smile and his bright red eyes easily able to make people feel at ease with him. His skin is mainly bright orange, the exception being his black torso and joints, wearing casual attire instead of armour, made up of black pants, a white button-up collared shirt and an olive-coloured flat cap.Equipment: Natok doesn't wield any weapons or any item of importance, save his wallet. If he ever does get in a fight, his fists and physical prowess are his best bets, his strength making up for his lack of training in hand to hand combat.Bio: As his appearance suggests, Natok's a man of charisma, always in the mood for a good chat and entertainment. Being a smiley person, he has a bright personality with social perks, keeping his temper in check and trying his best to keep his peers happy. Confident and brave, he keeps his cockiness and attitude to himself. As a performer, Nat lives for the moment, living by that and using it as a personal motto. Starting off small, he began his career as a street performer, drawing the attention of many bigwigs in the entertainment industry with time, earning him a job as a backup dancer and a circus performer. Nowadays, he lives the good life with his earnings, continuing his career and avoiding affairs that don't interest him.Username: Mr. WadeName: VahliiGender: FemaleSpecies: Water GlatorianFaction: Air PiratesAppearance: In terms of looks, she's not flat out stunning but she's beautiful nonetheless, elegant and graceful in the way she carries herself. However, by simply looking at her stony face and cold green eyes, it's not hard to tell she's not one for fun and games. She wears light armour only covering the essentials, coloured marine blue, her joints white and her limbs a pale blue. A white scarf is wrapped loosely around the base of her neck, running down her left shoulder while her right sports a unique shoulder guard bearing the symbol of the Talon Snake.Equipment: Strapped to her belt are a few throwing knives, including two daggers on both opposite sides. Attached to her right thigh is a satchel filled with medical supplies, caltrops, binoculars and a few fire crackers. On her back rests a custom crossbow, designed for better accuracy, range and speed while retaining its usual strength, outfitted with a scope. The drawback of this weapon is its heaviness and complex reloading mechanism, costing a few extra seconds that the average model. Vahlii's profession is thievery and stealth, making her an able pickpocket, scout and sometimes, an assassin. Bio: Vahlii's life has always been one for profit, following the trail that leads to valuable objects wherever it may take her. As a result of being selfish and a bit of a subtle troublemaker, relationships with her don't last very long unless it benefits her personal gain, forcing her to look out for herself and stay vigilant at all times. Even among her fellow air pirates, she's never stuck around with a crew for too long, switching herself every so often when the going gets boring, leaving nothing behind but empty pockets and goods stolen. Fortunately, she's nowhere near infamous, serving her well. Even prior to the Shattering, her life had been quite similar, involving interaction with the bone hunters on the odd occasion. Recently, Vahlii's become bored with her regular routines, turning to scavenging the ruins of Bota Magna in solution. Surprisingly, she's not a person filled with malice, actually seeming like person you wouldn't mind hanging out with, if very cold, serious and no-nonsense all the time.

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Username: Flex Nard Character Name: Talkon Gender: Male Species: Glatorian, Iron Tribe Faction: The Faithful Equipment: Two long-swords, two-twin Thornax launches, and a metal whip with a claw attached to the end. Bio: As Talkon’s tribe of Iron Agori and Glatorian grew sick and lost their ability to dream Talkon left. He feared what the sickness would do to him; and more so he feared death. He cursed the Great Beings for bringing this plague on his people, and set out to find a cure to end his people’s torment. He watched as almost every Glatorian in his tribe other than himself died. He hasn’t seen another Iron Glatorian in almost a hundred years, though he would gladly embrace knowing that he is not the last. He spent many years fighting in the Core War, trying to end the war and to help breed peace, and more so to help raise awareness of the plight of his tribe, but none of the other tribes seemed to care about the sickness, times were hard. Eventually he set out for Bota Magna, hearing that if anywhere had a cure it would be in the lush jungles of Bota Magna. Once he was there he was faced with many had tasks, and terrible machines. Eventually he made his way to a strange city, a city in the sky, not sure what he would find in the ancient ruins, perhaps a cure, or maybe an answer to the unspoken question, why did the Great Beings allow his people to fall sick, and where did they all go? Appearance: Talkon never died his armor like many survivors of his tribe did as they tried to meld into other tribes. Iron tribe members were usually shunned by other tribes, for they feared that they carried the disease and that they would spread it to the other tribes, but they never did, it seemed to affect the Iron tribe alone, which caused Talkon much torment. Talkon’s armor is still all grey, with a few dark-blue elements mixed in. His helmet is shaped in the same way as Telluris’ helmet, his armor is pitted with many scars and defects, due to his time spend in the Core War.
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Username: Delta Titan SpartaCharacter Name: TelumGender: MaleSpecies: Fire GlatorianFaction: The FaithfulEquipment: Arm-mounted crossbow/shield and a sword like Malum'sAppearance: Telum is built for power and endurance, instead of speed and agility. His armor is red and silver, with intricate flame designs on it. He has yellow eyes, and his helmet is similar to the JFO helmet from Halo: Reach.Description: Telum has always been a hothead, but intelligent. For years he has dreamed of going down to the surface, having heard tales of danger and adventure. Being young, he is inexperienced. He used to be a performer, singing and acting, but he felt that show biz just wasn't his style. On top of that, he is a brilliant inventor and writer, having designed steampunk-style prosthetic limbs and new weapons, and writing stories about fantastic voyages.

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