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The Sanctum of Writing

Toa of Italy collection library

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#1 Offline Toa of Italy

Toa of Italy
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Posted Jul 19 2012 - 06:48 AM

Posted Image

Welcome to the Sanctum of Writing, the collection topic of my Epics and Short Stories.You can find everything I have written on BZP here, though it isn't much (and probably will never be).I am in urgent need of reviews, which are welcome both on the works on the new forum, in which case I'd prefer you use their Review Topics, and on the old forum, which you can post here. If you have some more general advice, you can also post that here.Thank you for your time.EpicsThe Great CataclysmA short epic depicting the events of the Great Cataclysm throughout the Matoran Universe.InvasionThe BIONICLE Legends 7 that never was, describing the journey of the Toa Inika through the Stone Cord and their conflict with Makuta, Vezon and the Zyglak.Raid on DestralAn epic telling how the Toa Hagah discovered the Brotherhood of Makuta's betrayal, stole the Mask of Light, defeated the Makuta of Metru Nui and the Dark Hunters before finally falling and being turned into Rahaga by Roodaka.Aethion MultiverseInvestigationAn Alarist magistrate, Turaga Omag, embarks on an investigation to uncover a massive criminal organization behind many recent events, including the disappearance of massive amounts of money, a massive property speculation and a black market of drugs and lethal weapons. Meanwhile, a Matoran called D'mal finds himself in the most incredible place, where he must fight his way to get back home.SpiritSeerpt is a Tanuuk slave. One day, his village is bombed by Deathwings. But Seerpt doesn't die. Instead, he becomes part of a peaceful and free community of spirits. But conflict is never far away. The spirits are being hunted down by a merciless Tanuuk Tyrant and a powerful Barrawahi warrior. And even these two pale in comparison to the real threat: the Olmak Effect.The Olmak Directive (Part 1; Part 2) (Review Topic)In an alternate Aethion, six planets are enslaved by a sentient Olmak Effect, with only a small Resistance and Izumal standing between it and total domination.The Agent Crisis (Review Topic)A new Izumal Agent has appeared. But unlike the other Agents seen before, this one seems intent on killing people. Has Izumal finally revealed its true nature? Or is there something else behind this new behavior? As more Agent attacks occur, the reporterette Hanashi tries to uncover the truth behind them, while Sawu, a sentient weapon of mass destruction who has sworn never to kill again, must wage an almost hopeless battle against the Agent in a desperate attempt to stop him.Short storiesContest EntriesChronicles of Spherus Magna: The Core WarMy entry for BS01 Contest #3, depicting different moments and battles of the Core War.The Power of the MindMy entry for BS01 Contest #5, chronicling the story of Varian, a Toa of Psionics with extraordinarily strong powers on a quest for vengeance.

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#2 Offline Jedi Gali

Jedi Gali
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Posted Jul 20 2012 - 04:29 PM

I like the header picture... very nice. It reminds me of Ko-Koro from the Mata-Nui Online Game.Now, when you say you'd like reviews, is there any work in particular you'd like commentary on? I know I was reading some of your most recent epic the other day but I haven't gotten around to commenting yet. Maybe I can get to that tonight... maybe. I'm notoriously slow at reviewing stories.:kaukau: -JG
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Toa of the New Republic ~ The Collision of Two Worlds

The body of Orkham dangling from a vine. Shamiir’s corpse, his chest nearly split in half. One by one, the bodies of his friends and squad mates flashed by till he realized the horrible truth... They were all dead but two.

Murder From Within

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