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Darkness of Slythnar

The year is 2023, 11 years after the rise of the vampires...For thousands of years mankind walked this earth without inkling that they were not alone. Sure, there were myths and movies of vampires, but no one believed them to be true. This all changed in the year 2012. This was the year the vampires chose to strike. They came out of hiding from all around the globe and swept the countryside; blackening the light.With the appearance of the vampires, came the appearance of the lycans and werewolves. The two races of wolf-humans were natural enemies since the beginning of time. Lycans and shifters are said to be the perfect races, created by nature, and vampires the sons of evil. The humans tried to stop them, countries around the world joined forces, but it was too late. They were overwhelmed. The vampire army stole many nuclear weapons. They then activated them, and destroyed hundreds of major cities around the globe.The lycans and werewolves tried to help the humans, but against the vampires’ weapons of destruction they were powerless. The vampires quickly took control of what was left of this nightmarish world and enslaved humans, lycans and ghouls alike. Welcome to the sprawling city of Slythnar. Slythnar was originally New York City, but it was renamed by the vampires. It is a bustling city full of darkness and corruption. Within the great walls, a war divides the city.The city is now the capitol of the vampire controlled empire. The vampires fortified the city with massive walls that border the entire city, the walls built with powerful alloys that are nearly indestructible. The citizens of Slythnar are not allowed to leave the walls of the city, without the say of the vampires, and if you enter the city if Slythnar, there is a very high chance that you will never come back.Slythnar is controlled by an organization called The Crimson Fang. The Crimson Fang are the leaders of the vampires and the leaders of the entire world. Their only goal is to keep their control over the world, that “is rightfully theirs” and kill as many lycans and werewolves as possible. Lycans and vampires have been fighting since the dawn of time. When man took control of the earth; vampires and lycans went into hiding, blending in as humans. But all held a fiery resentment and an urge for freedom. The vampires simply acted first.The vampires killed the leaders of every nation and quickly enslaved the surviving humans, lycans and werewolf citizens. The lycans and werewolves were forced into the shadows, and over time began rebuilding their rebel forces. Now, 11 years later, the werewolves and lycans have an elaborate underground base that spans half the city. Now the lycans, werewolves and humans must fight for their lives, and their freedom. But can they survive long in a city of shadows?Which side shall you choose; the power hungry vampires; or the other races fighting for survival?

Playable races

Lycans: Lycans and werewolves are the same thing, in all essence humans that have the ability to transform into hulking wolf/human hybrids. They can at will can transform from a normal looking human, into their beast state. If there is a full-moon lycans will always transform, and usually go on rampages, though some bind themselves in cages during the full moon. But any other time they can transform at will, or if they become incredibly angry they can change without wanting too at times. Lycans still have slight control when they are in their wolf-form, and the more they shift and learn to control it, the better they get at controlling it, though their intelligence is almost cut in half in that form, they can’t speak in that form, use weapons, drive vehicles etc. When a lycan is changed on the full moon, they almost always loose complete control.Lycans in their beast form appear to be half human, half wolf monstrosities. They stand over six feet tall, and they have enhanced senses, reflexes, strength, agility, and speed. Lycans have natural weapons like long claws, and razor sharp teeth. To become a lycan one must be bitten by another lycan or have a lycan parent who mates with a human. Lycans have one weakness; and that is silver. For a lycan to become harmed; it must come in contact with a pure silver object. Example: If a lycan is shot in the head by a normal bullet, the lycan will get up and still be alive, the bullet will be pushed out of the wound by the body and the wound will start to heal.Normally lycans flesh wounds heal quite rapidly. Lycans have a built in healing factor, but it is slower than that of a vampires. Unlike vampires lycans are not immortal. Lycans transform from their human form into a huge beast form. When this happens, they’re clothes will become ripped and torn. Lycans pants and shirts might be able to stay on them, but badly torn. Also, lycans who wear armor, will have to wear special suits with holes and straps that allow for the armor to stretch when the change. So they will be a lycan in armor.Vampires: Vampires are the creatures of the night. They appear slightly human like, but are paler and are much more powerful. Vampires are immortal; allowing them to live forever. Vampires don’t breathe like humans do. They are in all sense dead, almost all of their old organs no longer work. Since vampires organs do not work, when they cry their eyes leak blood. The blood wells up from inside them and leaks out their eyes.A vampire can also almost hypnotize a human if they scare them enough. The human will go into a trance like state and do almost anything the vampire says. This is called glamoring. Some humans are immune to glamoring due to mental minds blocks. All vampires have two dazzling fangs; that they use too suck blood from their victims.Vampire’s fangs aren’t visible at all times. Usually they are up in their gums or above their normal teeth. When a vampire is angry, or wanting to intimidate someone their fangs pop down into view. A vampire baring his fangs at another vampire is often seen as a sign challenge, or act of violence or great disrespect.Vampires must drink blood to survive. Blood is their nourishment. Sucking blood can do two things. The first use is to simply feed and the second use is that they can change a human into a vampire. If a vampire wishes to turn someone into a vampire; they must bite them and release a special toxin from their fangs. Once the toxin spreads into the veins; it begins to transform them. The change ranges from a few hours to a whole day. When someone is in the process of becoming a vampire they either pass out or go through horrible pain streaked seizures. Vampires have heightened senses, strength, agility, and speed; similar to like lycans. Vampires have less weaknesses’ than humans, but fewer than lycans. The tale about vampires being harmed by garlic is an old myth, garlic will do nothing to a vampire except make him bust out laughing if you try to harm him with it.A stake through the heart will kill a vampire almost instantly. Sunlight can burn an unprepared vampire into a pile of ashes. Only the most ancient of vampires can walk in sunlight at anytime. A vampire burned by fire will have the same effects as sunlight. The sun is made of fire, so it only makes since that both harm the undead. Lastly holy water or water that has been blessed by a priest burns vampires like acid.Other myths of vampires include: Them not appearing in photographs, them not appearing in mirrors, vampires not being able to cross water, and finally: vampires not able to come inside unless they are allowed by the mortal host. These are all untrue, and have been proved false. Vampires also can walk inside churches, and stand near crosses or religious symbols. If a vampire turns a human into a vampire they become that human's "maker". It is tradition for the Maker to then raise this new vampire and teach them their ways. Sometimes the Maker and the new vampire share a special bond, and become the closest of friends; they can usually sense things about each other, like if they are in danger.You may choose any age above 16 through 1,000 years old. Any older than 1,000 a vampire starts to transform into an Ancient. Ancient vampires have extraordinary powers.YOU MUST ASK ME IF YOU WANT TO BE AN ANCIENT.Ghouls: Ghouls are simply reanimated dead humans; brought to life by necromancers. After the vampires took control witches and warlocks were able to announce their existence as well. These witches and warlocks had been masters of evil rituals for centuries. One of their most prominent dark art skills is the ability to raise the dead. In the Immortal Wars the magic users sent waves of Ghoul armies to crush vampire armies.Ghouls are now slaves, forced into service by The Crimson Fang. Ghouls are used as to create buildings and keep the city in order. But some lycans have been able to set free the more intelligent and Ghouls and help them to form a resistance.The Ghouls' weaknesses are: being separated from their brain, or their brain being heavily damaged. A dead human body can be turned into a Ghoul only by necromancy. A Ghoul hungers for human flesh, which vampires provide for them from their human factories. Ghoul's hunger for flesh but their bodies don't really need them to survive. The only organs within a Ghoul's body that still work are their digestive system to an extent, and their brain. They no longer breathe; or need sleep similarly to vampires. The intelligent Ghouls, have learned to quell their hunger for flesh.Humans: Humans are one of the largest races that dwell in Slythnar. Humans can be transformed into lycans, vampires or undead. Humans are incredibly smart and make good fighters, but they are weaker than vampires, lycans and werewolves. Humans were the original rulers of the world, and now they are second class citizens.But now that The Crimson Fang controls the entire city they are here for one purpose; they provide blood for the vampires. Vampires round up humans and sometimes “milk” them like cows in hidden factories. Other humans are left to their own devices until a vampire is bloodthirsty and comes into their homes. A human that resists a vampires bite are sentenced to death.Humans are the “peasant” or “serf” citizens of Slythnar. They are the working class merchants and artisans. Some worship the vampires and serve them until they are rewarded by becoming one themselves. Some hate all races other than humankind and plot to eradicate all others.Witches/Warlocks: They are not a race per-say, but a group of humans who have the power to wield magic and spells. Humans can use destructive spells like elemental magic, and other such spells. Witches and warlocks are usually rounded up and captured by the vampires if they are known to be able to use magic, which is illegal in Slythnar, though rumor has it there are groups of magic users who plan to rise against the vampires. Necromancers are certainly killed by vampires if found, because necromancers can control vampires, note you can not be a necromancer.Shifters: Shifter’s are said to be somehow related to werewolves. They are humans who have the ability to shift into any animal they have seen before. All shifter’s have a go-to shift, which means an animal that they shift into more often than any other, usually it is an animal they have seen many times before, most likely a pet, or neighborhood animal. Shifters can’t turn into other humans.


The Crimson Fang: The Crimson Fang is the government of Slythnar. The cult is made up of all the vampires; who control the whole city, and keep the humans inside the city for sources of blood, and work.The Crimson Fang are arch enemies of The Feral. The Crimson Fang’s base of operations is The Crimson Tower, which used to be the Sears Building. The Crimson Fang hates all humans, lycans, Ghouls, and traitorous vampires who join other sides.The Feral: The Feral is a group of rebel lycans and werewolves, who wish to destroy the vampires’ order and earn their freedom.Some fight for freedom, and others simply fight to not to killed like animals, others fight for power. The Feral’s base of operation is called “The Nest”, and is deep underground. The Feral is mainly made up of lycans and werewolves, but it also has a few human members.The Forsaken: The Forsaken are a group of Ghouls, who are tired of seeing their fellows enslaved by the vampires. The Forsaken hate almost all vampires, and are disliked by most humans. Some humans don’t like vampires or lycans but are just simply prejudice against Ghouls.Slayers: Slayers are a group of human’s who want to destroy the vampires order, and kill all Vampires, lycans and ghouls, shifters and witches and warlocks. The Slayer’s base of Operations is a warehouse hidden in the Ghetto.

Districts and Places of Interest

http://i700.photobuc...lexhero/map.jpg CLICK FOR A MAP OF SLYTHNAR (Note not all locations within the city are on the map)The Vampire District: The Vampire District is where most of the vampires live. Only vampires are are usually allowed access to this area. Some human and Fang Bangers are allowed inside if they tell their what they are up too to the vampires, and they believe them or accept their apperance. In the northern tip of this massive district is the awe inspiring tower known as The White Tower. The White Tower: The White Tower is the magnificent base of operations for The Crimson Fang. The vampire lord lives here along with most of the vampires that live in SlythnarThe tower is in the northern tip of the Vampire District; where only fellow vampires are permitted to venture. The tower has incredibly heavy defenses, and is rumored almost impenetrable. The tower is covered with high powered guns turrets; placed to shoot down enemy air-ships.Club Venom: Club Venom is a popular club with the vampires of Slythnar. Usually only vampires are allowed inside, and the crazed blood thirsty parties that result are well known.The Center: The Center is well, in all actually the center of the city. It used to be called the “holy circle” but The Center caught on and that’s what everyone calls it from now on. This region of the city is a neutral area. Anyone is allowed here.Located in The Center are the court house (completely ran by vampires) and the city jail, where humans and lycans are held (other than the many cells in The White Tower) and tried. Near the court house is the infamous execution area where all criminals are publicly executed.The Arena: The Arena is a hulking building in the center of the city, where vampires and werewolves can fight for glory, honor, and all the cash they could ever want.Slythnar General Hospital: This is the largest hospital in all of Slythnar. It is located in The Center and accepts all races except for Ghouls.Blood Leaf Park: This is a massive park located in the center of the city. The park is usually very dark, and is public for all races, used to be known as Central Park.Wealthy District: The Wealthy district houses all of the city’s rich citizens. This district is filled with mostly well-off of humans and a few vampires and lycans who chose to live here instead their own districts.Commercial and Recreation District: The Commercial District is where all the business and recreation is held. This district holds many bars, strip clubs, arcades, movie theaters, stages and other entertainment for citizens.The Snakes Head Inn: Is one of the most popular bars in Slythnar. It is well known for its strict no nonsense rules about fighting. The owners of the pub have a non discrimination policy for any races. Because of the loud and rowdy manner of the patrons of this bar, it is always a good place to talk about plans in the public and not be overheard.The Black Boar: The Black Boar is a dangerous and dark and dirty pub where many fights and gory brawls break out. The pub is run by a vampire and lycan who despite their differences are best friends. The pair is known for their violence and has been reported for killing bar-mates over insults. The Black Boar accepts all races.The Ghetto: The Ghetto is vast and is one of the largest districts in the city. It is filled with the working class citizens of Slythnar. The Ghetto was once the “Lycan District” but many years ago the vampires burnt it to the ground, and the dank armada that makes up the ghetto took its place. Underneath the ghetto is where the lycans have created their base.The Nest: The Nest is a deep underground maze that snakes underneath Slythnar. Only lycans who are part of The Bloody Fang know its many hidden entrances and exits. Many entrances are hidden around the city; in abandoned houses and warehouses mostly. The Nest’s entrances are heavily guarded and almost impossible for outsiders to find. Many vampires have searched for The Nest, but none have found it. Few even know it exists, many think it to be just myth among the rebel lycan forces.The Slayer Base: The Slayer base is a large warehouse located in the Ghetto. It is painted a dull red, and inside is packed full of stolen weapons and machinery.The Forsaken Base: The Forsaken base is hidden in the ruins of an old lycan bunker. Here the Forsaken formulate plans and cultivate weapons for their resistance.The Docks: The Docks are a large port that leads into the ocean surrounding the borders of City Slythnar. Where incoming ships come and drop of supplies, from other cities.

Weapons of Slythnar

Swords and blades are common in Slythnar since both vampires and werewolves enjoy too use them. Vampires often have silver swords for killing lycans, and guns loaded with silver bullets. Lycans and other races often carry guns with holy-water dipped bullets, and they carry stakes.


1. No God Moding or anything like that. I will ban you from the RP.2. Please try to use your best spelling, just spell check before you post, should clear up the worst stuff. I probably don’t have the best grammar, but I want it to be readable, and enjoyable in the RP.3. Try to be creative! No unoriginal characters.4. You can’t kill another persons character unless they clear if with you first.5. Don’t involve another character in your bio unless you guys talked about it.6. Max is five characters. But only make more than one if you are going to be really dedicated to them. If you want a lycan or vampire friend in the RP to kill of or something just make an NPC.7. Have fun!8. Don't auto hit another player's character, they decide if they get hit, but you MUST allow your character to be hurt. Also don't decide things for other people's characters etc, or describe their feelings.9. You must post IC when you are speaking “in character,” and OOC when you are speaking “out of character.”If you break a major-rule (godmoding) once you get a warning, twice you still get another warning, three times you will be banned for a certain amount of time, maybe a few days, and four times you will be banned for good.

The Sign-up Sheet

Name: What’s your characters name?Age: How old is your character?Gender: What gender is your character?Race: What race is your character?Faction: What group does your character fight for?Appearance: How your character looks. A picture would be nice.Weapons: Pick your weapons here, try not to over do it.Personality: How your character acts.Live: Where your character currently lives.Abilities: Stuff your character is good at.Bio: Your character’s basic history.

My Characters

Name: Jace WalkerAge: 25Gender: MaleRace: LycanFaction: The Feral (Current leader)Appearance: When Jace is in human form; he has long messy black hair that falls past his shoulders. Jace’s eyes are as black as midnight, and trimmed brown. Jace has an unshaven face, and his eyes look hollow and haunted. He stands at 6’6 and is quite muscular and well toned. He usually wears a black trench coat with a hood, two black fingerless gloves, dark black pants and black combat boots.In beast form: Jace is a huge wolf like creature with pitch black fur and huge sharp teeth and claws.Weapons: Jace also has two duel silenced automatic pistols with golden plating; that he likes to use often. Along with Jace’s combat knife he also has a large two-handed sword that he keeps strapped to his back.Personality: Jace dose not play around much, usually he is all business. He can be quick to anger and slow to forgive; unless it is one of his own men. Jace would gladly sacrifice himself for his men and his cause. Jace is incredibly brave and loyal.Live: The Nest, Ghetto districtAbilites: Large weaponry, small weaponry, vehicle operation, melee weapons, blade skill, stealth.Bio: Like many residents of Slythnar, Jace was born in Slythnar when it was New York City. He was born into a poor lycan family. His family was involved in a gang war against the vampires. At night Jace would wage war against the vampires, fighting for control.His grandfather started the clan The Feral a long time ago and leaded it for many years. After the vampires took over the city; Jace’s father was killed, and he was forced to take control of the pack. Jace was trained to become an excellent warrior.Jace has huge expectations for himself. Jace tries his hardest to be a good leader; sometimes a little too hard. Jace finds that he is pretty much selfless sometimes. He cares more about his cause and his men than his own safety. Jace despise all vampires, but he puts up with the ones who help fight against The Crimson Fang.Name: Kane CovingtonAge: 2,045 but he appears to be 23Gender: MaleRace: VampireFaction: The Crimson Fang (Current Leader)Appearance: Kane has a pale angular clean shaven face. He gives off a scent and an aura that attracts females for miles. Kane has jagged bluish black hair that falls past his eyes. His two eyes glow bright red, and are flecked with yellow. Kane stands at 6'8 tall, and has an athletic sleek build.Kane has two leathery purple bat wings that he can pull into his body when not using, and they pop out of his flesh when summoned. He can use these to fly. Kane is able to give gifts to of power to certain worthy vampires as he sees fit. To achieve his gift they must drink some of his blood.Weapons: Kane does not use guns. He prefers blades. The only weapon he uses is his mighty and ancient silver-sword.Personality: Kane is different from other Ancients. He is a bloodthirsty tyrant who has large temptations and wants. He has accomplished more than any modern dictator or vampire ever has. Kane has a deep instinctual rage toward lycans and he spits on humans and Ghouls. If he could have his way he would find a way to live without humans, Ghouls or lycans or shifters.Live: The top floor of The White Tower.Skills: Kane is skilled at persuading people. If they stare into his one remaining eye he can make them do almost anything. Kane is one of the best sword users the world has ever known. He is an excellent battle strategist and his ancient powers know no boundaries.Bio: Kane's history is insanely long. It spawns over two thousand years of murder and death. Kane was born in London, over two thousand years ago. When he turned twenty three, he met a beautiful woman named Clarissa. Except Clarissa turned out to be a vampire, she turned him, and soon Kane had become her progeny. He followed Clarissa’s every command until one day she was killed by lycans in a battle. Kane felt a terrible rage that day, and vowed to destroy all lycans. After that he showed potential leadership skills, and quickly showed his prowess in battle; and his brutal merciless killing of lycans and humans alike.After two thousands years many of the ancient vampires were killed, leaving Kane as one of the last. He became the leader of a large coven of vampires in New York City called the Crimson Fang. Soon the vampires announced their existence, and a war with the humans was waged. Kane soon found an opportunity to seize New York, so his clan of vampires did just that, they took New York by force. He renamed what was left of New York City, Slythnar, after the ancient vampire who was said to be the first ever. Kane then had a wall built around what was left of the city, blocking off the destroyed ruins of part of New York that was destroyed by nukes. He now plans to rule Slythnar for the rest of eternity._____________________________________________________This is my original vampire and lycan RP, loosely based off of a few things, hoping that this will be allowed to be here. If w can't have excessive violence then we will tone it down, stick to blades or something, and if drinking blood us unallowed, it will be implied, but never shown in the RP. Please tell me if there is anything I need to fix for this to work.

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