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The Last of the Matoran Universe

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Toa Makao
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Posted Jul 30 2012 - 03:10 PM

Review topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=6207The Last of the Matoran Universe, Part 1 - Meet SerebrusSerebrus put down his writings, and took a long, slow drag from his hookah. He exhaled, a faint plume of smoke slid up his mask and escaped into the air. The Ko-Matoran slid back comfortably into his chair in the study of his personal chambers in the Ko-Kriva Sanctum. The air was perfumed with the soft scent of dry flowers emitting from small burners scattered around the room, and the subtle music of his icicle chimes battled against the muffled rumour of a roaring wind outside, it's howling cushioned by the thin sheet of ice serving as a window.Serebrus was so comfortable he wanted to sleep, but knew he couldn't, he had a book that needed finishing, and this wasn't just any book, it was a book into which he was going to pour all of the knowledge he had uncovered as Head Scholar of the Ko-Kriva Sanctum, every single breakthrough; scientific, philosophical, medical or otherwise. An anthology of his works. It was so near completion now, yet so far.He was attempting to explain the results of his latest experiment, in a way that not only his fellow scholars, but all would understand and benefit. Serebrus was not like the other scholars, no. He did not believe in the existence of such an intellectual elite, for what was the point of knowledge if it was not readily available to be shared with others? And that was why he had written this book. He certainly hoped the other scholars would set aside their stereotypical reclusive and exclusive Ko-Matoran natures and follow suit. Leading by example. That is why he was the Head Scholar. Because he was different. It would be arrogant to say he was better, but he was at least different.He pressed his lava hawk feather quill against the lips of his Kanohi Matatu as he pondered how he could phrase it in an understandable way. Then he remembered the thesaurus - one of his greatest literary works, in the opinions of many. He stood up and made his way to his personal library, which consisted mainly of his works and those of his fellow scholars. He found the right bookshelf - he kept his library highly organized - and traced a finger along the slightly faded spines of books, until he found the correct book - "The Great Ko-Krivan Thesaurus, by High Scholar Serebrus of Ko-Kriva". He lifted it carefully off the shelf and perused it as he re-entered the study and sat down once more.He silently praised his work's standard, he found just the words he needed. For another hour or so, the feverish scratching of Serebrus' quill became a third party in the battle between the icicle chimes and the muffled wind. Finally satisfied, he skimmed through the book, proof-reading it - normally he would spend more time proof-reading but it was getting late in the afternoon and he would have to hurry if he wanted the publisher to see it today.Satisfied with his grammar, Serebrus closed the book and replaced his thesaurus in the library, before picking up his anthology and putting on his cloak of office - the white cloak of the High Scholar. He strode quickly but quietly through the great silent halls of the Sanctum, heading out into the village. The publisher's house was not too far away from the Sanctum, and the publisher, curiously, was not a local. The publisher was a Le-Matoran, Katumo, who only lived part-time in Ko-Kriva. The reason for this was that the Le-Matoran were the only Matoran on the island with knowledge of machinery capable of mass publication of writings, and were also the only Matoran on the island with knowledge of how to make paper from wood. Currently, Katumo was staying in Ko-Kriva by demand, and surely would not stay for long, and there was no question of Serebrus being able to travel to Le-Kriva to see Katumo there, travel was far too dangerous then. Which is why Serebrus was in a hurry for his work to be published.He entered Katumo's lodgings, which weren't so different from his own, Katumo stood behind a desk, and upon seeing Serebrus enter he smiled."Ah, welcome, High Scholar, what can I publish for you today?" Serebrus handed him his book."This is something I've been working on for a long time, you see, a compilation of my previous work, it's taken a few years, but I've finally finished it today.""I might've guessed!" Katumo chuckled "nice thick book you've given me, not sure how many copies I can make but I'll try to make as many as I can, your research needs to be spread, some of it could certainly make a tangible difference in driving back the Cutl!" Serebrus nodded, but said nothing.The Cutl were a group of myserious beings who had been attacking Kavaka Nui at the behest of the group of Makuta who had recently settled on the mysterious neigbouring island of Kra-Kavaka. So far, three of the Cutl had shown themselves, Lavurnius, Pavarakh and Katala. The former two had destroyed Ga-Kriva entirely, and the Ga-Matoran had created a series of small settlements along the coast to replace it. Lavurnius and Katala had also raided Onu-Kriva, though failing to destroy the whole city, they had significantly decimated it, having caused the cave roof to collapse and bury most of the city.Serebrus certainly hoped they left Ko-Kriva alone - Ko-Kriva's militia was seriously sub-standard compared with the guard in Ga-Kriva, Ta-Kriva and Onu-Kriva, and he hated to think of how much valuable research could be lost. Already the Cutl had launched a few small raids to the outer village, but no big attacks like in Ga-Kriva and Onu-Kriva, but even those attacks had significantly disrupted the city.After bidding eachother fairwell, Serebrus left, his mood marred by the reminder of the constant threat of attack. Not that it was Katumo's fault. Serebrus emotionally picked himself up with the thought that Katumo could be right, his research could make the difference between loss and victory, with a new spring in his step, he headed home to his chambers of the Sanctum.If Serebrus had expected to whittle away his evening smoking his hookah, losing himself in one of Aahar's gripping fictitious novels, or perhaps inviting over an old friend to share some intelligent conversation and a nice cup of hot protodermis, he should have guessed again. Outside his chambers, leaning on his staff, Turaga Zetian patiently waited. When Serebrus arrived, Zetian regarded him benignly."Greetings, Serebrus" he said "the publisher liked your latest work I take it?" Serebrus nodded."But I suspect you are here for more than idle conversation, Turaga?" he asked. Zetian smiled."You are perceptive indeed, High Scholar" Zetian said appraisingly "yes, it is an important matter that concerns you, come with me and meet the others in the Astrolaboratory, all shall become clear.""Others?" asked Serebrus, as he followed the Turaga, uncertainly.

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