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The Briefest of Wars


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#1 Offline Conway

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Posted Aug 19 2012 - 03:53 PM

Warning: A number of real members of BZPower are named here. I mean no disrespect towards these users, and apologize if any of them feel offended by my portrayals of them.And, with that finished, I hope you enjoy the story!~~~ The Briefest of WarsBZ-Koro.Our home, our sanctuary, our birthright.Forged from our sweat and determination, as well as our bitterness and hatred. A land unlike any other, a realm with no parallel. A shining beacon of hope, for all those cast out of society.We, the BZ-Koronans, were banished here, to the outlying lands of Artakha, many ages ago, for our crime of incompetence. We were the rejects, the beings whom the Great Spirit had not blessed with the ability to create, or build. We were the black sheep of this island of inventors and forgers, a gangrenous limb, which was dragging down the rest of the organism.And thus, here we were, forced to dwell in the barren sands of desolation, where we lived and worked and hated. We had allowed our loathing of Artakha and those lucky Matoran crafters, who had deemed us “inferior”, to fill us up. It formed a burning fire within each of us, consuming us, body and spirit.We lived here, in the squalor of BZ-Koro, for many years, surviving day-to-day, and striving to either master the art of creation and be accepted back into the ranks of Artakha, or to find a way to take revenge on those same beings. Many thought such things were pipe dreams, but at least they gave us something to wake up for each day.That was before.Then, they came.The first, a majestic being of silver and gold armour, who stood tall among us Matoran. His name was Hapori Tohu.He was a benevolent being, among the first to bring kindness and generosity to our village in a long time. He, much like Artakha, possessed the power of creation, but his abilities far surpassed the legendary crafter. While Artakha could envision the construction of any object in his mind, Tohu was able to literally create anything out of thin air.This Hapori re-opened our eyes to the beauty in the world, and taught us how to work together, live together, in harmony. How to accomplish great things because of others, not in spite of them. Once Tohu came, everything was wonderful for a while. He helped us to create new devices, to improve our lives, and forged new bonds between us.Then, the other Hapori arrived.While Tohu brought creation and hope with him, this being brought only destruction and evil. He was a scourge among even us, the rejects. Even his armour showed these qualities, their colours rusted blacks and reds, the metal twisting around on itself, as if disgusted that it was forced to be in contact with such a vile being. He called himself Hapori Dume, and claimed to have come for one thing, and one thing only:The death of his brother, Tohu.Dume said that if we handed over Tohu, he would leave us be, perhaps even reward us for helping him. He told us that he had the power to destroy anything he wanted, with only a flick of his wrist, and if we aided him, he would not hesitate to use it on our behalf.Though none have said so, I myself am certain that we all thought of Artakha, and the possibility of finally exacting revenge on him and his brethren. That had been our dream for as long as any of us could remember, and this Hapori had the power to realize it.And such a trivial sacrifice; one person.One, lonely being.One being who had come, uninvited, into our realm.Who had used his powers, which had been denied to our kin, to help us.Who had showed us kindness, a concept so completely alien to us.Not one BZ-Koronan moved to let Dume have his wish.Instead, we marched onwards, to protect Tohu, our friend.The battle between the BZ-Koronans and Hapori Dume was brief, and futile. His power over destruction was too great for us, and our forces were decimated within moments. Defeated, some of us begged for mercy. Others lay stoic, not willing to give this Hapori the pleasure of seeing our agony.Tohu, however, fought on, pitting all of his might against his brother, attempting to bring him down once and for all. Creation against destruction, order against chaos, good against evil. It was truly a sight to behold.But the Destroyer’s powers were far beyond even that of our saviour. Where Tohu would materialize a weapon against Dume, the latter would obliterate it just as easily. There was no way for this Hapori to win alone.Everyone knew that. Tohu, Dume.Us.With the Creator at his feet, Hapori Dume readied himself for the final strike against his brother, the ultimate ending to his arch-nemesis. Bringing his arm back, he channeled the power of pure destruction, the power of the Void, into his gauntlet, prepared to finish this eternal struggle once and for all.But then, something that no one expected happened. One of us, a BZ-Koronan named Phyoohrii, mortally wounded by Dume in the initial skirmish, struggled to his feet, life slowly bleeding out of him, and hurled himself at the Destroyer.Each one of us watched, helpless, as our comrade took hold of the evil Hapori’s powered hand, the energy of the Void trapped between the two beings. Ricocheting between Dume and Phyoohrii, the all-consuming power had no choice (or perhaps it did. We’ll never know) but to destroy both oppressing forces.With his last breath, one BZ-Koronan, a Matoran who had been shunned by society for the crime of inadequacy, did the impossible: he destroyed the Destroyer.I, for one, will always remember the look of complete and utter bliss on the face of Phyoohrii, and the strangled cries of horror coming from the mouth of Hapori Dume. It was moment that was so fleeting, and yet, seemed to last a lifetime. A moment, when we were all proud to be BZ-Koronans.As the two beings were consumed by the Void, the rest of us began to stagger to our feet, trying to wrap our minds around what had just happened. Some of us began celebrating wildly. Others merely stood by, staring at the spot where our new hero had given his life.But soon, all of our attention was focused upon the dying Hapori Tohu, kneeling amid the ruins of our home. We all tried to help him, but in our heart of hearts, we knew it was useless. The power of the Void was too powerful to be defeated by the likes of we mortals.We realized that yet another hero was about to leave this world that day.As we wept for the Creator, Tohu merely smiled, doing his best to comfort us. The Hapori tried to dry our collective tears, telling us to not lose hope, that, while some of him would soon be gone, his spirit of hope and creation, would live on inside of us. He instructed us to never forget what we had learned from him, and to never again bow down to that which our morals stood against.And then, as the void consumed him, he brought to each of us, one last gift.The Spark.In the final moments of his life, Hapori Tohu instilled within each of us a tiny portion of his power to create. The skill that we had been banished for lacking, we now had, thanks to him.That day, now known as the Hapori Day, would mark a new age in BZ-Koro. With our new powers of creation at hand (which more than one poet has dubbed the “BZ-Power”) we rebuilt our homeland, even improving upon it. The BZ-Koronans worked together in order to establish a system of infrastructure, ruled by a council of elders known as the “Black Six”.We never returned to work with Artakha, even though we all now qualified. We had no interest in pledging allegiance to a people that had condemned us, years ago.Besides, we have nothing more to gain from joining them. We have all that we could ever want at home. Safety, security, family.With the BZ-Power at our fingertips, we are unstoppable.With our fellow BZ-Koronans beside us, we are invincible.With BZ-Koro around us, we are immortal.-The Emissary~~~-Void

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#2 Offline X-Ray

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Posted Aug 19 2012 - 07:47 PM

This short story is quite eloquent, Mr. Void, poetic even. Your origin story for BZ-Koro is well told, and your explanation for the terms BZPower and Black Six are also clever. I like the story-poem format of the story very much, and I believe that this is, all in all, a nice addition to the long list of entrants in this contest. Best of luck.Sincerely, :akaku: X-Ray :akaku:
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