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Cosmic Titan
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Posted Aug 22 2012 - 01:52 PM

Remember?Sol and Marx had returned home. They had stayed on Kai Nam for about a month after the crisis and decided they should try to help rebuild. But they grew homesick and would eventually return home. They had left their world in the winter and returned a year and a half later in the summer.Sol walked thru a field and breathed in the planet’s clean air. The sunlight that shined upon him made him powerful. Here on his home turf few were more powerful than him but in the other worlds he was only about as powerful as a Toa.Returning home made him think of his past. How he was created and why that happened.…Long ago existed another universe but it had come to an end. Two spirits had escaped into this world right as the other one ended. One was a creator and a protector of life. The other one was a destroyer and a murderer. The former spirit took on the form of a cloud of energy while the latter took the form of a giant machine. Both would explore the new multiverse they had entered. But the creative spirit would return to the world they had first entered so that it could explore it.The spirit would find a planet with life on it and this planet revolved around two stars. One of the stars was close to collapsing and the spirit didn’t want to see the primitive life on the planet die so it used some of its power and allowed the star to collapse into black hole earlier than it was supposed to and then a barrier was placed around the black hole to prevent it from consuming the planet and the other star. This barrier made it seem like the black hole was constantly collapsing from a star and made it give off a faint light. The spirit dubbed this cosmological oddity the Infinitus Cascade.But the spirit knew this would not be enough, guardians must be made to guard this planet. So two beings were drawn from the star and the Infinitus Cascade, their appearances and powers were inspired by the Matoran Universe specifically Toa and so the guardians looked similar to Toa. The spirit named the two guardians Sol and Marx and after telling them of their purpose and duty, disappeared to parts unknown.The two guardians were similar to the two spirits from elsewhere in that they were very powerful and that throughout the multiverse only one of each of these beings existed. And the two guardians faithfully guarded the planet from all harm for many, many years.But then the destructive spirit found his twin’s creations and tried to destroy them. While it failed to do so it damaged them and the temporarily became like normal beings in that many copies of them existed throughout the multiverse.Marx would eventually find a way to fix himself and his brother thru the use of a complex machine. For Marx inherited his creator’s creativity and intelligence while; Sol had inherited their creator’s strong sense of justice, among other things.The machine was a success and it had returned them to cosmic singularities. But memories from the other worlds parts of their conscious’s had been to stayed with them and so they set off across the multiverse to help restore things that they thought needed to be fixed.The brothers had visited many worlds but one of the more memorable and important things they had done was on an island called Kai Nam were they along with many others stopped a being called Ruaki from killing thousands for revenge over events in its own past.On that island they had also participated in a tournament and made friends with a lonely Toa named Slate.…Sol heard Marx call his name and he was woken from his memories. Sol waved and hurried over to his brother to see what he wanted.Author's Note: If you read this thank you. I really appreciate it. If you understood it that's even better.This story is both a wrap up for two of my Day Run characters, Sol and Marx, and a way of explaining or trying to explain the origin of these characters.Also, I apologize in advance for my poor grammar.
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