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Legacy of the Gods

short story

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#1 Offline TheProphetofUlaan

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Posted Aug 30 2012 - 12:29 PM

This is a short story I wrote based on Xel'naga, a god-like species not unlike the gret beings.IMPORTANT NOTICE: this is fan-made. Some assuptions and exagerations are made.The Legacy of the GodsStarting All Systems…All Systems Started.Current Time is 01/10/72 000 000 000Last Time Online: 9/24/48 000 000 000Accessing Power Core…Power Core Not Found.Accessing Emergency Power Generator…Emergency Power Generator Accessed.Retrieving Data…Data Retrieved.Start Last Transmission: Yes/NoStarting Last Transmission…My name is Terus-Osiri.I am the last of my people.This is my story.I was born into the fourth generation of our cycle. At this point, we, the Xel’naga, or ‘Wanderers from Afar,’ as we called ourselves, had been present for almost thirty million years. The primitive races we found in our travels between the stars worshiped us as gods, for we were the most powerful race this universe has ever seen. But even gods do not live forever, and our arrogance would be our downfall.We may have been blessed with incredible power, but we were also cursed. As we reached the end of our cycle, we would begin to die by the trillions, until we were no more. Then it happened. The signs began appearing. It soon became apparent that our cycle of tens of millions of years was coming to a close. In desperation, our leaders came up with an audacious plan. We were to find two races, each with a key component, and genetically evolve them closer to us. Long after our cycle had ended, the two races would merge, and we would be re-incarnated.We searched far and wide throughout the Milky Way, but we all the species we tested failed. And then we chanced upon the planet Auir, in a distant sector of the galaxy. Its luscious forests teemed with life, great waterfalls spanned its surface, and towering trees climbed their way to the sky in a cascade of emerald. There we found a race of primitive humanoid aliens with glowing eyes and psionic abilities. Believing we had found the first component, Purity of Spirit, we named the race Protoss, meaning `firstborn`. We then set about influencing their genetic code, and uplifting them to our standards.Protoss technology, intelligence and psionic powers advanced at phenomenal rate. They soon developed interspace travel after only a couple thousand years. Then, disaster struck. A side effect of our pushing the psionic link that all Protoss share to its limits, was that the Protoss began to lose their psionic powers. Very quickly, the entire Protoss race descended into varying degrees of insanity, resulting in the bloodiest civil war the galaxy has ever seen. We left Auir shortly after, having declared the Protoss experiment a failure. We could only hope that someday the Protoss would re-discover the psionic link, and end their madness.We then found the second component, Purity of Essence, in the form of small, insignificant, insect-like larvae on the inhospitable planet Zerus, which was pitted with volcanoes, and contained a near combustible climate. We named them Zerg, and quickly evolved them to be able to assimilate other races into the Zerg Swarm. We spent more time evolving the Zerg due to the failure of the Protoss, but it was a delicate balance. Our extinction was drawing ever nearer, and we wanted to finish in time. Despite our near-perfect evolution of the Zerg, I was alarmed at the speed which the Zerg infested Zerus. All other races on the planet were either assimilated or exterminated.It was then that a dissident faction became apparent in our own ranks. With our deaths now only thousands of years away, many were impatient with our slow methods. I will not speak their leader`s name. It has been erased from all our records. He is now known as `The Fallen One`. He believed that we should remake all creation in our image immediately, instead of the lengthy stratagem of the Council. When the Council refused, he became violent. For his many crimes, the Council imprisoned him within the Void itself for all eternity.The Fallen One`s opposition shook the Council, and it was decided that the same should not befall the Swarm. With that in mind, the Council created the Overmind, a supreme consciousness that controlled all the Zerg. Little did we know that we had played right into the hands of the Fallen One, that he had already bound the Overmind to his will.Seven days ago, the Overmind broke the psychic link. At first we thought it was an error, a malfunction perhaps. That was all the warning we had before the attack waves of Zerg began systematically destroying our Worldships. We were caught completely off guard. The extinction of our race that we had feared for so long was happening now.We lost billions the first day. Trillions the next.Now only a few hundred of us remain. In our arrogance and pride we sought to defy Nature herself, for we were the Master of Creation and it was not right that we should have an end. Now we have paid the price.Those that remain do not think of our survival; we are already doomed. We strive to end the plague we have created, and thus keep the rest of the galaxy from harm. There are five Warships, Alpha 1 through 5. Within each one is a piece of an artifact. Once united, they alone have the power to end the Zerg menace.We are heading to the rendezvous point now. I do not know whether we will make it. Even if we do, I leave this recording behind, for the races of the future to find, in hopes they will learn from our mistakes and use this knowledge wisely. But this is also a warning. Should The Fallen One ever escape the Void, all of Creation will bow before his power.My name is Terus-Osiri, Last of the Xel`naga.I am ready to meet my destiny.End Transmission.Access Alpha-1`s log: Yes/NoAccessing Alpha-1`s log…Alpha-1`s log Accessed.20:01 pm: Lost Contact with Alpha-5.22:36 pm: Lost Contact with Alpha-3.24:58 pm: Lost Contact with Alpha-2.02:45 am: Lost Contact with Alpha-4.02:52 am: Preparing Warp Jump…03:02 am: Warp Jump Prepared.03:05 am: Jumping to Warp Space…03:20 am: Zerg Bio Signatures Detected.03:35 am: Activating Primary Weapons Systems…03:56 am: Shields: 90%03:57 am: Shields: 63%03:58 am: Shields: 32%03:59 am: Shields: 15%04:00 am: Shields Are Now Offline.04:27 am: Power Core Breached.04:28 am: Locking Down Power Core…04:28 am: Power Core Locked Down.04:29 am: Weapons Systems Failing…04:29 am: Weapons Systems Are Now Offline.04:30 am: Primary Engines Failing…04:30 am: Primary Engines Are Now Offline.04:31 am: Warning! Life Support Systems Failing!04:32 am: Life Support Systems Failed.04:51 am: Zerg Bio Signatures Decreasing.05:02 am: Scanning For Signs Of Life…05:02 am: No Life Found.05:03 am: Warning! Low Power. Systems Shutdown Initiated.05:04 am: All Systems Are Now Offline.
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The Ulaan Prophecy

"In the fullness of time

The cycle shall draw to its end.

The xel'naga, who forged the stars,

Will transcend their creation...

Yet, the Fallen One shall remain,

Destined to cover the Void in shadow...

Before the stars wake from their
Celestial courses,
He shall break the cycle of the gods,
Devouring all light and hope.

It begins with the Great Hungerer.

It ends...in utter darkness."

#2 Offline Hahli Husky

Hahli Husky
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Posted Sep 15 2012 - 08:44 PM

Since Xel'naga are actually from the StarCraft game series, I'm moving this COT, since the Library is for LEGO and Bionicle stories only. I really enjoyed this story, though. :)
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