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Hero Factory Revamp. Furno Bike

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My favorite set of the 1.0 wave was the Furno Bike. I liked it so much that I decided to revamp it to make it even more epic.These are what changes I've made1. Added an engine to fill in the big gap in the bike. Engine doesn't work its for detail only.2. Working front and rear suspension.3. Motorcycle sound brick. When rear suspension is pressed on. The brick will activate4. Quad exhaust pipes.5. New foot pegs so the canister Furno 1.0 can ride the bike.6. Handlebars are attached to the front wheel assembly like on a real motorcycle7. Hero core added in front as a detal. Its not meant to be a real Hero core its just a Hero Factory icon.8. I used up a lot of my orange technic pieces on this revamp.9. Better kickstand on the right armor covering. The left armor covering can holster Furno's dual fire bladesI've also made some changes to Furno as well.1. Replaced his keetorange bones with orange ones so he matches better with the bike.2. Added a part to his back so he can wear a jetpack like Bulk in the Bulk vs Vapor set3. Built his feet like the Furno Marine moc so he attaches to the bike easier.4. added technic parts under his chest armor to fill in the gaps.I've taken a lot of pics of this revamp so I'll only be showing a few. For the rest check the gallerySide view- righthttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/002.jpgSide view- lefthttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/003.jpgFront viewhttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/004.jpgBack viewhttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/005.jpgTop viewhttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/006.jpgSide view without armor coverings.http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/008.jpgFurno revampFront viewhttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/012.jpgBack view with jetpackhttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/013.jpgBack view without armorhttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/016.jpgView of torso without armor. Showing off the technic parts insidehttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/017.jpgFurno and his bikeRiding his bikehttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/018.jpgShooting at an enemy with his swords. This is also how I have him displayedhttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/001.jpgFurno next to his bikehttp://www.brickshel...eRevamp/023.jpgGallery when publichttp://upload.bricks...ry.cgi?f=511488

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Nice! I dont really like the hero core on the front. but otherwise, great filling in. I especially like the placement of the suspension pieces.

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