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Toa Nidhiki05
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Posted Oct 15 2011 - 09:31 AM

Chapters on Old Forum

-Toa Nidhiki05

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#2 Offline Toa Nidhiki05

Toa Nidhiki05
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Posted Dec 21 2011 - 03:26 PM

Chapter 8The Toa followed Nektann's instructions faithfully – there was indeed a large fortress on the northern portion of the island. The Toa carefully hid behind a hill, several kio away from the imposing structure.“Alright, how are we going to do this,” Spawn asked. “I can see at least a thousand ways we could all get killed here.”“Its simple, really,” V responded. “We infiltrate the fortress, and take out any guards we find as quietly as possible.” Shadonix simply shook his head.“Look, there are thirteen of us. That plan would work if there were less of us, but they would immediately find out if we all went in...”“That may not be necessary,” TN interjected. “Come and look for yourselves.” As the group followed TN, they noticed the fortress looked like it had been severely damaged. Cracks were visibly present, while parts of the building had broken off entirely.“Someone must have gotten here first,” TN reasoned.“Well then, we better hurry inside,” Twilight stated, heading towards a hole in the wall.-----The scene inside was grim. All along the halls, dead bodies of Brotherhood agents were visible. As the team traveled down the halls, they saw a dead agent gripping a design plan of the facility. Spawn walked forward and pulled the plan from the agent's hand.“Hm,” Spawn said as he examined the map. “It says the prisoner cells are right near here, actually. Based on where we entered, I'll guess it is to the right at the end of this hall.”As the group traveled, they found the cells were indeed there – more dead agents lay along the hall, with the exception of one who appeared to be just clinging to life. Shadonix walked up to the agent and held up his katana to his kneck.“Tell me what happened or I'll make your death much more painful.”The agent immediately responded. “Whoever you are... you should not be here. This is... Brotherhood territory...”“You don't understand, do you?” Shadonix laughed. “See, you don't know who you are dealing with. You are going to die, and one of two things is going to happen before then – you can tell us what we need to know and you'll die without any trouble from us. If you don't, I'll torture you until then. I'm not like those other Toa - I can cut off a limb, heal you, and repeat that process over and over and over again... and I will do that until you tell me what happened. Trust me, it isn't fun.” The agent just shrugged his shoulders.“We... were attacked. An... inside job. Prisoner One was taken...”“And Prisoner One is?” TN questioned.“Swert... he was...” the agent muttered before finally dying.“Well, we know what the person came for, and who he works for,” Twilight stated. “But how would he – or they - be able to lay waste to the entire facility?”“I have no clue,” V responded. “But it certainly isn't anything good. We need to find the room of operations for the Council of Seven – it may offer us a clue as to why.”-----Swert awoke with a massive pounding in his head. As he opened his eyes, he noticed his surroundings – he was in a small, dark room with no windows or doors. As he tried to move his arms, he noticed they were pinned down to the floor, as were his legs. As he tried to use his Gravity power to break the chains, he felt them become even tighter. Before he could try again, he heard maniacal laughing.“Keep trying that, Sectra,” the voice taunted. “Those chains are designed to absorb elemental energy. The more you try and escape, the harder they will bind you.”“Who is this?” Swert demanded.“Who am I?” the voice pondered. “I am death. I am evil. I am the enemy of all that is good and righteous. I am your nightmares, and your life will soon become a living one.”“Stop this madness,” Swert commanded. “You know who I am, and I know who you work for. I know all about the Brotherhood.”“The Brotherhood,” the voice noted in mock surprise, “is no more. I no longer need to work for them, or pretend to share their goals.”“Well then, darkness, what is it you want from me?” Swert demanded. The voice simply laughed.“You know well what I want. I want to know where the secret of Wiki-Nui is – where is the source?”“The source?” Swert questioned. Within seconds, dark coils of shadow sprang from the ground and grabbed his neck, squeezing the air from his lungs. Swert could do nothing to stop this assault.“Don't mess with me, Toa,” the voice bellowed. “You know well what I am talking about, and you are going to tell me.”-----Megan looked nervously over at Shadonix. “Shad, did you actually plan on going through with what you told that dead agent?” Shad looked over at Megan.“Of course I did,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone. “He is the only one here who knew what happened. If he wasn't going to tell us, we would have had to break him.”Megan shook her head. “Torture isn't very Toa-like, Shad.” Shadonix simply pointed to his wings.“Well, I'm not exactly a Toa, am I,” he stated. “I don't run by the same code as you. What needs to be done has to be done.” Megan prepared to respond, but Vartemp started to talk before she could.“This way,” Vartemp motioned to the other Toa. “I think I see their council room.”The Toa followed him into the darkness of the room. They could barely see in the pitch-black of the room, but noticed a lone lit area – a table with seven chairs.“This must be where the Council of Seven met,” V noted, walking over to the area. He noticed several corpses littering the area – a Glatorian and a Makuta.“The Council supposedly has seven members,” Cykron commented. “We know Nektann isn't here, and with these two dead members, where are the rest?” Suddenly, another Toa advance out of the darkness.“Anti-Nui incinerated them,” the Toa stated as he walked into the light, revealing himself as Ektris. All the others drew their weapons, but Ektris did nothing.“You have a lot of explaining to do, traitor,” Spawn said as he pointed his weapon at Ektris.“I'm not here to fight you – the time for that is long past,” Ektris stated. “Whatever plans I made have failed, and if you are wise, you will hear me out.” Spawn looked to the others, who shrugged.“Make it short,” Spawn commanded.“I intended to take over this city, yes. I won't deny that. But the most powerful one of the council members, Anti-Nui, had other plans,” Ektris stated. “You haven't by chance heard of the source, have you? Of course not, only the highest-ranking Sectra even know about it.”“Go on,” Twilight urged.“Anti-Nui is a being of pure evil. He intends to find the source, absorb its energy, and use it to take over this city. He is too insane to realize that, in doing so, he would in fact destabilize the island and destroy it,” Ektris continued. “He recruited another being, Shadow, to help him destroy the Council and take Swert from us. I managed to survive, but the rest of the Council wasn't so lucky. I still have no clue where Nektann is, but I'm guessing Anti-Nui is going after him too.”“Basically, we have little time before he does extract its location from Swert. We have to find the source before he does, or else all we know will end.” Spawn shook his head.“And how do we know we can trust you,” he said bitterly. “You've already betrayed Wiki-Nui once.”“You have no other choice, Toa,” Ektris rebutted. “I'll even lead the way to the source for you.”“Alright Ektris,” Spawn commented. “But any funny business, and I will end you. Lead the way.”-----First chapter in a long time. Hope y'all like it. :)-----Review------Toa Nidhiki05

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