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The Crypt

Hunted Profiles

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#1 Offline Lontra Canadensis

Lontra Canadensis
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 12:19 PM

O-ho, I see you made it here, did you? Very well. This is where you'll reserve spots for your friends if they meet any accidents...as well as where we'll log down most information of them. How useful, eh?

Here are a few of our first joiners:

Name: The Blinded Visionary

Species and Gender: Toa, Male.

Appearance: Tall, and appearing formerly muscular, though over time his muscles have atrophied somewhat. He has dark, silvery coloured armour, though there are spots of darker and brighter red in places, either a former colouration, or something else. He always wears something similar to a Toga Praetexta, and he always keeps a white cloth tied about his eyes. His Kanohi is in the shape of a Hau.

Weapons and Possessions: The Visionary holds no weapons, not anymore. In the way of possessions, he has a few. His mask, his armour, his robe, his cloth, and, finally, a small sword kept in a glass case within his rooms, with a slightly stylized flame shape.

Mask: The Visionary wears a Hau-shaped Kanohi Rode, the mask of Truth.

Powers: The Blinded Visionary is a Toa of Fire, and formerly a very strong, proficient one at that. He still holds his elemental power, however, after his looking in the well, it has gone down to about half the power a normal Toa might have-also known as one and one-half as much power as a Turaga. However, in exchange for this, he has gained the power of foresight...namely, visions. And he is excellent at interpreting them, and making sure that that which must happen will happen.

Faction: Leader of the Children of The Well.

Biography: The Blinded Visionary was, formerly, a brash, headstrong Toa of Fire, the leader of his small team of friends. He was one of the first Toa created, as well, though he had a relatively short career, compared to some others from that Universe. Eventually, though, he had been awakened. Just in time to see everything go completely downhill in his universe. He was one of the first to make the migration to Spherus Magna, and one of the first, afterwards, to make the migration underground. He was, again, the first to find the Well-yes, his life has been full of firsts, it's true. Once he found the Well, he sat in meditation for a few weeks, before, finally, more came and discovered him. They clothed and fed him for he had grown weak, and, finally, once he was back to full strength, he issued his proclamation of the Well.

Name: Kar

Species and Gender: Ul'kar, Indeterminate. Male personality.

Appearance: A viscous, black pool of a being, with swirls of a dark red slowly coming to the surface and sinking again. Though, at times, Kar will solidify himself, or parts of himself, coming up to walk among those who worship him.

Weapons and Possessions: He has no need of either, so he has none. Unless, of course, you count his worshippers.

Mask: None.

Powers: Being an Ul'kar, Kar has various powers, not all known. The only well known ones are these: He can speak to others in their mind, seemingly attempting to lull them to sleep, or to join him. And, the second, he can solidify his body, or parts of it, to give himself more form. And with that solidification comes the ability to make weapons from his substance.

Faction: Leader of the Ul'kar cult. Truly, though, simply the Ul'kar.

Biography: Why, you think he will wish to tell you? We only know this much: Kar says that he is the consciousness of the Great Being who created the Ul'kar, and that he is in control of the entire mass. At times. Soon after the Great Host, as he calls those who were not of the Ul'kar, came underground, he came as well. It was he who orchestrated the destruction of Kra-Karda, and it was he who drew the first cultists to worship him. That is all we know.

Name: Cotan

Species and Gender: Turaga, Male.

Appearance: A small, hunched Turaga, his great age evident in the look of his eyes. He wears a small, tattered robe, similar to most Turaga, though it has been half ruined over the time of his life. His eyes are a deep blue. His body is varying shades of green, the predominant being a rich, dark forest green.

Weapons and Possessions: His weapon is his staff, which can split apart to reveal a pair of highly sharpened long knives. His possessions include his robe and his mask, mainly, and a small, brightly glowing crystal hung from a chain about his neck.

Mask: Noble Kanohi Hau.

Powers: Cotan is a Turaga of Air, and, as such, he has minimal control over the power of air...though he has more than most other Turaga. As well, he seems to gain increased vitality from the crystal about his neck.

Faction: Leader of the Council of Light.

Biography: Cotan is an old, experienced Turaga. Formerly a wealthy Matoran servant in the Southern Islands, eventually, his master, the one who had trained him, passed away, leaving Cotan with a Toa Stone, and his former position as an ambassador and council member of the ancient organization that was the Toa Council. Cotan soon became a Toa, traveling about the Southern Islands, though staying close to one main Island, known as Yheyn, for most of that time. Eventually, he had pressing matters to attend to in the North, and so he left the Southern Islands for good. The next years were rather uneventful for him, doing nothing more than most Toa would. Eventually, after a great period of time passed, he made the migration to Spherus Magna with most Toa, and, later, to the Tunnels. He suffered as he left to the tunnels, though, from a plague that had been conceived to help end the Toa. He found the cure, though his healing also led him to become the Turaga that he is now. Once the first cities were founded, he decided to stay in Av-Metru, spearheading the organization of the Council of Light.

Name: Yolof

Species and Gender: Skrall, Male.

Appearance: Yolof, having been of the elite Skrall, is a large being-and it's not just his armour, and definitely not his paunch. He has a very dark, red coloured skin, nearly black. Especially in the wrong light. He is also heavily muscled, and his eyes burn with a furiosity greater than what most would expect.

Weapons and Possessions: Yolof owns two weapons: His original sword that he was given when first he joined the ranks of the Warrior Skrall, and his razor sharp shield. He has taken meticulous care to keep the tribal designs on both pure, due to the fact that he is, now, the last of his specific tribe of Skrall, and wishes to continue their memory. His possessions consist of his large home in Outpost Central, functioning as his home, an inn, and the main city hall, if you will.

Mask: N/A. Unless you count his helmet.

Powers and Skills: Yolof, like all Skakdi, holds no inherent power, besides his great natural strength, on par with that of a normal Toa of Stone. He is a greatly skilled swordsman, though, and he has one other, very important skill: Leadership. Very necessary in the tunnels.

Faction: Neutral, lead of Outpost Central.

Biography: Yolof, being a Skrall, was raised as a warrior, though he did not truly join the warrior's ranks until his twentieth birthday, part of a tradition within his Tribe. Sooner than he expected, though, he was forced down under the ground by the Ul'kar, and he lost his entire tribe in the process. He suffered a serious bout of depression for the first year or so he was in the tunnels, before, finally, he left Av-Metru, sickened with the Council, though holding no ill feelings towards the Children. The Cult of the Ul'kar, though, he hated with a passion. He soon founded Outpost Central, what was basically the last city under the ground, and has attempted sending others out to learn more of the land they were stuck in-not all returned. Others came back with tidings of other, smaller outposts formed, though there wasn't much that could be sent to them in the way of reinforcements. Now, the steady influx of information is dwindling, and Yolof fears for those he sent out.

Personal Characters Below This:



Links: Sanctuary, Hunted.

Notes: Remember, the people in this post are NPCs. I might make personal characters, I might not. It remains to be seen.

Edited by Kal Grochi, Oct 06 2012 - 01:26 PM.

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Trout? Where?

The Otter has finally returned...
Now in North American River Otter format.



#2 Offline Havelock Vetinari

Havelock Vetinari
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 12:24 PM

Name: KublaiSpecies and Gender: Male SkrallAppearance:“Only a fool judges a being on their appearance alone. You see an old and scarred Skrall, while a wise being would see someone intelligent enough to have survived many battles. It is a shame you will not live long enough to become a wise being. Don’t bother responding. Tis rather hard to do when fluid is bubbling out of a hole in your throat…”Kublai is old and he has seen many battles that much is evident just from looking at him. His body is a mess so much so that his armor cannot hide all the scars upon him. They crisscross his body like a roadmap and it is a testament to his skill that he has survived this long. His eyes are a bright red and they gleam with a swift and cunning intellect. His is colored in the typical fashion for a Skrall, though the white scars give him a very different look. He is well-muscled and in shape, as fits his lifestyle.Weapons and Possessions:“Shows of wealth and power are for those who fear they do not have these things. Take only what is needed or what prudence dictates and redirect your funds into something useful. Like training a military, it honestly astounds me how many rulers this simple lesson escapes.”A tribal design blade, called “Lucvis”. It is an old weapon and it should have ceased function years ago but the loving care Kublai put into maintaining it has offset the weight of the years. It is just as deadly now as it was when it was first forged, more so now that it is in the hands of a skilled warrior. He also wields a razor shield, scarred and pitted to the point where the original designs are long gone…but still effective nonetheless. Kublai is a nomad at heart and his only other possessions are the materials needed to live comfortably in the dangerous wilds of the caves. Most of them are light weight enough to carry on his back. He owns a few books and texts, but beyond that, nothing but the essentials. The essentials include a light set of scale armor.Mask: “Masks? Useful. It is quite unfortunate that their powers are wasted on those to weak or ineffectual to battle the threat that faces us. If we could but harness their power….but I suspect I do not have the time for such a venture. Perhaps later.”None. Being a Skrall he has neither the inclination nor the ability to use them. He doesn't begrudge others their use and admits that they are quite useful. Indeed, he finds the nature of masks quite interesting and if he had the time and the funds he would pry into the powers behind them with a will. But due to the events of the recent past and the not-so-recent past he no longer has the time or the inclination to spend his time in such a way. He has work to do and unfortunately, such exciting experiments must be put on hold until he and everything around him are not in danger of being consumed by a massive organism that seems to life for tormenting other sentients.Powers: “Do not insult me fool. You wield that blade like a toy. Do you know the battles this blade has seen? It has seen thousands of beings die screaming. It has tasted their blood as their lives ended. I know every groove and every scar this weapon has on it. It is an extension of my will. Prepare to die.”He is an exceptionally capable melee combatant. When he moves it is a thing of deadly beauty he knows his weapons and their unique attributes on an almost instinctual level. It would be more accurate to say his weapons are a part of him rather than a mere tool he lugs about. He also quite clever and well-spoken having self-educated himself at some point in the past, he is a canny and clever opponent and is an able commander. His only weakness might be his copious amounts of self-confidence; the concept of failure has long escaped him. He will win or he will die trying, there is no other option.Faction:“The Children are weak and held back by a petty and foolish philosophy. The blind fool who leads them is likely a charlatan or worse. I have no respect for them. The Ul’Kar will consume them as it does everything else. That cult who worships it should have been wiped out long ago and yet the Children still fail to do so. Disgraceful. The Council has not stepped in and they are losing their power quickly…in this time of crises a strong government is what is needed and yet, here we are. This will doom us unless someone acts. Order is needed to face the darkness. I will bring that order.”Him, himself and he. Kublai has no respect for the ruling factions and considers them weak and ineffectual or in some cases, outright crazy and worthy only of extermination. He seeks to overthrow them and replace them with his own reign; a reign he believes will be strong enough to withstand the assault of the Ul’Kar. Times are hard much too hard to leave the fighting and ruling to mere politicians what the world needs is a warlord and that is what Kublai intends to give them. Debate will not defeat the Ul’Kar only the protosteel and bravery of warriors and the cleverness and guile of scholars can do that. He has the sense to keep this to himself however….until the moment is right at least.Biography:“There is a fire inside and it is ignited by battle. When in battle everything becomes clear, your movements become crisp and clean and the world seems to slow down around you. Your weapons become a part of you, joining with you. In battle two things, sentient and weapon are one. This is the beauty of war.”Kublai has been a warrior all his life, wondering between Skrall tribes as a hired sword for as long as he can remember. He has learned much of warfare and death in his travels and many of those lessons were harsh indeed. They gave Kublai a very opinionated stance on the natural way of things. War, he has concluded, will always be with the people of the universe and that is, in its own way, a good thing. A totally peaceful society would have been crushed by the Ul’Kar but the violent nature and the constant wars have given them a fighting chance. War takes, it takes lives and loves, but it also gives. It gives power and weapons and bravery. It produces hero’s and great leaders and without it the universe would be a darker place.He fled from the Ul’Kar, knowing that attempting to face such a foe alone was both foolish and a waste of his life. When they arrived in the caves, Kublai dared to hope that the survivors would make ready their defenses and militarize to a huge extent. He was most disappointed when they instead settled and wait for their enemy to come to them. Kublai was not surprised when they were driven from their capital city and now the old warrior has concluded that if the survivors are too weak to fight the Ul’Kar on their own…then he will have to conquer them and mold them into a conquering horde, driven by a keen intellect and a reckless courage.He has set upon his task with a will, throwing himself into his studies of war and combat. He seeks to gather around him worthy warriors and comrades….then he will march on the Council.Name: LenirovSpecies and Gender: “Oh yes, a truly creative joke on your part…by all the elements of the world and the harmony of reason do you even have the capacity to walk and breath at the same time? Yes I’m tall. I’m well aware of that. I may be a gentlemen of the arts but you will find that I am not adverse to punishing stupidity. Let us conduct an experiment….let us see if your body flying through it will cause that window to shatter.”Male Steltian (Leader class) otherwise known as Sidorak’s Species and “those tall fellows who couldn't put together a functioning society without growing jealous of said society and tearing it down”. The last phrase was only used by one being….shortly after this he was found dead in an alleyway. The resulting investigation turned up nothing, with the officer in command of it noting that the poor fellow had committed suicide. There are many ways to commit suicide on Stelt, this is one of the more common. Appearance:“How did I preserve this coat? It twas not easy let me assure you of that much. It was quite a task if I do say so myself. I had to hire a few hands on to carry my things during the exodus and our refugee convoy was constantly ambushed. I was lugging the trunk my own by the end of it. I wish I could have saved more of my papers but….that was not to be evidently. I will replicate what I can…but knowledge, once lost, is not so easily found. The giant protoplasmic life form that insists on attempting to eat us is not helping matters.”Immaculate and proper even in the midst of a mass extinction event; Lenirov has somehow managed to keep some formal wear completely intact throughout this entire disaster. He typically wears a set of solid black formal pants, a white undershirt followed by black vest and a black frockcoat. He also wears a monocle when appropriate, if only to keep up appearances. Even if the world outside is burning to the ground, the one thing a being still has control over is his appearance and Lenirov will not surrender that right without one bloody fight.Physically, he is a typical leader-class Steltian. He is a quite tall and muscular though this is due to the nature of his species more than anything else as Lenirov does not brawl or battle unless he is defending himself is angered. His primary coloring is gray, followed by a secondary coloring of black. His eyes are a emerald green.Weapons and Possessions:“I am a man of humble means I’m afraid. Most of my wealth has gone into this college…it’s…it’s not much. But we’re proud of her nonetheless. Don’t worry, we’ve been in dire straits before and…and we can take a little more.”He owns a small part of a college in the City of Light, but it is slowly but surely crumbling as the funds run low. He lives in the backroom of his classroom and his books are stacked haphazardly wherever he can find the room. He lives somewhat simply despite his clothing. He owns what one would expect of a scholar, journals, writing utensils and such as. There is one exception however; he owns a large rifle as well. The rifle is based on old Nyrah Ghost designs and is capable of firing powerful energy blasts…however it needs to be reloaded with new power cells periodically and they are in short supply. In a pinch light stones will do but they are only good for one shot.Mask: “Yes yes. Very useful, however I do not have the time to listen to you prattle one about it. Are you going to life me up this ledge or not?”As he does not have the ability to use a mask, he does not carry any about. As any being would be however, he admitted that they are exceptionally useful and is quite interested in their properties. In theory it should be possible for a non-Toa derivative to make use of a masks power if it could be crafted to fit them. After a few experiments involving this and the resulting disaster wrecking one of his studies, he has not pursued this path of research in a long time. The rise of the Ul’Kar has not done wonders for this line of research either and aside from some scattered notes that he has managed to keep intact, nothing remains of that experiment.Powers: “A battle then? If you wish to die I will not stop you. But I would prefer it if you would simply listen to rational….No? More pseudo religious babble? Very well then.”He has the speed and strength of any Steltian but beyond that he has nothing that could be called a physical power. His dominion is of the mind. His mind is, metaphorically speaking a gear work mechanism of pure logic and can assimilate information and adopt it to framework of what already knows with great speed. However, he is unprepared for the harsh reality of this world and has difficulty realizing that there are things out there that could give even his mind pause. He is quite knowledgeable, having used his considerable lifespan in the pursuit of learning and education. Chances are, if it exists, he knows something about it. Be it a half-translated text fragment or the contents of an entire book.His is proficient with his gun, but that is because the nature of the times has forced him to be. He is not a natural-born warrior by any meaning of the word. He mostly relies on his physical power to get the job done; only applying his cleverer tactics when he must. He is not above using his physical prowess to get what he wants if he has been insulted or feels it is of great urgency.Faction:“I care nothing for your petty politics boy. When you are in my classroom you will conduct yourself in a respectful manner or you will be removed. This is a house of learning and it will be treated with the respect it deserves. Is this clear?”He is aligned with the small smattering of scholars and professors that managed to survive the depredations of the Ul’Kar. He operates out of a small college where he teaches in his spare time. The whole operation is very ramshackle and there is little apparent oversight. To be honest, Lenirov prefers it this way as it allows him to operate with a degree of freedom that is quite unheard off in most academic circles. He does his best to ensure his student’s education is a quality one but in honesty the pure chaos of this current times have ensured that half the time he does not even have students available to teach. He uses his ever-diminishing personal fortune to keep his part of the college afloat and to launch the occasional expedition. But his money is running out and as the claws of the Ul’Kar close around the lights of civilization, so is his time. But he soldiers on as the world collapses around him, writing and recording it all for posterity even his experiments grow ever more desperate and his hope ever more dim.Biography: “If you want to know about my life, you can purchase my autobiography. Volumes one through fifteen are available currently. Sixteen has been delayed for understandable reasons.”Throughout his long life, Lenirov has seen many wonders. He has invariably published long books on these wonders, dissecting them and viewing them from and objective stance for the sake of posterity. It is a rare professor who can say he has taught from a textbook he helped right a few thousand years ago and Lenirov is part of that small group. He has taught in many universities, conducted many experiments and debated with the best scholars of his time. Even today his wish to learn and to understand remains unbowed before the harsh circumstances he finds himself in. When the Ul’Kar arose the research college Lenirov was teaching at was selected to attempt to find out more of the beast.The result was a complete disaster, soon after the first samples (obtained at great cost) arrived the college has been nearly completely consumed by the creature. Lenirov and some of his students were saved by the timely arrival of a Skrall war band and by their desperate activation a few old museum piece Vahki guardians. This caused enough chaos for them to slip out unnoticed, though everything in the college was lost save for what they managed to carry with them. From there Lenirov retreated to one of his estates and began to strip it of everything he valued, hiring those he could to carry this cargo. He followed civilization as it retreated before the beast…And now it seems he and civilization both have run out of places to hide. He is experimenting desperately, seeking any lead, any knowledge that could help him stop the beast. So far he has found nothing…and that, more than anything else has him scared witless.

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I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

#3 Offline Conway

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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 12:52 PM

-The Well-Intentioned Sociopath-"Name's Cliff. Named myself after the first thing I saw everyday, out in the wastelands. Can you guess what that was?"Name: CliffSpecies and Gender: Female SkrallAppearance: Cliff is unusual for a female Skrall. She’s shorter than average, but much brawnier than most females. She wears typical male Skrall armour, black with red highlights, which clash with her light green eyes, as well as having the distinctive hunched shoulders of male Skrall.Weapons and Possessions: A protosteel sabre, as well as a backpack filled with a length of hand-made rope, a few stone hand axes, and a full gourd of water.Mask: n/aPowers: While having no elemental powers, Cliff is a particularly strong, fast and quick-witted warrior (while lucid). She also has a higher tolerance for pain than most beings.Faction: NeutralBiography: Beginning life as a small, sickly child of the Skrall, Cliff was never physically or mentally fit enough to contribute much to the society. Because of this, at a young age, she was sent to live in the harsh wilderness of Bara Magna, as a means of character building. The years of isolated survival worked, in that she became a formidable warrior, at the price of much of her sanity.After the Ul’kar attacked the residents of Spherus Magna, Cliff found herself underground, joining in the daily struggle to live until the next morning, something that has become ingrained into her. She has attempted to become a force of good and justice after hearing so many stories about heroes, but her lapses in sanity, and her general mean streak, cause major problems with that.-Void
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#4 Offline Highly Suspicious Person

Highly Suspicious Person
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 12:57 PM

"Hello."Name: SkrallSpecies and Gender: Male SkrallAppearance: Skrall is a Skrall, with black armour and red details. He is covered in scars and his armour is dented. He is missing his left eye.Weapons and Possessions: The standard Skrall sword, and a small pouch that he keeps on his waist. It is always filled with supplies.Mask: NonePowers: Skrall has no 'powers', but is a skilled and physically powerful warrior. However, losing his eye resulted in his depth perception becoming terrible, and while he has gotten used to it, he is still not in optimal fighting condition.Faction: Outpost CentralBiography: Skrall was originally a normal Skrall warrior, until lost his eye to a Glatorian's blade in the Battle of Roxtus. It was found that he couldn't handle the injury, since it affected his depth perception and caused him serious problems.He had just begun learning how to fight with this disability when the Ul'kar struck. Skrall went underground with everyone else, helped others evacuate Kra Karda, and eventually made his way to Outpost Central, where he spends almost all of his time these days.

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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 12:59 PM

"The name's Fortis. And YOU, my good man, look as out of place as sunlight in this part of town."Name: FortisSpecies and Gender: Male ToaAppearance: Average width for a Toa, but slightly on the short side, Fortis has an umistakable swagger to him that he honed for decades in the ghettos of Av-Metru. He doesn't look like much, but make no mistake, he's like quicksilver; his slightly starved looking, thin frame disguises leg muscles that can send him running at speeds somewhere between those of a Calix user and a Kakama user, and he's developed the natural muscles in the rest of his body so that he can catch onto ledges and rooftops that most other beings couldn't even dream of hanging on to. A canteen, filled with some form of drink that boosts his metabolism and energy in moments where he needs it - think Gatorade - hangs loosely from a stylish-looking utility belt that sags slightly around his waist.Weapons and Possessions: A long flyssa sword slung across his right shoulder that ends just at his left hip, as well as two daggers fastened to harnesses on his forearms; these harnesses and the weapons within - which Fortis uses for closer-range fighting - are disguised by a customized vest of his own design. He doesn't own much in the way of protective clothing, preferring to let his gait and aura act as his clothing.Mask: Calix, Mask of FatePowers: Power over Iron, skill with swords, an almost viper-like charm that he spent years honing; how else could he get what he wanted so easily when he grew up in a place like Av-Metru?Faction: Neutral, for now.Biography: Fortis was born a street urchin, and from his earliest days as a Matoran, he knew he would probably die as one.Av-Metru, contrary to its name, is not a shining beacon of light in the underground, a citadel of all that is pure and right. Fortis grew up in the darkest corners of the City of Light, in the outermost corners of Av-Metru; no faction's influence touched the "ghettos" in which he was raised, and so there was no one to protect each individual clan from each other individual clan. Fortis found his calling as a thief, with his light frame, quick movements, and born sense of charisma. As he grew and eventually became a Toa - with the help of a Toa Stone, stolen, of course - he perfected his little act: at first, his accent had been rough, patchy, and it changed every now and then, his clothes had been worn for days on end and finally ended up getting temporarily shelved in lieu of new ones, and his walk would sometimes shake with fear and self-doubt. As the decades rolled on, his accent sharpened and refined itself until it was as smooth and sharp as his sword, and his physical presence would create an unmistakable loyalty in the people of the ghettos.As time went on, Fortis became one of the undisputed overlords of the outskirts of Av-Metru, with a mishmash of traits that made him just crazy enough, just charming enough, just savvy enough, to take charge of the people of the ghetto and make the place his own personal little kingdom; it didn't take a lot of control to keep the place on a leash, and Fortis, now inflated with a sense of superiority and cockiness that was slowly spreading to "his people," started to turn his sights onto the city at large...-Teezy
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"Those fools that worship that bumbling mass of goo Ul'Kar, they are in desperate need of reeducation."Name: TakatarSpecies and Gender: Toa. Male."You judge me by my LOOKS?! How very foolish of you; do you know how many lives that perception has taken?"Appearance: He is very lithe in appearance. He is very tall; almost one head taller than a skrall warrior. His armor is mostly black, with only the slightest amounts of purple giving away his status as a toa of gravity present on him.These purple parts are visible on his mask and on his back."I prefer to travel light. Too many possesions can weigh you down. But not mental possesions; no, the more knowledge you have, the lighter on your feet you will be."Weapons and Possessions: A saber in the shape of Phantoka Lewa's saber that is extremely sharp and tough, a shield he usually keeps on his back to protect him from backstabs, hidden blades, a black cloak, a collection of books: one on history, one on science, one on philosophy, and one on mathematics"Why do I wear a Kualsi? Simply because my studentsliv all across town and some of them are very, well, tight on their available times, and those students happen to be the ones that live across town from each other. Thus, ordinary modes of transportation are insufficient"Mask: Kualsi, the mask of quick travel"I am not simply learned in books young one; I have knowledge in the elements as well. That is the type of knowledge that lets you live another day; the difference between falling into an endless chasm or floating upwards safely unharmed."Powers: He has many years of experience with gravity. He has practiced a lot with his powers and has extensive knowledge of how to use them in creative ways. He is not the best of swordsmen, but he has had many years to hone his skills. He also has lots of knowledge over lots of subjects, including which tactics to use in battle and which plants can treat which injuries"Am I with the Children of the Well? No. I am not with the council either. But there is a thing I am AGAINST, and that things is Ul'Kar and the cult that worships him in all their lies and foolishness."Faction: Neutral, but against Ul'Kar and the cult."The Onu-Matoran believe that history can teach us many things about the present. I agree. If we don't know the mistakes our forefathers made, are we not doomed to repeat them?"Biography: A middle class toa in Av-Metru, he was one of the original migrants underground and has full recollection of the history of Kra-Karda and Av-Metru. He was a professor of history in one of Av-Karda's schools or a very long time, but when the academy was destroyed by a group of Cult members, he lost his job, and a lot of his friends too. He has recently made a living as a private tutor, but his activities against the cult can sometimes distract him form his job.
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Name: Levacius Vira’Targo (Levacius of Targon, the Griffon, and numerous other titles that he rarely uses)Gender & Species: Male Toa of LightningAppearance: Levacius stands at slightly above average height for a Toa, and is clad in white armor that is slightly lighter than that which covers the bodies of most Toa. His mask appears as a Great Hau, and is peculiar in that unlike other masks, which take on a color based on the specific wearer, is always a light grey, and is covered in numerous scratch marks – indications in any Kanohi that it is powerless. From behind his mask are two orange eyes, but they seem to be constantly sullen from age and time. His body has begun to show signs of aging, with his muscles having begun to deteriorate slightly. He maintains a constant erect posture when walking.Weapons & Possessions: Levacius carries two very strange weapons known as plasma blades. The weapons appear as nothing but hilts of protosteel with incredibly thin but sharp protosteel blades emerging from them. They are able to turn the air into plasma in the space on the other side of the bladed edge of the weapons. The plasma, being highly conductive of electricity, can then be charged by particularly talented Toa of Lightning (such as himself) or by additional attachments, but such things would make the weapons far more likely to deteriorate. The weapons lower weight compensates for his lesser physical conditions, particularly when his own talents come into effect. He prefers not to use the weapons, however, and instead rely on his mind and potent elemental abilities. In case of emergencies, he has a wristband with a map of the area scratched into it that contains hundreds of miniaturized teleport Kanoka disks, which use small portions of their power to allow him to teleport to anywhere within 1000 yards. However, for every increment of 10 yards, he is placed off by about 1 inch. He can only control the direction, and thus often tracks his location on his small map.Mask: Levacius’ mask is a very special mask, having been forged in a very different manner from the typical mask, which is the reason it remains every grey and does not bond to the user in any ways. This forging process allows it to function even while damaged – however, its power has been slowly leaking out over the millennia. At the present, the mask, which Levacius suspects is older than himself, has only minute traces of its power remaining. Once providing the benefits of a Mask of Sensory Aptitude, all it does now is balance out his slightly deteriorated senses. He has absolutely refused using any Kanohi other than this one.Powers: Elemental Powers of Lightning. To say that Levacius is a master of his element would be a gross underestimation. With a good scientific background and numerous experiments with his element, he knows it much like a mathematics major knows arithmetic – it’s completely natural. He is convinced that there is still more to learn, and believes that it may be possible to change a substances element by draining its charge – this theory has become somewhat of an obsession of his, as he believes it could possibly be a way to destroy Ul’Kar by transforming it. No luck so far. Beyond this, he is also a skilled tactician and combatant alike, and can lead a small force quite effectively when necessary.Faction: Neutral (Favors Council of Light)Biography: (Age ~ 90,000 Years +) Levacius has a rather long history, stretching into the deep past of the Matoran Universe, where he was first created in the city of Metru-Nui as many other Matoran had been by Mata-Nui. His first major profession, he was a high ranking scientist under the employ of the great Barraki known as Pridak, having left Metru-Nui due to feeling prejudice from most of the Ga-Matoran there. He left the Leagues employ without any form of resignation when he learned of the attack on the city, and became aware of the fact that the Brotherhood may attempt to stop them.His self-imposed exile in the Northern Continent was peaceful at first. But as the League fell, the universe became a far less peaceful place. Most of the higher ranking or more dangerous officials vanished, and many others were butchered by the Brotherhood. But many chose to occupy by the Northern Continent, one of the nearest places to where they had been defeated and a very large place to colonize. The former armies of the Barraki began establishing their own minor kingdoms, but were opposed by the older ones that had ruled it in the past.Levacius was in one of the smallest of those older lands, a small freehold known as Targon that was based around the titular mountain of Targon Rock. He was pushed into the militia of his home, which eventually became a standing army as the Turaga leading Targon sought to expand territory – particularly in claiming one of their neighbors, a smaller, less manned, but far more wealthy kingdom.Wealth brought much happiness to their enemy. By the time Targon marched on them, Levacius was a lieutenant in his forces, and a capable warrior. He was also one of the few to survive when three Toa, hired by their enemy as some of the first rogue, mercenary Toa in the universe, appeared and systematically killed almost everyone in that group with him.The war began in earnest then, and Targon expanded all of its resources, including Steltian mercenaries. Levacius rose to the rank of captain, and led the force that captured the keep awarded to the lightning Toa in the group. As the Steltians closed in and tore the mercenary Toa limb from limb, Levacius inspected the keep and found a secret mass of information suggesting that the Lightning Toa was planning to sell a Toa stone. Levacius decided he would try it out for himself.And so arose Levacius, Toa of Lightning. From there, everything just got bigger and bigger. First he became the general of the armies of Targon after aiding in the killing of the other two Toa. Then, he displaced the original leader of Targon and named himself Military-Governor of the country. Targon expanded from there, taking the fertile plans of the eastern Northern Continent and then expanding north and west. No empire had every controlled as much territory on its own as his; only a few confederacies had come close.But ultimate power does not last long, and the Brotherhood took notice. Levacius’ fortress at Targon Rock was marched upon by a company of Rahkshi sent by Gorsat. Without the manpower to stand up to them, he chose a far more reckless action – he evacuated Castle Targon, embedded in the mountains, and filled it up with explosives from Xia. When the Rahkshi came, expecting to find him, the entire force was destroyed as the mountain violently exploded, crushing them all in stone. Gorsat was understandably upset.But Levacius would never be found, and seemed to vanish. A few reports from his remaining loyalists, who had taken over parts of his empire, seemed to indicate that he was dead. Far from it – and far worse. He had taken refuge on Stelt, the only place where anybody can get around without being noticed. Eschewing the numerous painted markings he used, he moved with only a large cloak through the city and hired himself out as a guard on ships.One thing led to another, and Levacius eventually found himself with control over a smuggling ship of his own. In time, he worked hard to find himself in possession of the Griffon, one of if not the fastest ships in the Matoran Universe. Taking on its own name as his title, he began to recruit allies during his travels that he considered his closest friends.The crew began to change over time, as did he. At first, he was in it only for the profit and money. Eventually, it became more about the fun and profit. One day, he finally sat in a mirror and decided it wasn’t just fun or profit – it was helping people out as he travelled. Looking over his actions, he realized that he had saved hundreds of lives in his travel.And then the crew kept changing. The Griffon remained a smuggling ship, but was now something more – it moved across the universe, constantly exploring. Levacius recorded everything he learned in numerous logs and books detailing his crew and adventures. He fought demons and gods and everything imaginable alongside his allies. Occasionally he would have to separate or vanish, and a few times was caught up in things he didn’t plan on, ranging from slavers to enchanted mirrors that trapped souls.When he finally began to run out of universe, the universe chose to run out on him. More specifically, the universe was conquered by an insane Makuta, who had chosen to enslave the entire population. Levacius and his allies would have none of that, and valiantly chose to fight against the dark lord who had claimed their home.The worst day of their lives, in the Matoran Universe at least, came when a particularly dangerous storm struck. However, as their bird Kelwra began to act erratically, Levacius figured something was wrong, and the group abandoned ship into the waters, making their way to the land they intended to get to. The bird, unfortunately, did not make it - and neither would most of them, as a team of Rahkshi went overhead soon after.And then, they stepped onto Spherus Magna. Realizing they had an entire planet to explore, the crew began to make preparations for the biggest events in their lives. At least, that was until a black, oozy mass began to bubble up from the earth right in the middle of a crawl through an old cave. He and his crew returned to the central areas populated by the Matoran to see what they knew.He and his crew were also the first group of people to open fire on Ul’Kar after it made its demands. Some paid the price immediately. When the monster began to drive them underground, Levacius took counsel with the crew. It was decided that most would go and find the other small and isolated villages, and see if they could seek safety in the isolated islands out in the middle of Aqua Magna, or away from their enemy. He, and a few others, would go underground, and make sure to protect the many going there from Ul’Kar, while trying to find their own way to stop it and, possibly, in time, making contact with the others.That was the decision. Until Ul’Kar killed almost everyone in the team other than him and a few others as they began to part ways.Stunned by the sudden turn of events, Levacius was only barely restrained from attempting to release nova level energies on the beast. He ended up heading into the tunnels with the many others.Presently, he is the last member of his crew remaining, and does little but think about that fact. In Kra-Karda, he made use of a large home that acted as his lab and personal library of old books and armory of weapons. Every since Ul’Kars attack, he has been separated from much of the research he has done, and had to make up most of his work from scratch.He has become obsessed with the idea that Ul’Kar can be destroyed, and works constantly on ways to do that – he studies everything, from the mist to even samples of Ul’Kar when he can get them. Occasionally, he will head out into the dark tunnels with only his equipment and a few lightstones and pace across the tunnels, asking Ul’Kar questions that will never be answered and occasionally speaking to his old friends, not expecting answers but hoping that, one day, he will find a way to do so – one day, in a world where the Matoran and Agori are free, and Ul’Kar has been banished to the dark from which it came forever.

Name: HalnaraGender & Species: Female SkrallAppearance: Halnara is a very youthful looking member of her species, with the rather standard black and red body with a red colored face. She wears an ornate baroque styled mask that allows her glowing green eyes to be made visible. She wears a set of robes of a very similar style to those used by the Sisters of the Skrall, composed of two main parts – the parts underneath being bright red, the ones over that a grey with purple designs.Weapons & Possessions: Halnara keeps no true weapon other than a staff that she often carries with her to help walking long distances, and a number of drawing utensils and pieces of paper. She also wears an amulet crafted from moonstone with a topaz gem in the center that supposedly helps the mental clarity of the user. It doesn’t do anything other than provide peace of mind, to be honest.Powers: Halnara possesses latent psionics abilities on a somewhat extraordinary level, possessing incredibly strong telekinetic potential and the ability to block out the mental attacks or dominating effects of others. Her focus on creating mental cloaks is much lesser. She has never attempted to control the minds of others, and due to her lack of experience, cannot do so – however, she can use her powers to increase her convincingness to others. Her telekinesis is strong enough that she can maintain flight for ten, fifteen minutes time when provided the necessary space.Faction: The Children of the WellBiography: (Age ~ 7,000) The following is an account of Halnara’s family – in the past, the Sisters of the Skrall mysteriously developed psionics powers. For the most part, this led to a split of the genders from each other, despite the mutually assured destruction this presented due to biology. A few Skrall noted this, and also noted the fact that they loved a partner of the opposite gender. Those Skrall remained in their old homelands as the others fled from the Batterra, living mostly weaponless and holding few tools other than those for farming.This group of Skrall numbered some two hundred in total, a meager fraction of the species. Their home grew into a complete city over time. It was found that the psionics potential of the females often passed to their children in lesser amounts, but only rarely to the males. Halnara was the first female child of both a female and male with psionics abilities. And unlike others who had descended from the first, her abilities were not weaker; if anything, they were far stronger.Soon after she reached adulthood, the village was destroyed by the sudden return of the Elemental Lord of Fire, who was quite upset about them being in an area signed over to the Fire Tribe in the Core War. She was one of the few survivors, who migrated south. They kept migrating south until they settled in a new village. That new village, located along a river, had front row seats to two giant robots fighting over the planet.When Spherus Magna was reborn, Halnara left the village and mingled with the newcomers – particularly Toa who possessed psionics powers. She was a great surprise to her tutor, as she possessed mental abilities with no elemental aid, as though it were completely natural. The Toa found helping her hard at first, but over time, she began to understand how element users would control their powers, and how to use her own skill to become just as potent. From watching her, her tutor also learned quite a bit more.When Ul’Kar appeared, she took it as quite surprising, to put it mildly. It was also terrifying and shocking when her mentor and many others she had befriended died, and she was forced down under the earth.Halnara now follows the Blinded Visionary and the other Children of the Well. She has begun numerous studies over the writings they have, and after watching the actions of the Ul’Kar, has developed her own philosophy on what it is and how to beat it. She believes that the memories that it absorbs sometimes conflict with it, and it is forced to expel them to create the lesser beings often seen in the tunnels so that they do not act against the full mass, but instead rage against the world as a whole. The only way she believes that Ul’Kar can be defeated is by somehow returning those memories to it, while finding a way to reach out to the people contained within it by restoring them to full consciousness, and thus reducing the Ul’Kar to nothing more than a black mass that would seep back into the earth as those it absorbed reclaimed their freedom and tore it apart.

Name: GhaiedenGender & Species: Male VortixxAppearance: Ghaiden is a rather burly Vortixx, and quite a bit larger than most females of his species. He has two red, glowing eyes, and his body is covered in numerous scars. He wears a black cloak, and has a holster for his catcher claws over his back, along with his Rhotuka device on his left arm. Finally, he wears a strange amulet with the shape of a Kanhoi Kraakhan, but it is usually hidden.Weapons & Possessions: Ghaiden fights using a very old and very dangerous weapon – the Catcher Claws used by the dangerous Vortixx double agent Roodaka. The weapon can be used to capture Rhotuka spinners coming towards him, add his own power to them, and cast them back at the sender. It can be used as a focus for those with the power of shadows, but almost seems tainted by evil, which makes it difficult for light users to be around. Finally, it can be used as a potent melee weapon with either one or both hands. In addition to his catcher claws, Ghaiden possesses an artificial Rhotuka launcher that has been modified to increase both range and the speed of fire. He has his amulet, but it doesn’t do anything.Powers: Through much mental training and focus, Ghaieden has forsaken his inner light completely, having nothing but inner shadow within himself. He can focus his inner darkness into pure, non-elemental shadow energy and use it as a weapon. Additionally, whenever he manifests Rhotuka spinners, they have the power of stasis burst (causes the effect of a Type 4 Kraata’s stasis field within a one Bio radius of where it strikes, or a Type 5 on a direct hit). The power he applies with the catcher claws is weaker (causing Type 4 on a direct hit, and no burst). Finally, he possesses the prodigious physical attributes of a Vortixx.Faction: The Cult of Ul’KarBiography: (Age ~ 17,000) Ghaieden was a Vortixx who always wanted moiré from life than just having a profit, or just surviving from day to day. Being one of the few males to climb a mountain – and return alone, with his companion being a female – he had a pretty good life. But it was never good enough. The Brotherhood of Makuta knew this, and knew they needed more operatives on Xia.When the universe was taken over by the Makuta, he was one of those contacted to act as local governors – something he had been promised long ago for his loyalty. Under his reign, Vortixx on Xia were not a happy group. It took only a few weeks for them to rebel against him and oust him. Not that it was personal – any of them would have done the same, after all. As he fled, he decided he would return – but not before he claimed something.That something was another Vortixx, known as Roodaka, who he assumed would be still in the Order of Mata-Nui’s prisons on Daxia, if she was alive at all. He didn’t find her when he go there – for she had already been taken to the Pit – but he did find her old weaponry, the catcher claws. Taking them as his own, he decided he’d had enough fun, and would take Xia back.Not long after that, the Universe died. Ghaieden migrated to Spherus Magna with all of the others within and chose to live in seclusion in the outskirts of the newly forming city until he had been forgotten. Then, Ul’Kar emerged, making its promises. At first, he refused, having already experienced how badly such deals can go.Any form of repercussions ended after Kra-Karda was destroyed. Resigning himself to his fate, he travelled to Suva-Ul and threw himself down for worship. To this day, he continues to do so. Occasionally, he hounds the tunnels, making use of his stasis powers to capture enemies for the one he views as a god, or destroy those who oppose him. Now, all that matters is prolonging his life just a bit longer.

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Name: Sar'Jah Species and Gender: Skakdi, MaleAppearance: Leaner than most Skakdi. He has tan armor, with deep brown organic parts and core pieces. His face, like all Skakdi, has a constant grin, though Sar'Jah's looks more like a smirk than anything else. The rest of his face is quite thin, with extensions flowing off of his golden eyes. Weapons and Possessions: He has a satchel, filled with stones of various sizes, which he throws or uses in a sling, also stored in the bag. Sar'Jah keeps a dagger sheathed on his hip, and another one is stored beneath his lower left leg armor.Mask: N/APowers: Stone powers in conjunction with another Skakdi, and 'Lock-On' vision that allows him to keep track of a single target at a time, no matter how they dodge or hide.Faction: Loosely with the CouncilBiography: Sar'Jah is, and always will be, an explorer. He's very happy just going around and looking for places not found by anyone else. Though, since exploring doesn't pay well, if at all, he signed up with the Council to be a guide for those unsure in how to get around the caverns. Sar'Jah has never really used his powers, simply due to the personalities of the other Skakdi he's met. He doesn't remember much about his life on the surface, before the Ul'kar came, due to getting an concussion soon after entering the caves. Zakaro
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Name: Unknown, but she goes by Fury. Has a myriad of other titles she will also accept.Species and Gender: Sentient Sword, seems to be female.Appearance: Fury's appearance changes from time to time, when she gets bored of her old form. She always remains a sword, however, so it is unknown how much control over her container she has. At the moment, Fury is a rapier, with an exceptionally ornate hilt. The hilt is composed of several silver and gold bars curving up from the handle to form a roughly half-sphere hilt. The blade is a white metal of unknown origin, with black lettering in an archaic language down the blade. The sheath has matching lettering, written in a language so old no mask can translate it. The sheath is black, with gold detailing.Weapons and Possessions: Herself?Mask: N/APowers: Fury has few skills she can use by herself. Telepathy, and that is really it. When she is drawn from her sheath by another, however, she grants them several abilities. They lose access to their mask and elemental powers, but all physical attributes are doubled, and they gain an auric armor. The design depends on the Bearer. They also gain the ability to fire light or lightning attacks from Fury's tip. However, she may also attempt to gain control of their body.Faction: NoneBiography: Fury's past is known to no one other than herself, and she isn't talking. She has existed for countless centuries, outlived entire species, and quite possible predates civilization as we know it. There are many references to mythical sword throughout history, and chances are, most of them refer to her. She was once, long long ago, a physical being before she was imprisoned in her current vessel
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Name: ZacaxSpecies and Gender: A male Toa of FireAppearance: A tall, young, red and black Toa of fire, with a very lanky appearance, with long arms and legs. He wears a red mask of Kanohi copy, dark red torso armor with one shoulder pad (the right shoulder), no upper arm armor, with dark red guantlets with the fingers being gunmetal grey, thick leg armor (bottom legs are red, upper legs are dark red), Personality: Zac is a comical and slightly oblivious Toa of Fire, with an OCD nature, which he developed in his time here. He may seem oblivious or not carig, but In battle shows other wise, and he is very caring, just very hard to read him...Faction; Children of the WellWeapons and Possessions: Two twin katanas and a sword with a bent handle (like a gun's handle), a staff with a thin gear with sharp teeth that can be spun, either as a cutter, or to pierce the enemy.Mask: (Pre-approved by Kal)Mask of Kanohi Copy, a mask that can copy a mask power that is currently being used. The user can switch to another mask as well. However, the user can only copy mask powers when they are activated and/or being used.Powers: As a Toa of Fire, Zacax can have control of fire and summon it as well. He often shoot fire balls, and can use the fire to turn into a fiery blade IF he looses his weapons.Biography:An inventor, an apprentice, and a weapon's expert, Zacax is a an intelligent Toa who resides in a hut with his brother, sister and his tutor. He was a matoran who was sent to Karzahni to be repaired after a Kikanalo incident, meaning he has a fear of Kikanalo. He was trained by his mentor for many, many years. He even was best friends with an assasin, who still is to this day.Now he lives among the others here in this underground world, wishing he could see the daylight again.He wishes to find a way out rather than stay here, and so, people think he is a bit insane. He constantly makes tools to dig a tunnel out of this place and wishes to see the sun.
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Name: AlmornSpecies and Gender: Male Toa of FireAppearance: Almorn’s primary color is bright red and his secondary color is yellow. He has a triangular-shaped metal plate over his heartlight; this plate serves as the link between his powers and his rifle and cannot be removed.Weapons and Possessions: Combat knife for hand-to-hand combat. Primary weapon is as Nyvrah Ghost-built elemental rifle. The rifle, which is permanently bonded to Almorn, draws from his own elemental power and can fire bolts or ‘grenades’ formed from his element. The weapon amplifies his power, but only in very specific (i.e. destructive) ways. He also has a shoulder-mounted harness for a lightstone, and he usually carries three stones at a time. Additionally, he has a backpack with some rope, a crowbar, flint and steel, and a few other survival tools.Mask: Suletu, Great mask of telepathy.Powers: While Almorn has control over fire, his powers have been altered due to his bonded weapon. He can only channel his power through his rifle and his rifle can only use his elemental power destructively.Faction: Franon’s Elemental Scouts (A small group of former Nynrah Ghosts and battle-hardened Toa. They were dedicated to blazing trails and delving into unexplored tunnels and caverns in order to find resources for those who had fled from the Ul’kar. They possessed high-tech weapons, armor, and gadgets thanks to the Ghosts. Almorn thinks that he is the last one alive, but he hasn’t had the chance search for any other members.Biography: Almorn was a rookie before the Ul’kar appeared, and he wasn’t the best of Toa. His heart was in the right place and he did his best to help Matoran and Agori communities, but he was physically weaker than most Toa and he had trouble effectively controlling his power. Since he couldn’t defend his charges, he was forced to focus on more constructive tasks, such as maintaining furnace fires and assisting Matoran in repairing their vehicles.That changed when the Ul’kar showed up. After its initial attack, Almorn found out that a group of Toa, led by a Toa named Franon, was talking with former members of the Nynrah Ghosts. Their hope was that they could better defend themselves against the ‘creature’ through technology and Almorn wanted in. To his surprise they recruited him and he was one of the first to be bonded to and elemental rifle. This weapon finally allowed him to easily control his power, as long as it was used to destroy, and he became stronger thanks to hours of drills and exercises with Franon and the other veterans.When the Ul’kar reappeared and the war began, Franon’s group fought back as hard as they could and Almorn was often on the front-lines. After he survived his first few battles, it was discovered that he actually had leadership potential and he would later be put in charge of protecting Matoran, Agori, and other non-combatants whenever a settlement had to be evacuated. His position of permanent rear-guard allowed him to survive while others perished and this has caused him no end of guilt.When the Ul’kar finally pushed the survivors underground, Franon reorganized his group into the Elemental Scouts and assisted in exploring and clearing out numerous tunnels and caverns as the refuges went deeper. Almorn assisted with these operations, but he was soon given a special assignment. After setting up in Kra Karda, he was to be put in charge of a special squad who would explore the darker and less mist filled areas of the underground. The remaining Ghost were attempted to create special suits and other gadgets that would hopefully protect them from whatever was hiding in those areas. Unfortunately, this never occurred as the Ul’kar attacked again. Cut off from the rest of the Scouts, Almorn only had enough time escort a group of Matoran to Av-Metru before Kra Karda was flooded. However, he was still able to witness Franon being consumed by the monster.Due to his high-tech weaponry and veteran status, Almorn has been ‘drafted’ by the Council and is on almost constant guard duty at one outpost or another. He doesn’t mind too much, protecting others is his duty as a Toa and a Scout, but the near constant battles are taxing. He thinks that he is the only Scout left alive, but he hasn’t had a break recently and as a result hasn’t been able to search Av-Metru for any of his comrades. Some of them might still live. He has also entertained the thought of returning to Kra Karda in order to retrieve what the Ghosts had been working on. He knew they were close to finishing, but he doesn’t know where the project might be.
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Name: Kual'kahounSpecies and Gender: Male ZyglakAppearance: He looks like, well, a Zyglak. A big lizard of mismatched colours, like a patchwork doll come to life. Horrible, horrible life. His scaly hide is covered in battle scars and old wounds, mostly inflicted by other Zyglak, for they are an aggressive race. Weapons and Possessions: A mace, the spikes made of the same destructive substance Zyglak spears are made of. he obviously stole it originally, but has owned it so long it is precious to him. And still very good at smashing thingsMask: NAPowers: As a Zyglak, Kual'Kahoun is immune to elemental powers used directly on him. His claws carry a virus of sorts that can rapidly decay protodermis upon physical contact. He also has slightly greater strength than a Toa and is naturally amphibiousFaction: Children of the WellBiography: While you might think that, as a Zyglak, Kual'kahoun would stay well away from the bustling crowds of Av-Metru. That the mutual hatred between his kind and those within the last city would keep him a bay better than any forcefield. But, put very simply, Kual'kahoun didn't want to die. His horror at being consumed by the Ul'kar overwhelmed the immense dislike of the other species. Upon venturing into the city he obviously found himself facing prejudice at every turn. He's a Zyglak, what do you expect? But then he found the Children of the Well, a cult who would accept any acolyte of any species. Kual'kahoun was amazaed at finding a place that would accept him. Even the other Zyglak didn't accept him, merely tolerated. He joined up and haas been one of the staunchest supporters ever since
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Name: Ketren/ Kane (Alternate personality)Species and Gender: Male Toa Appearance: Ketren is a strong looking Toa. His armor is a mixture of bright yellow and pitch black. His eyes glow a light blue but when Kane takes over… his alternate personality they turn bright white. He wears a tattered white cloak with a hood, and his armor is a bit pitted and scarred.Weapons and Possessions: Ketren uses two twin longswords that he likes to charge with electricity, and also a length of chain he keeps coiled around his shoulder. The chain has a blade attached to the end, and he likes to surge electricity through it and lash it at enemies.Mask: Kakama, Mask of SpeedPowers: Ketren has command over his natural elemental powers which are electricity and lightning. He can unleash blasts of lighting from his hands that can shock or paralyze enemies, or he can grab onto them and pump the electricity into them.He can absorb forms of electricity into himself, and he is quite good at using chain lighting. He can also create an electrical shield with his powers. He lukes to surge his electricity through his swords and chain so when they strike they add an extra punch.Faction: None for nowBiography: Ketren and Kane awoke one day upon within the dark city of Av-Metru with the rest of their memories erased. They didn’t know who they were other then their names, but they were both Toa of lightning, and they seemed to be very much alike, as if they were brothers. They decided that they were twins, and from that day forward they were inseparable.They traveled across the city going on adventures and trying to help where they saw fit. Eventually they were attacked by the Ul'kar and Kane was tragically slain. Ketren blacked out after his brother died, his memories of his death being suppressed. When he awoke Kane was alive again… but now in his head.His tortured and broken mind had created a split personality… one for his own brother who would now live on inside Ketren’s mind, without Ketren ever knowing he was really dead. Ketren has a very serious mental disorder. He’s sees someone who is not there… namely his own brother, Kane who in reality is dead. But Ketren thinks he’s very much alive. In his minds eye he can even watch his brother do things and say things that affect the world around him, but in reality he is doing these things without knowing it. Ketren also has blackouts, and in that period his brother’s alternate and darker personality takes over and controls his body, Ketren has no recollection of these times.Slowly overtime Kane seemed to grow different and darker then Ketren remembered him. He went on about anarchy and how Av-Metru and the Matoran society was corrupt and broken and how it was their duty to topple the society and install instead an empire controlled by the Toa. More then that Kane grew an appetite for death. Kane liked to kill, he enjoyed it… and when he killed… Ketren killed without knowing it. He always saw his brother kill, but in reality it was him doing the deed. Now he struggles on with his inner conflict, trying to stop his brother’s evil deeds while at the same time trying to help the Matoran. But when he blacks out… Kane takes over again and he has free reign.
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Name: SkyraSpecies and Gender: Toa, gender indeterminate.Appearance: Posted Image Basically like that, gender is also impossible to tell due to the heavy amount of armor Skyra uses.Weapons and Possessions: Twin Katanas, black hilts and shining jade colored blades, the tips can be charged up with elemental energy and become very hot...making it easier to cut through metal objects, even solid stone. Carries some currency, a flute, and varies throwing daggers. Also owns a pet Iron Wolf, calls her Fate. Cause like, if Fate pounces on you...you know what your fate is gonna be. Mask: Jade colored Hau, Great Mask of Shielding. Powers/Skills: Elemental Power of Air. Skyra has very advanced and well practiced control over the element. Though where Skyra really shines is with swordplay. Skyra has had centuries of training with swords of all kinds, been trained by multiple masters, and defeated many so called 'experts'. Biography: Always been a bit of a loner, even when not actually alone. Skyra has managed to survive just fine in the city of Av-Metru. Most beings wouldn't want to mess with Skyra, who's been known to slaughter thugs who were unlucky enough to run into the swordsperson. They usually part ways rather....well in pieces. Or at least the thugs do, Skyra does have to feed Fate somehow.
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Name: ElirakSpecies and Gender: Male Toa of AcidAppearance: Elirak is an average Toa, if a bit more muscled. His armor is similar in style to the Toa Metru, but with ridges running along some of the flat surfaces. His armor is mostly teal, with some of the edges fading to a dark blue. His secondary color is lime. His Kanohi is shaped like a Komau with an Akuku-style scope built in and, like his armor, is teal that fades to dark blue. Two leather belts form an X shape across his torso and hold his throwing knives.Weapons and Possessions: His main weapons are his 20+ throwing knives strapped across his chest. These knives are of simple construction and designed to be easily replaced if lost. He also has two protosteel-edged long knives that he uses for melee range fighting. Besides a few survival supplies that he carries in a pack (rope, a small lightstone, and a few days worth of food) this is all he carries.Mask: The Kanohi of Gravimetrics. Allows the user to alter their personal Gravity and channel this force to objects in contact with them. For example: altering one's Gravity to allow for a longer jump, or to walk on a upsidedown surface. Channeling the power allows the user to pick up objects that would otherwise be too heavy or deliver harder blows during hand-to-hand combat. This Kanohi gives the user around the same amount of elemental control as a Garai and cannot be used to absorb or otherwise control the element. (Basicly a reversed Garai, it allows you to effect yourself but not objects at range.)Powers: Elirak has the elemental power of Acid. This allows him to create, control, and absorb various acid and corrosive substances. Examples of this power would be creating a corrisive gas to surround an enemy or melting through rock to tunnel. Substances created can range from being able to melt through solid metal in a matter of seconds to a slightly irritating liquid. Poisons can also be manipulated by users. Users of this element have a slight resistance to poisons and acids.Faction: Neutral (But trying to do what he views as "right")Biography: The Toa of Acid has lived most of his life in Av-Metru, and only vaguely remembers life above the surface. He didn't exactly have it easy, and tries to hide a painful past with a veneer of confidence and humor. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. He has spent most of his time exploring the tunnels around, but hasn't actually been that far away from the city. He is always trying to help those who live there.
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Name: VertakSpecies and Gender: Matoran of Gravity(?), MaleAppearance: Like this gallery here, with his armor having long been permanently stained black and gunmetal.Weapons and Possessions: Vertak carries an odd sword that seems to shift between a dominantly gold scheme and a dominantly black scheme. Some have suggested that the golden scheme gives Vertak control over light, while the black side gives him control over the shadows, and it is this that allowed him to join the Council of Light. He also carries with him a hammer at all times strapped to his waist, and he has a round shield strapped onto his back underneath his cloak.Mask: Kanohi VolitakPowers: Vertak has control over gravity, and the ability to use his Kanohi. (Despite the rumors, his sword does not contain powers of any sort.)Faction: Council of LightBiography: Vertak is highly secretive, and as such his past isn’t well known. Some suspect that he once played a large role within Metru-Nui, while others argue that he has spent most of his life with the Dark Hunters. Others still swear that he was a participant in some strange tournament, while some whisper that he may not even be from this dimension at all, but rather lost within this one. One thing that many do know is that Vertak is currently frustrated with the state of the Council, as he knows and has acknowledged the growing weaknesses and corruption within for some time. However, he still remains as outwardly calm and collected as always.As for his having control over elemental and kanohi powers, that is a question none have ever found answered. Some believe that the Dark Hunters may have experimented on him, while others believe he had a lucky date with a pool of energized protodermis. Whatever the reason, it has left Vertak, to a certain extent, as a loner....
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Modified Profile used with Premission of GM. Name: Casral (Combat Advantaged Self Reconfiguring Artificial Lifeform)Species & Gender: Automaton (Clockwork), Male ProgrammingAppearance: Exactly 8 feet tall, Casral looks, at first glance, looks like a Onu-Toa covered with black plates of metal that do not shine when in contact with light. On closer inspection, one sees the pistons, gears, and clockwork of the Automaton, silently pumping and whirling, and the glowing slits of bright green that pass as eyes from far away are clearly lights, mechanical visual detectors. Casral is of medium build, thinner around wrists, ankles, and waist, and thicker at the elbow, arms, shoulders, and chest. His fingers and long and slightly sinister looking, with spiked joints and sharpened edges. His face resembles a stylized Kanohi Pakari, with sharper edges, prominent cheekbones and chin, and noticeable eyebrow ridges. On his back are two gigantic (Around four feet long and 2/3rds wide), solid black protrusions resembling plated scuba tanks, side by side, affixed to his back.Powers: Self Reconfiguration: Casral possesses the ability to completely control his form and all its components, allowing him to split apart into fragments a centimeter or so across, and still contain control over himself, allowing him to hover/fly in a cloud-like form, or reshape parts of his bipedal form. He can not reshape partially; he has to assume a complete form. Also, if in cloud form, Casral is unable to make physical contact; as it temporarily makes him lose control of his form. The two gigantic tanks on his back contain nothing but pure, solid mass, allowing him to add more mass to certain parts of himself if needed. Physical Superiority: Casral, thanks to his robotic body, possess almost unlimited stamina, as well as impressive strength (40% Pakari Level), at the cost of being sluggish and slow when in a physical form. A Le-Toa would be like an annoying gnat, always ducking under his blows, a Kakama user wouldn’t even be challenged. He is constructed from an unknown material, seemingly a mix of plastic and cast iron, tough, endurable, and reasonably well-suited to heat and cold, but certainly not protosteel-grade. He can see in Infared Vision as well, though it leaves him slightly "light-headed" afterwards. Skills: Casral was created to serve as a walking tank, ravaging his way through any being or object that stood in his way. Casral is completely capable of doing so, but does not enjoy combat, and often doesn’t even respond to attacks. In other words; Capable of devastating combat, but does not feel a need to fight. Weapons: None, his hands and forearms can serve as offensive tools if needed. The two black tanks on his back serve as extra mass for manipulation, as far as equipment goes. Voice: A depressed, pessimistic sigh, the most disheartening thing to ever come out of a robot’s synthetic vocal chords, Casral’s voice makes one want to sit in a corner, and cry, and cry, and then sob uncontrollably. It has a bit of an accent, comparable to British/English. (For the next best thing, see Alan Rickman’s voice for Marvin, The Paranoid Android) Weakness: The aforementioned sluggishness is really rather hindering. The tanks, and the material he is made out of, combine to make him so heavy, a Pakari would be required to lift him. While Casral can become a cloud of microscopic bits, he loses any ability to perform offensive maneuvers. Casral has no ranged attack methods, save ripping rocks from the ground and throwing them. Personality: Casral is, simply, the most depressed, pessimistic, miserable, disheartened, despondent, and dejected being you could ever encounter. It is impossible for him to even conceive the emotions of happiness and enthusiasm, let alone actually display them. Even his new companion, Prys, is unable to cheer him. Faction: Loosely Affiliated with The Council (Lawful Neutral)Biography: Casral was one of the most important of the Brotherhood’s mechanical ‘marvels’, developed during the Destiny War, in hopes of defeating the OoMN with the most advanced robotic technology the Makuta had ever produced, inspired by many of the Great Being’s designs. However, as soon as Casral was completed, he began to display a personality, something warlords don’t want their war machines to possess. And even worse, it wasn’t a very charming personality. The BoM, infuriated by their failure, attempted to destroy the walking tank, only for him to escape from Destral, something never even attempted before. The BoM didn’t waste the troops or time to try to recapture him, and the disheartened Automaton went on to live a pessimistic existence, wandering from island to island in his depression. When Makuta died and the MU was evacuated, Casral joined the masses in panicked retreat, ending up in New Atero, were he lived until the Ul’Kar attacked. He, like all who were wise, fled, and now he currently resides in the Outpost, with a fellow Robotic Lifeform, named Prys. He met Prys, an extremely friendly Synthetic Lifeform who became his “friend” (Casral prefers the term ‘disagreeable traveling companion that refuse to be silent‘) during the establishing of the Outpost.Name: Prys (True name is PRIS, Prototypical Reconnaissance and Infiltration Synthetic)Species & Gender: Synthetic Lifeform (Robotic Clockwork), Female ProgrammingAppearance: At seven and a half feet tall, Prys is a spellbinding sight. Slender and slim in build, Prys has a frame that makes a Vortixx look unattractive, with smooth, shining epidermis (made from a material that is comparable to plastic mixed with steel (Steel‘s strength, plastic‘s texture & inability to conduct electricity), and resembles steel covered in a thin layer of glass), willowy, elegant limbs, a pleasantly proportioned torso, and a long, graceful neck combine to make her so beautiful, many who see her wish she wasn’t robotic. Her body is covered with plates that are completely smooth and rounded, not a single sharp angle in sight, colored a most eye-catching silver, which shines like nothing you’ve ever seen when the light hits it. Two bright, glowing blue lights manage to actually look cheerful behind a powerless Mask of Possibilites, made of the same material as the rest of her body, shining just as attractively as the rest of her body. A brown leather belt, large enough to cover some of her waist and upper thigh, with a golden buckle, is the only piece of clothing she wears, used for holding her weaponry.Powers:Physical Superiority: Built to scout, track, assassinate, and infiltrate, Prys possesses physical prowess above and beyond a normal being. Her mechanical form is tireless and efficient, allowing her to move and react faster than any non-Kanohi wearing being (Around 40% Calix, 20% Kakama), as well as the strength of a Toa. Due to her robotic form, she is sturdier and more robust than most organic life forms, but certainly no Limited Invulnerability Rahkshi, or anything close to that.Stealth: Prys has the ability of a Kanohi Volitak built into her form, but she can only use it for short bursts, only a few (3-4)minutes long, and with a recharge time of equal length, making it better suited to cloak-and-dagger techniques than infiltration. However, during the period of recharge, she is slowed to speeds only barely above a Po-Toa/Le-Toa (10% Kanohi). She can also see in X-Ray Vision, if she wishes, though it disrupts her focus, and is hard to maintain.Skills: Built for reconnaissance and infiltration, Prys was designed to kill as quickly as possible, stalk as silently as any natural predator, and to infiltrate military outposts both quickly and quietly, gathering information or outright destroying them without ever revealing herself. She is an expert hand-to-hand, ranged, and blade fighter. Weapons: Shuko parrying claws are built into Prys’s hands, becoming visible with a mental command. She carries both a Gladius and a Pugio dagger on her belt, as well as three throwing knives. Voice: A cheerful, never ending string of words, Prys’s voice takes a while to get used to. It’s cheery, slightly childish, and noticeably robotic, and it comes at the speed of a bullet train. One is reminded of hyperactive children, GLaDOS, and Electronica Music when she speaks, her voice is amiable, ingenuous, and mechanized, all at once. Weakness: Prys strongly dislikes water, and any Ga-Toa is at a major advantage against her.Personality: A true oddity, Prys is one third insane, one third hyperactive child, and one third robotic assassin. For the most part, she’s all smiles and hugs, cheerily proclaiming that she just saw a firefly/climbed a tree/talked to a complete stranger. However, when threatened, her primal programming kicks in, and she’s a whirlwind of blades, stony silence, and violent and often disturbing acts. For further explanation, see Voice.Faction: Loosely Affiliated with The Council (Lawful Neutral)Biography: Made by the Nynrah Ghosts many, many years ago, Prys was left to rust inside one of their warehouses, her programming not finished. When the Destiny War broke out, the OoMN happened upon the warehouse while searching for a temporary military base, and sent Prys to Daxia, so she could be turned into a killing machine. They repaired her and activated her, having finished her programming. Unfortunately, they couldn’t really grasp the Nynrah Ghost’s technological genius, and because of their poor understanding, failed to properly complete her personality. At first, she was a silent and lifeless robot, doing as she was told and quickly completing the assignments given to her. Slowly, she began to develop an eccentric personality, and, much to the anger of OoMN, she escaped, refusing to be a slave any longer. The OoMN, wisely not wasting the time, troops, or finances to find her, did nothing, going onto the next hopeful project. She stowed herself on one of the many supplies ships leaving the island, landing in Metru Nui, were she resided until Makuta died and the MU evacuated. After that, she lived in New Atero until the Ul’Kar attack, during which she fled to the caverns with everyone else, residing in Outpost Central. She lives with Casral, a depressed Automaton, as his traveling companion.
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Name: HydriaSpecies and Gender: female water toaAppearance: a sleek lean toa with caring eyes, Hydria is light blue with dark blue highlights on her limbs. She looks small and frail which is a deception for from her head down to her feet she is as powerful and agile as a toa with a rough rigid build.Weapons and possessions: she has a large launching and retracting mechanical harpoon that fits over her arm. She also has a water sword that she picked up on Spherus Magna that can channel elemental powers.Mask: Arthron (Mask of Sonar)Powers: besides water powers, she is skilled at using her harpoon for hunting and as an affective tool. She is not perfect with a blade but can take care of herself; her sword can channel her elemental power which she uses effectively.Faction: neutralBiography: “Hydria are you ready to go yet.” The words brought her back from thought, she had been thinking of the flood at Kra Karda where her best friend had been lost. “Yes I’m ready.” She responded, they began back to Outpost Central. She had come to this outpost to try and find an agori named Maecht, but he was gone, it seemed everyone she know was going, never to return.Up ahead was the city Outpost Central, what life wait there for her, she didn’t know, would their be more death, or could she find happiness, a foul feeling that spread in her mocked her like it was a cruel joke, was it right or was it wrong, time would tell.

Name: Pyrha

Species and Gender: Toa of Fire. Male.

Appearance: He looks a lot like Tahu Mata the original and Tahu when he was changed by the Ignika; with the feet of the original and more of the build and thickness of the seconded. However he does wear a red Kadin not a Hau, and has a mechanical right hand with three skinny slightly longer than average metallic fingers.

Weapons and possessions: His original hand (and half way up his fore arm) was replaced with a three fingered mechanical hand, which is nearly more of a clamp then hand, which basically only opens and closes, but can be used to channel elemental power. Elemental conducting round shield. Backpack with various supplies (eg. First aid kit, assortment of small weapons, heat stone, light stone, energy stone X 2).

Mask: Kadin; Mask of flight.

Powers: Create, manipulate, and absorb, fire. He is an average fighter but mainly an elemmntal-ist. Pyrha can do special attacks and other things e.g. He can create high pressure fire balls that are extremely hot and can explode with heat and flame (These can be extremely hot, they may even melt armor or weapons not to mention burn flesh)

Faction: Neutral.

Biography: After the incident at Kra Karda he traveled to Av-Metru, soon after, he began traveling to outposts, swapping supplies and other things.

He is looking for beings to join his group, he figures that it’s easer to survive, and better if you have a group: He honors the three virtues Unity, Duty, and loyalty.

Lately he has been exploring the outskirts of the caves and coming back to the cities, looking for things and beings.

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Name: Boran. (Boar-ahn)Gender: Male.Species: ToaFaction: The Noble Order of the Brother-Knights of the Well.Kanohi: The Great Mask of Enhancement. It can enhance any of his bodily abilities to an extent (although not as great as, say, a Kakama, or Sonics level hearing, etc), or all of them to a lesser extant. It must be consciously activated and deactivated, and can be kept on at a low level limitlessly. However, regular enhancement can only last a few hours before it must be deactivated; he can keep it for longer, but would suffer first from a headache, then worse until finally fainting hardly an hour later. It looks like this, only with a marbled white and dark green marbled pattern.Element: Iron.Appearance: Boran is a tall, stately toa with deep green eyes and an omnipresent subdued and calm expression and tone. He wears a robe of white, heavily embroidered with emerald green. The robe is belted at the waist with a wide dark green belt with embroidery of white. His armor underneath retains that color scheme, and although it is rarely seen is a close fitting mixture of plate and chain mail that provides mobility as well as excellent protection. The cloth of his robe is tougher then normal cloth, although nowhere near bullet proof. Over this, he wears the black mantle worn by all members of the order, with a five pointed star at the left breast, gold instead of white to signify his position as the Grand Master.Powers: Boran has excellent control over the element of iron, as good as that of any veteran toa. His mask can grant him an increase in sight, strength, speed, agility, hearing, or smell.Weapons: A broadsword, light but of protosteel, making it stronger than the most well forged steel blade. He carries a heater shield, which has the same power as Balta’s blades. Besides this he carries a satchel for food, as a water bottle, all fastened so as to be out of the way in the case of a fight.Personality: Boran is quiet and rather on the grim side, an observer and rather an idealist. He is fiery, again on the grim side, and is more prone to take a sword to someone than to yell at them. He maintains a strict morality over himself and his order, although he harder on himself than anyone else. Yet again, few people can really tell his character, as it is hidden behind his impassive quiet.History: Boran can look back into his time as a toa farther than most. Hailing originally from the Southern Continent, he earned a reputation during the persecution of his race by the Makuta, avoiding capture and death against overwhelming odds. In some ways he was a philosopher and even theologian. He always insisted there was Someone beyond Mata Nui or the Great Beings, both of whom he had once held as worthy of adoration until growing gradually disenchanted with their supposed goodness. He also held, especially during his time as a fugitive from Makuta rule, that the Someone, or Something, watched over him. Some he talked to said it was Destiny, but that too he doubted, and refused to agree. When Teridax took over he once again became a fugitive, surviving again only narrowly. At last Teridax was defeated, and the MU emptied. Desiring nothing more than peace, Boran became a smith, housebuilder, and philosopher. He gathered a small group of followers around him, taught them, while continuing in his work, and pressuring them to follow similar paths. When the Ul’kar appeared, he and his following tried to fight back. Unprepared however, they were cut apart, and only he and a few others survived the initial attacks. With a firm hatred of the Ul’kar, it was with reluctance that he went underground with the rest of the peoples. He felt a new duty, and began trying to organize his remaining followers into a fighting force to safeguard travelers about the tunnels.Then the Cult of Ul’kar was formed. Outraged at this new organization, Boran changed direction. It was better, he felt, to stamp out such an enemy of the people and let travelers, many warriors themselves, care for their own defenses. Trying to bring some cohesion to the previous community he and his followers had formed, and the warband they had became, he decided to merge the two. A community of warriors all living strictly according to specific standards, curbing themselves for the good of others. They were at once knights and monks. When he formed this, mixed results were his response. He kept it out of governmental eye as much as he could. Among the Children of the Well, some agreed with his ideal, while other disagreed. However, only the more warlike completely agreed with his mission ideal; that is, to destroy the Cult. With only a small group of about eight, he drew up a primitive rule they might live by, instituted a common dress, and threw his order into practice, despite any objections people may have had.Name: AylanGender: Male.Species: Toa.Faction: The Noble Order of the Brother-Knights of the Well.Appearance: Aylan is a little short for a toa, slim and wiry as well. His armor is slightly modified from the standard armor, giving better coverage, with chain mail in places. He wears a light, slightly cut down black mantle with a white five pointed star at the left breath, the habit of the Knights.Kanohi: Kakama.Powers: Elemental control of plantlife, a little less than veteran abilities.Abilities: Aylan is skilled with his element, exercising precise control over some aspects, especially when it comes to making deadly weapons out of wood. He is a skilled archer, and is skilled with other weapons, especially javelins and staffs. His trademark weapon is a three foot long hardwood pole, spiked at both ends, which he also wields with goodly skill.Weapons: A recurve bow, compact and excellent for tunnel usage. He carries a quever of arrows, steel tipped, although he generates his own, albeit made of wood only, when he needs to.Personality: Aylan is introverted and dreamy, which seems almost out of sync with his abilities and role. He is, however, a fierce fighter. Very little people say can faze him, although he does have some temper.Biography: One of Boran’s first followers, Aylan had nowhere near his experience as a toa, although was himself far from a rookie. He learned both how to use his element for building and hunting, but also for destruction, long before he met the toa of iron. He barely managed to survive the initial fighting, even with a Kakama. Of all Boran’s followers, Aylan was one of the more reluctant agreers with the goal of the order, preferring a more gentle approach. Nonetheless, he accepted his leader’s reasoning, and followed him obediently.Faction Name: The Noble Order of the Knights of the Well.Faction Description: The Knights are regarded by many as extremists, due to their vow to combat “Those stinking filthy Cultists, who are so filthy, and so abominable that they should not even be spoken of!”, according to their rule. Their main purpose, besides safeguarding travelers, is to utterly wipe out of existence all cults or organizations with love and sympathy towards the Ul’kar. The worship of those beings is regarded as the most repugnant and disgusting sin possible by some of the Order, and all view it as positively abominable.
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Name: MonikSpecies and Gender: Male toa of psionicsAppearance: He wears mismatched armour of every color that provides protection to the elements. E.g. it is heat resistant, insulated, aerodynamic, etc.Weapons and Possessions: All Terrain Claws (ATC). These claws can propel Monik quickly through any element, they are made with the proper kanoka to make a mask of shapeshifting and can transform into six different forms; becoming webbed claws in water, large wing claws in air, shovel like claws underground, and so forth. He has these claws on his hands and feet.Mask: KualsiPowers: Psionics and teleportation. Dark Hunter training.Faction: Insane, but he is against the Ul’kar.Biography: Some years ago a friend of his was captured by the Dark Hunters and Monik went to rescue him. Cloaking himself mentally he snuck into Odina and got all the way to The Shadowed One’s throne room before he discovered that it was a trap. Trapped, Monik was hit by The Shadowed One’s Rhotuka and was reduced to his present state, where he is dedicated to Mata-Nui’s will, but in his mind Mata-Nui’s will changes from minute to minute, and it is usually whatever the Shadowed One says. As his first solo mission he was ordered to catch and kill a toa of lightning (Tanika) that had stood in the way of a pool of Energized Protodermis, However Monik’s morals kicked in and instead he just wiped the toa’s memory and left him on an island.After Mata-Nui healed Spherus Magna Monik took the opportunity to leave the Dark Hunters and tried to guard the mask of life but he lost track of it when the Ul’kar attacked and he was forced underground. While underground he still searches for mask of life in order to find out Mata-Nui’s will.
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Name: TelumSpecies and Gender: Male Glatorian of FireAppearance: Front/BackWeapons and Possessions: A sword similar to Malum's, shieldFaction: NeutralBiography: A veteran of the Battle of Bara Magna, Telum is a warrior through and through. He is both afraid and curious about the Ul'kar, and wishes to study it, in order to obtain a "cure". After Tahu was claimed, his brother threw himself in and was assimilated. It is for that reason he wishes to find a cure, if there is a chance his brother survived. He is also very interested in the mist and its properties.Name: LykaonSpecies and Gender: Male SkrallAppearance: Front/BackWeapons and Possessions: Leader-class Skrall sword, Thornax launcher modified to fire Zamor Faction: NeutralBiography: When Lykaon discovered Tuma's plan to conquer Bara Magna, he deserted the Skrall, and had jobs fighting in the Arena, or guarding caravans. It was in the Arena that he won his Leader-class sword, as a trophy. He fought against his brothers in Atero, Roxtus, and the Battle of Bara Magna. His first helmet was destroyed in the last conflict, so he had a new one made in the shape of an Iron Wolf's head. When the Ul'nar appeared, he knew that it was an abomination, and must be destroyed by any means necessary.
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Name: AflonydhSpecies and Gender: Male Steltian LaborerAppearance: He looks like a typical lower-class Steltian, tall and wide, with blue and white armor and red eyes. To be precise, he is about 2.1 bio tall and his shoulders span 1.4 bio across. He has asymmetrical arms, one of which ends in a normal hand and the other in a simple magnetic tool slot.Weapons and Possessions: As of now, Aflonydh possesses only a tiny knife, suitable for use as a tool but not much of a weapon, a cloth pouch with a few meals' worth of food, and a meager amount of money -- maybe enough to buy a couple pieces of food, but not much else.Mask: N/APowers: Like the rest of his people, Aflonydh has great strength. He can easily knock smaller beings back, and disable them with a solid punch or two -- if he can hit them, which will be difficult for him, for he is untrained, and not particularly fast or agile. He is not as strong as a being using the Great Mask of Strength.Faction: NonePersonality: Aflonydh is gentle and peaceful by nature, never dreaming of becoming a warrior throughout the wars that he lived through. However, he is as strong as the next member of his race, and more quick-thinking than most. He is not particularly clever, educated, or wise, though he has enough common sense for him to get by all those years. He is not clumsy, but he is not agile or graceful and presents a large target. He has no desire to become a villain, but he knows his priority is to look out for himself. He isn't sure of what he's doing -- part of him hears the call of adventure, the other part asks what he thinks he's doing, giving up on the sort of jobs he's had all his life.Biography: Aflonydh has been a simple worker for his whole life, up to now. For thousands of years he held various jobs on Stelt, mostly construction, for there was always rebuilding to do there. He tried to live as normal through Teridax's reign and fall, and stayed with his kindred when they migrated to Spherus Magna. He did his best to stay out of the war with the Ul'Kar on the surface, but one day his place of work came under attack. He showed a previously unrevealed talent for combat, saving many of his coworkers, but this went unrecognized, and he continued to live the life he always had. When forced underground, he found himself in Av-Karda in the employ of a being not from Stelt -- one of Trinuma's species. Despite his desire for a simple life, however, he began to space out and daydream and pay less attention to his work. This culminated a few days ago when he absent-mindedly destroyed some valuable materials. Due to the reputation of his people, his boss thought him merely stupid, not thoughtful, and fired him on the spot. But he was starting to wonder if he had some greater destiny... or at least a less usual destiny. After traveling the city for a few days, failing to find work and living on the last of his pay, he decided it was time for something different. Maybe time to get involved in the recent troubles everyone was talking about...
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Name:ZaakSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A young but muscular and tall toa, he has very light-looking armor. His armor is black, along with his mask, hands, and feet, but his arms and legs are orange. His armor is fairly new, and he has no scars.Weapons and Possessions: His main weapon is a cordak blaster modified to shoot on land. He has a shield made out of protosteel. His armor is very light, and will take very little damage before failing. He has a basic survival kit that includes a long knife, food, water, etc.Mask: He has a black mask of adaptation shaped like a Huna that allows him to barely survive in most extreme natural situations. (If a makuta shoots chain lightning, for example, the mask wouldn't work. If he falls underwater and can't get out, he could breathe shallowly for an hour so he could maybe escape) (if my mask power isn't approved, it is a mask of concealment)Powers: He has very little control over his powers, but he is a toa of plasma that can radiate heat, and is resistant to it. He can shoot small streams of pure plasma, whichwill melt most substances. He is slow, like 3/4 of normal speed, but has amazing stamina and is really strong.Faction: The Children of the WellBiogrpahy: He believes he came from a parallel universe, as part of a botched experiment or warp gate, because he woke up in a cavern near Av-Metru with no memory. He decided that the Children of the Well were fighting for a better cause than the other factions, so he joined them.
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"The Code is necessary for my existence. Without it, I am nothing."Name: Kriathos"You see before you one of the last of a once great race. We have hardly any hope now."Species and gender: Male Nikus.
"Sometimes the most disgraced are the best looking."Appearance: Niki tend to have shining armor, and Kriathos is no exception. The armor on his body, forearms, and lower legs are sky blue, his hands, upper arms and upper legs white. Also, in true Niki fashion, he has the code of honor in his language tattooed on his arms in gold, the same on the outside of his armor."I only carry that which is useful. This book is more than all my other possessions combined. Its contents are worth more than you." Weapons and possessions: Two protosteel shortswords, a rope with a hook on the end, armor, mask, notebook, and the green book all Niki have, that they refuse to reveal what it is or what is in it. This basically makes it impossible to read, as it is in the Niki language."My species didn't use masks. They're all dead now."Mask: dark blue Huna. Allows him to turn invisible, but he still leaves a shadow."Power? Only with courage can it be used, only with wisdom can it be used properly."Powers: Half toa level control over lightning, only at melee range. His wings allow flight, their special ability being that they are metal coated, and almost impossible to hurt. He flies by electromagnetism. Very fast, strong, and agile, only outmatched at everything normally by a toa wearing a Calix. Excellent swordfighter, as all Niki are trained from the time they are 5."Factions are worthless when everyone does the right thing. But that never happens."Faction: Primarily his species, though he'll serve the code in everything. Due to this, you may classify him under Av-Metru council, though he'll help the others at times."My life is one of pride and the resulting fall."Bio: The Niki species was only discovered just before the Ul'Kar hit. Whether they are prototype toa or something completely different is up for debate.Kriathos himself is one of the few left alive, as the rest of his race fell victim to pride. He has proved himself an incredibly valuable warrior due to his ability to fly, as well as unflinching loyalty to good. Sometime in the past he had a significant other, though she was claimed in the first Ul'Kar strike, and ever since then the Code is all. But that could change...

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Name: Ferro (derived from Latin word for iron)Species and Gender: Male Toa of IronWeapons and Possessions: A bow and two knives (which he made himself). He relies on stealth more than brute strength because Ferro was never how to use his elemental powers or to use a sword. If an enemy gets close, he relies more on his quick reflexes to dodge the fastest attacks more than the knives, which only work if he sneaks up on people and back stabs them. Besides being used as weapons, his twin daggers can also help him scale steep cliffs (if he can find any) to reach a vantage point where he can easily take out assailants from afar. Ferro is highly intelligent, but he is illiterate due to his lack of education (more on that later.) However, in his spare time he is making arrows or trying to teach himself to read a history book that he found.Appearance: Ferro's armor is a rusted brown from years of neglect, as his primary goal has been to survive. He is mid-sized for a Toa, and his silver eyes match what the color of his armor would look like in perfect condition. Ferro seems to be lost in thought all the time, but in reality he is trying to figure out the people he is listening to so that if Ferro must fight them, he can find their weakness and put an arrow in their eye socket.Mask: Mask of telekinesis. He can't lift very heavy objects with it, but Ferro can use it to increase the accuracy of his arrows, and even make them curve around cover his enemies might be using.Power: Ferro never learned how to use his powers, but he has a natural ability to see weaknesses in an enemy's armor, and he is amazing at forging weapons with barely any materials. Controlling iron is not his strength, which is why he seeks help to focus his elemental powers in Av-Metru.Faction: Children of the WellBiography: Ferro was very young when the Ul'kar took Ka Krada, and he was kept alive only because he could make the weapons that his masters desperately needed. For years he was a slave, making weapons for the Ul'kar, all the while looking for his chance to escape. He knew that nobody was going to teach him how to fight, so he created an improvised fighting style focused on dodging his opponents; he was not good at hand-to-hand combat. In Ferro's spare time, he gathered any materials he could to make some weapons. He needed a weapon that was ranged so he wouldn't get killed instantly, but the only ranged weapons he knew about required elemental powers. After weeks of toiling, he made his own version of a bow and arrow, and he also made 2 twin daggers. Ferro was ready, he just needed a chance, which he got. After years of oppression, many of Ferro's fellow slaves led a revolt against their oppressors, so he took this chance to escape into the caves. For 2 years he contested for food with wild rahi in the caverns and perfected the art of archery (he even learned how to use his mask a bit) and stealth. Ferro did not know if there was anyone else out there who opposed the Ul'kar until he stumbled upon Av-Metru. Ferro's first impression of the Council of Light was that it was weakening, so he discovered another group that was against the Ul'kar, the Children of the Well.
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Name: Ryjak (Last name discarded)Species and Gender: Kra-Toa (Male)Appearance: A slim, black, unimposing figure. He could easily pass off as a Toa of earth with a slightly hunched form. His eyes are closed, contrasting the otherwise sharp features of his face. None of the old man's body conveys power. Then again...it doesn't need to.Weapons and Possessions: He's perpetually cloaked. Inside the cloak, heMask: Kakama, mask of speed Powers: Powers over shadow and the ability to move at nearly the speed of sound. His powers over shadow included, but are not limited to, night vision (ha-ha.), materialization of dark energy, manifestation of antibiological gas (simply a poisonous gas) and the shaping and molding of dark energy into weaponry or other solid form. He can create this from wherever there is darkness, or to a simpler degree, from his own elemental reserves.Faction: UL'KAR ALL THE WAY BROBiography: Even from the moment he got to Spherus Magna, he knew he would need the power of the Ul'Kar, for security and overall survival. If he was ever recognized, expulsion from the community would be inevitable, and so he had to work undercover to stay away from the public eye. So far, he's done well as a Toa of earth, opening a small tea-brewing business with a moving cart. He has a reasonable alibi. However, he could be discovered any day.Weakness: Permanently blinded from an accident earlier in his life.
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Name: ValyetSpecies and Gender: Toa; FemaleAppearance: A horribly damaged fusion between a Toa and a Visorak, with the latter's legs protuding from her arms, body overlapped with a thin exoskeleton that replicates the armor beneath it. Her heartlight is not visible, although there is a slight glowing eminating from he chest. However, Valyet is in her best physical shape and is very flexible. She has varying colors, from gold to black to green to red.Weapons and Possessions: Valyet wields a simple, rusted sword, which she rarely uses. Her main weapon is the individual pincher fused to her lower arm. Mask: Kanohi FelnasPowers: Valyet has the power of Mind Control, Telekinesis and Illusions. All are from her natural Toa power of Psionics, which she uses very much. She did not recieve any other power from her fusion, but has the capability to spit paralyzing poison at an enemy.Faction: NoneBiography: Formerly a wanderer, Valyet was a exiled Toa for her murders of many in a village she had stayed for much of her life. Her journeys set her everywhere, but sometimes, her predicametns were more difficult as the years passed. After settling in a cavern of from Outpost Central, a mysterious being had encountered her, fusing her with a mutating spider beast, Visorak. Before she could fght back, the fatigue from the transformation cut off her energy, resulting in the being she is now today. Valyet had lost a portion of her memory- and sanity, to say to the least, and aimlessly goes about. When the Ul'kar had revealed themselves, she intended to end the menace, permanently.

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