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Villy's Tea Cup Terrace

Of Courage and Strength

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#1 Offline Kal the Guardian

Kal the Guardian
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 04:20 PM

Villy bobbed her head to the record she was listening to as she took a sip of tea. Some of it sploshed onto her and she quickly dabbed at it with a corner of one of her many sashes. Focusing back on the book she had opened on her lap, she ran her finger down the list of names she had been gathering for many years, along with a list of atributes and a brief history on them.She loved talking to everyone, and it was easy to remember what had been said. The book was bound in some type of Rahi skin, and the paper was rough and weathered, as if it had seen much wear. Villy dipped a quill pen into ground up and liquified rock and wrote glowing orange words across the page. The update to her book complete, she sat back and took another drink of her tea, which she promptly split again.This is the Profile Topic for Voilet Orange Trouble Evolved 4: Kings and Lunatics, where you post your Profiles after you have them Approved In The Discussion Topic. Once that is done, you can post them here, but make sure you Only Post Once, and then add character to that single post as you need to. You Can Have Up To Five Characters.Name: (No official canon names like Tahu. It must be a Bionicle-ish name, not Bob or Toaofmuffins05)Species: (You know the drill. Custom is allowed if described in detail and I approve. No Makuta)Gender: (Male, Female, It, Non)Alliance: (Which Faction does your Character belong to?)Appearance: (A detailed description of your character and/or a linked picture)Weapons: (These were forged to channel one's power, kill, or destroy)Mask: (Custom is allowed. No Kraahkan, Avohkii, Vahi, or Ignika)Power: (Time and Life and any other unreasonable power is not allowed. Also put what they are good at here, as in they whether they have good agility or have mastered swordplay once upon a time before they went mad)Personality: (C’mon, everyone has one. 50 words or more)Biography: (Background time. Detailed biographies are welcome! As in, 100 words or more. Or else. Trust me, and ask Levacius, you can do it)Empty Profile:


FactionsCrazy-You are crazy. Basically, you inhabit Underhorror and the surrounding Outskirts. You either want to win the title of Trouble, or are rooting for someone to do so. Who knows, maybe it’s a good time to start a fight with anyone. Do anything you want.Purged-Your memories have been cleansed and you are now normal once again, even if you can’t remember who you are. Normally you live alone or with other Purged at an Outpost. You try to avoid everyone as much as possible. Or you take advantage of how everyone is insane and live in the city.King’s Guard-You guard the king, the city, the kingdom. And you get signed up to fight Rahi if you do something too crazy. You are free to join in the games, and can roam the castle with more accessibility than the average public.Priests of Horror-You live in the Tower of Terror, praying to the horror gods that they might spare you, or nab you an extra Frusian Cider at Maze Craze. Normally you only talk with each other, but sometimes you like to preach to the wandering masses. As a sign of devotion to the terror gods, you feel compelled to join in Trouble, or maybe just pray some more.Make Your Own-Four different players all with at least one character each working together becomes a Faction. Five different players with at least two players having two characters each working together becomes a Guild, and beings notice you. Probably in a bad way. Matoran also tend to flock to you at this point. NPCs

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Under Reconstruction


#2 Offline Toa Levacius Zehvor

Toa Levacius Zehvor
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 04:25 PM

Name: Levacius (a.k.a. The One, the Only, and the Best)Species: Toa of LightningGender: MaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: Levacius stands at a height that’s unusually short for a Toa. He has blue and white armor, but has painted most of the blue areas white. Except for a few really neat markings that make it look like he has a reverse tattoo. The paint is pretty permanent, but flakes off at a few places. Masks that he wears turn blue, but he doesn’t like blue, because it’s not white or red or black or really anything other than green, which looks gross. So he dips it in grey paint that covers it up completely. This paint is also flaking off, and that makes him mad. Finally, he wears a cloak/cape hybrid that is admittedly pretty awesome, and he loves jumping and stuff all of the time just to imagine it billowing. Fancy dem apples.Weapons: Slicer and Dicer, the Blades of Slicing n’ Dicing. Dicer is a strange weapon – as though somebody took a scimitar for a giant, cut off about 80% of the blade, and affixed it to the hilt of a Toa’s sword. The weapon seems to have no point (heh). Slicer is just a normal sword, but it’s not very pretty. Nothing special about it. So stop asking. Other than the fact that it’s a Toa Tool. And has the words Slayer of Blue written on it. He usually fights with Dicer in his main hand and Slicer in the off hand.Mask: Great Mask of Springing & Striding. Don’t get it confused with a Great Mask of Speed, or a Great Mask of Levitation. These are completely different masks. It is, however, the exact same as a normal Great Mask of Springing. The Great Mask of Springing & Striding allows the user to move slightly faster and provides more agility, along with better control over their balance. It also allows them to jump Karz’a high, like forty feet in the air sometimes. It also allows them to survive incredible falls intact, as long as they land on their feet. When making use of maximum leaping distance, the user of the mask can move at about half the speed of a maximum Kakama user. It makes going around cities and stuff a lot easier, though.Power: Elemental Powers of Lightning. Of almost all of the things he does, he’s actually pretty darned good at shooting lightning bolts at people from random freaking directions, or just letting all heck break lose and sending lightning flying everywhere from everywhere in order to just utterly destroy the area. It’s not very pretty, for the record. More controlled uses of his power? Nah. Why would you do that? He’s not a bad fighter. He’s actually a pretty good one. He’s also pretty good, physically. And, surprisingly for a crazy person, he’s an awesome strategist when he has the time to plot it out, or when it’s on the spot. His strategies are pretty crazy most of the time, though. He hates using blueprints. Of course, it’s unlikely he could last twenty seconds in a melee against a veteran warrior from the surface, aka not crazyville. Weaknesses: Prolonged exposure to the color blue makes his head hurt and can make him sick.Personality: Who is Levacius? Well, you could read the Bio to learn that. The best way to describe Levacius would be as Chaotic Good/Neutral, with some extra Chaotic added on that just for kicks. He’s completely random and seems to do stuff just because it’s fun. He has a great obsession with fun things, and views the Trouble tournament as being nothing but a lot of it. In fact, climbing the Obsidian Gates, having a tea party with the Onu-Tribe, or attempting to located the Bone Gates by smell – they’re all fun to him! He’s usually out trying to help people however best he can, and is willing to do really stupid things to keep people safe. Still, he isn’t dead yet, so he must be doing something right.Biography: There aren’t really that many stories told about what the surface of the island formerly known as the island formerly known as the island above Violet Orange was like, or tales about what happened up there. Or there might have been, it’s impossible to say sometimes. It all depends on what you describe as being many or few. If you have two arms, one hundred is many. If you have a hundred, then it could be a million. Math isn’t really that big of a deal, is it?But one of those tales is the story of the Griffon, a white armored Toa of Lightning who just happened to use two swords and, apparently, chose to wear a really awesome looking cloak at that point in his life. He just showed up one day, along with a crew of other people, on an even more awesome looking ship. And then a giant lizard crawled up out of the ocean, they killed it, and they left. The Griffon did not continue wearing that cloak, or so the legends say, after dangling for half the fight while suspended on the cloak, which was hooked on the lizards teeth. The cloak was left lying there, and on the back was a note that said ‘To Levacius – I don’t think this is a good idea, and I think you’re going to get eaten this way.’ And after that, nobody wore cloaks for a hundred years, until they did again. But they figured that his name was probably actually Levacius.That’s how the legends go. The curious thing, however, is that not all that long ago, and by not that long ago I mean a pretty long time ago, shortly after the first horror terrors to attack Violet Orange decided they’d go ahead and attack Violet Orange, a Toa of Lightning matching the description almost to a ‘T’ appeared and began doing all sorts of insane and heroic acts.Or, at least, partially. Apparently, he decided he would go right on ahead and wear himself a cloak. And rather than protosteel edged blades glowing with mystical energy, he just happened to have swords that looked like they came from the Blind Smiths Forge on Main Street. He also was significantly less skilled than a powerful warrior who defeated a massive lizard sea-demon. Or, at least, he might have been. It’s impossible to know how much skill it takes to fight massive lizard sea-demons until you do it, and there aren’t very many of those. But it is known that this warrior, Levacius, cared about the people, and had taken it upon himself to protect them. And he was, frankly, plenty skilled compared to the crazy masses.In recent times, Levacius has declared that he will become the Trouble that Violet Orange needs, but shall never be the one it deserves – or something like that, nobody was really paying attention. The dudes completely el Kahu loco, after all! But hey, if another crazy dies, it’s not like it’s that big of a deal, now is it?

Name: Genie (a.k.a The Marvelous Mushroom Djinn)Species: Pridak’s SpeciesGender: FemaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: Genie is a member of Pridak’s species. Her physical structure is close to that of a Toa, though somewhat more organic in development and would be considered more attractive by most. She wears no Kanohi mask usually, and has eyes that darken from white to grey towards the center, with spots of red in the center. Her armoring is primarily red with a metallic sheen. On her face, hands, and lower leg area, she is a normal reddish coloration instead, though at her joints she is simply silvery-metallic. As her body is less naturally armored than that of a Toa, and more organic and bio-metallic on the surface, she wears a breastplate made of protodermis, along with gauntlets and boots. Her gladius sheathe is at her right hip and attached to a belt, which also has numerous little pouches and the like on it.Weapons: Genie fights with her left hand because hey, that’s different. She uses a gladius in that hand, and usually fights with her right hand free to do things like throwing things, giving people rude gestures, and occasionally punching them. Actually, there’s a lot of punching and kicking involved, to the point that the sword is more for the end of the fight than anything else. Sometimes she even uses the wine bottle to spice things up. The gladius crafted of high quality protosteel. In addition to this, she has an empty wine bottle at her belt. Yes, the one I just mentioned. She also carries a few lightstones, heatstones, and a really cool gemstone that would probably be worth a lot if people didn’t think it looked really tasty.Mask: Genie can use a Kanohi Mask, but usually doesn’t. She carries a mask that covers only the bottom of her face, much like the design of the Vahi, and like the Vahi can be placed over another mask to supersede it’s power. The mask is a Great Mask of Regeneration, which she uses for repairing damage to her armor, her weapon, or her wine bottle.Powers: Genie possesses the powers of chameleon. But not how you’re probably thinking. No, Genie does not have the power to blend in with what's behind her from a certain direction. Instead, when she activates her power, everything within an eight Bio radius of her becomes the same color as her armor, so that everything else just blends in with her. This effect can last for up to ten minutes, or until she disables it, and she can use it whenever she likes. Only one instance of it can exist at a time, however. She can also move at light speed, but in doing so, she would scatter her particles and be scattered as tiny pieces across the cave, which renders it completely useless. She’s also incredibly fast and agile physically, and is talented at doing things like picking locks, sneaking away from people, and picking their pockets. Or fighting them off with a wine bottle, a sword, and her fists.Personality: Genie is a very happy-go-lucky person who is already to get something done. She is quite Chaotic Good in most respects, but she doesn’t really care that much about making sure everyone is free or things like that – she just cares that she’s able to go around and do her favorite thing in the world – drink and take stuff. She’s a kleptomaniac to be sure, and can’t resist taking small things and putting them in her packs.Biography: There was a time, long ago – or at least thirty years back – when a certain thief of an unknown name was wandering through the tunnels of Violet Orange. She knew very little about how science worked, but she did know that light was really fast. She wasn’t sure how fast it was, but it was fast, so that’s all that she really cared about when it came right down to it.That thief came across a small lamp made of solid gold. Unable to resist it, she took it up. She was sort of obsessed with it, and couldn’t let it go because it was so pretty. One night, while sleeping with it in her arms underneath the giant mushroom she found it under, she was startled awake by the lamp dissolving into mist in a large burst and revealing a tall, burly Skakdi with his legs replaced by mist. The Skakdi claimed to be a Djinn, and her rubbing on it had caused him to awaken. With that, he had to fulfill three wishes for her. The only restriction was that the wishes must apply to her, and only be powers.She thought for a long moment, and decided her first wish for a power would be the power to fill her empty of bottle of wine from the surface with really good wine. The genie bestowed the power to her, and she filled the bottle. She then drank it all at once. When she tried to fulfill it, nothing happened. As it turned out, she had been given the exact power to fill that bottle, but never been given the power to do it multiple times.Her second wish, disappointed about the first, was the power to move really fast. She thought about it, and decided that she had ought to be specific. She decided it would be light – yes. She would be as fast as light. And the genie gave her the power. As she prepared to try it out, he gave her the full description – she could now move at the speed of light. But only the speed of light. And if she did, it would be really bad. She wasn’t sure just what that meant, but since he crushed a small rock to dust to demonstrate it, she decided against tests.Disappointed with those, she decided her final wish would be for the power to blend in with the world to make her breaking into places easier and to keep her from getting caught. After all, what was the worst that could happen? As it turned out, she was given the power to change the colors of that around her and thus blend in with it. Angry at that final turn of events – after all, who would botch up all three wishes for their finder? – she decided to stab the genie. He then screeched out, “My own weakness – a sword in the face!” and expired.Since she never really had a name she could remember, she decided to go with Genie. After all, everybody else in Violet Orange had strange names. And with that, she went on her way and decided to become the best thief ever. That didn’t really work out. She’s only the third best. So, instead, she’s decided to become the Trouble. At least that will be fun, right?

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#3 Offline Magnus Greel

Magnus Greel
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 06:20 PM

Name: ReptakSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAllegiance: CrazyAppearance: Reptak resembles a normal Skakdi, looking like the Piraka. His skin, face, spine, and armor are the same shade of green, with several plates of bright gold on his armor as well. Over time, his plating has become worn-looking, scratched, and slightly rusted, yet it is still serviceable. Likewise, his skin is somewhat scarred and at least one of the spikes of his spine appears as if its tip was bitten off by a Rahi. His scarlet-colored eyes look almost rounded rather than angular, and he has this symbol tattooed on his left shoulder armor, with the symbol colored bright gold. Reptak’s spine and face design is a cross between Zaktan’s and Nektann’s.Weapons: He has learned to make use of natural tools, such as his claws, teeth, talons, and strength. Aside from that, he wields dual Electro-Chute Blades capable of linking to together at their pommels to become one, double-bladed sword. Both have been remodeled to resemble the swords on Zaktan's Three-Bladed Scissor, and can transmute with him.Mask: NonePowers: Air elemental powers (in conjunction with another Skakdi), he specializes in vacuums; laser vision; and the unique, individual ability of self-molecular separation. This allows him to transmute his body and break it down into crystalline shards or dust, and fly as well. Each particle contains a portion of his conscience, so that his mind is not lost or pained if his components are spread too far.Reptak has proven himself to be an expert schemer and tactician. He is trained in the use of a sword as well. Despite his sanity issues, the Skakdi is also a capable mental combatant, able to build up mental defenses and fight off intrusion in his mind.Personality: Once a practical, honorable, and rational Skakdi, Reptak is now a warped and crazed version of his past self. His experiences on the way to Violet Orange have led to a both physical and mental decline. He seems to be aware of his insanity sometimes, and welcomes the traditional behavior of a Skakdi. Reptak is a schemer and dirty fighter, doing what is necessary to survive or ascend to power.Biography: Reptak was once an advisor and battlefield tactics planner for a warlord on Zakaz. When the day came where his master fell to the enemy, the high-ranking Skakdi was taken as a temporary prisoner of war, scheduled to be executed within minutes of his capture. However, he managed to save his green hide by displaying his skills in both advice and scheming. This convinced the victorious warlord to put Reptak under his employ and replace the Skakdi already serving in those positions. Before he could take the offices, the two Skakdi worked together to sell him to a band of off-island slavers.During this time, he encountered a veteran from his former warlord’s army, Vertan, and the two formed a rough alliance together. They later managed to escape captivity, and the two stuck together after that, with Reptak convincing his companion that it was unwise to return to the island of Zakaz. Even with all the brooding made by his partner, the Skakdi kept him around, the purpose being that together they could take down any threat against them.Or so they thought.Like many others, they found themselves swallowed by the earth, battling monsters of unspeakable horror. The two narrowly survived each encounter as they roamed the Maze of Caves, but eventually reached the Cavern of the Unseen. It was there where an escape from the horror terrors situated in the cavern was just in their reach, that Reptak made the most important decision in his life. He abandoned Vertan, allowing the attackers to pull him apart while he made his getaway. He proceeded to descend the Spiral Staircase of Soreness into Violet Orange.Reptak arrived during the Age of Influx, where he lived in Underhorror until the original monsters attacked, fleeing for self-preservation. He returned once the fighting was over, living in the wilderness for the meantime.Now, the Skakdi roams the city and larger outposts, seemingly without direction. No one can tell when, where, or to whom he appears to, only that it could be anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Name: HexxonSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAllegiance: Priests of HorrorAppearance: Hexxon is a Toa of exceptional height, clad in mismatched armor of various, vibrant colors and irregular shapes and patterns. This suit of armor is a patchwork, with long, black stitching visible in multiple sections of it, and makes him appear somewhat bulky. His eyes have the uncanny ability to alter color to match his current mood, and his mask is shaped like this, with several battle scars. Sometimes he will don a purple cape, which is attached to his shoulder plates when worn.Weapons: A staff with a Rhotuka Launcher affixed to it. Its Rhotuka spinners have a mind scrambling effect on the targets, though not as severe as the Dark Hunter Gatherer’s, and can be poisoned by Hexxon.Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel. His experience and use of it, coupled with his powers, have allowed him to teleport to places he sees via telepathy and thought easier, though it is still a risky technique.Powers: Psionics elemental powers, his practice with which makes him a formidable opponent. He has studied the workings of both the mind and brain, granting him extended knowledge of how just use to mental energy and twist another’s mentality to his will.Centuries of tampering with his own biology in the name of science has warped Hexxon’s physicalities; he is in horrible physical condition, and almost lame because of it. He can still walk and run, albeit becoming tired faster than normal. Another byproduct of his experimenting has caused small, venomous spines (similarly shaped like Nektann’s spinal spikes) protruding from his body, which are concealed by his unusual armor plating. They secrete a less potent version of Lerahk poison in small amounts, which he uses to taint his Rhotuka.Personality: Although insane, Hexxon still retains some aspects of his former personality. He cares mostly for self-preservation, and anything that will aid in it. Only on rare occasions will he help another. The consequences of his actions on others do not concern him much. Hexxon worships the horror terrors “deities” solely for the reason that they will spare him of death, rather than actually believe in any god-like status his fellow priests have faith in.Biography: Since the beginning of his existence, Hexxon’s life was centered on science. He willingly submitted himself to experiments as a Matoran, a trait which he carried on as a Toa. Salvaging through Rahkshi corpses, he added their metallic innards to his own makeup.When lands of the universe sank into the earth, the Toa did what he could to stay above ground, though each one proved fruitless once he, too, vanished into the underworld. Initially, he attempted to use his powers to go unnoticed through the monster-infested tunnels and hoped they would be content with the others. It didn’t work for long, however, and he was left fighting his way through the Maze of Caves. Millennia of searching for salvation brought the near-insane and highly irritated Toa to the Cavern of the Unseen. This was the point at which his weakening sanity collapsed into madness when he glimpsed into the minds of the horror terrors. He fled then, viciously attacking anyone between him and the way out.After a long journey down the Stairway of Soreness, Hexxon, and all others who survived, settled in Violet Orange prior to the Age of Peace. Rather than use his mental abilities to soothe the minds of others and restore their sanity, he did the exact opposite to those who requested it. The fear of horror terrors still haunted him, which motivated him to help construct the Tower of Terror, where he resides and prays today, unless there is a Trouble game of course.
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 06:28 PM

Name: VertakSpecies: Matoran of GravityGender: MaleAlliance: King’s GuardAppearance: Rather like this gallery; his armoring has long been faded into shades of black and gunmetal.Weapons: A round shield strapped to his back at all times, though it has become a little worse for wear. He also keeps hold of a modified boomerang designed to cut through protosteel armor (or weapons), and a sword that shifts between a dominantly gold coloring and a dominantly black coloring.Mask: Kanohi VolitakPower: Vertak has the ability to use the elemental power of gravity, as well as his Kanohi. Although it is not a power, Vertak is able to melt into the shadows as if he wasn’t even there courtesy of his Kanohi and cloak. Personality: Vertak is very secretive, revealing his past only to those he trusts... which conveniently happens to be absolutely nobody within the city. Once a calm Matoran, due to the general air of the city Vertak is often impulsive, allowing his emotions of the moment to play a large role in what he does. Biography: Everyone believes Vertak at one point played a significant role with Metru-Nui, and there are rumors that he was once affiliated with the Dark Hunters, and there are even more rumors about his sword, which is rumored to have some mystical power (a power that Vertak has yet to confirm, deny, display, or even acknowledge). There are some within the city that believe Vertak may not even belong there at all, and that he may be from a different dimension entirely, trapped there with them all for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, those who believe this tend to be on the insane side of the spectrum, and nobody really believes them. Meanwhile, Vertak himself can often feel his mind slowly beginning to crumble away into insanity - a prospect of the future he does his best to pretend doesn’t exist.

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Elittra Valmai

#5 Offline Highly Suspicious Person

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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 06:37 PM

Name: The Almighty Lord Kassermoon Strongsteel von Awesome the Great IVSpecies: Rahkshi of ChameleonGender: None (called a male for convenience’s sake)Alliance: CrazedAppearance: Kassermoon looks like a standard Rahkshi in almost every way. He has the standard colouration of bright red and gold, though the colours are slightly dulled. His armour is also covered in scratches and dents. His Kraata is a yellow and brown Stage 4.Weapons: A big wooden stickPower: Aside from his natural Chameleon powers, Kassermoon also is very good at lightly poking people with his stick to annoy them.Personality: Kassermoon is an easily distracted, childish, hyperactive moron, who is also rather antisocial. He is generally friendly, though, as well as fiercely loyal to his friends. Or, he would be, if he actually had any friends. He’s not the most popular fellow. He usually dislikes violence, but will use it if needed to protect himself or his non-existent friends. Being a Rahkshi, however, he is prone to outbursts of brutallityBiography: Before he went mad, Kassermoon was just your standard neighbourhood Rahkshi: Destructive, territorial, hateful of Matoran. But all that changed when he followed a few adventurers from above, going after them down into the Maze of Caves, where he went insane, and eventually into Violet Orange. He forgot everything about his old life and what it meant to be a Rahkshi, causing his non-bloodthirsty personality. Ever since then, he has lived a simple, nomadic life, often pronouncing himself ruler of particular rooms or buildings until the real owners kick him out. He has little interest in the Trouble, but would gladly support someone if they would just befriend him.

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#6 Offline 25K When?

25K When?
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 07:36 PM

Name: ZaphosSpecies: FrostelusGender: MaleAlliance: N/A - CrazyAppearance: A bulky looking being, Zaphos can be best described as your average Frostelus; a strange being thing that lives inside a big suit of armour. Nobody knows what he looks like within the armour, and nobody cares, so we shall merely describe the armour itself, which is blue and white like your average Frostelus. His eyes are a light blue, in contrast to the dark blue of the armour. His Rhotuka Launchers sit comfortably on his shoulders, while his grappling hook tail is a grey and white colour and hangs from his back. His arms and legs are a white-ish blue colour, with some hints of brown and grey as well.Weapons: Dual Natural Rhotuka Launchers on Shoulders; Claws that channel powers on the end of two arms; Grappling hook tail.Mask: N/APower: Ice RhotukaPersonality: Like most Frostelus, Zaphos enjoys battle very much, considering it one of the greatest things known to sapient beings. He yearns for it all the time, and when it is received he becomes a berserker, submitting to his bestial instincts and indulging in the essence of battle. However, having spent many years doing random things and lazing around, he has suppressed most of this instinct, which only comes out in the heat of battle when he wants to kill. While not in the throes of bloodlust he is slightly more amicable, but is somewhat cruel and sarcastic.Biography: Zaphos spent most of his life wandering around with his tribe in icebergs, frequently ransacking fortresses and the like for resources, killing Toa and Matoran as he did so, considering them to be random obstacles in his journey of conquest and random jazz like that. This way of living went on for centuries, until one day, the earth collapsed below him, swallowing him into the darkness.With a single-minded determination to survive, the Frostelus promptly began to run as far as he could arround the Maze of Caves, hoping to not get eaten by the horrors that resided there. It was purely by chance in which he came across Violet Orange, due to having escaped into the Cavern of the Unseen and fallen down the Spiral Staircase of Soreness. The first thing he did when he arrived was eat someone.Perfectly normal thing to do. For his species that is.So, after having eaten a random being, Zaphos decided to settle down for no apparent reason, and now wanders Underhorror, doing random things.
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#7 Offline The Lorax

The Lorax
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Posted Sep 30 2012 - 07:42 PM

Name: MalaSpecies: SkakdiGender: FemaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: Mala has a dark blue spine, hands, feet, head and torso, with gold armour on her limbs and some of the spikes on her spine. She is slimmer than most other Skakdi, and has clawed hands and feet.Mask: NonePower:
  • The elemental power of psionics, when used in conjunction with another Skakdi.
  • X-ray telescopic vision, just like Avak’s in canon.
  • Mala’s third power allows her to generate and control force fields similar to those generated by the kanohi hau.
Mala has a quick, devious mind and some skill with her powers.Biography: Mala comes from the island of Zakaz, where she was a part of one of the many warring tribes. Her tribe was smaller than most others, however, and it was often beaten by lack of numbers, and continuously sustained heavy losses. Determined to avoid her inevitable fate, Mala betrayed them to another tribe by feeding them false information to lead them all into a trap. In return, she was promised a position of power in the rival tribe and a large share of the plunder.Unfortunately, the best laid plans of Makuta and Matoran don’t always come off as expected. The night it was all supposed to happen, a third tribe got wind that there was a battle about to happen, and came to have a go themselves. As they entered the canyon that would serve as the battlefield, the trap was sprung early, and on the wrong victims. While the two larger tribes were locked in a dogfight, Mala’s people were able to take advantage of their opponents being weakened and killed a substantial number of both, including the two warlords. They were also able to capture and enslave many of their enemies, greatly increasing the wealth and power of their tribe.The victorious tribe recognised Mala’s treachery and turned one her and another Skakdi who had been in on the plan. They attempted to put them to death, but thanks to a bit of luck and some well-placed psionic illusions, they were able to escape.On the run from their former friends, the two made it to the ruins of what had once been the Skakdi’s capital city. As they hid in caves underneath it, they had time to think of their future. They would never be able to join another tribe, not after betraying their long-time friends to another, and if anyone found out where they were hiding, they would be as good as dead. Their only hope, then, was to escape Zakaz for another island.Unfortunately, one does not simply walk out of Zakaz. By order of the Brotherhood of Makuta, no Skakdi were ever to leave the island, and their powerful agents and Dark Hunter mercenaries loved nothing more than to make an example of any Skakdi foolish enough to attempt an escape. Nevertheless, they were desperate, and, with a lot of careful planning and surreptitiously placing thoughts in a couple of warlords’ heads, they managed to begin a battle very close to a Makuta guard tower on the coast. With the diversion in place, they managed to enter the outpost and ambush the remaining guards. They then took all the equipment they could and used teleportation technology within the tower to get themselves onto the Northern Continent.From there, they travelled through the universe, trying to find somewhere they could be safe from Brotherhood agents who would recognise them as escapees. Eventually, they ended up on an island that was sinking – fast. With nowhere else to go, they followed to local inhabitants underground and eventually discovered Violet Orange.Thanks to her crazy-fication in the Cavern of the Unseen, Mala got even more paranoid about someone turning them over to the Brotherhood of Makuta, and started seeing agents and spies everywhere. Fearing for their lives, they shunned the new city of Underhorror, and instead went to live out in the wilderness, where the two of them built a small outpost and lived there throughout all the ages of Violet Orange. Only now, after nearly 5,000 years of isolation from the rest of the world, does she consider it relatively safe to have some contact with society. With the games approaching, both she and Krokk plan on entering the survival competition, because really, what Skakdi doesn’t want a title like Trouble?Personality: Before coming to Violet Orange, Mala was an ambitious, determined and cunning Skakdi, if not terribly trustworthy, as many found out to their detriment. Being on the run, first from her own people and then from the Brotherhood of Makuta, however, has changed things somewhat. Now, she is fearful and downright paranoid that other beings are always out to hurt her. Krokk is the only one who still has her trust.Weapons: Thanks to the raid on a Brotherhhod of Makuta outpost, Mala was able to steal some pretty good weaponry on her way out of Zakaz. She took a pair of protosteel daggers and a Vortixx Rhotuka Battle Axe. Her rhotuka can drain energy from a target and channel in back into her, like a Vorahk or an avsa.Name: KrokkSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: Krokk is a tall, predominantly green Skakdi with light brown parts on some parts of his limbs. His spine is interlaced with thorny vines that also run down his arms. This gives him a fierce, slightly ruffled appearance. His spine and face resemble Thok’s.Mask: NonePower:
  • The elemental power of plantlife, when used in conjunction with another Skakdi.
  • Lightning vision, which can send twin bolts of electricity from his eyes. Their intensities can vary.
  • Krokk’s third power is similar to Vezok’s. Namely, it gives him the ability to absorb the powers of any being in close proximity, store them, and then use them himself later on. He could only store a power for a few hours, but is capable of absorbing more than one power at once.
Krokk is good with his hands, being able to make or invent a variety of simple devices. He gets better at it when his mind snaps every once in a while, but at those times, his creations are always useful or even make sense.Biography: See Mala’s bio. It’s practically the same. Krokk fancies himself as a bit of an inventor, and likes tinkering with machines and coming up with new ideas.Personality: On Zakaz and during his journey through the universe, he was stoic, dependable and down-to-earth. Since arriving in Violet Orange, however, his mind has cracked a bit, resulting in frenzies during which he is none of these things. When they coincide with his attempts at building and inventing, he manically produces such devices as self-erasing inks, exploding boomerangs, heatstone helmets to keep his head warm on cold days and automated sandwich-makers and babbles on and on about their uses. When he is sane, he still tinkers away at anything that catches his curiosity, but he isn’t quite as prolific or as innovative.Weapons: Thanks to the raid on a Brotherhhod of Makuta outpost, Krokk was able to steal some pretty good weaponry on his way out of Zakaz. This includes a multi-shot zamor launcher with a scope on it and a Xian-made sword. The zamor launcher fires spheres which counter all kinetic energy within the blast radius, effectively putting everything within 10 bio into super-slow-mo. The sword can fire disintegration beams which have no effect on living beings, but can turn inanimate objects to dust.Name: KarorahkSpecies: Custom (mutant rahkshi-muaka-thing).Biography: Karorahk is a bizarre being who came into existence in equally bizarre circumstances. Soon after the discovery of Violet Orange, a toa of stone ventured out into the wilderness to discover what was there. He discovered a strange plant which glowed violet with flashes of orange lightning occasionally darting between the branches. Hypnotised by this strange effect, the toa remained there, staring at the tree.After some time, the toa realised that he was standing in a different spot than he had been. He was now on the opposite side of the tree, but with no memory of having moved. No sooner had he realised this, than one of the orange bolts flashed brightly and a lava rat appeared from nowhere, right under the branches where the flash had been. The frightened rahi scurried off, but a second later it was back, standing beneath the tree. After some time and various other rahi appearing from almost nowhere, the toa realised what was going on – the tree was locating nearby beings and teleporting them to itself. That was how he had moved, and how the lava rat was brought back. What it was for, he had no idea, but his broken mind wasn’t concerned with that just yet. What did concern him was the pair of wild rahkshi that had just appeared underneath the tree’s leafless boughs.One of the creatures (coloured blue and green) screeched and swung its staff up at the toa, who managed to block it with a wall of stone. Before he could make an escape, however, the other rahkshi had leapt over the barrier and lifted its staff of rahi control into the air, summoning a muaka tiger. The great cat pounced onto the toa, claws extended, but hit only the ground as the toa disappeared in a flash, reappearing in front of the tree, which was now crackling with more and more energy. At the same time, however, the teleportation rahkshi had been partway through appearing right in front of where the toa had been, its staff raised to cleave his mask of fusion in two. Caught on the tip of the staff’s blade, the mask didn’t go along with the toa, but shattered into tiny grains of dust as the telerahk’s staff disrupted it in mid-teleport. Releasing all its energies at once, the mask fused the two rahkshi together with the muaka, with the toa escaping because he had been teleported out of range by the tree.The being produced by the fusion was Karorahk. It turned out more rahkshi than muaka, so it is made of living metal armour, with no organic parts. This armour is very thick and strong, able to resist many blows without crumbling. Nobody knows if there is anything like a kraata inside because nobody has ever opened it up.It now wanders the wilderness of Violet orange, completely bewildered by its own existence. It became an explorer of sorts, and has spent the millennia trying to decipher the mysteries it finds along the way. It has never, though, been able to rediscover the tree that lead to its creation, nor has anyone ever heard from the toa of stone again.Gender: None (the muaka was male).Alliance: CrazyAppearance: ThisPower: Rahi control and teleportation.Like its constituent beings, Karorahk is very strong and enduring. He isn’t very fast, but teleportation powers can compensate for this.Weapons: Twin staffs of fear and rahi control. These can fire short kinetic bursts. If either of these staffs is lost, his control of the corresponding power drops dramatically.Mask: NonePersonality: Despite being capable of speech, Karorahk has had very little interaction with other sapient beings since its creation, so it doesn’t really know how to deal with them. In fact, there are a lot of things it doesn’t know. Violet Orange is a really strange place, so most of its experience of the world has been rather baffling. Mostly it just accepts these mysteries and gets on with life.Character Name: KorangaGender & Species: Male, Tobduk’s SpeciesPowers:
  • Gains strength from feelings of pain, both in himself and those around him – exactly like what Tobduk had with respect to anger.
  • He has gained partial control over elemental shadow by depleting his inner light.
Abilities: Koranga has a high tolerance to pain due to his power. The high he gets along with the increased strength counters his pain, and often allows him to push on through it for longer than other beings.Equipment:
  • A Great Kanohi Faxon. Using its power allows him to mimic the abilities of rahi which share his general environment.
  • A multi-shot zamor launcher with two types of spheres:
    • Absorptive spheres: while they appear to be empty, and therefore not dangerous, these spheres can be very useful. When fired, they will absorb attacks thrown at Koranga into themselves. The attacks will remain contained and concentrated within these spheres until they are fired again, when the stored power or material is released. These spheres are black when unfilled, but take on the colour of the contents once they have absorbed something,
    • Stinging spheres: Distilled from the venom of Kofo-jaga scorpions, the liquid within these spheres causes and intense burning and stinging sensation when it comes into the slightest contact with flesh. It is also mildly corrosive. These zamors have a dull crimson hue.
  • A chainsaw-like weapon similar in appearance to one of Onua Nuva’s quake breakers.
Appearance: Koranga looks very similar to Tobduk: 10 feet tall, lean, but very muscular. His colour scheme consists of dark blues and greens, whereas Tobduk’s was grey and red. They have different masks too, but that’s about where the physical differences end.Faction: King’s GuardBiography: For the first 10,000 years of his life, Koranga lived on a small island in Mata Nui’s left hand with others of his species. Their lives were simple at that time, though they were content, for the most part. Then, one day, Makuta Chirox showed up. He had a little experiment he wanted to do. He mixed a little of this, a little of that, and before you knew it he had a great big spider, and then a lot more. But that wasn’t enough; he had to see what they could do. So he unleashed them on Koranga’s village. It was over in minutes. When they were done, the Makuta renamed the island Visorak in honour of their pets.Koranga was one of the few who made it off the island, after hiding underground for a few days to avoid the spiders. He moved onto the Southern Island chains and tried to start a new life there, but he was never that successful. He lived on the fringes of various communities for a while, but could never bring himself to become a part of any, not after how he had lost his first home and friends. He knew that he should not let those events that happened millennia ago stop him from rebuilding his life as part of a new community, but his fears of losing friends again kept him from doing so. Millennia passed this way, as he lived as a self-made outcast.During the sinking of the island he was living on at the time, he watched as catastrophe overtook many of the villages on the island and their inhabitants. He saw countless other beings emerging from the rubble of their lives in much the same way he had when his own village was razed.The enormous amount of aguish around him, both physical and mental gave him a boost the likes of which he has never experienced before, nor is he likely to again. That massive high, combined with compassion for the beings around him gave him a moment of clarity, in which he saw that whatever irrational reasons he had had to separate himself from others could no longer be justified. Everyone had lost their homes and friends, but still, through dumb luck that some call destiny, survived. They were all in the same boat now, and he realised that he could no longer defend his irrational fears of loss and rejection.As the survivors regrouped and began migrating further into the earth, he joined them, though tentatively at first, and aided in the discovery and construction of Underhorror. After the Kingdom of Violet Orange was founded, he joined its Guard, and worked to protect the newly fledged society that had become his home.Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only way in which the underground experience changed his life. All the pain he absorbed during those months, and the strength he gained from it felt too incredibly good to give up. That experience was like a drug addict’s first buzz to him, and it has left him wanting more. He has become addicted to the feeling of pain and the strength it gives him, and the addiction is slowly growing. At first, small hurts were enough to sate him – stubbing his toe or getting injured trying to chase criminals. Eventually, however, these no longer satisfied his needs. Recently, the addiction has been impinging upon his work. Other guards have become concerned about his brutality towards criminals when pursuing them, and even once they are subdued and captured. What they don’t know is that they aren’t the only ones from whom he is extracting pain – he has been secretly going after ordinary citizens as well.TL;DR: He’s a corrupt cop who slowly deteriorated from an honest one into a being who will hurt those he is meant to protect.Personality: Koranga’s life is ruled by pain – evading his own from the past and voraciously consuming others’ in the present. When he has had a fix of pain, he can be much more mild, even friendly, but after the effects have worn off and he is hungry for hurt, he is increasingly apprehensive and angry, even brutal and sadistic when he thinks he can get away with it.

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Name: DraqueSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlliance: Himself. Also Crazy.Appearance: Tall, with bronze-coloured protosteel armour covering a lithe, yet muscular, greenish frame. Bright eyes, and a face with a near-permanent smile.Weapons: One protosteel sabre.Mask: Kanohi Hau.Powers: Toa of Air, Mask of Shielding, good swordsman.Personality: Draque is a happy sort of person, a fact which anybody could tell looking at his face. He's almost never frowning, certainly not when he knows that another person is watching him, but at times, his happiness drops, his face going blank as he thinks about where he is now, and everything he lost in the past.Biography: Draque was formely the captain of a ship known as the Thistle, traversing the oceans blue...or silver...for much of his life. He never really did too much, aside from being drafted into the navies of various lands over time, and subsequently getting himself free with the help of some odd hairbrained scheme. Of course, like everybody, he went through his various stints of piracy, as well. It had been on a stop to the island above Violet Orange that disaster struck, forcing him to head below, along with all the others. He didn't know if any of his crew had made it or not, but they might have-he's still been searching for them, and probably pretty badly. He'd competed for the title of Trouble numerous times, though he was never the winner-and yet, unlike some, he never suffered anything while he was out competing.And now, with this new contest, true to his nature, he's planning to join again.
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Name: SableSpecies: Toa/Sand

Gender: Male

Alliance: Purged

Appearance: Varies, usually a tall Toa wearing gunmetal grey armour with yellow highlights.

Weapons: Can extract weapons from his mass, or shape-shift his limbs into weapons.

Mask: Kanohi Suletu, Great Mask of Telepathy.

Power: Elemental Control of Sand. Form comprised of Sand, capable of shape-shifting.

Personality: Very eccentric and somewhat egotistical, but extremely charismatic.Biography: Once a Toa of Stone, Sable foolishly travelled into the Cavern of the Unseen, and was destroyed by the horror terrors. As a being of strong mind, he managed to retain his sanity long enough to transfer his consciousness into a body of sand, and displace the part of his brain holding the memories of the Cavern into a vial, Purging himself. He keeps this vial within his person at all times. Should the vial break, Sable will go insane. He returned to Underterror, becoming a small-time thief with a well-decorated hut.

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Name: PaktiiSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: Metru-Toa build; Gold mask, torso, hands, and feet; metallic gray arms and legs. He has a red mark on his right arm and on his neck, which he claims are scars from a battle in his past. It looks more like an amateur paint job, though.Weapons: Slug launcher – and by “slug”, he means chunks of metal. He tried using actual living slugs once or twice and it didn’t work out. He also keeps a warhammer around in case combat gets too close-range. The warhammer also has a red mark on it – but much to his disappointment, nobody has asked him why. He tends to invent new weapons from time to time, but they all have the general theme of hitting the target really hard with a hunk of metal.Mask: The Mask of Figuring Stuff Out and Being Clever – it’s actually called the Mask of Intuition but that’s hard to pronounce and nobody ever knows what it means. It basically gives him the ability to figure stuff out and be clever… hence the name. Specifically, it allows him to deduce weaknesses in his enemies, and it lets him invent contraptions very quickly.Power: As a Toa of Iron, he can manipulate and create protodermic metal. He primarily uses this power to create materials for his invention, but he’ll use it in combat if he feels like it to – usually to hit his target really hard with a hunk of metal.Personality: Eccentric. Paktii sees himself as a scientist and inventor, not a hero. He’s fascinated by horror terrors (he calls them “horters” for short), but his ultimate goal is to find, name, and control the original evil that drove countless people underground.Paktii, along with his sanity, lost his ability to regulate his mask’s power, which means that not only does he understand things that no one else can; he thinks he understands things which actually make no sense whatsoever. Paktii will frequently make references which no one in this universe gets; including himself.Biography: Paktii is a recent arrival to Violet Orange. He comes from an island inhabited entirely by Fe-Matora. Paktii worked as an inventor there, and while he never made anything worth exporting to other islands, his skills were respected in his land. When the original evil came and their island began to sink, their Turaga gave his brother a Toa Stone – no Toa had ever lived on their island, but the Turaga always kept a Toa Stone for a time of great need. That time had come. Everyone knew that Paktii’s brother could wield the power of Toa with responsibility and had the best chance of any Fe-Matoran to save them all. He never had the chance – he lost his footing and broke his neck in a freak earthquake during the ceremony where he would become a Toa. The Toa Stone flew out of his hands and Paktii caught it, immediately becoming a Toa. At that moment, every Fe-Matoran, including Paktii, knew that all hope was lost. They, like so many others, could do nothing but wait for their island to sink into the ground, and made their way through the Cavern of the Unseen and into Violet Orange.That was only three years ago. Only a dozen of Paktii’s people made it to Underhorror alive. They spent two years recovering from the trauma, and Paktii has only now begun to make a new life for himself. His fear of the creatures and forces in the caverns above is gone, replaced by an overwhelming drive to understand them. His fellow Fe-Matoran told him he was crazy.“Good. That’s how I know I’m home.” he said.Name: Gwdkwowhi (Gwd or just G for short. Full name is pronounced Gwid-QUO-hee)Species: Shapeshifter – formerly Toa (most likely).Gender: Probably maleAlliance: PurgedAppearance: Various appearances – usually takes the form of a Toa-sized humanoid, but will often add “optimizations” like another arm or eyes in the back of his head as he feels like it. He can change the color of his armor, but when he doesn’t intentionally do so, his armor is orange. His other favorite forms are imitations of a Gukko and Takea; which allow him to take to the air and rivers, respectively.Weapons: When Gwd has to fight, he usually changes into a form with claws or acid spit or some other natural weapon, but he also likes to use a whip when it’s not worth his trouble to transform.Mask: The Mask of Shapeshifting, which allows him to change his form at will. He can’t change his total mass, either to become larger or smaller, and he can’t gain any elemental or other non-biological or physical powers by changing. It takes a lot of concentration to change his form; more so if he’s trying to change into something that doesn’t otherwise exist, or that he hasn’t seen before.The most dangerous limitation of the mask, though, is that he always has to incorporate a safe place to wear a mask into his form. If he isn’t wearing his mask, he can’t change his form, so if he changes into something that doesn’t wear a mask, he can never change back. He usually gets around the problem by mounting the mask on his back when it doesn’t make sense on his face.Power: Gwd thinks he might have been a Toa of Plasma, due to his general body size and orange armor, but as of yet he’s been unable to access any elemental powers.Personality: Gwd is somber and serious. As a rare sane inhabitant of Violet Orange, he has little patience for craziness and can become irritable if he spends too much time around crazy beings. He often curses “Uthermi” (his name for his past self) for his troubles. Gwd’s mood is only lightened when he’s around someone he likes and respects; in his two hundred years of life in the Outposts, he’s met only three. All three were killed by a crazed Matoran with a Cordak launcher fifty years ago.Biography: Two hundred years ago, Gwdkwowhi awoke as an orange sphere at an Outpost. After a few minutes, he figured out how to grow himself eyes, and he saw a crazy Matoran staring at him. Realizing that having arms and legs beats being a sphere, he quickly mimicked the Matoran's form (albeit a bit larger). The Matoran ran away in a panic, but other Purged in the area explained the situation – that he had his memories erased.None of them had seen (or at least declined to describe) him before he asked the Toa of Psionics to Purge him, so he has no idea who he used to be. He, along with the other Purged, reasoned that his former self (he called his former self Uthermi, or “Other Me”) had felt so strongly about his memories that he had denied his new self the privilege of knowing his species, lest it trigger some horrible memories of his past. In typical Violet Orange fashion, he was named Guy Who Doesn’t Know Who Or What He Is, or Gwdkwowhi for “short”; although even that eventually had to be shortened to Gwd.Now, Gwd has heard rumors of Trouble, and thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to make a new life for himself. In his imagination, he savors the day when a crazy being will ask him “What are you?”, and instead of “I don’t know”, he can say with a savage smile:“Trouble.”
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"Trust in King Sevorik"Name: ElkarenSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlliance: King's GuardAppearance: A large toa (about half a body length taller than the average) with white and gold armor with gunmetal highlights. He is heavily armored and can be quite intimidating to look at.Weapons: A guard's halberd which he uses as both a badge of office an as a tool to channel his elemental powersMask: RodePower: Element of Light. In his many years in the guard, he has honed his abilities to masterful levels. He specializes in attacks that don't annihilate but merely stun, though he isn't afraid to burn people to a crisp if they dare sin against the king. Sometimes when he gets really angry, he Personality: He is very devoted to King Sevorik, to a point. He USUALLY doesn't question the King's motives, but sometimes his rode gives him odd feelings about the king. His suspicions have yet to be confirmed though, so in the mean time, he is considered by many to be the king's most loyal guardBiography: Up above, he was just an ordinary Av-Matoran trying not to get noticed by the brotherhood of Makuta. His attempts to keep a low profile didn't really work though, and soon, he was taken in and experimented on. However, unlike most of the experiments, he survived mostly intact; in fact, he got transformed into a toa like no other. Returning to his village, he helped protect it before the island gave way and he was forced to migrate to Violet Orange. He didn't participate in any of the previous incarnations of Trouble, but is considering entering this time around. However, guard duties have kept him busy. His dream is to go to the doors of bones and see what is past those doors.
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Name: 'Ta'. Real name unknown. Species: VortixxGender: MaleAlliance: Crazy/PurgedAppearance: Normal Male Vortixx. Has black under-armor and organic parts, but has gunmetal-colored armor over that. Many, many burn marks.Weapons: moderatorified metallic club. It is hollow on the inside, with a metal cage that can be opened and closed. This is often filled with something on fire.Mask: N/APower: N/APersonality: He is simply and completely obsessed with fire. Flames, heat, explosions: they're all he really focuses on. Other than that, he's a simple-minded being, willing to do anything for food, bed, and fire. Biography: Once, the Vortixx known as 'Ta' was a profitable businessman that sailed between the islands of the Matoran Universe. That was before his ship was wrecked, and he found himself in the Maze of Caves. Eventually, he found his way down to Violet Orange, where he immediately opted to get Purged. However, during the Purging, a fireball flew into the room (probably thrown by a drunk Ta-Toa) and the Pisonics Toa doing the Purging startled, filling his mind with nothing but thoughts of fire and flame, and destroying whatever advanced thinking processes he had as well. He was given the name 'Ta' for his obsession with flame, because of the people of Underhorror's great naming skills. 'Ta' wanders around the city, doing as he's told to get money, food, drink, bed, or most of all, fuel for his club, which is almost constantly flaming. Zakaro
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-The Heroic Pauper-"My name was Grayvern. Don't feel bad if you've never heard of me. Everyone who knew me is dead now."Name: Grayvern of TherinSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: A tall, slender being, wearing smooth, black armour with a few highlights of dark silver. His mask is smooth and emotionless, and his eyes and hearlight are dull yellow. Grayvern holds himself with the posture of a noble knight, an image which is enhanced by his powerful figure, and intense aura.Weapons: A claymore, with a distinctly black bladeMask: Kanohi Iden, Mask of SpiritPower: Elemental control over waterPersonality: Grayvern, outwardly, is very cold and constantly appears to be angry with the world. He rarely speaks, and when he does, one will find that he's surprisingly soft-spoken. However, underneath his rough exterior, is a sweet, very sad, but kind-natured boy, who loves being with people, even if he's not very good with them.Since he failed to help his people in the caverns, Grayvern has attempted to make up for his mistakes by being as generous and helpful as possible to people, even if it is to his own detriment. He give anyone anything if they need it, to the point where he has become little more than a pauper, mostly eating the refuse of others and sleeping in the streets.Biography: Grayvern was originally a cheerful, bright Ga-Matoran living on the surface of the island, who was in awe of the heroes and Toa in the legends, and who wanted nothing more than to stand among them as a protector of his people.Eventually, his wish was granted, and he became one of the Toa guardians of his village. He did his job well with his brothers and sisters, fighting danger and darkness, and loved doing it. He was finally living his dream.When the seawaters around their island began rising, however, all that changed. He had his fellow villagers joined the mass migration into the underground, encountering all the horror that lived and killed down there.Grayvern did his best to perform his duty as a Toa, to protect those who could not protect themselves. But he was just one being, and could not hope to fight the creatures that dwelled within the depths of the island.He failed in attempting to protect the Matoran, and was forced to retreat into Violet Orange, where, overcome with grief and guilt, he renounced his title as Toa, and painted his armour black in mourning.Since then, he has wandered the great cavern, trying to come to terms with his failure, and attempt to help others wherever he can. However, he always tries to keep himself emotionally distant from other people, lest he fail again in defending them.-Void
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Name: ArtorreSpecies: Toa of FireGender: MaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: Artorre is a tall toa of fire with light armor almost completely covering him. He has an obsession with burning stuff, like any other toa of fire, which he has lost a large amount of control over since the beginning of his descent into madness. His constant burning stuff has caused his armor to become completely black with soot. He doesn't mind though, considering it was completely black originally. He does, however, carefully clean off his mask regularly. His sword, which is also black, is long and thin, and often on fire. My avatar is a picture of Artorre from the shoulders up, wielding his sword.Weapons: Besides the previously mentioned sword, which he may ignite or use to emit a concentrated beam of fire, Artorre carries around a few throwing knives, which he's lost quite a few of over the years and has been too busy burning things and going on pointless adventures to replace. While not exactly a weapon, he carries around a orb (Which, though it looks like glass, seems to be indestructible) containing a swirling mass of electricity arcing through a dark gray cloud, which is actually the soul of a previously extremely powerful being. It lost the ability to easily communicate with Artorre long ago, now only able to do so when receiving an extremely large amount of electricity. When in close proximity to this orb, Artorre would normally have elemental lightning powers equal in strength to his power over fire, but a long amount of time without thunderstorms or many Toa of Lightning willing to dump raw power into it until they pass out have extremely limited the lightning powers the orb can give him. The orb does, however, serve as a very effective shield from any and all electricity, hungrily drawing any in a 20 bio or so radius into itself.Mask: Great KomauPower: Elemental Power of Fire. Extremely limited Elemental Power of Lightning, directly linked to proximity to previously mentioned orb. Artorre is a great swordsman and is also deadly accurate with his throwing knives. Of course, he will, on occasion, stab with his throwing knives and throw his sword. Besides his abilities in combat, he is an excellent dancer. But he only dances when he's drunk/thinks he's drunk because nobody knows if that Frusian Cider stuff is alcoholic.Personality: Although generally nice, Artorre does occasionally shout. But he doesn't really realize he's shouting, and it's almost always at a time when he has no reason to shout, so most people understand that he's not really angry. Artorre is very observant of his surroundings, and is also a good listener. When you get a few ciders in him, he becomes extremely sarcastic to people he dislikes, and assigns nicknames to those he does like, always completely unrelated to anything they've done or said, or their appearance. If there's a good song on, he will utilize his impressive dancing skills. Under the right circumstances, he does two, maybe even all three, at the same time.Biography: On Mata Nui as a matoran, Artorre was constantly slacking off to go on adventures, so much so that he was nicknamed Takua. (Although no one calls him that today, even after he became a Toa) One day, he heard the legend of a place known as the Elemental Well, a place where, apparently, all the Toa Power of deceased Toa went to. He began preparations to leave Ta-Koro in search of it immediately. Then he and several friends set off, swearing to themselves that they wouldn't return until they were Toa. The search for the Well was long and arduous, and one of the members of the group was killed by a wild rahi along the way, but they eventually found it, and became Toa. After they left, though, they found that they were completely unable to recall where the Well had been, or any of the time spent near it.Later in his life, Artorre was kidnapped, and involved in a series of events known as the Deeping Incident. Not much is known about this time in his life, but it is assumed that this is where he got the orb he carries around with him from.
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Name: TeravicSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlliance: Purged, but you wouldn't be able to tell if you talked to him.Appearance: Of average height and build for a Toa, wears dark red and orange-yellow armor. Said armor is stylized with curved, sweeping patterns that are made to resemble fire.Weapons: Two small swords that can be combined into one double-edged greatsword.Mask: Kakama, the mask of speedPower: Elemental control over fire and enhanced speedPersonality: Teravic is, simply put, easy-going, but also somewhat grim due to the circumstances. He enjoys Madu fruit (not the kind that explode) and long strolls through the streets of Underhorror, though he tends to avoid contact with other beings when said walks take place. He is very determined when his friends (the very few that he has) are threatened.Biography: Teravic doesn’t have any idea who he is or how he got to the Underhorror (or underground at all, for that matter), and as much as he would like to know, he’s accepted the fact that he’ll probably never find out. In any case, he found himself one day in the Underhorror and chose a name for himself: Teravic. (It just had this ring to it, you know?)The first time he attended a Trouble game, he found some strange, sadistic amusement and now regularly attends them, sometimes even selling some of his defective homemade merchandise to his fellow spectators.Name: Lundum/Mordum/Nendum/Oidum (Pronounced Wee-Dum)/PardumSpecies: Brutaka's speciesGender: MaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: Tall and bulky (as is the norm for his species) with clawed hands and wide feet. His armor is jagged and colored orange and gunmetal.Weapons: A single shapeshifting weapon that changes depending on what personality is currently dominant. The current dominant personality can use only their respective weapon.Lundum: A nondescript Claymore with a jagged, ornate hilt.Mordum: A pair of spiked Protosteel knuckles.Nendum: A dagger with a perpendicular handle that rotates in its slot.Oidum: Some strange amalgam of pointed, drill-like apparatuses and razor blades. It's not really useful in combat except when thrown at foes.Pardum: An extremely sharp scythe dotted with crimson jewels.Mask: Kanohi MatatuPower: Telekenesis, strength greater than that of a ToaPersonality: This being's mind has been fragmented into several different personalities. Lundum: This personality is perhaps the closest to LMNOP's original personality. He is very intelligent with a somewhat dry, cold sense of humor. Very good with swordsMordum: Typically very angry and vociferous. He isn't afraid to argue or even lash out at anyone who disagrees with his firm, unchanging beliefs. Good at hand-to-hand combat.Nendum: Sad and pessimistic. No matter what situation he's in, he always finds something negative to sulk about. The only thing he's good for is his ability with his rotating blade.Oidum: The least sane out of all of LMNOP'S personalities. He is always happy, sometimes unnaturally so. Despite this, even the smallest things irritate the Karz out of him. He isn't really skilled at anything except making people feel uncomfortable.Pardum: Undoubtedly the darkest personality of the five. Pardum is mostly silent, only speaking when absolutely necessary. Deep down, he is cruelly sadistic and enjoys inflicting pain on others, something he is quite good at.Biography: To say LMNOP had a troubled, mixed-up past would be like saying the ocean is wet. Even before the cataclysm that sunk his island, he spent most of his life traveling, for no village or tribe would accept him, and every time he thought he had found refuge, he would be driven out by those who hated him for his differences.When many beings sought refuge from the churning seas underground, he followed. The Horror Terrors he encountered fragmented his already-damaged mind beyond any hope of repair. However, among the rather unstable population of Violet Orange, he has finally found a place where he can be accepted.

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Name: MonikSpecies: Ce-ToaGender: MaleAlliance: CrazyAppearance: He wears mismatched armour of every color that provides protection to the elements. E.g. it is heat resistant, insulated, aerodynamic, etc.Weapons: All Terrain Claws (ATC). These claws can propel Monik quickly through any element, they are made with the proper kanoka to make a mask of shapeshifting and can transform into six different forms; becoming webbed claws in water, large wing claws in air, shovel like claws underground, and so forth. He has these claws on his hands and feet.Mask: KualsiPower: Psionics and teleportation. Dark Hunter training.Personality: He is very dedicated to serving Mata-Nui or at least what he thinks is serving Mata-Nui, after being hit by the Shadowed One’s Madness spinner his mind was scrambled so if the Shadowed One told him to go break into a factory and steal a doomsday device so the Dark Hunters could blow up an island Monik would say “Great, that will help Mata-Nui.” and then he would go do it. Although his mind was twisted, his morals and intentions remained also he can still make plans and set traps. Because he was already crazy the Horror Terrors had very little effect on his mindBiography: Some years ago a friend of his was captured by the Dark Hunters and Monik went to rescue him. Cloaking himself mentally he snuck into Odina and got all the way to The Shadowed One’s throne room before he discovered that it was a trap. Trapped, Monik was hit by The Shadowed One’s Rhotuka and was reduced to his present state. Later on he was sent to an island to investigate the disappearance of its inhabitants and was sucked down with them. The two other Hunters that he was with were killed but Monik just walked on until he came to Violet Orange, he then took a job purging people.
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