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Considering Making a Game

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#1 Offline Toa Kopaka TJByrum

Toa Kopaka TJByrum
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  • 10-November 08
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Posted Oct 02 2012 - 09:28 PM

I love Bionicle. Other kids had Transformers, or PokeMon cards, or HotWheels... I had Bionicle. I was an original fan, with Toa Mata Lewa as my first Bionicle figure, and since then I was an loyal Bionicle fan. Unfortunately (for myself) I grew out of Bionicle after the Voya-Nui era, when the Inika ventured into the depths of the Pit, and lost interest.But I am 18 now, and I am deeply interested in the Bionicle saga now. I'm not much interested in playing with toys anymore, but the story and the depth of the Bionicle universe stil amazes me. So here I am, telling you all that I might consider making a game of Bionicle.But don't sit there and think you're going to be getting some flashy Flash game with amazing graphics, or some game like that "Bionicle Fighter" game. No, my game will be a 'lesser' game in terms of quality.The medium I'll be using is a site known as "MyGameBuilder". On it, you create TILES, and then turn them into ACTORS, and then put them together into MAPS, and you can then link these maps together by PORTALS to create different levels and all. Easy-to-use, and pretty neat little site I think. The tiles are pixel-based, and you draw 32x32 tiles all the way up to 128x128, and everything in between. After drawing these tiles (and keep in mind - I'm not good at drawing sprites), you give them 'smarts', such as how much HP they have, how much damage they do, how fast they move, etc. It works, and it's not a bad medium, but it's not up to par with ones you're all familiar with.I plan on doing a game based around the Bionicle timeline, beginning with the arrival of the Toa Mata on Mata Nui. You choose a Toa, go on some quests to fight Rahi and find masks. Then you'll fight the Bohrok, and then later the Bohrok Kal, then the Rahkshi, then defeat Makuta, etc. Along the way your Toa will get stronger, I plan on using some form of an RPG in it.The site:http://s3.amazonaws.com/apphost/MGB.html#Some games: Go to the site, but it might site "MGB is offline", but ignore that, you can stillplay games. Click on "Play Games" and check it out.
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#2 Offline Toa Onaku

Toa Onaku
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  • 21-June 07
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Posted Oct 03 2012 - 02:42 PM

Do you have any progress? Unless you have something in your hands to show us (that site is an exception, it's not your game... obviously) I don't think this topic is allowed here...
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#3 Offline Katuko

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  • 21-March 05
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Posted Oct 04 2012 - 10:49 AM

Before you're discouraged by this getting locked, allow me to say that I silently support any BIONICLE games that pop up. This section of the site is far too dead for my tastes; I love games. :lol:If you were a premier member here you could use a blog post to discuss the development of your game until you had a playable demo available for us, but since you're not that option's out. Maybe you could whip up a quick example with just the very basics, then post it here.

All game topics must provide proof that the game has been started, or the topic will be closed. Acceptable proof of a game:

  • A demo of your progress on the game so far.
  • A screenshot of the game in action. These need to be screenshots from actual gameplay, not just an edited picture or something you created in Paint.

I believe you have a day or so before this gets closed due to this.Your game sounds fairly basic, and that's good as a project. Keep in mind that you should probably plan everything out in advance, though. That way you won't be like me and get caught halfway through development, thinking "darn, I should have prepared for the player using Exo-Toa!" or similar. :P

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#4 Offline Furiosa's Sidekick

Furiosa's Sidekick
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  • 23-July 02
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Posted Oct 06 2012 - 10:53 AM

I'm wondering why I didn't get any reports. =/ Anyway, Katuko is right. Before a topic can be started here, there must be a demo or a screenshot showing that you've already started working on your game. Thread closed.
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