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In Memory of those Lost

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#1 Offline Wyrd Bid Ful Araed

Wyrd Bid Ful Araed
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Posted Oct 05 2012 - 10:39 AM

Profiles must be approved (in the discussion topic or by PM) before being put here. If you make new characters edit them into the same post to keep things nice and neat.
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#2 Offline Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter

Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
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  • 14-January 12
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Posted Oct 05 2012 - 04:20 PM

Name: CalerixTribe: Ce-Matoran (Psionics)Gender: FemaleAppearance: She wears a powerless Kanohi shaped like a Great Huna. It is mainly blue but has a purple visor and golden coloring on the sections that are recessed into the mask. Calerix is built like a MoL Matoran, with blue as her main color, purple organic and core parts, with golden highlights. She looks overall run-down and most of her armor is tarnished and fading.Tools: Hammer made of a metal shaft tied onto a heavy stack of widgets. It is all kept together by rope, string, and other long pieces of rope-like substances. Also has a pouch, worn and haphazardly fixed.Personality: Calerix is best classified as an eccentric inventor. She's always finding unorthodox solutions and often fiddles with the limited parts she has, keeping her hammer and bag in relatively good shape. Other than that, she's a gung-ho, let's go type of Matoran that will never, ever leave someone behind. History: Always view as sort of odd, Calerix spent her time creating random things in her house on the Ga-Metru/Po-Metru border, occasionally making trips to Ta-Metru to get parts. That all changed when the war started, and she evacuated to a Po-Metru cave until the infection was released. When that happened, she volunteered to be one of the ones leading the rotters into the Coliseum. Afterwards, she was trapped with the rest and now hangs around the levels, usually in Storage :z: .Zakaro
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They call me Zakaro. You should too.

#3 Offline Elittra

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  • 22-December 08
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Posted Oct 05 2012 - 04:37 PM

Name: VertakTribe: GravityGender: MaleAppearance: He is of the same appearance as this gallery, except the cloak no longer exists (tatters by the time he even realized he was trapped), and the armor has become rusty in some places. Vertak wears the Kanohi Volitak.Tools: He has managed to hold onto a trusty hammer that remains clipped to his waist, as well as a dagger on his hip. Vertak also possesses a round shield that clips onto his back, giving him some negligible protection from behind. However, the shield is in disrepair and if he were to battle another Matoran in a sword fight, it would probably shatter.Personality: Vertak is afraid. All the time... however, he doesn’t panic. His thoughts often take odd turns now, and he’ll do weird things on occasion to distract himself, but outwardly he appears to be more at ease than most Matoran. He's also determined to find the answers and have more knowledge, and has thus far been forced to ignore those urges for the sake of his sanity and his life.History: By now, it has become common knowledge amongst the survivors in the deep that Vertak was – and, technically, still is – a member of the Dark Hunters. Originally sent to Metru-Nui as an undercover agent, he was trapped in the city when the outbreak began. Hoping to gain some information about the zombies for The Shadowed One’s benefit (after all, what would be more useful than a tireless army?), and also out of some odd sense of heroism, Vertak volunteered to help lure the zombies into the Coliseum. He’s regretted the decision immensely ever since.
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Elittra Valmai



#4 Offline BULiK

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  • 23-July 08
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Posted Oct 05 2012 - 05:11 PM

Name: QuoribayTribe: IronGender: MaleAppearance: Silver Pehkui with metallic grey and silver arms. His chest is metalic grey and bronze, while his feet andshoulders are gunmetal with some silver on the knees and upper legs. He has a lightstone attached to a pole, which he keeps attached to his pack. He also wears a bandolier within which he keeps basic tools of survival he crudely has forged, such as a hammer, a chisel, and a heatstone.Tools: Dual dirks, Shovel, Broken disc launcher.Personality: Humorous, Handsome, and Adventurous.History: Quoribay was an illegal weapons smuggler, who based his trade in the lower coliseum storage rooms. He bought and sold from both sides during the Toa/Dark Hunter war, until the rotters came and drove survivors into the lower levels where he based his operations. He used what few weapons he had at first in an early attempt to drive back the rotters, which was not successful. During that first campaign he wasted most of his arsenal. Due to his defeat in the escape attempt, he went back to the lower storage rooms and forged his dirks and supplies there out of scrap metal. He salvages scrap to trade for food and supplies, while carrying around his old disc launcher, which broke, in hopes of one day finding a way to fix it. He is seen mostly in Storage Z.Name: NichouTribe: EarthGender: MaleAppearance: Purple Kakama and feet, with black chest and arms. He wears a pack and a belt with a sheath for his shortsword he crudely crafted out of scrap metalTools: Crude shortsword, AxePersonality: Serious, yet depressed and somewhat compassionate.History: A Craftsman working in the upper basement levels, Nichou found himself trapped when the rotters came in and he wasted no time in escaping to the lower levels. He based himself in Station U, the place which he now has learned to call home. He Builds fortifications for the station using the skills that, Before the plague, were used to make beautiful Decorations for coliseum tournaments. He has little to no friends and wishes to find some, to keep away the horrid thoughts and nightmares of the rotters.
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#5 Offline Conway

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Posted Oct 05 2012 - 05:25 PM

-The Scarred Mute-"... Soli..."Name: SoliTribe: SonicsGender: FemaleAppearance: Soli has the quite common appearance of a scrawny, malnourished Matoran, with scratched and rusting dark grey armour, over her slightly lighter skin. She tends to stand slightly hunched over, and she wears a dark grey Noble-shaped Komau, which compliments her dull-green eyes. The word “Soli” had been carved into the armour on her left arm.Tools: A metal pole, sharpened to a point at one end.Personality: Soli gives off the impression that she’s pretty much scared of everything. Be it a rotter, another Matoran or her own shadow, it appears terrify her. However, underneath this frightened exterior, is a brave and loyal soul, willing to do whatever it takes to survive.History: No one actually knows what happened to Soli. She just appeared amongst the Matoran one day, covered in blood, keeping her spear in a death-grip, with a look of pure terror in her eyes. Although she appears to be perfectly healthy (save the malnourishment), she hasn’t spoken a single word since her arrival.-Void
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#6 Offline Simulacrum

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Posted Oct 05 2012 - 06:54 PM

Name: HithynTribe: Fe-MatoranGender: FemaleAppearance: Around the average height for a Matoran, Hithyn is stocky, with muscules enlarged from constant heavy lifting and physically demanding work, calloused and grimy hands from constantly having a grip on rough and coarse surfaces, often covered with soot and grease. Her skin is a dark, unreflective gunmetal, with burnt orange and dark red markings covering her joints, neck, hands, and other such areas. She wears elbow and knee-pads, and a vest of boiled leather, knee-high, utilitarian boots and elbow-length fingerless gloves of leather that, while considerably tough, is still flexible, and tan trousers, stuffed into her boots. A large backpack is attached to her back by a single diagonal strap, and a large leather belt holds her mallet.Tools: A large, iron crowbar is Hithyn’s tool/weapon of choice, and the only tool she keeps constantly in her hand. A wood and iron mallet is attached to her belt, and inside her rucksack, an assortment of tools are kept.Personality: Once cheerful and known for her good humor, Hithyn is now sullen, melancholy, and occasionally frighteningly angry, driven close to madness by her encounters with the rotters. She has been forced to defend herself against close friends, and the fact that she is killing what were once intelligent beings like herself is driving her to the edge of madness.History: Hithyn has worked as a mechanic and a construction worker, possessing intense skill with her hands, and famous for her stubbornness and inability to “move-on”. When the Toa drove the rotters into the coliseum, she was among the many who hadn’t escaped, and she was forced to seek refuge in Station U, where she lives a panicked life, desperately trying to survive, and prepare for the next rotter attack.
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#7 Offline Scott Sterling

Scott Sterling
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  • 23-June 12
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Posted Oct 05 2012 - 08:25 PM

Name: KaithasTribe: the GreenGender: MaleAppearance: Armor is lime green and gold with orange accents, the orange usually calls attention to sharp places. Tall, doesn't look overly strong, but appearances are deceiving. He has a lithe compact strength to him. Armor has thorn-like extensions with orange tips sticking out along his shoulders. Armor is slightly rusted in spots, but he takes care of it. Wears a powerless Kualsi that's shaped like a great Huna.Tools: a katana. It's been his loyal companion for years, and he won't give it up for any price. Has serrations for cutting through stubborn things. Also carries a rope and a hook.Personality: Cheerful joker. Jokes to deal with strong emotions, and rarely shows what he's truly feeling. History: Kaithas used to have almost no direction sense. He got lost in the passages under the Coliseum long before the rotters came. As a result he has amazing night vision and knows the tunnels like no one else. Hangs around the abandoned tunnel like a talkative (instead of silent) guardian in case the rotters develop intelligence and try to escape.
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BZPRPG Profiles

#8 Offline Constructman

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  • 19-July 12
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Posted Oct 06 2012 - 10:16 AM

Name: LondarTribe: IronGender: MaleAppearance: Londar stands at about a head taller than the average Metru Nui Matoran. He has a silver and grey body and wears a black and silver huna. See image here.Tools: Fencing smallsword, machete parrying daggerPersonality: Londar doesn't really care about the situation right now; he just views it as a chance to train his skills. Although like everybody else he's afraid of becoming one of the rotters, he manages to disguise his fear wellBio: A swordsman living on Metru Nui originally from Nynrah, he used to own a fencing school in the city. When the dark hunters attacked, he was one of the most active of the resisters, adding a few victories to his name. Due to the danger that he posed to the Hunters, he was one of the first to be forced underground. He has been fighting for his life ever since...
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#9 Offline Lontra Canadensis

Lontra Canadensis
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  • 18-April 07
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Posted Oct 06 2012 - 11:24 AM

Name: Jaron UnskiiTribe: FireGender: MaleAppearance: Slightly tall for most Matoran, with a more muscular physique, as well. Dark red under armour overlayed with burnished gold armour.Tools: Two long knives, one classical guitar.Personality: Generally a well-meaning, likeable fellow, though he can seem gruff at times, and absolutely grim whenever he feels something is about to go wrong-as well, he has a strong streak of stubborn determination.History: Jaron was, formerly, a high-ranking guardsman from Ta-Metru. He'd been one promotion away from taking to an easier life, instead of running about and helping the Toa and Vakhi, but that changed quickly once the virus was unleashed. Knowing that there weren't any others who would be willing to do so, Jaron offered himself up to lead the rotters into the Coliseum. His last message to the outside world before he went in was a simple one:"I'll find my way out."
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#10 Offline Wade.

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Posted Oct 06 2012 - 01:38 PM

"I'm going to die down here, aren't I?"Name: MatuTribe: ElectricityGender: MaleAppearance: About the average height of a Matoran, displaying a slim body with a toned physique, appearing quite fit. Despite this, he’s lost weight during his time under the Coliseum as a result of malnourishment and his armour has seen better days. Two turquoise eyes with an eerie glow peer through his Hau, pitch black like most of his skin, combined with a few blue accents, such as two symmetrical lines running down both sides of his face. In terms of age, Matu appears relatively young and he always carries a knapsack with him.Tools: Matu uses a large wrench for not only practical purposes but also as a weapon, effective for bludgeoning. In his knapsack, an assortment of small items can be found, the more important ones being conductive wire, a couple cans of spray paint and a utility knife.Personality: Matu’s more the quiet type of guy, preferring to avoid being the centre of attention. Even with his young age, he’s had to steel himself considerably to accept life in the under-levels and as a result, he’s become wise beyond his years. Not only that but he’s become bitter over time, turned into a bit of a pessimist with a knack for sarcasm. Contrary to what one might think, he’s a friendly guy with a good heart, loyal to his friends and ready to lend a hand. Just don’t mistake him for a pushover. Matu’s more than willing to stab you in the gut with a good reason in mind.History: Matu helped maintain the chute system, taking up his post in Le-Metru’s Moto Hub where he often paid the Test Track a visit. When the Rotters hit, Matu took it upon himself to volunteer as bait, believing it to be the right thing to do. His opinion on this still stands today, albeit on rather shaky ground. The Ba-Matoran longs for freedom, to live instead of spending every day in fear, hoping he’ll survive to see the next. Suffice to say, Matu wants out and he’ll do what it takes to achieve this goal.
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#11 Offline Highly Suspicious Person

Highly Suspicious Person
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  • 22-July 12
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Posted Oct 06 2012 - 01:43 PM

Name: KirrilTribe: EarthGender: MaleAppearance: Kirril is a slightly shorter-than-normal Onu-Matoran, wearing the usual black armour. He wears a red Kakama, taken from a dead Ta-Matoran, and also looks considerably less worn down than most other survivors.Tools: A crude flamethrower constructed from scrap that is very effective against rotters, but extremely fuel-hungry. Like, really extremely. He also owns a selection of building tools(to sell), a clawhammer, and a single staff of presence(also to sell), which he keeps down in his camp in Storage Z.Personality: Kirril is probably best defined by his love of machines. He adores anything mechanical or electronic, and prides himself in his ability to design and build them. He is also an introvert, disliking the company of other organics, and is unwelcoming and rather rude.History: Before the rotters came, Kirril was a skilled Onu-Matoran engineer, passing up a normal job working in the Archives to design and create different machines. When the rotters first struck, he took most of his possessions and travelled to the Coliseum, thinking that it was safer there(He was wrong, btw).Since the lower levels were sealed off, he found himself trapped. He managed to find his way to Storage Z. He set up camp there, trading his old possessions for food and other equipment. This has meant that he has needed to do little scavenging or exploring. But recently his supplies have been running low.Name: 'Grint'Tribe: AirGender: MaleAppearance: Grint is taller than the average Matoran, but not by much. He wears a dark green Hau that is covered in burn marks and has a scar in the shape of a T on the forehead.Tools: Gint carries a large sledgehammer, which he stuck several spikes to.Personality: Grint is a rude, rather unfriendly individual who likes delivering his opinions as often and as bluntly as possible. However, he is very protective of others and will go out of his way to help anyone who needs it... Except for Onu-Matoran. He hates Onu-Matoran.History: Grint was, for a long time, an airship pilot who was adept at getting cargo from one place to another. Until one day, several Onu-Matoran, under the influence of the Dark Hunters, loaded a bomb onto a ship he was in charge of. He barely survived, and has hated all Onu-Matoran ever since. He didn't do much since the rotters arrived, but volunteered to be used as bait to lure some into the Coliseum. He's been stuck down there ever since.

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#12 Offline Delta Titan Sparta

Delta Titan Sparta
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Posted Oct 06 2012 - 04:49 PM

Name: Tyaz (TEE-ahz)Tribe: GravityGender: MaleAppearance: PictureTools: A modified hammer, shieldPersonality: Tyaz firmly believes that if it's rotting, it has to be broken down into microscopic pieces and incinerated. In his mind, most problems can't be solved with the help of his hammer (affectionately dubbed the "Fist of Rukt"). He is strongly protective of those under his care, and is more than willing to put his life on the line for the greater good of the survivors.History: Originally a warrior-for-hire and gladiator, Tyaz came to Metru Nui shortly before the Dark Hunters. Because of the coincidence, some believe that he is a spy for the Hunters. It is untrue (in fact, he's bashed around a couple of spies himself), but the rumor has become so firmly based that it's impossible to dislodge. Despite this, he is more than willing to fight the rotters, even though pay is out of the question. He has volunteered to lead the rotters into the Colosseum.Name: PuraTribe: PlasmaGender: MaleAppearance: 1/2Tools: A saw blade he scavenged and now uses as a shieldPersonality: Quiet and flighty, Pura has been on his own since the breakout. He is constantly alert, and wakes at the slightest change in the environment.History: Originally an archivist in Onu-Metru, Pura came in contact with some form of mutagen, which transformed him. Frightened, he fled into the deeper tunnels, until he decided that he would not resign to the level of a Rahi. So he went back and went into stasis, as per his request, and was to be awakened when a cure was found. He stayed that way for close to a hundred years before the Dark Hunters came, and an explosion cracked his Stasis Tube. Awakened, he found the city in chaos, and his appearance did not help calm the Matoran. After the virus was released, he struck out and began scavenging.

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#13 Offline Zarayna

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Posted Oct 06 2012 - 06:47 PM

Name: AnvorElement: Earth.Gender: Male.Appearance: a tall stately Metruan, Anvor's armor is black with emerald highlights. Unlike most matoran armor, mail covers the inside of the knee, elbow, as well as the neck and armpit. His eyes are a deep, calming green behind a powerless noble Komau.Tools: A broad bladed dirk, and a stout staff, which has a broad spearhead made out of a level 5 freeze disk, and having the powers as such. He also has a pack, in which is stored a bottle of water, a stale loaf of bread, two spare freeze disk-spear heads, and a coil of rope.Personality: Anvor has a feeling of perpetual calm about him, even in times of terror. He is very introverted, and has little temper; his standard reaction in times of stress or terror is to simply become absolutely silent, and at times half frozen. He has a rather pessimistic view, and has been known to comment that his dirk is for when he finally falls, so he can maim himself so as to make his body useless when rot infected. History: Anvor is a former archivist, where he worked primarily among the written artifacts contained therein. Quiet and withdrawn, he cared little for the rest of the world. When the war broke out, he was unable to get into the Archives, and spent much time wandering around the streets, barely avoiding Dark Hunters on many occasions. Finally, almost despairing of life in the ravaged city, he volunteered to lead the rotters into the coliseum. An acquaintance of his - a toa of iron who had saved his life on one occasion - fortified his armor with chain mail to better protect what skin was exposed on a Matoran, despite Anvor's protests that this would merely prolong his life a little longer.
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#14 Offline Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo

Zulu Yankee Kilo Echo
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Posted Oct 20 2012 - 01:02 PM

Name: TerroTribe The GreenGender: MaleAppearance: His build is a standard blue and dark green Metrutoran build. His eyes are a pinkish red hue and he has a stylized, vine-like design running across his chestplate. He wears a powerless Kanohi Kualsi.Tools: Terro has managed to improvise a poisoned blade using a piece of scrap metal and a few different cleaning fluids. He also held onto his bow when he was used as bait for the rotters, but he doesn't have any arrows, so he usually ends up building them out of whatever supplies he can find.Personality: Typically quiet and calculating, also very intelligent. He is very good at building things.History: Terro was an engineer in Le-Metru before the outbreak. He specialized in building weapons and Toa tools, but preferred more "traditional" weapons in favor of the newer firearms and complex devices of the day. He was one of the Matoran used to bait the rotters into the Coliseum, and has become one of the most ingenious survivors.
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