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Mistika Modifications

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Oddly enough, I used to have people ask me about this a few times, mainly on Gorast's modified wing design I made and the Tahu fire sword I made. Well, to start off, I'm going to put up some pictures of Gorast's wing design.Front viewSo from what you see here, the wings no long connect to her arms. Personally, I hated that because if I wanted her arms out, the wings would have to go out. And if I wanted the wings out, I had to put the arms out, which I didn't like a lot since I would have wanted to do other poses with her. So taking a spare Tehutti, I reworked her wings to connect to the back.Back viewAlso to note on here, due to how the wings went on, I needed to bring out that Matoran connecter thing, so I took inspiration from Pohatu and a piece from Vican. Plus I managed to fill in the gaps from the original design.Close-upJust a better view of the wings.Now for the Tahu sword. I will admit I was actually... VERY annoyed when I saw the Mistika Tahu did not have a sword. And then came Ackar. So after getting a 2nd Ackar, I took the flame piece and worked around it to make a new sword for Tahu. This design, I actually saw something similar a while back, and a friend told me to make this sword for him. Well, he actually wanted a full-blown Tahu MOC, which I did eventually make, but at the time only the sword was done. I don't talk to him much anymore.Front viewIn addition to the sword, he's also had a few other modifications. I've swapped out the silver torso for a Metru red one to try and offset the silver. Mainly because I went and added more silver to him by giving him silver Nuva armor to try and bulk him up. I would have wanted to add silver Inika armor to him, but I had none available. So this might not be his final look.Brandishing swordSo the sword was made from Ackar's flame piece, a zamor launcher and a broken hip joint. And an axle of a length I can't remember. Possibly a 4-length. Reason I used a hip-joint was because I didn't have an axle-connector available. Plus the hip-joint was still good for connecting axles, but not for being a joint. Since it still had potential, I saved it and used it here for a better purpose.Back viewA friend thought it was cool that I put in a weapon storage kind of function with the sword. I just did it because I wanted Tahu to keep the sword for whenever I swapped it out for his rotating blades. This was kind of inspired by my Takanuva MOC, who has the same thing for his power lance/ staff of light.Rotating blades and swordThe sword is put away and Tahu can use the rotating blades, which are an okay weapon, but seeing as he's Tahu, he needs a sword for old times' sake. I'm not entirely sure what to call the weapon. Fire Sword is Tahu's original weapon, and while it does look like it, the sword isn't really the same as it. Oh, well.As an added bonus, here is Kopaka. I've made a few other modifications to other sets, but I'm not so sure of sharing them just yet.Front viewKopaka himself isn't changed all that much. What I mainly did on his was replace some broken joint pieces on his arms (4 to be exact) and move his armor up for posing. What some of my friends actually like is his weapon. The "blizzard blade" wasn't my favorite for him. I also thought "ice bayonet" was a cooler name for it. As one person put it once, "it's just a spike." So taking that in mind, I gave him a spare original Kopaka sword, which I think gives him a nice touch of nostalgia and makes for a better bayonet.Side view"Relax. This won't hurt a bit."Just a side view of the weapon. It works fine and the skyblaster fires all the same. Also, I'm kind of experimenting on how he looks with a blue lightsaber piece for his mask over the red one, and since I can't fully decide, I just have it there. I figure something like maybe the beam is blue when he's using it for his actual mask power and red when he's targeting something. It made sense in my head.I know these are like major revamps to the sets, but they're just small little modifications that some people have asked me about in the past. The one people REALLY want me to show off more is my Teridax modifications which is like a major revamp, but I I don't know since I'm kind of unsure about that. Anyway, here's these three to start off.

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